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K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:37 am
by KaijuX


Author: UltimateDitto
Word Count: 3,351 words
Posted: April 11th, 2019


Riku Asakura stared at the monitor in the basement as an unknown monster was attacking the city. R.E.M suggested the beast was otherworldly and to engage with caution. Putting his empty bowl of ramen down, Riku got up and prepared to leave the base. Before he entered the elevator, he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder; it belonged to his good friend, Laiha.

“Be careful out there, Riku.” She stated with sternness, which only asked as a mask for her concerns.

“No need to worry, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Riku smiled as stepped into the elevator, the doors closed as he made his ascension.

From the shadows, Pega appeared. “So Riku, do you really believe you can defeat that monster?” Pega asked, albeit hesitantly

“Of course I can. Besides, if I don't stop it, who will?” The young man said calmly.

“Right. Well, you know I'm rooting for you!” Pega exclaimed.

“Thanks bud. Now then, standing around doing nothing won't get us anywhere.” Riku said as the elevator doors opened.

In a flash of light, Ultraman Geed took the skies and headed for the new opponent.

Moments later.

Ultraman Geed landed onto the street below, the ground trembling beneath his feet. The hero of light rose to his full height and stared at the demonic beast, who stood just a couple hundred meters away.

The foreign kaiju stared back at the Ultraman with cold yellow eyes. It was an ungodly mountain of flesh, clad in crimson armor with blood red wings, a large orange horn, and other disturbing details that topped off the demon. It looked as if it walked right out of hell's gates, ready to bathe in the destruction it would soon bring.

The truth was, this kaiju was actually ripped from its own universe and placed into this one by some unknown force. Was it a strange anomaly that the crimson monster was unfortunate to come across? No one truly knew, but it was here, and it had already leveled a large portion of the city, like a confused, aggressive animal. In its universe, it was known and feared as the living Oxygen Destroyer. Destoroyah.

Riku Asakura took in the overwhelming sight; he was barely tall enough to reach the bizarre circular part of the crimson monsters chest. Truly a David and Goliath fight, a fight Riku knew he had to win.

Destoroyah roared into the midday sky, the small buildings shook, as if quivering in fear. Geed put his hands to the side of his head, he then brought his arms down and clenched his fists. Leaping into the air, Geed roundhouse kicked the Precambrian terror into the side of its face, the attack seeming only caused the goliath to stumble back a bit. He followed up by throwing a flurry of punches, trying to crack the hide of Destoroyah. The behemoth attempted to strike Geed with its massive claws, but the more agile humanoid easily avoided the swipes. Geed brought his hands up and placed them on the demonic entity, dragging them downward. Raking the near impervious skin, a shower of sparks emitted from the assault. Geed finished it off by giving a mean backhand with his left and caused another burst of sparks to erupt.

Destoroyah bellowed in anger and unleashed a nasty Oxygen Destroyer Ray! Ultraman Geed tried to evade, but was immediately slammed by the brutal attack. With a mighty explosion, he was sent flying across the city, leveling buildings upon his impact. Geed clutched his chest, the damages making themselves known. The son of Belial rose to his feet and groomed the dirt and rubble off his body.

Destoroyah cackled in glee and began to march forward. Seeing as its opponent was seemingly reaching their limits already, the living oxygen destroyer decided to finish the fight. But that was far from the truth. Geed rose to his feet groggily and struck a fighting pose, ready for what his opponent could throw next. Destoroyah grunted and stopped its march. It then opened its maw and released another Oxygen Destroyer Ray. The beam ripped through the air, making a beeline for the warrior of light.

Riku immediately brought up his hands and formed a large circular shield in front of himself. Just in the nick of time, the purple blast of destruction slammed into the energy shield, unable to penetrate the barrier. Destoroyah noticed the beam wasn't doing anything and decided to charge up a more powerful blast. Seeing the Precambrian terror charging its beam, Geed dropped the barrier and put his arms together. Red energy crackled as the Ultraman swiped his arms apart, creating a red arch that sped towards Destoroyah.

The living oxygen destroyer noticed the incoming projectile and immediately fired its signature weapon once more. Geed avoided it and summoned another barrier for safe measure. The red energy arch managed to cut through the purple energy ray and explode against the vile creature’s throat, effectively stopping the purple stream of energy. Destoroyah grunted in pain as pieces of its throat flew in every direction.

Hoping to strike the final blow, Geed allowed black and red energy to form amongst his hands. Ripping apart the pavement below him, he lifted his arms high as more and more energy accumulated, causing the red parts of his body to glow intensely and his blue eyes to shine brightly. Destoroyah couldn't help but be mesmerized by the gorgeous sight.

Geed, now fully enveloped in red and black crackling energy, put his arms together in the form of a cross, with his right arm vertical and left arm horizontal, Geed fired a blue energy beam with red and black energy crackling around it. Destoroyah was unable to move fast enough and was struck by the powerful blast head on. Destoroyah cried out in agony as the blast broke apart its body. A massive explosion engulfed Destoroyah and the space around it, dust and debris flying everywhere.

Geed examined the area. No trace of the armored kaiju anywhere. Before he could leave, he heard a quiet wailing echo through the city. In the distance, Riku caught a glimpse of pure terror, once the smoke cleared; the mangled body of Destoroyah was all that remained.

The mutilated Destoroyah stood forward, flames eating away at its broken armor. The entire front side of the body was blown open, revealing organs, tissue, and bodily fluids leaking from the enormous cavity. Both its arms, shoulders, and wings were completely eviscerated, and the left side if its face and head crest was eradicated. It was a horrific sight. Riku looked away in disgust, trying not to puke.

Geed, pulling himself back together, noticed a strange noise, like the sound of multiple insects crawling around. Looking back to Destoroyah, Ultraman Geed was shocked as the body of Destoroyah crumbled apart like Jenga bricks.

A bright ball of energy appeared and began generating powerful bolts of energy. One of the taller buildings crumbled to the ground as a newly formed Destoroyah howled into the sky.

Taken back by the scene, Geed stared at the newly reformed monster, surprised at how quickly the Precambrian terror regenerated. It appeared to be smaller, but still towered over Geed like a mountain.

Destoroyah took for the air and began unleashing more Oxygen Destroyer rays, raining hell on the city below. Geed effectively dodged each ray, but was unable to stop them from ripping apart the surrounding buildings. Realizing that he needed to bring out the big guns, Riku, within Geed, pulled out a pair of Ultra Capsules. One contained the power of Ultraseven, and the other the power Ultraman Leo. After placing them into Loading Knuckle, Riku shouted his signature phrase.

“You go!” Riku shouted as an apparition of Seven appeared to his right.

“I go!” The teenager exclaimed as the apparition of Leo appeared to his left.

“Here we go!” Riku called out as he scanned the capsules with the Loading Knuckle.

“Fusion Rise!” The Loading Knuckle stated, telling that the transformation was almost complete.

“Time for my courage to burn bright!” Riku yelled out as he pulled the trigger on the Loading Knuckle.


Enveloped in blue and red fiery energy, the apparitions of Leo and Seven merged with Riku as he broke out the bright energy in his Solid Burning form!

Destoroyah was completely dumbfounded when a giant ball of fire slammed into it and forced it to drop the ruined city below, flinging buildings and debris into the air. Ultraman Geed Solid Burning landed on the city street below and flexed his muscles, allowing the vents on his body to release steam.

Destoroyah rose and howled furiously. Taking to the sky once more, Destoroyah made a direct beeline for the teenage Ultra. Geed charged toward Destoroyah and slid under the Precambrian terror, allowing it to fly overhead. Before he could make his next move, the tail pincer clamped around Geed’s waist and easily dragged him along the ground. Unable to break from its iron grip, Geed tried bashing it with his armored forearms, but to no effect. Destoroyah smashed the Ultraman into the ground and allowed him to be buffeted by pavement, cars, and buildings.

Grunting in pain, Solid Burning reached for his Geed Slugger and attached it to his arm. He swiped it across the end of Destoroyah’s tail, as a golden energy blade easily severed it and dropped Geed to the ground. Destoroyah howled in pain at the loss of its tail, swerving around to meet Geed head on.

Geed gripped the severed tail and instantly incinerated it in his hands, allowing the ashes to fall. He faced Destoroyah, who was coming back around with malicious intent. Pulling his right fist back, it ignited on fire as steam escaped from vents in Geed’s armor. Geed threw his fist forward and fired a powerful blast of burning energy that collided with Destoroyah. A powerful explosion clouded Geed’s vision, but he could still make out the demon’s silhouette.

The Precambrian terror landed right in front of Ultraman and bellowed in fury, eager to kill the hero of light. But Geed had other plans. Putting both arms up, he unleashed a powerful blue blast of energy that pushed back Destoroyah a considerable amount before exploding into a shower of sparks. The blast left the living Oxygen Destroyer dazed and momentarily vulnerable. The Ultraman followed up his previous attack, detaching his Geed Slugger and threw it at the demonic beast. The boomerang weapon flew around the crimson terror and struck the blood red wings of Destoroyah, easily ripping open holes in them. They wrapped around the face and chipped off pieces of armor from the kaiju’s head crest, sparks flying from each hit.

Destoroyah growled as it watched the Geed Slugger return to its owner. Destoroyah fired an Oxygen Destroyer ray that hit Geed point blank. The Ultra skid back a couple meters, still standing, thankfully now able to tank more damage in his Solid Burning form. Destoroyah roared with hatred as the horn on its head glowed brightly. Expecting some sort of beam attack, Geed rolled to the demon’s side to flank the beast.

This was a mistake he would soon realize for himself.

Destoroyah slowly turned like a tank and moved its head downward in a u-shaped pattern. Energy generated around the horn, extending and cutting through Geed’s chest, rewarding the living oxygen destroyer with a scream of pure agony. Inside the Geed avatar, Riku strained as he clenched his chest in pain, holding back tears. Although his human form wouldn't be damaged, he could still feel the awful pain.

Destoroyah cackled in twisted glee as it watched its prey squirm in misery. Geed struggled to rise, clutching his chest, feeling the cauterized wound and a weird milky white substance oozing from the gash. Riku knew that if he wanted to survive this encounter, and defend what was left of his home city, he would have to use his trump card. But first, pouring his remaining strength into his right fist, igniting with fiery energy, Riku summoned the Geed Claw and activated it. Geed Solid Burning jumped upward and spun like a drill, fiery energy swirling around the Ultraman. Holding the Geed Claw forward, he arches midair and aimed down toward Destoroyah. The wicked creature charged the horn katana once more, but was not quick enough to the draw as Geed rammed into the crimson demon with intense force. The Precambrian terror shrieked in pain as a large explosion of fire and sparks ignited against it, sending the living oxygen destroyer toppling backwards, dirt and debris shoot up into the air in a plume.

Riku from the inside pulled out a new pair of Ultra Capsules; one containing the power of his comrade, Ultraman Zero, and the other containing the power Father of Ultra, one of the strongest Ultras around. After placing them into Loading Knuckle, Riku recited the chant once more.

“You go!” Riku shouted as an apparition of Zero appeared to his right.

“I go!” Riku yelled as the apparition of Father of Ultra appeared to his left.

“Here we go!” Riku exclaimed as he scanned the capsules with the Loading Knuckle.

“Fusion Rise!” The Loading Knuckle stated.

“I’ll defend hope!” Riku yelled out as he pulled the trigger on the Loading Knuckle.


Enveloped in rising turquoise energy, the apparitions of Zero and Father of Ultra merged with Riku as he broke out the shining energy in his Magnificent form, rising upward with a spiral of blue, gold, and white light swirling around his awesome frame!

The white shining aura that covered Geed Magnificent faded, light refracting off the silver armor covering Geed’s chest and intimidating bull horns. Geed rolled his shoulders as he got acquainted with the new red spiked shoulder pads.

Destoroyah was intrigued by its opponent’s new form. It had transformed once again; perhaps it had learned to adapt and evolve to certain situations in order to ensure its survival, much like itself. Magnificent began to march toward Destoroyah, the ground shaking with every step. Destoroyah grunted in annoyance and fired a much more potent Oxygen Destroyer Ray. Geed lifted his hands forward and summoned his Arrayzing Geed Barrier, allowing the beam to harmlessly wash over the barrier and continue his march.

Destoroyah ceased and grunted in annoyance. This opening prompted Magnificent to throw a cross shaped energy projectile, the Mega Slicer Cross, from his right hand. The projectile burst against Destoroyah’s chest, causing the beast to moan in discomfort.

Ultraman Geed charged at the Precambrian terror, bellowing with a mighty voice. Destoroyah fired more Oxygen Destroyer Rays, but Geed evaded each one. Geed tilted his head down, with the big horns pointed toward Destoroyah. Destoroyah cried out in pain as Geed’s horns impaled the demon’s gut, sparks flying upon impact. Destoroyah looked down at horns stabbing its stomach and saw its greenish yellow life juice flowing down the big silver horns. Destoroyah roared with hatred and threw down its ugly head, summoning its laser horn that sliced against Geed’s back.

Ultraman Geed ripped his horns out of the behemoth, blood spraying profusely from the gaping wounds. The Ultraman reared back and shouted in pain. Still able to stand, he backed up and ducked under another horn swipe, the energy sword barely scraping the tips of Geed’s horns. Destoroyah began to fire Oxygen Destroyer Rays at point blank; some missed their mark, others striking Geed’s shoulder and chest.

Magnificent pushed through the pain and channeled green electric energy into his horns, a stream of green cackling energy poured from Geed’s mighty horns. The super form of Geed thrust his head forward, whipping Destoroyah with powerful energy whips. Each strike created small explosions, the Precambrian terror stumbling back and nearly falling again.

Destoroyah regained its footing and howled into the sky, taking flight, making its roundabout. Magnificent, unfazed, leapt up and channeled energy from his shoulder guards into the blade on his right forearm. Meeting Destoroyah head on and using his powerful Hand Cutter, sliced the horn atop the demon’s head with a strong energy blade.

The crimson giant howled in pain as it slammed into Geed, struggling to stay in the air. Destoroyah started to plummet to the ground, with Magnificent, using his new heightened strength, flipping Destoroyah onto its back just as the two collided with the city below. Ultraman Geed rode Destoroyah like a surfboard as they ripped up the city beneath. The living oxygen destroyer finally came to a halt. Before Geed could get off, the broken tail of Destoroyah coiled around Geed like a snake and quickly tightened its grip.

Struggling to break free, Geed was helpless as he felt his body being crushed by the thick tail, squeezing the life out of him. Destoroyah flung Geed across the city, hurling the giant across the cityscape. Rising to his feet, Magnificent watched the behemoth rise up, roaring in fury. Geed noticed the circle on the chest of Destoroyah open like a toothy mouth, energy pouring into the gaping hole.

Destoroyah was cackling wildly as purple and green energy warped around the inside of the demon’s chest. Magnificent, understanding that this could very well be the final standoff, clamped his hands together and began generating turquoise and pink energy crackling around his hands. He swiftly put his arms together in the shape of an L, his right arm vertical and left arm horizontal.

Destoroyah, seeing its foe charging its own attack, continued to pour more and more energy into its chest, finally ready to eradicate the hero of light. The same went for Geed. He was about finished charging, now was the deciding moment if their intense brawl.

Destoroyah released a powerful purple beam with golden energy swirling around it. The mere force of it vaporized the streets, cars, and buildings below, swiftly reaching for Geed who was half way across the city. Ultraman Geed Magnificent fired a powerful ray of turquoise energy, glistening with rainbow particles, preparing to meet the ungodly beam head on.

In an instant, it was as if time stood still. Two beams of immense energy collided, a struggle, two powerful beings trying to outdo the other. For a moment, it seemed like the hero of light was winning, inching towards Precambrian terror more by the second. Destoroyah started to strain as the two beams inched closer, but it still had a trick left, opening its hellacious maw, Destoroyah fired an Oxygen Destroyer Ray into the chest beam, adding more fuel to the fire. Ultraman Geed felt the beam start inching towards him, prompting him to pour more energy to stop the ray from colliding with him. Back to a stalemate in the middle, but that wasn't good enough. Geed roared in righteous fury and poured more energy into the Big Bustaway. Now moving swiftly towards Destoroyah, the demonic beast was helpless as both beams shot towards it like a bullet train.

Destoroyah tried pouring more energy, but was already at its limits. Destoroyah was engulfed in a blinding light of gold, greens, and a plethora of colors from the rainbow. The living oxygen destroyer felt its body burn to ash and was unable to disassemble itself quick enough. Howling in agony was all it could do as it disappeared into the light.

Geed put both his arms down and fell to his knees. His body sore from giving his all and more. He didn't sense the presence of Destoroyah anywhere. Hearing the blinking of his timer, Geed looked at the destruction. It would take weeks to rebuild his home city, but it would be done eventually. Geed stood up and flew off into the sky, wanting to rest back at base and perhaps eat a hardy bowl of ramen.

If a monster could be this strong, Riku grimaced at the thought of how strong Belial could be. But he also knew that each battle helped him harness his skill, so that one day he could face his corrupt father, and free the universe of his tyrannical reign.
Ultraman Geed

Re: K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:37 pm
by ShinGojira14
That was another good one! I honestly didn’t know who to root for time and again.

Re: K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:47 am
by MoarCrossovers
I thought we were not allowed to use unused powers for monsters?

Re: K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:45 pm
by KaijuX
Birdman wrote:I thought we were not allowed to use unused powers for monsters?
You can. Honestly, it's more than likely for monsters to have their unused abilities here than in the KWC.

Re: K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:14 pm
by soulgodzilla
I forgot to give my thoughts on this match.

I liked this match, wasn’t as good as Orb Vs Shin Godzilla, but still at least fun to read through. Also, kudos on the use of Geed’s Magnificent form since it was hardly used at all in the actual show.

Re: K.W.C.E. #40 - Ultraman Geed vs. Destoroyah

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:14 am
by GodzillavsRayquaza
This is a really good match. Very good usage of two combatants with a lot of abilities, nice story, and just generally well written.
Cool to see Destoroyah’s chest beam be used.