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Re: About Gamera trilogy Blu-Ray

Postby o.supreme » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:53 am

I'm about to pick this up because it is so inexpensive. My quesiton is, should I still hold on to my ADV release DVD's? Are all the same extras on the BRD's? I just dont like to have mutiple copies of the same movie if I can help it.

Also throught he magic of on-line translating services, here's part of Joehrex last post:

《主語なし》It is ゼガスト for the first time. Yesterday, ガメラ 2 and 3 was observed. How many つ or the scene without that that observed it with a/the ノンカット version is and able to have fun. 《主語なし》It is heavy contents with a/the grown-up direction. A/the Heisei ガメラ series observed it in a/the theater, although it was disclosed when I am an elementary school. 《主語なし》It makes near in 10 after that and be rental at the time of high school 3 in a rental video store and be learning it that was observing it. 《主語なし》Although it is a rent omission it has a/the video. Tomorrow's "small heroes-ガメラ-" even thank you, because I intend to observe it. 《主語なし》It has a/the DVD. 《主語なし》A/the Showa series and "a ガメラ-large monster air decisive battle to be connected-" it is not observing it. 《主語なし》ば that was thinking that it is about to be not able to observe it tentatively/ . 《主語なし》September in it broadcasts, observe it. Please make efforts and then. '


《主語なし》' It is ゼガスト and be after a long time. 《主語なし》"It has not been with って word っ that comes" often and excuse me. 《主語なし》Is it ね that is learning everybody? 《主語なし》It is ゼガスト for the first time, to the first person.

《主語なし》Although it is a topic promptly are you knowing the channel of BS that says BS11? Thereupon, the ガメラ all 12 work is broadcast. 《主語なし》It is that the manner that resembled with that all the 28 made continuation broadcast of Godzilla were done with a/the Japanese movie speciality channel last year. 《主語なし》I was thinking completely that I myself am this the thing that is not able to observe BS11 at the beginning. 《主語なし》It is observing it properly after I understand that it is able to observe it. There was the scene without that that, is said to be a ノンカット version and observed. 《主語なし》It observed ガメラ 2 and 3 in the day before yesterday that it observed it first it was not broadcast (yesterday). 《主語なし》I intend to observe it because "small heroes-GAMERA-" (time: 20:00~22:00) are broadcast that it is broadcast today. There is the present of BLUE-LEY of a ガメラ series furthermore and do not apply even though I am regrettable. 《主語なし》It is because there is not the environment where it is able to observe. 《主語なし》Be said to there be broadcast and intend to retake the minute when it overlooked with it. 《主語なし》It is fortunate if you try to see it if it is able to observe it. It is then. '
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Re: About Gamera trilogy Blu-Ray

Postby Tyler » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:41 am

I'm keeping my ADV set as the subs are better and the features are a bit different. The main being a really cool interview with Shinji Higuchi.
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Re: About Gamera trilogy Blu-Ray

Postby kpa » Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:13 pm

Joehrex wrote:When I went to the Japanese language forum sites that are talking about Gamera trilogy on Blu-ray, they said that the American blu-ray versions of Gamera films 1 and 2 are the extened versions, longer than the Japanese Blu-ray versions.

The advertising and packaging for Mill Creek's Gamera Blu-rays list wrong running times:

http://www.scifijapan.com/articles/2010 ... e-blu-ray/

So some Japanese fans may have seen that and (understandably) thought Mill Creek had longer versions of the movies. But the films on the discs have the same running times as the Japanese versions.

I have the Japanese press kits for these movies, as well as the theater programs, and whenever the running time is mentioned its consistent. I've also seen all three movies in theaters, have the Japanese DVD box set, the ADV DVDs and the Mill Creek Blu-rays. They all have the same running times and there's no extended versions with extra footage or anything like that. The biggest difference was with the ADV versions because they added English credits to the ends of the movies, but that would have changed the running times by maybe a minute or so... and Mill Creek didn't used those versions, anyway. Their recent Blu-rays have new transfers from Kadokawa.
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