Weapons Talkback: Argo, Maser & Oxygen Destroyer

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Weapons Talkback: Argo, Maser & Oxygen Destroyer

Postby Living Corpse » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:36 pm


U.S.S. Argo Jet:

The Argo's design is based off the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, but is so large it's more like a a giant flying battleship than an aircraft. The Argo has a hanger bay big enough to store at least 3 Osprey, a sick bay and command center. It's belly opens up to either send out or retrive Ospreys.


The Argo was able to fire rockets or missiles. Weather these were standard rockets or specially made anti-kaiju explosives is unknown. While they didn't seem to do any lasting damage to King Ghidorah, it should be noted that unlike with weapons fire from the fighter jets, he did go out of his way to use his wings to shield him from the Argos weapons.

*Maser Picture not available cause I ain't wasting my time*

Marine Maser Cannons:

Castle Bravo was armed with Aquatic Maser Turrets capable of unleashing burning hot searing energy rays to protect the base. Sadly they have not seen action yet.

*Oxygen Destroyer Missile Pic not available for the same reason*

Oxygen Destroyer Missiles:

The Oxygen Destroy is a powerful chemical WMD that rivals nuclear weapons and made by the U.S. military to kill all oxygen breathing lifeforms within a 2 mile radius. This resulted in Mexico's oceans having a dead zone, killing fish in mere moments and powerful enough to almost kill Godzilla who had to limp his way back to his temple to heal.


Gotta say I was really disappointed in the weapons in the Monsterverse so far. I feel like we got too little of them, and too much in the case of the Oxygen Destroyer. The Argo could be loaded up with a bunch of both real and sci-fi (but plausible) weapons but it's an over glorified transport plane. The Raptor-One was more interesting in the Random House novels and it's just an oversized Osprey with space shuttle tiles on it. Really hoping they either do something with it in another film or replace it with an anti-titan weapon that actually fights.

Masers, a long loved glass cannon of the Toho films is reduced to a cameo without even being shown firing a test shot.

And the Oxygen Destroyer which had a lot of build up, mystery and dread in the original movie and when finally used it's not quick, it's awful and a painful way for Godzilla to die, is just thrown in here with no build up or background and should have been replaced by a different weapon from past Godzilla films like the Lightning Generators, Anti-Nuclear Energy Bactria or Cadmium Missiles or a new weapon all together.
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