Say something positive about post-1991 Heisei

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Re: Say something positive about post-1991 Heisei

Postby szmigiel » Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:09 am

HedorahIsBestGirl wrote:What I want to know is why these forums hate Mechagodzilla 2. I don't think it's bland at all, it's one of my favorite Godzilla movies and I consider it one of the better Heisei films. Outside these forums, many other fans agree with me on that. I'm used to having to defend some of my unusual favorites like Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, but this is the first place I've seen a lot of fans throw MG2 in the "Heisei garbage pile" with Mothra and Space Godzilla.

I don't hate GVMG2, but I don't enjoy watching it very much, it is very mediocre and by the numbers. If I liked the human cast more I would probably rank higher, but they all fall a little flat for me. The plot is also very convoluted, kaiju appear and disappear as the plot requires (similar to GVM). The subplot with the Garuda and how it is considered a failure, and then modified to fit on MG to make SMG. The psychic plant song that seems to super charge kaiju when sung by esp youth choir. I also think Rodan is the worst looking Heisei kaiju, the concept look is fine. But it is one of the worst looking prop/suits in the entire franchise, any landing or take off scene is just laughably bad.

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Re: Say something positive about post-1991 Heisei

Postby LSD Jellyfish » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:04 pm

I sort of really like the plant song and how mysterious it is, and how it's never really explained. The song itself is also really creepy and strange.
_JNavs_ wrote:The MV is like cheap imitation crabmeat, it tastes good, but it isn't real, while Shin is kino peak Japanese performance.

Rodan95 wrote:The Shobijin are sat on by a fatass explorer and killed. Mothra is pissed and destroys Japan.

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