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It had come from the sea. It still remembered the moment. Crawling ashore, driven by some urge to investigate the surface. It struggled, ever searching. It evolved to go further, stumbling on two legs, driven as any being. Eventually, it had to return to the sea but it came back. Stronger and larger than before. It walked through the city, numb to the chaos, numb to the devastation, the death it caused. That was until it was injured. The pain… It was like nothing it had ever felt before. It broke it’s numbness to the world and forced it to retaliate. Now, it knew. All beings were threats that must be killed so it may survive. It was simple logic from what had happened to it even before it had been injured. Knowing this, it walked on, moving ever forwards and killing those in it’s path. The beings it ignored and slaughtered, the ones so confident in their place as superior beings, named it after an old god but knew this one was not the same. It was not a mutated bygone of an ancient age seeking vengeance or an prehistoric force of balance. It was new. It was different. It was a god. And so, it was named. Shin Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla continued his march. At the moment, G-Force threw everything they had at the god incarnate. Maser beams, missiles, freeze rays, mechs, all petty machines they imagined as superweapons due to the way they harmed previous beasts. The god marched though it, ignoring them as the useless tools they were. They were nothing, like ants foolishly and stubbornly thinking their pincers did anything to heed the march of the boot as they were crushed by it. Still, the god feared the pain it could cause and destroyed them. Concentrated beams of atomic heat burst from the divine’s mouth, a lance of light that smited those who dared to harm it. As it walked forward, it blasted those behind that still dared to attack with an almost noncommittal slice of a tail ray. Godzilla marched forwards, confident in destroying any threat that attacked it. However, the god did not consider why those machines attacked him and how they almost harmed him. For the pitiful mortals knew what the divine did not. He was not the only god in this world.


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Postby Birdman » Wed May 15, 2019 11:41 am

Once again, the Earth was in peril. Like in so many times in history before, humanity had the challenge of defending its existence forced upon it by outside forces. Over the last century, the planet’s militaries had learned and adapted from each victory, slowly advancing their technologies and strategies to match the other races of the cosmos. But the newest attackers would provide the toughest challenge yet. It was a great evil unlike any that had come before, dreaded by every civilisation that came to know their power. Mysterian, Kilaak, Garoga, Leviathan and Xilien alike had abandoned their sights on the blue planet when they learned of the force’s interest in it. Their power, which individually had crippled the Earth on each invasion attempt, was no challenge to the darkest and foulest coalition in the universe.

Apokolips had come for Earth.

Hordes of Parademons assaulted the capitals of the world, testing the limits of the Earth Defence Force’s weaponry. Accompanied by legions of air, ground and sea support vehicles, the EDF’s mighty warships led the charge against the genetic monstrosities and their equally vile commanders. In Moscow, Russia, the Goten clashed against the swordsman, Kanto. Shanghai, China became the battleground between the Karyu and Doctor Bedlam. Glorious Godfrey took on the Super-X III in the skies over London, England. Washington, D.C. felt the full force of the Rumbling and Kalibak’s battle. Although the conflict was limited to Paris, France, the Super-X I and II’s battle against Granny Goodness and her Female Furies was one to decide the fate of the entire European front. The Eclair took Africa as its territory, protecting Johannesburg against the savagery of Steppenwolf. The Garuda took the mission to defend Vancouver, Canada from Desaad. Only South America and Australia were not assaulted by the New Gods personally, but the forces stationed on the two continents fought with the same ferocity as the larger battleships against the foul horde.

Japan, too, seemed to have been spared from the presence of a New God. Strangely, the concentration of Parademons across the country was higher than the other nations were reporting, which indicated to the leaders of the EDF that it was a site of strategic value to them in some way. In response, the Gotengo was deployed to take back the capital of Japan.

No matter the cost.

“All weapons on stand-by! Multiple bogies closing in from three hundred metres out!”

Captain Douglas Gordon held his tongue to refrain from making a sarcastic reply to the crewwoman’s report. Everyone on the bridge was aware of the black swarm plaguing the air space of Tokyo, viable on the holo-screen. For the longest time, the veteran had thought that the Xilien invasion years ago was the worst he would ever see. But now these new attackers seemed well on the path to dethroning that vile honour.

“Open fire with everything bar Absolute Zero,” he barked. “I want these skies clear and blue and those devils blasted to kingdom come!”

As the horde drowned the air with their chorus of haunting shrieks, blasts of fire and energy erupted from the Gotengo as its arsenal was unleashed. Missiles took out Parademons by the hundreds with each impact as Electronic Particle Beams cut through the cloud of beasts. The insectoid cyborgs stormed the drill-tipped battleship in droves, assaulting its hull with claws, teeth and laser fire. In their mindless savagery, scores rushed the distinguishable weapon of the Gotengo as it began to spin, unaware of the danger as their bodies crashed into the rotating drill and were torn apart instantly. Even more flew to their deaths at the hands of the drill, trying perhaps to clog it with their own bodies. As they continued to throw themselves at the battlecraft, an orange-yellow aura shone from the churning construct as it reached its maximum speed.

“Every stores at full power!” the gunner reported, finger primed over the trigger as he awaited the command.

“Fire!” Gordon shouted.

The gunman slammed down on the trigger, launching a wide, powerful maser from the tip of the drill that tore through the Parademon army. Hundreds were instantly disintegrated, while thousands more were clipped or burned from proximity and plummeted to the ground. The maser could not last long and dissipated after ten seconds, leaving a clear section of air in its wake. For the first time since the invasion, Captain Gordon could see the blue skies of Tokyo, slowly being choked with ash and smoke from destruction occurring out of their range.

At his heart, Douglas Gordon was not a man for peace. The thrill of war was the environment he felt at home in, but he understood that a world constantly in the grip of battle was against the wishes of humanity. His determination was what had made the EDF promote him to the rank of Captain so quickly after the retirement of his predecessor, a man he had only met on the day of his decommission and exchanged not a single word with. Sometimes, he wondered what the old captain would think of his path.

The void in the Parademons’ ranks slowly began to be filled as scores flooded the empty air. The wall of wretched beings cut off Gordon’s view of the rest of the city as their assault on the flying battleship intensified.

“Hull structure is failing! Integrity is down to eighty-one percent!”

“Where the hell are the shields?” Captain Gordon slammed his fist against his chair alongside the demand, scanning each station for an explanation.

“They’re up, captain!” a technician explained, eyes wide with terror. “Those things just passed through them without a scratch!”

From deep within the Gotengo, a series of dreaded cries echoed through the maze of hallways. Most of the bridge crew’s blood ran cold as the sound carried into the room, letting them know without doubt that their defences had been breached.

A radio crackled to life next to Gordon. “The enemy has managed to break in at the lower levels,” a male voice reported. “Security is managing to hold, but they’re coming in faster than we’re putting them down!”

“The mutants will be there shortly, just hold out a bit longer.”


The security commander had no time to complain, bringing his firearm to bare on the growing wave of Parademons. Bursts of laser fire shot from the barrel of each guard’s rifle, mowing down the armoured devils at a rate not fast enough for their liking. Fourteen men and women took aim down the corridor, taking out a Parademon every five seconds with concentrated firepower, but another two of the beasts seemed to appear no sooner had one fallen. The horde was quickly advancing, forcing the brave souls back down the hallway to keep the range advantage. With no cover to protect themselves, the guards had to rely on constant firing to keep the Parademons’ aim off. It wouldn’t work forever.

At last, a Parademon’s blaster gained a target. A guard cried out as the scorching shot burned into his torso and he slumped to the ground, already bleeding out. The woman next to him halted her assault to try and aid, failing to hear the commander’s order to leave him. Her compassion was rewarded with another fire bolt striking her left shoulder as she tried to turn the dead man over. She stumbled back, but her arm remained attached to the corpse, leaving the woman to stare at the blackened stump where it was supposed to connect in shock. Only seconds later did she finally scream, but the cry was cut down as the Parademons finally rushed through the humans’ offensive, tackling her and another trooper beneath their repulsive mass. Fangs sank into the side of her throat and claws ripped through cloth and tissue as she and the other man were dragged back into the Apokoliptians’ midst.

“poop!” the commander swore as the sounds of the two guards being torn apart filled the narrow space. “Fall back! We can’t hold this point!”

The squad began to retreat down the hallway while continuing to fire at the advancing Parademons, keeping the hellspawn back. Bursts of fire-like energy engulfed the corridor, mutilating any that they hit and leaving them at the cyborgs’ mercy.

At a junction, the squad came to a stop as other guards rounded both corners. The two groups looked just as exhausted and horrified, letting the commander of the first group know that this was not the only breach.

“What’s the situation?” he demanded.

“We have multiple breaches across half of the ship,” a woman, the commanding officer of one of the groups, answered. “We held them off for as long as we could, but we had to retreat.”

The man that led the other group nodded to confirm the same results. “From what we got over the radio chatter, other squads haven’t been as lucky as us.”

“We’ve got no time to stand around and chat with those demons on our tail,” the commander snapped. “Set up defensive positions and give these rotten bastards everything we have if we are to hold out until reinforcements arrive.”

The combined groups aimed the sights of their weapons down each corridor as the dreaded shapes of the Parademons closed in around them. Bright flashes of laser discharge illuminated the confined space as the fiends fell by the dozen, but the causality rate was not enough to slow their progress. With each passing second, more of the group were shot down, filling the space or disappearing into the writhing, rapid mass of metal and flesh.

As hope seemed lost, an explosion came from the other end of one of the hallways. Parademon bodies and limbs were thrown against the walls as the swarm turned to face the new disturbance and were met with heavy laser fire tearing through their ranks. The armour that had hindered the guards’ efforts was blown apart like paper, sending the creatures’ scorched insides to splatter across the floor. As the horde began to thin, the commander could see the faces of their saviours and his lips broke out into a wide grin

“Took you long enough.”
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Postby kaijufanforever » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:51 am

Amity Island was under attack. The dinosaur-like kaiju Aroza was rampaging through the sleepy little town. The vile beast crackled in laughter as the fire spread. The Jirass-like monster spotted a mother and her baby and began charging up a fireball. He never got the chance. A piercing howl hit his hidden ears, right before a black-and-white creature slammed into him, sending Aroza to the ground. staggering to his feet, he soon spotted the culprit. The hybrid of man, orca, and wolf. Whalewolf bared his teeth at the frilled dinosaur. ironically he ate humans, now he was helping them. Aroza raised his arms ready to smash Whalewolf's head in, but the attempted attack was grabbed by the hybrid

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Postby Birdman » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:29 am

“Divert all spare power to the thrusters. We’re gonna have to ram the ugly bastards!”

Almost all of the room’s occupants turned to face him in shock, unable to believe what he had just ordered. Despite this, none objected and proceeded to follow out the command, either out of fear of what the respected man would do if they disobeyed, or realising that this was the only option they had left. Many of the personnel stationed aboard the Gotengo had families back home. Like all who signed up for military service, they knew that death on the line of duty was a possibility. They had just hoped that it would not come to that, but fate worked in the cruellest of ways.

The Gotengo’s thrusters burned brightly, pushing the titanic aircraft towards the living wall with impressive force. Armed forces took positions at the breaches across the battleship’s hull to prevent invasion during the assault. As the guards on deck took aim at the hole in the bridge’s wall, Ozaki looked out at the approaching swarm, feeling fear for the first time in a long time. He hoped that it would keep them alive long enough.

Hundreds of Parademons were turned into bloody paste as the Gotengo slammed into them, their pulped remains staining its silver hull for only brief moments before the velocity wiped the gore away. The bow drill spun rapidly as the ship dove into the inner reaches of the cloud, tearing apart thousands of Parademons within seconds of penetration. The Dogfighter followed behind its trail, picking off the stranglers and preventing the horde from filling the gap in their ranks. With all power diverted away to the engines, the Gotengo was left vulnerable to the Apokoliptian’s weapons, which hammered against the battleship like a rain of fire, denting and scorching the diamond-reinforced metal with concerning speed.

“Fire all weapons!”

The crew reacted to Captain Gordon’s command at once, firing everything at their disposal. With the enemy on all sides, there was no need for the targeting systems, as the shots were ensured to connect. Energy beams and missiles cut through the lightless void and erupted into blasts of bright flames, blowing apart hundreds of the foul demons and setting even more alight. From the warship’s drill, the titanic maser fired, burning through the largest concentration of Parademons within the blink of an eye. Quickly, the cyborg’s numbers started to dwindle, despite the odds initially placed against the humans.

Sunbeams washed over Ozaki’s face, causing him to wince and shield his face with a hand. Regardless of his obscured sight, the reappearance of sunlight was a mystery not hard to solve.

“We’re winning!” he gasped with joy. “They’re thinning out!”

Indeed, the swarm was starting to disperse, splitting into smaller clusters and allowing light to shine over Tokyo once more. The seed of hope swelled within the crew, wiping away their doubts and fears as they all observed the Parademons abandoning their strategy. Only Captain Gordon hesitated to accept victory, excitement replaced with curiosity. The Gotengo had barely put a dent in the swarm, yet they were suddenly on the retreat, seemingly to try and regroup. But Douglas Gordon had fought in enough wars to distinguish strategy from fear. The beasts were afraid of something. The veteran had a feeling deep in his gut that it was not them.

“Keep up your guard, people,” he remarked, taking his eyes away from the opening for a brief second. “We’re still not out of the frying p-“

The entire ship shuddered and came to a sharp halt. Gordon’s sentence was cut off as he and the rest of the bridge were thrown to the floor by the sudden stop. His head cracked against the metallic surface, sending splitting pain surging through his skull as warmth spread down the side of it.

Sluggishly, the staff collected themselves from the floor and staggered back to their stations. Several wobbled on their feet, requiring others to hold them upright and examine their heads for injury.

“The hell was that?” someone asked.

“Stop flapping your lips and find out!” Gordon groaned, clutching the left side of his head to stem the blood flow. His gaze snapped to the rest of the crew, delivering a stern expression despite his aching skull. “Well?” he snapped. “Stop standing there and get us moving again.”

“We are moving!” one of the operators called back. “The engines are at full thrust!”

Gordon’s brow creased, causing more agony to surge across his temple. That was impossible. Not even a kaiju could hold the Gotengo still at maximum thrust. Yet something was holding his beloved ship back.

The hairs on the back of their necks rose up. The entire room was flooded with a wave of terror, primeval at its roots. Gordon began to turn back to the breach, ignoring the screaming urge within every fibre of his body to flee. As his eyes fell on the open world, his will to resist the urge began to break.

For the longest time, he thought he knew what a monster was, having dedicated his career to fighting the likes of kaiju and alien invaders. He’d witnessed their cruelty and destructive nature first-hand, cementing that belief firmly in his mind. But as he looked at the figure holding the Gotengo’s revolving drill back with the palm of its hand, that belief was challenged. Malice seemed to radiate from the being, literally filling the air with the essence of despair and terror beyond any understanding. He felt like falling to his knees and giving up in the face of the armoured titan, yet he managed to find enough willpower to fight off the overpowering influence. Looking around the bridge, he could see several others managing to hold off the being’s influence, with Ozaki thankfully among them. The rest had fallen to their knees or curled their arms around themselves, weeping uncontrollably. Instantly, Gordon knew that they had to act now, while their will was still strong enough.

“Fire Absolute Zero Cannon!” he shouted. “Now!”

The command snapped Ozaki from his daze and he slammed his thumb down on the trigger. Crimson eyes darted to the tip of the Gotengo’s drill as it flashed brightly, discharging freezing energies at point blank. The entire weapon was instantly locked in ice, seizing up the battleship’s remaining weapon, but the target was captured in the trap regardless. The Gotengo was locked in place around the frozen figure, unable to move an inch.

The wave of negativity began to pass, releasing the warship’s crew from its hold over their minds. Gordon slumped back into his seat, breathing a sigh of relief. As anticlimactic as it was, this is a victory for them, and he happily took it. The Parademons still had to be dealt with, of course, and the other cities across the world would no doubt need their help, but it was a much needed boost for morale in these bleak circumstances.


Gordon’s eyes snapped open at the sound of the unknown voice. It didn’t have a physical origin. Instead, it seemed to come from within his mind, speaking directly into his thoughts. Around him, the operators and technicians looked around with confusion and terror apparent on their faces, letting the captain know that he was not alone in hearing the voice. A faint crackling sound caught his attention and he diverted his attention to the mass of ice coating the Gotengo’s front. At its tip, the frost holding the titan began to crack and crumble away with horrifying haste. The entire ship began to shake as the being’s godly power overpowered the EDF’s attempts to contain them, before its fists clenched, shattering its icy prison like glass without effort.

With the sky now clear from the Parademon menace, Captain Gordon could see his enemy in detail. Armoured, blue cloth adorned his humanoid form, but the statue and size was far above the peak of mankind. The clothing only covered the goliath’s chest, leaving the arms clad only in gloves and a skirt to cover their lower section alongside a pair of metallic boots. The armour extended to his head as well, but his face was left exposed, as if to try and challenge those who wished to battle. His skin seemed more like rock than flesh, grey and cracked with red light surging from underneath, and his eyes emitted the same scarlet glow. But the worst part, in Gordon’s opinion, was the expression. He did not frown or smile. He only stared with an unamused expression, hands joined behind him to give the appearance of a judging deity, waiting for an excuse to exercise his might.

“Your resistance is foolish,” the entity spoke with a tone that seemed neutral and filled with malice at the same time. “It is admirable, however. Had you submitted to my armies, I may have had use of such raw determination. But you chose to defy me, and so I am left to deal a swift hand.”

A volley of energy bullets covered the evil being’s front, coating his dark shape with rolling fire and smoke. The New God’s head turned to the source of the barrage, spotting the Dogfighter at it dived directly at the otherworldly tyrant. The craft would have collided with him, had the pilot not noticed the being’s eyes flare up with burning red light. He pulled up as twin scarlet beams shot from the New God’s eyes, seeming to miss the Dogfighter as it pulled up and jetted higher into the sky. But then the beams changed direction, twisting at a perfect ninety degree angle to retarget the fighter craft, unbeknownst to the pilot. The beams moved faster than the EDF jet ever could, constantly switching angles in a chaotic motion, yet remaining on a straight path towards their target. By the time the pilot knew of their presence, it was too late. The Dogfighter was struck by the twin blasts, completely destroyed in an instant as the beams tore through its structure like it were paper.

Gordon watched in horror as the Dogfighter erupted into flames. He wished he could say that he knew the man who had piloted it, say that he was a good man with loving friends and family. But he couldn’t, leaving him with the knowledge that an absolute stranger, with no ties to anyone on the Gotengo aside from his duty, had lost their life in a futile effort to save them. It was only what happened next that quelled the flaming rage building within him.

The two beam shot from the fireball of the Dogfighter’s destruction, shifting chaotically in the air as they moved towards the Gotengo. Gordon’s hand fell to his holstered pistol and he raised it at the dark titan, unloading rapid bursts of laser fire upon him. The shots impacted his stony skin with little effect, but the Apokoliptian’s lips raised into a tiny smirk at the attempted attack. Before he could turn and bark out another order, the entire ship rocked, throwing all hands to the floor. The bizarre beams cut through the roof of the bridge and struck a pair of techniques, disintegrating them completely in an instant before their screams could finish. They continued through the floor, ripping through all material in their path and tearing out of the hull, only to curve around and burst into another section of the ship. The process repeated, blasting through every part of the Gotengo in a zig-zag-like pattern until a final strike to the engines ended the cruel assault. Violent tremors shook the vessel and sparks and smoke shot from every instrument on the bridge. Looking through the tear in the room’s wall, he watched the surrounding buildings grow taller as the battleship began to fall from the sky. Smoke trailed from the flaming engines as she plummeted and crashed into the empty streets. The pride of the EDF nearly shattered on impact, cracking in half down the center and losing what remained of her drill amidst the carnage.


Consciousness struggled to come back to Captain Gordon, leaving the man fading in and out of it. Fragments of events came to him as he felt hands pick him up and carry him. Warmth appeared to surround him, and as he pressed a hand to his temple in his delirium, his fingers returned stained with blood before another hand pressed something soft to the wound.

“Cap… you hear… out of it… Captain Gordon…”

Another hand slapped his cheek as his disorientated mind tried to focus on the unclear words. The action managed to shake Gordon from his delirium and his vision began to clear, allowing him to identify the concerned features of Ozaki kneeling before him.

“Touch me again and you lose that hand,” he grumbled, pushing away the mutant’s hand from his temple and pressing the warm cloth against the wound. Ozaki only smiled at the dangerous threat.

“A shame that the crash didn’t fix your attitude problem.”

“You’re asking for a fixing with your own attitude, soldier.”

Gordon began to stand, only to stumble and fall into Ozaki’s arms. The mutant adjusted his hold on the older man to support his left arm over his own shoulders, holding the captain steady as he found his feet. Glancing around, both men took notice of the ravaged landscape. What remained of the Gotengo’s front was wedged between the wreckage of two skyscrapers, with the back half resting in the distance. Various groups of personnel made their way out of the ruined warship, but the number that emerged was barely over a hundred, with few in any condition to fight with what limited resources they had recovered.

To see his beloved vessel, bestowed command of by his predecessor with well-placed trust, nearly broke Gordon’s heart. She had almost been like family to him, the only possession of his that he truly valued, and to see his vessel in such a state was a heart-wrenching site. If they won this war, any chance of the battleship being repaired were slim to none. The fist of Gordon’s free arm clenched as fire surged through him, forcing a vow to avenge his treasured vessel and the lives of her crew.

If he could afford the costs that may come.

He pushed Ozaki away and staggered forward, finding his feet as he approached a trooper and ripped their rifle from their hands. Ignoring the protests from Ozaki, he checked over the weapon and tested its attachments, only arming it when he was content with its quality.

A heavy sign escaped Ozaki as he recognised the futility of his words. The stubborn nature of Douglas Gordon, when set on a goal, worked as a hindrance and a benefit, but he feared that the older officer’s determination could deteriorate his health further. The captain was in no condition to fight, but there was nothing he could say that would convince him to change his mind, so he readied his own rifle and stepped beside Gordon for his own protection.

“Okay, macho man,” the Mutant asked with a cocky smirk. “What now?”

“Now, you die.”
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Since matches should hopefully start being uploaded again, have a teaser for one I'm currently writing.


The gates to the temple grounds swung open and Mara stepped out. The guards on duty bowed quickly and stepped inside as the doors swung shut behind her, as they were forbidden to look upon the grandmaster outside of her temple. Taking slow and deep breaths, she pressed her palms together and closed her eyes, focusing her spiritual Chi energies to her core. As she slipped into the meditative state, an orb of light illuminated on her chest, burning bright like a miniature sun. Wisps of energy flowed around the warrior, starting off small and few but growing quickly within seconds. Soon, there was nothing to be seen but a cocoon of blinding light, from within which a metamorphosis would be begin. All that was needed was for Mara to accept the light inside her. To become one with the soul of a dragon.

The cocoon grew to enormous size in seconds, towering over the walls of the Yellow Lotus School. The top split open like the petal of a blossoming lotus, exposing the sacred giant to the world. It resembled one of the many dragons that roamed the land, but kept the humanoid features of its original form. Her design was both beautiful and deadly, with lotus-like patterns of spikes atop emerald scales and armour. The face of the warrior was like that of a mask, completing the mysterious look of DragonLotus as the cocoon faded into trails of glowing petals. Her visor-like eye looked far to the horizon, where the devil was said to reside. A decade had passed since Mara had called upon the power she knew so little about, but she had nothing to fear except the destruction of everything she had worked so hard to build. Her temple was the only memory of her former home left, and the dragon warrior would see that it remained standing and proud.

From the top of the main temple’s steps, Boruto watched as his master began to sprint down the mountainside. The other monks watching cheered and hollered for their living goddess, unaware of their true identity. When the elderly warrior had first discovered Mara’s secret, he was cautious of the dangers that may come should that knowledge become widespread, and so urged his then-student to keep her identity secret, even to the students of her school. As far as the population of the temple knew, their grandmaster had summoned forth the emerald dragon to aid them in repelling the foul demon.

Mara could hear the chorus as she skidded down the mountain surface. Their praise brought a tiny smirk to her jagged lips and she came to a halt to look back at the school. In truth, she had doubts in her power after hearing Kai Lee’s report, but the cries of support soothed her nerves slightly.

The ground behind DragonLotus suddenly erupted in a tremendous explosion. The reptilian goddess spun around as soil and rock flew high, forming a dense, brown cloud. Through the gaze, she caught sight of something glowing, almost like a star, before it was swallowed up by the dark veil. The cloud began to throw thicker and seemed to shrink before her very eye, like the dirt was colligating together under an unknown force. But then the cloud started to solidify, forming a rough, cracked chest zigzagged with amber lines. Arms and legs followed suit, growing out of the main body while large, jagged spikes morphed out from its shoulders like demonic wings. Finally, the thing’s head took shape, sprouting spikes from its cheeks and a mouth filled with sharp fangs. Its one eye took a strange, three-pointed shape, oozing malice towards DragonLotus seemingly at her mere presence alone. The golem let out a bizarre warbling sound and flexed its arms. It was eager for a fight.

At first, she’d had her doubts, but after seeing the “demon” for herself, Mara’s theory was confirmed. It seemed that even in this primitive time, aliens had set their sights on Earth. The thing’s true, orb-like form and the fact that it fell from the sky was undeniable proof of the entity’s origins, but whether it was here of its own accord or part of the scheme of a commanding force was something the dragon warrior had no care for.

The construct’s arm lashed out, forcing DragonLotus to bring up her own and catch the blow. Her crossed forearms held its claws back before she swung them out, causing Dororin to stumble back. With the speed of a bullet, the humanoid dragon went on the offence, swinging out with her fist and catching the golem on the chest, causing cracks to spread across the point of impact. The strange thing cried out with its unusual sound and swung at DragonLotus again, only for the grandmaster to fall back, balancing on one leg and striking out with the other. Her foot caught Dororin’s wrist, causing its entire forearm to break apart into rocks and dirt, to her surprise. She quickly capitalised on her discovery, switching legs as she spun on the spot and slammed her clubbed tail into the site of her first strike. The golem’s whole body fell apart on contact and collapsed to the ground as a mass of debris.

DragonLotus stepped back to admire the remains of the alien creature, but remained on edge. This invader had been tough enough to challenge the greatest guardians of the kingdoms of Earth, yet its form was fragile to the point of utter bafflement. What power was the creature keeping hidden from her?
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Yokohama is in a state of utter chaos It hasn't even been twenty minuets since the sapphire colored leviathan surfaced from the the sea and already most of the city is engulfed in lightning and fire. Civilians ran as fast as they possibly could in hopes of escaping the destruction, their screams being drowned out by constant claps of thunder from the red clouds and the roars of the monster calling upon them. Raiga sensed that they were terrified for their lives, and he was glad. This rampage wasn't just mindless aggression. This was a display of pure power. He was establishing his dominance upon this world and he has the might to back it up.

Raiga marched downtown, continuing his crusade without resistance. But he then suddenly comes to a halt. His instincts tell him something is rapidly approaching him. His ears catches the sound of a what one could best describe as a whirling hissing sound. The monster turns to the direction of the noise only to get slammed in the side by flying object. The force of the impact launches the saurian into a nearby office building which crumbles against his weight.

The flying object that resembles a tortoise shell unleashes four lets of flames as it descends to the ground that produces smoke and kicks up rubble that surround it. Shaking off the sudden blow, Raiga rises up from the wreckage and turns to the thing that struck him obscured in the dust cloud. The beast released a rage filled bellow, calling out whatever attacked it. As the smoke dissipates, the silhouette of his assailant began to emerge. It marches towards him, revealing to be the legendary guardian of earth.

Gamera took a good look at Raiga, something about him brought back memories. The ancient monster recalls coming to blows with a similar monster back when he protected Atlantis many millennia ago. Albeit the creature he fought was more aquatic, it still had the same electrical powers and vile disposition as his current opponent. Gamera is suddenly torn from his thoughts as Raiga lets loose another roar, demanding that the shelled guardian to take him on. The tortoise like monster responded with a wailing cry, as if telling the thunder beast to back down. The amphibious beast lets out yet another roar in defiance. Gamera knew what was going to happen next. There's no turning back.
"Am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here, and that he's the sheriff, and that we're frozen out here, and that we're in there and I just remembered we're out here. What I wanna know is where's the caveman?"

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Postby tyrantgoji » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:45 pm

Godzilla sure wasn’t in the happiest mood,but he was content nonetheless. After his rather….embarressing defeat by the Larva Mothra,he decided maybe it was time to take a vacation of sorts and relax.

Swimming under the pesky humans radar,he eventually came across what was his now home away from home: Birth Island. Stepping into the gigantic jungle,the King of Monsters made himself a cave and rested,wanting to sleep until Winter had struck. He just hoped nobody would be foolish enough to disturb him.

Unfortunately,there was. Two in fact,both having an almost uncanny resemblance to Godzilla as well. They had made their home here much earlier than he,and had always tried to rid of each other,but they would always retreat before the finishing blow could be landed.But those days would last no longer,they planned to settle their rivalry today.

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