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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:42 am
by Godzilla165
Godzilla was only a few feet away now, and witnessed Jirass's strange attack. He cocked his head to the side and grunted in curiosity; Godzilla could tell that Jirass looked vaguely like him. However, it was only just. Jirass was nothing but a pale imitation, and it made the monster king disgusted. Godzilla snorted in contempt and turned his attention onto Golza. He sized the larger Kaiju up, and came away thoroughly unimpressed. Golza may have been physically larger, but he was a featherweight. If Godzilla could roll his eyes at the boring sight before him, he would have. Instead, a bored scowl would have to do.

The nuclear titan barked loudly to get both monsters' full attention. Golza and Jirass could both leave now and be spared, or foolishly stay and be torn limb from limb. Godzilla was fully content with either choice. The Mothra larvae wasn't here yet, so the monster king could do whatever he pleased with these two.


The helicopter ride home was a quiet one for the most part. Kenichi and Lex sat beside each other this time, and would occasionally glance at one another with a friendly smile. It was strangely peaceful for both of them, knowing that they were now far away from that death trap. A part of Kenichi felt guilty for leaving the rest of their associates behind, but they did have another helicopter waiting for them whenever they got done. Plus, Evans had abused his limited amount of power, and Kenichi didn't appreciate that whatsoever.

He didn't know what the brass would do once they got word of what had happened. Frankly, Kenichi no longer cared. He no longer cared about G-Force, and whatever was going on there. He no longer carried the passion for the company that he once did. Now, it was all just a job for Kenichi now, and a sleazy one at that. The higher ups had been secretive the entire time, and there were lies and deceit all throughout the place. Now, all that Kenichi wanted to do was get home to his beautiful wife, and spend as much time with her as possible.

"Ken." Lex suddenly piped up. "What's gonna happen to you once Evans snitches to the brass?"

There was obvious concern present in her voice, and Lex's face didn't exactly hide it well either.

Kenichi looked at her for a moment, before turning away and shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know." He murmured.

Lex hung her head and sighed to herself. She felt helpless as to what she could possibly do for her friend. Kenichi was essentially a big brother to her, and had been for years. She would do anything for him, but now... Now she didn't know what to do. Lex grabbed Kenichi's hand and squeezed it tightly. He looked down at his hand being strangled by hers, and shot Lex a quick, but sweet smile.

Whatever did happen, Kenichi knew that he would be fine. He had an amazing wife, a baby on the way, and friends that would do anything for him. G-Force couldn't break him; he wouldn't allow it.


The group of men soon reached the conference room, and Hidachi took a seat at the head of the incredibly long, and wide, polished aluminum table. Vaughn sat in the very next chair beside Britannia, and leaned back with a pained groan.

"When the hell did I get so old?" He grumbled to himself.

Hidachi tried his best to hold back a smirk, and glanced over at Gondo.

"What's this all about, Gondo? Whatever it is you have to show us had better be worthwhile." Hidachi stated firmly.

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:47 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Male Larvae was within sight of Los Angeles now, and could see Godzilla challenging the two monsters. He didn't particularly care for the threat Godzilla made to them, but it was expected. At the moment, he couldn't do much to make Godzilla change his attitude, but as long as Godzilla remembered what they had talked about, that was what mattered at the moment. He then began to crawl onshore as the water became shallower and shallower. He'd watch what was going on, and whether he'd need to do something. Though what he could do to get Godzilla to back down? That was something that he couldn't do at this point, and even if he was an Imago, he didn't possess Leo's power, so he'd be limited in what he could do. Though partnering with Battra could subdue Godzilla, but that was a thought best reserved for a later point.


The shot missed Golza's head, and Gorund cursed in his native Simean tongue. Now they had only three shots left that they had brought with them. "Give me another one, quickly!" He barked at his men. They complied, helping him to quickly fit another shot into the launcher. Once that was done, Gorund aimed again, and took another shot at the base of Golza's skull. This one had to hit it's mark, and had to hit it's mark immediately.


Byakan was still a fair bit out in the sea when she heard Godzilla's roar. If she was able to, she'd roll her eyes, looks like Godzilla was not in a good mood. She would find out soon enough though, as she continued to swim, and found the sky scrapers of the city of Los Angeles were coming into view now. Whatever the case was, she'd find out, and then make a decision based on what she saw.

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:30 pm
by Kaijunator
Fire Golza changed his mind about dodging, and let the beam hit him. An orange light covered his chest as the prehistoric behemoth absorbed it. He began to charge up his Superheated Heat Ray, but then a roar rang out across the city. Golza turned around, and his eyes widened in shock and fear when he saw the third kaiju, who wasn't exactly pleased to see him and Jirass.

It was Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

The fiery giant thought about using his Paralysis Ray to hold the nuclear saurian in place while he and Jirass made their escapes. He began to raise his arms, but instead of trapping the Monster King with the ropes, he lowered his arms. He didn't want to give the kaiju that had fought around the world for hours without stopping another reason to be unhappy with him. The only option he had, if he wanted to stay alive, was to retreat. If he, by any chance, met the nuclear goliath again, Golza would need to improve something about himself. He was thirty-two meters taller than Godzilla. He possessed two beam weapons and some energy ropes. The energy absorption could take care of the atomic ray, if the beam wasn't too powerful, and his armor plated skin was strong enough to resist punishment. If the King of the Monsters wanted a melee fight, then Golza could use his super strength to comply. He didn't know how strong Godzilla was though, so his strength may not be enough in the long run. Then it came to him. He needed to improve his weight. Golza was a featherweight, so even if his strength was enough to fight Godzilla, he would end up being steamrolled sooner or later. What if King Ghidorah decided to fight him? The hydra would most likely do the same to him, and wouldn't stop until the prehistoric kaiju died. He needed to weigh in the hundreds of thousands of tons, not eighty thousand. He had two problems now; the first being how would he grow, and the second being how long would it take. Golza quickly remembered how he even became Fire Golza: lava. Luckily, volcanoes still existed in this world. He sensed an extremely powerful one to the east, but it was pretty far away. It would take some time to get there, even with his burrowing speed. Now he had to figure out how long would it take for him to gain the weight. He couldn't remember how long it took for his transformation to be complete. The fiery kaiju hoped it wouldn't take years for him to gain over twenty-thousand plus tons. Golza then looked at Godzilla and took a step back. The Monster King's mood was worsening. Golza's jaws then separated and a howl escaped his throat. He prepared to burrow, but he then looked at the ocean, and saw some shapes. Were they more kaiju? He cocked his head in confusion. However, Godzilla was still unhappy. He couldn't wait for the possible kaiju to arrive. So, the prehistoric leviathan began to dig into the earth, burrowing toward the volcano, his tail thrashing around. Golza noticed that his opponent was still with Godzilla. Would he also leave? If Jirass decided to follow in his footsteps, then he and Golza may meet another day and maybe continue their battle. However, he didn't know if Jirass was smart or a complete idiot, so he might decide to stay and attempt to fight Godzilla. Golza decided that he would let Jirass choose his own fate, whether it be escaping to fight another day or sustaining serious injuries in combat. Those other shapes, if they were kaiju, could talk to him later. If they called him, he might turn back, depending on the mood Godzilla was in. Then one more thing entered his mind; he had seen something tiny flying past him. It resembled some type of projectile. He didn't know its purpose. Was it for him? What was it going to do to him? It was extremely small, so most likely it would've bounced off him. But why would someone fire only one projectile? Why not more? Fire Golza pushed the thought aside as he focused on his trip to the volcano.

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:03 pm
by Dr. Carter
Gorund cursed to the heavens, letting out a roar of anger as he tossed the launcher to the side. Mugal would not forgive this failure, though he might still be able to save face with the commander if he and his men made a move to get behind Jirass. He wheeled around to order them to move, but found no one. He looked a bit and saw them running off in terror. He then realized he had gotten too angry, and looked over at Godzilla, fully expecting the nuclear saurian to have taken notice of him, and he would have to resign himself to his fate if the monster king had noticed his raging screams.

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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:44 am
by Godzilla165
Godzilla watched on as Golza turned tail and retreated. Good. He was at the very least, somewhat intelligent. Godzilla couldn't say the same for Jirass, as the ugly beast had foolishly stayed behind. Who knows, maybe his ignorance could be useful somehow. Godzilla would let the Mothra larvae figure that out for himself. The monster king cocked his head to the side upon hearing a sudden, and tinny roar somewhere below him. Godzilla lazily glanced down at the city streets below, and quickly located the source. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity, and made his way over to the livid form of Gorund.

It took all of three steps for Godzilla to completely envelope the ape's entirety, and shroud him in an overwhelming shadow. Godzilla stared down at the tiny creature for a moment, before reaching down and scooping Gorund up ever so gently by his head. Godzilla brought the ape close to his scowling visage, and studied the bizarre little thing before him. Strange. In the back of his mind, the titan swore that he had seen similar creatures like this before. It certainly wasn't like any human he had seen before, but it vaguely resembled one. Whatever this creature was, it was disgusting. Another thought came to Godzilla's mind; he wondered just how durable the hairy thing was. As such, the monster king applied just the tiniest bit of pressure to the ape's head, and wasn't surprised when Gorund's entire body popped into a bloody mist.

Godzilla snorted in the slightest bit of amusement. At least the tiny organism could say that he came face-to-face with the King of Monsters... If he was still alive, that is. No matter. Godzilla was now bored, and took it out on a nearby building. The black leviathan pressed his palm against the top of the structure, and casually put a quarter of his weight onto it. The building shattered and collapsed before Godzilla could even take his hand away. A growl of disappointment said it all. The humans were terrible at making nests.

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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:52 am
by toho_guy01
Jirass turned around, wandering back into the sea and back to Infant Island.

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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:38 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Male Larvae looked on in disgust as Godzilla did what he did. Though as he sense evil from the ape like creature, he didn't quite mind seeing Godzilla crush it. He did however mind that Godzilla crushed the building, but there really wasn't much he could do. At the very least it was empty thanks to Golza's hissy fit, though it certainly would only fuel the human's fire of distaste for Godzilla and Kaiju. He then noticed Jirass was heading back tot he sea and by extension, Infant Island. The larvae squeaked at the mutant dinosaur questioningly, why he was here, and that there was something important to be mentioned.

Meanwhile, Byakan finally arrived on shore, giving herself a good shake to get all the water off of her body while she was still on all fours. Again, the water was sprayed in all directions for roughly three hundred meters, some of which managed to put out a few fires. She then cautiously made her approach, and noticed that whatever was going on was now over. She looked side to side before she stood up, and grunted questioningly to no one in particular if she was late again?

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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:33 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla watched on from the corner of his eye at the larvae attempting this, "recruitment" of his. Godzilla would only step in if Jirass didn't cooperate, but the former's mere presence should have been more than enough to coax most Kaiju into joining.

The monster king noticed Byakan strutting towards them, and narrowed an eye. He had never seen this one before. Godzilla almost immediately shrugged Byakan off and didn't pay her any attention; her being here didn't affect the nuclear titan in any way. Godzilla honestly couldn't care less; he was simply here to support the Mothra larvae if he required any help, and tag along in their quest to somehow force other monsters to join them.

Godzilla turned his attention towards a another building nearby, and strode up to it. The monster king sighed as best as his enormous lungs allowed, and leaned gently up against it. The structure groaned and flexed under Godzilla's immense weight, and tiny cracks even began to form...But it surprisingly held firm. Godzilla looked out to sea, and gazed at the beautiful blue water, sparkling elegantly in the sunlight. Deep down, Godzilla wouldn't have been opposed to more moments like this. It was much peace as he was ever going to get.


Together- The xx

That is what was playing loudly throughout the house as Kenichi entered. The man immediately smiled upon hearing the beautiful song, and quickly raced upstairs to find Riyoko. It was the song that had played in the restaurant where Kenichi had proposed to Riyoko, and had since become the tune of their love.

Kenichi got to their bedroom door and hesitated. The young scientist couldn't help but chuckle to himself; no matter what he did, he was always nervous to see Riyoko. It was a good feeling, however. It was a really good feeling. Kenichi slowly twisted the handle, and gently pushed the door inward. What met Kenichi on the other side surprised him. The lights in the bedroom were all off, and was instead illuminated by ten candles, all methodically placed around the room. The strong scent of cinnamon and lilac filled Kenichi's nose, and gently caressed all of his senses.

Kenichi looked over at the bed itself, and his heart all but melted away into pure ecstasy. There Riyoko lay, waiting for her husband to return. She gave Kenichi an alluring smile, and slowly rose her feet. Bringing the covers from the bed with her, Riyoko tiptoed her way up to Kenichi. Her long, and silky black hair was gracefully messy. Her eyes gleamed brightly in complete happiness, and her body shifted side to side with the elegance of a professional dancer. Riyoko came within an inch away from Kenichi, and gazed up into his eyes. She soon became entranced by them, and her smile never faded.

"Welcome home." Riyoko mused softly. She casually loosened her grip on the bedsheets, and allowed them to float down to her feet.

Kenichi returned her pleasurable smile, and wrapped both of his hands ever so slightly around her face. Wasting no time, they locked lips and tightened their grip around one another. Neither of them pulled away nor let up for a moment, and made their way over to the bed. Kenichi quickly kicked the bedroom door shut, and ripped away his filthy clothing. They sunk down into the bed's warm embrace, never letting up for a moment, as the song reached its zenith, and both singers mixed and harmonized perfectly together.

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Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:36 am
by toho_guy01
Jirass turned around and looked at the larva. He told the larva that he was there to try and find out more about whoever would appear, protecting cities if he had to. He then turned back around and went into the sea, resuming his journey to Infant Island.

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Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:15 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Male Larvae was about to add that he and Godzilla were recruiting other kaiju to stop King Ghidorah, but he didn't get time. Though it was nice to know at least that Jirass would be there if he was needed. Now the question was whether to go north to investigate the presence of Baragon, or try and follow Golza, or to go elsewhere. There were still several Kaiju, and their help would be necessary. He then turned around and found Byakan looking at him with a confused look on her face. She grunted out just what was going on here.

The Larvae squeaked that he and Godzilla were trying to find allies for when Ghidorah would rise again. Though he didn't have to recruit her as she was already of the same mind. Byakan though gave him a rather dumbfounded look, then looked at Godzilla, giving him a slight glare for him leaning on that building the way he was, then back to the Larvae.

Byakan then grunted questioningly that Godzilla, the most bad attituded kaiju there was, the one most known for doing things himself, the one most likely to fight a monster instead of recruiting it, was actually helping to recruit? The Larvae nodded, and Byakan just stood there, he jaw hanging open from the seeming shock. Both her human and tiger components were flabbergasted by the notion. She then turned around, looking at Godzilla, and grunted to the larvae that he couldn't be serious. There was simply no way.

The Larvae was indeed serious, he squeaked in reply. The fact Godzilla wasn't trying to turn her into a white pretzel with stripes currently should have been proof enough that Godzilla was trying to recruit allies if they were needed against King Ghidorah.

Byakan then, out of a human habbit, placed her hands on her hips, and grunted out her amazement. But she grunted that Godzilla recruiting allies if they were needed made sense. Still, the thought of Godzilla even trying this was a shock to her.

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Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:16 pm
by Godzilla165
A annoyed hiss from Godzilla informed Byakan and the Mothra Larvae that they were both wasting time. If both of them hoped to succeed in recruiting others for future help, then they would need leave soon. A bolt of energy lanced out from Godzilla's body, and inadvertently struck the building he was leaning on. The structure erupted in a tower of flame, and seared rubble showered down from the sky. Godzilla lazily glanced behind him, and stared blankly at the newly formed wreckage. Godzilla trumpeted amusingly to himself; his power was off the charts, but he was in complete control.

The monster king then proceeded to slowly march back towards the bay, whilst passing the larvae and Byakan without acknowledging either of them. Godzilla emitted a guttural snarl that told both Kaiju that they needed to leave. The nuclear goliath stopped and peered over his shoulder at the larvae. Godzilla quickly and sharply motioned for the kid to hurry up; he would be the one that led the way. Godzilla shot a brief glare at Byakan and sneered. He didn't know who, or what she was for that matter, but he also didn't exactly care either. Godzilla felt... Nothing for the tiger Kaiju, though a part of him still didn't like her, unsurprisingly.

Who knows, perhaps Byakan could soon prove herself to be a worthy combatant, and maybe even impress the King of Monsters.

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Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:11 pm
by Dr. Carter
Byakan curled her lips in a silent snarl. The feeling of dislike was mutual at the moment. The Larvae meanwhile decided to head up north, he did this by going back into the water, and then turned up north to head to San Francisco. Byakan figured she might as well stick with them for a while, and see for herself if Godzilla had changed enough. She too went into the water, and followed the Larvae up north.

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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:57 pm
by Missingno.
"It very much is." Gondo responded to Hidachi's question.

"Alright gentlemen, despite the recent chain of events that just shook this base, there is another matter--one of great importance that places us all, not just those at G-Force, but quite possibly this entire country in an interesting position." Kashiwagi announced from the front of the room, just in front of a screen that would show the projector's images on it shortly.

All of the men in the room watched intently.

"First, it is important to note that there had been slight geological activity around the remains of what was once Mount Fuji, the epicenter of two minor tremors had the exact same location. The purpose of the survey team I headed at the site was to see what this cause was. It was initially suggested that perhaps the third Godzilla's emergence from the mountain in 1993 had turned it into a sub volcano of sorts, and this was indeed viewed as a possibility, as the same monster's emergence from Mount Mihara just four years earlier resulted in a very large eruption." The scientist explained; with images from each respective event showing on the projection screen.

"It came to my whole team as well as myself that the incident from 1993 was indeed not the cause. Further analysis, particularly depth-level thermal scans that reach up to 200 meters beneath the surface, were key in determining as to what the situation is at the former mountain's site.

The first image showed on the screen. It was the immediate rock below anyone who would be standing at the remains. "As one can see, the surface rock indicates no abnormalities. However, if one goes deeper in view, a well-defined heat signature appears. This signature, upon showing maximum depth-level scans, shows what the source is. It is no magma vein, but--" the scientist then zoomed out the view to show just what the image was.

The men aside from Gondo, Fukazawa and Kashiwagi showed a visible reaction as the view finalized.

"Yes, it is the very shape of King Ghidorah. By the measurements of these scans, the monster appears to be about 135 meters in height. However, it is still very much immature, as indicated by the hunch it its body and the folds in its wings, which leave me doubting that it could even fly." Kashiwagi continued, pointing at the structure of one of the wings. "I admit, I know nothing more about it than how it sounds, as I as well as those with me heard the cries of it."

All of the men in the room almost seemed disturbed in some way or another by the unveiling of this news.

"I come here to deliver this news in part to make a suggestion--that we do not attempt to fight his Ghidorah in any way; not until it shows aggression. The battle between Moguera and Gigan is my basis of that reasoning. A creature that showed no true malicious intent was attacked, and it retaliated, has caused no harm after defending itself, and still has yet to. On top of that, we all know that this is not the same creature that ravaged this country so many years ago. King Ghidorah was watched retreating as it had been maimed. We would have known about its return, as space observation became a major component following the titanic battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah. So how did this one get here? I do not have the answers, but I have a strong guess. That guess is regenerative abilities like that of a starfish, on a much larger scale. As I told to both Fukazawa and Gondo, think back to 1998 when Mothra fought a relative of King Ghidorah. Unable to effectively fight it in its modern state, Mothra went back in time to do battle with the dragon before it could emerge in the modern day. While little details are known of what occurred there, what we did get word of was that a body part of the Ghidorah, particularly a tail, was severed and burrowed its way underground before the the creature itself was killed by Mothra. However, Ghidorah emerged again afterwards, likely growing back its full body from a regeneration process over the time that passed. I believe the same thing has occurred here, just in a much shorter time span." the scientist explained.

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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:05 pm
by Godzilla165
San Fransisco
7:35 PM

Gone. It was all gone. The once proud and bustling city of San Fransisco had been completely ravaged. For miles, the only thing to gaze upon were piles of rubble and fallen buildings. A good third of the city had been razed, and the rest was now contaminated by immense amounts of radiation. San Fransisco as a whole would be uninhabitable for decades. While it wasn't as bad as Osaka, it wasn't that far off. A thick and heavy cloud hung over the city like a parasite. Unlike Osaka, there were still bodies that littered the streets. They were all either burned beyond recognition, or flattened into the earth.

Suddenly, Godzilla breached from the bay area, and threw several hundreds of gallons of water into the streets. The monster king snorted and looked around the area intently. This was his handiwork. This had been Godzilla's first stop after he returned to the world. He made an example of San Fransisco to show society his terrible power. It was almost poetic.

While he awaited for the larvae and Byakan to arrive, Godzilla advanced further into the city, and gazed at the destruction that surrounded him. It was completely silent; there was no sound, no ambient noise... Nothing. The city was dead, and forever cast in shadow.


Hidachi stood from his chair and moved towards the long window that overlooked a large piece of Tokyo.

"This is absurd." He muttered dryly. "Do you really expect me to risk the safety of this country, let alone the entire world for that matter... Based on a hunch?"

Hidachi turned to face the other men, and his eyes were filled with intensity and anger.

"All of you are insane. You must be if you actually believe that G-Force is just going to stand idly by, while that demon sleeps. I don't give a damn if another monster didn't retaliate; Ghidorah's rampage left the whole goddamn country in ruins, and ravaged most of world!"

Hidachi glanced at Vaugh, whom of which was sitting quietly in his seat and shaking his head. The man didn't say a word; he didn't have to. Britannia was right: this whole situation was absolutely ridiculous.

"No. No, G-Force will travel to the Mt. Fuji memorial, and we will give the ugly bastard hell. If he wakes up, then we will wipe him off the face of the planet for good." Hidachi stated firmly.

The tall and and stout man turned away from Gondo and the others, and headed towards the exit. Hidachi placed a hand on the doorknob and stopped. He turned his head slightly to face the other men, and sighed deeply.

"We spent so many years rebuilding and starting over, because of that devil's presence. I will not allow that to happen again. There is no such thing as a 'docile' Ghidorah. Period. You're all out of your damn minds if you think so." Hidachi grumbled, and proceeded to storm out of the room.

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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:33 pm
by Giratina93
Beneath the waves, Ghidorah smirked. So many innocent minds to observe, to peer into and witness while the time passed on, and what better minds than those at the human base they called "G-force"? They knew not where we was, that the Ghidorah they were planning on attacking was not the killer they feared. Even better, the dissension among the ranks made this all too enjoyable to watch.

It would have been so easy to take control of one of them, any of them at that, and witness them tear each other apart from the inside out. And for a moment, Ghidorah considered it, but brushed it aside. If those damn worshippers of the moth were still around, they would have no problem tracing it back here, and Ghidorah preferred not to out himself so soon.

Rather, perhaps it was time for an accurate assessment of Godzilla's power. The earlier mind slave he had used was gone, no doubt turned into a liquid soup by that spider...

Ghidorah's eyes widened. He could sense it, another life force moving through the earth's crush, heading toward Godzilla's location. Had it too sensed the growing power in the King of the Monsters, and wished to examine? Was it coming as an ally, or an enemy?

Ghidorah closed his eyes, and let his mind enter into that of the traveling monsters. It wasn't control, just merely seeing through its eyes...


Several miles south of Godzilla's location, the earth cracked and heaved. Something was moving beneath the surface, making a beeline toward Godzilla...

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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:23 pm
by Dr. Carter
"Kashiwagi is correct." A feminine voice called out, which would no doubt catch the attention of the men. "This is not the time for fighting amongst yourselves. It is exactly what King Ghidorah wants, but not the one under the former location of Mt Fuji." Then, a glowing house cat sized moth appeared. It was a fairy Mothra, likely the Shobijin themselves, who was talking to the people in the room. Though it would seem to sound like it was coming from their minds, due to her telepathically communicating with them. "You mustn't attack the new Ghidorah, or else you may arouse the ire of both Walterrus and Battra who are there already to see the new creature for themselves."


Walterrus was growing restless from waiting for the new Ghidorah to rise, and he looked to see what Battra was thinking. Wouldn't you know it though, the dark moth was sleeping as his head was lowered, and his eyes were not glowing. Walterrus was sick of this waiting, this was ridiculous, especially since there were other matters that needed attending to and he was here just wasting his time waiting for the new Ghidorah to awaken on his own sweet time. That was going to end, and it was going to end NOW!

The dragon king got up on his feet, took in a deep breath, and unleashed a challenging roar that anyone who heard it within a four mile radius would swear it was Godzilla who was roaring. Walterrus was mimicking Godzilla's challenge roar, and he was making it last longer due to having taken a deep breath. The roar itself managed to last an astounding thirty seconds. Battra was startled by the roar and immediately woke up, raising his wings up as if to take flight as he thought Godzilla had appeared suddenly. Then he realized it was Walterrus who was making that roar.

The dark moth echo called questioningly if Walterrus was trying to get them both killed by that angry roar? The dragon simply ignored Battra's question, and stared intently at the spot he could sense Ghidorah was at. If that didn't get a response, he'd have to dig the monster out himself. And that would be assuredly unpleasant.


Both Byakan and the Male Larvae could see the city, or what was left of it, and cautiously crawled onto it. Byakan looked around, and seemed horrified by the sight of the destroyed landscape of San Francisco. She questioned with a grunt, knowing how similar Walterrus was to Godzilla, if he could do similar destruction?

The Larvae squeaked in reply that Walterrus could very well do that, if he really wanted to, and was angry enough. But unlike Godzilla, Walterrus held back his power, and was reluctant to unleash the full force of what he could do. And he'd prefer it stay that way. Byakan nodded solemnly as they followed Godzilla, and began to catch up, walking alongside him. Fortunately for the two monsters, Byakan was protected from this passive radiation hazard by her mystical nature. And the Male Larvae was naturally immune due to the fact other Mothras had been exposed to radiation thanks to tests and fall out that came to Infant Island in the past. Those Mothras had not been affected, though a direct blast of the ionized radiation of Godzilla's breath was a different story entirely.

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Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:10 am
by JAGzilla
A few hours earlier...

Once again, Yog had entered a new world. As intended, it had successfully landed on and entered the brain of one of the hapless human soldiers. The shocking complexity of the mind had stunned the parasite at first, but it had still managed to trigger a base instinct that the human had been leaning toward anyway: run away. And as Shiro Hiragama collapsed and threw the battlefield into dust-shrouded chaos, Yog and its new host made their escape. With so many of his fellows having been incinerated, it was unlikely that the soldier's disappearance would ever be discovered.

The scrubby woodlands in which the battle had taken place were a good environment in which to disappear, and Yog used the human's knowledge of how to move and evade detection in such terrain to quickly locate a shallow ravine a few miles from the battle, and they settled down in the concealing shadows of a stand of eucalyptus trees. The soldier, panicked and generally in shock as he was, had not yet realized what was happening to him, that the decision to flee and hide had not been his own, and that gave the Yog time to get its bearings.

The first thing it did was try to establish what exactly its host was, beyond Shiro Hiragama's vague notion of a human that specialized in fighting. It examined the human's thoughts and memories, discovering that the human had something called a 'name', which served to identify him to others of his kind. Tom Gaines. He was a male, twenty-two years old, and a member of all manner of different social groups that took some time for the amoeba to sort through and process; this was far, far more information than it had ever had to deal with before. Tom was part of a very large group, a 'nation', called 'Australia', and a soldier in the Austrialian Army, responsible for protecting the humans who were incapable of fighting. His thoughts at the moment centered on his immediate biological family- a father, mother, a sister, and a young son- as well as on his mate (wife, to use his word) and various 'friends', some of whom Yog had just slaughtered. Tom felt a powerful sense of loss and fear, though the full impact wouldn't hit him for some time yet. He wanted nothing more than to be as far away as possible from the carnage, to return to his home and try to forget what had just occurred, though at the same time, he was starting to become angry with himself for running away, and for even thinking of forgetting all of the men who had just given their lives to stop that monster.

It was all very confusing, both for the human and even more so for Yog, who had never dealt with such emotional complexity. It shut itself off from the emotion as much as it could, trying to push through that wall and look for things that might make the human a useful tool. It did maintain its hold on the human's desire to stay hidden, however, keeping images of looming, terrible Shiro Hiragama hovering at the forefront of his mind. The human reacted as Yog intended, tucking himself back into the roots of the overhanging trees, desperate to avoid dying like everyone else had...

Yog dug a bit deeper, trying to sort through a maze of gibberish thoughts about everything from strange, processed foods unlike anything Yog's previous hosts had eaten, to observing fictional representations of events called 'movies', to a leisure activity that involved kicking a 'ball' into a 'net'. It was going to be very difficult to piece all of this together into anything like a cohesive whole; even the human seemed to have difficulty managing his complicated life at times, and resorted to drinking liquids which impaired the functioning of his mind and allowed him to shut out things he didn't want to think about and focus on having fun.

There were glimpses of things that seemed more practical, though. As a soldier, Tom was required to maintain an awareness of all sorts of issues related to defense and battle around the world. The ongoing struggle for dominance between humanity and the kaiju, for example, was centered around a distant place called 'Japan'. If Yog wanted to involve itself in this conflict (and it did), it might need to do a bit of travelling in the near future...

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:17 am
by Godzilla165
Godzilla listened on with a curious ear to what the larvae, and Byakan were discussing. Whoever this "Walterrus"was, he sounded both weak and foolish for holding back this supposed power of his. Godzilla sneered in disgust at the prospect; holding back all of the time meant inferiority and fear of oneself. Period. There was nothing "wise" about it.

The King of Monsters looked around at the devastation before him, and trumpeted out loud that the pathetic humans deserved this. They deserved all of this for all of the vile things that they did to Godzilla. In their quest for dominance and absolute power, humanity created an abomination. Their ignorance and arrogance brought forth something that they could never take back. Godzilla could still feel the burns from the overwhelming heat that swallowed him whole. His eyes and muscles still occasionally hurt from growing back in. His own screams of agony still haunted him to this day. Whatever pity that other Kaiju showed for humankind, Godzilla had none. The monster king saw a building that was surprisingly still standing, and lazily pushed it over.

Godzilla was also no fool. He knew what the larvae really thought of him... What everyone thought of him, for that matter. They all believed that he was an extremely arrogant, stubborn, and prideful beast. Godzilla glanced over his muscular shoulder at the larvae and Byakan, and growled deeply. Neither of them had any idea of the pain and suffering that he endured. No one did. Mankind sowed their fate when they created him; Godzilla was just the reaper. Whatever reservations or negative feelings that either Kaiju had towards him, the monster king didn't care. Nothing would ever change his feelings towards the ants that skittered under his feet. The horror that Godzilla had been put through, he would return to the humans a thousandfold, for as long as his beating heart would allow.

This was Godzilla's burden. He was the son of the atomic bomb, and a permanent reminder of humanity's mistakes.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:30 pm
by Giratina93
An ear-splitting howl ripped through the desolated city, only a few hundred meters south of Godzilla. Here, the ground erupted out, and an lupine form emerged from the earth. It was large, not nearly as big as Godzilla, but easily larger than the larvae. The head of the creature was enormous, almost as large as its body, and its lips were pulled back, revealing jagged rows of serrated fangs.

The wolf like creature turned, and locked eyes with Godzilla. The target was sighted. He bent low, and snarled. He was prepared for a fight...


By now, Lilith had left Geaves behind at the hospital. The man was alone, tossing and turning in his sleep. He was having a dream... no, a nightmare to be more precise.

In it, he saw a world that was on the brink of destruction. Fire raced across the whole of Japan, consuming entire cities and regions. No one survived the terrible flames. Kenichi, Gordon, Gondo, the brave men and women he had been a father to, a leader in the G-force, lay dead on the ground, their bodies charred husks robbed of life. The ruins of the Gotengo lay broken across a hill, and Moguera was slowly melting away into a molten goo. The Grandeus was nowhere to be seen, except for a single severed leg filled with holes. The screams of the dying and damned flooded this burning world, before they as well were consumed by hellfire. The skies above were choking with smoke, and a red tint could be made out beyond the black haze.

Through the flames, Geaves could make out the forms of several monsters. A few were laying on the ground motionless, but a few were alive. He could make out Godzilla looming over the headless corpse of Anguirus, bellowing out roars of anguish over the loss of his closest friend. Jet Jaguar was missing an arm, electric sparks and circuitry hanging out of the ruined appendage. The great spider Kumonga was thrashing as flames consumed her, trying her hardest to fight them off. Her struggles were ended when the earth beneath her opened forth, and a plume of lava surged upward, incinerating the arachnid. Other monsters he couldn't identify were struggling to survive, collapsing and fleeing from some unseen foe.

Then, he saw it. From the lava plume emerged out two blackened claws that gripped the earth. A great shadow rose up in the molten pillar, and from it emerged three serpentine heads, unleashing torrents of fire and brimstone upon Godzilla and the surviving kaiju. Two massive wings spread from its back, and it soared into the air, a black star heralding the end of days.

Geaves could only watch on in this nightmare. He could barely make out the three headed menace through the haze, but the form filled him with fear nonetheless. He remembered this monster, the creature that had nearly destroyed the earth decades ago...

King Ghidorah.

Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:51 pm
by Godzilla165
Godzilla froze in place and clenched his fists tightly. Casually, the monster king turned around to face the beast that dared to challenge him. Godzilla raised an eyebrow upon seeing the strange beast. It was an ugly, pitiful looking thing, and something that Godzilla had never encountered before. The nuclear goliath marched in front the larvae and Byakan, and cracked his neck. He didn't know why Titanodon was here, nor what he wanted, but if the supposed "guardian" wished to die today... Then Godzilla would happily grant him that privilege. His conversation with the others about his purpose would have to wait.

Godzilla took in a massive breath of air, and bellowed a roar that traveled for miles on end. Titanadon would soon see why it was a mistake to challenge him.