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Guardians of the Multiverse Discussion

Postby Godzilla165 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:02 pm

Guardians of the Multiverse

Hi all! I hope whoever is reading this is having a wonderful day :). So, this is really just something that I've recently come up with and thought that it might be pretty cool. What Guardians of the Multiverse will essentially be, is different little stories involving four mains characters, siblings, and a few others as I develop more stories, and their various adventures both silly and serious across the multiverse. Some of you may have heard of an RP on here called, "Battle of the Multiverse". Well, this is essentially just a, "spin off", if you will from that and will be its own little thing, while I uh... Work on some other things in the background. While some of these short stories may have multiple parts, they won't be directly related to one another.

So honestly, that's really all I have for now, and I simply created this discussion board for anyone who may want to talk about the upcoming stories. With that being said, meet your Guardians of the Multiverse: the Ninjas. These four siblings are a group of ninja demigods who possess incredible power, and are from a species of people called the Yakuza. They reside in a beautiful realm called the Realm of the Ninja, and together, these four warriors do their best to fight and save the innocent from the many evils within the multiverse. Being siblings, these ninjas: Dante, Evron, Ubel and Daeva, they also get into a bunch of silly antics and mess with each other A LOT. At the end of the day, though, there is nothing but love and an unbreakable bond between them all.

Now, here are their individual character bios:

Name: Dante
Nicknames/Other Aliases: Lord Dante, “Em” (short for, “Emerald”), Your Majesty, “Woman hair”, (as lovingly referred to by Evron).
Species: Ninja Prime
Height: 6'1
Weight: 172lbs
Gender: Male
Age: 26 million

Appearance: ... 0515010802

With long and silky, flowing black hair, dazzling emerald green eyes that glow brightly, devilishly handsome, and a smile that will light up a room... Dante looks like one of those human cover models that one would see on magazines. This hides just how powerful he truly is. All ninjas have eyes that glow in their respective colors, which allows them to further portray their emotions. Their eyes glow brightly when they are excited in any way, and very subtle and dimly when they are either calm or feeling down. While not possessing the body builder-type physique of his younger brother, Ubel, Dante is still quite defined and ripped in his own right, just in a more lean and toned form. This grants Dante the perfect balance of both speed and power in battle. When Dante isn't suited up in his ninja armor, he wears a variety of different clothing: ranging from V-neck shirts, silk robes, button down collared shirts, and sports jackets. Occasionally, when he's in the mood for them, Dante will also wear nice cardigans and classy jeans. When he is armored up in his ninja gear however, Dante becomes an entirely different being.

Pearl white and golden pieces make up the entirety of Dante's ninja armor, granting him the most beautiful gear out of his three siblings. A complex mixture of raw platinum, iridium, comet crystals, and golden armored pieces cover a reinforced carbon fiber suit underneath. Said armored pieces are also sectioned, which allows for a significant increase in flexibility and light weight. Twin white scarf tails, both two feet long, flow gracefully from the back of his helmet, and are covered in various, golden symbols of the ancient Yakuza language. His regal helmet is a pearlescent and solid gold piece adorned with an elegant crest, and two perfectly measured cutouts for his eyes.

Personality: To his family and friends, Dante is extremely compassionate and caring towards them; he always puts them first before himself. Very calm in nature, Dante is incredibly wise for his young age, and is very easy to talk to about anything and everything. He never judges anyone that he meets and accepts them for who they are. Dante's favorite pastime, surprisingly enough, is tending to the various gardens across the Ninja realm. It relaxes him and allows himself to escape the plethora of troubles within the multiverse, if only for a moment. Of course, Dante loves spending time with his three siblings, girlfriend, Aphrodite and pet dragon, Orochi. He likes to goof around and engage with his siblings in various things like challenges and bets, due to all four of them being extremely competitive. Being king of the entire realm, Dante also has a never-ending laundry list of tasks, engagements, and just flat out boring things to attend to daily. When he isn’t out fighting evil and stopping whole wars with his siblings, Dante is constantly working back home as well. Still, the Ninja Prime always finds time to just sit back, relax, and hang out with those dearest to him. Interestingly, for how calm and relaxed he always is, Dante is a woefully bad liar, to the point where his other siblings poke at him for it. So, if one ever finds themselves being lied to by Dante, look for the telltale signs of him grabbing his left arm and inadvertently pinching it as he looks anywhere else but at the person’s face, and fumbles over his words. When it comes to lying, Evron is always the one that speaks for his older brother, as, unsurprisingly, he’s pretty good at it.

Now, to his enemies, Dante is cold and merciless, and filled with anger whenever a foe harms his family and friends in any way. When Dante gets mad, he becomes extremely focused and grows eerily silent. His siblings know to stay back once this happens, as Dante aims to kill his opponent by any means necessary. He also tends to not hold back as much whenever he’s gotten angry. Because of who he is, Dante will occasionally show mercy to those who deserve it, but after eons of fighting some of the most vile and downright evil beings in various quadrants and galaxies across the multiverse… Dante, nor his siblings, will never hesitate to end those kinds of people right where they stand.

Hobbies/Interests: Dante always loves hanging out with his siblings, whether that means making a bunch of bets or challenges, pulling pranks on each other, going on missions, training, or just lazing around in one of their rooms together. The bond between the four of them is unshakeable and unbreakable, and Dante will always find time in his busy day to spend time with them doing whatever. As also stated before, Dante loves spending quality time with his beautiful girlfriend, Aphrodite, and playing with his four-headed dragon companion, Orochi. Dante’s favorite personal past time however, is gardening. He absolutely loves the simple yet intricate process of planting different flowers and vegetation, tending to their delicate needs, and smelling the fresh natural aromas they give off. It’s very therapeutic for the Ninja Prime, and he often finds himself outside for hours without having even noticed. Dante is also a huge science nerd deep down, especially when it comes to chemistry, and loves to read and study about different science concepts, literatures and just roam the various libraries that are peppered throughout the kingdom, looking for the next book to sink his teeth into. Dante also likes to listen to smooth jazz that was shared to him by different cultures, and, when he can just sit down for awhile and do so, play the piano.

Powers/Abilities: Dante is the most powerful ninja to have ever lived and has long since gone past the, “normal”, peak in physical prowess for his kin. When a ninja surpasses that threshold and masters every single technique and power, they go through a four-day long ceremony where they are celebrated for their massive achievement. After the ceremony, said ninja is then dubbed a, “Prime”. A Prime is the most powerful form that a ninja could ever reach on their own, naturally. Their sheer wisdom and insight is also incredible.

Strength: Dante's physical strength is absolutely devastating. He can lift beings/objects that are both as large and as heavy as a towering mountain. With a single blow at a fraction of his power, Dante can send even the strongest of gods flying for miles on end. On more than one occasion, Dante has even split entire planets in half with a single, misplaced kick. One punch at full power has literally turned several opponents that Dante has faced in the past, into clouds of bloody mist. Throughout his years of grueling, merciless and tortuous training at the hands of the ninjas’ father, Marise, Dante would have to do things like carry asteroids for 50 miles, endure the crushing pressures of a planet's core, and punch solid walls of diamond apart for hours on end, until his hands were worn to the bone.

When at any other place other than the Realm of the Ninja, due to its difference in both gravity and environmental tolerance, Dante must be extra careful how he steps. He must walk extremely lightly as to not dig literal craters into the ground, and keep his speeds under control, unless he wishes to split the ground completely in half and raze whole cities just from blowing past them. In short, Dante holds back, A LOT, because he knows just how much damage he can cause and doesn’t want to put the wrong people in danger because of it. He has taught this same level of control to his siblings as well. Only when it is necessary, and all other options haven’t worked, does Dante allow for himself and his siblings to go full-bore. For Dante, he always hopes that they never really have to, though.

Speed: If Dante pushes his body to the ultimate extremes, then he can go beyond the speed of light, and into the realm of super light speed (“true light speed”, as some call it). Not too many things can land a hit on him, let alone get a solid bearing on his current location. At these speeds, Dante has on more than one occasion, leveled entire cities, separated oceans, and literally split the ground below him in two. Sonic waves that can measure up to 300 yards across are left in his wake and can stay around for hours sometimes. Daeva is the only ninja that is faster than Dante, due to her being able to reach the ludicrous levels of hyperspeed, and comfortably.

Agility: Being one of the most agile, and graceful beings alive, Dante's agility is second only to that of the much more petite, and lighter Daeva. He can perform whatever contortion, flip, and spin out there. His movements are purposeful, precise and fluid. Dante can be described as a calm river: flowing and elegant, and almost like a dance.

Telepathy: All four ninjas can speak to each other, and anyone else that shares it, through their minds alone. This becomes especially useful when sensitive information is at stake, and when Dante and his siblings are around others that don't share this ability. It has no real limits as far as how far it can reach; Dante could be in a different realm or on a different planet, and still be able to communicate with his siblings using telepathy.

Soul searching: With a flash of his eyes, Dante can look deep into one's soul and get an idea of their true intentions and nature. He doesn't use this ability much, though; he likes to at least give everyone that he meets a fair first impression. Dante only uses this when he feels suspicious of someone he meets.

Mastery at all weaponry: In just a few short minutes, Dante can learn how to utilize any weapon to its fullest potential. It is a skill that comes with being a Prime.

Mastery in most fighting techniques: Due to his immense and exorbitant amounts of training and willingness to learn, Dante has accumulated a plethora of different techniques into his own regime. This gives him a leg up in a fight, because it allows Dante to switch styles on the fly and catch an opponent off guard.

Object summoning: Dante and all three of his siblings can summon various objects of different size and shapes at will, be it their own, or otherwise. They can, “call”, their respective weapons to them out of thin air, and then even disperse them once the ninjas are done with them. The ninjas can again, do this with multiple objects, including their own personal stuff anywhere and everywhere in the multiverse.

Teleportation: All four ninjas can teleport great distances. When they are in a hurry, and need to get somewhere instantly, the ninjas can teleport up to 100 miles at a time. They can also use this for offensive means to throw an opponent off guard, get closer to them instantly, and even teleport their respective weapons.

Portal creation: Dante can open a rift in the fabric of time and space that will transport him and his allies either directly to, or close to the location of interest. Now, he and his siblings can do this in two ways, with either way having different ranged. Dante can create a short-range portal using his eyes, with said portal having a maximum range of 5 miles. Or, for longer trips, Dante can create a much larger portal of swirling green particles that has an unlimited range. Though, the latter option takes more time to make. All four ninjas have unique portals that have different quirks and traits.

Ki Wave: Dante and his siblings can unleash massive torrents of destructive from the palms of their hands. They all possess different ranges of temperature, color, and properties. Dante’s respective Ki wave is an overwhelming pillar of golden energy that vaporizes anything it touches on the molecular level. On a different note, as far as energy usage for Dante goes, he has two colors that clearly indicate how he’s using his energy at the time. Emerald green energy is used solely for passive abilities, like flying, portal creation, sharing energy, and soul searching. Golden energy is in turn, only used for offensive abilities, such as Ki waves, the Inferno, Ultimate Techniques, and weapon usage.

Inferno: For much larger enemies and more intense situations, Dante can superheat his body and himself into a massive serpentine dragon, made completely out of golden fire. So hot are the flames, that they could glass an entire city in just a few minutes. The atmosphere boils, while the oxygen in the air is instantly sucked away. While battling with a tyrannical giant, Dante used this ability to finish her off. The results: the war monger had been melted down to a boiling sludge, and the moon that they had been fighting on was nothing more than smoldering chunks of rock floating in space. When the phoenix dragon collides with its target, a tower of pure fire rises into the sky, clawing the atmosphere itself, and has a maximum yield of 200 megatons. This Inferno ability is essentially a superpowered nuke.

Ultimate technique: This is the most powerful ability that the ninjas possess, and one of the deadliest attacks in the entire multiverse. Dante has fully mastered this technique, and he and his siblings have wiped out entire armadas with it in the past. Thus, he can savagely punish a foe with up to 500,000 consecutive and different strikes in seconds. Each strike grows much stronger than the last.

Weapons and Items:
Twin Jewels of Valor- These are two massive katanas that were forged from the very core of a massive supernova. Polished silver with a subtle red tint, and both etched with mysterious inscriptions of the Ninja clan cover the blades. With pure bronze covering both the hand guards and the hilts, and the highest quality leather wrapped perfectly around the handles, the Jewels of Valor are as beautiful as they are deadly. Because they were birthed from a supernova, these blades possess extraordinary heat properties. With a temperature of 18 million degrees for both blades, they can cleave through any material with extreme ease. Combine that with Dante's ungodly power, the Twin Jewels are some of the most powerful weapons in the known multiverse.

Because of the overwhelming heat that the blades contain, every single part of each weapon is searing hot. It is only because of Dante's immense durability, regenerative properties, and willpower that his hands and arms aren't melted to the bone. Most other beings' hands would instantly be vaporized from touching the Jewels.

Yakuza's Rage- This is a giant scythe that was birthed from the fang of a dragon god. Made up of pure diamond for the blade and a mirrored handle, and the highest quality cloth known in the multiverse, Yakuza's Rage is another gorgeous addition in Dante's arsenal. If the Twin Jewels are the scalpel, then Yakuza's Rage is the sledgehammer. Wielding the ability to release shockwaves that rival the forces of planetary collisions, this scythe is highly destructive and far more brutish than its twin cousins. While still razor sharp, the massive blade is comparatively dull compared to the katanas. This makes Yakuza's Rage perfect for taking down titanic foes.

Backstory: When Dante was first born, Tiamat, the ninjas’ mother knew that he was special, and that he would grow to be an incredible leader one day. She sensed pure goodness and compassion in his heart, and the gargantuan power that lied within. Dante would be the one who led the multiverse against Marise's tyranny; that was the original plan, anyway. After discovering that Tiamat had been harboring the ninjas under his nose, Marise could instantly see that they extraordinary specimens, especially Dante. As such, Marise took the young ninja under his wing to meld him to be as ruthless as his father. With enough time and effort, Dante would have grown to become Marise's greatest weapon, the sharpest tool in his arsenal. Being young and naive, Dante at first didn't know any better; he wasn't aware that Marise didn't truly love nor care about him at all. The only thing he saw was his father bonding with him and strengthening their relationship. Over time however, as he grew and matured, Dante began to see his father for who he really was, and what he really wanted. With how compassionate Dante's heart was, he continued to give Marise the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, that was merely him not wanting to accept that his father was a monster. Occasionally, Dante would attempt at rebelling against Marise's word, and be met with brutal results. Unrelentingly, Marise would beat his own son until his bones were shattered, and his flesh torn from his body. Tiamat was heartbroken at her child's savage abuse, but was again, powerless to do anything to truly help.

Dante watched as both Marise slowly descended into madness, and the one who gave he and his siblings life, and nurtured them with all her strength, be exiled from their home permanently. With Tiamat out of the picture, Marise was finally free to reign over the Realm of the Ninja as he so chose. However, such only lasted for a few million years, before the last original deities finally had enough of Marise's antics. As such, on Dante's 18 millionth birthday, Marise was sealed away in a magical coffin forever, and cast out into the cold depths of space. His influence on the multiverse was no more. Dante, his siblings and his people, were now free. Now 18 million years old, Dante was ceremoniously made king of the Yakuza, and the leader of his ninja siblings.

At first, the weight of such a newfound responsibility was too much for the young ninja, and after the ceremony was over, Dante took off into space under the cover of night. He stayed gone for 7 months, and no one had any idea where he ran off to. His siblings were starting to question whether Dante would ever return, but their wise Aunt, Beatrice, gave them reassurance. Dante just needed time to find himself first, before accepting such a monumental responsibility. Sure enough, 7 months later, Dante returned home, and he wasn’t alone. With him was both his future girlfriend, Aphrodite, and a newfound maturity and acceptance of the responsibilities he now bore. Determined not to follow in his tyrannical father's footsteps, Dante swore to one day bring absolute peace to the multiverse and salvage his people's reputation no matter the cost.

Nova Dante

General description: Imagine a supernova, the monstrous amounts of heat, the exorbitant levels of crushing pressure, and the sheer intensity of it all. Now, imagine all that power, but inside a living and breathing organism. That is what Nova Dante is. This is a form that the Lord of the Yakuza can transform into, shattering his own limits, and breaching new heights of insanity. No one has ever experienced nor seen Dante assume this form before; even he himself has absolutely no idea that this even exists deep inside of him. All this power, all this destructive capability that Dante wields... But with a catch. Dante cannot simply activate this form on a whim, but instead, it requires a trigger. When Dante's body realizes that he is experiencing extreme amounts of heat and pressure, it automatically takes over and assumes complete control. Once on autopilot, his body unites with his soul to counter whatever immense punishment that Dante is being dealt. If the process works, Dante is then able to break through to new levels of power and crush his limits. However, said process doesn't always come into play; it is only when both Dante's body and his soul feel as though he can consciously no longer handle whatever he is struggling against, that the trigger happens. When the trigger does successfully occur, Nova Dante has a strict time limit of 10 minutes (that can be increased when fed with more energy), before his entire energy reserves are depleted.

During this form, Dante's body is in complete control of his movements, while his conscious mind is at rest. Because of this, the Ninja Prime is more akin to an unstoppable cataclysmic event, than an actual person. His soul can still identify who or what needs to be destroyed, but everyone would be wise to stay far, FAR away from him during this time. Nova Dante is a living, breathing force of nature, who's destructive power knows no bounds.

Appearance: Nova Dante can only best be described as a miniature star. His body is completely covered in sunspots of various sizes, solar flares constantly spew from his being, his eyes are nothing more than white hot balls of raging energy, and Dante's entire body produces an eye searing bright light that can be seen from tens of millions of miles away.

Abilities: Heat- The heat that Nova Dante gives off always, is truly unfathomable. The same amount as a massive supernova, Nova Dante produces heat reaching 100 billion degrees Fahrenheit. So hot in fact, that one step is enough to immediately atomize everything on a planet across the entire WORLD, leaving every single bit of said planet covered in molten hot rock and ash, before the heat from Nova Dante literally begins to swiftly reduce the whole planet into glowing sludge. The core overheats to critical levels, and the entire surface of the planet soon becomes a big sea of molten goo. Then, without having to even done anything, Nova Dante causes the whole planet to combust and leave nothing more than embers behind. The heat waves surrounding Dante alone are enough to combust everything and boil away entire ocean systems. Most would vaporize long before they could even get close to Dante in this state. Even the oxygen in the air is sucked entirely away to further fuel Nova Dante's incredible power.

Pressure- Nova Dante can create pressures that measure up to 40 billion tons, more than enough to effectively destroy anything with ferromagnetic materials, ripping it apart with overwhelming gravitational and magnetic fields. If one somehow managed to get past the ungodly amounts of heat, then they would surely be ripped into mere molecules from the even more destructive pressures. Anyone that was far enough away, would still experience pressures that would floor them and keep them there until Dante ran out of energy; they would feel like they have the weight of 30 million blue whales pressing down on them.

Worlds End- Nova Dante can transfer all his energy into one, final attack. During this moment, Dante speeds towards his opponent at light speed plus, transforming into streak of light akin to that of a gamma ray burst. The light of such can be seen from billions of miles away. The heat of this attack is so immense, the pressures are so crushing, and the power so awesome, that it literally vaporizes an opponent until there is absolutely nothing left, not even their own atoms. Once the attack connects, the explosion can be seen, clearly, from billions of miles away. The explosion itself is so massive, that it is the same size as a star the size of our own once it swells into a red giant, easily able to swallow multiple planets whole and vaporize them.

Weakness: When Nova Dante is no more, and the Ninja Prime returns to his base form, all his energy is completely spent. Dante is rendered completely useless, and must wait for his body to cool down, and his energy to return; a process that, after this form, takes two weeks or more. His internal organs function at the bare minimum, which leaves Dante on life support for the time being. He is essentially stuck in a perpetual coma until said process is nearly finished.

Name: Evron
Nicknames/Other Aliases: Prince Evron, “Ruby Red”, “Chili Pepper”.
Species: Ninja
Height: 6'0
Weight: 170lbs
Age: 25 million
Gender: Male

Appearance: ... 0515011617

Evron shares a similar body type with Dante, and has long, reddish brown hair that stops right at his chin. His eyes are an intense, aggressive and ruby red color that glow just like his other siblings. An annoyed scowl or confident smirk is often present on his face. As far as clothing goes, he generally prefers to wear high quality leather jackets over his bare chest, and leather dress shoes to match. Evron will also wear tight fitting blazers with ruby stitching to switch things up on occasion or go straight shirtless from time to time.

His armor is pretty much a robotic ninja warrior, possessing various mechanical and electrical bits throughout. Dark metallic gray in overall coloration, with various white, glowing streaks illuminating the armor in pitch black areas. His helmet is entirely mechanical, excluding any visible facial features, and replacing them with a singular white, and sharp glowing visor from the helmet itself. Evron being Evron, he stole various bits and pieces of technology from a dozen or so highly advanced races and used them to build a suit perfectly tailored to him. With the help of the kingdom’s main science head, Hale, Evron created a suit that is loaded to the teeth with different, highly advanced technologies and gear; all are seamlessly connected into the armor's mainframe. The suit itself is composed of a single sheet of Nano-fiber, stretched and twisted a million times. The result is an extremely dense yet lightweight construction, and immensely durable. Covering the Nano-fiber itself are metal plates composed off reinforced steel with carbon fiber padding underneath for reduced weight. It essentially becomes an extension of Evron, acting more as a second skin than your typical armor.

Personality: Evron is quite the antithesis of his older brother, Dante. Whereas Dante is humble, compassionate and warm, Evron is extremely boastful and quite the showboat. He also oozes sarcasm and is such a smartass… But a loveable one. You see, acting like a smartass is how Evron shows his love, and is also a façade to hide his own insecurities. It is hard to tell when Evron grows to like someone; he usually acts the same no matter whom he meets, or what their stature is. A good indicator that his siblings themselves will tell you, is when Evron gives you a nickname that passive aggressively describes your character, and pretty much forces you to keep it due to him calling you that over your real name for the foreseeable future. That is how you know you’re in. Or, a much simpler way of telling when Evron takes a liking to someone, is when he hasn’t ripped them apart with his words only… Or when he hasn’t broken one of that person’s limbs.

When he and Dante were kids, Evron would always try and prove that he was better in whatever way possible, winding up short every time. That still holds true now. They used to fight all the time as kids, leading into their teenage years. Now, while Evron and Dante still bicker here and there, it’s much more along the lines of playful taunting and innocent sibling banter. They essentially act like an old couple now. As cocky as he is, Evron does very much love his siblings and will defend them with his life. While he'd never admit it, Evron looks up to Dante, and is extremely proud of his brother for everything he's achieved. Evron shows tough love, very tough love. Now, Evron isn’t always like this; he will show genuine love and affection towards his siblings and friends without hesitation, when he feels the need to. He pushes those he cares about to the extremes, because he knows they can do better. Sometimes, he does go too far with this, but I dare you to tell him that.

Hobbies/Interests: One wouldn’t know it by just looking at him, but Evron is a sucker for cooking; he absolutely loves it. He will stay in the kingdom’s main kitchen for hours once he gets a groove going and whip up an assortment of dishes. Whenever Aunt Beatrice is cooking dinner, one will usually see Evron in the kitchen with her helping and experimenting with different ingredients on the side for his next edible creations. Among his siblings, Evron is also, unsurprisingly, the best cook and in turn, cooks most of their meals whenever Aunt Beatrice is busy. When Evron isn’t tinkering around in the kitchen, or hanging out with his siblings, he’s in one of the labs with Hale, working on different technologies and prototypes. Evron is a huge techie and loves to tinker with various bits and bobs to make something cool, whatever it may be. Evron also spends a lot of time training, sometimes even doing so for an entire day when he’s in the mood. As far as music goes, one would be forgiven for assuming that Evron likes Rock n’ Roll-type music due to his appearance. Aside from a few select bands and songs, he tends to scoff at that genre, claiming that it, “makes my damn ears bleed”. Instead, Evron enjoys more orchestral and choir music, especially the latter.

Apparently, Tiamat used play different choruses for him when he was a baby to sooth him. Hence, that is part of the reason why Evron has such a strong affinity for it now. Honestly, he just loves hearing the different vocal sections of choirs harmonize and melodize with one another. As far as Rock n’ Roll goes, Ubel is the ninja that can’t get enough of it.

Powers/Abilities: Evron is a good tier below Dante in overall power and skill, thus making him no match for his older brother in a one-on-one fight. But, by no means is Evron weak, quite the opposite. In fact, Evron is a MUCH more aggressive and brutal fighter than any of his siblings. If Dante is like a flowing river, then Evron is a butcher knife; he’s very sharp, abrupt, and in your face. He tends to brutalize his opponents more, rather than take them out quickly and cleanly like Dante does. While all four ninjas do find some enjoyment in battle, for three of them, fighting is simply one of their duties to protect the multiverse, and nothing more. Evron on the other hand, loves to fight and instigate his enemies; he finds genuine excitement out of it.

Master Tactician: Evron rivals even the smartest of military leaders in overall tactical prowess. Known for coming up with highly complex plans in two minutes flat, Evron is always the one to iron out any kinks or bumps in someone else’s plan, whether they asked for him to or not. He can even come up with detailed tactics on the spot and go on to switch between them on the fly.

Traps: Devastating and quite simple to use, these variety of traps can fool and lure most beings into them. Thus, this lands the unfortunate soul with a broken/severed limb, or trapped like an animal, and allows Evron to do as he pleases with them. He usually reserves these for stronger opponents just to make it easier on both him, and his siblings to either subdue or take said enemies out.

Doppelgangers: A natural ability of Evron, he can summon up to 40 decoys of himself, and turn them against his enemies. This allows him to either escape or gain a significant advantage by disorienting the opponent. What makes these decoys even more annoying to fight against, is their unique trait of solidity. They’re not just holographic representations of Evron; they can move just like him, talk just like him, and even fight like him, to an extent. The doppelgangers couldn’t perform Ultimate Techniques, for example.

Ki Surge: Red electrical currents violently stretch from Evron’s finger tips and converge into his palm. There, the energy combines and grows until it’s large enough for the ninja to unleash. The concentrated energy is so violent and unstable, that Evron is forced to stabilize his firing arm with the other just so the sheer recoil won’t send him hurtling to the ground. Once the Ki Surge is fired, it rips and tears apart whatever it touches with lethal brutality, whilst carving through the immediate area with electrical tendrils that erupt from it.

Portal Creation: Like everything else with Evron, his portal itself is a blindingly red and violent rift in space and time. It essentially, “shatters”, the entire surrounding area like shards of glass before sucking in everything around it like a makeshift blackhole. When Evron and any other party has made it through the portal, the area violently and abruptly pieces itself back together, before everything looks like normal again.

Ultimate Technique: Much like his older brother, Evron can overwhelm whole armies in seconds with the ninjas’ most dangerous attack. Evron’s Ultimate Technique is unique in that he can use his doppelgangers to swarm his enemies and deliver a combined total of 100,000 various attacks that increase in power with every successful strike.

Berserker Mode: Never push Evron over the edge, because you will instantly regret it. There is only one thing that truly cause him to completely lose his cool, and that is someone messing with his siblings. That, to Evron, is an unforgivable sin and he will not hesitate to slaughter the person or being that did so. He will even hunt them down to the ends of the multiverse if he must. In Berserker Mode, Evron’s body is surrounded by blood red energy that lashes out at anything and anyone. His ruby red eyes turn into a fiery orange and the veins running from his cheeks, down to his neck turn orange as well. Evron becomes blinded by his rage and turns blood lusted; anything or anyone around him is tuned completely out, as the ninja’s sights are set solely the idiotic person that dared push him to this point. All his energy is set in overdrive which gives him a temporary boost, and Evron’s nerve ends are switched off, nulling any pain from incoming attacks that he may have felt otherwise.

He will not stop until he either viciously murders the being that hurt his siblings, or is calmed back down, and only one person can consistently do that. His little sister, Daeva, is the only ninja whom can calm Evron all the way down when he’s in this mode. She sings to him, hugs him tightly, and reassures that everything will be alright. 9 out of 10 times, Daeva is successful. Though, that one percent are the times where Evron has had to physically be restrained and be rendered unconscious by some means for him to calm down. Those instances have luckily, only happened twice, with both times being thousands of years apart. So, if one was thinking about getting Evron mad for reasons unknown… They should really know when to draw the line, for their own sake.

Weapons and Items:
Shikoro Ken: This is one of the most bizarre and unique katanas ever forged. This is particularly because the blade is entirely serrated. This results in a weapon that, instead of cutting and slicing cleanly like the usual katana, rips and tears into its victims; ripping out organs and leaving massive, grotesque wounds in its wake. Shikoro Ken can also catch other blades in between its teeth and shatter them. This katana also has electrical properties that can shock enemies with up to 12 million megavolts of high current, low frequency misery.

Fists of the Accursed: These are massive, razor sharp knuckle dusters that Evron uses to pulverize an opponent's face into ground meat. Evron has even punched holes through his enemies with these and ruptured whole organs with a single punch. The Fists of the Accursed were originally a brilliant shade of copper, while the spiked tips were gold. After countless use, though, they are now a deep red, stained with the blood of their unfortunate victims. The Fists of the Accursed also possess electrical properties, albeit at a lower value than Shikoro Ken. Instead of the ludicrous 12 million that the katana has, the knuckle dusters produce 5 million megavolts.

Neutron Sabers: As the name suggests, these twin swords are formed entirely from millions of neutrons darting about in space. Evron only uses the Neutron Sabers when it is necessary, IE: on much larger and tougher foes. The reason being, is that the blades siphon a large amount of energy in a very short time. Like Dante's own Twin Jewels, the Neutron Sabers possess extraordinary heat. They instantly cauterize flesh upon striking an enemy and lopping off an appendage. They also have the natural ability of transforming the gravity around them into, "negative gravity". Instead of attracting objects, the Neutron Sabers can repel and send things flying with a single swipe.

Name: Ubel (pronounced: “You-Bell”).
Nicknames/Other Aliases: Prince Ubel, “Ubie”, “Lavender Breeze”.
Species: Ninja
Height: 6'8
Weight: 210lbs
Gender: Male
Age: 23 million

Appearance: ... 0515011741

Ubel is quite large and muscular, possessing a body style akin to that of a bodybuilder at their peak, and is the tallest ninja amongst his siblings. Having shorter hair with long side swept bangs, natural purple highlights running throughout, a neatly trimmed goatee, and a healed scar running down his right eye, Ubel is very handsome. He just has a tad more, "rugged" look than that of his other siblings. Ubel also has a tiny little mole just beside his nose underneath his left eye. His glowing violet eyes have been known to lull weaker mortals into a trance of allurement. He has such a lovely smile, that it can even be infectious a lot of times. Out of his armor, Ubel is usually wearing tight-fitting tank tops, laced with strips of carbon fiber for added rigidity. Though on occasion, he will either wear one of his robes, or a V-neck t-shirt with slim fitting jeans and low-cut sneakers. Furthermore, whenever Ubel is feeling a little more, "snazzy", he'll wear a variety of tailored suits; each of them is made with the highest materials possible.

His armor is a very deep red in color, with metallic greys and gold accents running throughout. It is also significantly more reinforced and heavily plated than all his siblings. While the latter all focus on lighter weight and flexibility, Ubel’s armor is much more tank like and heavier to accommodate for his larger size. Rhodium alloy, and space titanium are mixed together with gold plating for maximum reinforcement and durability. A rubberized underlay is padded in bulk underneath the armor itself, just so Ubel won’t be as stiff as a turtle and can still have similar flexibility like his siblings. Two black scarf tails hang all the way down to the middle of his back from the helmet. The helmet itself is adorned with a tall and aggressive three-pronged crest, and is a mixture of deep reds, metallic greys, and golden hues throughout to match the armor.

Personality: Ubel tends to be someone that you could literally hang out and do absolutely nothing with, and still have a good time. He can find fun out of any normal situation and is just a very laid back and calm person, even when fighting. People are just drawn to Ubel because of his suave and reassuring nature and has even caused a dozen girls across different quadrants to swoon madly for him, just from Ubel having a nice conversation with them. Very collective and incredibly loyal, Ubel usually tends to think before rushing into anything, using both emotion and logic in a perfectly balanced manner. Once Ubel gets to really know someone, he’ll be a good friend for life, depending on if he likes the person or not. Around his siblings, Ubel loves to joke around and act goofy with them during any downtime. He loves to laugh and flash that intoxicating smile whenever he can. Anyone who has ever met Ubel and been around him enough will describe him as, “a bundle of fun”.

Despite him being the, “baby brother”, Ubel often finds himself giving advice to both Dante and Evron on smaller things, because they trust his perspective on those things. It is this amount of levelheadedness that makes Ubel such a great person to be around. Though, like his siblings, Ubel is very, VERY competitive; he will make or take bets with the other three on almost anything. Aside from this, Ubel is one of the nicest people that one will ever meet. Five stars.

Hobbies/Interests: Remember how Evron could listen to only a few select Rock N Roll songs, and couldn’t stand anything else related to the genre? The former is due in part to Ubel and his undying love for all things Rock N Roll, especially the oldies. Being the most adventurous amongst his ninja siblings, Ubel is the only one to have traveled to a version of Earth back in mankind’s time of the mid-sixties and returned during the seventies and early eighties. It was during these periods that Ubel was exposed to the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Aerosmith, just to name a few. If he isn’t hanging with his siblings, or on some mission, one will usually find Ubel off in his room listening to different rock music or playing it on his various guitars that he was given over the years, during his visits to Earth. Out of the six that he has, Ubel’s favorite guitar to play is without a doubt, his piano black and brown acoustic that he has affectionately named, “Lydia”. He loves the simplicity and pureness of it, and just loves to destress by strumming on it whenever he possibly can. On occasion, his siblings will even listen to rock with Ubel whenever their hanging in his room, or when he’s playing himself.

Aside from listening to rock music and playing the guitar in his free time, Ubel also dabbles some in painting, although he doesn’t think he’s very good at it. He likes painting landscapes the most and will spends hours in a single day working on his next little project. Even though Ubel doesn’t really think he’s that great at painting, he still hangs his paintings up in his room. He even did the giant portrait of the ninjas’ mother, Tiamat, that covers the ceiling of Daeva’s room. Ubel believes that that is and will always be his best work.

Powers/Abilities: Despite him being an extremely powerful warrior, Ubel is a teddy bear; he doesn’t like to fight until all other options have been thrown out the window. He prefers to try and get to the root of a problem by talking about it and hopefully, in time, finding a possible solution. In many cases, this works out in Ubel’s favor and he has managed to diffuse a hostile situation without it devolving into a fight. But, when that method doesn’t work and Ubel must get his hands dirty, he wields the strength, powers, and skill to handle any kind of battle. Built like a tank, Ubel is very kinetic, and his movements are heavy and rigid. He combines brute strength with momentum and technique to form a devastating mixture.

Diffuse: Ubel is very well known for his ability to quickly diffuse a situation before it gets out of control. This is a natural skill that he has that coincides with his warm and collected personality. Having the ability to lull someone into a trance also helps when dealing with a potentially hostile situation. If Ubel cannot talk someone down, then he still possesses more than enough power and strength to do it by force.

Transfixion. Ubel can lull someone into a deep trance with his mesmerizing, glowing violet eyes and soft-spoken voice, and get them to do what he wants. He doesn’t like to use this much out of his preference to not control people. However, in those rare instances where Ubel needs for another person to be on the same page as he, this ability really comes in handy.

Portal Creation: Like his other siblings, Ubel can create portals in the plane of existence to travel across various distances, if he doesn’t feel like either flying or teleporting. Ubel’s methods for making portals is unique, of course. Essentially, he uses his dominant hand (which would be his left), to, “slice”, a tear in the cosmic plane. Then, Ubel grabs this tear with both hands and literally rips it in two, which simultaneously causes for the area around him to be momentarily ripped in two halves as well. In the middle of the two halves is the swirling, violet portal itself. Once Ubel and whoever else has gone through it, the plane of existence immediately closes and forces the two split halves back together.

Speed: Comparatively speaking, Ubel is the slowest ninja between him and his siblings. He can only reach light speed if he really pushes himself beyond his personal limits. Because of that, Ubel tends to comfortably stay around supersonic speeds and slightly above. This makes him lag behind the likes of Dante and Evron, and Ubel doesn’t even try to keep up with Daeva.

Dark Magic: After stumbling across it seconds away from being pawned to a huge black market, by a sleazy merchant, Ubel now wields the destructive power of Hades’ personal hammer, Soul Ravager. This grants the ninja with the power of extremely potent dark magics. Thus, with hammer in hand, Ubel can conjure up a variety of spells and create shadow beings to help him against swarms of enemies. Dark magic is highly dangerous however, and can quite easily corrupt one's soul, so Ubel tends to only use this ability when he truly needs to.

Ki Eruption: Pressing both hands to the ground, Ubel can converge a great deal of energy through the palms of his hands, into the ground, and then finally back up again in the form of towering pillars of molten hot, violet energy. Ubel can create up to fifteen of these columns in one sitting and even has the power to make them come crashing back down upon an opponent. The heat produced from this Ki Eruption is greater than that of the lava from two volcanoes combined. The earth-shaking force alone rivals that of Earth’s largest earthquake in its entire history.

Ultimate Technique: Ubel uses his UT to deal more immediate and destructive damage, rather than building it up over time in a myriad of strikes like the rest of his siblings. Comparatively speaking, Ubel’s hits are slower and meatier than the other three ninjas. During his UT is really the only time that Ubel will utilize the Dark Magics within Soul Ravager, to conjure a variety of dark beasts to help him deal out additional hits and damage. When all is said and done, Ubel will have delivered a grand total of 60,000 hits or more, depending on if he uses Soul Ravager’s abilities or not.

Piercing Void: Ubel can utilize some of the negative energy floating around and condense it into a large, unstable orb within his hands. The orb then continues to grow until Ubel can barely hold it steady, before he unleashes it at his target of interest. This surging ball of condensed raging energy, races towards its target at supersonic speeds and carves straight through whatever material gets in its way. Depending on how tough an object is, the Piercing Void will continue its rampage for several seconds, until the negative energy within collapses in on itself, and like a makeshift black hole, swallows and tears apart whatever is within a few feet of it. Depending on how much negative energy is around, Ubel can build this thing up until it’s as big as a small house, which only increases the void’s destructive potential.

Weapons and Items:

Hellsbane- Some weapons are so unfathomably powerful and ancient, that they are given the status of "mythical". No one truly knows the origins of Hellsbane, but the most accepted theory is that all the Greek gods came together to create the ultimate weapon. It took 2,000 years for Hellsbane to be completed, and once the gods were done, they were horrified by what they had made. A weapon that had surpassed the combined powers of all the gods, and Titans alike. One swipe could cleave entire planets in half, create storms of galactic proportions, and throw off the gravitational balance of a solar system. As far as anyone is concerned, Hellsbane is the most powerful blade in the known multiverse. Given to him as a gift from The Riverman after helping in saving hell from being taken over by rampaging, and angry souls…Ubel promised to take good care of the mythical blade.

Zeus was so afraid of Hellsbane, that he ordered Poseidon and Hades to seal the blade inside of a modified Olympian metal, locking the weapon's true power away. Now, only the current user of Hellsbane, IF they are both strong and worthy enough, can unlock its true potential. Even still, Hellsbane can slice anything and everything apart with ease, create shockwaves that can cave in entire planets, and create mounds in the very fabric of space. Because every god had a hand in forging it, Hellsbane contains every mystical ability and attribute of them. Zeus's lightning, Poseidon's torrential storms, Hades' dark energy etc.

After the ninjas had returned home from saving hell, Dante immediately had Hellsbane locked up in one of the kingdom's underground sanctums, after it accidentally destroyed an entire mountain chain in their realm. Now, for Ubel to use it, he must call upon the mythical blade by shouting its name. The large ninja must be wary however; using Hellsbane for more than ten minutes drains him entirely of his energy. An impressive feat, as most others would be outright killed from being in Hellsbane's vicinity for more than a minute. Hellsbane has the appearance of a rare piece of jewelry. Polished golden metal covers the natural marble and silver blade. Rubies of different sizes and shapes emboss both the bronze handle and hilt, and every gemstone known to man is sprinkled throughout the entire weapon.

Soul Ravager- This brutal and barbaric hammer was once the right hand of Hades. Forged from the molten pits of Tartarus and enhanced by the energies of the dark lord himself, Soul Ravager is the embodiment of death. It is pitch black in coloration, and glowing, bright purple Olympian symbols cover the entirety of the hammer.

Found having almost been sold by a greedy merchant, Ubel now wields the horrific dark powers of the fallen Olympian god, whenever he uses Soul Ravager. He can summon the millions of dead souls contained within the hammer and use them to his will. Though, with Ubel being how he is, he very rarely ever uses this ability, believing that such an ability is very disrespectful. Soul Ravager also allows its user to quite literally harvest souls from bodies and turn them into powerful bouts of explosive energy. Ubel generally uses Soul Ravager merely as a giant hammer, however. Though, even using it that way is still quite devastating. With enough force put behind it, Soul Ravager can flatten enemies into a bloodied paste, and form craters that stretch for 50 miles.

Name: Daeva
Nicknames/Other Aliases: Princess Daeva, “Peri” (short for, “Periwinkle”), “Sleeping Beauty”, “Chicken Nugget”.
Species: Ninja
Height: 5'8
Weight: 116lbs
Gender: Female
Age: 18 million

Appearance: ... 0515011826

Daeva is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful people, and even beings in the entire multiverse. So too in fact, she has quite literally driven men and women mad with her looks alone. Daeva always has this… Radiance to her no matter what she’s wearing, nor what she’s doing. Curly, rich blonde hair runs elegantly all the way down to her buttocks, royal blue eyes twinkle and glow brightly with warmth and adventurous spunk, and a petite, athletic and hourglass figure cause for men and women alike to stop and literally stare at Daeva as she passes by. Her hair never has a single split end nor tangle, even after waking up in the morning, and Daeva is a chaotic sleeper. Even with how gorgeous she is, Daeva likes to be comfortable and tends to wear things that are more understated than overly flamboyant. She usually wears a variety of different skirts and dresses, but especially jeans, leggings and sports bras. A little quirk that Daeva has is her preference to not wear shoes or socks whenever she doesn’t have to, I.E: at different events or when she is wearing her armor. In every other instance, Daeva loves to go barefoot, saying that shoes and socks make her feel, “restricted”. Besides, according to those around her, her feet are way too pretty to cover up anyhow. Daeva is also a natural beauty and will only wears the least amount of makeup whenever she is going to a fancy party, or other different events.

When it comes to Daeva’s armor, she took the most inspiration from her oldest brother, Dante. Because of this, her armor shares many similarities with his, but with her own added flair and personality. Daeva’s armor consists entirely of the lightest materials possible, while also maintaining rigidity and durability. Lightweight titanium alloy plates make up the majority and are segmented as to not hinder mobility; some pieces are dyed purple for no other reason than cosmetic. Diamond plates are also added in key areas to increase durability but were also made as light as possible to keep the overall weight down. The same materials are also used on Daeva’s helmet with a purple dyed faceplate to break up all the silver. Like the carbon fiber undersuit of Dante’s armor, Daeva also uses the same material but it is also infused with titanium, creating the material know as, “carbotanium”. Overall, Daeva’s armor is easily the lightest of the four, able to be lifted even by your average human being. This is an important aspect in battle, as it allows Daeva to utilize her flabbergasting speed without being at all hindered nor slowed down.

Personality: Daeva is a very spunky and clever girl, with a quick mouth and carefree, laid back attitude. She is also very curious about different things and attributes in life and has an adventurous soul. Daeva is kind to everyone, strangers and all and always has this certain warm coziness to her. To no one’s surprise, Daeva has a pretty serious competitive side to her as well, much like her older brothers. Though, it’s not as big as theirs are. Half of the time, Daeva will prefer to just sit on the sidelines and watch them compete with one another, whilst reading a book or writing something. It entertains her watching her brothers play and compete, and sometimes she’ll even finally get in on the action if she feels inspired.

Daeva of course, adores her brothers more than anyone else in the entire multiverse. She protects and looks out for them as much as they do her. Though, she always finds herself very attached to Dante, due to him being the main one that raised her as a child when the ninjas’ parents both, “left”. Evron and Ubel were obviously both very hands in helping with their little sister, but it was Dante who took it upon himself with all the other myriad of responsibilities he had, to stay up late into the night with Daeva when she was afraid or sad from their Mom’s absence. He did her hair every night up until Daeva was 16, and even then, Dante still insisted on doing it just to spend some time with her as he grew busier and busier. She can talk to all her brothers about anything and everything, but Daeva tends to go to Dante with the extra serious or concerning stuff. She honestly just has a special bond with all her brothers, but an even more special one with Dante. As a result, Daeva will often tag along with the latter on a mission that doesn’t require all four of the ninjas, really because. Though, she’s happy going with any of her brothers anywhere. Even when Dante found Aphrodite, Daeva was happy and extremely excited for him to have FINALLY met someone, and the prospect of having a sister. To go even further, Daeva will often even play wingman with Evron and Ubel, nudging towards a cute girl, as much as they insist for her not to. When it comes to Daeva herself, for a guy to even have a chance with her, he must be fast… Really fast. At least, enough to where he could potentially keep up with her a little bit.

Her brothers couldn’t be prouder of their little sister, and the determined, courageous and smart young woman she’s become. Their bond as siblings is both unmatched and unbreakable, even when Daeva teases the hell out of her brothers, which then results in a massive prank war.

Hobbies/Interests: Daeva, much like Dante, loves to read. But, she also loves to write and is really good at it. She mainly writes about what she’s feeling at the time and uses that to help create different dramas and mysteries. Currently, Daeva has written 6 books, though it would be a lot more if she had the time. Daeva also likes to sketch on occasion whenever she’s just woefully bored. One of her favorite things to do, however, is dance. Since she was a little girl, Daeva has loved dancing like no one was looking, and as time went on, she got better and better. Now, Daeva can dance to anything and has learned and mastered over a thousand different styles and techniques. While her brothers are all graceful in nearly every aspect, it’s like they grow two left feet when it comes to dancing. Daeva has tried time and time again to teach them, but to no avail. One day though, she’ll having them tearing up the dance floor as good as she can. As far as music goes, Daeva tends to gravitate towards a variety of Pop, Techno and what we refer to as, “House music”. She’s never been to an Earth in her life, but then again, Earth isn’t the only place that has this sort of music.

Now, her all-time favorite thing to do in her spare time, is take pictures. When Daeva managed to single handily rescue an entire town from intergalactic drug cartel, hellbent on burning the whole place to the ground over the equivalent of $100, Daeva was awarded by a feeble old lady her camera as a way of thanks. Even after Daeva repeatedly tried to give it back to the woman, the latter insisted that she took it, telling Daeva that, “real photography is one of the purest and genuine forms of art there is”. And so, Daeva took the camera home with her, and over time began to really learn and understand how it worked. And now, unless she’s on a mission, Daeva doesn’t go anywhere without that camera. She’s taken over a million pictures with it, and it’s honestly a wonder how it still works. Evron gave it a little tune up a few months ago, and the little camera is working good as new. Even with all the pictures she’s taken, Daeva knows that her photo album will never truly be complete without one of their Mom.

Powers/Abilities: Even though Daeva is the weakest of the ninjas, she makes up for it in two key ways: being the scrappiest fighter of the four and being undisputedly the fastest. More on the latter later. Just from being a ninja alone makes most take Daeva seriously and give her the respect, and fear that she deserves. But, you will have those occasional few that see Daeva’s tiny and petite form, and stupidly challenge her. They soon learn that Daeva is not to be messed with, and are left brutally pummeled or even killed depending, and Daeva hadn’t even moved an inch. Where Daeva really makes up for her lack of strength compared to her brothers, is in her ludicrous speed.

Speed: Daeva, as far as anyone else is concerned, is the fastest being in the multiverse. So fast in fact, that everything else to her travels at less than a snail’s pace when she is operating normally; her brothers are the only ones who are still at normal speeds. While traveling at hyper speed, everything at Daeva's point-of-view is completely and utterly still. She must do her absolute best to focus, just so she can interact with people and things at a normal pace, though she has essentially mastered this over time. When Daeva was only eight million years old, she managed to reach the levels of light speed plus. While her brothers are more powerful than her, she is much faster. Especially now that she can travel at hyper speed without batting an eye. A side effect from this, is whenever Daeva does travel at said speed, she leaves microscopic black holes and cosmic tears in her wake. While they aren't large enough to cause any real damage, they have the potential to expand over millions of years to a big enough size to do some real damage. Hyper speed also has the great potential to disrupt the natural gravitational forces of a solar system, causing a bunch of screwy things to happen. Daeva must be extra careful because of this, and for the most part, chooses to stay around the upper levels of super light speed. Hyper speed is very tempting however, and Daeva can even relax and just cruise at that speed, whenever she wants. Hyper speed is even more devastating when she uses it in battle. If you thought Dante himself was bad enough, then Daeva can literally throw an entire planet off its natural axis, and send it careening off course from its star if she isn't careful.

Whenever Daeva is traveling along in a different quadrant in the multiverse, and one looks up and sees her shooting by, what they are looking at isn't the real Daeva. What they are instead looking at, is an afterimage of her that had been left behind several weeks after Daeva flew by that location. Furthermore, when someone is talking to Daeva, and they aren't her brothers, they could simply be talking to an afterimage. Daeva herself would have been gone several hours ago. She will a lot of times use her speed to pull a variety of pranks on her brothers as well. Aside from Evron (due to him being him), neither Ubel nor Dante is jealous of their sister's extraordinary speed. In fact, all three of them, even Evron (though he'd never truly admit it), are extremely proud of Daeva for naturally possessing such an ability.

Theoretically, according to their mother, if Daeva were to push her body to its absolute limit, she would reach Hyper Omega. A place beyond even that of hyper speed, Hyper Omega has never been reached by anyone nor anything, and for good reason. Traveling at that speed would tear apart the entire fabric of time and space, as well as vaporize its user. Many don't believe that Hyper Omega even exists, but Daeva is still curious…

Beauty: In 98% of the situations that Daeva is in, she can get out of it just from her looks alone. As stated, she is one of the most beautiful women and beings in the entire multiverse. Few others could hold a candle to her. Thus, without saying a single word, Daeva can get anything she wants, or have anything she wishes to be done... Done. She can't tell you how many angry wives and husbands she has had breathing down her throat, because their respective spouses have become obsessed with her, and have left their partners because of it. Daeva's looks have been, on countless occasions, described as "unfathomable". She must be extremely aware, as the slightest glance will have an entire society fawning after her. It’s a curse, she tells you, a beautiful, beautiful curse.

Ki Storm: Daeva extends her hand forward and traces a hollow blue circle in the cosmic plane. Then, she draws that same hand back and strikes the circle at hyper speed, causing for titanic winds to shoot forth. So fast and forceful are said winds, that they become like razors and rip and tear Daeva’s opponents into tiny pieces. Entire towns have even been wiped away from this attack, and mile deep fissures carved into the ground… By accident, of course. Oopsie.

Afterimages: A nice side effect to Daeva’s immense speed is the ability to leave dozens of afterimages of herself in her wake. This can especially come in handy when she’s fighting, because the afterimages can imitate her movements for a brief time while Daeva herself eviscerates her enemies before they were even close to knowing what hit them.

Time Stop: Time literally comes to screaming halt when Daeva travels at hyper speed while she appears to be moving normally. When she exits from hyper speed, time resumes at a fast-forwarded rate to catch with whatever actions Daeva had committed.

Speed Break: A passive to Daeva’s speed is her ability to share a bit of it with any allies around her (her brothers excluded). Thus, Daeva can indirectly multiply their speed for up to 10 seconds and give the good guys an edge.

Portal Creation: Daeva can of course create portals of short and long distances, like her brothers. Her portal is unique in that it essentially takes on the form of a miniature hurricane, sucking in whatever is nearby. The pull of the portal is so strong, that Daeva can utilize her speed to blitz through and shoot out the other side before the vortex even forms. It basically acts as a giant catapult and flings its passengers out at blistering velocities.

Ultimate Technique: Even though Daeva is the weakest ninja, her Ultimate Technique stacks up the most. For one, unlike her brothers, the charge time is practically nonexistent and allows Daeva to activate it at once. Then, Daeva can deliver the most consecutive hits in the least amount of time and even utilize hyper speed to multiply that number even further. Combined, Daeva can deal a grand total of 1.5 million hits in less than the blink of an eye.

Weapons/Items: Swift Retribution- This is a longsword that was crafted entirely out of comet dust and diamond, including the scabbard as well. It was handed down to Daeva by the ninjas’ mother: Tiamat. It is quite the looker, twinkling when enough light hits, because of the comet dust permanently engraved in the weapon. The most unique aspect of Swift Retribution is its weight, or lack thereof. The dust from comets is practically weightless, and because of that, so is Swift Retribution. Whenever someone can hold it, they are immediately shocked by how light it really is. The most common thing that they say is, "it's almost as if I'm not holding anything." The hand guards themselves are both attached directly onto the blade, further nullifying the weight. The lack of weight works very well in Daeva's favor, as it doesn't take away from her immense speed.

The blade itself doesn't hold any special qualities nor powers aside from its weightlessness. Its razor-sharp edge is more than enough for Daeva to slice her opponents to shreds. She can twist, turn and flick Swift Retribution every which way because of its weightlessness and cleave through most materials with ease. If the natural sharpness isn't enough, then Daeva can always enhance the weapon with her own energy for additional prowess and strength.

Hyper speed- Due to Yakuza tradition, Daeva is required to have a weapon in battle. She doesn't really need one; her body itself is a weapon because of the speed she possesses. An enemy could have their sights focused solely on Daeva, watching her every move, and still wind up dead. What they were looking at was merely her afterimage, while Daeva herself had already killed them and moved on several minutes ago. The enemy in question wouldn't even realize that they had been killed until several seconds later; time and their own body would still be trying to catch up and register what happened.

Daeva doesn't even have to lay a finger on someone to kill them; simply blitzing by at hyper speed would eradicate them on an atomic level. A lot of times, Daeva will be severely holding back, as engaging at light speed or super light speed is usually more than enough. A flurry of punches at those speeds turns Daeva's opponents into bloodied paste, while kicks from her incredibly powerful legs rips them to shreds.

Hyper speed is the one of the most powerful forces in the multiverse. Combine that with someone who has mastered it, and can travel at this speed comfortably... You now have one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, and undoubtedly the fastest.

Now, I should have the first of these stories up very soon. Enjoy, and happy reading, mates ;)!



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Re: Guardians of the Multiverse Discussion

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Hey, what's up fellow TKers :)! I just wanted to give you guys a quick update in order to tell you that I've posted not one, but two juicy stories tonight, and one yesterday for you all to read. So, enjoy, happy reading, and God bless you all. Cheers, mates!
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