K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

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K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby KaijuX » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:49 pm



Author: Venom2009
Word Count: 1,507 words
Posted: April 25th, 2019
Continued from: KWC Match 20


It was a sunny day over at Birth Island as Godzillasaurus was in the jungle hunting for food. The dinosaur was a member of Godzilla’s species that was never mutated by radioactivity. Unlike Godzilla, who eats radiation, the un-mutated Godzillasaurus only needed to feed on other animals. The dinosaur wasn’t having the best of luck as he couldn’t find anything to eat. But then Godzillasaurus’ nose picked up some kind of scent of a creature that was nearby. Godzillasaurus wasted no time following the scent to find this prey.

The reptile found himself out of the jungle and onto a beach. There, laying in water and on the sandy ground was the corpse of Gezora. Godzillasaurus walked close to Gezora to get a good look at the giant dead squid.

Gezora had a big cut on his head, one of his tentacles had a burned stump, and there were burn marks all over his body. The dinosaur also noticed Gezora’s innards were all over the beach. Godzillasaurus didn’t know what could have killed the giant cuttlefish. But one thing for sure, Gezora was still edible. Finally, the dinosaur would get to eat a meal. But before Godzillasaurus could take a bite out of Gezora, he noticed something coming out of the water.

Rising out of the sea water was the mutant, Crustaceous Rex. Before showing up, C-Rex was looking for giant squids to eat, but couldn’t find any, until he smelled Gezora’s blood in the water. C-Rex was amazed by the dead Gezora as it was much bigger than the giant squids he normally consumed, and would keep him well fed for a long time. But then C-Rex got angry as he saw Godzillasaurus was near Gezora, and let out a screech, telling the giant lizard to get away from his food.

Godzillasaurus got mad, as this was his find, and he wasn’t going to let this creature have it. Godzillasaurus roared back at C-Rex, telling the mutant to back off, and went on eating Gezora. Angry, C-Rex rushed out of the water, and used his head to ram Godzillasaurus to the side that knocked him away from Gezora. After Godzillasaurus hit the ground, he used his tail to hit C-Rex across the face. Godzillasaurus quickly got up and bit into the right side of C-Rex’s neck. The yellow monster roared in pain as he felt the dinosaur’s teeth cutting into his flesh. C-Rex used his left leg to kick Godzillasaurus in the face that forced the reptile to let go and fall down. C-Rex was going to use his right foot to crush Godzillasaurus’ head, but the lizard rolled his body away, which made the mutant’s foot hit the sandy ground instead.

After getting a far distance, Godzillasaurus got himself back up. The two monsters looked at each other with hatred in their eyes. Both of them wanted Gezora’s corpse, and wasn’t going to let the other have it.

Godzillasaurus and C-Rex rushed at each other, only for their heads to hit together that caused both of them great pain. C-Rex recovered quickly and used his four tentacles. Two tentacles wrapped around Godzillasaurus’ neck, while the other two wrapped around each of the dinosaur’s arms. Godzillasaurus roared as he tried to break free, but C-Rex’s grasp was too strong. So the dinosaur did the next best thing as he used his jaws to bite one of the tentacles wrapped around his neck. C-Rex roared in pain as he pulled his tentacles away from Godzillasaurus, but couldn’t get the one free from the reptile’s mouth. Godzillasaurus pulled hard on the tentacle and with his teeth cutting deep, the front part of the tentacle was ripped off. C-Rex roared in pain and anger as one of his tentacles now had a stump at the end.

Godzillasaurus threw the other half of the tentacle out of his mouth, and let out a roar at C-Rex. The yellow mutant charged and rammed his head to Godzillasaurus’s chest, and that knocked the reptile down on his back. Godzillasaurus tried to get back up, but C-Rex began ramming his right foot down on the dinosaur’s stomach. Godzillasaurus roared as each hit to his stomach cause him pain. Godzillasaurus put his feet together and did a powerful kick that landed C-Rex down on his back. The dinosaur quickly got up and bit into C-Rex’s right leg. Godzillasaurus used his mouth to swing C-Rex, and that sent the mutant whirling out-of-control until he crashed to the ground.

C-Rex got back up and rushed towards the reptile. But as Godzillasaurus bent down, C-Rex got on top of him, only for the dinosaur to swing up so hard that it flipped the mutant over to the ground. As C-Rex was down on his back, Godzillasaurus began slamming his tail up and down on the yellow monster. Before Godzillasaurus could land another hit, C-Rex used his tentacles to wrap around the tail. Then C-Rex swung Godzillasaurus over, sending the lizard sliding to the ground.

As the yellow beast got back up, he saw Godzillasaurus was already back on his feet and coming to attack him. C-Rex opened his mouth to fire a stream of tar at Godzillasaurus. The dinosaur roared as the tar got all over his face and couldn’t see. Godzillasaurus bent his head down and tried to use his claws to get the tar off his face. Taking advantage, C-Rex used his tentacles to grab Godzillasaurus’ feet and pull, which made the reptile fall down. Still holding onto the dinosaur, C-Rex spun himself and Godzillasaurus around, until he let go of the reptile, sending the lizard crashing into shallow water.

One good thing about being in the water, it washed the tar off Godzillasaurus’ face. Godzillasaurus stood up from the water in time to see C-Rex charges in to attack him. The dinosaur moved out of the way, and used his tail to hit C-Rex’s legs and it knocked the mutant down. Godzillasaurus used his teeth and claws to attack C-Rex in the back, but the monster’s protective carapace was too hard to break. C-Rex jumped backwards, knocking Godzillasaurus down in the water.

Godzillasaurus tried to get up, but C-Rex used his right foot to grab the lizard by the neck, to keep the reptile’s head down in the water. C-Rex’s plan to get Godzillasaurus in the water had worked. The mutant knew that since Godzillasaurus was a land creature, he couldn’t breathe underwater. Which he was right as Godzillasaurus couldn’t breathe with water filling up in his lungs. The dinosaur tried to use his feet to kick away at C-Rex, but the mutant wouldn’t budge. Godzillasaurus then use the nails on both his feet to stab C-Rex in the stomach, that cause the mutant pain and get off the reptile.

As Godzillasaurus raised up from the water, he used his jaws to bite C-Rex’s right leg, and swing his head up, which made Crustaceous Rex fall down into the water on his back. C-Rex roared under water as Godzillasaurus was attacking his leg like a ravaged dog. Crustaceous Rex used his left foot to kick Godzillasaurus in the head, which made the dinosaur let go of him.

After C-Rex got up from the water, he used two tentacles to wrap around Godzillasaurus’ neck, and the other two tentacles wrapped around the reptile’s waist. Then C-Rex begin dragging Godzillasaurus deeper in the water. Godzillasaurus bit into one of the tentacles, trying to get C-Rex to let go of him like before. However, C-Rex kept on pulling, ignoring the pain from the tentacle, as well as the pain in his right leg. One way or another, C-Rex was going to give Godzillasaurus a watery grave.

Godzillasaurus found himself going deeper with his chest above the water. The dinosaur knew if he continued going into the water like this, he wouldn’t make it out this time. But Godzillasaurus wasn’t going to get beaten just yet. If he’s going down, he’s going down fighting.

As the two monsters’ heads were now above the water, Godzillasaurus came at C-Rex, turned his head sideways, and closed his jaws around the mutant’s head. C-Rex roared in pain as Godzillasaurus’s teeth were cutting into his head. The yellow monster removed the two tentacles from Godzillasaurus’s waist, and wrapped them around the dinosaur’s head, using all four tentacles to push the reptile off him. Godzillasaurus wouldn’t let go and put more force in his jaws. C-Rex felt greater pain as his head was getting squeezed as well as teeth cutting into his skull.

Godzillasaurus kept on biting harder, until...


C-Rex’s head was crushed like a tin-can in Godzillasaurus’s mouth. The tentacles unwrapped themselves from Godzillasaurus and fell into the water as C-Rex was dead. Godzillasaurus began to pull himself and the dead C-Rex out of the water.

As Godzillasaurus got back on the beach, he put the dead mutant near Gezora’ corpse. Godzillasaurus roared in victory as not only he had won the fight, but has gotten two meals out of it.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby Venom 2009 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:23 am

Behold everyone, the missing KWC Godzillasaurus match! :D

I like to thank KaijuX for his fine editing and getting this match to see the light of day! :huge:
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Re: K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby soulgodzilla » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:50 am

Since this match got left out, I feel that it could have been edited where Godzillasaurus is replaced by Gorosaurus, so that it would have at least get in the KWC. But thats just me. But I’d still say that the match is not that bad, good job there Venom. :)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby ShinGojira14 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:41 am

This was very well put together!

Nice to see Godzillasaurus pull off another win!
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Re: K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby HillyHulk » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:02 am

Pretty good match. I feel the phrasing could be better, though.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #42 - Godzillasaurus vs. C-Rex

Postby Gigantis » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:13 pm

goood, nice to see another Godzillasaurus match after so long.

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