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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:01 pm
by Godzilla165
One of the many perks of being a gojirian is having incredible stamina. Traveling for days or even weeks at a time was simple, and honestly mundane. For Junior though, being a natural born meant that he couldn't go forever without eating like Godzilla could. Merely consuming radiation only granted the former a short boost of energy for a few hours, and it didn't sustain Junior like it did for his father. Thus, Junior needed to hunt during he and his rag tag group's voyage across the Pacific. Anything that was big enough, and had flesh was edible for the prince. Crabs, sharks, and tuna made for tasty snacks, but Junior needed something more...Fulfilling. Luckily for the young kaiju, a pod of blue whales could be heard playing just a couple miles away. While the others were still catching up, Junior decided to stalk the sea mammals from a far enough distance, as to not draw too much attention to himself. He may have been reckless and green to the society of kaiju, but Junior was highly proficient in several aspects. Being an excellent hunter was one of them. Similar to Godzilla, Junior's favorite prey item were whales; they were big enough to be a worthwhile meal, and their meat had a certain taste that no other animal had.

Junior's highly sensitive ears picked up the guttural wails of a large, and healthy bull leading the pod. While the calves, cows, and elderly were all off either playing or hunting krill, the big bull kept to himself. Perfect. Junior silently eased further into the depths and slid into position, directly under his unsuspecting victim. Like all predators really, Junior's success rate of making a kill was considerably lower than his failure rate. He would make sure that he'd get his prize this time. He didn't strike immediately, no. Instead, Junior waited patiently, studying the bull's every move, waiting for the absolute perfect moment. The monster prince knew to wait until a whale's underside was completely "flat", and faced perfectly with the sea depths before launching an attack. Unfortunately for the bull, that's exactly what he did. Junior slid his protective films over his eyes, and shot forth like a torpedo. His streamlined gojirian body, absolutely perfect for swimming, cut through the water like a razor sharp blade. Before the large male could even register what was heading his way, and possibly get out of the way, Junior had already slammed into him. The vicious predator sunk his fangs deeply into the whale's muscular form, his enormous jaws holding the mammal firmly in place. The whale had been killed upon impact, but as Junior breached the surface of the ocean, he slung his head wildly to the right, and ripped the bull in half for good measure. Junior crashed back into the water, creating massive swells.

He would leave the two halves of his first kill and come back for them later. Right now, Junior set his sights upon his next targets: the rest of the pod. The whales had witnessed what had just occurred and immediately began to flee, mourning the loss of their leader in the process. Junior chased after the old and weak; he'd kill them first and then focus on the rest. The prince of monsters tasted blood, and now his predatory instincts were in full control. He was hungry, and he would get his prey.

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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:15 pm
by JAGzilla
The hunt didn't go unnoticed by Anguirus. The worst of the blood and gore had been dispersed by the time he reached the bull whale's floating remains, but he could still smell and taste it in the water, stinking and foul. He gave the corpse a wide berth. His two million years of existence had mostly desensitized him to witnessing violent death and its aftermath; indeed, the fangs he'd freakishly been born with had become his main weapon and he'd long since grown accustomed to ripping his enemies apart with them.

But he was still a herbivorous angilasaurus, mutant or not, and he couldn't fully suppress a deep-seated, instinctive distaste for predators and their work. He did his best to keep it buried, but it added a certain dimension of awkwardness to his friendship with Godzilla and Junior. He preferred not to be around them when they ate like this. They reminded him a bit too much of the vicious gorosaurs that had always stalked his herd, killing the young, weak, or unlucky at every opportunity... Anguirus himself had won the evolutionary arms race by unnaturally growing to a size that dwarfed the carnivores, ensuring his own survival, but he'd seen enough of his brothers and sisters disemboweled and eaten that the memories would never leave him. They surfaced every time he buried his own fangs into an enemy's flesh...

But the hell with it. With a forceful snort that sent a massive cloud of bubbles billowing around him, he put those dark thoughts out of his mind. He was what he was, and his new 'herd' was mostly made up of brutal predators that he'd gladly lay down his life for. That was the weird hand fate had dealt him, and he was going to live with it. He continued powering toward San Francisco, listening to the nearby cries of the terrified whales, and wishing Junior luck.

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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:07 pm
by Godzilla165
California coast
6:30 PM

At last, the group had made to their destination. Junior was still picking whale blubber from his teeth. While he may have had his fill hours ago, and honestly could have kept going, Junior knew that the others hadn't eaten yet. A trip of this magnitude must have taken its toll on Anguirus and the baby Mothra. Thusly, once Junior surfaced, he grunted that they would all take a small breather here on the shore. He would keep watch for anything suspicious, while Anguirus and the larvae could go and feast. Junior had been around Anguirus long enough to know whenever his surrogate uncle was hungry. He got a certain look in his eye, and his mood grew considerably more grumpy than it already was.

Once Anguirus located a source of food, he always had this goofy, stupid look of delight in his face before clearing an entire forest. It was the funniest thing Junior had ever witnessed. Godzilla would simply roll his eyes and shake his head, before going off somewhere else to let his friend eat in peace. Junior however, would a lot of times watch Anguirus gorge himself on the leafy substances he called food. It was an amusing sight to behold; Junior would've chortled if his vocal chords allowed it. Alas, he would have to stick with playful mocking, much to his uncle's dismay. And humans foolishly thought that deforestation was the cause of global warming. No. A hungry angilasaurus with very little self control, was.

Junior remembered how Anguirus had somehow convinced he and Godzilla to try the stuff he ate, and swore by. Never again. Godzilla chased Anguirus around for hours after that, and Junior kept his head firmly submerged in a lake all day, desperately trying to wash the horrid taste away. The monster prince shook his head amusingly. Anguirus had immediately told Mothra about it. They didn't let Godzilla live that one down for months. All a part of their small, and tightly knit family. There would be a big hole left from Mothra's passing.

Junior looked off into the distance and immediately furrowed his brow. There was a massive dust cloud billowing in the sky. Call it a hunch, but Junior imagined that that's where Godzilla was currently. Subtly was never the latter's strong suit. If the group was lucky, then maybe Godzilla would still be there. Junior could only hope so.

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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:10 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus now surfaced, and came ashore. Being greeted by the hungry, tired, but still high spirited Larva with a squeak. The dragon nodded his acknowledgement, and then took his attention to the billowing cloud. Where he had sensed the presence of four monsters, now he only sensed three. The dragon, who stood 35 meters taller than Junior, walked alongside the monster prince.

Unlike the rest of them, he only needed nuclear energy for sustenance, though he would eat things as needed when he was out of energy. He snorted to the monster prince that he wasn't here to cause trouble, but was here to investigate what was going on too. As well as to find his sister who was now here. But he would give them the chance to rest that they needed, for unlike Godzilla, Walterrus had patience for those with needs for hunger. The trouble was, there was nothing good here for Mothra and Anguirus to eat. No plant matter that was still alive and healthy anyways. Walterrus shook his head in sadness, observing the devastation, and the nuclear pulse that had made the one he made the other day look like a little spark. This, Walterrus grunted, was why he hated resorting to his powerful attacks. As Godzilla's actions showed, such highly radioactive attacks would leave more devastation in their wake than was necessary and intended.

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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:35 pm
by JAGzilla
True to Junior's expectation, Anguirus' face did indeed hold a goofy expression of delight as he greedily plowed through the kelp beds offshore, yanking the long strands up from the bottom and slurping them in like comically oversized spaghetti, the grim mood he'd been in all but forgotten now that he had food in front of him. Seabirds darted all around him as he gorged, picking off the thousands of fish he was disturbing, and a few nearby boatloads of humans snapped pictures, glad for the chance to observe a kaiju doing something that wasn't terrifying for a change.

Anguirus ignored them all, lost in his own little world for several minutes, until he'd finally taken the edge off his hunger. Eventually, though, he knew he had to get back to business, and pulled himself reluctantly away from his meal. He saw Junior floating on the surface a few hundred yards away, the usual obnoxious smirk on his face. The spiky saurian let out a growling honk that sounded angrier than he really felt, telling the little punk to mind his own business and get moving again. What, Anguirus wasn't allowed to unwind for a few minutes? Had to be serious all the time and keep the kids in line? Well... okay, he actually did, but that wasn't the point. They had some very dire things ahead of them, but Anguirus had learned as well as anyone that allowing oneself to enjoy good times while they were around made the inevitable bad times that much easier to deal with.

Besides, who wanted to fight off an alien invasion on an empty stomach? Nobody, that was who. He fully intended to keep grazing on trees once they reached land, though he remembered that Godzilla had killed everything in the vicinity of the human nest they were heading for. Eh, he'd find something eventually.

A bit later, they reached the radioactive ruins of San Francisco, now choked under a massive cloud of dust. Something intense had happened here; Anguirus hadn't forgotten that Mothra had mentioned a battle involving Godzilla. He observed Walterrus curiously as he made his way ashore, grunting a reserved greeting as he passed the dragon. He was clearly very powerful, reminding Anguirus somewhat of Godzilla, but didn't seem aggressive, simply staring sadly at the dead wasteland ahead of them, saying something about Godzilla going too far with his power. While he didn't like to hear his friend criticized, Anguirus couldn't help but agree to a point; surely the entire city hadn't deserved to die.

But whatever had happened was long over with, now. They had the future to worry about. Anguirus led the way into the dusty ruins, no longer needing the younger monsters' fancy sixth senses to lead the way. He could smell Godzilla, now, along with the male larva and two creatures he didn't recognize. He made his way cautiously through the dense dust cloud, letting out a loud honk to let his friend know they'd arrived.

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Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:37 am
by Godzilla165
Junior listened on as Walterrus made a case for himself, and hissed that none of that mattered at the moment. The most important thing right now was finding Godzilla. Junior hurriedly took point up beside Anguirus, and cautiously edged along through the now graveyard of a city. The monster prince gulped nervously; he had always heard stories about his father's terrible power, and his merciless rampages. To actually see the aftermath of both up close... That was a different story. Had Godzilla really gone too far? Did an entire city have to be razed to prove his point? Junior shook his head clear. No, he wouldn't allow himself to think that way. His father always had a reason for the things he did. Right?

The monster prince remained silent as Anguirus called out to Godzilla. Junior wanted to make sure that he got a response, before he himself gave it a shot. No answer. The overwhelmingly thick dust clouds made it nigh impossible to see anything. Junior was about to call out to Godzilla, when he sensed something peculiar. There were other monsters here. One of them, Junior had immediately recognized as the other twin larva. The other... Junior didn't have a clue. The only thing he could discern was its gender. Female. The gojirian could sense his father as well, but it didn't feel, "right". Something was off.

With a snort, Junior left the side of Anguirus, and dashed further into the massive cloud. He didn't slow down for a second. Junior knew that Anguirus would give him hell for this, but he didn't care right now. They were so close, and Junior would not let his father slip through his fingertips.

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Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:40 am
by JAGzilla
Anguirus roared in frustration as Junior suddenly bolted off into the gloom, gone from sight in an instant. Like his nephew, he could tell that something was wrong with Godzilla and agreed that they needed to find him immediately, but there was clearly a lot of risk involved. One or both of the unknown kaiju might've managed to defeat Godzilla; he couldn't think of any other reason his friend wouldn't have answered his call. Unless Godzilla had lapsed into another power-mad frenzy, and that might even be worse. Whatever had happened, Junior was charging right into it.

Snapping at Walterrus and the larva to stay together, Anguirus barreled into the cloud after the young fool, howling for him to stop. Visibility was gone after the first few steps, and he found himself crashing through the shells of burned-out buildings, concrete and steel raining down all around him. He shook his head, tossing a half-melted girder out of his horns, and kept pushing, plowing through an entire block of ruins, kicking up more and more dust as he went. Finally he reached a relatively wide street, and made his way along it as best he could, his spike-encrusted sides scraping the surrounding buildings as he went, rubble and abandoned vehicles crunching underfoot.

Very suddenly, he came to the edge of a massive pit, a crater that something had smashed into the earth. He nearly fell in, and had to clumsily scrabble and claw the earth to arrest his own momentum. He managed to hook his tail around a particularly sturdy building fragment, and used it to haul himself back onto level ground. It was at that point that he paused to breath, and he realized that Godzilla's scent was coming from directly below him- at the bottom of the pit. He sniffed deeply, trying to get as much information as he could, cursing the dust for blinding him; the scent of another monster was coming from the same place, but it didn't smell... well, alive.

Deciding to throw caution to the winds, Anguirus reared up and bellowed at the top of his lungs, letting the others know where he was and that he'd found Godzilla. Then he moved forward, carefully clambering down the unstable cliff and into the crater. He quickly located his friend's immobile body, lying unconscious and deeply embedded into the earth. The remains of the unknown monster were splattered all around him, and Anguirus repressed a gag as he realized what had happened. Godzilla had somehow fallen onto this thing and completely flattened it. He blinked confusedly as he tried to figure that one out. But it didn't matter; with a forceful grunt, he gave Godzilla a sharp jab in the side with his nose horn, trying to wake him.

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Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:30 am
by Godzilla165
Junior arrived at the edge of the crater and could smell Anguirus below, as well as Godzilla. How did the former manage to get there before him? Never mind that, Junior was just happy that they had found Godzilla. The young monster leaped into the crater, and landed on his feet with a solid "THWACK!" Immediately, he could smell the stench of death all around him. Junior slowly looked down and saw where the source was coming from. He almost yelped in horror, but somehow managed to hold it back. Whatever Godzilla had fought, was now scattered all around the crater. It had been an immense battle, and Godzilla had obviously done something drastic to end it.

Seeing Anguirus currently trying to wake his father, Junior quickly ran over to help. He took a moment to study Godzilla first, bending down and pressing his temple. Junior sighed in relief; his father was in fact alive and breathing, but whatever he did had seriously knocked him out cold. The prince saurian questioned aloud about what exactly happened, and how Godzilla had managed to get himself airborne to begin with? Perhaps he himself could explain, if he would just wake. Up. Junior grabbed Godzilla by his head and shook forcefully, to no avail. He checked his eyes and saw that they were both dilated... Ugh. That meant only one thing could wake him up now.

Junior growled that he knew a trick that hadn't failed him yet. He marched over to very end of Godzilla's tail, and hesitated. Junior groaned that he was sorry, before lifting his foot up, and smashing it down on Godzilla's tail. Literally in a matter of seconds, the King of Monsters ripped his eyes open, and exploded from his concrete prison. He bellowed in pain and immediately stared at Junior. Godzilla barked angrily that he told Junior constantly to never do that again. He stopped his scolding short, looked at Anguirus in confusion, and then back at Junior. Godzilla wearily clawed to his feet, and glared down at the lump of squashed flesh that was once Titanodon. Good riddance. The monster king's newfound power was still proudly on display, but that last attack had taken its toll.

Godzilla tiredly noted that he was glad to see both Kaiju, but wanted to know what they were doing here.

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Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:03 am
by RodanStomps
Rodan had been in hiding for....ah it doesn't matter, he had lost track anyway. He had helped Godzilla and Anguirus in the battle with King Ghidorah, and managed to help sever one of the dragon's wings, but was blown away along with Anguirus from the pure power Ghidorah had possessed.

Feeding on nothing but smaller, irradiated creatures left in the wake of Ghidorah's destruction. He had seen many strange kaiju that he hadn't recognized such as a strange green-crystal like monster and many strange mechanical beings.

Struggling to make any sort of telepathic connection with his half brother Junior for what seemed like an eternity, Rodan had finally sensed Junior. Not knowing what Junior was getting himself into, Rodan silently followed the younger Godzilla who had recruited Anguirus doing God-knows what. Rodan had been following the pair until he found Angurius had fallen into a massive crater.

Rodan silently chuckled to himself. Then he noticed something massive in the center of the crater. As he silently flew overhead, Rodan's nostrils were assaulted by the familiar, yet always unwelcoming stench of death. Were they too late? Rodan observed the situation from afar, as Junior and Anguirus had approached the fallen monster king. As Godzilla had come-to, Rodan chirped in joy as he flew down next to his fellow kaiju.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:56 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus gave a small shake of his head as he rolled his eyes from Junior dashing off with Anguirus charging right into the cloud of dust. He knew one thing, and that was to follow in. He then gave a small toss of his head with a small snort to the female larva to follow and stay close. With a small squeak, the larva acknowledged, and the two made their way into the dust cloud.

The smell of the dust, the death, it all assaulted Walterrus's nose. What a thing Godzilla was indeed, and so too was Walterrus, who had been born of similar destructive energies. The female larva felt like she was as cold as anything, and her memories seemed to be filled with similar images. She wondered, what did this with a louder squeak?

Walterrus grunted that what she was sensing was the remnant spirits of millions of souls extinguished at once. Death on a massive scale, something he was guilty of having done in the past for vengeance. Vengeance which had made innocent creatures and humans die for the wrongs of some individuals. For him, it was horrifying, as he could almost hear the wails of murdered spirits crying for vengeance. They both felt a chill, they needed to do what was needed, and get out. Thus, they moved faster and came to the edge of the crater, just as both Anguirus and Junior had jumped down to help Godzilla. That was when they saw the remains of another kaiju, what was left of it anyways.

Walterrus snorted in disgust at the death he sensed, especially more strongly as there had been something different about the dead kaiju, and he felt more would be rising now that it was gone. For now, there was the issue of what to do next when he felt a soft, furry thing bump against his right hand. He looked, and saw Byakan, though she was grayed from the dust, her bright blue eyes were as clear as they ever were. She was simply happy to see her brother once more as she stood up, and embraced him from the side. There wasn't much Walterrus knew in how to reciprocate the affection, but he still gently stroked the back of her head as she had shown him once to show friendly affection. He then stopped, and grunted what happened?

Meanwhile, the two larva reunited, and traded accounts. The male larva first told his sister that he already sensed the passing of their mother, so she didn't have to tell him about that. Though he was still saddened by her passing. The female larva then asked what happened here, and the male told her about the violent clash between Godzilla and Titanodon. Titanodon saying that Godzilla was currently the bigger threat, and he was here to stop him. Obviously, that didn't go to his plan as the ancient monster was killed. Both of them looking in, shuddered, and could sense the planet was NOT happy about one of it's chosen guardians being killed. They then with a nod both crawled down the side of the crater, and approached, stopping when Godzilla was awakened by Junior stomping his father's tail.

Walterrus and Byakan both looked on, and slowly approached, carefully climbing down the side of the crater. But they both kept their distance, not wanting to intrude too much on what was a family reunion of sorts. Walterrus then looked up, having sensed another kaiju who was making his way in. He then recognized it as Rodan, the same one from all those years ago. After that, he returned his focus to the group of five monsters ahead of him and his "sister," knowing Godzilla would sense the both of them now that he was awake.


Miyagi saw blackness initially, and felt some pain. He then woke up, and saw Vern was looking around the room. "Ugh, Vern, what happened?"

"I don't know..." Vern said, "One minute we're fighting a bunch of goons, and the next second, we're here. Wherever here is."

"Think G Force detained us?" Miyagi asked, seeing that they were clearly in a cell.

"Not by the looks of the guard." Vern said, "Unless they changed their uniforms to silver with a few red patches here and there." The guard then looked in, and gave a sickening smirk.

"Ah, good, you're both awake." He said, "The commander has been waiting for you both to wake up. You certainly kept him waiting long enough."

"Who are you?" Vern demanded, "Why are you holding us here?"

"I suppose I could tell you..." The guard, who looked like a Japanese man, said, "But not at the moment. The Commander will inform you of your situation, as he also gets the information he wants on NT-X."

"The improved diamond armor..." Vern said, with Miyagi having a look of horror on his face. Whoever these guys were, it was clear they had some nefarious intentions for the improved diamond armor...

Added in 23 minutes 46 seconds:

Toyone had little time to recover from the shaking of the guardian Ghidorah passing underground when Battra flew past. People freaked out and ran as he flew overhead, following in the Ghidorah's path. Just where was this thing going he wondered? There were no monsters here, just a human settlement that had mostly avoided kaiju attacks. He was determined to follow and find out though, as his duty was to protect the earth. Though with the waking of Titanodon, it seemed the planet had lost confidence in him. Or could it be that he was starting to waver in what was a bigger threat? Regardless, he had to find out what it was the guardian Ghidorah was going after, one way or another.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:27 pm
by Missingno.
Battra followed the burrowing Ghidorah from the air, which was made quite visible from the plume of dirt and dust that was rising from the surface the creature was under at any given moment. About twenty or so minutes had passed until in the distance, Battra began to see countless buildingsā€“and this Ghidorah was showing no signs of reducing speed in advance of this human settlement... This oddly familiar settlement.


Toyota, Suburb of Nagoya

Vague and confused reports of destruction made their way onto large televised billboards on the sides of buildings that made mention of an earthquake that completely destroyed Toyone. Within minutes, however, the entire populace began to feel slight vibrations in the ground. Some recalled the magnitude 9 earthquake that terrorized Japan many years prior; others were simply caught off guard. A look to the east would yield what was about to be a different story, however. One man who had looked off to the plains just outside of the city limits gazed at the moving plume of dirt, pointing and screaming while doing so, gaining the attention of others who then reacted similarly or simply began to panic. The shaking of the ground became much more violent as the plume entered the city. Countless buildings crumbled, and humanity ran terrified, as the tremor moved deeper and deeper into the city, and the surrounding areas. Countless amounts of people ran on the ground with likeness to scattering ants in terror as the streets shifted and buildings either partially or totally collapsed. Some unfortunate sections of highway overpasses choked with vehicles attempting to flee the incoming disaster fell to the ground. On one particular overpass, a electrical sign smashed several vehicles, causing an enormous traffic buildup to erupt into flames, killing those unfortunate people within their respective vehicles. Within minutes, large portions of the city were reduced to rubble. To top it all of, Battra was witnessing the destruction from the air. As he flew gently aloft in pursuit of the Ghidorah, he could see some of the scared and confused humans down below point at him and run in other directions beyond the smoke that was drifting in his direction; likely mistaking him for the cause of all of this.


Fukazawa had returned to the Super X II control room to confide to himself. He felt deep down that Kashiwagi's idea to protect this new Ghidorah would not fly in G-Force, and he was happy it hadn't; as he personally did not approve of the idea himself. But with Moguera down, there really was not much to do, and it made going to G-Force have no good reason other than to sit around and work alongside the posts of other staff at the moment.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:42 pm
by Dr. Carter
Battra cared little for the destruction brought upon the humans by the guardian Ghidorah. He felt that they deserved it for all the harm they had done to the planet. Nevermind creating weapons that created several horrible monsters. However, a part of him couldn't help but feel a little sorry for them. They were after all, living things that originated on this world like everything else. This was a thing he was of two minds about, and part of that came from his friendship with Mothra. However; he decided against adding to the destruction, and simply followed along. The humans had seen enough destruction for one day he figured, they didn't need anymore... For now.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:35 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus chuckled at Godzilla's reaction to Junior's blunt awakening tactic, his tail thumping happily against the ground as he watched his friend rise, unharmed. He grunted a greeting, and then got straight to business. He quickly explained that a second and possibly nonaggressive Ghidorah had somehow appeared in Japan, but didn't seem to have done anything yet. He and the others had thought it best to have Godzilla with them when they confronted it, in case it did turn out to be a threat. He asked how Godzilla wanted to handle the situation.

And then, of all things, Rodan suddenly dropped out of the sky. Startled, Anguirus instinctively whirled around and bared his fangs, but relaxed as he made out the intruder's identity. He'd met the pterosaur several times before, and was used to his unexpected entrances like this. Rodan was apparently Junior's brother, somehow or other, and that was good enough to make him part of the family, in Anguirus' book. He wasn't a bad guy to have on one's side in a fight, either, even if he hadn't had any more success against Ghidorah than Anguirus himself had.

Slapping Rodan's wingtip with his tail in a comradely sort of way, Anguirus asked if the pterosaur was as ready for a rematch as he was.

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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:46 pm
by Godzilla165
Kenichi had been driving for god knows how long, allowing his mind to wander wherever it wanted to. Riyoko had texted him earlier, saying to meet her in the local park in a half hour. That was really the only thing Kenichi looked forward to nowadays, spending all the time that he could with her. He may not have been in the very midst of G-Force anymore, but the man wasn't stupid. Kenichi was fully aware of all the recent spikes in Kaiju activity, and how they were basically free to do whatever they pleased. G-Force couldn't do anything about it at the moment; all of their major weapon systems were either down, or still in need of repairs. What was the world coming to? Hell, even the governments themselves had seemingly gone into hiding, and weren't spending a dime on any useful resources.

A part of Kenichi felt bad for leaving the way that he did, but it was honestly for the best. G-Force wasn't the same as it once was, and everyone knew it. Even the most diehard soldiers and pilots were beginning to see the cracks forming. Akiba: G-Force's most overly confident and high-spirited pilot, no longer acted the same way. He was much more solemn and unsure. It seemed as though in silent acquiescence, Akiba had accepted the truth. The faith in his mech still remained, but for the company that owned him... That was a entirely different story.

In all of the recent drama, Kenichi hadn't talked to what was as close to an older brother as he could get. He slowed the car down, reached into his pocket, and pulled out his phone. Kenichi quickly dialed Fukazawa's number and held the phone up to his ear. Aside from the occasional rock hitting the underside of the car, or an imperfection in the road, the cabin was entirely silent. That made the ringing of the phone echo throughout the car, almost eerily so. Kenichi imagined how Fukazawa must have felt, being in the middle of it all. He hoped that the captain would answer, so the scientist could at the very least, see how he was holding up.


Godzilla listened closely to Anguirus's news, and snarled angrily. He clenched his fists tightly. They'd locate this, "other" Ghidorah immediately, and gut him if need be. Another demon would NOT be allowed to raze Earth. Godzilla was honestly shocked to see Rodan standing before him. He hadn't seen nor heard from the pterosaur in, what, decades? Longer than Anguirus at this point. Godzilla didn't think much of it at first, as he knew that like himself, Rodan generally stayed to himself for the majority of the time. As time went on, and Godzilla finally reunited with Anguirus however, the King of Monsters grew a tad suspicious. He finally chalked it up to Rodan having been killed by, him. However, there his flying ally was, proudly standing by Godzilla's side, along with his lifelong companion. Godzilla snorted that it was good to see Rodan once again, and rudely flicked the pterosaur's beak with his tail like he used to. There was no significance behind it; Godzilla just knew that Rodan always hated whenever he did that, and it granted the monster king the least bit of amusement out of doing so.

Junior stayed off to the side a bit, and merely watched on in calm happiness. He had given Rodan a quick nod when he first arrived, but that was the extent of the prince's greetings. Junior didn't spend much time with his half-brother most of the time, and didn't form that close of a relationship other than being friendly. Though of course, they did share a unique bond in the form of a telepathic link. How they managed to have that, Junior will never know, but that meant that Rodan would usually always be around whenever the former needed help. Junior could appreciate him for that, at the very least.

Godzilla stomped past the two larvae and shot them a very quick look of approval, and neared Walterrus and Byakan. The nuclear saurian marched past both Kaiju without acknowledging either, completely ignoring their existence. Godzilla leaped up and clawed his way out of the deep crater, and proceeded to head out of the city, towards the coastline. Junior quickly followed suit, and gave both Walterrus and Byakan a sympathetic look. He didn't know why his father had completely ignored that they were even there, but it wasn't his issue to fix. Godzilla barked loudly and sharply for the larvae, Junior, Anguirus, and Rodan to keep up. They had a lot to do, and just from a quick glance at Anguirus, Godzilla knew that his old friend was still hungry. It was always that one look he had.

In the warm, orangish red glow of the sunset, the various sprites of energy racing around Godzilla's entire form, were oddly beautiful. The monster king looked a lot more, "refreshed" than he had been for some time. His deep, heavyset eyebrows still cast a shadow on Godzilla's true emotions, but that was now simply a given. He didn't even look back at the ruins of San Francisco; Godzilla had turned the city into a uninhabitable graveyard, and now he was done with it. He even left it a gift, as flattened and dead as it may have been.

It was quite fitting, honestly.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:56 am
by JAGzilla
As the assembled monsters trooped out of the crater, Anguirus lagged behind Godzilla a bit, positioning himself alongside Junior. Once they were on level ground, he suddenly honked the equivalent of "think fast!", giving Junior about a second to react, and then spun sharply, knocking the young gojiran's legs out from under him with a quick sweep of his tail. By the time Junior had crashed to the ground, Anguirus was on him, fangs lightly clamped around his throat.

He held that position for just a moment, long enough for Junior to process what was happening, and then backed off with a snort, glaring pointedly at his nephew. They'd sparred enough times before that he knew his message would be clear: if I can drop you that easily, imagine what something like King Ghidorah could do.

The kid was resembling his father more every day, but he was still nowhere near as bad as he thought he was. His hotheaded recklessness was becoming a problem, and he was on track to get himself killed if he wasn't going to see sense.

Once he'd decided his point was made, he backed off and hurried to catch up with Godzilla. As they waded out into San Francisco Bay, he tilted his head back and howled a battle cry into the dust-choked sunset. After all of the running around and tension of the last few days, it felt good to finally be setting the endgame in motion. Whatever the new Ghidorah turned out to be, he'd be glad to have the suspense over with. And then... then it was on to the original space demon.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:39 pm
by RodanStomps
Rodan observed the others around him.
Godzilla was there of course. Decades have passed since he saw his comrade. It seems silly to Rodan that they fought at one point when the real danger was right there the whole time. It was all thanks to Mothra that the two would put aside their differences. Rodan was a bit agitated at the gesture given by Godzilla, but he brushed it off as their friendship being rekindled.

Speaking of, TWO Mothra larvaes? The thought of there being two Mothras standing...erm lying? right in front of him seemed very bizarre to Rodan. He was happy never the less.

Junior, his half brother. Or were they even related? It didn't matter, the two definitely had some sort of connection, especially regarding the telepathic link they share. Rodan will always watch out for Junior, no matter what stands in front of him.

Rodan chirped in response to Anguirus. This time, they will win. Rodan knew Anguirus from previous struggles. He especially recalls when the two and Godzilla fought bravely againt the space menace Ghidorah. It was a bloodbath but Rodan still considers Anguirus to be one worthy ally.

And what in the world are those two? Rodan thought to himself. Not all that different from some of the other creatures Rodan encountered during his time of isolation. No worries though, this team will need all the help they can get.
Out of nowhere, Anguirus honked and had swept Junior off his feet and had him on the ground within a second. If he can drop you that easily, imagine what something like King Ghidorah could do. Rodan thought to himself silently.

As Godzilla roared, the band of kaiju trekked on. Rodan flew ahead of the group, not unlike him at all, but with more of a purpose to scout ahead and plan out their attack.

Rodan soared over the bay towards the city, nothing but ruins. Whatever this new Ghidorah was...Rodan was glad they had some more preparation. This was going to be a long battle.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:33 pm
by Dr. Carter
The pair of twin larvae followed suit, giving Walterrus and Byakan sympathetic looks. At the very least, Godzilla ignored them, rather than what he could have done. The brother and sister were soon out to the sea with the rest of the pack, taking note of Anguirus' test of Junior's reflexes, and continuing on.

Walterrus had tensed up when Godzilla passed by, but relaxed when he ignored him and his "sister." He was certain that Godzilla was going to take an exception to him in particular, as much as other Godzillas may have called him a pale shadow. Perhaps it was the fact Walterrus was himself a very powerful kaiju on par with Godzilla, though he himself believed Godzilla to be the stronger of the two. He then looked to Byakan who had taken to giving a little growl at being ignored by Godzilla. Though she was admittedly relieved that Godzilla wasn't in the mood to attack either of them. She had been shocked however to learn that a new Ghidorah existed, and looked to her "brother," knowing that was one of the reasons he had come for her.

Walterrus nodded, he had come to get her help if the new Ghidorah was a threat. He was confident they both could handle a Ghidorah that was not yet fully developed, though a fully developed one was a completely different case. Either way, he grunted a promise to her. They would not be separated willingly until the original Ghidorah was defeated, he would stay with her until the bitter end if it came to that.

Byakan softly growled in agreement. She wouldn't abandon her "brother," and would be by his side right up to the end. They were of the same mind, "siblings" who would stick together. They then began to follow the main group, Walterrus grunting to Junior to pick himself up if he didn't want to fall behind. He also grunted in a sort of chuckling manner so as to give off a not so serious air, that Junior should be aware of himself and his surroundings. He knew Anguirus was testing him for his own benefit, the fact he was knocked over so easily meant he needed to work on his reflexes. Something Walterrus himself would be willing to help if the prince wanted it. Byakan also gently growled the same, wishing to help the prince to eventually live up to being the King he was destined to be. Unlike his father, Byakan really liked Junior for some reason, perhaps it was because the prince of monsters didn't have the aggression or hatred that was tied so closely to Godzilla. Perhaps it was also the fact that in his own way, Junior reminded her of Walterrus. The two did seem to have a fair bit in common, despite being different species and having different origins, their natures were relatively the same. Though Walterrus had age, wisdom, experience, and even patience. She could sense that the dragon king also wanted to help Junior get to be the King of the Monsters he was destined to become, if only because Junior reminded Walterrus of himself. The two then got a bit further ahead, Byakan playfully brushing her tail tip against Junior's cheek as she and her "brother" passed by him.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:18 am
by Godzilla165
Junior lay there still in shock from Anguirus taking him down so easily. While he knew how strong his uncle was, the monster prince didn't think that he could have been swept off his feet without any effort. Junior hissed in frustration, not at Anguirus, but at himself. Whenever he possibly could, Junior would convince Godzilla to spar with him; he needed to get stronger, and wouldn't stop until he was worthy enough to defend this world. The friendly banter from Walterrus made it that much more evident; Junior had some work to do. Byakan's gentle reassurance gave Junior pause for a moment, but he soon felt comfortable and better from it. It made him see that he had help, even from Kaiju that he didn't know too well. Junior quickly picked himself back up, dusted himself off, and ran to catch up with the others. He took in a deep breath, and screamed towards the heavens. Whatever evil was out there, Junior would be ready to face it.

Once Godzilla got to the edge of the shore, he stopped suddenly, gazing out at the warm sunset. It was strange, Godzilla possessed all of this power, and yet... Something inside of felt, "off". The monster king looked down at his hands, and saw that they were trembling a bit. Was it unsureness? Godzilla didn't exactly know, but he couldn't let anyone else see him like this.

Junior arrived at his father's side, and purred with concern, asking Godzilla if something was wrong? The latter quickly denied the accusation, and gently patted Junior on his cranium. Godzilla had witnessed Anguirus taking him down with ease. He snarled that Junior had much to learn, and if he kept this irritating reckless up, then he wouldn't even live to see the new year. Godzilla squeezed Junior's shoulder tightly. He wouldn't allow that to happen, he couldn't. Junior remained silent, but a small nod indicated that he understood. He asked if they could spar before they left, but Godzilla shook his head no. They didn't have time right now, but he assured that they would when the time was right.

Godzilla took his hand away from Junior and sighed deeply. He then clenched both of his claws into tight fists, threw his massive head back, and howled proudly. If Ghidorah thought that he could escape from Godzilla's grasp, the demon had another thing coming. With that, Godzilla dashed forward, leaped high into the air, and slammed into San Francisco Bay. The enormous waves threw Anguirus around, as Godzilla resurfaced. The latter grunted playfully for his friend to try and keep up, before diving back underneath the waves, and speeding off.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:08 pm
by Missingno.
Fukazawa felt the phone vibrating in his pocket. With a sigh, he pulled it up, and looked at the screen to see it was Kenichi. He accepted the call, and with a enervated tone, answered with a "Yes, what is it?"


The scene that had played across Toyota had also played in the neighboring Yokkaichi before the moving plume of debris exited the Nagoya metro and entered the undeveloped areas west of the city. By now, there was an emergency issued for Koka, the next large city in the path of whatever was tunneling. However, the emergency was not issued for what was under the ground, but rather for the following Battra in the air; which many citizens who reported the damages had mistakenly believed was the source of the damage that had just been wrought in the cities.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:55 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Larvae braced themselves as they felt the wave wash over them, and then allowed themselves to be swept out with the wave. At least they would be able to keep up with Godzilla more easily.

Walterrus and Byakan were soon at the shore themselves, with Byakan enthusiastically jumping into the water, ready to leave this desolate and spooky place. It also helped to get her fur cleaned from the dust, and she chuffed playfully for Walterrus to hurry up. The dragon simply gave his head a slight shake, and then waded into the water. He looked over his shoulder back at Junior and Anguirus, and nodded his head. It was time to get moving, and he soon was off on his way after Godzilla, Rodan, the Larvae twins, and Byakan.


Battra of course cared little for the humans mistaking him for being the one creating the devastation. Of course, as the calls were likely being fed to G Force, they'd be telling the people that a dust cloud of devastation preceding Battra was not one of his abilities. But of course, people generally didn't know better, since most didn't research Kaiju anyways. Still, this would all be much to the chagrin of G Force, though they were unable to do anything. Especially since, despite the repairs being complete, Jet Jaguar was not up to the task since he hadn't shown up, or so one might guess with his still current absence. Though there were still the Super X flying tanks...


The City of New York

Such a busy metropolis, even the destruction of twenty years ago didn't stop this city for long. Though it had it's fair of kaiju attacks over the years. Most notably, by a creature that was mistaken for Godzilla, but when you saw him, you would think how it could EVER be thought of as being the king. Unless you called it the king of iguanas of course. This particular day, despite the damage being done by other kaiju, New York was relatively calm, completely unaware that a kaiju disguised as a human was walking through. He was not the same being as Revendore though, oh no. This one came from space, and had arrived twenty years ago to put an end to King Ghidorah and collect the bounty on the planet killer's heads. However; he arrived simply too late, but knew that Ghidorah had visited this planet before, been driven off, and always returned when he was ready to try again. It was simply the waiting game this disguised kaiju was playing.

The "man," we'll call him, had the look of a Japanese American, wearing a set of clothes that would not look out of place in 1985. A red jacket with white cuffs, a rock band T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of nikey sneakers. He was usually all business, but he did enjoy the reactions some of the women had to having their rears slapped. Though didn't use his own hands, oh no, that would be stupid. Instead, he used his tail, which was invisible, to do the mischievous deed. He passed by a man and woman who were side by side, and just for the fun of it, he used his tail to slap the woman's behind. Which resulted in her gasping as she looked at the man to her side, and smacked him upside the head, leaving the man confused. The "man" wore an entertained smirk on his face, that trick never got old. He then stopped at a cross walk in Times Square, and looked up at the buildings. He admired the human ingenuity, and how they had managed in such a short time to create such impressively high buildings. Though not that big compared to his true height, he still had to be impressed that at less than two meters tall, they were able to make the buildings at all. If they could survive long enough without blasting themselves back to the stone age, they could easily take their place in the stars with the Ultras, the Xilians, and his race, the draborgmen. He wondered though, if the kaiju of this world wouldn't stop that first either?