Emergence: Kaiju Invasion

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Re: Emergence: Kaiju Invasion

Postby JAGzilla » Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:59 am

Sangrazotz eyed Lung with reservations. He was of course reluctant to join forces with the brute on principle; Tekuta was one thing, but the burn to his wing membrane was not something the Blood Bat would forget, let alone forgive, any time soon. And more than that- Lung could cool his burning skin down! That, as was being demonstrated, meant that he could take over carrying the unconscious burden himself, filling his role as the dumb muscle of Tekuta's operation and freeing Sangrazotz of any real need to be there any longer. Satisfied, he turned to leave-

-and a not-too-distant roar of frustrated challenge made his heart skip a beat. Lung hadn't even managed to properly defeat the bear, then. From the sound of it, all the incompetent oaf had accomplished was enraging that juggernaut even further.

Sangrazotz sagged defeatedly, heaving a sigh at the memory of Tyrosus' jaws clamped around the benevolent stranger's neck. He couldn't abandon her. Not yet, anyway. Shoving his way back beneath her crystalline form, he hefted her head and neck once more and continued his wearisome forced march toward safety for someone else.

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