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Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:46 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus looked at the even more powered up form of Godzilla. He wasn't any taller, but he had certainly become more powerful, and it showed in the visible blue aura. Then Godzilla left in a swift motion to get to Japan, leaving the others behind. He briefly considered rescuing the humans in the sub, but he could sense that they were all dead now. He looked to Byakan, who gave him a worried look. Walterrus nodded without making a noise, the two understood each other very well. For now, the focus would be on the Ghidorahs. Once that was dealt with, they'd figure out what to do about Godzilla. If they could do something about him that was. But they both decided to keep this to themselves, there was no need to let the other kaiju know what they were thinking at this time. Though they lacked telepathy, they didn't need it, since their bond allowed one to know what the other was thinking, and vice-versa, just from how well they knew each other. Someday, the son of the atomic bomb would pay for his own sins in his quest to make humanity pay for theirs.

The larvae meanwhile made some mourning for the humans who had been killed, only hoping that dealing with both King Ghidorahs would be worth the actions Godzilla had taken. Especially since the Earth had begun waking up it's guardians, were it to not be worth it, they would all be judged harshly by the planet. A judgement that not even King Ghidorah or Godzilla would survive unscathed...


Battra saw the new Ghidorah arise from the ground. Finally, it had been long enough, so he decided to get some information from the beast as to why it was moving like this. Why it was heading to Kyoto. He made his echo call to King Ghidorah as he sidled up next to him, sort of demanding an explanation to it's actions. He honestly wasn't too good about asking a question politely, especially in this sort of situation. The one exception was Mothra, who had somehow managed to get the best in him to come out. Battra otherwise was quite gruff, and very obviously rough around the edges.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:26 am
by Godzilla165
Vaughn had made it to Fukazawa's quarters and let himself in without a single knock. The first thing he saw was the captain sitting eerily still in his chair. It was a bizarre sight, but Vaughn shrugged it off as nothing more than sleep-deprivation. Fukazawa hadn't gone back home much in the last few days, what with all of the inane events that had occurred recently. It both surprised and impressed Vaughn that the steely captain was still here and ready for duty. It was the tell tale sign of a true soldier.

"I hope you got enough sleep captain, because you and your team are about to get back to work." Vaughn stated loudly. "Moguera is fully repaired and ready for duty, but I can't nor won't just let you jump back in feet first. All of you are rusty from being out for so long."

Vaughn went over and pulled Fukazawa out of his chair, and stood him to his feet.

"So get up, grab your things, and get your men together. All of you need to go through testing again to see if you've still got what it takes, and you know how those are." Vaughn said and went to the door. He stop at the edge, and glanced back at Fukazawa.

"I expect all of you to ace every single one of these tests, captain. Nothing less." He said dryly. "Be ready in ten minutes."

Vaughn shut the door harshly and headed towards Moguera's hangar. While a bit of him felt that he was a bit too harsh on Fukazawa, Vaughn knew the captain could take it. Plus, he and his team were all that G-Force had right now; they needed to be ready for anything.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:02 pm
by Missingno.
"Heh, easy for you to say." Fukazawa sternly growled under his breath after Vaughn had left the room. The captain was sure that the other two members of his crew were still at the base; and sent them a simple text reading 'Be ready in ten minutes, meet at the hangar', which was highly unusual given that he took great pride in Moguera, and normally would have been bursting with energy at the news of Moguera's repairs finalized. But he had changed quite a bit, realizing just how much had changed at G-Force; and how it was practically under the JSDF units in terms of readiness. Nevertheless, he lazily began his way towards the hangar to commandeer Moguera once more.


Ghidorah had acknowledged the black moth's presence, but before it could respond, the first wave of tanks began to fire upon both of the creatures. Battra had been particularly caught off guard by this, and fell to the ground out of surprise. Ghidorah then pressed into the city limits, beginning a new trail of damage in the direction of travel it had looked onto just earlier. Some civilians who had made the fateful decision to stay behind in spite of the terror that was about to lay siege to the city began to flee as the monster trudged through the large volume of buildings essentially right over their heads, causing explosions underfoot and the total destruction of whatever structures laid in its path.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:52 pm
by Dr. Carter
Battra then flew into the air, enraged that the humans would attack him and interrupt the line of questioning. Despite the damage they had suffered, this was unforgivable, and was thus worthy of his fury. He then unleashed several prism beams upon the tanks, destroying several of them, and sending even more flying due to the resulting explosions from raking the beams across the ground. First take care of this interruption, then get answers from this Ghidorah.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:09 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus blinked in mild confusion at Junior's clear attempt to restrain him. He shrugged the younger creature's claw away, and continued swimming. If Junior thought he had any intention of stopping Godzilla from reaching the humans' metal whale, he was wrong. Godzilla needed to eat just like any other animal, and if a few humans got in the way, they were just unfortunate collateral damage. Anguirus would be a massive hypocrite to protest that, given the number of hapless birds, squirrels, and other small animals he knew he unintentionally picked up as he grazed on trees. Deliberate predation bothered him a bit, but things like this were just an unavoidable aspect of eating.

In any case, there were bigger things to worry about at the moment. The coast of Japan was now visible as a smudge on the horizon, and Anguirus could just make out the faint rumble of gunfire in the distance, along with the high-pitched roars of at least one kaiju. As Godzilla resurfaced and gave him a meaningful look, the spiky saurian grunted in agreement. The confrontation they'd been waiting for was fast approaching, and they all needed to be ready.

Suddenly, Godzilla whirled around and took off like a shot, disappearing into the distance in seconds. Anguirus bellowed in annoyance, picking up his own speed to no avail. What was it with gojirans that made them such terrible team players? He wasn't particularly concerned about Godzilla's safety, given that he'd held his own against the first Ghidorah for some time without help, but he'd thought that the whole point of gathering an alliance of monsters was that they could use their varied abilities and personalities to more effectively handle the Ghidorahs together. An element of jealousy was there, too, admittedly; Anguirus wanted to be present for the initial confrontation just as much as Godzilla did.

And on top of everything else, an uneasy part of him worried that Godzilla's recent aggression would be a problem. They had no way of knowing yet whether this new Ghidorah deserved to die, but he didn't expect Godzilla to ask questions before he attacked. Pumping his tail and paddling rapidly with his feet, Anguirus surged ahead, roaring to the others to pick up the pace.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:57 pm
by Missingno.
The first battalion of tanks was destroyed in an impressive sequence of explosions from the prism beams, each vehicle becoming a fireball of flaming metal one by one. Within seconds, the second unit of tanks was moving in on an adjacent street, firing their rounds on Ghidorah. The dragon howled from the tank shots exploding on its scales; to which the beast's horns began to surge with golden electricity, but unlike what Battra feared to come out, no gravity beams were fired at all...

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:08 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla slowed his velocity down some as he neared shore. He was so close now, just a few hundred feet away. The monster king peered his head above the waves to catch a glimpse of anything. His senses were blaring; Ghidorah was around here somewhere, it was now just a matter of finding him. Godzilla's eyes widened in animalistic rage as he soon sensed his target, as far away as he was. Using his tail as the largest spring on Earth, Godzilla breached from the ocean like a crocodile, and hurled his enormous mass high into the air.

Upon crashing back down to the surface, and landing squarely on his feet, the force of Godzilla's impact sent violent shockwaves cascading across Tsu for miles. Buildings were toppled, while smaller houses and shops were either sent tumbling or exploded into shards of bedrock and glass. Godzilla had noted Battra's scent in the same city that Ghidorah was in, but his attention was focused solely on this disgusting spawn of his mortal enemy. If this slithering worm thought that it could come and disgrace the territory of a king, and throw of the natural balance... It had another, completely different thing coming.

Godzilla's lips inadvertently curled back, revealing his enormously sharp fangs. His fists were balled tightly, his tail slammed forcefully into the concrete, and a dark shadow was cast upon his raging eyes. Godzilla took in a titanic gulp of air, and screamed to the very top of his lungs. Whatever civilians that were still in Tsu were permanently deafened and outright killed. Windows were blown in, trees were uprooted, and cars skid uncontrollably down the street. The savage bellow could be heard at full volume from 6 miles away. It meant one, simple thing: Destroy. A part of Godzilla told him to wait for the others and see what this new Ghidorah was about, but it was far too late. Immediately after the King of Monsters picked up the dragon's scent, his mind took him back to ten years ago, and his war with the golden demon.

He wouldn't let that happen again. Even if this wasn't the real King Ghidorah, Godzilla would at least get some satisfaction from ripping its black heart out. He ignored the sheer amount of artillery that had begun slamming into his hide, and proceeded to march swiftly towards Kyoto, heading straight for Ghidorah.


Junior stopped swimming and winced intensely at the sound of the roar, even going as far as to cover his extremely sensitive ears. The monster prince shuddered and gulped; never in his life had he heard his father make such a sound. Even when he saw Godzilla at what Junior thought was his angriest point, the former never emitted something so full of rage and... Hatred. It honestly shook him for a bit, but Junior also knew that they all had a job to do. He couldn't allow for his resolve to be shattered to easily.

Quickly, Junior caught up with Anguirus and remained by his side. He could pinpoint the harsh, artificial lighting that the humans loved to use. They weren't far now. Junior was ready for battle.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:58 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus, Byakan, and the mothra Larvae also increased their speed to catch up with Anguirus and Junior, eventually smelling what was ahead. The larvae made it to shore, almost hesitating to go into the city of Tsu. All of them had heard Godzilla's roar, and in Walterrus, it stirred something in him... Something he had put away back in the 1970s... It wasn't fear, but a rage, a rage that was building up in him. He had to hold it back though, if he was to be an effective help.

Soon Walterrus and Byakan made their land fall, both of them looking on at what was going on, being pelted by human artillery, but otherwise unaffected due to their natural kaiju resistance. Battra meanwhile had been shaken by Godzilla's roar, and turned towards the source of the disturbance. He couldn't see Godzilla, but he could hear him. He knew that answers would be ripped away from him if Godzilla followed through on the intent of that roar. Ignoring the human artillery, he turned back to "Guardian" Ghidorah, and demanded answers before the beast that wanted to murder him arrived.

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:48 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus charged ashore with the others, galloping into the humans' besieged nest as quickly as he could. A few rockets and shells detonated against his armored scales as the humans opened fire, but he ignored them, understanding how panicked they must be at the sight of so many kaiju. Instead, he focused on catching up with Godzilla, calling out again for his friend to slow down. But it was a lost cause, and he knew it; that deafening roar of mindless hatred had said it all.

He could see Godzilla a few blocks ahead, somewhat obscured by his own trail of billowing dust and smoke, looming over the surrounding buildings. But like the King, he could smell the close proximity of the new Ghidorah, and the familiar scent stirred his own feelings of deep, territorial rage. It wasn't the same scent, not quite, but it was close enough to deeply unsettle him. He unconsciously bared his fangs a bit, almost hoping that Godzilla was right. And when he heard one of the alien's high-pitched screeches coming from nearby, he involuntarily let out a low growl. This thing would need to make a really good case for itself, or he was going to be on it just as viciously as Godzilla.

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Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:48 am
by RodanStomps
Rodan flew overhead; the battle had begun. Sensing Junior's fear Rodan had reassured Junior that himself and the others will protect him at all costs. Rodan's muscles tensed as he heard the unspeakably evil screeches from Kyoto. He trailed behind Anguirus and Godzilla, destroying the remains of the human's defense involuntarily with his winds. Rodan knew there was no way to reason with Godzilla at this point, it would only cause more destruction and mayhem. Keeping his distance from the nuclear saurian and his spiked sidekick, Rodan roared to the heavens. He was ready for one final bought with the new Ghidorah.

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Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:29 pm
by Godzilla165
"On the day the world ends
A bee circles a clover,
A fisherman mends a glimmering net.
Happy porpoises jump in the sea,
By the rainspout young sparrows are playing
And the snake is gold-skinned as it should always be.

On the day the world ends
Women walk through the fields under their umbrellas,
A drunkard grows sleepy at the edge of a lawn,
Vegetable peddlers shout in the street
And a yellow-sailed boat comes nearer the island,
The voice of a violin lasts in the air
And leads into a starry night.

And those who expected lightning and thunder
Are disappointed.
And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps
Do not believe it is happening now.
As long as the sun and the moon are above,
As long as the bumblebee visits a rose,
As long as rosy infants are born
No one believes it is happening now.

Only a white-haired old man, who would be a prophet
Yet is not a prophet, for he’s much too busy,
Repeats while he binds his tomatoes:
No other end of the world will there be,
No other end of the world will there be."

Czeslaw Milosz

Alexis closed her book of poetry and sat it on the nightstand beside her. She folded her hands gently against her stomach, and gazed up at the intricately textured ceiling in her bedroom. She soon found herself being lulled to sleep from feeling her hands rising up and down, ever so delicately by her own breathes. Her clocked ticked and tocked rhythmically on the wall across from her, the air conditioning hummed softly, and the fan above whispered sweet nothings. The condo that Lex had been staying in was all but dark, only the small lamp on her nightstand, set to its lowest setting cast any light. As Alexis slipped into her own subconscious, she wondered if what Milosz had said was truth. Had he predicted the end of the world long ago?

She looked down at the rope lying on the floor.


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Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:49 pm
by Missingno.
Gondo had felt bad about lying to Fukazawa about where he was heading to after leaving G-Force earlier that day. He had not gone to the gym at all, but instead went home. Over the course of those few hours, he had taken a seat outside, lighting cigarettes to smoke occasionally. Truly, he felt that the end was not far for Tokyo. He looked at the skyline, thinking of how it could take a matter of minutes to transform the rebuilt skyline into a field of wreckage. But this was not the most peculiar detail regarding him for these past few hours. On the table in front of him, a small silver case lay. Nobody but him knew what was in this case, and few even knew it still existed for that matter. Many years had gone by since the contents inside had their urgency, but Gondo was constantly debating to himself on whether or not to possibly risk his life in revealing them once more, as they had taken a few friends of his due to events surrounding what was inside... He put his hand on top of it, and took it back inside, locking it into his safe. "You will be needed again one day, but now is not the time, old friend..." he said to himself, directing this statement to that very case.

Ghidorah seemed the slightest bit agitated that he could not use his gravity beams, giving a foul look to the tanks unleashing their payload upon him. The middle head turned towards Battra, and finally responded to his demands. From what Battra could get from the monster's wails, it had told something along the lines that the Earth had personally seized the opportunity to have another strong defender at its disposal, and intervened in a sort of way to have the severed Ghidorah tail of the terror that ravaged the planet so many years ago grow into a terrestrial form of the beast; one that was not bent on killing the planet. It went on to say thaat had Mothra not died so soon, it would still be sleeping to continue growth; but that this growth, and ultimately this Ghidorah's final form, could be achieved instantaneously by reaching the site of the late Mothra's hatching: Lake Ikeda.

Battra was taking in all of these revelations as Ghidorah continued through the dense infrastructure of the city, eventually catching up to the tanks and destroying a few, while the others desperately retreated. By this point, Ghidorah had pushed in to the Minami Ward district of the city, and was approaching the river. The tanks may have been ousted, but the last line of JSDF defenses was now arriving. Two MBAW-93 and four MBT-92 maser tanks were arriving on a single street from Ghidorah's southern flank. The tanks halter, and took aim at Ghidorah. Within seconds, the loud sound of electrical bursts filled the air as the MBAW-93s took the first shots. BZZZRT! BZZZRT! The center of the MBT-92 cannons lit up seconds later, and unleashed their rays upon the creature's hide alongside subsequent MBAW blasts. The golden dragon was unharmed as the rays harmlessly washed over its scales. It all three of its heads looked in the direction of the tanks, but did not attack; instead looking back in their seemingly fixed direction and continuing its journey through the city, and eventually crossing the river into the western half of the area. More buildings crumbled under the monster's weight, and several fires broke out along the wreckage as Ghidorah continued through this side of the city, until finally, with a chilling howl, it looked up into the sky and rammed into the ground, once again continuing its burrowing, now on the correct course towards the vastly far-away Kagoshima area...

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Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:45 pm
by Dr. Carter
This, Battra had to see for himself. He turned and followed after "Guardian" Ghidorah, and began to fly faster than he was digging to get ahead to the spot, and see for himself. If the creature was telling the truth, then it would indeed be changed by the remnants of the egg the old Mothra hatched from. If it wasn't though, it would face Battra's full wrath. Now normally, Battra wouldn't be questioning what the earth was doing, but recently, he had begun to wonder... He knew that soon enough, he would get more answers, he just had to stick with this creature to assess it's true intents.

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Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:06 pm
by Godzilla165
Vaughn sat next to the hangar doors, reading the local newspaper as he waited for Fukazawa to arrive. Call it the stereotypical hobby of an old person, but Vaughn genuinely enjoyed a good paper every now and then. Of course he could get the exact same information on his phone, but there was something about the simplicity of newspaper that was alluring to the old man.

Hearing several footsteps getting closer to him, Vaughn looked up and saw Fukazawa and his men walking down the hallway. Vaughn looked down at his watch and grunted.

"A minute late. Not a good way to start, captain." Joseph said dryly. He shot a quick glance at the others, before returning his steely gaze to Fukazawa. He motioned towards the tall, aluminum doors of the hangar.

"The tests start now. I myself, and Britannia want to see if you all are still viable assets." Vaughn affirmed. "You will need to go and get Moguera activated, run the necessary diagnostics, work the joints, and shut everything down. All in fifteen minutes. If you fail, then you'll all be stripped of your piloting badge."

Vaughn sat back in his seat, crossed his legs, and began reading his paper. "Get to work." He muttered.


Sensing that Ghidorah was escaping, Godzilla decided to piece up the pace. In what was the Kaiju equivalent of a full on sprint, Godzilla raced across the landscape. He plowed through and vaulted over every building in his way. The monster king carved a path of devastation into the city of Tsu, nothing else on his mind but catching Ghidorah. Godzilla had heard Anguirus's pleas for him to slow down, but he wouldn't. He that knew his friend understood how much he hated Ghidorah, to an extent. Godzilla's unrelenting abhorrence for the space demon ran deep. He wouldn't stop for anything nor anyone.

Whatever resolve the JSDF soldiers in the area might have had, it was gone immediately after they saw Godzilla charging towards them. The men threw their rifles to the ground and ran for the hills, or any building that wasn't in the direct line of sight. The JSDF had dealt with charging Kaiju before... But the sight of Godzilla quite literally sprinting at them, and the fact that he wasn't going slow... It would have made even the bravest of men evacuate their bowels. Any unlucky tanks were flattened or kicked miles away. Godzilla ignored the fleeing humans and increased his velocity.

Junior tried to keep up with his steadily disappearing father, stumbling and losing his stride often. A snarl of frustration escaped his lips; why was he suddenly so clumsy?! Junior felt his nerves rock back and forth; the thought of possibly even seeing Ghidorah, good-natured or otherwise, filled the prince with angst. He tried to push it down and play it off, but...

"I never realized how much I missed this place." Kenichi said as he looked around Yoyogi park. The clouds were still heavy, and the wind was harsh, but just being there alone with Riyoko... It was so peaceful.

"Why do you think I told you to come?" Riyoko mused. "How was the meeting, by the way?"

Kenichi looked at Riyoko and made a puking motion. "Exactly how you could think, honey. They're so far up their own asses nowadays, it's honestly hard for me to believe that I ever worked there." He said.

"That's how mega corporations are, sadly. G-Force is no different, babe." Riyoko calmly replied.

"I know I know, but I just always thought they were, you know? Like, G-Force used to fill the world with hope and resolve." Kenichi retorted. "I don't know, I guess... I guess it just sucks to see how far they've fallen."

Riyoko stared at Kenichi with a pitied look, she could see the genuine disappointment in his eyes. She scooted closer to him and wrapped an arm delicately around his neck.

"Hey, I get it alright? We both have been a part of G-Force for so long, it's hard to see what it's gone to." Riyoko murmured. She grabbed Kenichi's chin, and turned his head to face her. "But it'll be okay, I know it will. If they're still worth anything, they'll get their poop together."

Kenichi smiled ever so softly, but it quickly faded. "What's going to happen now that I'm out of a job? I mean, sweetie, we're about to be parents. As much of a blessing as that is, it's scary, you know?"

"Kenichi," Riyoko started. "We are going to be fine, okay? You're right, it is scary to think about how our life is about to change in such a big way. But once we bring this little bunny home..."

"You're right." Kenichi said, smiling sweetly. "I know that things may be kinda rough for a little while, but as long as I have you two, I know we'll make it."

Kenichi ran his hands though Riyoko's silky black hair, and gave her a sensual kiss on her soft lips. Riyoko laid her head down on his chest, and Kenichi wrapped his arm around her. He cursed to himself that he had forgotten his jacket back home, feeling the goosebumps rise on Riyoko's slender arm. He threw his head back and stared up at the clouds. He didn't let Riyoko know about it, but something told Kenichi that the world was soon about to fall into absolute chaos. He knew it would only make her worry even more, and Kenichi didn't want that. For now, he would just have to deal with the knot buried in his stomach.

"Baby." Riyoko suddenly muttered. There was a notable silence afterward, almost like hesitation.

Kenichi looked down at her. "What is it?" He asked calmly.

"I'm going to share a poem with you." She said.

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Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:12 pm
by JAGzilla
Neither Kenichi nor his wife, distracted as they were by one another, took any notice of a ragged-looking, bearded homeless man as he approached them from behind. Even if they had seen him, they'd have been unlikely to think anything of him. Many of Japan's parks, Yoyogi included, were 'home' to sizable homeless populations these days, people that had lost everything to kaiju attacks and had nowhere else to go. That sad fact suited this particular bum just fine. He'd watched them for some time, observing from different angles under such pretexts as walking past, or feeding a flock of nearby birds. He wanted to be very sure of Kenichi's identity before taking any further action.

Having decided that yes, he was indeed looking at the great kaijuologist Kenichi Serizawa, the man advanced silently to within striking distance. Then, quite suddenly, he let out a groan and slumped, collapsing over the rear of the bench and onto Kenichi before Riyoko could start her poem. In the ensuing confusion, neither of the startled lovers noticed the tiny speck of glowing blue slime that emerged from the man's ear and passed intangibly right through Kenichi's skull. The dramatic entrance aside, Yog wanted to play this one quietly. It would make its presence known to its new host when the time was right.

His purpose served, the homeless man, totally disoriented by the sudden return of control over his own body, lost consciousness.

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Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:10 pm
by Godzilla165
Riyoko shrieked in fear at the grungy man collapsed on top of her and Kenichi, the latter's eyes widened and mouth fully agape. It took several seconds for both to realize what had happened, and they quickly got from under the man, and dragged his limp form onto the ground.

"Where the hell did he come?!" Riyoko exclaimed.

"I don't..." Kenichi trailed off and placed two fingers on the man's temple. He sighed in relief; at least he was still breathing. "We need to call 9-1-1". Kenichi said.

"Already on it." Riyoko muttered as she punched in the numbers on her phone, and held it up to her ear. "Yes, operator? We need an ambulance, a man just collapsed on top of my husband and I... Look, I don't know why, just please send help!"

As Riyoko argued with the 9-1-1 operator, Kenichi looked down at the man curiously. He couldn't quite place it, but Kenichi felt... Disturbed by the bum's presence. Just something about the man made his skin crawl.

Riyoko finally got off the phone and sighed deeply. She gave Kenichi an innocent look. "What a day, huh?" She said.

"You're telling me." Kenichi replied softly.


When the world is ending, the sound
of children laughing will echo
through the dreams
of sleepwalking business men
who are humming R.E.M. on dreamless
asphalt patios. The azaleas will become wild
and creep up upon their teakwood decks,
dandelions and morning glories
poking their heads viciously
through the slats. The businessmen will need
to learn how to bake bread and not kill each other,
to churn fat into candles to light
the haunted night.

Before the world ends, they will make
delicate origami birds during the Superbowl
and then throw them in the fireplace,
telling no one. They will read
a slim copy of Anne Sexton secreted away
behind the toilet. They will make
windchimes in their minds
and build cabinets.

When the world is ending, housewives
will cut their hair short and play
acoustic guitars and gut fish
in polka-dotted fashion rainboots.

They will tell their children to be quiet
and paint their nails
with the last of their designer polish, watch
it chip away as they chop wood
and board up suburban windows. They will collect
the flecks of purple and blue,
of sparkly magenta and lemon yellow
like the tiniest precious stones. They will keep
them in jars they carry around their necks
until the cord snaps or they break
out in a rash, and they will drop it,
accidentally or intentionally, in a bloated sewer grate
beneath the shadow
of blackened skyscraper behemoths.

When the world is ending, gutter punks
and suburban housewives
and weeping business men and indie rock darlings
and world war veterans and skinheads and
scarred social justice warriors will crowd
into broken bunkers
and abandoned airports, faded barns
and moated, ancient castles.

They will kill each other
or kiss each other.

They will remember, for a moment,
the doorway of their first apartment,
their favorite houseplant. They will remember
and then crumple up each memory
as if an old newspaper page and use it
to pad the cage
of all their unknowing.


A flash! A glare!

In the misbegotten street of misery, a light

A hellish flash, and hellish sight

A roar! A shriek!

As it encloses it awful jaws upon the city street

A flash! A bang! As the melting metal falls with a dull clang

A roar, of triumph as the tanks swatting with futile shots

Melt like ore in fire, murderously hot

A sighing wail, as buildings fall beneath its sweeping tail

A fire! Fire! Burning throughout the streets

Killing everyone as it sweeps

A clangor, a cacophony of noise

As the thing tosses aside cars, boats and buildings like toys

A sickness! Despair throughout the crowd

Deaths 2nd in command, covering the city in a deadly shroud.

An silent eerie. After the long moments of agonies and pains..

And nothing in the city remains.

The King of Terror stirs from his delicious dream.

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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:11 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus decided to barrel after Godzilla, vaulting over the building that hadn't been trampled over. He wasn't about to be left behind by the monster king, especially at this crucial juncture. Byakan also started charging after the two kaiju, going on all fours, and doing the same as her "brother." If there were still any JSDF soldiers around, they'd most certainly be hiding now from seeing another kaiju almost the same height as Godzilla going into a direct charge, along with the giant tiger kaiju following right after him. Meanwhile, the twin larvae decided to follow in the same path, though being mindful of things not damaged. Their reasoning being the same as Walterrus', the destroyed path was already destroyed, and thus, little additional harm could come to it. Though as the two were slow moving, they couldn't move too fast without rolling, which was something they would do if they needed to.


Battra continued on his trek, following Guardian Ghidorah. He would have cut ahead since the dragon's destination had been stated to him, but the trouble was, he couldn't because he didn't know where the lake was located. Despite being the planet's guardian, he knew little of it's topography and geology. He could go where he could sense monsters were at, but beyond that, he had no idea where on the planet he was. So for now, he could only follow the dragon, regardless of whether that took him through human cities or not.

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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:03 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla looked over his shoulder and growled as he saw both and Walterrus Byakan gaining on him. A harsh roar told both Kaiju to stay back, or else; Ghidorah was his and his alone. Godzilla picked up his pace even more, and began to pull away from the sibling Kaiju once more. Any buildings in the way were tossed and shattered like lego pieces. The last thing on the monster king's mind was how much damage he was causing. His mind was clouded from everything else but catching Ghidorah, and nothing would stand in his way.

Junior was running alongside Anguirus for the majority of the time, but as soon as he noticed that everyone else was speeding up, so did he. Junior had to try and catch up with his father, so he could at least attempt at calming him down. Such a task was never easy with Godzilla, nigh impossible even. Still, the prince of monsters wouldn't give up hope. With a sharp grunt, Junior hunched down closer to the ground, and dashed off towards the others, following the path of destruction that Godzilla left.

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Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:41 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus grunted in frustration as the gojirans pulled farther ahead. He wasn't going to keep pace with them; his heavy carapace might've been an invaluable defensive asset, but the weight of it was both literally and figuratively a drag when he was trying to hurry, at least to the extent that Godzilla was demanding. He didn't have a nuclear furnace powering him tirelessly on, either.

He was past caring that they weren't staying together, however. If his anatomy had permitted it, he'd have been the one leaving them in the dust. This close, with maybe a few dozen miles between the terrestrial kaiju and their target, it was hard not to get caught up in the bloodlust of the moment. The same Ghidorah or not, it was similar enough that the coming encounter couldn't help but feel something like a rematch, something Anguirus was all too eager for right now.

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Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:25 am
by Godzilla165
Later that day when Kenichi and Riyoko returned home, the latter could immediately tell that something was off about her husband. Riyoko couldn't quite place her finger on it, Kenichi just had these certain, "ticks" that he didn't have before. He would do and say certain things that Riyoko had never imagined he would ever do. When she confronted him about it, Kenichi would simply brush it off and reassure her that it was nothing, and that he was fine. Riyoko remained skeptical, no matter how many times Kenichi denied it; she knew him far too well. Whatever it was, she would eventually figure out the cause. Neither Kenichi nor Riyoko knew that the former was now infected... Infected with a monster that was even deadlier than Godzilla himself.