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Re: Location Talkback: Castle Bravo & Godzilla's lair

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:40 am
by AllosaurHell
Living Corpse wrote:
AllosaurHell wrote:
Living Corpse wrote:I like that Godzilla now has something similar to King Kong, a temple made in his image. Cause the most he ever had before that was Odo Island natives have a legend about a sea monster and in the past they would send a young girl out on a raft to appease the monster in the hopes it would let them fish before the practice was discontinued and they now just do a ceremonial dance. I mean yeah, Kong had women sacrificed to him in past incarnations too but he got a cool temple or gate to go with it.

I personally like to think Showa Godzilla also has an underwater temple but we just never see it.

There's concept art floating around for the 1954 movie where Godzilla and several members of his species are resting on the ocean floor before an H-bomb goes off on the surface.

I've seen that one, it's pretty interesting stuff but I assume it was cut out due to budgetary reasons. Hopefully future films shows us more of Godzilla's past.