How would you have edited King of The Monsters?

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Re: How would you have edited King of The Monsters?

Postby MrRockett » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:06 pm

GuardianGhido wrote:
MrRockett wrote:I actually think extending the government scene and having it explain that the oxygen destroyer is an option now so it doesn’t show up out of the blue is a good call. But I think they could’ve done differently though is in the first battle stretch it out a little longer make it a little more brutal to wear Godzilla does get beaten pretty soundly to where he has to retreat into the ocean.

Ghidorah Takes off to go wreak havoc as well as Rodan who picks up on Gidorah’s presence and heads off to engage him like the prick that he is. They both battle with Rodan actually getting a few good shots in and causing the damage to lefty instead of Godzilla. It would show Rodan has some major value especially when he then loses and surrenders to Ghidorah.

So here’s the twist get Ghidorah’s head doesn’t begin to regenerate right away. And since there is no Godzilla the military decides to hit them with the oxygen destroyer which unfortunately has limited affect on either aside from it somehow accelerating the regeneration capabilities of Ghidorah. Not as fast in the movie but by the time we get to the final battle it is completing its regeneration.

At this point everybody assumes Godzilla is dead just like the movie but since his breath skyward is not a beacon, after the nuke, we get nothing...even hovering Mothra thinks he’s dead and her bioluminescence reflects that feeling so they leave, defeated.

That’s when the question of is there another monster that can stand up, no our hope is dead, not we killed him.

You have Rodan and KG destroy Washington etc (make it over the course of days, like how many times in Toho films we see the monsters just trashing cities...all hope is lost and then Mothra arrives heroically to try and hold off both KG and Rodan. She holds her own but eventually gets caught in the melee and is about to be finished when (then we get the atomic blast out of nowhere knocking KG over like in the movie (that part was well done in the movie but) instead of his beam being blue, it should have been red as he returns and is already red which would explain their concern about him melting down.) He’s supercharged and Has to expend his energy to not explode.
He starts to get the upper hand but Rodan keeps chicken poop blind siding him (call to Hokmuto) so a dying Mothra, seeing Goji’s only chance is a 1 on 1 and with the sneaky Rodan circling for a full speed death strike, we see Rodan approaching and suddenly go limp with the stinger and toxins causing both he and a spent Mothra to crash at Mach 2 into the city leveling everything.
That’s when G goes for the death stomp final assault to finish KG.
It does take everything out of him and Mothra in her last act, finally releases her energy to revive him. Then we have the gathering st the end.

I like the idea of letting Rodan take off one of Ghiddy's heads but disagree with some other points:

A. I don't think Godzilla would ever retreat from fighting Ghidorah even if he was dying. And even if he did retreat, KG wouldn't leave him alone if he had an advantage, he'd hunt down and finish him off unless he was also badly hurt. I was on the road shooting from the hip...Godzilla wounded severely falling through the ice into the ocean. No different than Godzilla V MG when their first encounter he leaves a bloody boil in the water to go and heal up. Near mortal wound which places Ghidorah as unstoppable...maybe

B. I get KG not being affected by the Oxygen Destroyer, but his regen being accelerated by it makes zero sense. It's supposed to be a weapon that destroys all biomatter, I don't think any chemical used could actually enhance KG's alien abilities. Again, since the OD didn't work on KG, and we only have a cursory idea that he's an alien, our intentions to kill him actually helps him heal. It was just an idea of how to really backfire a situation. I still would have preferred a longer regen of his head though.

C. Why would Godzilla NOT show up after being supercharged by a nuke? He's not the kind of Kaiju to trick everyone else into assuming him dead and arrive all of a sudden (at least not on purpose). At the very least, he'd let Mothra know he was alive and subsequently Monarch would know as well. He is woken up by the nuke, but the collapse of his temple slowed his charge to Boston. He's the swimmer not a flier so it lends more gravity to the situation because Mothra is alone to fend off the other two while the people are left to wonder how can this be stopped.

Also, I'd rather have had both Rodan and KG lift Godzilla to the stratosphere and drop him, showing communication and dominance, have the scene run a couple minutes longer so we see Godzilla struggle to free himself.

And last but definitely not least:

D. Rodan is not a prick.

He's the Starscream of the Monsterverse...not a leader but thinks he should be, jumps from one leader to another with no loyalty. I like that, he has character.
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Re: How would you have edited King of The Monsters?

Postby Living Corpse » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:38 pm

I hate that Rodan is a Starscream. I prefer the personality he had in the Showa films where he'll fight Godzilla but 5 minutes later team up with him to fight King Ghidorah. He will sooner join with a rival than be submissive to a stronger monster. I half expected him to turn on King Ghidorah in the final battle and help Mothra and Godzilla.

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Re: How would you have edited King of The Monsters?

Postby Ivo-goji » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:41 pm

Replace the OD with a MOAB or something.

OD deserves more fanfare than this.
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