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Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 4:14 pm
by JAGzilla
Riyoko's concern was quite well-founded, of course. Yog took its time in making itself known to Kenichi, quietly observing his thoughts and mannerisms for a few hours in order to get a feel for how to control its new host. It did take a few low-key stabs at asserting itself, here and there, prodding Kenichi to word things differently, or simply act in ways he normally wouldn't. The scientist himself was no fool, and he did notice his own strange behavior, even if he had no idea of the cause. Whenever he or his damnably observant wife began to ask questions, however, the parasite would just set off a twinge of complacency in his mind, forcing him to write their concerns off as nothing.

This game continued until late into the evening, at which point Yog took a backseat and allowed Kenichi and Riyoko to retire for the night, ignoring their insipid and inexplicable kissing, pointless chatter, and other such bond-affirming behavior until they finally fell asleep. It gave Kenichi a little time to sleep; a host who was too tired to operate effectively wouldn't be of any use for what was coming.

Finally, when the time was right, the amoeba, metaphorically snickering to itself, reached into the recesses of Kenichi's mind and called forth a nightmarish memory of King Ghidorah, awakening the host with the sudden intensity of a slap across the face.

"Wake up!" it snapped, speaking telepathically to Kenichi in his own voice. As it did so, it seized control of his body, keeping him still. It wouldn't do to have him sit bolt upright and wake his wife.

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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:58 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi's eyes erupted open, complete horror swirling inside them. What was happening? Was he dreaming? No, no he couldn't have been because he knew exactly where he was. Kenichi couldn't move, not even an inch. He tried curling his fingers. Nothing. He tried wiggling his toes. Nothing. The only thing that Kenichi could move were his eyes, but they couldn't do him any good, not in the state he was in. Kenichi strained to look at Riyoko out of the corner of his eye. The good news was that she was facing him. The bad news was that she was sound asleep, and he couldn't do anything to alert her. Kenichi's mind immediately went to this simply being a case of sleep paralysis; he was experiencing all of the common symptoms, after all. However, sleep paralysis usually only lasted for a few seconds, as one's body was essentially, "lagging behind". Whatever this was had lasted much, much longer, and it still hadn't freed Kenichi from its grip.

The scientist was beginning to panic; he tried making a sound, but to no avail. It was as though he was weightless, but strapped down as well. Kenichi was frozen in place, unable to move, and unable to make a sound. Worse yet, a picture of King Ghidorah was forever looping in his mind, shrouding Kenichi with a sense of fear that he hadn't felt in a very long time. He glanced over at Riyoko again. Dammit! If she could only wake up. Kenichi prayed for anything to free him. Anything at all.


Godzilla slowly began losing his stride, before finally coming to a halt in the middle of the city. He glared after the shrinking image of Ghidorah, and clenched his massive fists tightly. Godzilla bellowed with savage and hateful rage at the dragon escaping from his grasp, and his dorsal fins began to come to life. The aura surrounding Godzilla glowed blindingly bright. The monster king's pupils disappeared, and were replaced with searing blue orbs. Godzilla's lips curled back, exposing his razor sharp fangs, and a guttural snarl escaped from his maw. The leviathan raised a fist in the air, seconds away from splitting the earth in two... But he stopped short. Godzilla violently shook his head from side to side. No, he wouldn't allow for that side to get the best of him again. Godzilla's eyes returned to normal, and he huffed frustratingly.

Junior finally managed to catch to his father, and slowly crept up to him, cautiously looking to see if the, "abomination" had gotten loose once more. Godzilla looked over his shoulder at his approach heir, and gently reassured Junior with a growl that he was stable. The latter sighed hesitantly in relief and stared after Ghidorah. Junior narrowed his eyes; if the beast was innocent, then why was it running? Junior looked up at Godzilla, and saw him doing the same. The monster prince knew that his father was livid from barely losing his quarry, but he also knew that this wouldn't be the last time they saw Ghidorah. They would all have a chance to get whatever answers they needed out of the dragon. In due time.

Godzilla snorted in disgust and turned to stomp away. His mood was absolutely shot at this point, and the only thing stopping him from burning this small town to the ground was... Nothing, really. Godzilla would spare it, however, for now.

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Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:04 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus lumbered through Kyoto a few minutes behind Godzilla, panting a bit from his exertion. He was too late to catch even a glimpse of the retreating Ghidorah, but Godzilla's frustrated roars had said it all. He slowed down, now, shuffling slowly up to the half-collapsed crater the three-headed beast had left behind, sniffing at it to glean whatever information he could. The scent was maddeningly similar to that of the first Ghidorah, but something was missing; a certain unnatural malice had laced the original scent, but that was absent here. Still, he growled in annoyance at their failure to corner their target, and clawed tentatively at the disturbed soil around the crater's rim. He toyed for a moment with the idea of burrowing into the tunnel after Ghidorah, but wasn't sure it would be worth the effort. He wasn't the best digger, and might not even be able to catch up. And if he did, he'd be facing a Ghidorah alone, and he couldn't help but admit that his odds of winning that hypothetical battle were slim. And quite frankly, he was getting tired and hungry, and didn't want to exhaust himself again with the original Ghidorah potentially poised to strike at any time.

No, they'd have to concede defeat on this one for now. With a low, disappointed roar, he stomped hard on the ground with one of his front feet, lashing his tail angrily at the same time. With a series of crunches, the ancient and revered Nishi Honganji complex was reduced to a sad pile of splinters. The spiky saurian grunted vaguely to the Gojirans that he was going to rest for a while, and headed off for the enticing scent of cherry trees in the nearby Maruyama Park.

"Sleep paralysis?" chuckled a cold voice that Kenichi heard only within his own mind. "That's cute."

The parasite shut off the memories of King Ghidorah, now allowing new images to enter Kenichi's mind, showing him the truth of what was happening: a layer of glowing blue slime tucked into the creases of his brain, controlling him like a puppet.

"I am no dream, Kenichi Serizawa," it continued. "And I can do far more than simply paralyze you. In fact... you might say that I am you. Or at least, I am the mind that now controls your body. Your own mind, your 'soul', your entire nonphysical being... none of those will do anything important for you anymore. They are mere tools, now, which will help me to live your life in whatever manner I see fit."

Yog paused for a moment, allowing its host time to process this information, and then it continued, savoring the fear that grew in Kenichi's caged mind with each word.

"Yes, I can access your mind as easily as I manipulate your body," it continued, demonstrating said ease by casually raising Kenichi's right arm into the air and wiggling his fingers before lowering it back to the bed. "I see that your thoughts go immediately to your mate, wondering whether she can help you. She can't, of course. How could she even begin to understand what is happening to you? And again... really, Riyoko is my wife now. I can interact with her in any way I choose, do all sorts of things with and to her, and you'll have no say in any of it. And your unborn child... I could be its father. Raise it however I want to. Your life, and everything in it, are now mine."

Another pause, as Yog reveled in Kenichi's horror.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself," the parasite said with another little chuckle. "Allow me to introduce myself: Hello, I am a creature from another world, a being that you humans would refer to as a parasite, I suppose. Actually, I should thank you; the knowledge I've gleaned in the last few days from human minds, yours included, have helped me to understand those things about myself, put my existing instinct and experience into a new context. Anyway, the name of my species, translated for your understanding, might be rendered as 'Yog.' I am Yog, and I am your new master."

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Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:38 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus and Byakan finally arrived, with the both of them coming to a screeching halt after jumping, and disturbing the debris left behind by Godzilla's rush. They both looked around, seeing that the Ghidorah was nowhere near. They had missed it, and Walterrus let out a bit of a frustrated snort. But there simply wasn't anything they could do at the moment, except maybe regroup, and see what else could be done. Then Walterrus sniffed the scent of another creature... Battra, he had been here. And based on the damage done, having had those prism beams rake over his own body, he recognized the signature they left behind. And the sight of smashed and burning military vehicles told him that the humans had made the mistake of attacking both Battra and the new Ghidorah. As he could also see, they had paid the price for their recklessness.

Byakan meanwhile looked around, feeling awful for the humans that had suffered from the damage caused. This Ghidorah was supposed to be a friendly one, and look at the damage caused here. Of course, Godzilla was destructive, and she herself could do some serious damage if she wanted to. But that human part of her still couldn't help but feel sorry for the people of this city.

Finally, the Twin Larvae arrived, having been slow. They both looked around, noting that the Ghidorah was gone, and was heading somewhere else... Somewhere... familiar, yet not. Whatever was going on, they needed to head that way. But they also felt a pull towards Tokyo, being in such close proximity to their priestesses, they had a natural pull to find them. But right now, that would have to wait. They both proceeded to head in the general direction of south east. Getting a curious look from both Walterrus and Byakan.

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Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:17 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi shot from the bed in a cold sweat, panting and shivering heavily. His eyes darted around the bedroom wildly, and soon discovered that is was now morning. The wakening sun reached out into the windowpane and through the blinds, illuminating the room in a pale white glow. Kenichi checked down beside him for Riyoko, but found her to have gotten up already. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, wiping his forehead clean, and running his finger through his moist hair. Kenichi rubbed his eyes; he could tell that they were bloodshot. Ugh. At least he didn't have to work.

Riyoko suddenly walked into their bedroom, dressed in a dark grey skirt and dress shirt; her hair was up in a long ponytail. She proceeded to rummage through the drawers and closet, trying to get ready for work. She looked over at Kenichi and smiled. "You're up late." She mused.

"I know, I didn't get much sleep last night." Kenichi wearily said.

Riyoko stopped rummaging for her things and studied her husband closer. "Honey, are you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost." She said, concerned, and now sitting beside him.

Kenichi looked into Riyoko's eyes, immediately getting lost in them. He wanted to tell her, and it absolutely killed him to have to keep something like this from her. Kenichi remembered the parasite's skin crawling words from last night: "How could she even begin to understand what is happening to you?" Riyoko is my wife now."

Kenichi just couldn't bring himself to tell Riyoko, almost as though his subconscious was intentionally forcing him to hold his tongue. All that he could come up with was, "It's nothing, just a bad dream is all."

Riyoko narrowed her eyes, reached up, and parted one of Kenichi's eyelids with her finger and thumb. "Are you sure? Because it sure seems like you're stress-"

Kenichi gently moved her hand away and pinched her chin. He smiled weakly. "I'm fine, babe. Trust me." He said, cutting her off. "Now, go finished getting ready; I don't want you to be late."

Riyoko chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before rolling her eyes. "Fiiine, but you're not getting away that easily. Alright, we're gonna talk about this when I get home." She responded dryly and rose to her feet.

Kenichi chuckled. "I never do." He said. Riyoko stuck her tongue out before strutting out of the bedroom. Kenichi stared after her for a moment, and plopped down on his back with a huff. He stared up at the ceiling, analyzing each and every little bump and groove that made up the slab. What that... Thing had said to him last night... That was something that shook Kenichi down to his very core.

"Your life, and everything in it, are now mine. I am Yog, and I am your new master."

The scientist closed his eyes. "Yog... What the hell are you?!" He thought to himself.


Godzilla watched as Anguirus lumbered off towards the human insects' little, "park", before turning to march in the other direction with Junior in tow. There was an awkward silence between the two for the longest time, mostly because the former wasn't much of a conversationalist to begin with, and partly because the latter really wanted to ask something, but was nervous to with the current mood that Godzilla was in. Eventually, Junior summed up the courage to ask. A grunt asked Godzilla if they could possibly train and spar some, now that they had a bit of time, to which Godzilla quickly denied with a grumble. Junior groaned and pleaded with his father to reconsider; they hadn't sparred together in months, and Junior needed the practice IF he was to last even a minute with Ghidorah. Godzilla still responded with a firm, "no", but Junior didn't relent. He continued to poke, prod, and plead with his father in a desperate attempt to change his mind. After several minutes of begging, Godzilla shouted the Kaiju equivalent of "OKAY!", and slowed to halt. Junior, standing behind him, looked on in confusion; just what was he planning to do?

Suddenly, in the blink of any eye, Godzilla whirled around and socked Junior squarely in his face with a powerful fist. Junior flew at least a mile back, and crashed landed hard on his back. The monster prince woozily picked himself up as Godzilla circled him from a distance. A bark from the latter warned his son that if he could blindside him that easily, then he wouldn't last even a second with Ghidorah. Junior snorted and charged Godzilla as fast as he could. Using a skill that he learned from the former, Junior slammed his tail into the earth and combined the force of that with his powerful legs to leap high in the air. Junior outstretched his taloned fingers out in front of him, not unlike that of a big cat attacking its prey. Godzilla easily predicted the oncoming attack, and, with a growled yell, he harshly punished the monster prince with a solid backhand across the face. The momentum that Junior had gathered from his launch had now been used against him, and it sent him tumbling end over end across the dirt. Spitting out chunks of debris, the young Kaiju leapt back up to his feet and whirled around to face Godzilla, whom of which was now nowhere to be found. A loud bellow gave away the nuclear titan's position, and Junior looked up to see Godzilla sailing down from above, with a fist raised above his head. Junior quickly rolled far out of the way, but just barely avoided Godzilla splitting the ground in two. The immense force violently shook the ground and caused Junior to stumble and trip over himself. Godzilla stared at his son and barked a small praise; that was decent, but still nowhere near enough. He needed to try harder. Godzilla roared for Junior to try and hit him.

Junior quickly obliged and stampeded towards him. He reared back and hurled a punch at Godzilla's face, to which the latter casually dodged and responded with a kick to Junior's stomach. The blow floored the young monster, but he didn't stay down for long, and was back up withing seconds. Junior continued throwing hay makers, claw slashes, and kicks at Godzilla, but didn't land a single hit. Every single one was either dodged, blocked, or parried. Godzilla howled for Junior to try harder; hit me!!! Junior screamed at the top of his lungs and swung another punch, only for Godzilla to grab it, swing Junior around, and slam him into the ground. The monster prince tried with all of his might to move Godzilla's vice grip, but couldn't budge it an inch. The monster king hissed that Junior would never see the light of day again, if this was the way that he would "fight" the space demon. Junior agreed, and suddenly wrapped his tail around Godzilla's leg, and used it to pull him to the ground. Godzilla let out a surprised, "OOMMF!". Junior used this tiny window to dig his knee into Godzilla's chest, and proceeded to lay into him with a flurry of punches. Godzilla held his hands up, blocking most of the strikes, but some still managed to break through. Junior's opportunity only lasted for a couple of seconds, before his father grabbed both of his arms, swung them out to Junior's sides, and used his massive cranium to headbutt the prince off of him. Godzilla quickly rose to his feet and nodded to his son, impressed. While the blows themselves didn't hurt, Junior was slowly making progress. Perhaps he could last against Ghidorah after all, with much more practice, of course. The thought of potentially losing his only son was...

Godzilla shook the thought away, and barked for Junior to keep it going. They both launched at one another, and traded savage blows. Neither Kaiju pulled any of their punches, for the most part. Godzilla only acted like he didn't to appease Junior; his full powered strikes would have killed him otherwise. While the sparring session may have seemed quite brutal to those looking on, both Junior and especially Godzilla could take it. They trained like this all of the time. This was just how gojirians fought. Besides, holding back wouldn't do anyone any good; they all needed to be ready for the coming apocalypse, by whatever means necessary.

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Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:41 am
by Missingno.
Ghidorah continued its burrowing under the ground, and at this point, with no interruptions. It was under the rural expanse of land surrounding the Takatsukikashida hot spring, which lay north of Osaka. While at this rate it would not land directly in the metroplex, its destination would lead it straight through another human nest: Kobe. However, this was still quite a ways to go...


Fukazawa and his crew were now on board Moguera. Not much had changed inside the cabin since they last step foot in the machine quite some time ago. It was almost like a 'home' feeling. The crew did have a purpose for being there on this particular day, however, and the captain acknowledged it.

"Alright boys, start running the weapons tests; ensure that everything is in order," he ordered.

Simulating the use of each weapon one by one, the crew went through the mecha's arsenal. This took but a few minutes, before they tested the maintenance systems, which too had worked without flaw in little time. Before long, the testing session was done, and the crew unbuckled and stepped to the back of the cabin, walking to the elevator that would take them out of the machine and to the awaiting G-Force leaders at the end of the docking bay...

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Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:59 pm
by Godzilla165
Joseph looked up from his paper and raised a surprised eyebrow. Done already, were they?

"Well done, soldiers. You all aren't as useless as I thought, especially you, Fukazawa." Vaughn stated with a dry grin. "Now, unless the three of you want to help deal with our little Kaiju problem across the globe, that will be all for today. You're dismissed. Get out." Vaughn threw Fukazawa the newspaper that he was reading and proceeded to head off towards his office, leaving the men to talk amongst themselves.

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Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:59 am
by Godzilla165
The evening sun washed over Kyoto as Godzilla and Junior had finally called it quits on their sparring practice. While the latter was off slumbering along the mountainside, Godzilla sat alone by the lakeside, watching the minute tides crest and fall gently in on themselves. He was still pouting over Ghidorah managing to escape his grasp; the notion of the demon still living filled Godzilla with livid disgust. He looked over at Junior's prone form off in the distance, purring in pride. He was growing so fast everyday; Godzilla couldn't believe it. It seemed only yesterday that Junior was blowing atomic bubbles and wandering off aimlessly, only for Godzilla to stressfully have to track him down. The monster king shook his head. What a time that was.

Godzilla glanced over his shoulder at Walterrus and Byakan standing together; an audible snarl escaped his lips. Godzilla then rose to his feet and began marching towards them. He would give both Kaiju the acknowledgement they so deserved. Godzilla stomped past Byakan, but stopped suddenly by one of her massive ears. The nuclear titan growled in her ear; he loathed her very existence. Godzilla went on to hiss that Byakan would never be a "real" Kaiju, because of that side of her, and for that, Godzilla was disgusted by her. Was such unfair and cruelly harsh? Yes, but Godzilla didn't see it that way, at least not yet. His undying hatred for humanity clouded his judgment, and being in the presence of a half blood that consisted of that vile species just... It wasn't right. Nothing about Byakan was right. Godzilla warned for her to stay out the way, and focused his fiery gaze on Walterrus.

A monster that didn't utilize his full strength and power was pathetic in Godzilla's eyes. Why possess such power when you hold it back all of the time? The monster king snorted, unimpressed at the sight before him; another pretender to the throne, and a pale imitation at that. Godzilla barked coldly that Walterrus was weak for showing restraint, and marched past him and his, "sister" with notable disdain for the both of them.

It might have seemed harsh and hateful, but that is just how Godzilla was: a monster who was vengeful and cold because of all the damage done to him both physically, and mentally. He showed that he could be open and caring to the allies and family that surrounded him, but when it came to Walterrus and Byakan... Godzilla just couldn't accept them right now. Perhaps, in time he would see the arrogance and hatefulness in his, "morals". That however, was a very big if.

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Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:25 pm
by Dr. Carter
Byakan snarled quietly at Godzilla's overly harsh comments, and even Walterrus wasn't too pleased with that attitude. The dragon's spines briefly flashed as his anger was raised by Godzilla's harsh words to his "sister." However; when Godzilla turned his attention to him, his spines returned to a powered down appearance. Walterrus simply curled a lip at Godzilla's words that were directed at him. Oh how he would enjoy displaying his own unbridled fury, but not right now. The time simply wasn't right, and neither was this the place.

Byakan made an audible growl when Godzilla talked to her "brother" the way he did though. They both could take cruel words directed at themselves, but hearing some thing said to the other, that was crossing a line for them. She waited for Godzilla to walk away, her right lip curling in disgust. She turned to Walterrus, and miaowed if they should take him on together?

Walterrus simply shook his head, dismissing Byakan's request with a snort. There was a much bigger issue at hand, and he turned to finally follow the twin larvae. They had gotten some distance already, and Battra was even further ahead. Unlike the bugs though, Walterrus intended to stay away from the human nests. Byakan reluctantly followed after him on all fours, her tail violently swishing back and forth. Walterrus then stopped, and looked up into the sky. His spines flashed, and then glowed as he fired off an atomic ray that arched like lightning into the sky. It was about a duration of ten seconds, then as soon as it had started, it was finished. He then continued to walk with a snort. Byakan waited a moment, and saw what it was Walterrus had shot down. The charred remains of an Oocondoru, smoldering still from the ray. Based on the position it had been in, it looked like it was about to try and pick a fight with the monsters. But Walterrus, not in the mood at all for any bull poop, had shot it out early. The two then hurried along, not wanting to see what Godzilla would do in this act of preventative defense. They were soon gone from the area, following the twin larvae.


"So..." Mugal said as he looked over the material that was now before him. "This is it."

"Y-yeah..." Miyagi, who was looking much the worse for wear from being forced to create the material, answered. "You got... what you wanted..."

"Indeed I did." Mugal replied, "But I may still have need of you. So congratulations, you and your friend will continue to live." He then made a gesturing nod with his head. The guards nodded, and dragged Dr. Mafune away. Mugal then handed the material to an engineer. "See to it that this NT-X Diamond is replicated, and install it on MechaGodzilla." The engineer nodded, and walked off. Mugal then walked towards the window again, looking on at the mechanical monstrosity. It had the armor completely stripped off, waiting for new armor. "Soon, my old friend, soon. We will both have our revenge..."

As if he was in tune with his master, MechaGodzilla's eyes briefly glowed. He simply couldn't wait to get back out there, and gain revenge for the embarrassment that he had been so humiliated with. Revenge was so delicious, and few could come close to serving it as cold as he would when he was ready.

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Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:51 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla had indeed noticed the sudden light show and the charred carcass that came with it, but he didn't show any form of interest in Walterrus's antics. Godzilla was instead focused on something peculiar that had unsuspectedly breached from the lake, and then dived back under at the blink of an eye. This in turn caused Godzilla to begin chase after the mysterious entity and dive beneath waves to locate the source. It had been several minutes since he had pursued his quarry, but finally Godzilla resurfaced with his prize in hand. Grasped within his clawed mitts was a rather bizarre Kaiju. It was dark red in coloration, and had massive pincers for hands; it appeared to essentially be an oversized lobster, at least 60 meters in length. The beast had apparently sensed the most king's presence in the area and surfaced to investigate. Upon seeing that its instincts were indeed true, and Godzilla was nearby, the monster quickly dived back beneath the surface to avoid being seen. The lobster wasn't fast enough though it seemed, as Godzilla immediately chased after it, prompting the animal to hide and lie in wait for the latter to swim by. The beast then foolishly attempted to ambush Godzilla from the murky depths, only for the saurian to easily dispatch it by severing the monster's head, and ripping its body in half.

It was an unfortunate and brutal end for the animal, but Godzilla wouldn't allow for its remains to go to waste. He dropped the two mangled body parts of the ground, eliciting a wet "thud", and causing the internal flesh to spill out from the carapace. Godzilla then spit out one of the beast's large pincers that he had clamped in his maw, and called for Junior to come and feast. Godzilla looked around for his son, but didn't find him anywhere; he must've awoken and went on a trek. Godzilla soon located Junior a few hundred yards away, bent over looking at something. Narrowing his eyes, the massive Kaiju went to investigate.

While Godzilla couldn't see it yet, Junior was currently studying a family of humans that had been left behind after the evacuation. The family consisted of a mother and father, and two young children: a boy and a girl. They had caught Junior's eye when he woke up from his nap, but rather than flee upon his approaching for a better look, the family gazed up at the prince with wonderment in their eyes. Even when Junior bent down to get closer, they held fast, unmoved in their position. The family wasn't at all afraid of him, not even the two children; it seemed as though they almost could sense that Junior didn't wish to hurt them in any way. The same couldn't be said for Godzilla. The apartment building roof that the people had been standing on was suddenly enveloped in complete darkness from Godzilla's overwhelming shadow. A low, guttural hiss caused for Junior to wince and slowly turn around to face his angry father. Godzilla snarled harshly for Junior to go and eat his food, and with a nervous gulp, Junior quickly complied and darted off in the other direction.

Godzilla leered down at the now terrified and hysterical family below, looking like a black demon in their eyes. Both the mother and father fell to their hands and knees and pleaded nonstop for Godzilla to spare them and their children, sobbing and whimpering in the process. Godzilla couldn't understand a word they were spouting, but he did recognize the prone position they were in. They were asking him for mercy. Godzilla loomed above the horrified humans for what seemed like ages, simply gazing down at them with a blank expression, noting the hysterical crying of the parents, and the screams of anguish and absolute fear from the two children. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Godzilla turned around and began walking away. The mother and father looked up at the shrinking form of the horrible beast, and embraced one another and their children as tightly as possible, all now crying in joy and relief. Godzilla had spared their lives... Or so it seemed. Suddenly, Godzilla raised his enormous tail into the air, and slammed in down on the apartment building. The structure was instantly shattered and flattened, sending hundreds of pieces of debris flying every which way. When Godzilla raised his tail back up, there was nothing left.

When it came to humanity, Godzilla didn't know the definition of the word, 'mercy'.

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Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:06 pm
by JAGzilla
"I've already told you what I am, fool," came Yog's sudden response. "And while we are on the topic of your mental inadequacy, I may as well confess myself... disappointed. I'd heard that you were supposed to be some sort of expert in your field, a heroic member of G-Force protecting your species from marauding kaiju. Yet the last week has seen your world fall apart under an unprecedented onslaught, and what have you done to help? You've...talked to your friends? Gone out drinking? Punched your superior and abandoned your duties?"

The parasite stopped for a moment, giving Kenichi the impression that it was shaking its nonexistent head.

"That last part particularly irks me. I was looking forward to taking you as a host, sure that you could provide me with all sorts of useful information and access to the wonders of G-Force. It seems I was too late for that, though..."

Another pause, giving Kenichi a moment to take in the implications of what it had said, allowing himself to hope he was right.

Yog chuckled. "No, Serizawa, I don't actually have any fiendish plans for your pathetic little family." The chuckle turned into full, derisive laughter. "I'm surprised you actually fell for that, to be honest. You believed that I came here from some distant corner of the galaxy to steal your wife! Godzilla is right to hate you, you know, humanity really is astoundingly arrogant and self-centered.

"But no, I was merely indulging in some silly theatrics. I only just learned of the concept, through the humans I've possessed in the last few days. It makes this way of life more entertaining, I can tell you. Anyway, my actual plans for you, stunted though they must be by your failings, are rather grander in scope. And I see no reason why they can't begin right now. Get up,"
it commanded, forcing Kenichi to climb out of bed. "Get yourself ready for work."

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Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:26 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi did as Yog ordered, got dressed, and hit the road on his usual route to G-Force. This time however, Kenichi suddenly veered off to the right, towards an exit ramp and headed in the opposite direction of the military station.

"Sorry, Yog, but we're making a pit stop first." Kenichi mused aloud, and drove quickly to Alexis's apartment.


"Sooo, you're telling me that an evil space parasite has taken control of your entire body?" Alexis questioned with a hint of skepticism. She had clearly just gotten up when Kenichi arrived, evident by her messy hair, and the anklylosaurus pajamas that she currently had on. Both her and Kenichi were sat in the living room area of the apartment building, the TV silently playing a rerun of one of the latest episodes from The Walking Dead. They were now on season 125, according to Lex. How the human population could still be interested in a show therotically about zombie apocalypse, but not actually about zombie apocalypse, Kenichi would never truly know.

"Yeah, it sounds pretty far fetched, I know." Kenich responded.

Lex pursed her lips as she pondered for a moment. "Well, it would be if we didn't live on a planet that was home to giant, radioactive monsters, giant deity moths, and got visited by a different alien species every other month." She countered. "Besides, I know you well enough to realize that you'd never bullshit me in such an elaborate way."

Kenichi smiled softly and turned his attention over to the TV. He watched as one of main characters proceeded to beat a man's head in with a large rock, all in gruesomely disgusting detail. Kenichi scrunched his face up in disgust. "Ugh God, Lex, would you please turn it to something else? I don't want that breakfast burrito that I ate to force its way onto you couch." Kenichi pleaded, holding a fist up to his mouth.

Lex rolled her eyes."Fiiine." She grumbled and snatched up the remote, changing the channel to now show an episode of My Little Pony. She threw the controller down and turned to Kenichi with a hopeful look. "There, you big baby, better?"

"Worse." Kenichi grumbled and sunk down further into the couch."

"Well, anyway, have you told Riyoko at all about this?" Lex asked.

Kenichi lazily shook his head. "I can't, or else this... Thing in my brain could potentially put her, and our child in danger. It told me earlier that it wouldn't do anything, but I don't trust it for a second. Plus, what would she possibly think if were to tell her that a leech from space has now embedded itself into my brain?"

Alexis merely listen while the scientist spoke, her face blank. Once Kenichi was done, she sighed deeply and massaged her temples. "So, what are you going to do? You're not just going to go through life with that thing dictating your every move, are you?" She inquired.

"I don't know, Lex, but I was hoping that G-Force would have an answer for this. I'd be giving Yog what it wanted, though. Every single piece and nuance of information that G-Force had, would be in its control." Kenichi stated, notably defeated in his tone.

Alexis stared into her best friend's eyes; she understood without having to think. Ken needed her help, and he needed it now. As such, Lex quickly rose from her spot on the couch and made her way towards the bedroom.

"Where are you going?" Kenichi asked.

"To take a shower and get dressed, we're going to find a way to get that disgusting bastard out of you. We'll spend all day looking for a cure if we have to." Lex stated with fiery determination and marched off into her bathroom.

Kenichi stared after her for a moment, and a proud smile etched across his lips. That was his best friend, alright. Kenichi's smile slowly faded as the thought of Yog listening to all of that went through his mind. Kenichi didn't care, Yog could listen all it wanted to; it's exiling from the scientist's mind was imminent.

"You had better enjoy these fleeting moments while they last, Yog. You won't be controlling me, nor anyone or anything else ever again." Kenichi said dryly.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:06 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior was sitting by the lakeside, trying to eat the meal that Godzilla had brought for him, but he ultimately didn't have the appetite for it. His mind was racing unrelentingly, and he was frustrated by what his father did to that human family; they didn't deserve that whatsoever. Immediately upon Godzilla arriving to Junior, he bellowed harshly at his son's incompetence and hardheadedness. Godzilla had told Junior many times before not to have any contact with humanity, and yet here he was, having just disobeyed his father's wishes. Such was completely unacceptable to the monster king, and he warned Junior to never commit such an atrocity again, or else. The Kaiju prince merely hung his head low as to avoid any eye contact, but deep down, he was still stewing. With a snort, Godzilla turned to head off in the other direction, but a sharp bark from Junior caused him to stop in his tracks. Junior challenged his father's ideals and opinions on humanity, growling that not ALL of them were cruel and evils beings like Godzilla was trying to make them out to be. A lot of them were kind and brave, curious and timid. They deserved a fair chance, and according to Junior, Godzilla never gave them one. The monster prince went on to trumpet that his father was incredibly spiteful and unnecessarily vengeful towards everything in this world. It wasn't at all healthy to feel this way, and it both concerned and frustrated Junior to no end.

Godzilla turned to gaze down at his son, narrowing his eyes, and curling his lips. A cold hiss indicated that mankind was the last species to deserve any kind of, "fair chance" at the hands of Godzilla. What they did deserve, however, was to be crushed like the pathetic cretin that they were. In the eyes of Godzilla, humanity was nothing more than a primitive, and savage race that believed it possessed more power and dominance over this world than it truly did. Their arrogance and ignorance needed to constantly be punished, just so they would know their bottom feeding place on the pecking order. The fact that Junior, Godzilla's own son would even suggest such a thing as, "mercy" to these fleshy parasites was absolutely insulting to him. Godzilla scoffed whenever any of his peers brought up the prospect of showing any kind of compassion towards man, as such never held any real merit nor reasoning behind it. An angry snarl from the king of monsters stated that Junior was still young, and incredibly naive. He would need to mature a lot more before trying to conclude that humans were a, "misunderstood" species.

A long air of silence washed over both Kaiju. It was surreal, for they had never argued nor actually fought like this before. Believing the conversation to have been over, Godzilla slowly turned to stomp away, but that is when Junior did it. With a guttural purr, he asked Godzilla why he hated mankind so much? Just what exactly did they do to him? Godzilla came to a halt once more, and he turned to study his son's current expression, his eyes, and his mannerisms. Junior was being completely serious at the moment, more so than he had ever been before, and that... That threw Godzilla off. He turned his head away to stare off at, well, nothing honestly. His face showed blankness, but his fiery eyes told a different story. It was as though they had become windows into Godzilla's past, almost like they were displaying all the terrifying imagery that he saw on that faithful day. Godzilla was silent for a very long time, not even a bark telling Junior to mind his own, just... Silence, of the purest kind. Finally, he cocked his head over his shoulder, still not exactly looking directly at Junior, and sighed heavily. There was a shake in that sigh, it was subtle, but the monster prince took note of it. Godzilla grunted that Junior would never know the pain and misery that he was put through at the hands of man. The horrific memories that were permanently seared into his mind, the dreams that kept Godzilla awake at night, the feelings of anguish that would never allow him to experience true peace... All of it was because of humanity.

Junior grabbed a hold of his father's clawed hand, trumpeting in agreement that he didn't know, because Godzilla never let him in close enough to know. Junior looked down at Godzilla's hand, taking note of all the irregularities, the asymmetrical bumps and ridges, the charred, black skin. He gazed up to study his father's face, and saw the discomfort that was written on it. A gentle purr from Junior pleaded with Godzilla to just be open with him a little more, and that he wouldn't hurt him. Godzilla could trust his own son, right?

Godzilla hesitated for a moment, seeing the angst and hopefulness that his son held within his eyes. Gently, Godzilla took his hand away from Junior's and began to head off towards the lake. He grumbled that he, Junior, and Anguirus all needed to catch up with the others, before the Ghidorah impostor gained any more ground. As Godzilla waded deeper into the expansive waters, Junior stared after him on the shore. He gazed down at his own hands and noticed the stark contrast between them, and his father's. He still didn't truly know what happened to Godzilla to make him this way, but the only thing that Junior wished for and desired more than anything else, was his father's trust.

Perhaps he would get it one day.

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Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:55 pm
by JAGzilla
A low honk from behind Junior announced Anguirus' return. His break in the humans' now-defoliated park had perked him up a bit, and he was ready to move out again. Well, as ready as he could be; this incessant, seemingly pointless running around was beginning to get old. He'd be sure to give Ghidorah an extra smack upside each head for that, when the time came.

But for now, his dejected nephew had to take priority. Anguirus lumbered up alongside Junior, nudging the younger monster's side lightly with the side of his carapace. He grunted not to take Godzilla's attitude too personally. He'd known the bitter old gojiran longer than Junior had, and had seen that he did occasionally lighten up and show some semblance of a decent side. Godzilla'd had a rough week like everyone else, and trying to have a heart-to-heart with him right now was unlikely to pay off. Once the Ghidorahs were dealt with and things had calmed down, Godzilla would crack and show Junior that he did care. Anguirus was sure of it.

Still advancing out to sea, Godzilla turned back and bellowed gruffly at them to hurry up. Anguirus roared back that he needed to shut up, they were coming. More quietly, he growled to Junior to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on what needed to be done, then everything else could be worried about. Then he turned back and followed his friend into the Pacific yet again.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:36 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi and Alexis pulled up outside of an abandoned high school building that hadn't been torn down yet. They were both silent; only the hum of the car's engine that they were in, made any real noise. Kenichi peered out at the rotted and molded building with a look of empathy; this had been his old high school years ago. Once the pinnacle of Tokyo grade school education, was now home to overgrown vegetation, stripped paint, and cracked brick. It might have still been functioning and home to thousands of bright, young minds today, if it hadn't been for the tragedy that struck on the very next day after Kenichi, and his class had graduated. The Kaiju now known as Gara, rampaged through this part of Tokyo, annihilating anything and everything in his way. Unfortunately, although he ultimately missed the school, Gara's toxic influence spread throughout the neighborhood. As it turned out, the sapient monster was fairly radioactive. Fortunately, on that same day, at around 11 PM, Gara was slain by an overwhelming amount of maser tank artillery, and his body was then set ablaze shortly after.

Kenichi had lost a lot of friends that day, for although the neighborhood was evacuated, some people didn't heed the warnings and stayed behind. The school had been turned into a very toxic environment, and was officially shut down for good a week later. It still saddened the scientist some to see what the place that had taught him so much had devolved into. The school, and the entire neighborhood for that matter, had long since been cleared of any lingering radiation. However, per standard government affairs, no funding was put into rebuilding the place for any future usage. Now, it just stood there, like a bag of trash that had been thrown away without a care. Regardless of that, Kenichi and Alexis had come here for a reason, and they needed to get to work.

Alexis turned to Kenichi, "You ready?" She asked.

Kenichi looked at her, then turned and stared out at the school building again, chewing his bottom lip. He unbuckled his seatbelt, and opened the door. "Let's go." He affirmed and stepped out of the car. Kenichi peered up at the faded lettering etched on the front of the building, barely eligible, but he knew what it said.

Sudagoki High School

Alexis walked up next to him and followed his gaze. Kenichi had told her about this school plenty of times before, about how great it was. To see it like this now was... It was a shame, really. It was a shame. In any case, Alexis patted Kenichi on the back to regain his attention, and motioned toward the front door. Without a word, Kenichi nodded and took point with Lex following closely behind. It was time.


Godzilla casually trudged along through the Pacific waters, occasionally looking back to see if Junior was alright, and shooting a quick glare at both Walterrus and Byakan. He was really taking it easy at the moment, his waist still above the surface. Godzilla looked back at Junior once more, and could see the look of disappointment on the young Kaiju's face. Perhaps Godzilla had been a little too harsh with him this time around. He would have to deal with that situation later; right now, they had a dragon to catch and possibly kill. Godzilla looked down at Anguirus paddling along by his side, and began to reminisce on all of the situations that they had been in together. Half of Godzilla's major battles were shared with his spiked friend, as a matter of fact. Anguirus had been a loyal partner in crime, and even though the monster king never said it, he could tell that Anguirus knew he appreciated him for it. One thought suddenly made Godzilla bellow in amusement. Again, if he could laugh, he most likely would. Imagine that, and humanity thought that Godzilla was terrifying enough as is.

Godzilla trumpeted to Anguirus, questioning if he remembered when they had first battled that infernal green cyborg, with the glowing red eye. Godzilla wondered just why in the hell Anguirus had suddenly began to mimic the humans' language, and did so for two whole weeks? It both annoyed, and freaked the hell out of Godzilla. He looked down at his friend again, snorting to him if he did on purpose just to irritate Godzilla because they had nothing else to do at the time... Except destroying a poorly made statue of himself, and playfully mocking Anguirus for the fleshy pests horribly butchering his name, of course.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:00 am
by JAGzilla
Yog had decided that it was in its best interest to lay low and observe Lex and Kenichi's plan for the time being. Its ultimate aims had changed a bit since it had taken the scientist and found that he was of less immediate use than expected. Certain information that was written boldly across the surface of Kenichi's mind, though, had given the parasite a long-term goal to aim for, but now was not the time to put said goal into action. That would come later.

For now, though, the smart thing to do would be to ascertain whether its host's plan could actually pose a threat to Yog's existence. It still hadn't quite gotten the hang of reading humans' thoughts regarding the future, so it couldn't make out the full scope of what they were currently attempting. The female Lex's presence threw a wrench into the works as well; Yog was quickly coming to realize that the human ability to cooperate in complex ways was a tremendous advantage for them. No other animal it had possessed thus far had been able to do so. Even the whales, intelligent as they were, had simple, predictable wants and needs. Yog had rarely had any trouble guessing at what another whale would do in a given situation, but Lex was a much more wild card. This was a valuable learning experience, and Yog resolved to remain attentive and make the most of it.

If the humans did become a threat, Yog could simply clamp down on Kenichi and force him to stop whatever he was doing. And he was physically stronger than Lex, so she could be reigned in easily enough as well. Maybe even with lethal force. The space amoeba chuckled to itself at the idea of making Kenichi strangle her...

Anguirus raised an eye ridge, growling a reminder that Godzilla had been trying to imitate the humans' language as well, and furthermore had been the one who initiated that weird game, or whatever it had been. He honked out a laugh at the memory. Those relatively innocent, pre-Ghidorah days seemed like someone else's lifetime, given all the difficulty they'd gone through lately. Having the time or inclination to clown around like that was something that hadn't happened in far too long.

He snorted another laugh, and asked if Godzilla remembered the time they, along with Rodan, had been abducted by robotic aliens and taken to that strange, gray, dusty world to fight Gigan a second time. Laughing so hard he stumbled and got a face full of seawater, he choked out that Godzilla had actually started dancing in celebration after they'd kicked the cyborg's ass and sent it fleeing into space.

Rearing up on his hind legs in the shallow water, he turned back to face Junior, who seemed appropriately confused by the sudden change in the older monsters' demeanor. Honking something like "This is what your dad was doing," Anguirus began jumping up and down, crossing his legs in midair and raising a fist in the air with each leap.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:41 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi and Lex inched slowly through the rundown hallways of the abandoned high school. Grass was sprouted everywhere, and came up to their thighs, giant cobwebs hung eerily within every crevice, and the ceiling had various holes of different shapes and sizes carved into it, allowing for strands of pale light to funnel through. The stench from soggy mold was overwhelming, and the wave of damp humidity made it feel as though you were walking through a thick haze. Puddles of water stood all around, and the floor squished and chirped upon each step Kenichi and Alexis took. Kenichi looked up at the wall to his left, and laid eyes on the senior graduate banner that his teachers had hung for his class, now torn, deteriorated, and its bright orange letters barely eligible. Something else caught his eye as he and Lex came up on it. It was a shelf encased within a class container, now shattered to bits. In it, showed various pictures of Kenichi when he was in his junior year, along with his group of close nit friends in their robotics team, holding a 1st prize winning trophy from the state robotics finals. Kenichi smiled at first as he relived those memories, of which all seemed so simple back then. His smile faded however, as his mind brought him back to the realization that all of his friends in those pictures were dead, having lost their lives to Gara on that infamous day. Kenichi reached in, took one of the photos within his hands, and just... Stared at it. His entire group of friends, all killed, except for him... Life could be a cruel mistress when it wanted to, and tear away the things and people you cared for so dearly. Alexis placed a hand on Kenichi's shoulder, causing him to turn around and look at her blankly.

She studied him for a moment, before nodding. "Are you okay?" Lex asked.

Kenichi quickly shook himself out of the trance he had been in. "Yeah yeah, it's just..." He stopped and looked down at the picture in his hands again. "Never mind, it's nothing, let's go." He said and put the photograph back in its place.

They headed deeper in the building, until they finally their final destination: the gym room. Kenichi looked over at Alexis, whom of which had a look of nervousness on her face.

"You sure you wanna do this, Ken? I mean, can't we just skip this and try the other plan instead?" She asked with a hint of desperation in her voice.

"We have to try all options first, Lex, or else we'd never reach a valid conclusion. If this doesn't work, then we'll move on to the next thing, okay?" Kenichi said. Lex hesitantly nodded in agreement, and awaited as he pushed open one of the double doors.

The rusted metal on the bottom of the door screeched and scuffed the splintered, wooden floors of the gymnasium, echoing the sound throughout the hallways. The room was dark and dreary, and a few of the light fixtures that had been hanging above, were not sprawled across the floor, covering it in shattered glass. Kenichi gazed around for a moment, before turning back to Lex.

"Did you bring it?" He asked.

Lex gave a single nod, before closing her eyes, taking in a deep breath, and exhaling out of her system. She then pulled off the backpack that she was wearing, unzipped the top most pouch, and pulled out the object that Kenichi was asking for: a .33 caliber pistol. Lex studied it over, rubbed her thumb over the beveled handle, and just did anything to delay this process as much as possible.

"Lex." Kenichi murmured; he knew exactly what she was doing. "It's going to be okay."

Alexis whipped around, now with big, bulbous tears rolling down her face. "But what if it's NOT, Ken?!" She snapped, her voice shaking. "This is absolutely crazy, and you know it! What if something goes wrong, huh? Then what?! How would I explain to Riyoko that I SHOT her husband, and the person that I consider my brother?! I mean, for godsake, Ken, you could be..." Alexis's voice was hoarse, going in and out as she spoke. She chewed on her bottom as streams of water kept pouring from her eyes. Her body trembled as though a harsh cold had entered the room, and she shook her head. She couldn't go through with this.

Kenichi remained silent, staring at Alexis intently. He hung his head low in shame; he never should have forced her to do this, and should have instead just went along with their original plan but... Desperation makes people do some of the craziest things. The scientist walked over to her, and embraced her tightly. Lex buried her face in Kenichi's chest and let out a reassured sigh. Kenichi pulled away and smiled at her, wiping a few tears away with his thumb.

"You're right, you're completely right. This was stupid, I was stupid; we don't have to do this at all. We'll go to the next plan, and we'll forget all about this, okay?" Kenichi comforted.

Lex merely nodded and wiped her eyes free.

"Lex, I am so sorry for putting you through this craziness. I don't know what the hell I was thinking; I'll just... Live with this thing if I have to." Kenichi went on. "Come on, let's get out of this place."

As Kenichi turned to leave out of the gymnasium, he heard a sharp cocking sound, and stopped dead in his tracks. The scientist slowly turned around to face Lex, and saw that she was now pointing the gun directly at his head. Kenichi's eyes widened in shock, and he quickly thew his hands up. "Lex, what are you..."

"The Kenichi I know would never willingly accept living with that parasite, even with the last breath he ever took. You're not my brother... You are not Ken." She muttered coldly. Only known to Kenichi and a select few of her family members, Alexis had trained for, and entered more than one competition shooting tournaments in the past, and ranked 2nd place in all of them. Long story short: she was an exceptional shot.

Kenichi looked both confused and terrified upon hearing her revelation, but deep inside of his eyes, Lex could see a hint of sneakiness and animosity that Kenichi had never had in him before. "What? Lex, what the hell are you talking about?! I'M Kenichi, I'm ME! Just... Just put the gun down, alright? We... We can talk about this, me and yo-"

Lex fired a warning shot about an inch or two away from his head, and the immense crack and high pitched ping of the bullet bouncing off the walls, echoed throughout the entire school. Kenichi flinched and covered his head instinctively. He slowly poked his head out, his jaw now dropped to the floor, and saw Lex still pointing the gun at his forehead.

"Wha... What the HELL was that about, you crazy skreeonk?!" Kenichi roared, his face red with anger.

"Shut up." Lex hissed sharply. "You're making a horrible case for yourself the more you speak, you know that? Kenichi would never call me, nor anyone else for that matter, a, 'crazy skreeonk'.

Kenichi glared daggers at her.

"So here's how this is going to work: either you leave my best friend's body right now, or I blow the brains out of your so-called 'host'." Lex stated firmly.

Whatever happened next, Alexis knew that she had the advantage at this point. She had to.


Junior snickered at the thought of Godzilla literally jumping up and down like a damn kangaroo, and outright chortled as Anguirus demonstrated. Godzilla himself could do nothing more than stew at the ridiculousness. He trumpeted in harshly in defense that that had been an emotional time for him, and he had to celebrate said victory somehow. Plus, Anguirus was doing it wrong, anyhow. As his spiked friend did another one, Godzilla took it upon himself to gently flick Anguirus's carapace with his tail, and cause him to fall face first into the water. A high pitched bellow that followed, was as close to an outright laugh as Godzilla was ever going to get. The monster king then turned over onto his back, and allowed for the tides themselves to carry his enormous bulk. A long, drawn out yawn sounded from his terrible maw, and Godzilla took this moment to gaze up at the blue skies that hung overhead. It was moments like these that Godzilla enjoyed the most, honestly. Where he could merely take a load off with his friend and his son, even if just for a brief time.

Another growl asked Anguirus if he remembered when they fought that hump backed, ugly as sin, alien with the weird ship flying overhead. Now THAT was a funny fight. Godzilla glanced over at Junior and roared that he had somehow gotten his head stuck inside the ship, while the alien was busy desperately trying to eat his uncle. Godzilla looked at Anguirus and snickered; that thing did not like how he tasted, that was certain. Godzilla furrowed his brow as he thought of something else, growling at Anguirus if he would ever tell him why the hell he used to crawl around on his knees, when he had two perfectly good hind legs at his disposal? Godzilla used to mock him all the time for that, and just the thought by itself made him snicker some.

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Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:14 am
by Godzilla165
"They say that when the skies above carry nothing but the darkest of clouds for seven days, then that is the sign of the apocalypse." To a superstitious man like Hidachi, such a saying was nothing but true. He had been cooped up in his office for a full two days now, and whenever someone would attempt to come in, or bring Hidachi out, he would quickly shun them away. According to the last engineer that saw him, Hidachi looked as though he hadn't slept nor showered in days; his facial hair was unkempt, his eyes were bloodshot, his hair greasy, and his face drenched in constant sweat. "He looked like a man who was at the end of his rope", the engineer stated with angst.

No one was more concerned about Hidachi's new condition, than Vaughn himself. After several, previous attempts of reassuring the man from the other side of his office, Joseph decided that it would instead be best to just barge on in, and look Hidachi right in the eyes. Luckily for Vaughn, he always carried with him a set of keys for every major room in the G-Force facility, including the main office. Thusly, with a simple turn of the key into the lock, Vaughn let himself in. Immediately upon entering, the overwhelming stench of cheap liquor filled his nostrils. He scrunched up his face as he peered around the dark room, only currently being lit by the flatscreen TV mounted on the right side of the room. Joseph took note of the desk that was flipped over, various papers strewn all over the room, the plethora of empty, and even broken vodka bottles lying in every direction. Soon, Joseph noticed something peculiar laying in the corner. Upon further investigation, the man saw that it was the little ninja statue that Hidachi always had sitting in the middle of his desk; it was the centerpiece of his entire office.

Now however, the proud statue had been shattered to pieces, and doused in a puddle of liquor. Joseph gently picked up what was left of it, and just shook his head.

"The last strand of hope." Vaugh muttered.

"... It was." Hidachi's voice suddenly croaked.

Vaughn turned to find Hidachi propped up against his overturned desk, with a vodka bottle in one hand, and a 9mm in the other. His eyes were bloodshot and carried dark bags under them, his hair was greasy, and his face was covered in sweat. He chortled suddenly.

"It's crazy, isn't it? Who would've thought that we would've come to this?" Hidachi said. "G-Force: the protector of the free world!" He mocked coldly and took a large swig.

Joseph didn't say anything at first, he just studied the sad shell of the man whom he used to admire, now sitting before him in his own filth. Vaughn pushed his glasses up to his nose, and gave a little sigh.

"Get up, kid. We're leaving, NOW." He merely stated firmly, and proceeded to forcefully hoist Hidachi up by the scruff of his collar.

Hidachi tried to sloppily push away, but was far too intoxicated to truly do anything. "Get the hell off me, Joseph! I... I don't wanna go anywhere with... With you!" Hidachi slurred, while constantly pushing away.

Vaughn tightened his grip, and smacked Hidachi hard upside the head. He glared at him, and pinned him up against a wall. "Listen to yourself, Britannia! You're drunk outta your damn mind, you smell like poop, and you're talking like a goddamn angsty teenager! You're our leader, dammit. Start acting like one, for Christ's sake!" Joseph growled. "Now, get your ass out of this room. We're going for a little ride."

Hidachi was silent as he peered into Vaughn's stern eyes. After a brief moment of silence, he gave a small nod, and watched Joseph storm out of his office. Hidachi looked down at the vodka bottle in his hand, and chucked that to the floor. He then gazed over at the 9mm in his other hand, and paused for a moment. Was he really fit to lead this place anymore?

Joseph turned to stare at Hidachi, and crossed his arms impatiently. "Well? I thought I told you to come on. Put the damn gun down, and follow me, now." He stated.

Hidachi gazed at Joseph Vaughn: his lifelong friend, his surrogate father, and his mentor. Time seemed to slow down from his point of view, as Hidachi raised the gun up in front of him, took aim... And fired. In an instant, Joseph recoiled back several inches, his eyes widened in shock, his mouth hung low. The man's body lurched and twitched, before finally collapsing to the ground with a hard thud. Blood soon began to pool from his skull.

Hidachi gazed down at the man's still body, and pointed to gun up to his head. He closed his eyes, squeezed the trigger, and... Nothing happened. Hidachi opened his eyes, sloppily checked the magazine, and discovered that it was empty. His eyes widened as he had forgotten that he only loaded one bullet. Hidachi peered down at the motionless body of Joseph once more, before dropping the gun to the floor. Suddenly, he heard a sea of footsteps echoing throughout the halls, and already knew what was about happen.

Within a few seconds, dozens G-Forces troops flooded into into the hallway where Hidachi was standing. They all looked down at Joseph's body in horror, gazed up at Hidachi, before looking down at the corpse once more, trying to process if such had actually happened. After a few, painfully silent moments, they pointed their rifles at Hidachi and roared for him to get on the ground.

Hidachi obliged, held his hands up in surrender, and got down on his knees. The myriad of troops quickly funneled around him, and restrained the man in cuffs. Some peered at him in disgust, others in confusion, and most in shock. Two soldiers hoisted Hidachi up, and led him down the long hallway, and away from his office, while the others got to work identifying the body, and calling forensics. For Hidachi, everything was still happening in slow motion, and the weight of what he had just committed still hadn't hit home quite yet. He peered over his shoulder, and took one last look at the body of Joseph Vaughn, and then stared at the broken statue laying at the edge of his office.

The final hope for humanity, was now shattered to pieces, drenched in liquor, and covered in blood. The irony was astonishing.