Missing Goliath attribute

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Missing Goliath attribute

Postby Godzillawolf » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:30 pm

I was watching Daigoro vs Goliath (doing a KWC match involving the latter), and noticed something not mentioned at all anywhere on the site regarding him:

Goliath can generate cold. When he first appears, a sudden snow storm proceeds his arrival, which ceases when he sparks his horn, and the characters assume he caused the storm. The characters later explain what's going on (exact quote from the sub I watched) while being stuck riding him and noting its cold being so close to him:

"This monster's energy source is probably heat in the air. So when he takes the energy the air around him is rapidly cooled down. In an extreme case, it snows."

IE, Goliath has the ability to draw heat out of the air to feed off the energy, which has a cooling effect and can potentially cause snow storms if he absorbs enough.

I can get why this was missed, it's mentioned twice in the film, but it does seem like something that should be mentioned.

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