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Re: Godzilla's Screentime

Postby GuardianGhido » Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:09 am

Relair wrote:KotM just had better pacing, you never seem to go more than 10 minutes between monster scenes, and the monsters are more of a focus than a backdrop this time around. It never feels lacking. I really enjoyed the Jaws/Alien-esque build up in G14, but it *feels* much, much slower paced than KotM. Different styles that both worked for me.

Yeah, the screentime was a non-issue (DAM and most Showa movies had tiny screentime), the issue was the focus. G14 felt like the focus was the humans reacting to monsters with some focus being given to the MUTOS and almost no focus given to the titular monster (not even a hint or a mention till a good deal into the movie). KOTM on the other hand, focused entirely on the monsters but used human pov and dialogue. The humans weren't the main point this time, they were just here to tell the story of the monsters.

K:SI also did this with the added bonus of good human characters with charming interactions. The focus was all on Kong and the creatures of Skull Island but the humans gave us a good time while they weren't around (Specially Marlow). MBB and Charles Dance managed that for the small roles they had. If they had bigger roles, they might have done similarly and made the human story good for everyone. (I myself though still liked it alot. Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and the others did great too, but the problem is they aren't as famous as Samuel L Jackson or John C. Reilly, so normies aren't attarcted.)
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Re: Godzilla's Screentime

Postby BioDestroyer » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:25 am

Indeed, focus is key. It's how the screentime is used that really dictates whether it feels like something was in the film a lot or a little in cases like these. This film differs from '14 in that it peppers a lot more of the monster scenes throughout the entire film and is a lot more action driven with larger set pieces. That said, the way in uses the monster screen time can sometimes feel a *bit* lacking when almost everything is draped in rain, darkness and dust or we see half of the action from monster toe level (which can make for interesting shots but can also be frustrating when it gets in the way more than it creates an interesting shot).

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