The Kaijero[Do Not Post]

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The Kaijero[Do Not Post]

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 5:38 am

Episode 1-"Live to the Max Pt1"

Centuries ago, there existed a team called the Agents of KAIJU. They fought for us and defied the odds and saved the world countless times. Many members came and left but the most prominent were Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera, Ultraman and Clover. One day they went into space to take on a mission they did not come back from.

However way before this happened. After an incident with Belial, Ned Relson gathered DNA from several organic and artificial KAIJU. Using the help of the greatest minds he built the Kaiju Band. A touch screen wrist band capable of turning a human into any kaiju, mech or monster programmed into it.

The KaiBand was originally designed for Ari Akira. But Ned Relson passed in a kaiju attack. Ari took the box with the KaiBand and put it in her basement. Only to use when needed. She dropped out of the KAIJU and PPDC after they disbanded due to a suprising era of peace.

-The Zhang Dynasty-

Ari Akira is a Hero of History along side the other members of PPDC and KAIJU. She has her own statue in Osaka, Japan where she comes from. Her descendant is Walter Zhang is a half American half Japanese man. He has a family of two kids named Ken and Max. As well as a wife name Tyla Zhang.

One day the family moved to Osaka, Japan after Tyla died in a car accident for a new beginning. They built a rather easy life and things were going fine. Until one day a terrorist group called "The Law" rose. Eventually, Walter left to the JSDF to fight "The Law". Leaving his oldest son, Ken in charge.

3 years later Ken and Max are living rather well. The two are best friends, Ken has a job as a car technician although he is several times smarter than that. Max on the other hand is simply...normal. He's a trouble making kid, often getting into fights and pranks with his friends. But he does mean well.

-Present Day-

Max and 18 year old boy is running from a large man with an egg dripping off his head. Max is half Japanese long hared boy, he constantly wears a blue leather jacket and black jeans with white shoes. He's about 5"10 and clearly a very bad decision maker.

"I'll kill you!" the man says running. But Max runs and jumps over a gate leading into a field. The man stops and looks at Max who smiles.

"If I see you around my house again you're dead you hear me! Dead!" the man says to Max who runs down the hill and to his small house.

In the house is waiting Ken, Max's older brother. Ken is about an inch or two taller than his brother. He has shorter hair as well and usually wears boots, cargo pants, glasses and a shirt with a Japanese symbol reading "Etochi Electronics". Ken is looking at Max with and eyebrow raised and Max smiles.

"Max, I've gotten a call from the neighbors saying you were egging houses? Come on its the middle of Summer, you're eighteen man. Grow up bro." Ken said.

"Ugh not this story again. Always with the Grow Up Dude!" Max said mocking his brother.

"Mhm, no outside. For the rest of the week."

"You cant do that. You said it yourself. I'm 18, an adult." Max said.

"But, I can. I'm still older. And two you don't act like it. Besides, it's for the best interest Max." Ken stated.

"Oh, yeah. My genius brother always knows what's best, right?" Max said.

"It's not like tha-" Ken was cut off as Max rose his hand.

Max scoffed and walked away into the basement. Where he keeps his notes, Max writes notes to his dad week. But so far his dad stopped responding a long time ago. Max tries to reach for the pencil and knocks everything over the table. He goes to pick it up and see's a small box. Fancy with a Golden Buckle. He looks at the Box and unbuckles it.

Inside is what looks to Max like a wristband. Nothing special, inside is a note as well.

"To whomever is reading this. You are the one who will save us all. If it's time. Use the Kaiju Band correctly." it reads.

Max is confused and grabs the band and puts it on. At first its loose and slides up and down his arm. But then it locks and clamps down on his arm. Injecting something into his blood the screen on the band turns on. A holographic screen appears with a voice file.

"Scanning DNA....90% Match With Intended Target. Match Incorrect. Remove Kaiju Band." it says.

Max tries everything. Hands, pliers, a screwdriver, he even hit it with a hammer, which dents the hammer.

"I cant, take it off!" Max exclaimed.

"Kaiju Band Activated. Kaiju Revival Mechanism Activated....Insufficient Output For Revival Mechanism. Program Cancelled." it says.

"No seriously. Just. Goddammit!" Max walks upstairs but Ken is gone.

A note is left saying he went out to get groceries. Telling Max not to go outside, Max shrugs and crumbles the letter dropping it. He goes outside and far away from the house into the city. Walking down an alley he see's the man he ran into earlier who is still pissed as ever.

"Hey you! Get over here!" the man says.

He chases Max down the block into a corner and then laughs.

"Time to teach you some manners." the man picks Max up and throws him into a trash can. Max gets up and tries to negotiate. But the Band has other plans.

"Heart Rate Rising. Body Damaged. Activating KaiBand Automatic Defense." it says.

Suddenly Max's body shivers as he grows huge and transforms into a large scaly, black, lizard like 300 foot tall kaiju. The man backs away the alley is destroyed in the process.  The man is terrified at what he saw and faints.

Max has turned into Godzilla and he roars. He then sits there and talks to himself in his his head. Confused, he see's the KaiBand is now gone but the voice is still there.

"Godzilla. Options?" it says.

"Godzilla? What? He's extinct that's not possible!" Max says as he looks around at the tiny people yelling out in terror his kaiju name. He really is Godzilla.

"Godzilla. Options?" it says.

Max tells the voice to shut up and he tries walking destroys building and when he turns he knocks over a phone tower. A school bus crashes into him and Max picks it up before other cars can crash into it. He moves, crushing a bar. Hoping no one was in it and the gets hit with a missile. And another, several more bombarded him. He see's jets and yells but it comes out as a roar.

"JSDF, City is evacuated. You are clear to engage." they say to the pilots.

The engage, while it doesn't hurt Max in his new form it stings.

"Damage Is Being Taken. Options?" the voice says.

"Turn me back to normal before I get blown up!" Max says.

Max is turned back to human and is on the group. Disappearing on the jets radar in an instant. He see's the destruction he caused and runs home. At home Ken opens the door and grabs him by the hair, the moment he gets close . Max yells for him to let him explain.

"No! Max Godzilla was out there you could have died you idiot!" Ken says.

"For Christs sake I was Godzilla!" Max yells.

Ken stops and smiles.

"Okay, Max. Listen. If you're gonna lie at least make it an honest lie I can believe." Ken said.

"I'm serious! This wristband is magic or something. It turned me into Godzilla!"

"Where'd you get that?" Ken asked.

"A little Box in the basement." Max said.

Max showed his brother the Box and his brother was confused. He'd never seen it down there before.

"So...prove it. I'll let you off the hook if you can turn into a monster for me right now...outside. Dont destroy the house." Ken said.

"No, last time I almost got blown up." Max said.

"Haha, very funny. You're grounded." Ken said.

Max shrugged and went upstairs to his room.

"If it keeps the army from shooting me again. I'm good." Max said slamming the door.

-Deep Underground Osaka-

There was a base for The Law. Several members and they had begun to create monsters,their leader "Law" is walking through the laboratory. Law wears wears a Tuxedo like suit with black gloves and shoes. He's fairly tall about 6"2 with as scar across his left cheek and medium-short hair. His suit sports the logo of the organization which a "T" with and L line sticking out the bottom. In the man was holding a small mutated fly creature in a bottle is flying around.

"Is that all." Law asked?

The scientist smiled. He and all the other workers sported one piece suits that came up to their necks with the logo and their names and positions on it.

"Oh no no no. Much more than just that." he said the fly split into several other flies.

"The growth gas will release in the canister as it is launched and we'll have our own variable army. Japan wont be ready."

"Sir, Osaka just had a Godzilla sighting. First in decades, sir. He's gone for now though. But I just wanted to let you know." a member said to Law.

Law turned around and nodded.

"One Godzilla, a whole swarm of wont be a problem. And even if is. He'll come too late." Law said as they launched the canister in a small rocket.

The canister released gas inside the caused the fly to begin growing and destroy the rocket and canister. Out arose a massive beast like 8 legged fly kaiju with a stinger on its forehead. Flying into the city to terrorize the masses.

To Be Continued....


Live to the Max Part2
The kaiju split into several doze. versions of itself who began tearing up the city. Meanwhile in his apartment Ken was watching a news report of the monsters attacking dubbed "TuMany" as the army couldn't handle it.

Ken called Max to joke about his powers. But he didn't answer, Ken went upstairs and noticed Max was gone. Ken sighed and yelled Max's name. Meanwhile Max was at the pond looking at his new permanent wristband when one of the fly monsters flew overhead.

Max looks at the KaiBand and turns around to see several if them flying around attacking the city. The army useless against them. Max stands up and activates the watch looking at the Godzilla image with the name under it.

"Okay, I guess I gotta do this." Max goes to press the select button but clicks the wrong thing. He is transformed into the wrong kaiju. A giant Godzilla sized ape named King Kong.

"King Kong. Options?"

"No, thank you." Max says.

KongMax grips his fist charging them with electricity and smiles.

"Okay, apparently there's more than one monster in here. Cool, but lets make this work for now." Max says running into the city.

One of the flies is about to eat a tank but gets punched aside by Max so hard it splits into two.

"Oh boy. Okay. So hitting you doesnt work well." Max says to himself.

Max grabbed a peice of the road and used it as a shield against TuMany's stinger horn. Another came behind him. Max grabbed it and broke the horn. Max slammed the kaiju to the floor and electrocuted it to death. He then took the other one who broke his horn through the makeshift shield. And electrocuted it to death giving Max and idea. He climbed to the top of the radio towers and unloaded all of the absorbed electric energy into his body. Becoming a massive fly shocker, he unleashed it in a wave knocking down all the attacking TuMany's. 

However suddenly they all assembled back into one TuMany. It was injured and flew way from the city. Max smiled and chased after it but turned back to human.

"KaiBand Power Timeout. Please Wait 15 Minutes." the voice said

"Dammit." Max looked around and no one was there. He ran home and so Ken at the gate staring.

"Oh, so I take it you saw the light show?" Max said.


"I expected more of a that was dangerous. You idiot, I love you. But it doesn't feel like the right situation anyways. We have to track down that creature!" Max said.

"Why? It's gone." Ken said.

"It's not that simple. These things. They don't just pop out of nowhere. It's probably going back to base to recuperate. Maybe bring more! We have to-" suddenly Max is punched out by a man in a black face mask and Ken is take away by two other men who put a bag over his head. The man leans down to a blacking out Max and smiles.

"Listen kid, if you're gonna play with the big boys. Always be alert, it's kinda The Law around here." he said.

The man, smiled and walked off as Max fell unconscious. Max woke up minutes later shocked woke by the watch which was once more recharged and ready to go.

"KaiBand Active. Ready for Use." the voice said.

"Thanks, but this cant be solved with fists. This is my brother." Max said as he stood and walked and saw a note on his chest. He took it off

"Getting tired of notes today." he said.

He read it "Old Warehouse Near Vanilla Hill we're there. Come get your brother." it read.

Max looked at the city destroyed and began running towards the edge if the city where Vanilla Hill was. He got to the old warehouse and saw TuMany resting atop it. The man in black was waiting outside for him.

"Who are you and what do you want from me?" Max said.

The man laughed and shook his head.

"I am....The Law." he said taking off the mask revealing himself to a man of at least 50.

"What? The terrorist organization? Why attack me? Japan is basically your playground." Max said.

"Because you have interesting abilities. Now, your brother is inside this warehouse. Here's the deal, you come work for me I let him go. You refuse I'll have my monster crush the building and bury him. What's it gonna be." Law said.

Max looked down at the KaiBand and ran at Law. He threw a rock, hitting him in the head and ran past. But TuMany jumped off the building and down in front of him.

"Change of plans. How about I just kill you both? Out of courtesy I'll give you a chance to reconsider." Law said now infuriated.

"Yeah, I have a better idea." Max ran and jumped into TuMany's mouth.

Much to the surprise of the monster itself and even Law. Law shook his head disappointed. TuMany turned to destroy building but before he could even get off the ground a furry hand busted of of TuMany and another. Then a leg and another. The ape arms ripped TuMany's body open revealing King Kong.

"King Kong. Options?" the voice said.

"Can you stop doing that?" Max said to himself.

"KaiBand Voice Transformation Alert Protocol-Deactivated" the voice said.

"Thanks." Max said as he looked at Law who was standing there not moving. Max thought to himself why he wasn't moving, and saw another TuMany. He had split in to two. The flew up to ram the warehouse and kill Ken who was in it. But Max had other plans, forced to allow Law to escape, he jumped into the air with his fists electrically charged and squashed TuMany shocking it into a crisp. TuMany was now truly and hopefully dead. As suspected Law and his men are gone. Max rips off the roof and see's Ken with a bag over his head.

"Hello? Max? Anyone?" Ken says. The KaiBand times out to recharge and Max runs inside and free's his brother taking the bag off his head and untying him. Max hugs Ken and looks at his brother.

"I'm...I'm sorry I caused so much trouble." Max said

"It's fine bro, it's not your fault you got the KaiBand. I just...for now I'm just glad you're okay." Ken said happily.

The two hugged and went home. But meanwhile in the base of the Law. Law sat down in his throne and called in one of his lackeys.

"Yes sir, what do you need" the man said.

"Alert the scientists to work on more monsters. Draw out the Kaiju Hero kid and eventually destroy him. I don't play games with kids. This is serious business." Law said angrily

To Be Continued...
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Re: The Kaijero[Do Not Post]

Postby ernesth100 » Fri May 04, 2018 6:07 am

Episode 3- Tracked

"How many times do I have to tell you?! Stop playing with that!" Ken said as he saw Max fiddling around on the KaiBand Interface.

"What? I gotta get acquainted with my new buddy."

"You will be acquainted with I'm setting up a scanning device. It should take full analytical model scan and determine the inner workings of the device." Ken said.

Max shook his head and laughed.

"I'm sorry usually you're less nerd at home and more over protective ass pain." Max replied

Ken laughed telling Max to "shut up". He put Max's wrist into the cylinder like machine as it scanned the KaiBand. Determining it was made of an unknown, artificial metal with similar composure and hardness to that of diamond. Nearly impossible to break. It's feature's included obviously turning the wearer into kaiju by injecting special nanites into the stream that briefly edit the human form into the kaiju. Each set of nanites is a different kaiju. And there are several kaiju installed in the mechanism.

However it also contains a mechanism to supercharge the nanites and allow them to discharge into the air and rebirth the kaiju. However the output of energy required was something the KaiBand could not do. It would need an external power source to boost it. Ken let Max know all this as the machine explained it. Later Max informed on the band, went to bed. But stayed up playing with the KaiBand. He happened upon a flashing light icon and touched it launching a thin beam through the roof and into the sky were it pulsed with a loud boom sound.

Ken was woken and ran into Max's room wondering what he did. Max is stuttering and then calms himself.

"I sent some kind of beam through the roof." Max said.

"YOU IDIOT! AGH, WHY DO YOU NEVER-" Ken stopped and looked at Max who was equally disappointed in himself.

"It's a beacon. That's the beacon feature. Should've told you more, but you barely listened to half of it. It's fine though, not like anyone was tracking it. Just get some rest. The holes not too big. We'll fix it tomorrow." Ken said.

Max thanked his brother and said goodnight and they both went back to sleep. However in the base of The Law, one of the scientists computer's had an interference from the beacon and traced it. Strangely near the location where the Kaiju Hero kid was seen around the last encounter.

"Sir, Law. We've got some news for you" the scientist said. He explained the situation. And said the signal is gone now but they know the area. Around the outskirts of Osaka. To which Law orders them to send out "Heights".

The scientist doesn't quite think "Heights" is stable enough for battle but Law orders him to do it anyways. The scientist grabs a remote and open a wall with a green man sized canister in it. It opens and out steps the enhanced Bounty Hunter "Heights". A seven foot tall man. In robotic yellow armor with black lines around the joint areas. His mask is a full face helmet with a glass like rectangle visor for his eyes. With his goal already programmed hunter himself is very happy, and eager to get to his job.

"The next day Max is at the store shopping and forgets something. But can't remember, so he calls Ken. While the phone is ringing the stores electricity shuts down. Max is surprised and turns on his Band for light. Outside the security is beat down and defeated, heavily injured. Max turns to find a way outside where it's light but is grabbed and pressed against a shelf by Heights.

"What the dude! Bad idea!" Max says.

"The only bad idea here. BOY. Is you having that device on your wrist. I will now teach you, heroes never last." Heights says.

"And I'll teach you that...I....heroes can...Imma kick your ass." Max stuttered.

Heights raised his eye in skepticism, then a blade came from his wrist. To which Max grabbed a can off the shelf behind him and knocked Heights in the head with it. Height stumbled to the side, and with the seconds distraction he generated Max used his KaiBand to transform. Unable to see which kaiju he pressed due to panicking.

Max grew into a massive human like creature, with yellow glowing eyes and red and silver skin. As well as a small but very visible blue chest light.

"Ultraman" the KaiBand stated.

"Ultraman, I like the sound of that." Max, looked down at the store which was destroyed due to his gargantuan growth spurt. Max scratched his head and stepped off the store, luckily everyone else had gotten out. He looked down and saw Heights who was standing completely inferior to Max's new size. But somehow fearless.

"Now would be the time where you run? Or give up, it's kinda" Max said crossing his massive arms.

"Child, the Kaiju Band is an advanced technology the likes of which you are unworthy to wear. If your heart rate is any sign, you have no idea how to use the kaiju you have currently become." Heights stated.

Max was taken back a bit.

"Oh yeah? I don't even have to know how to use it!" Max threw a punch at Heights.

One would expect Max's now truck sized fist to crush him. But "Heights" activated a feature in his suit causing him to grow. He caught Max's fist and began to lift him off the ground swinging him across the city into several buildings. Max still in his Ultraman form stood up, dizzy and shocked to see Heights was his....height.

"Well I guess the playing field is even now." Max said.

"No, it's still a slaughter on my account." Heights rushed Max uppercutting him then pulling out his blade once more, which grazed Max's shoulder as he dodged the weapon. Max grabbed his arm and punched Heights in the jaw. Heights stumbled back, he ran at Max and Max crossed his arms to block an oncoming punch. Resulting in a blast of energy flying from his arms. The blast sent Heights flying back out of the city border. Much to Max's pleasure, Max sighed. He looked around at the destruction and took a deep breath. He knew what had to be done.

Max flew out of the city in his Ultraman form. Max landed where Heights had, most of Heights armor destroyed and singed from the blast. Max looked at Heights as the monstrous assassin stood up once more. Determined to complete his mission. But Max had stopped panicking. Like the other kaiju before this he embraced it and began to use the power correctly. Blocking hits from Heights taking the blade on his arm and snapping it off. Jabbing it into Heights neck, then kicking Heights down to the ground. Heights coughed up a yellowish blood, as it poured out his neck as well. Max made a T shape with his arms again.

"If You're Listening or Watching Through This, Law. Better luck next time." Max said before proceeding to blow off the assassins head with his beam.

Law saw the last bit through a camera on Heights visor and yelled in rage. Max sighed as the battle was done and went back to normal human form. An hour later back at home Max had Ken work on the watch . They disabled the tracking beacon to avoid any future accidents.

Today's Battle May Have Been Over. But For Law, It Was The Official Start Of The War.

To Be Continued....
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Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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Re: The Kaijero[Do Not Post]

Postby ernesth100 » Sat May 12, 2018 7:02 pm

The Kaijero: Episode 4- God-Mecha

About 3 days after "Heights" attacked Max, Ken purchased a motor boat and began driving Max off to an island. Allowing him to transform and be unseen in an area surrounded by rocky mountain ranges. A few hours travel away from the main city. Here he used his powers to train his aim and control over each Kaiju. The Kaiju he's already discovered and near mastered forms such as Godzilla, Ultraman and King Kong. As well as new Kaiju such as Clover, Zilla and Mothra. And apparently there were even more kaiju and features integrated into the KaiBand. The more Max discovered the more dangerous he would become and the harder The Law would come for him. He needed to be able to protect himself. He had been doing these routine exercises for almost a month since his last battle and had nearly been scared at the amount of peace and time to himself he was having. Especially with everything having escalated so fast in the past few months. It was becoming late outside, Max was in Ultraman form in mid-air practicing his air attacks. He landed and turned back to normal walking off towards the coast of the Island where Ken was waiting inside of a boat playing a game on his phone. But unfortunately dying when he took his eyes off it.

"Hey, it's 10 'o' clock. Training times over." Max said.

"Wow, not staying lost in the sky with Ultraman. I remember just last night you went to Dubai and I was out here till 2am." Ken said holding a slight grudge.

"Hey, guess that responsible stuff is rubbing off." Max said.

Ken smiled.

"You're getting good at this Max. Really good. I'm scared, for you. Listen to me I sound soft like dad." Ken chuckled a bit at the thought.

"It's okay. I understand. I'm not gonna do anything stupid. I'm different. These few months have changed me, brother." Max hugged his brother to signify he would be safe from this point on.

Meanwhile Law walked through his base. He his top workers and henchman build a supreme robot. Capable of countering any of the kaiju's current set abilities. How did he find out the kaiju's inside of the band? But researching it's creator Ned Relson. He embedded it with the genetic algorithm and atomic pattern of all the past Agents of KAIJU. As to preserve the power for monsters far beyond into the future. A great evil would soon come, and the future needed to be ready. It needed a hero. And the KaiBand was meant to ensure exactly that in the world's time of need.

The Mech was 345 feet tall. Towering, massive in an underground chamber. Dubbed God-Mecha, it was very sleek and metallic with a green veins protruding and glowing all around it's red body. Making it look almost organic. It had tendrils coming out of where hands and fingers would be. The rest of the body being more humanoid. However the head was a sleek curved back to a near rounded point. A green visor rested with a single yellow light inside of it. A light beaming a true destructive and aggressive energy. This was a machine built for blood.

"It's done?" Law asked.

"Yessir. Months of testing and construction. This Max, you spoke of, can be our first target. Falling directly into line with our plans. He'll be the example. Heroes all end up the same. Dead. While evil prospers. Death will always ensure." A
a henchman said.

"Indeed. Make the largest example in history." Law stated.

As the sun rose in Osaka. The extremely powerful cybernetic being dubbed "God-Mecha" was activating. It's first programmed mission? Destroy Max Zhang, and anyone else that may get in the way. With that, it blasted of into the sky with a stream of green napalm like energy boosting from several small holes protruding out the creatures back. The Law smiled.

Max awoke, birds chirping and the sun beaming through the window in his room. Suddenly the entire ground shook with immense force as if something large had caused tremors throughout the land. Ken ran down the hall to Max's room as the entire house was flipped on its side. Causing Max to drop off his bed and nearly be crushed by as it fell directly after him. Max however slid out the doorway just in time falling onto the wall next to Ken.

"Max! No time to talk! Go!" Ken struggled as the house was rose into the air by God-Mecha picking it up. The yellow of it's eye glowed inside the window as Max activated the KaiBand and pressed Kong. Transforming without a moments hesitation, Max grabbed Ken in his had as he grew and held his brother as he burst out of the house kicking the giant artificial Kaiju.

The God-Mecha turned back immediately and grabbed KongMax be the throat tossing him across the feild of hill ranges and dirt. Kicking up tons of Earth and dust. Max was dizzy already and opened his hand to let out Ken. Ken coughed before he turned and gave Max a look. The same look when he was talking before. Ken nodded and took a step back preparing to run .

Suddenly Max was pulled back across the ground and slammed on the other side as God-Mecha grabbed his leg with the tendrils wrapping around Kong's leg for a near unbreakable grip as Kong was swung around into the ground and slammed over and over dragged across the outskirts of Osaka. Ken watched, but Max quickly jammed a fist into the ground and caught himself before God-Mecha could pick him up. Charging an immense current of electricity within his fists, so much so the skin beneath Kong's fur appeared to glow with the energy. Max quickly pushed himself off the ground into the air. And clasped both his hands together and came down on top of the God-Mecha's head.

While taken aback and forced to loosen it's grip. The God Mecha seemed entirely unfazed by the attack. Merely taking a step back, it was seemingly now charged with its own current of green energy. Without hesitating the tendrils retracted from it's hands and the energy was unleashed from the holes as a laser. Striking Max in the chest and leaving a huge black burn mark where it struck. Visibly shocking Max himself and Ken.

It's adaptable. It was built to counter. There's no way it should've survived that attack." Ken spoke to himself noting the events. It's seemed directly once Max had struck him, the energy was absorbed and converted.

It made the enemy stronger. This wasn't sheer convenience. It knew where they were before they had even awoke to begin the day. Had they been moments late waking up they would have more than likely been crushed. This says the occurrence was planned. It had to be The Law.

"Max, no! Don't fight it! It's not going to work, run!" Ken yelled.

His cries however meant nothing to Max at the moment. This creature came to his home. It was trying to attack him personally, he had already deduced it had to be The Law again. So running wasn't an option. Max was far past his running days. With an immense roar of pain and anger Max stood up in his Kong form and ran at the God-Mecha.

The Mecha ran towards Max as well. Kong through a charged punch but was blasted directly in the face before his punch could even connect sending him fling back once more. Bleeding horribly, Max stood up and the Mecha generated a large metal hammer like appendage for one hand and a shield for the other. Max went for close quarters, attempting to breach the creatures defenses. But it was blocking every charged punch Max through at the shield. The God-Mecha pulled it's shield back and delivered an uppercut to Kong with the hammer and began to retaliate rushing Max wish the shield sending him sliding back then hitting him on the head then spinning and catching Max with a viscous right hook. Max stumbled back but roared catching himself and catching the hammer as the God-Mecha attempted a follow-up attack. He pushed it back hitting the Mecha with it's own weapon and the swiftly grabbed the shield. Hopping off the ground planting his foot on the God-Mecha's face, with a strong roar Kong tore the shield off and attempted to hit the Mecha with it, but was blasted back again right out of the same hand he ripped the shield from.

The God-Mecha unleashed a volley of energy bursts upon to Max. Max roaring in pain, Ken yelling for Max to get up and run. Both helpless in their situations. The God-Mecha stopped as Kong was beaten and bloody. The KaiBand timed out and Ken's worst fears were realized. Max was human again.

"No. No, no, NO! MAX! GET OUT OF THERE!" Ken yelled at the top of his lungs.

Max turned back around to see his brother as he panted. While he did not retain the damage of his transformations, unless critical, he still felt the loss in stamina. The ground began vibrating as the God-Mecha, with a sadistic glow in it's eye charged; ran towards a weakened human. A terrifying sight as it leaped far into the air, it was going to crush Max. Ken was yelling helpless to save his brother from his distance but found himself running regardless.

The situation was at it's darkest and max seemed fated. But stood up anyways and stared death in the face. Suddenly, much to the shock of Ken, the KaiBand activated as the God-Mecha came down from the air and Max was immediately transformed. His skin a burnt charcoal, his growth burst to massive proportions and his eyes glowed with a yellow of their own. Max had become Godzilla with a mighty roar and no hesitation Max spun around swiping the God-Mecha into the ground and onto it's side as it slid across the landscape.

"KaiBand. OverCharge Mode Activated. 10 Minutes Remaining." Max was surprised but had no time to process these feelings before another feeling began to override it.

Survival instinct, Max had to survive, only he could stop this monstrosity. Acting swift with a time limit he let out a powerful stream of atomic blue flame, sending the God-Mecha falling back sliding into the ground. He then roared and charged at the God-Mecha whom generated a blade-hand and jet boosted off the ground slicing at Max. Max went on the defense backing away just in time that the blade barely left a paper cut of an injury. Max turned and spun around again with a tail swipe to attempt knocking the Mecha off it's feet, however far faster than Max could react the God-Mecha grabbed his tail and swung him into the ground. Then without a single ounce of mercy sliced off the tail with a blade; leaving Max to cry a roar of utter pain before grabbing him by the head and kneeing the kaiju so sharply in the face that his nose was broken. Max dropped as the God-Mecha attempted to stab him again he let out a pulse wave of atomic energy sending the God-Mecha flipping back to the ground and skidding back.

The God-Mecha retracted it's blade back into canon's and aimed at a charging and injured Max. Spines glowing so intensely that they turned red. The God-Mecha calmly charged his own green glowed blast. The two energies were unleashed. Colliding with such a force a shock-wave formed sending even Ken at his distance tumbling back. Max slid back his kaiju sized feet digging up mounds of earth as he tried to plant himself in one spot. The God-Mecha simply unleashing greater and greater energy than anything Max had every felt. Even Max's super charged red-spiral ray was being overpowered. His practice was nearly meaningless as he struggled against the power. Trying to push to walk forward but near to no avail, the beam pushing his back regardless. Max was overwhelmed and pushed down to the ground as God-Mecha closed the distance and turned up the beam's force even greater burying Godzilla in a crater fit for a kaiju. Ken, shed a tear wondering if Max had been beaten, the smoke from the act blinding him from seeing any further detail.

But then he noticed familiar noise. The sound of the KaiBand activating.

"Overcharge Mode. 6 Minutes Remaining."

Overcharge Mode, Max wondered about it. It must be a limit remover in times of extreme danger. Max had turned again, but he was feeling the stamina drain between transformations. His entire body was burning but he had to keep fighting. He had become Ultraman, but he was breathing hard already, noticeably. The God-Mecha's eye's glowed sending a shiver down Max's spine. He was damn near face to face with a creature that had been made to murder him. And was damn near close to succeeding. Max was in a corner, but he was determined absolutely to find a way out. He crossed his arms and began to unleash a laser beam. The God-Mecha flew into the air and Ultraman followed continuously blasting and following as the God-Mecha dodged with swiftness and ease. Max was getting irritated. He then used his ability to teleport, another power he had recently discovered in training, to appear behind the enemy and blast the Mecha into the ground. The machine wasn't moving, now in it's own crater.

"Max, finish it!" Ken yelled from a distance.

Max had already begun charging up another ray beam but, just then the machine had done the unthinkable and appeared behind Max disappearing from it's makeshift grave. It had stolen the ability to even teleport, much to the shock of Ken and awe of Max. Max swiftly turned around as the creature had it's canon's aimed directly in his face. Max reacted brashly, letting loose his energy blast just as the creature let loose it's own. A massive reaction was achieved as the two energies clashing created an explosion visible from the city, a massive flash of light the citizens of Osaka stopped and got out their cars to see the massive flash in the sky. Taking videos and pictures alike as they saw another flash. A flash of yellow as Ultraman fell out the sky down to the Earth. But to the people it was a reddish blur and a yellow greenish light shining above it. To far up and away for the human eye to see.

Back away at the scene of a bad situation Max had hit the ground again and was in human form. Bleeding, he had turned back nearly before he hit the ground, so his Ultraman form barely absorbed the impact. He had gotten up, ribs shattered, arm sprained and legs shaking. But determined to fight once more. Max looked at Ken who was running towards him but stopped. Ken had found himself frozen, no longer even attempting to run. The look said it all, it was no use endangering his brothers life. Max had to focus on the enemy at hand. Adding another life to the mix would throw him off. But at the same time, his injuries were becoming more prominent with each transformation.

It could almost be assumed the abilities weaken through OverCharge mode as the energy runs out overtime.

"Overcharge Mode. 3 Minutes."

The KaiBand activated itself yet again. The failsafe was maxing itself out. Max doubted it was supposed to be used past the first 5 minutes the way his body was feeling. His skin was crawling and his muscles burning. It was almost unbearable. Max sorted through his options as he was running out of ideas. The God-Mecha had landed and was walking towards an injured Max. All he could imagine was it stealing abilities. Nothing seemed smart, nothing seemed safe, his mind was scrambling with fear. But Max wasn't going to let himself go down. He pressed down on a random option and became Mothra. Flying into the air, with the God-Mecha hot on his trail. Max flew higher and higher as the God-Mecha gave chase right behind him. He turned around and shot a stream of silk like substance from it's mouth and binding the God Mecha. The with a mighty flap of his wings Max sent an ensnared foe hurdling towards the Earth. Max turned human and transformed into Clover, dropping directly on-top of the enemy increasing the speed of the fall to the point where Ken began to run the other way to avoid the shock-wave of impact.

As flames began to form from the force of Max and the God-Mecha falling. Max began to punch the ensnared foe, whom began to glow green with energy. The God-Mecha retaliated by generating green tipped spikes with which he stabbed Max in multiple spots and shocked him sending the hero flying off his body before generating more to shred it's bindings and slow it's fall with it's jet boosters. It landed as Max turned human mid-fall coughing up blood before seeing the God Mecha fly directly at him and pressing his watch again.

"KaiBand Overcharge Mode Limit Will Reach Critical Mass In One Minute. Deactivate."

Max turned into Zilla and took the brunt of a canon blast sending him to Earth. Struggling to stand up he was surprised when the God-Mecha used it's ability to teleport right in front of him kneeing Max in the chest and then choke slamming his Zilla form. Max shot flames in it's face to which the Kaiju opened a hole in it's face and absorbed the fire before it closed back into it's regular face. It then began aiming a canon directly at Zillla temple. ZillaMax used his tail to grab the arm and aim it away as it blasted a beam of even deadlier purple energy creating a near perfect hole the ground.

"Critical Mass In 35 Seconds." the band repeated in Max's head.

"SHUT UP!" Max said to himself as he roared in Zilla form.

He then kicked the God-Mecha off and hopped on it clawing and biting at it. Before he was grabbed and electrified, near right after. Burned out and weakened the God-Mecha stood up holding a defeated Zilla by it's tail before slamming it into the ground. Max turned human and stood up running away barely dodging the flame as he ducked behind a large mound of huge rocks kicked up by their battle. He pressed the KaiBand again turning into Kong and hopping on the God-Mecha hitting him with supercharged punches that made thunderous noise upon contact and began making Kong's knuckles bleed against the creatures skin which had only increased in durability since the battle had begun. The God-Mecha blasted Max off, and then began to generate a hammer again which it began to shockingly beat Max into the ground with. One, hit, two hits, three hits, each harder than the last.

"Critical Mass In 17 Seconds."

"I'm Sorry Ken." Max thought to himself.

Max's eyes opened as he roared again and caught the hammer ripping it out and tossing the God-Mecha away. The Mecha landed sliding a bit before Max turned human again and turned into Godzilla. Unleashing an atomic blast upon the Mecha causing it to loose it's balance and fall back.

"Critcal Mass In 10 Seconds"

"Mom. Dad." Max was breaking under the pressure trying to keep his composure.

The blue flames turned red as the rage in Max's eye's grew stronger, but he began to shrink and the ray began to disappear as Max weakened. His adrenaline rush the only thing allowing him to even transform that many times. He was in bad condition, but even worse, he had lost. Standing up one more time, with nothing left to fear. Max activated the KaiBand once more. But there was no transformation this time. Simply a sharp ringing noise that lasted two seconds.

"5...4...3...2...KaiBand Critical Mass. Host Still In Imminent Danger. Please Stand By."

The God-Mecha was right in front of Max and began to charge a beam to annihilate his enemy at last. The KaiBand began to glow with a light so bright it caused even the God-Mecha to step back. Ken's eyes grew wide as the KaiBand emitted a wave of such power the winds sent Ken tumbling back and disintegrated the God-Mecha near entirely. Annihilating it far before it could adapt to the sudden wave of powerful energy. while Max lost consciousness in the events but was shielded from the event entirely by the Band itself. When Max came to he saw his brother sliding down a fresh massive crater to come to the aid of his injured brother in the middle of it. He looked over to the other side to see the massive remains of parts of the God-Mecha. An arm, section of it's torso and the eye of it's head which dimmed from it's previously glowing state. Max chuckled and coughed up a bit more blood wincing in pain, it hurt to laugh.

"Max, oh my God, are you okay? No forget that question you're obviously injured. I don't wanna take you to the hospital, they'll notice the KaiBand. You can't take that off and you're entire arm is broken. Why would you do something so reckless Max!" Ken hugged his brother much to his relatives pain.

"If I would've ran it would've killed both of us. I had to face it....ow." Max winced harder as he stood up bleeding from his left arm entirely, a black eye and busted lip, broken nose, ribs in tatters, and muscles strained to the point where the pain was only being suppressed by his level of adrenaline.

"You see me Law! Where ever you are I'm still standing, you may have even beat me! But I'm still here! And as long as I am, you will never take the world." Max said staring directly at the remaining eye of the kaiju.

Meanwhile back in the lab. The life signals and recon from the God-Mecha was lost completely. Somehow an unbeatable creation had been beaten. Perhaps there was more power to the KaiBand the The law originally assumed. Making it all the more imminent to get their hands on the device. Law stood firmly by his belief that heroes never last. And Max was no exception, no matter how deeply he believed.

Later that day in the evening as it grew dark Max was driven away. Luckily their car had been left unscathed in the rampage of the battle. Max lying in the back seat unconscious from the pain finally settling in as he calmed down. Ken thinking, normal life was really over wasn't it. Where could he take his brother? They'd want to take the watch off and the moment they can't remove it. It'd be an issue.

"Dammit. I'm smart, I can figure this out. I need a place I can take him. Somewhere with the technology to help...." Ken gasped pulling a card out his glove compartment.

"Etochi Electronics." Max began to ring the phone and call in.

"Hello, yes. This is Ken Zhang. Employee Code 275204. I Request Contact With Etochi Healthcare Department." Ken said cracking a smile

Etochi Electronics was a massive company in Japan. They had developed a clean source of energy that sustained the majority of the world for decades. As an top level employee in the labs Ken had access to special a healthcare unit specifically developed by Etochi for employee's only. Ken however had taken Max to the facility.

"I need Dr. Akemi. Tell him it's Ken Zhang." Max said as he arrived at the Etochi Health Department in the middle of the night.

Akemi came out of his office.

"Ken, nice to see you. Hopefully not another work related inju-oh my god." Akemi noticed Ken's brother Max on a rolling on a stretcher.

"What's happened to him?" Akemi asked in utter shock and horror.

"Before I can tell you please get him help. He's been out for hours. He's breathing but he's in pain. barely hanging on because...I can't exactly tell you." Ken stated trembling.

"Understood. Tell me after I get help, Nur-" Ken stopped Akemi.

"Another favor, it can only be you. I called for you because, I trust you." Ken whispered.

"We play one game of golf and you trust me?" Akemi whispered back not exactly sure why he was doing so.

"I didn't exactly have many options." Ken retorted.

"Very well. I'm going to write you a list go into the staff closet with my keys and get me these tools." Akemi asked firmly.

"Than you so much sir. I promise I'll explain everything once we get through with my brother." Ken said with utter gratitude.

Within the next hours until the early morning Ken and Akemi nursed Max back to shape. Well, honestly just to the point of breathing more correctly and not slipping into a permanent coma. Ken had also began to explain the situation.

"So it's really just stuck on there huh? Kind of a good thing. If his wrist would've been shattered as badly as his fingers,had it not absorbed the shock from attacking this...Mecha you say?" Akemi stated.

"Yeah, it sounds ridiculous I know." Ken laughed.

"We've had monsters reported as extinct reappear out of the blue. And now this injured kid with a high tech wrist watch comes in injured from head to toe. I have many a reason to believe you sir. But what from here? He's gonna be injured for months at the very best, years if I'm being generous, life to be honest with this kind of critical damage. It may heal, but it'll never be the same." Akemi relayed with concern.

"So you're wondering how can he ever fight again?" Ken asked.

"Yes, it seems like this is a regular thing." Akemi stated.

"It's not, the KaiBand isn't regular tech. Usually it absorbs impact and damage into the kaiju form. Normally the damage is never retained into human form. However this recent mode he unlocked while fighting this monster, who was adapting to his fighting style. Overcharged the watches power to focus on transformation and power purely. Regeneration was lost at the cost with each transformation becoming weaker and weaker to defend with, but stronger with attacks. As you can see from Max's current state, not strong enough." Ken explained.

"That doesn't exactly answer the question." Akemi said.

"I'm getting to it. The KaiBand is in recharge mode right now. The screen light was completely black after the battle. Now it's brightening up. It usually talks but I guess there's not enough energy recharged for the AI to come back on." Ken explained further.

"Ah, so you think if his watch could charge back up to regular performing capicity-"

"He could transform once more and the KaiBand'sn default regeneration feature would keep heal the critical wounds once he turns human again, precisely doctor. All we have to do now is wait." Ken went and sat down next to his brother whom made him smile.

Honestly he was proud, strangely. His brother was in the hospital all because he knew he wanted to protect his family and his home. Granted technically the latter was destroyed but that's not the point. The home was the people, not the place. And Max made sure the home was safe.

"Thank you." Ken said to his brother.

To Be Continued...
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