K.W.C.E. #43 - Zetton vs. Godzilla Jr., Daigoro, Goliath & Gabara

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K.W.C.E. #43 - Zetton vs. Godzilla Jr., Daigoro, Goliath & Gabara

Postby KaijuX » Wed May 01, 2019 7:17 pm



Author: Birdman
Word Count: 3,801 words
Posted: May 1st, 2019


It was a sunny and peaceful day on Monster Island. A rare occurrence, considering the reputation of its inhabitants. Minya trotted happily through the jungle without a care in the world. Unlike his father and most of the island’s other inhabitants, he didn’t really care about fighting or territory or the like. He was just content with enjoying life as it came.

As he walked out onto the plains, however, his peace was shattered.

A sinister cackle sounded from behind him and Minya crashed to the ground as a fist smashed into the back of his head. The midget monster cried out as he squirmed in pain across the dirt. The cackle came again, and Minya looked up into an all-too familiar cat-like face. Gabara grinned as he watched Minya struggle to his feet and quake with fear at his presence. It was risky messing about with Godzilla’s son, but the small monster was just perfect for him and his new playmate to relieve their stress on. As Minya began backing away, a bolt of lightning struck the baby Godzilla on his rear. Minya shrieked and jumped in shock as the electricity surged through his body, then crashed to the floor again, clutching his sore bottom. Behind him, Goliath shrieked with laughter. Gabara was right; it was fun to pick on the midget dinosaur.

The two bullies closed in, letting out their distinctive cries as poor Minya tried crawling away. Gabara leaned down and grabbed the young Godzilla’s ankle, but before he could begin pumping him full of electricity, a furious roar filled the air. Releasing Minya’s ankle, Gabara turned to face the source and was met with a familiar atomic ray. The blast struck the ogre in the chest and he went flying back through the air, cackling in misery. As Gabara hit the ground, Goliath watched on in shock. Another roar filled the air, and Goliath cried out as two feet planted themselves on his back and kicked him to the ground.

Godzilla Junior and Daigoro glared at the two beasts, their eyes burning with fury. Minya squealed with delight at the sight of his older brother and ran over, wrapping his arms around Junior’s leg and cooing happily. Junior returned Minya’s hug with a soft, reassuring purr, then turned his head to the jungle and nodded in its direction, telling Minya to stay out of the way while he dealt with his tormentors. Daigoro gave a thumbs-up to the two Godzillasaurs, eager to help out. No one messed with his friend’s family and got away with it. As Minya ran into the jungle, Junior and Daigoro shifted their attention to the recovering bullies. Gabara and Goliath got to their feet and growled angrily at the duo. If they couldn’t torment Minya, they would take out their frustrations on his brother and his friend.

All four monsters filled the air with their distinctive roars as they prepared for battle…

…when a much stranger noise filled the air.

Godzilla Junior, Gabara, Daigoro and Goliath all looked at each other with perplexed looks, trying to figure who was making the strange sound. When they realized none of them were the source, and it was, in fact, coming from above, they looked up. A bizarre alien craft hovered above them, oblivious to their presence as it made its way inland. The four looked at it with curiosity, wondering what the odd thing was and what to do with it. Gabara, not known for his patience, quickly got bored of standing around doing nothing. He picked up a large rock and, either with great precision or just sheer luck, chucked it at the vessel. It bounced off its underside with a loud, metallic sound and the vessel began to wobble, descending to the ground at a worrying rate. It crashed down at the edge of the clearing and skidded across the dirt before coming to a rest in a mound of earth.

As the dust cleared, everyone wondered just what on Earth it was. Their conflict forgotten, and their curiosity in need of sating, they walked over to investigate. They hadn’t taken many steps when a panel on the vessel opened, and an azure, balloon-like object began to expand from within. The group watched as it grew larger and larger, almost matching them in size, before it and the ship exploded.

The four monsters shrieked and shielded their eyes from the flash. They lowered their arms afterwards, and spotted a figure emerging from the smoke generated by the ship’s destruction. Ebony armor coated its entire body, leaving only parts of his white, bumpy arms and legs exposed. A pair of orbs decorated its chest, pulsating with orange light. It clenched and unclenched its glove-like hands as it stared at them with its eyeless face. A ‘crevice’, pulsing with orange light, was nestled between two large, rectangular protrusions tipped with holes, which were the only features its ‘face’ possessed. A pair of silver ear-like horns were placed atop its head. The creature made several beeping noises, shaking its arms and torso from side-to-side. As the group wondered what the unusual, but terrifying creature was, it pumped its arms up and down as it spoke its name.


Taken by surprise by the fact the thing could talk, Junior and Daigoro were hesitant to attack. Gabara and Goliath, however, cackled with an odd combination of glee and fury. With their respective war cries, they charged forwards, eager to test this new thing and see if it was a suitable target for their aggression. Just as they reached Zetton, he vanished, disappearing into thin air with an odd sound. The two bullies stopped and looked around to locate Zetton, but the beetle-like thing was nowhere to be seen. The odd sound came again, and Gabara and Goliath spun around to see Zetton standing not far away, making his odd beeping noises. Gabara charged at him, flailing his fists in a blind fury. Before he could get far, Zetton’s facial crevice glowed and discharged a fireball. It exploded against Gabara’s chest, sending the ogre crashing to the ground with a pain-filled squeal. Goliath briefly recoiled, but was quick to overcome his fear and shrieked at Zetton, his cranial horn unleashing bolts of lightning at the space monster. Zetton avoided the electrical barrage by teleporting away, leaving the bolts to strike nothing but soil and trees, lighting the jungle ablaze.

Goliath’s nostrils flared as he searched for Zetton’s scent, not wishing to be caught off-guard. As if on cue, Zetton appeared before him, taking the purple monster by surprise, and smashed his fist across the crocodile-like beast’s skull. Goliath wailed painfully and tried to strike Zetton, but the bug-like alien easily caught his oversized fist with his arm and smashed his other fist into Goliath’s jaw. The dinosaurian bully flew back, blood dripping from his lips as he moaned in agony. Zetton teleported forwards and stuck out his leg, ploughing it into Goliath’s stomach. As the monster staggered back, Zetton teleported behind him and backhanded him across the back of his skull. Goliath stumbled forwards as Zetton teleported before him, and the extraterrestrial bully fell to the ground as the malevolent alien swept his leg across the ground and caught Goliath’s own. Zetton stood over the fallen warrior, announcing his name as if to remind Goliath of his identity.

Gabara’s hands suddenly clamped around Zetton’s arm, his head horns glowing with violet light. Zetton went rigid as volts of electricity travelled down Gabara’s arms and into his flesh. He spasmed in a robotic manner as the voltage flowed through him as he tried to break free from Gabara’s electrifying grip. The ogre laughed cruelly, anticipating an easy victory.

How wrong he was.

Zetton’s arm struck back, striking Gabara in the face. The original bully of Monster Island cried out and released his grip to clutch his aching face. Shaking himself to wake up his muscles as the electricity’s effect wore off, Zetton turned to face his emerald attacker. His hands shot out, wrapping themselves around Gabara’s throat and squeezing. Gabara gasped for air as his windpipe was squeezed shut, cutting off his oxygen. He clawed and battered Zetton’s arms to try and get the beetle-like monster to release his grip. But Zetton did not relent, pushing Gabara to the ground as he continued choking the life out of him. His vision starting to blur, Gabara reached out to grab Zetton’s arms as his horns began to glow. Zetton quickly put an end to the ogre’s plan by unleashing balls of light from his facial crevice. Gabara let out a strangled howl as they exploded against his face.

As the life began to leave the ogre, an atomic ray slammed into Zetton, knocking him off Gabara. The green beast greedily gulped air, thankful for the rescue. Even if it was by his hated enemy. Godzilla Junior and Daigoro snarled at Zetton as he got up, still broadcasting his bizarre noises. It was true the duo had no love for Gabara and Goliath, but they weren’t so cruel as to want them dead. Besides, Zetton was a threat not only to them, but the entire island, possibly the world. And without his father here to deal with the alien monster, it was up to Junior and his friend to stop him.

Zetton teleported forwards, smashing his fists into Junior’s chest. The green dinosaur flew back, shrieking in pain, and spun around, slamming his tail into the ebony monster’s legs. Zetton staggered slightly as Junior’s tail crashed into him, but remained on his feet. With his attention solely on Junior, it left an opening for Daigoro to rush in and slam his fist into Zetton’s face. The beetle-like warrior stumbled back, more surprised than hurt. Daigoro began pummeling him with his fists, smashing them against the space monster’s chest again and again to no effect. Zetton’s arm swung up, slapping Daigoro away and knocking the tubby monster to the ground. Junior’s dorsal plates flared with atomic power as he fired his undeveloped version of his father’s trademark weapon. Instead of dodging, Zetton pointed his arms across his chest and touched his hands together, allowing the beam to strike him. To Junior’s shock, his atomic ray was absorbed into the space between Zetton’s hands, leaving the bug-like alien unharmed. Zetton thrust his arms forward, discharging a stream of purple energy waves from his hands. The waves struck Junior in the chest, causing him to cry out and fall onto his knee, his strength sapped by the Zetton Final Beam’s fatigue-inducing powers.

Zetton marched towards the son of Godzilla, filling the area with the sound of his name. Before he could get close to Junior, a pair of hands wrapped themselves around his arm, holding him back. Zetton stopped and looked almost boringly at Daigoro as the plush beast pulled back, hopelessly trying to stop the bug-like monster from advancing. As Zetton shook his arm to try and dislodge the child monster, another set of hands grabbed his other arm, pumping him full of electricity. Zetton tensed up as Gabara cackled, wanting the alien warrior to know the suffering he put him through. Daigoro and Gabara looked at each other, unsure if such an alliance between the two sides was possible. But after seeing what Zetton was capable of, it seemed working together would be the only way of beating him.

As Gabara continued releasing electricity into Zetton, he and Daigoro hoisted the ebony monster over their heads and tossed him to the ground. While they dealt with Zetton, Godzilla Junior managed to stand, having slightly recovered from the beetle-like warrior’s attack. A shadow fell over him from the side, and he looked over as Goliath moved next to him, glaring at Zetton. Realizing they now had a common foe, Junior shifted his focus to Zetton as the ebony warrior climbed to his feet, his facial crevice pulsing with light. The two unleashed their power on him, Junior spraying atomic energies from his maw as Goliath shot electric bolt after electric bolt from his horn. Zetton saw their attack coming and raised his arms, summoning a blue, crystalline energy barrier around himself. Junior and Goliath’s energies struck the Zetton Barrier, but could not break through. As their assault ended, Zetton dispelled the barrier and fired a series of red beams from his face. The beams struck the ground around the two reptilian warriors and exploded into clouds of choking, crimson mist. The duo collapsed, groaning and rolling in the dirt as the mist filled their lungs and sapped them of their strength. To add to their suffering, Zetton unleashed a storm of fireballs, sending wave after wave of flames washing over their flesh.

Seeing their allies’ predicament, Gabara and Daigoro cried out and charged at Zetton. The beetle-like warrior turned his attention to them, blasting the ground around then with a hail of fire. Despite the explosions going on around them, the two kept charging, closing the distance and swinging their fists at Zetton, only to miss as he teleported away. The ebony monster appeared behind them, kicking Gabara in the back and knocking the ogre away. Daigoro spun on his heel, his arm outstretched, and smashed his fist into Zetton’s neck, driving him back. Before Daigoro could continue his assault, Zetton thrust his arms forward and fired the Zetton Breaker from his hands. Daigoro groaned as the waves struck him and drained his strength, and struggled to stay on his feet. Zetton’s facial crevice glowed, but a large boulder smashed into his face before he could fire. He stepped back, stunned by the blow. Daigoro turned to see Gabara pick up another boulder from the pile he had made by smashing apart rocks with his fists and toss it at Zetton. Zetton staggered further back as the rock shattered against his chest.

By now, the wind had blown away enough of the mist coating Junior and Goliath that they were able to stand. They joined Daigoro as he in turn joined Gabara and decided to try a combined assault on their extraterrestrial foe. The four monsters tossed and kicked boulder after boulder at Zetton, slowly driving the beetle-like monster back. Cracks began to form in his black armor, oozing unknown fluids.

Just as it seemed victory was on the four monsters’ side, Zetton proved them wrong again. A fireball shot out of his face and struck the pile of boulders, destroying it in a shower of pebbles and dust. As a dense cloud of dust filled the air around the four monsters, Zetton used this distraction to teleport behind them. He reached out and grabbed Gabara and Junior by the back of their necks and lifted them off the ground. The two cried out in surprise as Zetton tossed them into the cloud. Realizing what was happening, Daigoro and Goliath turned to the black, insect-like monster, but were too slow to attack or defend themselves as Zetton punched Daigoro in the throat and kicked him away before spinning on his heel and blasting Goliath away with a trio of fireballs. Zetton stood in the center of the cloud, waiting for his opponents’ counterattack, but noticed there was a problem. The same dust cloud that allowed him to sneak up on them now prevented him from seeing them coming. The four monsters’ respective cries came through the fog of dust, almost taunting Zetton as he struggled to locate them.

With a fierce war cry, Daigoro emerged from the dust cloud at full sprint. He slowed down as he neared Zetton, taking in a deep breath before launching a stream of scalding hot flames from his mouth onto the alien monster’s chest. Zetton was forced back as the flames licked at his chest, Daigoro continuing to march towards him. The ebony warrior’s facial crevice glowed as he fired a series of fireballs at the mammalian flamethrower. Before they could hit their target, a storm of electric bolts tore through the dust cloud, striking each fireball and detonating it prematurely. Lacking the features to scowl, Zetton could only glare at the direction the bolts had come from, as Goliath’s shriek echoed through the fog. After a moment of continuous fire, Daigoro cut off his flames, unable to keep it up for very long. Before Zetton could recover and retaliate, Junior appeared from the cloud and charged at him. The young Godzilla dragged his tail across the ground as he built up momentum, before heaving his body off the ground and sliding on his tail, smashing his feet into Zetton’s chest. The beetle-like alien flew back, flailing his arms wildly, into the waiting path of Gabara. The green beast swung his electrically-augmented fist into the back of Zetton’s skull and the black monster crashed to the ground. Junior ran up to Gabara and the two brought their feet down on Zetton, only to miss entirely as he teleported away. He reappeared meters away and assaulted them with a combination of the Zetton Breaker and his fireballs.

As the two monsters screamed, Daigoro rushed the ebony monster, breathing fire at him again. Zetton ceased his barrage and summoned the Zetton Barrier, allowing Daigoro’s flames to harmlessly wash over it. Seeing the futility of this attack, Daigoro stopped firing and leapt into the air, bringing both feet to bear as he slammed them into the Zetton Barrier. The crystal-like energy barrier shattered almost instantly and Zetton staggered back as Daigoro delivered a flying kick to his chest. He fell back, crashing into the waiting form of Goliath. Zetton spun around and reached out, wrapping his hands around the purple titan’s throat and squeezing tightly. As Goliath gasped for air, Zetton didn’t notice the beast’s horn flash with light. He did, however, feel the powerful electrical shock as it flowed through Goliath’s body and into his arms. Zetton released his grip, his arms smoking, and convulsed in agony as Goliath began battering him with his massive paws charged with electricity. As he tried to defend himself, Gabara came up behind him and grabbed the alien warrior’s arm, adding his own power to the mix.

As the two electric monsters pumped Zetton full of electricity, Daigoro and Godzilla Junior stood side-by-side, preparing their signature weapons. Gabara and Goliath looked over at the two, nodding their heads as they understood what to do next. Goliath grabbed Zetton’s free arm, assaulting him with more electricity. With Gabara’s help, he turned Zetton to face Junior and Daigoro. As the two young monsters finished charging, Gabara and Goliath shoved Zetton forwards. The ebony monster stumbled to a stop, still shocked by the two bullies’ electricity. He looked at Junior and Daigoro, unable to attack in his stunned state, as the duo fired atomic energies and searing flames from their respective maws. The two energies combined into a single, powerful beam that collided with Zetton’s chest. The beetle-like warrior struggled to stay standing as the beam tore into him, pushing him further and further back. Gabara and Goliath grabbed his arms as he was pushed closer, holding him in place as the mixture of fire and nuclear energy continued to assault him. At last, Junior and Daigoro ceased firing, their resources drained from prolonged use of their signature weapons. Zetton stood unmoving in the clutches of Gabara and Goliath, smoke rising from his charred chest. They released him, allowing his body to fall to the ground. The four monsters raised their heads and filled the air with their combined cries of victory.

The two duos looked at each other, prideful in Zetton’s defeat. After a moment’s pause, their eyes narrowed angrily at the other group. Junior and Daigoro roared at Gabara and Goliath as the two bullies let out their own cries, resuming their rivalry. It seemed that even after defeating a great foe, some things on Monster Island never changed.

The four monsters prepared to engage one another…

…when a familiar sound reached their ears.

All four looked down, at where the body of Zetton used to be. They cried out in alarm and rapidly scanned the area for the fiend. The battle was not over yet, it seemed. Four pairs of eyes scanned the area, waiting for Zetton to make his appearance. But the ebony warrior was nowhere to be seen. The group continued looking, tilting and scratching their heads in confusion. Where was he?


The four monsters snapped their heads upwards. Junior, Gabara, Goliath and Daigoro stared up in horror as Zetton floated above them, staring at them menacingly as his ominous beeping sound filled their ears. He swept his head, spraying the ground below with his crimson beams. The four monsters on the ground cried out as a wave of red smoke rose up and filled the area, flooding their lungs and sapping what strength they had left. All four collapsed, wailing pathetically as Zetton rained down destruction from above. Light bullets, fireballs and purple energy waves showered the group relentlessly, their agonized screams echoing across the island. Even as their cries died down and a blanket of grey smog hid them from view, Zetton continued firing, only stopping when his reserves of energy were drained and he had to recharge.

Zetton descended and gently touched down on the ground. He looked around, as the smoke drifted away to reveal the unmoving forms of his former foes. Gabara, Goliath and Daigoro were sprawled across the clearing, their skin charred black and their breaths shallow. Zetton narrowed his gaze, focusing on the one member of the group not unconscious. Godzilla Junior groaned in misery as he attempted to lift himself off the ground. His glare turned to Zetton as he approached, looking down at the son of Godzilla. Junior barred his teeth, growling in defiance to the beetle-like monster. In response, Zetton lifted his foot and smashed it atop Junior’s head, knocking him out cold.

For a moment, Zetton considered finishing them all off to prevent them from being nuisance later on. But as a plethora of roars sounded out in the distance, he decided to deal with them later. He had much bigger fish to fry.

Leaving the unconscious group behind, Zetton marched towards the sounds of Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, Gorosaurus and countless other monsters, no doubt drawn to him by the sounds of battle. He did not care how many there were or how strong they were. He had faced far worse threats than the monsters of Earth, and destroyed them.

This planet was nothing. It was just another insignificant speck to be conquered by his masters, the Zetton Aliens. Earth’s champions and weapons would fall to his power. Soon, the entire world would fear the wrath of…


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Re: K.W.C.E. #43 - Zetton vs. Godzilla Jr., Daigoro, Goliath & Gabara

Postby ShinGojira14 » Wed May 01, 2019 7:58 pm

Dang! that ending caught me off guard!
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Re: K.W.C.E. #43 - Zetton vs. Godzilla Jr., Daigoro, Goliath & Gabara

Postby soulgodzilla » Thu May 02, 2019 12:38 pm

Had read this before, and its a great match, but too bad its another match that would have made it to the KWC.

But other then that, this is Zetton’s third victory.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #43 - Zetton vs. Godzilla Jr., Daigoro, Goliath & Gabara

Postby HillyHulk » Thu May 09, 2019 6:04 pm

I'm pretty late on reading this, but this was pretty good.

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