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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:14 pm

Match 181: Beowolf vs Xenomorph Warrior

The dark sewers stretched for miles through the underground. No light pierced the darkness except for the barely functioning light bulbs, their glow hardly permeating the pitch black that filled the manmade tunnels.

And it was through these tunnels that a lone Beowolf prowled. The Grimm had been lured here by the negativity that still lingered within these sewers; fear, anger, horror. All were felt in the manmade tunnels and the Beowolf came to feed from them.

However, the Grimm was not alone in these sewers. As the wolflike beast continued his way through the tunnels, another form emerged from a different section of the sewers. This beast, though not a Grimm in nature, was every bit as black as the night just like it, and its claws and teeth were more than capable of rending the flesh of any unlucky soul that came here.

Its tail flexing behind it, the Xenomorph warrior let out a quiet hiss. It had been resting here in the sewage system, but was stirred awake when it sensed the presence of the Beowolf now prowling the tunnels it occupied. Deciding to do away with the unwanted intruder, the alien proceeded to follow the sounds of the Beowolf, climbing onto the nearby wall and crawling onto the ceiling as it moved.

The Beowolf paused for a moment as he let out a quiet growl. Something was amiss here, he could feel it. His ears twitched as he heard quiet scratching sounds, as though something were moving across the stone composing the sewer walls and ceiling. Looking around, the Grimm tried to find the source of the sound, unaware that it had already found him first.

Without wasting anymore time, the Xenomorph sprang from the ceiling, letting out a piercing shriek as it lunged for the Beowolf, the Grimm managing to turn just in time to see it coming.

Slamming into the Beowolf, the Xenomorph pinned the wolflike beast to the ground, letting out a hissing shriek as its inner jaws shot outwards, aiming to stab through the Grimm’s skull and end the fight now. Snarling in anger, the Beowolf grabbed onto the alien’s neck, shoving it backwards before he raised up his legs and kicked the alien in the chest, knocking it into a wall and sending chunks of stone falling to the ground.

Quickly jumping back to its feet, the Xenomorph snarled in anger as the Beowolf stood back up. Roaring in bloodlust, the Grimm gunned for his alien foe, only for the extraterrestrial to leap over the black beast, causing him to crash into the wall himself. Landing behind its opponent, the alien spun around to face the Beowolf just as the Grimm recovered and turned around.

Springing off the ground, the Xenomorph slashed the Beowolf across the chest with his claws, before the wolf responded by striking the alien in the jaw with a fierce uppercut. A loud crack echoed throughout the sewers as the Xenomorph staggered backwards from the blow. Pressing his assault, the Beowolf swung with his right arm, raking his claws across the alien’s chest and leaving behind several gashes stretched over the biomechanical flesh.

Pain suddenly assailed the Beowolf’s arm, for some of the Xenomorph’s acidic blood had sprayed onto the limb, burning away at the black flesh. Recoiling as he clutched his wounded arm, the Beowolf was left open to attack as the Xenomorph swung with its tail, slashing the Grimm’s left leg and leaving a large red gash in its wake. Falling to a knee from the attack, the Beowolf was promptly knocked over as the Xenomorph charged into him headfirst. Shrieking as it stood atop the Beowolf, the alien slashed and swung with its claws, cutting through the Grimm’s hide over and over.

Once again the Beowolf managed to kick the Xenomorph in the chest, knocking the alien beast onto its back and allowing the Grimm to stand. Just as the alien rolled onto its chest and pushed itself up, the Beowolf slammed into it, crushing the warrior into the opposing wall. Stunned by the impact, the alien was helpless as the Beowolf delivered blow after blow upon its head, cracking its chitinous hide and spilling acid blood onto the floor below their feet.

After a moment of this, the Xenomorph stabbed the Beowolf in the right side with its tail, making the Grimm stop and howl in pain as the alien’s blade sank into his body. Swinging with its right arm, the alien struck the Grimm hard across the face, making him fall over with a set of claw marks stretched over its face. Raising up its tail, the Xenomorph attempted to stab the Beowolf in the chest with its tail blade, only for the Beowolf to roll out of the way and instead cause the blade to stab into the ground.

As the alien attempted to pull its tail free, the Beowolf got to his feet and jumped forward, bringing his feet to bear and dropkicking the Xenomorph in the abdomen. The warrior was sent crashing into a wall, smashing apart the stone and sending chunks of rock smashing onto the floor. Before the alien could rise, the Beowolf was upon, grabbing its head and smashing its face into the ground over and over. The warrior shrieked in pain each time its face forcefully met the stone ground. Acid blood burned away at the stone, melting a hole into the floor as the Grimm kept up its assault.

Finally, the Xenomorph’s tail stabbed into the Beowolf’s back, making him howl in pain and halt his assault. Standing up and shoving the Grimm away, the Xenomorph turned and lunged at its lupine opponent. Digging its claws into the Beowolf’s arms, the alien shot its inner jaws forward in an attempt to punch through the Grimm’s skull.

The Beowolf barely managed to move his head out of the way in time, causing the alien’s inner jaws to pierce nothing but empty air. Kneeing the Xenomorph three times in the abdomen, the Beowolf wrestled fiercely with the Xenomorph, both monsters snarling and snapping at each other all the while.

After a moment of this, the Xenomorph spat a stream of acid upon the Beowolf’s chest, making the Grimm cry out with pain as his chest burned and sizzled from the potent chemicals. Throwing the Beowolf to the ground, the alien once more tried to stab its inner jaws into the Grimm’s head, only for the Beowolf to grab it with his left hand in time. Shrieking angrily, the Xenomorph brought its tail around to stab the Grimm, but the Beowolf was able to catch the incoming blade in his right hand, albeit not without getting his palm torn open in the process.

Bellowing with rage, the Beowolf rose to his feet as he pushed the Xenomorph against a wall, crushing the alien’s inner jaws in his hand and ignoring the pain of the acid blood burning against his hand. Howling in pain, the Xenomorph clawed at the Beowolf’s injured chest wildly, making the Grimm grimace in response. But the Grimm endured the pain as he yanked back, tearing the alien’s inner jaws away and managing to avoid the resulting spray of acid blood.

Shrieking in pain and rage at the loss of its inner jaws, the Xenomorph pulled its tail free and charged recklessly at its opponent. The Beowolf, however, was able to sidestep the incoming alien, grabbing onto its dorsal tubes and spinning around, before smashing the alien’s head into the already damaged wall.

Dazed by the impact, the alien stumbled back and fell onto its back, acid blood trickling down from its forehead.

Grabbing onto a nearby large chunk of rock that had broken from the wall, the Beowolf jumped at his fallen foe, raising the stone overhead.

Seeing this, the Xenomorph shot its tail forward in a last ditch attempt to kill its opponent.

Both monsters made contact…

But only one hit their mark.

Swinging downwards with great force, the Beowolf smashed the rock down upon the Xenomorph’s head seconds before the alien’s tail blade would have stabbed into his wounded chest. Acid blood splattered across the floor as the rock caved in the extraterrestrial’s head, bursting it like an overripe watermelon.

Stepping away from the acid blood, the Grimm watched on in satisfaction as the alien’s lifeless body lay still, the acid blood eating away at the floor beneath it.

Rearing his head back, the Beowolf howled out in victory, his triumphant call echoing throughout the tunnels and alerting all within hearing range.

It was a Grimm day today…

Winner: Beowolf
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