Attack on Monster Island

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Attack on Monster Island

Postby RollDaDice » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:32 am

A couple of rules here.

1. You don't mind playing more than one character and Kaiju. At least play as two kaiju.
2. If your character has powers, keep it to a minimum. There is no need to go all Dragon Ball Z about it.
3. Buke is going to be a little OP but not super God like.
Plot: For decades, G-Force has wasted billions on creating Mechas. And after losing one of their best pilots (Billy Rose), G-Force have created an unstoppable life form. A parasite code-named "BUKE" (Nuke with a b). Buke was designed to kill off every monster on Earth. If he successes, G-Force plans to use their deadly pet to kill off Ghidorah and other space monsters. Even if Buke turns rouge, G-Force can easily blame it on Godzilla and people will believe it.

Buke is in a larva state and has been sent to Monster Island to kill off Godzilla and his kingdom of monsters. He is very problematic in his larva form.
My character

Billy Rose (Yes, she's female, couldn't think of a interesting male character): Ms. Rose quit G-Force after they killed Godzilla's son. After seeing Godzilla mourn for his son, everything she was thought about Godzilla changed. Billy is heavily criticized by the public for having "Sympathy for the Devil". G-Force had really showed their true colors after she left.

She now resigns in Monster Island taking shelter in a damaged Super X. The idea was to document proof that Godzilla deserves to coexist with the rest of the world. Ironically, Godzilla spends most of his time in the water, the island is more of a afterthought to him. But this dose means she documents the other monsters in the island.
Locations in the story:

1.Monster Island

2. Underground abandon base under the island

3. Mothra's Temple

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