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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:18 pm
by Dr. Carter
Byakan had never in her thousands of years seen a beast like this. And she knew Walterrus had not seen this thing either, for one the dragon king was only around one thousand years himself total. Second, Walterrus would certainly have made mention of this... abomination, had he encountered it. It seemed small though, and compared to Walterrus, Godzilla, and Byakan herself, this thing was a feather weight. But she knew better than to underestimate a creature, she initially got on her fours to get ready to fight it if it was hostile. But when Godzilla moved in front of both her and the Larvae, she submitted. If only to see how strong Godzilla really was, and would jump in if she needed to. Something about Titanodon seemed strange though, something that seemed to make her feel fear. She wasn't sure why, but her maternal instincts prompted her to move so she was in front of the Larvae protectively.

The Larvae looked around Byakan and Godzilla, and got a good look at Titanodon. IT was clearly meant to be a kaiju killer, and faint memories of a time when Mothras were more plentiful, told him that this was not a creature to underestimate. He squeaked a warning to Godzilla not to take this thing lightly, though it was not as dangerous as King Ghidorah, it was more dangerous than the average kaiju. And it looked like it was not going to listen to reason either, meaning it was no ally to them against King Ghidorah. At this point, he stopped squeaking, and would let Godzilla do what he would need to do. Though he hoped the Titanodon would have heard it mention King Ghidorah, and maybe change it's mind. But the Larvae would probably have more success stopping Ghidorah on his own than getting this thing to ally with them.


At the Simean Base...

Mugal waited for a communication from LA as to the success of the operation, and when the communication screen activated, there was the face of Gorund's second in command, Damaki. "Damaki?" Mugal asked, "Where is Gorund?"

"He's dead sir." Damaki said, "The operation was a complete failure, Godzilla chased away both of the kaiju we were after, and killed Gorund." Mugal's teeth clenched, and he formed a pair of fists at his side. Of course Godzilla would interfere, he always did. Mugal was getting downright sick of the king's interference, and was getting more frustrated by the moment.

"That makes you the one in charge now." Mugal said to Damaki. "Do not fail me. Find where Golza is heading, and find me another kaiju to fight alongside MechaGodzilla!"

"As you command sir." Damaki said before the communication was cut. Mugal then got up and looked out the window to the maintenance bay for the mecha. It had been activated to test the new actuators, and the improved strength. For the moment, it had a pair of clamps in place of the hands as those parts were being worked on to accommodate the new diamond coating once the two hostages arrived and they were "convinced" to reveal the secrets behind it. Meanwhile, the mecha made use of it's temporary hands, and tested its strength on simulated weights. The amount of which was more than double the previously known weight of Godzilla. Meaning it was lifting up over one hundred and eighty thousand tons. And not only that, the robot was doing it with ease, and seemed to be... showing off? That was odd, Mugal didn't realize that the mecha had gained a bit of a personality. It even seemed to be acting in a pleased fashion. Very odd indeed, but it so happened that was the moment Kagame entered the room.

"Commander, the results of the latest tests on the DNA computer seem to indicate-" Mugal rose a hand to cut her off.

"I can see that for myself." He said, "MechaGodzilla was intended to have the reaction times of an animal, and to be able to think on its own when necessary. What I want to know is, will the safe guards hold to prevent our own Kiryu situation?"

"They will sir." She said, "I've been working on doubling and even tripling the safe guards. Only an act of a divine being could make MechaGodzilla go wild now."

"I will hold you to that." Mugal said as he looked back at the mecha which had just finished the testing. He seemed to be satisfied that he could easily lift Godzilla now. Now if only his rockets would perform as well in the next test that was scheduled in some hours from now. He took a position, and deactivated to allow the crews to work on him further. "He can grow as much of a personality and even take up hobbies as much as he wants to so long as he stays loyal to me." Mugal added, "That will be all, continue as you were." Kagame nodded, and exited the room.

After she left, Damaris entered, and saluted Mugal. "No one followed us, sir." He said, "The prisoners are in a holding cell, we're waiting for them to wake up."

"Good." Mugal said, "At least there's two bits of good news, with the improvements on MechaGodzilla going well being one of them. When the two humans wake up, I want to be notified so I may meet with them directly. I want to try to 'persuade' them to give us what we want."

"Yes sir." Damaris said, and began to walk out when he stopped and turned to Mugal. "Sir, do you think it would be wise to bring Gigan under our control?"

"He can be coerced." Mugal said, "If you can find him, bring him under our control."

"Yes sir." Damaris said as he then exited the room, not wanting to test Mugal's patience. Mugal then looked out the window at the machine again. Even with these new improvements, having an ally against Godzilla would most certainly improve the odds.

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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:27 pm
by Giratina93
Titanodon snarled in response, not as loud as Godzilla's roar, but a far deeper sound. It was a warning to both the larvae and Byakan: Get away from the walking disaster. It knew Ghidorah was on this planet somewhere, but Godzilla took precedence. This wasn't the ancient creature that helped maintain the earth's ecosystem, this was an angry lizard taking its wrath out on everything around it, and Titanodon was going to put him down before it caused any more harm to the planet.

Then, it lunged, bolting at speeds which surprised Godzilla. The kaiju king roared as the ancient carnivore slammed into him like a freight train and latched his jaws around his neck. As Godzilla staggered back, Titanodon shook his head viciously, ripping into the throat. Crimson blood began to drip down Godzilla's chest as the fangs tore through, backed by the strongest jaws on the planet.

Yet, it wasn't enough, not for a fatal blow. Powerful hands grabbed Titanodon's jaws, and pried the creature off, before throwing him back. Titanodon landed on his feet, a chunk of Godzilla's throat in his mouth. He knew the monster would regenerate that back if he let him, and Titanodon spat the flesh out, before charging in once again, this time ready to use his head as a battering ram to knock Godzilla over...

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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:26 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla hunched down and leered at the raging beast. He would have to time this perfectly as to not get flattened. Once Titanodon was a few yards away, Godzilla lifted his tail up as far it would go, and slammed it forcefully into the earth. Using both his tail, and his massive legs as springs, Godzilla leaped into the air and safely over Titanodon.

The King of Monsters landed on his feet and fractured the ground. The entire city shuttered from the impact, and huge bouts of dust were kicked up in every direction. Godzilla massaged his neck with a growl; his wounds had already healed, but Titanodon had committed a grave mistaks. Now the Leviathan was angry.

Godzilla sprinted towards the mammalian beast with a surprising burst of speed, and hurled a precise, and well placed fist towards Titanodon's face. The blow connected dead center and floored the abomination, whilst shattering a few teeth in the process. Godzilla howled lividly at Titanodon; he warned the foolish monster that he had now sealed his fate. Godzilla didn't need any radiation to best him. He would beat Titanodon into a bloody paste in the pavement.

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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:41 pm
by Dr. Carter
Byakan scooped up the Larvae and bolted to a safer distance to give the two kaiju some room to duke this out. It looked like Titanodon was somewhat reasonable, though rather singleminded. He was more concerned it seemed with Godzilla rather than the true threat. The Larvae cried out in vain for the two kaiju to stop once he too was aware that Titanodon was not a simple kaiju killing beast thanks to what it said. But there would be no stopping this now, it was up to Godzilla and Titanodon to finish this. Though the Larvae still tried to plead to them both to stop this senseless fight, as it was exactly what Ghidorah wanted.

Byakan grunted to the Larvae to save his breath as she placed him down on the ground again, there was nothing either of them could do to stop this. Even if his sister were here, the two wouldn't be able to tangle the two combatants with their webbing. It'd take more than that to stop them. She was glad that Walterrus wasn't here, else he'd be throwing down in this fight as well. Byakan watched, hovering protectively over the male Larvae, who was simply watching on in sadness. There indeed was nothing they could do, and he hated that, he wished he was indeed the reincarnation of the one known as Leo, but as he was a normal Mothra, he could only stay on the side lines and watch. He wished something could be done, time was running out, and there was none to be spared for this senseless fighting.

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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:07 pm
by Giratina93
Titanodon howled as he crashed into the ground. Blood was coming up from the corners of his mouth, but he didn't care. Not now. He turned his back to Godzilla, and raised himself on his hind legs.

Godzilla recognized this stance, and braced himself as Titanodon hurled his back into Godzilla's underside. The sharpened spines hidden just beneath the fur pierced his hide, and Godzilla recoiled from the hit, yet stood his ground. Twisting his head back, Titanodon tried to get another bite in while lodged, aiming for Godzilla's arm that was trying to pry him off...

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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:31 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla didn't have too many options while he was in such an awkward position; he'd have to take the brunt of the attack, and use Titanadon's jaws against him. That didn't make it hurt any less, as indicated from Godzilla's agonizing snarl once the guardian monster's teeth sunk deep into his arm. The nuclear titan wrapped his other hand tightly around Titanadon's throat, and, with another pained bellow, ripped his other arm out of the latter's enormous maw. Teeth and flesh were sent flying, and Godzilla added in his second hand around Titanadon's neck, in a vice-like grip.

With a show of strength, the King of Monsters pried the razor sharp spines out of his body, and choked slammed Titanadon face first into the ground. Godzilla then grabbed the beast's ugly visage, and repeatedly smacked it brutally into the earth. A quick, but devastating, and occasional fist rocked Titanadon's cranium. The ground soon began to open up, and blood started to pour, but Godzilla didn't relent. He was king, and this challenger to the throne would face the same fate as the rest did.

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Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:25 pm
by Kaijunator
Fire Golza snarled as he moved underneath the earth. He was heading for Wyoming, for the supervolcano located there. All of sudden, he stopped moving. He began to think about what would happen when he arrived at his destination. The volcano would most likely erupt or speed up its eruption process, which would result in a massive ash cloud that would blanket a large area. Golza didn't want to cause more unnecessary damage, so he began to hunt for weaker volcanoes. He sensed one in Washington that was strong, but not on the levels of the supervolcano. The fiery beast turned in the new scent's direction, and began burrowing toward it.

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:40 pm
by JAGzilla
Haneda Airport, the present

Trying its best to blend in with the crowd, Yog forced Tom to leave the plane and keep shuffling awkwardly along with the rest of the disembarking passengers. It had taken a great deal of doing, but after skimming enough information about humanity and the current state of the world from the human's mind, the parasite had decided to make its next move and take full control of its new host. The man had been shocked and horrified, to say the least, and had kept up a steady stream of resistance ever since, but Yog didn't care. It had bigger ambitions than a nobody like Tom Gaines, and wanted to put itself where the action was as quickly as possible. The host would only need to be dealt with for a little while, and Yog had, after all, pacified Shiro Hiragama.

And so it had taken the next step, walking Tom out of the forest and using his knowledge to make its way into Sydney and the airport. The chaos unleashed by the approach of Shiro Hiragama (and some sort of tiger-monster, apparently; Yog would need to learn the details there at some point) worked tremendously to the alien's advantage. Many streets were deserted, and the airport itself was a madhouse of terrified people trying to flee the city. The usual security and order had largely broken down, and Yog was able to slip on board a plane to Tokyo along with several other refugees that were willing to go anywhere to escape the kaiju.

From what Yog understood, however, this place called Japan was the very last place on Earth anyone trying to avoid kaiju should ever want to be. The last week had been absolutely shocking for the beleaguered nation, with no less than three cities left in ruins by the rampaging beasts, and at least two of them still milling around just outside Tokyo itself. For Yog, it sounded like paradise. If there was anywhere to find humans that knew about the world's community of monsters, or humans with access to some of the gloriously lethal weaponry used to combat them, or to find the monsters themselves, this was it. There were options here, and Yog couldn't wait to start exploring them.

But first, it would have to escape from this airport. There was definitely a bit of confused panic going on here, with some people attempting to flee the city just as in Sydney, but not to the same extent; the Japanese were rather more accustomed to the presence of giant monsters, it seemed, than were Australians. As such, a team of security guards were waiting to meet the passengers as they disembarked, checking identification and attempting to figure out who was trying to enter the country, given that many of the refugees hadn't bought tickets back in Sydney.

This was a problem, considering that Tom Gaines had no business whatsoever being in Japan when he was supposed to be protecting Sydney with the rest of his unit. His unauthorized presence here would undoubtedly be reported to his superiors at once, and all manner of inconvenient legal matters would ensue. Yog had no time for any of that. So as the line of passengers separating Tom from the guards grew shorter and shorter, the amoeba sifted quickly through Tom's military training, looking for viable solutions. It quickly found a few that it liked. Chaos had gotten it through Sydney's airport, right? There was no reason to think the same thing wouldn't work here...

"No, you bastard," Tom raged silently, observing helplessly as the alien riffled through his thoughts and made its plan. "You sick son of a female dog, I won't let you! Don't even try it!"

And true to his word, the soldier gave Yog a good, hard battle as he approached the guards, weakening its control of his movements so he twitched and stumbled as he reached the front of the line.

"Are... are you okay, sir?" one of the guards asked in accented English, clearly concerned by Tom's strange behavior. "Do you need a doctor?" He approached slowly, extending a hand to help steady Tom... and then Yog struck, clamping down on Tom's resistance and triggering his well-honed combat skills. Grabbing the offered hand, it yanked the unsuspecting guard off his feet, pulling the pistol from his holster as it did. The other three guards converged in an instant, trying to tackle Tom before he could bring the weapon to bear, but too slowly- Yog squeezed the trigger four times and two of the guards went down in a spray of blood.

The remaining guard panicked and drew his own weapon, returning fire and shooting Tom in the chest. Prepared for this, Yog had already released its host, and phased itself out of his body as the bullets struck, leaping instead into the body of a little girl a few feet away, stuck in the close-pressed crowd and unable to quickly escape. As Tom collapsed, dying, the girl's mother grabbed her hand and pushed through the panicking crowd, fleeing for the nearest exit with everyone else and totally unaware of the alien passenger she was dragging along for the ride...

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:18 pm
by Godzilla165
Joseph remained silent while the Fairy Mothra spoke. He massaged his pulsating temple from a possible migraine coming in, and groaned to himself irritatingly. Hidachi was likely off somewhere seething by now, and Vaughn was stuck here listening to this... Nonsense.

"Excuse me." Vaughn finally piped up. "Even if Ghidorah somehow 'wanted' to cause tension between us... For what real purpose? It'd be a waste of time and resources for a massive dragon to focus on us tiny humans, when ultimately, he would annihilate the world regardless."

Joseph sat up straight in his seat and stared at the tiny Mothra before him. "Forgive my bluntness, but we don't exactly need vague and cryptic prophecies right now. G-Force needs to know what we're up against, and we need to know it now." The greying man stated firmly. "If this supposed 'new' Ghidorah is as friendly as all of you in here make him seem... Then I suggest someone go and wake him up to help defend against the apocalypse."

Vaughn turned his attention on the other men in the room. "But know this, if your self-proclaimed hero turns out to be nothing but a facade... Then we will not hesitate to use every piece of ordinance that G-Force has, to wipe him off the planet." Vaughn affirmed dryly.

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Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:46 pm
by Dr. Carter
The fairy Mothra listened to the words said, and wanted nothing more than to assure them, but she could only give them what she did have. "First in response to your question of why, King Ghidorah enjoys nothing more than causing chaos." It answered, "He enjoys doing nothing more than exactly that, and it would certainly leave everyone in disarray while he waits for the right time to strike. As for what has been said, we can say no more than what we do know. We do not know as to why the new one hasn't emerged yet, we can only guess that he has not finished growing and is waiting until either he is strong enough to kill the original or the original strikes. Getting him to emerge may cause more problems, since he has not finished his development. As for your warning, you should know that if Battra felt the new Ghidorah was a threat, he would have already begun his attack, and would be in agreement with Walterrus, who is in agreement with you on the new Ghidorah."

It was then that a few lower officers who were on duty for observing the developing situation at the Mt Fuji memorial came in. "Have you guys seen what's been going on?!" One of them said, accidentally not noticing the fairy mothra who was trying to get cooler heads to prevail. He turned a monitor to what was happening...


Walterrus snarled in anger, and stomped over to the spot the new Ghidorah was at, and began to dig at the ground. No wonder he rarely used his ability to imitate Godzilla's roar, it either never worked, or worked too well. This was one of those former times, and he would get the answers he wanted from that new Ghidorah. That was when he felt his body get raked by prism beams, and he turned and saw Battra giving him a warning cry to stop. This would accomplish nothing the dark moth was stating, either leave now, or be defeated.

Walterrus bellowed out a roar of anger, if that dark moth felt that strongly about it, it was time for him to prove it. Walterrus' spines flashed and he fired his ray at Battra, who barely dodged the attack. Battra then retaliated with more prism beams, as he was going to stop Walterrus from making that mistake one way or another. Walterrus then charged at Battra, shrugging off the prism beams. Battra meanwhile flew at Walterrus, and head butted the dragon, who retaliated with a slash of his claws. Sparks flew from the claws raking the armor of the dark moth, who shrieked out, and wing whipped Walterrus who was then sent crashing into the ground away from the place the new Ghidorah was at. Walterrus immediately lifted his head up and shot a brief beam at Battra who again managed to barely dodge the beam. He then flew over Walterrus, and pelted him with even more prism beams.

Walterrus then got up, and waited for Battra to get closer. He did, and as he did, Walterrus wheeled around and struck Battra with a mighty slam from his tail. The black moth was sent hurtling through the air and slammed into the ground, and was rendered dazed for a moment. A moment Walterrus took advantage of as he fired his ray into Battra's back, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Battra immediately got back into the air, and began to fly circles around Walterrus, knowing the dragon's brief moments of speed were exactly that, and that he couldn't keep up with a faster opponent. They knew that they would have to end this waste of a time fight, or they would both be highly exhausted.

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Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:22 pm
by Godzilla165
Vaughn lazily turned his head to face the monitor and adjusted his glasses. Images of both Walterrus and Battra flooded the screen, as well as brief snippets of footage.

Joseph groaned exasperatingly to himself. "How the hell did they get there? I thought we had the memorial sealed off in case of situations like this." The man growled.


Suddenly, an atomic "flame" of sorts bulldozed its way between Walterrus and Battra, and split them apart. A more authentic, but higher pitched version of Godzilla's roar bounced loudly off of the thick, and rocky walls. Junior, having been rudely awoken by all of the commotion, hustled to the Mt. Fuji memorial, and arrived just in time to see the skirmish rage on before him.

The young Godzilian bared his fangs and unleashed another howl. Battra and Walterrus would cease this foolish engagement, and they would do it NOW. Junior stomped towards both Kaiju and narrowed his eyes in contempt. The monster prince didn't want to fight either beast, but if it came down to that, he would forcefully put both Kaiju in their place.

Junior wanted a good reason for why the dragon and moth were here, or else they would need to leave.

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Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:40 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus barked that the reason he and Battra were here was because of a new Ghidorah who was being a coward and hiding under ground. Walterrus was of the mind to end a potential threat before it became a genuine one.

Battra echo called that he was trying to make Walterrus see that the new Ghidorah was not a threat and that he was to be left alone. He didn't want to stay here because he had better things to do and deal with. The only reason he stayed was because of Walterrus' stubbornness, and determination to kill a creature that was innocent.

Walterrus hissed that there is no such thing as an innocent Ghidorah, and if it wasn't coming out now to prove one way or another what it was, it was definitely not friendly. The only reason it was hiding was because it could. There should be no reason for it not to show up and announce itself if it's friendly.

Battra snapped back that it was innocent right now, and should be allowed to emerge when it was good and ready. This of course got Walterrus to snap back that Battra was a fool, and flash his spines along with his horns as a warning. With Battra too flashing his horns and crackling energy around his eyes to warn Walterrus to back off. Both had in the heat of their anger and arguing forgotten that Junior was still there.

That was when a pacifying powder started raining down on both monsters who looked around for the source of it as they felt their anger decrease. They then looked up and identified it as the old Mothra, who had also sensed the disturbance, and followed after Junior despite her daughter's protest. She was chirping for them to both end this meaningless fight, as there was no reason to, despite Walterrus' reservations. Neither monster was really up to arguing with her considering that her powder was getting them both to calm down, and Walterrus' head began to hang low.

Walterrus really couldn't do much more, really. So he decided to leave as the best course of action since he was needed elsewhere. Though he turned back to the three monsters, and growled that he hoped the moths were right about this, then proceeded to leave wobbling back and forth a bit due to being a bit out of it from the powder's pacifying properties.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:54 pm
by Missingno.
For the monsters on the ground, it seemed that time stood still for what happened next. The ground began to tremble and shake violently, and the cackles and wails, the latter of which none of these monsters had remembered from the space demon's attack on Earth all of those years ago, of King Ghidorah became audible. However, rather than the golden body of the monster bursting from the ground like Walterrus had expected, the vibration gradually grew less and less violent. The monster was digging underground, away from the scene! However, the waves could still be felt, and they were heading in a southwestern direction... But why? What was significant in this direction when Tokyo was to the northeast? The significance of this was debatable, as the monster was now moving; that was all that mattered...


Hidachi was storming toward his office in anger that any of his men would even consider to let a Ghidorah have a chance at living. The next thing he knew, he heard his name being called frantically, with the sound of someone's quickly approaching footsteps drawing near, as if they were running. The vice president turned around to see Sugimoto, one of the technician overseers approaching behind him. The man caught up, out of breath. "Hidachi...!" he said, out of breath and breathing heavily. "I... I've been looking for you... I need to show you something. I discovered with the recent mech failures..." he said between gasps for breath.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:00 pm
by Godzilla165
Junior watched as Walterrus left in a huff, and rolled his eyes. The monster prince turned his attention to the area where this, "new Ghidorah" was currently sleeping, and bared his fangs. Ghidorah had almost annihilated the Earth, and nearly killed Junior's father. The Godzilian could definitely sense an incredibly powerful presence underground, but it didn't exactly fill him with hope like it did for the others. If this "other" Ghidorah did exist, Junior didn't have any respect nor warm feelings toward it. Especially now after the beast violently disturbed the surrounding landscape.

Junior narrowed his eyes and flexed his claws as he glared at the ground. A gentle purr questioned Mothra for her coming here. She knew that she should have been resting and trying to regain her strength.


Hidachi gazed up at the frantic technician with a steely glare. He groaned deeply and massaged the pulsating temple in his forehead. Today was getting shittier and shittier by the second.

"All I want to know is, what the hell it is, and can you get it fixed quickly?" Hidachi calmly demanded.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:21 pm
by Dr. Carter
Mothra chirped that she had come to stop the fighting between Walterrus and Battra, as well as direct him to where he needed to go. She descended to the ground, and seemed more exhausted than before, which was to be expected. She then admitted to Junior the truth that Battra already knew, she chirped that she was dying, and wanted to make sure her last moments would count for something, even if it meant dying while trying to properly refocus Walterrus on his task of finding allies and not straying from the path of protector. At the least, it would be a worth while end, and now that Walterrus was once again on the path he had chosen, she could now be at ease. It wouldn't be long now though, her end was imminent.

Battra woozily tried to tell her not to say that. She needed to hang on a little longer as she was still needed, he also didn't want to lose his one and only true friend.

Mothra chirped that while she would be gone, her children would still be around. They could handle anything that would be needed, and they considered him as much a friend as she did. She simply asked the dark moth to promise to protect the Earth with everything he had, and not to turn away any allies.

Battra stayed silent, and lowered his head acknowledging the promise. It was so strange, so many years ago, she was the one he asked a promise of. Now, things were reversed, and Battra was not the least bit happy about it.


Walterrus was continuing to make his way toward the southeast sea of Japan when he felt the tremors, and stopped for a moment. He looked back, but decided to simply continue on his way to San Francisco, it was time he and his "sister" reunited.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:21 pm
by Giratina93
Titanodon howled as his body hit the ground. Godzilla... he was stronger than he had expected. Much stronger. He, an apex predator from a bygone era, was losing to this manmade abomination.

As Godzilla prepared to smash Titanodon's face back into the earth, he kicked out with his hind legs. While not designed to rip through flesh or be primary weapons, the claws were sharp enough to dig into the kaiju's leg. Godzilla winced, and his grip faltered for but a moment...

A moment that was all Titanodon needed.

Thrashing his head, he broke free from Godzilla's grip, and charged the monster, ready to knock him on his back and leave him vulnerable...

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:02 pm
by JAGzilla
Infant Island

Anguirus' eyes slowly cracked open, admitting the bright glare of the tropical sun once more. He grunted in annoyance, shutting his lids once more and angling his head so that a stand of towering palm trees blocked the light. There, now he could drift back off for a few more hours, enjoying the carpet of soft vegetation and the splashing roar of the waterfall... wait. No, things had been happening before he'd fallen asleep, hadn't they? Blinking and yawning blearily, he raised his head and looked around the somewhat battered jungle clearing. Godzilla and the others were gone, but the lack of mangled corpses implied that they'd all left under their own steam. Godzilla had seemed back to normal by the time Anguirus had passed out, so the fighting was probably over. Someone would've woken him up if he'd been needed.

Still, he should probably check with somebody and make sure. With a reluctant groan, the spiky saurian climbed lethargically to his feet, stretching and yawning again as he did so. His ribs had made a recovery, thankfully; he didn't have Godzilla's incredible regenerative powers, but like most kaiju, he could bounce back from all but the most devastating injuries in fairly short order. Sleeping for a day or so had been a factor there too, of course.

Refreshed and in working order, he shook himself like a dog to clear away the dregs of sleep, along with the carpet of yellow powder and a few strands of silk that the Mothras had dumped on him. Next he ambled out of the clearing, climbing to the top of a nearby hill that overlooked a good portion of the island. He couldn't see any other kaiju nearby, but a faint scent on the breeze suggested that one of Mothra's newly-hatched larvae wasn't far off. Assuming that the worm would probably have some idea of what was going on, he let out an inquiring roar that echoed across the island, asking if she was nearby.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:14 pm
by Dr. Carter
She crawled out from behind a hill overlooking the ocean, and looked to see Anguirus. She squeaked that everyone had left, her brother and Godzilla had gone to recruit kaiju allies against King Ghidorah, the original one. Junior and her mother had individually left on their own to stop fighting between two kaiju about what to do with a new Ghidorah who she believes to be innocent, as much as she severely doubts Anguirus would give a new one a chance given everyone's experiences from all those years ago. From what she could sense, the fighting had ended, and one of the two kaiju, not Battra, had left for where Godzilla and her brother were, along with another ally of theirs. But she could sense fighting where Godzilla was, and that Junior, her Mother, and Battra were involved in something with the new Ghidorah. She didn't know what, but she guessed the new one was on the move now.

She squeaked she had no idea where to go, what to do. She was divided on the issue currently. Should she go and help her mother? Or should she be with her brother? It would likely end up being the same kind of problem for Anguirus she hadn't realized yet. Should he go to help his long time friend, or help the one who he was effectively an uncle to? Whatever the case, the both of them would have to make a decision.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:47 pm
by JAGzilla
Anguirus blinked, taking a moment to digest all of that. He'd... actually missed kind of a lot, then. But two pieces of information stood out: kaiju were being recruited to deal with the return of King Ghidorah, and there was apparently a second Ghidorah now? He bared his fangs involuntarily, a low growl rumbling in his throat. The first one had been the most evil, unnatural thing he'd ever encountered, a completely intolerable insult against life itself. If it was back, then it WOULD NOT be allowed to keep breathing in his territory, point-blank. And if a second one had appeared... there were dark times ahead. He tensed up as he remembered the trail of death and destruction he'd followed across Asia. Two of those monsters could destroy the world.

He turned back to face the larva, acknowledging her confusion as to where she should go. He felt it too... she'd mentioned that Godzilla seemed to be fighting something, and his first thought was that he should help... but no, that might not be the highest priority at the moment. He might've been in rough condition the last time Anguirus had seen him, but the King of the Monsters had always been more than capable of fending for himself. But the larva had also said that Junior and the tired, old adult Mothra were near the second Ghidorah. Damn. Neither of them was capable of standing up to that thing without serious backup, and Battra wasn't nearly enough.

His mind made up, he barked that they had to prioritize saving their respective mother and 'nephew'. If the larva could tell where they were, she'd need to lead the way.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:01 pm
by Dr. Carter
The female larva nodded, and squeaked for him to follow her as she headed out. Anguirus was right, and she knew too that her mother was going to die soon. Dealing with this situation first was the priority, especially since she was the one who was unsure still of the new Ghidorah's disposition.


Walterrus was getting closer tot he southern side of Tokyo now, and was still wobbling a bit. Despite his attempt to steer clear of Tokyo, he was still pretty close to the outskirts. Enough so that it would likely make people nervous, he just hoped that the humans would leave him alone as long as he left them alone. The last thing he needed right now was to be attacked by a mech or one of those silver giants who called themselves Ultraman.