K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

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K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

Postby KaijuX » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:41 pm



Author: Koopzilla1999
Word Count: 2,182 words
Posted: March 28th, 2019


Tokyo was under attack. The most populated city on Earth was once again the target of an alien invasion. Over the course of many decades, the city had faced numerous monster attacks, be it from one of the Earth’s natural monsters, monsters that mankind unintentionally gave life too, or even aliens and monsters from the farthest reaches of outer space. Despite the severity of the attacks, Japan was always able to rebuild their capital, stronger than before. However, as millions of people ran for their lives, evacuating and leaving their ruined homes behind, they all thought that this would be end of Tokyo forever, and by extension, Japan itself.

Meanwhile, from within their mothership, the race responsible for the attack watched as their fleet obliterated the city on the monitor. Thirteen years ago, they came to Earth with one goal in mind: To conquer. To help them achieve this goal, they brought their entire fleet of starships and giant monsters bred to be vicious killing machines. However, there were two major setbacks that ruined their plan. One was Captain Gordon, and his battleship, the Gotengo. And the other was…


The King of the Monsters was able to decimate their army of monsters with ease, while the humans were able to defeat the alien fleet using the Gotengo’s heavy artillery. But now, they were back. It took nearly fifteen years, but they were able to restore their mighty armada, and brought with them another batch of monsters under their control. This time, the Xiliens would not be defeated so easily.

The leader of the Xiliens, simply named X2, looked on at the burning city, a wicked grin forming on his face. His predecessor, simply known as X, had failed to take over the Earth and enslave the cattle that called themselves humans. X2 would make sure that his predecessor’s failure would not be in vain. And now, unlike before, the Xiliens have managed to reduce Japan’s capital, the world’s largest and most populated city, Tokyo, to rubble. Not only that, but they already managed to obliterate the Gotengo, along with any other military resistance that stood in their way.

The grin on X2’s face grew, until a moment later, he started laughing maniacally.

“It’s only a matter of time now before the Earth was forced to surrender! Now that we’ve destroyed their most populated and protected city, the cattle will have no choice but to give in! And then… MY PEOPLE WILL BE AVENGED!”

Just then, one of X2’s faithful guards reminded him of a still very big threat. “But commander, what about Godzilla?”

X2 paused for a moment. Normally, X2 would quickly silence guards and servants that spoke without his permission, but he had a point. Godzilla had utterly crushed their armies before, and no doubt had gotten stronger. Despite this, X2 reminded himself in his thoughts that his army had grown exponentially. Not just in numbers, but in strength too. Not to mention, their secret weapon was ready to be called upon when the time was right. And when the time came…

“Godzilla will be the least of your concerns.”

X2 looked up, surprised to see the face of another alien on the monitor! This alien had a long, tube-like appendage on his head, and a single eye that stared down at X2.

“Who are you?” asked X2.

The other alien laughed. “I am Maddock, of the Zettonians. And soon, you and your fleet will be ancient history.”

By now, X2’s grin had vanished, leaving a look of annoyance on his face. “If you’re here to take the Earth from us, you’ve got another thing coming. I’m not willing to give it up so easily, you know!”

Maddock was quick to respond. “I have no interest in this half-rotten planet! What I’m after is your army. Word has spread about your impressive arsenal of starships, and especially monsters. Your army of monsters was among the largest and most powerful in the universe… That was, until that day in 2004.”

X2’s brow was starting to twitch, and a vein on his forehead was beginning to pulsate like a tumor. It only took a single reminder of that day to bring him to an uncontrollable rage. But he still kept himself in control. Despite his rage and desire to kill Maddock where he stood, he wanted to wait until Maddock finished his little speech.

“Your defeat at the hands of the Earthlings has left you vulnerable.” Maddock continued. “Now, a new army must take your place… And that army shall be lead by me. Like your people, we have also bred our own army of monsters that are ready to destroy and conquer. We’ve already crushed the Ultras of Nebula M78 on our way here, and now… It was time for us to finish what the humans and Godzilla have started many years ago.”

X2 was absolutely furious. His brow continued to twitch, the vein on his forehead pulsating even more. He was starting to lose his cool. Any moment now, he would burst into a rage greater than that of an enraged monster.

After standing still for a few moments, he finally spoke. “So, you want to take down my army, eh? Destroy what my predecessors left behind for me to finally accomplish their goal? To destroy EVERYTHING I HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR?!” Behind him, his guards took a few steps back, hoping to avoid catching his attention.

X2 continued. “Do you even realize what you just did?! You have enraged a Keizer! I could tell you just how big of a mistake you just made…” He paused for a moment, until Maddock noticed that a grin formed across X2’s face. “But better yet, I think I’ll just show you!”

“Enough of this! Go, Hyper Zetton Deathscythe!” shouted Maddock, who at this point was very impatient to summon his monster. X2 once again remained still for but a moment, before raising his arms up, calling upon one of his favorite monsters.


* * * * *

At once, two giants descended from the alien motherships, landing simultaneously. One of them a cyborg reconstructed once again to fulfill his master’s mission. Clad in a metallic blue armor, the cyborg readied his buzzsaw and scythes for battle, screeching and pointing his right scythe at the other being in front of him. The other monster resembled an insect, with pointed antennae on his head. Most of his skin was covered in a durable carapace, and from the cubical slots on his face, he could spot his foe in front of him, pointing his right scythe at him. As it emitted a series of low-pitched beeps, the monster let out a sign that it was ready to fight.


The two monsters, Gigan, cyborg of the Xiliens, and Hyper Zetton Deathscythe, assassin of the Zettonians, charged at each other. Once they were close enough, the two of them clanged their right scythes together. Now, the battle began.

The two of them kept pressuring the other to break off the engagement with their scythes, but neither of them would give in. Gigan looked up to face his opponent, only to realize that he was charging a point blank attack from its face! Wasting no time, Gigan pushed Zetton’s scythe away from him and slashed him across the face, stopping his attack. However, Zetton quickly responded in kind by using his left scythe to slash Gigan’s neck, managing to damage the armor and hit some circuitry.

Gigan let out a shriek of pain as he backed away, not wanting to risk taking more severe damage against his foe. Zetton once again charged an attack from his “face” releasing a dark fireball towards his foe. Gigan quickly fired a Cluster Light Ray at it, both energy attacks exploding upon contact. Gigan flew up and towards Zetton, readying his right scythe as he prepared to cut Zetton’s neck as revenge for earlier. Unfortunately, Zetton realized what he was doing, and teleported away before Gigan could make contact.

Gigan landed, as he let out a confused chirp and looked around. He couldn’t find any trace of his foe. Suddenly, a dark fireball hit him from behind, knocking the cyborg to the ground. Gigan got up, enraged to see Hyper Zetton clanging his scythes together before pointing one at him, taunting him. The cyborg let loose a furious screech, pointing his scythes at Hyper Zetton, then going still.


Zetton was confused. Why was his foe just standing there? He realized that he must be readying some sort of new attack. Cautiously, Zetton raised his scythes in front of him. Gigan fired his grappling cables from his scythes, but Zetton managed to catch them with his own scythes. Gigan pulled with all his might, reeling Hyper Zetton in with his cables. Zetton tried to break free from the cables, but they were much too tight. He looked back at the cyborg, only to realize that his buzzsaw was now revving! He was pulling him close so he can shred Hyper Zetton to pieces!

Zetton, knowing he needed to act fast, quickly unleashed a fireball from his “face.” Just what Gigan expected. Having recalled his first encounter with Godzilla, he was prepared for his foe to use a projectile weapon against him this time. Gigan moved himself out of the fireball’s range just in time, barely avoiding it. Then, the cyborg threw his scythes to the right, sending Hyper Zetton, who was still attached to the cables, crashing into the nearby buildings.

Gigan waited for a moment for his enemy to rise. After waiting about 30 seconds, Gigan let out a screech of victory before walking the opposite direction. However, a moment later, Gigan could hear the sounds of crumbling buildings. He turned around, surprised to see Hyper Zetton getting to his feet! As soon as he got up, he looked at his still tied-up scythes, shooting a fireball directly into the cables, vaporizing them. Now able to freely move his arms again, Hyper Zetton charged at his cyborg opponent. Gigan charged his Cluster Light Ray, firing directly at him. Hyper Zetton, however, expected this attack, and leaped into the air before the beam could hit him.

Gigan waited for his foe to land, but he didn’t. He looked above to see if he was flying over his head, but that wasn’t the case. Where did he go?

The crimson light of Gigan’s eye instantly faded. Behind him, Hyper Zetton stood, his scythe having cut all the way through his opponent’s neck. A few seconds later, Gigan’s head fell from his shoulders, followed shortly by the rest of his body, which fell to the side. Zetton turned around and looked down upon the remains of his foe. Victorious, he raised his scythes in the air, emitting a series of low-pitched beeps.


“Hahahahaha! As you can clearly see, Keizer, your monsters are no match for my Hyper Zetton Deathscythe! You’d best surrender now, before I have him cleave right through your ship.” Maddock taunted as he reveled in his victory.

To his surprise, however, the Xillien leader did not appear to be upset. Maddock thought for sure he would be deeply enraged at his monster’s failure. Even his own guards looked upon the Keizer perplexed. It was not normal for him to be so silent when his monsters were destroyed, especially one as important to him as Gigan. Slowly, the Xillien looked up at Maddock through the monitor. The Zettonian was shocked to see what looked like a smirk across his face.

“Please,” he said in an unimpressed tone. “Gigan was nothing more than a ‘guinea pig,’ as the earthlings call them. Because of him, we’ve been able to gather enough information on your monster to learn everything about it. Not only that, but by now your monster must have been weakened from the last fight. Now, there was a chink in the armor, a chink that another one of my monsters will be able to exploit to eliminate you and your ‘Hyper Zetton Deathscythe.’” He paused, his smirk expanding to form a full, sinister grin. “And I know just the monster that can get the job done.”

With that, he pushed a button on his control panel, bringing up a silhouette of another monster pet of X2. The monster appeared lifeless at first until, with the push of another button, the monster’s crimson eyes flared with life. And rage.

In the ruins of Tokyo, Hyper Zetton kneeled as he was recovering his strength. Suddenly, he felt the presence of another creature nearby. From behind him, a figure descended from the sky. His skin was all black, covered with pale white, bony armor. He had a pointed horn atop his head, and all four of his eyes glowed with a crimson light. They looked down upon his target, still recovering from his last fight. He snarled, knowing this would be over with shortly.

From the Xillien mothership, X2 gave his strongest monster a single order. “Get him, Monster X.”

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Re: K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

Postby soulgodzilla » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:59 pm

I pretty much easily predicted who the winner is gonna be, but it’s rather interesting to see a match of two combatants that have mantis-like forelimb weapons.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

Postby UltimateDitto » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:43 pm

Nice match, but it felt a bit short, I personally would have preferred if Gigan was still able to fight with his head cleaved off like the second Mechagodzilla In Terror of Mechagodzilla, maybe throw some razor discs, or maybe use his tail to get a sneak attack?
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Re: K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

Postby fanofstuff » Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:57 am

Yeah, it was short, but still a neat fight.

I did really like how X2 instead of getting angry when Gigan died was just all "Yeah, we got another dude. He's gonna kick your ass."

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Re: K.W.C.E. #38 - Gigan (Millennium) vs. Zetton (Hyper Deathscythe)

Postby ShinGojira14 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:07 pm

I can only imagine how X will react if Monster X gets his too.
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