GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

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Re: GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

Postby KManX89 » Sat May 16, 2020 9:42 am

eabaker wrote:I think that's actually a pretty popular opinion. Most fans seem to consider the show a silver lining around the cloud of a movie.

Yeah, I don't see how this is an unpopular opinion.
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Re: GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

Postby Kaiju-Killer 751 » Sat May 16, 2020 11:31 am

Okay, this is gonna be a wall-And I am sorry, but I wanna try and just justify my tangent and not come across as dense...

While I'm sure people are sick of my harping and defense in regards to the overgrown Iguana, I will admit I think he was a breath of fresh air from the usual Godzilla. Granted, G98 is not really Godzilla in spirit or message, nor in design-but personally, I was glad we got a different version with different abilities and a unique look. I don't think I'd have been thrilled to see Stan Winston's Godzilla on screen, even though it was more faithful. To me, Winston's design and pitch felt kinda generic-tried and true, sure, but still kind of usual Godzilla fare that, in my mind, didn't set it apart from its Japanese counterpart.

Does that mean he's a GOOD Godzilla? Not really, no-just a unique one that's a nice break from the mold. Maybe I'm lowbrow for thinking this and not getting the morals or imagery behind Godzilla's purpose (ie the arrogance of man, the destruction of Nuclear Weapons, nature incarnate) but after a while, some of the Godzillas just kinda blend together. That, and like, after a while...I feel like that message was sort of forgotten a little bit. The Showa series becoming much lighter and softer in tone for one, Heisei becoming much grittier and focused on scale and size, as well as various spinoffs or appeal to younger audiences with stuff like Godzilland, Chibi Godzilla, and more recently Shin Godzilla appearing in Shin Chan's cartoon. Obviously, this isn't to say that Godzilla's message is being replaced, or that the big guy CAN'T be in different roles or what not-but I think it shows that he's evolved and grown to distance himself at least a little bit from that message, if only in general audience's minds. Hell, in a lot of places around the world, GODZILLA 1998 is the one true Godzilla flick, with Legendary's and Toho's work being considered subpar or inferior-because, in all honesty, most people just see Godzilla as a giant, fire breathing lizard and not an obelisk of nuclear majesty. And no amount of beating the message over their heads is likely to change that.

I don't think that's even a bad thing-there's definitely a charm in silly or 'So Bad It's Good' Monster/Kaiju movies (as many fans or defenders of this movie will attest to, as would defenders of other lower quality or more maligned titles) and honestly, I think the charm or intrigue or the fact that people can look at a big rubbery suit or a CGI or Animatronic Dinosaur/Ape/Lizard/Bug/Bird/Alien/Whatever and have a fun time with it is what's kept the industry as a whole alive, because I doubt people look at Godzilla dancing or fighting a flying Mechagodzilla with visible strings and see a deep, underlying story or struggle. And that's fine! That's what makes the genre so unique, that there's things to cater to every taste and description, and that at the end of the day we can just have a good laugh at the faults or problems in the stuff we enjoy and still love it.

Personally, for an actual Tristar Godzilla, go for the Animated Series, it's much better; And for a good American Godzilla overall? Legendary Pictures did him best-unique but recognizable design, awesome take on the roar and powers, and just an overhaul that makes him stand out and not seem like a carbon copy of Toho's Godzilla. But in summation, I'm glad we got GINO, if only for the fact he was something different, even if not necessarily GOOD.

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Re: GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

Postby Vakanai » Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:23 am

On another forum there was a discussion of films and CGI and stuff, not important. But multiple people who aren't fans of the character like this movie a lot more than Legendary's films, which they thought was boring.

Felt so weird to read that.
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Re: GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

Postby VoyagerGoji » Wed Sep 02, 2020 3:03 am

I like to watch the movie when I’m feeling high (not really but similar). Gets a good reaction out of me.
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Re: GODZILLA: Tristar Godzilla Film (1998)

Postby HedorahIsBestGirl » Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:15 pm

VoyagerGoji wrote:I like to watch the movie when I’m feeling high (not really but similar). Gets a good reaction out of me.

I think I'd have to face two joints and a fifth of Fireball to endure this two and a half hour pile of rotten fish.
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