K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

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K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby KaijuX » Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:37 am



Author: Venom2009
Word Count: 2,205 words
Posted: September 20th, 2018
Event: Shintember


The deserted planet, a world that had been abandoned by its original inhabits for thousands of years. Hovering amidst the crimson sky were giant metallic spheres and an upside down pyramid with an eyeball on each of its edges.

While the planet may have been abandoned, there were two gargantuan abominations that now resided on his hollow world. One of the monsters was from Earth, a nightmarish freak who echoed traits of dinosaurs of ages past. It was known on its homeworld as Godzilla. The other monster was a giant bird born from an antimatter galaxy, a galaxy soaring fowl who roamed across the cosmic landscape. Though it was known by many names, the one-time visit on Earth granted it the name of La Carcagne.

It would seem some unknown force had bought the two monsters to the deserted planet. La Carcagne sat atop of a corroded building, glaring at Godzilla with anger in her eyes. While Godzilla himself, standing on the street, looked back at the giant bird with unnerving indifference. However, Godzilla let loose a roar at La Carcagne; she responded in kind with a roar back at the saurus.

La Carcagne made the first move as she flew off the building and made her way towards Godzilla to attack him. However, Godzilla spun around and used his tail to hit the incoming space fowl. La Carcagne screamed in pain as she was sent skipping across the ground, until she stopped on her back. Godzilla roared as he marched towards La Carcagne, while the winged monster was down. When Godzilla got close to La Carcagne, the giant bird flew up to Godzilla’s head.

With La Carcagne close to Godzilla, she used her talons to attack Godzilla’s face. Lucky for Godzilla, he was able to shield his eyes with a thick, protective membrane layer to keep his eyeballs from getting damaged by her talons. However, the same thing couldn’t be said for Godzilla's head as the talons were cutting up his face. Godzilla boomed a roar and tried to back away, only for La Carcagne to press her advances, continually slashing his face.

Godzilla used his mouth and bit into one of La Carcagne’s talons, the large bird of prey releasing an unearthly shrill. She used her wings to beat against Godzilla's face, trying to get him to let go of her talon. But Godzilla did his best to ignore the beating to his face. Godzilla began to shake his head and tossed La Carcagne around like a dog with a chew toy. La Carcagne activated her Antimatter Shield, which covered her whole body and got her talon free, as the force field forced Godzilla to open his mouth. Godzilla could only look on as the bird was freed from his jaws.

Before La Carcagne could attack Godzilla again, the inside of Godzilla’s mouth lit up with a purple hue, along with the fins on his back, as the bottom of his jaw spilt up. Godzilla released a large cloud of smoke from his mouth, all with enough force to shove La Carcagne away from him. La Carcagne crashed to the ground, in which her shield dissipated. Godzilla kept on spewing out smoke from his mouth as the black cloud was spreading across the ruined city. After La Carcagne stood up from the smoke-covered ground, she saw what came next out of Godzilla’s mouth - a wave of fire. The fire spread across the area and was burning everything in its path. La Carcagne’s shriek echoed across the fiery landscape as it seemed she was engulfed by the fire.

Soon the area had become a sea of fire with Godzilla in the middle of it. Godzilla ceased his flames as his bottom jaw closed together. Godzilla only stared at the burning land, waiting to see if his opponent was still alive. That answer came in the form of La Carcagne flying out from the sea of fire, and quickly found herself back up in the air. Godzilla was locked eyes on her, seeing that La Carcagne had survived and was not burned at all. At the last possible second, La Carcagne had used her Antimatter Shield to protect her from getting burned to death.

After La Carcagne deactivated the Antimatter Shield, she flew towards Godzilla with haste. Next thing he knew, La Carcagne slammed against his body and he fell to the flaming ground. La Carcagne flew higher in the air and turned around to look down at Godzilla.

Godzilla got up from the burning ground, unfazed from his own fire. The mutant dinosaur looked up at La Carcagne. Once again, Godzilla’s jaws split open as his fins and mouth became purple. But this time, Godzilla fired a concentrated purple laser from his mouth. La Carcagne pulled her Antimatter Shield in time, but when the atomic ray hit the force field, it held enough force to push the bird higher up and across the air. La Carcagne slammed against one of the giant floating metal balls, her Antimatter Shield carving itself within the metallic frame. After Godzilla’s new weapon vanquished, La Carcagne could still feel the tremendous heat. She let down her shield and dived down to this new area of the lost city.

Godzilla marched through the burning ruins, making his way towards La Carcagne. The giant bird landed on her feet and saw Godzilla coming out of the sea of fire. After Godzilla stopped moving, he unshielded his eyes and suddenly spat another heat laser at La Carcagne. But this time, La Carcagne flew up in the air and evaded the purple beam, with the ray’s only targets being two hollow structures.

Godzilla ceased fire as La Carcagne flew over him. He was going to turn around to face the space monster, however, La Carcagne used her talons and grabbed onto Godzilla’s back. Godzilla howled as he felt the talons cutting into his back. La Carcagne used her immense strength and dragged Godzilla across the city, with his feet hitting the ground. La Carcagne slammed Godzilla into a building, releasing her grip of his back. The reptile collapsed, with his weight crashing the structure.

La Carcagne landed on top of a building and looked down at the fallen Godzilla. As the rubble stirred, Godzilla noticed there was a floating metal ball above the space buzzard. Igniting his atomic ray once more, he fired his laser beam at the metal ball and sliced the round object in half. La Carcagne looked up and saw the two halves were going to fall on her. The bird monster didn’t have time to fly away, so she activated her Antimatter Shield to protect her. The two halves fell on La Carcagne, bringing the building she was on down as well as destroying the surrounding structures.

When Godzilla got back up, he saw La Carcagne was buried in rubble made from the destroyed buildings and the metal sphere. Godzilla waited for La Carcagne to come out of the rubble, but nothing was happening. The saurus walked towards the buried fowl. When Godzilla got close to the rubble, La Carcagne burst out of it and jumped on the lizard. La Carcagne used her beak to bite into Godzilla’s neck, while using her talons to cut away at the reptile’s stomach, and wings to beat against his body. Godzilla screeched as he shook his body to get La Carcagne off him, but the space monster refused to let go of him. The red and charcoal kaiju was able to use his small and short arms to grab La Carcagne with his nails cutting into the giant bird. La Carcagne ignored the pain as she continued to press her attack on Godzilla.

Godzilla used his long tail to wrap around La Carcagne’s neck and pulled the alien fiend off his body. The saurus then used his tail to swing La Carcagne behind him, slamming the space buzzard onto the ground repeatedly. After that, Godzilla began to spin around with La Carcagne in a tight grip until he unwrapped his tail from the bird’s neck, which sent her skipping across the ground.

After La Carcagne got to her feet, she saw Godzilla hunched over horizontally and running towards her. It was an absurd sight to her, but she also knew the hit would be lethal. La Carcagne used her wings to propel herself into the air, with the battery-ramming Godzilla zip past where she once stood. Nothing could be done as Godzilla ended up crashing against an empty skyscraper and was buried under the collapsing structure. La Carcagne flew down towards Godzilla, and used her talons to grab his exposed tail. The space bird, despite her outward fragility was actually incredibly strong, snagged the tail and carried Godzilla up in the sky. Although she had wanted to spin toss Godzilla in the same manner he did to her, Godzilla’s immense weight was too much for her to handle. So she released Godzilla’s tail, sending the reptile falling towards the ground. Godzilla remained silent during his drop as he crashed into the former cityscape below.

La Carcagne flew down towards the downed reptilian to attack him, but was suddenly struck out of the air by Godzilla’s hard-hitting tail. Godzilla’s back sparked with the purple glow, all the while the flying battleship put up her Antimatter Shield. Pillars of atomic light shot out of Godzilla’s back, striking against the barrier. When the lasers hit La Carcagne's Antimatter Shield, the beams pushed her through the air. The stray beams destroyed the surrounding skyscrapers and metallic hovering spheres, burning all in its path.

As the dozens of atomic rays dissipated, the space buzzard dropped her barrier. It was expending her energy to sustain against such a violent attack, so when the shield fell, she did too. Crashing into the earth below, La Carcagne laid on her back as the nightmarish monstrosity approached. He stood over her, glaring at her with unflinching eyes of cold indifference.

Godzilla raised his foot up and began stomping away at La Carcagne’s weakened body. La Carcagne shrieked in agony, each stomp to her body crushing her bones and internal organs. Using every ounce of her strength, she summoned another Antimatter Shield to her aid. Godzilla’s foot bounced off the shield, causing the saurus to lose his balance and fall onto his back.

La Carcagne got back up onto her feet and turned off her force field. With Godzilla down on the ground, La Carcagne jumped onto his body, and used her talons to cut away at Godzilla’s body. Now she would inflict upon him the pain he brought her. Godzilla could feel his abdominal was being torn apart, yet chose to remain quiet. While La Carcagne kept mauling Godzilla, he swung his tail to hit her in the back. However, La Carcagne saw the tail in time and used her powerful wings to fly up as the tail harmlessly bounced off Godzilla’s thick armor.

Even in her ravaged state, La Carcagne used her talons to grab the end of Godzilla's tail, and used her wings to fly backwards. Godzilla only emitted a small grunt as he was being dragged across the sandy ground by La Carcagne. While La Carcagne had Godzilla's tail in her talons, the tip of the tail was pointing at her stomach. Godzilla’s body ignited with a purple hue, but she knew none of his beams could hit her at the vantage point she was at. From his spines, the purple glow crawled up his elongated tail until it surrounded the bony, meat-like tail tip. He fired an atomic ray from the tail, and the laser tore into La Carcagne’s stomach and came out of her back. La Carcagne hollered in screeching misery as blood shot out of her mouth. After Godzilla ended the purple beam, La Carcagne fell to the ground onto her back in uttermost anguish.

Godzilla rose up and gazed down at La Carcagne. Using his tail, he shoved it into La Carcagne’s opened mouth. La Carcagne’s nerves were still reeling from the immeasurable pain to notice; and even if she had, the blood loss and sapped strength would have prevented her from fighting back anyway. Godzilla then used the strength of his tail to suspend La Carcagne in the air. The dinosaur fired his devastating killer blow from his tail as the laser came out of the back of La Carcagne’s head. Darkness took over La Carcagne’s vision as the bird’s life came to an end. After Godzilla ended his atomic ray, he threw La Carcagne's corpse and sent the dead buzzard crashing onto the ground.

Godzilla roared in victory as he had finally beaten La Carcagne. But Godzilla’s victory was cut short as he could feel his body was overheating from the amount of energy he expended during the fight. Godzilla fell into a state of hibernation as his body stiffened to let his body cool. In Godzilla’s mind, while he knew he won the fight, he was still on this alien world. Once Godzilla awakened, he would start his search for who or what had send him to this deserted planet, and hopefully find his way back to his home world.

Godzilla (Shin)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby SoggyNoodles2016 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:12 am

I had this exact matchup in mind, so seeing it was a welcome surprise. I think Venom2009 did a nice job portraying the battle and it's great to know the Giant Claw isn't going anywhere. In all, fun match.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby HillyHulk » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:22 am

It could be redundant at times but I like this match.
Given the open-ended ending, I assume there's going to be a sequel.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby UltimateDitto » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:23 am

Really fun match, I enjoyed it alot! Might be my favorite Shintember so far! :D
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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby Nagoda » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:15 am

I enjoyed reading this match. A lot of use for the word Saurus though. I felt some of them could have been changed to Saurian but otherwise this was a good match.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby soulgodzilla » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:11 pm

Probably the first KWCE banner thats black & white, and it’s a decent one. :)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #26 - Godzilla (Shin) vs. La Carcagne

Postby Venom 2009 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:09 pm

From the old post that got deleted.
I'm happy to see this match is up! :D

Thanks everyone for your replies! ;)

While I did write the match, I would like to thank KaijuX for his hard work, as he did a lot of editing for this story.

@ HillyHulk:
Sorry to say I don't have any plans for a sequel. But if anyone wants to make a sequel to this match, be my guest.

@ Nagoda: I really like the banner! You did a good job on it! :D
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