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K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 10:49 am
by KaijuX


Author: Venom2009
Word Count: 2,052 words
Posted: May 12th, 2019


New York City, 1933.

It was nighttime as people ran through the street. King Kong was attacking the city. Before this happened, Kong was smuggled from Skull Island and was brought to New York as a show for the citizens in a theater marquee. However, Kong broke free and went on a rampage.

While Kong was attacking everyone and everything in the city, he was also looking for Ann Darrow, the woman he had fallen in love with. Kong knew that Ann was somewhere in this strange land, and he would do anything to get her back.

As Kong continued his attack and searched for Ann, he noticed something bright was behind him. Kong turned around to see a big, white hole. The giant gorilla wondered what it was, as he had never seen anything like it before. Kong walked up to the white hole and put his hand into it. But as soon as Kong did that, he felt his arm being pulled in along with his body. Kong roared as he tried to break free. After Kong's body was pulled into the white hole, it disappeared.

People that were in the area saw what happened to Kong. They didn't understand what just happened but were grateful that Kong was finally gone.

At least for now.

New York City, 1953.

It been many years since Kong mysteriously disappeared. However, as the sun was shining on the city, it was once again under attack by another monster. This monster was the Rhedosaurus, a dinosaur that was once frozen in ice at the Arctic for eons, until a nuclear test set the beast free from his frozen tomb.

People were running for their lives as the Rhedosaurus was destroying everything around him. The dinosaur was knocking buildings over, crushing vehicles, and eating people.

In another area of the city, a white hole had appeared. The people in the area saw it and wondered what it was. Some of them had heard something like this had happened before back in 1933. Soon Kong appeared out of the white hole. As Kong fell to the ground, the white hole disappeared once again. When the people saw the giant ape, they ran for their lives, not waiting for the monster to attack them.

Kong didn't understand what just happened to him. When Kong got up, he noticed everything around him was different now. But not only that, the sun was up. What Kong didn't know was that the white hole had sent him to another time. But there was only one thing on Kong's mind: Finding Ann. So, Kong continued his search for Ann, unaware that he was heading towards the Rhedosaurus.

People ran all over the place as Kong walked through the streets. But people weren't just running and hiding from Kong, they were also trying to escape from the Rhedosaurus.

Kong heard a roar and saw the Rhedosaurus coming. The giant primate could see that this beast was like one of the many creatures that lived on Skull Island. When the Rhedosaurus got a closer look at Kong, he let out a roar at the giant gorilla. As Kong roared back at the Rhedosaurus, he beat down on his own chest. Both monsters didn't like each other and were ready to fight.

Soon both Kong and the Rhedosaurus were running towards one another. People were running out of the monsters' way, but most of them got crushed under the monsters' feet. The two monsters ended up ramming against each other.

Most of the people ran out of the area, but some of them had found hiding places to watch the fight.

After the Rhedosaurus pushed Kong down to his back, the dinosaur used his mouth to bite down on the gorilla’s left shoulder. Kong roared in pain as he used his right hand to punch the left side of the Rhedosaurus’ head. The Rhedosaurus let go of Kong as the dinosaur let out an angry roar. Kong grabbed the Rhedosaurus by the neck and threw him over his shoulder, slamming him to the ground.

Kong began to beat down on the Rhedosaurus, causing the dinosaur to roar in pain. The Rhedosaurus used his claws to cut down on Kong's chest. Kong roared and jumped off the Rhedosaurus and looked down to see blood was seeping from the gashes on his chest.

After the Rhedosaurus got up, he ran to attack Kong and opened his mouth to bite into the primate. Kong used his hands to grab the dinosaur's jaws, but Rhedosaurus kept on moving forward, pushing Kong backwards. Kong felt blinding pain in his hands as the Rhedosaurus' teeth cut into them.

Kong used all his might to stop himself, and with a herculean effort, swung the Rhedosaurus over his body, sending the dinosaur flying until the lizard crashed into a building. People that were hiding near the building screamed as they scattered, being crushed by the rubble. Kong ran to attack the Rhedosaurus, but the dinosaur saw him coming and used his tail to whip the ape across the face. Kong roared in pain and stumbled back, the Rhedosaurus ramming his head against Kong's chest, forcing the gorilla to fall to his back.

The Rhedosaurus bit down hard on Kong's leg. Kong roared and kicked at the Rhedosaurus' head, forcing the dinosaur to let go of him. After Kong got up, he tackled the Rhedosaurus, sending the two crashing into a building. Dazed, Kong got up and grabbed the Rhedosaurus' tail, dragging the dinosaur over to the ground. Kong snarled viciously and swung his shoulders around a couple of times before letting of the Rhedosaurus, which sent the dinosaur stumbling down a couple of blocks.

Kong ran to the fallen Rhedosaurus and jumped on the lizard’s back. The giant ape began to beat down on the Rhedosaurus with vicious and powerful fists. The Rhedosaurus stood up on his back legs and flailed around, slamming itself against a nearby building. The dinosaur fell backwards with Kong on top, forcing the ape off it. The Rhedosaurus turned around to bite off Kong's face. However, Kong thrust his hand out to grab the Rhedosaurus by the neck and was holding the four-legged beast back. Rhedosaurus refused to give up as he was pushing himself against Kong’s arm, trying to get his jaws on the primate’s face, hissing directly against the ape’s face. Kong noticed a car was near them and used his other hand to grab it, slamming it against the Rhedosaurus’s face and finally forcing it off him.

The Rhedosaurus quickly got up and used his jaws to bite down on Kong’s leg again, and Kong roared in pain as the Rhedosaurus dragged him down the road before swinging his neck and sending the 8th Wonder of the World crashing back down the street.

Kong tried to get up, only for the Rhedosaurus to jump on his back and pin him to the ground. The ape roared in pain as the Rhedosaurus' claws dug harshly into his back. The Rhedosaurus bit down on the back of Kong's neck and the giant ape roared in pain as the ancient dinosaur started ripping into his flesh. Kong put his right hand up to the right side of the Rhedosaurus' face and used his nails to rake across his attacker’s face.

The Rhedosaurus reeled back with a shriek of pain, blood seeping out of its wounds as Kong used his elbow to knock the Rhedosaurus off him. As soon as the Rhedosaurus backed off, Kong mounted the dinosaur and began choking the life out of it, roaring angrily into its face.

The Rhedosaurus choked and wheezed, and he used his sharp claws to cut into Kong's arm, desperately trying to break free as it thrashed about. Ignoring the aching pain in his arms, Kong squeezed even harder, snarling. The Rhedosaurus writhed its body and managed to wrap its tail around Kong’s throat. Kong gagged and let go of the Rhedosaurus' neck, and put his hands on the tail, fingers digging into the flesh to try and pry it away from his neck. The Rhedosaurus used his tail to throw Kong off his body, sending the great ape stumbling back.

The Rhedosaurus hissed and jumped on Kong, the two ancient behemoths wrestling for supremacy before the Rhedosaurus turned his body over, only for Kong to grab its neck and send them both tumbling down the street. They continued brawling down New York’s streets, citizens screaming as they dove out of the way of the brawling monsters thundering their way.

The Rhedosaurus bit into Kong’s shoulder during the chaotic mess, and Kong roared and put his hands around the Rhedosaurus's neck, trying to pull the dinosaur away from his shoulder. Rhedosaurus stubbornly sunk his teeth deeper into Kong’s shoulder, the rich taste of blood, of food entering his mouth. Kong desperately kept on trying to break free, before ripping up a nearby streetlamp and used it to stab the Rhedosaurus in the left shoulder. The Rhedosaurus let go of Kong with an almighty shriek of agony and Kong roughly shoved the Rhedosaurus off him.

Finally getting some breathing room, he rose shakily to his feet and saw the Rhedosaurus was getting back up as well. The Rhedosaurus bit down on the intruding metal stabbed into him and with a painful grunt, yanked it out.

The two ancient beasts stared at each other, panting, hurt, and sore. Kong stood to his full height and bellowed powerfully into the skies, beating his bloodied chest in defiance, and the Rhedosaurus reared up and gave a near glass-shattering screech to the heavens.

Kong swayed suddenly, and he heaved and clutched his chest. His vision began swimming, and he shook his head to stay focused. He snarled, but the Rhedosaurus saw there was something wrong with Kong, the ape leaning heavily against a building for support.

The Rhedosaurus slunk towards his weakened prey, Kong fighting the disease coursing through his veins as best he could and viciously uppercut the creature, the sick crack of teeth breaking echoed across the empty street as blood splattered over the ape’s chest. Rearing back his fist, the ape howled in agony as the Rhedosaurus surged forwards and clamped his jaws around Kong’s fist.

Kong yanked his hand back, but the Rhedosaurus clamped his jaws tighter. Kong swayed, his vision swimming a little before anger surged through his body and with a deafening roar slammed his fist down on the Rhedosaurus’s head, bringing his other hand down to smash the Rhedosaurus’s jaw against the pavement, finally freeing his bloodied appendage.

The Rhedosaurus tried to get up, but Kong put his hands together and slammed his fists down on the dinosaur’s head again. Kong went to the Rhedosaurus' side and flipped the creature over, ready to finally end its life. A bout of dizziness struck Kong, and Kong put his hands on his head, a sickening pain going through his head.

The Rhedosaurus squirmed on his back, angling his head and clamping his jaws down on one of Kong’s legs. Kong roared in pain and beat down roughly on the Rhedosaurus, but with a low groan found his strength sapping and his vision swimming again. The Rhedosaurus hissed and clamped down on his leg harder.

Heaving a little, Kong felt one last surge of anger course through his dying body and with a renewed vigor, thrust his hands down on the Rhedosaurus’s head. Fighting the pain and the disease, Kong finally pried the Rhedosaurus’s jaws off his legs. The ancient dinosaur hissed angrily but it soon turned to shrieks of pain as Kong kept slowly prying his jaws open. Until, with a final thrust and a giant crack, the Rhedosaurus’s jaw cracked at an odd angle, and the dinosaur slumped dead.

Kong prodded the fallen dinosaur, warily making sure the creature was dead before he reared up and bellowed loudly into the air, pounding his chest victoriously. Kong suddenly swayed, his vision blurring again, and he felt weaker than ever.

Hours later, Kong was dead. The army had learned about the Rhedosaurus' plague, and evacuated people that were around the arena. Soon the army made plans to clean up the arena, and to destroy the bodies of the Rhedosaurus and Kong.

Kong (1933), Rhedosaurus

Re: K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 11:41 am
by Greyshot151
I usually don't read these as often as I should but with these two monsters, I couldn't help but take a gander. Fun match for the most part even if the grammar was a tad weak. Now we just need a grand battle of all the biggest early combatants. Giant Mantis X Tarantula X Them. Giant insects all out assault :lol:

Re: K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:53 pm
by HillyHulk
Short and fun. Not bad at all.

Re: K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 2:24 pm
by soulgodzilla
Grammar is a bit off, (then again, I too am always perfecting that) but still a decent match overall.

Re: K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 9:57 pm
by Venom 2009
I see another one of my matches is up! :D

This is a very old match that I made along time ago, and is the first one I sent to the KWCE. Back when the KWCE was announced, and I found out what monsters was going to be in it, I remembered this match. I had to dig up some old digital stuff to find this match, and did some editing before sending it off to KaijuX. I see KaijuX has done his own editing as well, which I would like to thank him for.

Overall, I’m glad people are liking this match. ;)

Re: K.W.C.E. #44 - King Kong (American '33) vs. Rhedosaurus

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 11:26 am
by ShinGojira14
An awesome battle of old black-and-white monsters before Big G came around.

Poor Kong. He never found Anne. :cry: