K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

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K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby KaijuX » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:17 am



Author: Kiryu2012
Word Count: 2,282 words
Posted: February 23rd, 2019


The redwood forest was eerily silent. Not a single bird sang, and not a single animal scurried about in the undergrowth. There was in fact good reason for there being no life about.

Titans were on the prowl.

Crashing down into the forest, King Godzilla let out a bellowing cry as he landed on his feet. The chimera of Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Battra let loose with an Atomic Ray, cutting through numerous trees and sending them toppling to the ground.

Ahead of the amalgamation of kaiju, a lone Trilopod pushed down several trees as he made his presence known. The insectoid alien stopped about several hundred meters in front of his newfound enemy, shrieking ferociously as he swung his claws about. Baring his teeth in a snarl, King Godzilla roared out a challenge to Trilopod, his Ghidorah heads cackling wickedly.

Making the first move, Trilopod began to charge towards King Godzilla, only for the chimera to open fire with an Atomic Ray. The blue beam of radiation slammed into the Trilopod’s chest, making the arthropod shriek and come to a halt as his exoskeleton smoked from the shot, a patch of burnt armor left in its wake.

Not willing to let this attack go unpunished, Trilopod swung his arms outwards, firing off his laser cannons. The energy beams struck King Godzilla in the chest, burning his hide and shoving the beast backwards.

Not wasting any more time, the Trilopod rushed in to melee range of King Godzilla, promptly beating away at the chimera with his claws. Each strike left a bleeding gash that was quick to heal, with King Godzilla becoming more and more enraged with every hit.

Finally, King Godzilla raised up his left Ghidorah head, swatting aside Trilopod’s incoming claws and halting his assault. Retaliating, King Godzilla beat away at Trilopod with his Ghidorah heads, making the alien shriek and stumble back from the assault.

Each blow from the Ghidorah heads splintered the Trilopod’s armor and the alien’s blood spilled out of its body. Finally, King Godzilla’s right Ghidorah head bit into Trilopod’s neck, lifting the beast off the ground, before the chimera spun around, tossing the alien through a series of trees.

Pushing himself off the ground, Trilopod was promptly assaulted by a series of Gravity Bolts fired by King Godzilla. His armor smoking as he fell to a knee, Trilopod opened fire with his laser cannons, only for King Godzilla to take to the skies and dodge the incoming beams.

Without missing a beat, King Godzilla gunned for Trilopod as he stretched his legs forward, kicking Trilopod in the face and flooring him in an instant. Landing on the ground before his fallen opponent, King Godzilla fired away with his Atomic Ray, striking Trilopod across his body again and again.

Smoke rose into the air as King Godzilla ceased his assault. Waiting for a brief moment as the smoke cloud slowly began to dissipate, the chimeric kaiju roared into the air to announce his victory.

A victory that was celebrated much too soon.

Suddenly charging out of the smoke, Trilopod caught King Godzilla by surprise as he rammed the chimera through two giant trees. King Godzilla attempted to rise back up, only for the Trilipod to wail upon the kaiju’s face with his hook-like blades. Each blow sent blood flying and left large bloody gashes stretched across the chimera’s face. As his wounds started quickly healing, King Godzilla attempted to raise his head to fire an Atomic Ray, but once more Trilopod beat him to the punch.

Opening fire again with his laser cannons, Trilopod pelted King Godzilla’s skull with concentrated red energy beams, each impact blowing away charred flesh and making the chimera shriek. After a moment of this, Trilopod ceased his assault, smoke rising from King Godzilla’s roasted face as he attempted to recover. However, the chimera was soon to discover his opponent had more tricks up his sleeve.

King Godzilla let out a sudden roar of pain and surprise as he felt something stab into his neck. An Alpha Trilopod had latched itself upon the chimera and was proceeding to consume the larger kaiju’s genetic material. As King Godzilla’s genetic matter flowed down the alien’s throat, the chimera grabbed onto the offending creature with his left Ghidorah head, his jaws clamping onto the arthropod’s back. Snarling in pain, King Godzilla ripped the Alpha Trilopod from his chest, blood splattering from the gaping wound that already was regenerating.

Tossing the vermin away, King Godzilla rose to his feet, only to watch as the Beta Trilopod regrouped with the Alpha. Climbing onto the Beta’s back, the Alpha proceeded to merge with the larger Beta, causing a green glow to engulf the aliens. Narrowing his eyes, King Godzilla stood his ground, having no clue what was to come.

As the green light faded, however, King Godzilla’s eyes snapped open in bewilderment at the sight before him.

The Trilopod standing before him had changed; the formerly arthropod-like beast now had taken on an appearance quite similar to himself, sporting jagged dorsal spines, broad wings, and Ghidorah-like heads where his arms used to be. Parting his jaws, the Trilopod let out a roar eerily similar to King Godzilla’s.

Blood boiling in fury, King Godzilla bellowed back in response, his Ghidorah heads cackling as the chimera was undaunted by his opponent’s new form.

With a flap of his newfound wings, Trilopod took to the air and flew for his multi-headed foe. King Godzilla was quick to retaliate, opening fire with Gravity Bolts. The alien had all new instincts though, maneuvering around each and every incoming energy bolt. The Gravity Bolts instead ripped through several trees, toppling them over as a huge fire began to spread. Before King Godzilla could react, Trilopod slammed into him, tackling the chimera through a tree and beating away upon his head with his Ghidorah-esque heads.

Bellowing in anger, King Godzilla spat an Atomic Ray into Trilopod’s face, making the alien shriek as his flesh was scorched. Rolling off his opponent, Trilopod got to his feet just as King Godzilla rose back up. Both kaiju immediately fired off their Atomic Rays, the blue beams of radiation slamming full force into one another. The resulting detonation of energy blowing away both kaiju and blasting away many of the surrounding trees.

The fire was spreading rapidly, creating a thick cloud of smoke that began to engulf the sky above.

The Trilopod let out a roar as he stood up, before he took to the air with a flap of his wings. Managing to get back to his feet, King Godzilla took off after his opponent, leaving the burning forest beneath him.

Both monsters quickly rose above the smoke cloud, glaring at one another as the crackling of flames could be faintly heard below them. Neither paid any attention to the wildfire though. They were only focused about killing each other.

Bellowing out in bloodlust, King Godzilla gunned for his opponent, firing away with Gravity Bolts all the while. Trilopod responded in kind and flew for his incoming foe as well, tanking each Gravity Bolt that struck his frame.

Both flying monsters collided with one another like cars crashing into each other, creating a shockwave that blew away the smoke cloud beneath them. The kaiju in question promptly began ripping into each other with their teeth, blood flying through the air as they tore one another open. Whenever a wound tore open, it would quickly heal, turning the bloody fight into a mere stalemate.

Getting fed up with this, King Godzilla bit into the Trilopod’s right shoulder, whilst simultaneously firing an Atomic Ray. The explosion of flesh and energy made Trilopod shriek in pain, the alien recoiling as his burnt shoulder smoked. Not done, King Godzilla pelted his enemy with Atomic Rays and Gravity Bolts, ripping open his body and roasting his flesh. Anger clouding his pain, Trilopod responded in kind, flaying King Godzilla’s body with his own energy beams.

This continued on for a short moment, feeling like hours for the kaiju when it was only about a minute. The burning hot pain they both felt simply pushed them onwards to try and kill each other.

Finally, The Trilopod got lucky as one of his Gravity Bolts struck King Godzilla right in his right eye, blasting the eyeball asunder and utterly frying his socket. Unable to ignore such vibrant agony, King Godzilla howled out his torment to the heavens as his eye sockett smoked. Seizing the opportunity, Trilopod shot at his pained opponent like a bullet.

Before King Godzilla could react, the Trilopod rammed into him once again, biting into his chest with all three of his jaws. Immediately, Trilopod began firing away with Atomic Rays and Gravity Bolts, shredding and ripping through flesh and muscle with no restraint. King Godzilla howled out in misery, too gripped by pain to be able to retaliate as his chest was thoroughly shot up by the Trilopod.

Biting deeper into his opponent’s flayed torso, Trilopod ripped away smoking slabs of meat that sizzled and cracked, exposing King Godzilla’s ribcage. Trilopod idly thought King Godzilla’s roasted flesh tasted delicious, but he had no time to dwell on that as his opponent tried to unleash an Atomic Ray. Smacking the chimera across the face with his left arm, Trilopod spat out a flurry of Gravity Bolts, ripping apart King Godzilla’s wings like paper. Screaming as his flight had been taken away from him, King Godzilla plummeted from the sky, flapping his mangled wings uselessly as he disappeared into the burning redwood forest, a loud crash drowning out his cries.

The Trilopod had to rest for a moment, feeling his wounds heal up as he waited for any sign of his opponent. Nothing could be heard outside of the flames still burning away through the forest. The smoke was now growing larger and larger. The wildfire could cause serious damage to the landscape, but Trilopod couldn’t give a damn. His opponent had been felled, and that was all that he cared about.

Trilopod let out a shrieking roar in victory, firing several Gravity Bolts into the sky to signal his triumph to the world-

A sudden sharp agony burning in his left wing silenced him.

A blue beam of destruction came flying from the burning redwood, lancing into the base of Trilopod’s left wing and carving right through it. His wing severed from his body, Trilopod fell from the sky, crying aloud in bewilderment as he fell back into the forest.

Trilopod slammed backfirst into a burning tree, smashing apart the plant as the flames burned at his back. Rolling away from the flaming mess, Trilopod managed to push himself up as he looked around. Flames were burning all around him, and the air was black with the resulting smoke. Trilopod coughed as he struggled to breathe in the polluted air, now feeling the full effect of the fire.

A roar to his left. Trilopod turned, his eyes widening in disbelief and a little fear.

King Godzilla marched his way towards the wounded alien, a look of primal rage on his face as he bellowed with anger. His wounds were already healing up, but it was his mauled chest that caught Trilopod’s attention.

The flesh bubbled and shifted, stretching over itself and moving as though it had a life of its own. Without warning, the flesh on King Godzilla’s chest burst like a zit, blood and other fluids spraying upon the ground as the head of Biollante emerged from King Godzilla’s torso, letting out a wailing cry that chilled The Trilopod to his core.

Shaking his head to get himself back in game, Trilopod opened fire with Atomic Rays and Gravity Bolts, ripping into King Godzilla’s body and creating even more smoke. This time, however, King Godzilla endured the pain as his Biollante head spat out a stream of sap. Though the Trilopod hurriedly backed away, his attempted to escape was in vain as the sap engulfed him. The alien screamed out in agony as the sap rapidly ate away at his flesh, melting away his hide and exposing his flesh for the world to see.

Charging forward, King Godzilla rammed full force into Trilopod, knocking the wounded alien into a burning tree. Unable to do anymore but scream, Trilopod was beset to a barrage of Gravity Bolts fired by King Godzilla. The energy bolts ripped into his exposed flesh, tearing it apart and ripping open cauterized holes in his body.

Stepping towards Trilopod, King Godzilla grabbed him by the neck with his right Ghidorah head and lifted him up to face level. Before the Trilopod could react, King Godzilla brought his head forward, locking his mouth around Trilopod’s in a grotesque kiss.

Almost immediately, King Godzilla hurled up an Atomic Ray down Trilopod’s throat. The atomic energy tore its way through the alien’s body, punching through his bones and organs. In just a moment, the beam tore its way out from between Trilopod’s legs, drilling into the ground and detonating.

Trilopod was already dead before the beam exited his body. Releasing his grip, King Godzilla let Trilopod’s body collapse to the ground, before raising his right leg and bringing it down upon alien bug’s head, smashing it like a watermelon and sending gore splattering across the burning ground.

King Godzilla roared out in victory, a cacophony of bellows, wails, and cackling from his four heads that would leave anything within hearing range shivering in fear. His wings healed enough to allow him flight, King Godzilla took to the skies, leaving behind the burning forest and Trilopod’s mangled corpse as evidence for his existence.

King Godzilla
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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby Saltmons » Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:31 pm

Short, but fun. Goes to show just how wild the Trilopods can get.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby Gigantis » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:08 pm

i think i actually read this one before on Kiryu's DevianArt account, short but sweet. and a win for a very underrated monster.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:53 pm

Glad to see my match be posted, and glad to see others (so far) like it. c:
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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby UltimateDitto » Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:09 pm

Hope to see more King Godzilla in the future, good match! ;)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby soulgodzilla » Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:47 pm

This is an alright short match that was kinda fun to read through, it feels like an expermental match to showoff how creative we can get when it comes to Trilopods copying other monster’s appearances and powers.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #33 - King Godzilla vs. Trilopod

Postby HillyHulk » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:52 am

That was a good read. Simple and entertaining.

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