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Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:45 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior walked up to Gipsy Danger and looked down upon her fallen body. He knelt down to one knee and studied the machine thoroughly. Aside from sparks jumping out of her metal shell, various small dents, and a few openings in the hull, Gipsy was still very much intact. As for Alexander, he would be make a swift recovery; a concussion and a few stitches wouldn't keep him down for very long. The thrashing may have been rough, but the force was still nothing compared to the nuclear pulse that wiped Osaka off the globe, and left Kiryu in need of extensive repair. Junior gazed out to sea with a look of irritation. He would make Walterrus reveal his true intentions soon enough. For now though, Junior sensed other Kaiju in the area, and both of which were immediately familiar.

The monster prince would meet up with Anguirus and the larvae, and find out where exactly they were going.


Joseph pinched the ridge of his nose tightly. He knew it was a mistake sending Gipsy Danger out to face something like that... But what choice did G-Force have? Luckily, the Jaeger's repairs would be brief; for a considerably smaller and weaker mech, she could take a beating. Vaughn motioned for Gipsy and Alexander to be retrieved and brought in immediately. He looked around for Hidachi, but found the man to be gone from the room. Vaughn figured that he was likely off seething in his office, and the former didn't blame him. Until SMG and Moguera were completely finished, G-Force was upstream without a paddle.

Time was not on their side.

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:50 am
by JAGzilla
Anguirus rounded a hill and finally caught sight of Junior in the distance. He called out a greeting and made his way toward the younger monster, grateful to see that he wasn't lying dead in a crater somewhere. The larva's mystical senses had guided them accurately, then. He glanced back at her and gave a grunt of approval. Junior's continued existence also implied that either he had yet to encounter the new Ghidorah, or it was benevolent after all. Anguirus would only believe the latter if he saw it firsthand, of course.

But where was the- oh. A closer look revealed the prone form of a downed human mech at Junior's feet, a blue, human-shaped one Anguirus had never seen before. He approached the lump of sparking metal and sniffed it cautiously, but it didn't appear to be in any imminent danger of getting up. An unfamiliar kaiju's scent was all over the area, especially strong in the places where blood was spattered across the mech's hull and soaking into the ground nearby. The fight had been an intense one, then, even if it hadn't lasted long. The kaiju (he remembered that Mothra had mentioned something about a dragon that was on their side) had departed, though; he could smell its trail leading off toward the ocean.

Satisfied that there was no immediate threat, Anguirus looked up at Junior and asked what he had missed. Where were Battra and the adult Mothra? Had any of them run into the new Ghidorah yet?

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:42 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior stared up at Anguirus with saddened eyes. Rising to his feet, the prince Kaiju purred with a heavy heart that Mothra was dead. Junior turned to stare blankly out at the calm, and humming bay. He was young; he had never truly lost an ally before. Even if Junior didn't know Mothra as well as Anguirus or his father did, he could sense the goodness in her heart. Junior may have been green and spry, but he was no fool. The gojirian knew of all of the negativity that was poisoning the world. He just didn't know the exact cause of it.

An overzealous bellow promised both Anguirus and the larvae, that Junior would make it his mission to locate this, "new Ghidorah", and personally figure out if he was benevolent or not. If the latter, then Junior would happily tear the multi-headed worm limb from limb.

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:00 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus closed his eyes and sighed deeply at the news of Mothra's passing. He hadn't actually known this particular incarnation of his old ally well, as she'd hatched while he was unconscious inside that mountain, but he'd seen enough to know that she was as good and respectable as any he'd ever met. As always when one of the great moths died, the world felt colder and darker for it. Especially these days, with evil and uncertainty seemingly lurking around every corner. The world needed the force for peace that was Mothra. And now... he turned and silently regarded the little caterpillar at his side. Now that heavy responsibility would have to fall to she and her brother. He could only hope they were ready. And Junior, as well, for that matter. All three of the young monsters were going to have to grow up in a hurry if they were to survive the coming war.

And that started with being realistic. Straightening back up, Anguirus returned his gaze sternly to Junior, and barked a negative to his nephew's declaration. He explained that he agreed wholeheartedly that the new Ghidorah needed to be tracked down and evaluated (at the very least), but under no circumstances was Junior doing it alone. Even had all three of them gone, he knew they weren't likely to stand a chance against something with Ghidorah's power if it did turn out to be hostile. They'd need Godzilla, and they were going to find him first.

He glared into Junior's eyes, recognizing the reckless fury they held (he knew that feeling well, himself) and hoped the kid wasn't going to be stupid enough to argue with him...

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:17 pm
by Dr. Carter
The female larva had sensed the passing of her mother, so she was prepared for when Junior delivered the news. She nodded to Anguirus in confirmation of what she had sensed with their dragon ally. She also agreed that they needed some real power with them to figure out what the true intents of this new Ghidorah were, in case it turned out to be no better than the original Ghidorah. Godzilla would be good, but the dragon would also be helpful, and she could sense where he was going. It so happened that his direction was where they would likely be going next. She felt bad about leaving Battra to deal with this on his own, since he was heading in the same direction as the new Ghidorah was. But Anguirus was right, without Godzilla at least, they didn't stand a chance against a Ghidorah. So at the moment, both her and Anguirus were voting to get Godzilla.


Walt, Jack, and Jen were released from the infirmary, but Alisha was still unconscious, so she had to remain in observation. The three began to resume their work in their space, pulling the files from Monarch as well as G Force and their own studies to compile some information for Vaughn and Hidachi in regards to Walterrus. "Man, what were they thinking?" Jack said as he typed on his key board furiously. "Don't they know that Walterrus has similar capabilities as Godzilla?"

"Unfortunately, no." Walt said, "Monarch still hasn't upgraded our little research team to a higher status as they're convinced that Walterrus isn't that important compared to Godzilla. Not surprising, since aside from little spats and vengeance acts, Walterrus is generally more docile than Godzilla. Thus, he's not as big a threat, so Monarch hasn't exactly been forthcoming with information on him. Nor on Byakan, hence why we made a little agreement with G Force to give them all information we have on Walterrus in return for them giving us access to equipment that Monarch hasn't deigned to give us."

"Bureaucrats..." Jen said in disgust, "They always make things harder on us ground soldiers and scientists. They don't even go out on the front lines."

"I'll say this for G Force at least." Walt said in the defense of the organization they were doing their best to assist, "Nearly everyone who's in a command position has gone out in the field. So they know exactly how things are. Not like Monarch, which is rather bureaucratic outside of the Serizawas..."

"Amen to that." Jack said, all three of them continuing to work.

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:18 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior was about to argue back, but his uncle's steely glare made the former hang his head in submission. Anguirus was right, they needed Godzilla if they, and Earth itself for that matter, had any hope of taking on a Ghidorah. Luckily for the trio, Junior could use the same sixth sense that Godzilla possessed, in order to pinpoint his location.

Suddenly, Junior perked up and slowly turned around upon hearing a high pitched yelp. His eyes brightened as he saw a human standing atop a building, several yards away. It was strange; the tiny creatures usually ran upon seeing something like the prince nearby. Not this one though. This human merely stared and gawked at all three monsters in complete awe. Curiosity overtook reason for Junior, and he slowly crept up to the bold human, as to not potentially frighten it off. He bent down to get a better look, and could see in the person's eyes, that they weren't scared of his presence in the slightest.

This human was a strange one however. It was shorter than others Junior had seen before, and it had a ton of brown fur covering its head. Junior narrowed his eyes and gently blew warm air into the creature's face. Still, they didn't run; instead, they made a bizarre, rapid, and sickening sound. They then twisted their face into an expression that bared their tiny fangs... But it didn't come off as threatening. It was almost playful in a sense.

The little girl slowly extended her arm outward (much to Junior's surprise), and delicately pressed her hand up against his snout. Junior didn't know what to do. Did he pull away? Did he hiss at the thing? Did he eat it? The monster prince merely remained where he was, and allowed the child to finish doing... Whatever she was doing. Even through her tiny appendage, Junior could feel the warmth radiating from it. There was no hesitation, no fear, no distress. It felt... Inviting... Peaceful. After a few more moments, the girl gently removed her hand and smiled joyfully. Loud, and harsh shouting suddenly came from inside the building a few levels down. The girl jumped and her smile turned into a look of worry and desperation. Junior watched curiously as she hurriedly disappeared back inside of the building, and turned to leave himself.

Junior questioned Anguirus as to why his father despised mankind so? They didn't seem as despicable as Godzilla made them out to be... So what was it? What was he missing?

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Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:28 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus relaxed, satisfied and relieved that Junior had been willing to see sense. He understood his nephew's desire to chase after the mysterious Ghidorah only too well; he'd already be on the trail himself if he hadn't stumbled into picking up two naïve young that needed him to do the responsible thing. And he meant what he'd said: he knew that he wasn't a match for a Ghidorah, though he had no intention of backing down from either when he met them.

Then he watched confusedly as Junior had his moment of interaction with the young human. It was a strange sight; peaceful contact between kaiju and humans was rare enough, but for a human to actually (willingly) touch a kaiju? Rub his snout, or whatever she'd done? That was practically unheard of. The Mothras were the only ones he knew of that routinely allowed anything like that, and they were obviously... special cases. Most kaiju would've killed the kid without a second thought. Anguirus himself wouldn't have approached her to begin with, at least not intentionally. What would've been the point?

When Junior finally turned back and asked his question, Anguirus wasn't immediately sure how to answer. Godzilla's deep hatred of humanity had always been a part of his personality that Anguirus had little to do with. The two spent most of their time together either relaxing, sparring, or assisting one another in battle. He was well aware that Godzilla often went out of his way to attack humans or their nests, but he rarely did it when Anguirus was around. It was sort of a private, personal conflict, and he'd never had the impression that Godzilla wanted him to get involved. Nor did Anguirus himself want to get involved; the humans could be annoying at times, but his conflicts with them had mostly been territory-related, and he could respect their desire to protect what was theirs, even if they were often overzealous about it. Still, he had a vague understanding of Godzilla's reasons for hating them, even if he didn't feel as strongly about them.

The problem, he growled to Junior, was that some humans (not all, but enough) were extremely arrogant, willing to go to insane lengths in inexplicable quests for power, or in their constant wars with one another. They'd done... something... used a particularly cruel weapon, and it had somehow turned Godzilla into the unnatural beast he was today. Painfully, from what Anguirus had gathered. Godzilla had been tortured, and he wanted revenge, and to ensure that the little creatures respected their low status in the hierarchy.

Anguirus wasn't sure that what Godzilla was doing was necessary, as it was clear that not all humans were bad, but he didn't question it. Life was cruel, sometimes, and needless death was simply a part of reality. Anguirus wouldn't (usually) stop a predator from killing its prey, and he didn't see a need to stop Godzilla from doing what he apparently had to do.

But now... he wasn't sure. Times had changed, with the arrival of a creature that threatened all life. Anguirus hailed from a species that had travelled in herds and banded together for mutual defense, and that instinct was still a part of him. He was inclined to think that it made more sense to set aside small, personal conflicts in the face of this larger threat. Kaiju and humanity might have to join forces if any of them were to survive.

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Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:35 pm
by Godzilla165
"Oh my God Riyoko, you're really starting to show, you know that?" Alexis enthusiastically said as they waited for their food. The two women had decided to have lunch at Tapas Molecular Bar. They hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together with all of the recent events that had occurred. Now that both Lex and Kenichi had time off, the former and Riyoko used the opportunity to catch up.

Riyoko shot Lex a big, goofy grin, and looked down at her stomach. She giggled joyfully while rubbing on it gently. "I know right? Everything that I eat gets stolen by her. It's like I've got a tiny little vacuum in my belly!"

Alexis held her hand up against her mouth to keep from spraying Riyoko with Magarita juice. With a hefty "gulp", she managed to swallow it down and laughed to the point where it caught the attention of other lunch-goers. She didn't care. Lex was just glad to finally be spending some time with her friend again.

"She's a sweetheart." Lex mused. "You're making me want to have a little vacuum of my own now."

"I'm flattered." Riyoko chuckled. "You're only eighteen though, Lex. Right now, use your beauty to your advantage... And sleep with as many men as you want."

Both women snickered to themselves, and Lex merely stared at Riyoko like one would an old, timeless painting. In the back of her mind, the young girl felt sick and highly distressed. For some reason, perhaps just her mind merely playing tricks... Alexis could subconsciously feel that something was, "off" about her friend. Alexis was somehow aware that Riyoko... Her time... She kept it to herself, as to not spoil the afternoon. She simply smiled to keep her spirits lifted, and sipped more of her melting beverage.

"Kenichi really is a lucky, lucky guy, you know?" Lex continued.

"You're far too sweet, Lexi." Riyoko giggled. "No, if anything, I'm the lucky one."

Riyoko gazed down at her silverware and seemingly got lost in its silver, reflective simplicity.

"Kenichi is... He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, Lexi. It's something that I can never explain, but the feelings that I have for that man... They're feelings that make it feel as though we're meeting for the first time, every time, you know?"

Riyoko wiped a few tears that had tried to skitter down her cheek. She laughed it off and leaned a bit back in her seat. "He tries so hard, Lex. Even in his darkest moments, he tries so hard to make sure that I'm okay... That the baby is okay."

Alexis merely listened on.

Riyoko gazed over at a random vase in the corner of the room and shook her head. "And he thinks that he's okay, and that he can just keep going on like this... But I know my husband. He's not himself. He hasn't been himself in years. It's almost..." Riyoko choked on the last few words. She locked eyes with Alexis and saw that the girl's face held concern and angst. Riyoko grinned sweetly as to reassure Lex that she was okay; she hoped that it'd work.

It didn't. Lex was far too wise for her age, unfortunately. She didn't prod, however; pushing harder would only cause Riyoko more distress than she already had. She was right, though. Kenichi was one of, if not the sweetest guy Lex had ever met. His dedication and loyalty towards his friends and family was unprecedented. That was one of the reasons why Lex had become best friends with him for so long.

"How do you think the meeting is going?" Alexis asked, trying to change the subject.

Riyoko's lips tightened up and she slowly shook her head. "I have no clue, and that scares me."

"I'm sure everything's going okay; the big guy isn't as scary as people make him out to be. Kenichi will be fine, especially now that he's done taking any poop from G-Force. We both are." Lex affirmed gently.


Junior listened on in awe. Godzilla hadn't told Junior about any of this before. Frankly, the latter's father never opened up to him, let alone allow for his feelings to show. The monster prince had no idea just how deeply rooted Godzilla's hatred for mankind was. Personally, Junior couldn't see a reason to be so terribly disgusted with a tiny, yet dangerous race of fleshlings. However, he completely understood where his father was coming from.

A guttural growl told Anguirus that it was powerful, what he had just told him. He now saw Godzilla in a different light. It made Junior that much more anxious to see him now. The group needed to leave soon if they had any hope of catching Godzilla. And so, Junior dashed towards Tokyo Bay, leapt high into the air, and slammed down into the depths. He would lead the way to their quarry.


"Take a seat, Mr. Yamane; you and I have much to discuss." Hidachi said as he and Kenichi stepped into his office.

The young scientist did what he was told, and sat down in a chair sitting directly across from Hidachi. Kenichi took a quick glance around the spacious office. Hidachi possessed a variety of interesting memorabilia from around the world. One item in particular caught Kenichi's eye: A pearly-white and gold ninja standing front and center on his desk. The figurine was made completely out of real gold and pearl. It was strangely beautiful and elegant in its construction and stature. A radical departure from the rest of the world was at the moment.

"I would to once again like to express how appreciative I am for you coming in to speak with me today, Mr. Yamane." Hidachi said, now sitting in his chair. "I know how much of an unprofessional asshole Mr. Evans was to both you, and Ms. Tammiah. Neither of you will have to worry anymore, however, as I made sure that Evans was swiftly terminated after the incident."

"Well, I appreciate you letting me know that sir." Kenichi responded. "However, Thomas wasn't the only reason why I decided to step away from G-Force for awhile."

Hidachi raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Kenichi leaned forward in his seat and crossed his fingers on the desk. "Why did you make us go to Osaka?"

Hidachi's face went blank. Kenichi didn't see it, but the man was shaken by the question.

"I mean, I guess I just don't understand the prospect of G-Force sending us to a place that is basically, nothing but a hole in the ground now." Kenichi said. "I can't even begin to describe the hazards that surrounded us, let alone the sheer levels of radiation itself. And for what? We didn't find anything; no survivors, no samples, nothing."

"That, unfortunately Mr. Yamane, is classified." Hidachi quickly responded.

"Ah, yes. See, a part of me knew that you'd answer with that, sir. I just hoped that you wouldn't." Kenichi jeered.

Hidachi narrowed his eyes. "Yes, well... That is all that I can really give you at the moment. The amount of sensitive information here at G-Force must remain completely confidential. No matter what."

Kenichi remained silent and slumped back in his seat.

"Now, for the much more... Pressing matters at hand." Hidachi began. "I called you in here today, because I know that you were in contact with two women that call themselves the 'Shobijin'. Now, what I need from you in particular, is any useful information that they may have given you."

"I-I don't remember much, sadly. The Shobijin, as prudent as they are, usually speak in riddles that are difficult to decipher." Kenichi said.

"Surely there must be something you remember, Mr. Yamane." Hidachi prodded. "Please Kenichi, we need all of the help we can get from our employees right now. After all, I know that it's been a tad hard on you and your wife lately, what with her being pregnant and all."

Kenichi furrowed his brow. "Wait- How did you know my wife was pregnant? I haven't told anyone here aside from Alexis."

Hidachi was silent for a moment. "We have our sources, Mr. Yamane."

"Of course." Kenichi stated mockingly while chuckling. "You know, I'm starting to think that it was a mistake coming here. I should've known that G-Force wouldn't be at all truthful with its employees. Oh no, that's not how things work around here, do they?"

"Now is not the time for insubordination, Mr. Yamane. We're in the midst of a worldwide cataclysm, and you choose to sit there and accuse me of falsehoods instead?" Hidachi shot back. "Now, I've already informed on the confidential information that goes on here; we can't allow for any of that to be thrown around by the lesser workers here."

"There it is." Kenichi stated, shaking his head. "I can't believe that I worked for a company that would refer to its employees like that. And you know what's sad, 'sir'? I used to love coming in to work everyday. I loved walking through the front doors and seeing each and every mecha, up and running and freshly cleaned. I loved arriving at my station and preparing for yet another hard day's work, because I foolishly thought for the longest time that G-Force actually had some sort of integrity... That it stood for something."

Hidachi didn't say anything back.

"And it may have when Geaves was still in charge, but now that I walk through those front doors and see every single mecha in disrepair, caked with dirt, and nearly everything in disarray... I can see now that those days have past." Kenichi said as he rose from his chair in defeat. "I don't have anything of use to you regarding information, sir. Even if I did, I'd be afraid to know what you'd use it for. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal... It just doesn't sit right with me. None of this does anymore."

Hidachi merely stared at the young scientist for a moment, before slowly looking away in shame.

Kenichi placed his hand on the doorknob, but stopped. He looked back at Hidachi and sighed to himself. "My resignation papers should be on your desk by tomorrow." He murmured, and slowly walked through the door, and out of the room.

Hidachi rose to his feet and gently picked up the beautiful ninja figurine from his desk. The man studied it all over and softly caressed its smooth, and sparkling form. This statue, in its delicacy and small size, was the last sliver of hope that G-Force and mankind had left.

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Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:35 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Female Larva squeaked that Junior sure could move fast when he wanted to, couldn't he? She then began to follow after him, wondering what sort of light Junior now saw his father in? And what light would he view Walterrus when he learned how his origin was closely linked to Godzilla's in a way? And yet, how the dragon chose a different path in life, of rare vengeance in order to spare the innocent? Regardless, she and Anguirus now had to catch up with the monster prince as well as the dragon king, since both had a head start.


Walterrus had been on his direct path to San Francisco, though he was going a bit slower than usual. Despite the fact he had healed from the gruesome injuries Gypsy Danger inflicted upon him, the salt water stung where the wound had been the worst, distracting him, and slowing him down. He was certain a scar would form there on his torso, much the way a scar had formed between his brow ridges from twenty years ago... A reminder to him of what could happen if he got careless. Something he would be sure to avoid in the future.

It was now that Walterrus sensed someone's approach. Lifting his head out of the water, he glanced back to see Junior beginning to get closer, though the monster prince appeared to be heading for the same place Walterrus himself was. He then put his head back into the water, and continued to swim. Good as it may well be, the dragon thought to himself. He'd let the monster prince see the truth for himself. Whatever the truth may be, that was.

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Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:02 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus hesitated for a moment before following. He wondered now if it had been right for him to tell Junior what he had if Godzilla himself had never done so. The King no doubt had his reasons for distancing Junior from his war with humanity, after all. Would anything come of it? Anguirus might have just set something in motion, but he wasn't sure what.

Oh, well. There was no time for second-guessing, so he put his uncertainty aside and hurried after the younger monsters. Whatever else he might have been, Godzilla was going to be an essential part of the coming battle, and the kaiju of Earth needed to rally around him before proceeding with their efforts to defend their home. Besides, Mothra had mentioned earlier that Godzilla was involved in a fight of some sort. Anguirus doubted that his friend needed help, especially with the male larva on hand to help out, but he still wanted to be sure, especially after the disturbing incident on Infant Island.

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Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:07 pm
by Missingno.
Gondo, Fukazawa and Kashiwagi had stepped outside to the geologist's truck not long after Vaughn had become preoccupied with commanding the offensive against Walterrus. "I see what you mean with their hasty response in the form of launching mechas as soon as a monster draws near," Fukazawa said to Kashiwagi.
"That was one of the points I attempted to make to them with this case," the geologist replied, looking down at the briefcase he had at his side. "But hey, if they enjoy constant repairs, let them have at it."
"What will you do now?" Gondo inquired to the geologist.
"I think I'm going to follow Ghidorah. Last I saw on the computers, he began to shift on a more western course. I would love to find out why," Kashiwagi responded. With that, he stepped into the truck's trailer and set his items down, and came back out to close the rear door. He then headed toward the front and motioned to open the door, and then paused, turning his head to the two men who were there with him. "I'll let you in on anything I find. Try to relay it to those hard heads at G-Force, will ya," he spoke, before opening the door and entering his vehicle. With that, the engine came to life, and the truck began to head out of the parking lot of the base.
"Yeah right, convincing them of anything in contrast of their views," Gondo chuckled out loud. "Well old friend, my time here today is done. If anybody needs me, I will be at the gym. All of this madness has gotten me work up, you know?"
"Yeah, I wish I could leave too. But I still have other things to do before my day is over. With that said, I will see you again when time allows for it," Fukazwa replied, patting Gondo on the back and heading back into base. The latter then headed to his vehicle and also took on his leave from the base.



The tiny village of Toyone had been out of the way of quite literally all of the chaos that many spoke of in the urban areas, leading the locals to joke of such truths as 'urban legend'. It was one of the places that managed to somehow avoid any monster conflict that came down on the country within the recent turbulent years. On this day, something unusual happened, however. Just north of the town, the ground began to shake, gently at first, before the tremors raged through the earth underneath the town. Violent shaking caused severe structural damage to every building that consisted of the tiny village's infrastructure, and with the rocking of the ground, unearthly sounds could be heard. Cackles and eerie wails were audible amidst the sounds of shaking ground and collapsing structures. It seemed that as soon as it started, however, the movement of the ground dissipated. As things calmed down within the town, slight vibrations like that of a nearby passing train could be felt from the west, before the activity ceased altogether. Nobody knew what just hit them, only that whatever it was had been large, and was moving west...

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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:07 pm
by Dr. Carter
Titanodon was very dizzy for a time after being sent sprawling by Godzilla's tail. He cursed himself for forgetting that this sort of Kaiju had such a powerful tail to slam opponents with. He'd have to make sure not to make the same mistake again, if he wanted to kill Godzilla that was. He then felt some thunderous foot steps and looked to see Godzilla was charging right for him. In other perspectives, and other times, a charging Godzilla would be a hilarious sight, but when you were the one he set his sights on... There were few things more terrifying than this.

Titanodon then rolled onto his feet, and began to sprint around Godzilla, creating sonic booms as he raced around. If he couldn't fight Godzilla with brute force, he'd try to wear down the beast. Suddenly, and without warning, he dashed right for Godzilla's right side, at full speed of Mach 2, head first. Something his size and weight moving at that speed colliding with Godzilla would unsurprisingly cause Godzilla to slam to the ground and skid across the tarmac. There was also a loud, sickening crack, as Godzilla's arm would hang at an unnatural position. But Titanodon wasn't unaffected himself, the injuries Godzilla had given him from slamming his head into the ground repeatedly earlier began to take their toll as the wound on his head became wider. The vaguely lupine kaiju staggered back, and gave his head a shake. He couldn't afford another brazen move like that, and with a likely broken arm, Godzilla was certain to be furious. Titanodon began to circle Godzilla again, like a shark circling it's prey, though at a slower pace, as he was still recovering. The next few moves would determine who would die, and who would survive. Titanodon was determined to be the survivor though, the planet depended on it.

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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:22 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla stood wearily to his feet, leering hatefully at Titanodon. He grabbed ahold of his broken arm, and with a groan of pain and anger, Godzilla forcefully snapped it back into place. The monster king glanced to his left side and located a building that was still miraculously standing. Stomping over to it, Godzilla wrapped a clawed hand around the very top of the structure, and ripped it away with ease. Now, the saurian beast had a crude, yet potent weapon. Titanodon was a bit caught off guard as Godzilla charged him again, this time even faster.

With his enormous weapon raised in the air, Godzilla swung with all of his might. The blunt object connected with Titanodon's cranium with a thunderously loud, and sickening "CRACK!". The ancient Kaiju was sent flipping over himself, further splitting the tarmac, and coming to a brutal stop several blocks away. Godzilla looked down at his now shattered instrument of quick, but equally effective rage, and discarded the broken pieces with a huff. The King of Monsters bellowed deafeningly at his fallen foe; Titanodon would soon learn why it was a grave mistake to challenge Godzilla. As such, the latter splayed his razor sharp talons and awaited for the predator to rise. Instead of using his fists to beat Titanodon to death, Godzilla decided that he would instead have the privilege of ripping his guts out.

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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:19 pm
by Dr. Carter
Both Byakan and the Male Larva had to look away when Godzilla brandished a building on Titanodon's head. As for the vaguely lupine kaiju, his injury was worse now, thanks to that hit. He then struggled to his feet wearily, growling angrily at the sheer strength of this beast. He knew that the ancient Godzilla had regenerative powers, but nothing quite like this to heal a broken bone on the spot. What happened to this beast to give it a power, or even powers, nature had never intended for the species? That didn't matter right now though, Titanodon had to shake off the feeling of disorientation, weakness, and the splitting headache. And he had to do it now if he wanted to win this fight, or die trying.

Titanodon then began to race around Godzilla once more at high speed. There was a purpose to this though, as he kept the speed up, a whirl wind would begin to blow around Godzilla. Debris was kicked up at Godzilla due to the force of the wind being generated from Titanodon making these tight circles around him. He was just out of reach from Godzilla's tail and claws though, waiting for an opening while he let the wind lift up and spin Godzilla around.

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:57 am
by Godzilla165
Godzilla emitted a surprised yelp as he was violently thrown around and twisted every which way. He waved his arms and legs, desperately trying to get back to land. It was no use; before Godzilla knew it, he was spiraling hundreds of feet in the air. It was nearly pitch black inside of that wind storm. The winds themselves felt like enormous chunks of concrete slamming into Godzilla's body. He needed to act quickly before he was chucked across the city. A thought suddenly came into Godzilla's mind; it was the only way that he could get out of this foolishness. The nuclear king waited until he was facing the Earth, and quickly charged an atomic breath. Once he felt as though the strength was right, Godzilla unleashed the raging torrent directly at the ground. The power behind the blast had enough thrust to rocket Godzilla clear out of the vortex, freeing the titan from the swirling chaos. Godzilla could now see the spiked shape of Titanodon below, and locked onto his target.

Splaying his claws outward, Godzilla dove toward Titanodon like an overgrown falcon. Closing in on his quarry at speeds surpassing 200 MPH, Godzilla screamed at the top of his lungs, sounding like an angry banshee from this height. The King of Monsters collided with Titanodon, and dug his talons deep into the Mammalian Kaiju's flesh. The collision was absolutely immense. This was evident from the ground literally caving in for miles on end, titanic clouds of dust getting blown every which way, and the entire area raising up and down like a wave. Whatever buildings that were possibly still standing were gone now, a giant crater now left in their place.

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:09 pm
by Dr. Carter
Byakan watched what was happening, and suddenly, she had a terrible sense of dread as Godzilla came down at Titanodon. She immediately grabbed up the Male Larva, who squeaked in surprise as he was grabbed up. Byakan simply ran as fast as she could with the Larva, trying her best to get away from the oncoming wave of devastation. Which it ultimately did, knocking her forward, forcing her to lose her hold on the Larva. They were both thrown several hundred meters, crashing through what was left of the buildings, and skidding ahead several more meters.

The impact was nasty, and they were now hurting from surviving the shockwave of the impact. Byakan was almost knocked unconscious, but she was able to get up. It was no where near as bad as the nuclear pulse that destroyed San Fransisco, but it still hurt like hell. She looked and saw that the larva was knocked unconscious from being thrown so violently. Byakan then held her hands together, closed her eyes, and grunted out a set of incantations. Both her and the larva were healed of their injuries as they glowed from the incantation, and the larva groggily squeaked as he rolled to an upright position. They then looked to where ground zero was, and they were unable to see Godzilla or Titanodon.

Byakan wondered what happened to two of them, and carefully creeped forward with the larva crawling next to her. They then looked over to edge of the crater to see what happened, seeing both forms of Godzilla and Titanodon. The impact having knocked Godzilla unconscious, and Titanodon crushed under him. The latter was no longer breathing...

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:32 pm
by JAGzilla
Hundreds of miles west of the California coast, Anguirus and his young companions continued their swim toward Godzilla. The trip had passed uneventfully and mostly in silence, and only now had something of mild interest come along. A low swell appeared on the horizon, rapidly approaching the trio. It quickly reached them, revealing itself to be a massively wide and fast-moving wave, though out here in the deep ocean it didn't amount to much and had little effect on the kaiju. They easily powered through it, hardly slowed by its passing, and continued on their way. Anguirus noted vaguely that it would've been interesting to see what it would be like if something like that occurred in shallower water, or hit low-lying land. It'd probably be impressive. But if that did happen, it would be far behind him; he needed to keep heading east.

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:17 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior narrowed his eyes. He was fully aware and use to rogue waves occasionally forming in large bodies of water. However, something in the back of his mind told Junior that what the group had just experienced was caused by something... Greater. Whether it was his father or not, Junior was going to find out. Whatever imbalance in nature that had just occurred, the prince of Kaiju was responsible to restore normalcy. Junior trumpeted to his companions that they should all increase their velocity. Within a few moments, the overzealous gojirian slipped beneath the waves once more, and sped off, growing smaller and smaller by the second.

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Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:24 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus noted the swell of the water, and began to push himself a bit faster. Something told him that the cause of this strange swell of water was from where he sensed his "sister's" location. It passed him with little effect, but he felt it might have an effect elsewhere in the world. As an unmutated dragon, he had witnessed tsunamis in the past, and the devastation they often wrought. He also noticed that the other kaiju behind him were also unaffected, though the spiked saurian seemed to take note...


The female larva squeaked to Anguirus that it was going to make some humans lives pretty awful when it arrived. For humans, tsunamis were anything but pleasant, as they often caused much devastation where they occurred. She then noted that Walterrus was attempting to pick up speed, and encouraged her companions to move faster to keep up with him, and not get left further behind.

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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:44 am
by JAGzilla
Anguirus picked up speed obligingly, suppressing a resigned groan. All of these high-speed ocean crossings took a toll, after a while. He wasn't tired yet, but he was really beginning to notice that he hadn't eaten in days. He was glad they were headed in the direction they were; he was looking forward to grabbing a snack as they passed through the massive kelp forests off California's coast.

As for Mothra's prediction that humans would be badly impacted by the tsunami, he realized that she was probably right. It must've been hard, being so small and weak that things like waves could be lethal. He had to respect their courage in building their nests so close to the ocean all the time.