The Gorilla Whale

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Re: The Gorilla Whale

Postby Dr. Carter » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:41 pm

Sichuan China, Exact Location Unknown

Walterrus and Byakkan had been making their way towards Mothra, who was making her way to them. Walterrus's ghastly wounds at the claws of Iguno had fully healed, though with some scars left behind, and he was walking without Byakkan's help now. They stopped with the larva halting infront of them, and they made respectful bows to one another. The larva chirped in questioning of what happened, and Walterrus grunted he had a rather bad fight with a creature that should have been extinct long ago. It escaped, though to where, he wasn't sure. He just knew it was cowardly in running off once Byakkan had shown up. The tiger monster bowed to Mothra herself, grunting acknowledgement of the queen of monsters. The larva nodded and chirped she was glad Byakkan had assisted Walterrus when she had, and noted the nobility of both sides of her. An unusual, unnatural trait, but one that may serve her well. Mothra then chirped for the both of them to be careful, based on the scent she could smell. Something was not the least bit natural, not even close to what the mana of the earth or magic in the planet was naturally part of. She herself needed to get moving as she could sense an old presence was tearing apart a human city, such rage and anger... She needed to quell it, and only she had the ability to do so. She then told them both to make their way to where another battle was taking place, and finishing up. Her king was down, and she wasn't sure what had transpired, but she was trusting the pair to render an assist. Walterrus though, shook his head, that creature, Iguno, was still out there, and he didn't want to bring it to Gojira if he was downed as she said. He did have another in mind, who could defeat it, but this one was too far, even with the network of the hollow earth. Besides that, he didn't know of the allegiance this Godzilla had. Byakkan then suggested that they should go and find a spot to train, help each other to become stronger and able to deal with monsters they were both currently ill-equipped to handle. Walterrus nodded, and looked to Mothra, snorting an apology, but that Gojira, should Gamera fall, was on his own unfortunately. He had confidence that the king would be able to get back on his feet before something happened, he just hoped that it wouldn't be too late. Mothra solemnly nodded her understanding, as it was clear that the Guardian monsters would be spread too far and thin at the moment. Once she had quelled the old presence she sensed, she would take care of Gojira. She chirped for the two to do what they needed to do, if they both felt that was for the best, and set off towards Japan, with Walterrus and Byakkan going their own path south-east to find an island to train each other. Mothra meanwhile, would try to find Battra, before it was too late...


Somewhere Deep Underground...

Draborgman listened to what Aroro was saying, giving Yamato a brief summation of what the ankylosaur said. "I guess the dragon I fought earlier was right after all." He said, "Oh, you may call me Draborgman. The human on my shoulder is named Yamato Kamiya." He then listened further to what Aroro said, "Well, if it really is Ururu's goal, to find and defeat Godzilla, that is going to be kind of hard. Assuming he doesn't get past me or the guardian monsters. From what I know, Godzilla is quite powerful, and he's not the only one out there."

"Hey, uh, Draborgman." Yamato said, pointing to Cole's chest. "The light there just changed color..."

"Aw poop..." Draborgman cursed, he knew that he was starting to run out of time. "Not much longer before my energy runs out and I have to revert to my assumed form... It looks like I'll have to depart and get back to the surface. Anyways, it's good to know that there are benevolent monsters out there, and to know more of what we're up against. I suggest you two try to keep away from humans though once you get to the surface, most don't have the understanding that my friends like Yamato have, and they'll attack what they don't understand and perceive as a threat... Such a young race... Until we meet again." He then started to make head-way up the tunnel a little faster, making his good bye known.


Tokyo Japan, KDRC HQ

Taichi had been able to return to the KDRC HQ, and was tuning into what was going on with the news. The battle in Fukuoka, the creature destroying Kawasaki, the earth quakes from Ueno, the disturbance at Kamiyama. This was turning into a real Hell on Earth. "Eiji..." Taichi said to himself as he reflected on what was going on, and the mission his colleague in MONARCH was on, "I'm just glad you're not here, in the homeland right now. You and Ishiro being away, probably for the best right now that you're tracking down Methusula or Behemoth's possible locations. Or, hell, that island said to be guarded by an eternal storm... Just when ou thought things couldn't get any crazier in the world..." He then brought himself back to reality, and picked up his phone. He dialed a number into it, got a message that told him the phone he was calling couldn't be connected to.

"Damn it, Cole, Yamato, where are you two?" It then finally allowed him to record a message. "Yamato, Cole, when the two of you reach the surface, come here to the KDRC, I need to debrief you, and send you on a trek. I should know what to send you out for by then, be safe." He then hung up, and looked up at the television monitor. It didn't say much else new that he wasn't already aware of, aside from the soldiers coming back from Ueno and what shape they were in.

"Earthquakes without volcanic activity doesn't do this..." He said to himself. He then picked the phone up again, dialed in the JSDF headquarters, and waited. "This is Taichi Kuranagi, head of the Kaiju Discovery and Research Center." He said after getting one of the call handlers on the line. "That's right, the monster hunters as you like to refer to us. Is it at all possible for me to speak with General Hashimoto or someone else in charge of the monster investigation? I believe that there's more to Ueno and I'd like to send a small team to investigate after some discussion to find out what's going on. ... Alright, I'll wait for whoever you can get me."

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Re: The Gorilla Whale

Postby Breakdown » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:22 am

The beam clash created an emormous flash of light that swallowed the entire battlefield for a brief moment. When the flash subsided, Gojira lay on the ground unconscious and MechaGodzilla was still standing. However the robot was far from unscathed: it's burning orange eyes flickered on and off rapidly as it's head spun erratically in either direction. Smoke billowed from it's nose and neck grill as the machine's high pitched shriek became distorted and scrambled. Finally, the titanic robot collapsed to the ground with a thundering metallic crash, it's limbs still twitching from the enormous backlash of energy it received.


Kuronuma shouted as he slammed his gloved fist down on MechaGodzilla's control. The operators at the adjacent console shielded their eyes from flashes of light and sparks the computers emitted. Through their efforts to avert their gaze, dozens of red blinking warning LEDs flashed rapidly, indicating a critical failiure of one or more of MechaGodzilla's systems.

"Sir, that beam clash must have burned out MechaGodzilla's control circuits! We need to abort mission and bring MechaGodzilla back to base for repairs"

One of the operators said. Kuronuma slumped into his chair and sighed in palpable disappointment. He sighed again and facepalmed. So close to victory only to have it be snatched from him at the last second due to an unforseen technical malfunction.

"Bring MechaGodzilla back to base. Alert our engineers immediately and have them look into ways to prevent this from happening again."

Kuronuma said as he retained some semblence of calm and coolness. The operator nodded and began to flip switches and dial knobs to wrest what little control he could out of MechaGodzilla to get it back home.


MechaGodzilla's rocket thrusters roared to life as they lifted the robot upright and into the air, blowing away dust and debris as the machine took off into the sky, still billowing smoke from some areas of it's body...
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Re: The Gorilla Whale

Postby Gojirawars 03 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:06 am

Staggering to his feet after being hit full force with one of Gamera’s fireballs, Gigan looked up into the sky, only to see the form of Mechagodzilla taking to the air in retreat. At this, Gigan recollected what has knocked him to the ground in the first place. He turned sharply, looking back to ground level, only to see Gamera staring back at him with noticeable malice. Godzilla had been rendered temporarily unconscious from his beam clash with his mechanical doppelgänger. But he was still alive and well, nonetheless, in spite of his injuries.

The cyborg realized that without the dinosaurs or Mechagodzilla to lend him assistance, he had no chance of taking on both of these alpha predators simultaneously. Screeching in panic, he activated his anti-gravity repulsors and took to the air, speeding past the retreating Mechagodzilla with ease. He looked back and gave the machine a glare of obvious frustration.

He had learned much about the Earth today. He would definitely have to report back to his masters and change his strategy if he was to succeed. His masters had never told him that there were so many powerful monsters on this god-forsaken rock.
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Re: The Gorilla Whale

Postby Godzilla165 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:32 pm

Hidachi hadn't stopped the moment he and the others were picked up and taken back to the JSDF campsite. The captain was busy at work assisting other soldiers that had been injured get medical attention as quickly as possible, whilst looking over different plans and tactics in order to prepare for whatever their next plan of attack was against the metal giant that had just attacked them. While he was stood over the shoulder of one soldier, looking at schematics for his future ship on a computer screen, Ryu came up from behind him.

"Captain Hidachi, phone call for you, sir. Says his name is Taichi Kuranagi." Stated the lieutenant.

Hidachi nodded, "I'll be there shortly." He said. "And Ryu, you and Mitzuki go and see if Hashimoto needs anything. If he doesn't, then lend a hand to any personnel in need; we're short on staff here."

"Right away, sir." Ryu obliged and quickly headed off to find Mitzuki.

Hidachi then made his way over to an available phone and put it to his ear. "Mr. Kuranagi, this Captain Hidachi vi Brittannia of the Atragon, how may I help you?" He asked.



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