Eye of Darkness

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Re: Eye of Darkness HUB

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Fire. Destruction. It was all she could see around her. Buildings that stood for eons had been turned to rubble, the air stank with the scent of blood, and bloodcurling screams filled her mind.

She looked around her. What was going on? What... What had happened?It had all been so fine just moments before, but now...

"Confused, are we? Uncertainty clouding that wretched brain of yours?" a voice, alien and like many speaking at once, wormed into her mind.

She turned, and nearly staggered back. A black form was standing right there, only a few feet from her. It was a writhing cloud of darkness, one vaguely human in appearance, but with deep emerald eyes that bore into her.

"You... What are you? What is all of this?" she screamed out. She backed up, but her foot bent at an unnatural angle, and she fell.

"I? I am the sins of all life that exists, the darkness inside every living being." The phantom cackled. Its voice was so deep, and as so many at once, it hurt just to hear. "I am the future of this world, the crown of darkness within this city of Dudael. I am the true meaning of this world, and I am the greatest that ever will... and you are but a play thing for me, Princess. You and every soul that dwells in this plane of existence."

The form flowed forward, and an outstretched arm reached for her....

Pera screamed as she rose from her bed. She was drenched with sweat, and her chest heaved as she tried to calm herself.

A nightmare... It was just a nightmare.

She slowly snaked her way out of bed, and limped to the window. Perhaps some fresh air would help her out.

Outside, was the city of Dudael, the capital of the Underworld realm of Sheol. Demons and humanoid entities of all sorts were traveling down the streets of the ancient city, with many doing what they needed to do. Off in the far distance, she could see the Abyssian Range that seperated Sheol from its mother realm the Abyss. Above, two suns bore down upon the city, and they were high in the sky.

Pera sighed. It was late morning, and she was already late. Stupid freaking nightmare...
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Re: Eye of Darkness

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The atmosphere in the room changed slightly. Something was different.

None had entered it’s confines for a few years now. The only light to grace the place in that time was from the gapes in the door frame. The primary contents of the room were books, some placed on shelf’s but many just heaped together in untidy piles. Alongside them were a few crates, a chest, and what appeared to be an old suit of armour. A few other trinkets and baubles were scatter around the place. Like the rest they had been just casually placed in, or often tossed at, their current location. The whole place with thick with dust, but interesting was completely devoid of any vermin. There were signs they had once occupied the room, yet clearly something had made them collectively forsake the place.

Propped up against the right wall was a staff. About 7 feet and 5 inches in length, it was, rather poorly, designed to resemble a snake and was comprised of lead. It had also clearly seen better days, as it was covered in dents, rust and cracks

About halfway down, on the side that was facing the door; a very small patch of badly rusted metal had fallen away. Within the newly created opening, the rooms limited light fell on golden scales.

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