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Re: Godzilla: Kaiju Uprising

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:07 pm
by Godzilla The King
"Just what the hell are we dealing with now? skreeonkin' monkeys?" Gordon grunted.

He had never seen anything like this in his life. He'd seen a lot fighting kaiju, he'd thought he'd seen it all. This threw him for a loop.

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Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:08 pm
by Dr. Carter
The Simeans carried both unconscious men to the delivery van, and got inside. They closed the door, and the others who had their cover blown now joined the others in retreat. There were still some left inside, still under cover. Their fates would have to be left up to Mugal. In the mean time, messy as the operation was, it was a total success. Beyond their wildest imaginings, they got both men, their notes and studies. Everything they needed to make the new NT diamond type, and make MechaGodzilla more powerful than ever. And the humans were left with nothing but a few corpses of Simeans, questions, and a Hell of a lot of recriminations when they realized that the only men who knew enough about the improved NT Diamonds were the ones captured by the Simeans. Suki, who was in another vehicle, radioed the base of operations. "Suki here, the operation is a total success." He said, "The stupid humans have been thoroughly embarrassed."


"I see." Mugal said into the communication channel. "Good work, did we suffer any casualties?"
"Just enough to leave them with some corpses, and questions with no answers." Suki replied, "Though one of my men says that a psychic girl could tell we weren't human. Shall I relay orders to the rest inside G Force that are still maintaining their cover to self terminate or disable their telepathy impairing implants?"
"Tell them to disable their implants, and guard their thoughts so as to fool the psychics." Mugal said, "And tell a few to prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to calm suspicions of our activities. No doubt word of this embarrassment will get to investors and military brass, including my human alter-ego. I'll need to make an appearance in a few days to keep up appearances, and assure G Force that there will be no more in there. In the mean time, bring our... 'guests'... to our base, and make sure you're not being followed. The last thing we need is someone exposing all of our operations at this crucial juncture."
"By your command." Suki said as the channel was cut off. Mugal then walked to the window and looked out at MechaGodzilla, who had all of his armor removed while work was being done on installing the new weapon, and other improvements.
"Soon... very soon..." Mugal said as he began to chuckle, and broke out into maniacal laughter. For him, this day simply couldn't get any better. He had dealt a very crippling blow to the humans. Maybe not in terms of strength or power. But he did strike a blow that was just as harmful. He struck their pride.

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Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:57 pm
by Giratina93
Seated beside the sleeping, restless form of Geaves was Lilith. She was unaware of what was going on back at the G-force base, of the simian imposters that were running rampant, or of the monster attacks that were happening with increased frequency across the globe.

No, all she knew of, was this was her fault.

How long had she been here, watching over the closest thing she had to a father as he struggled with internal injuries and inner demons? Hours? Days? She didn't know, nor did she care. She reached over, and placed her hand on his head. He was hot, burning even. Had the stress of piloting the Grandeus taken such a toll on his body? Had age finally caught up with the old veteran?

"No... It's not your time yet to die." Lilith muttered under her breath. "I never wanted this to happen to you, nothing this extreme. I wanted your approval, to show you how good I was as a pilot, that my ways of handling the situation were better than yours, to make you respect me as a person. I didn't want you to pay with your life, for my own mistakes, father. Please, get better... Everyone misses you, even me."

She gulped, and laid her head on his chest, and cried. It was all her fault, and she knew it. She couldn't lame this on Godzilla, or Dogora, or Gigan or any of the monsters Geaves fought that day, but only on herself. The rest of G-force knew it as well, and if they hadn't been so preoccupied with their own problems, they would be all over her for this.

The hospital room was quiet, except for the cries of a lonely girl...

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Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:29 pm
by Kaijunator
The cries of both kaiju and human filled the air. However, the human cries were full of fear as they ran from the prehistoric menace ravaging their city. Buildings crumbled as Fire Golza strode through them. Explosions rose from the rubble. He had killed hundreds of humans in his quest to discover what this new world was. So far, it seemed pretty weak. The "dominant" lifeforms, humans, were extremely easy to kill. The structures that blanketed the area were destroyed when he walked through them. It looked like he would end up destroying the entire city trying to find answers. Suddenly, screaming, beating, and rolling sounds entered his ears. The leviathan saw F-35 Lightning fighter jets, AH-64 Apache helicopters, and M1A2 Abrams tanks heading towards him. Missiles, bullets, and shells were almost instantly discharged from the vehicles after the behemoth noticed them.

Snarling in rage as explosions danced across his hide, Golza reared back and began to charge up something. Red and orange energies swirled around his crest, followed by a small grey sphere forming in front of it. Fiery spheres dashed away from the crest and toward the military vehicles, destroying some of them. He wasn't picky as to which ones he got, so he thrashed his head around, attempting to maximize the casualties. When the F-35s flew behind him, Golza stopped firing his Superheated Heat Ray. Twenty-five percent of the tanks had been destroyed and only two Apaches remained. One of the Apaches was barely functional. However, that didn't stop them from attacking the kaiju. The roar of the fighter jets got closer. A reddish-orange energy ring formed around Golza's neck. Particles of energy that bore the same color began to move toward his crest and an energy sphere, also with the same colors began to materialize in his crest. After the final particle was absorbed, the sphere transformed into a streak of light, which soon exploded to unleash a fiery energy beam. The beam, the Maximum Ultrasonic Ray, began to turn the remaining helicopters and M1A2s into flaming pieces of metal. Once the jets crossed into his field of vision, Golza threw his head back and screeched as the Ultrasonic Ray tore through the remaining Lightnings. Fire Golza howled as the final jets crashed to the ground to explode. He surveyed the area, and was shocked at what he had done. Fires surrounded him as he flexed his claws. Howling, the kaiju turned away from the devastation, as any answers were most likely burnt. Golza began to walk towards the area where he hadn't attacked, still in search of answers as to what the world had become.

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Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:21 pm
by Dr. Carter
The male Larvae swam towards Las Angeles. There was a particularly strong presence there, something confused, despite being angry. Something that was out of it's time frame. It wasn't evil, but it could prove to be a valuable ally. He just hoped that Godzilla would agree, and not try to turn it inside out.


Mugal meanwhile was watching a screen that showed current events. One of these was Golza who was on the rampage. Mugal cracked a crooked smirk, this was just the thing he needed. IT covered all the bases, and was a vastly superior monster to Titanosaurus, who had been partnered with MechaGodzilla in 1975. The size, the power, and the potential physical strength. He just needed a way to get the mind control implant into the monster. He looked to MechaGodzilla who was still under repairs, that simply wouldn't do. Not if he didn't want to delay the other improvements, despite having the NT-1 diamond armor shell extras, he didn't want to rush this just yet. No, he had waited so many years for this, a little more time wouldn't hurt. HE then brought up a contact he had in America.
"I have a mission for you, Gorund." Mugal said, "Hopefully you have the proper equipment ready..."

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:13 am
by toho_guy01
Suddenly, a loud roar sounded over the rubble of Los Angeles, Godzilla's roar but not quite.. Jirass strided along through the debris of Golza's destruction, roaring out a challenge to the prehistoric creature.

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:15 am
by Kaijunator
Godzilla's howl rang out across the city. Golza growled and slowly turned around. Had the Monster King himself come to challenge him? The Godzilla that fought King Ghidorah for all those years? He braced himself, but when he saw the kaiju, he grunted in confusion. That wasn't Godzilla. It resembled him, but the dorsal fins were yellow. A yellow, black, and bluegreen frill adorned its neck. There was also a yellow tint on its chest. The kaiju that he was seeing was definitely not Godzilla, but Jirass. Fire Golza's jaws parted to release a challenging howl. The fiery beast began to charge toward his foe, intent on combat.

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:52 am
by toho_guy01
Golza made contact with Jirass, the massive amount of strength propelling him backwards through the rubble of the destroyed city. Jirass looked over his shoulder and saw the rubble gradually building into a fully built city. Jirass roared once more as he pushed against Golza, slowly slowing his charge until he completely stopped. Jirass clapped his hands together, raised them and began to bring them down onto Golza's head.

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:21 am
by Godzilla165
The group of brave souls continued their trek deeper into the heart of Osaka; their flashlights desperately tried to penetrate the overwhelming darkness. It was near impossible for any of them to walk two feet without tripping, falling, and almost getting bludgeoned by various pieces of pointed debris. The roads were all but completely razed, and the few spots that held up were still cracked and splintered beyond repair. Luckily however, the group weren't in danger from any pieces of buildings falling onto them; the entire area was nothing more than a black, and ashy field that spanned for miles. Eventually, everyone split off into different sectors and went to work looking for anything of value, and possible survivors.

Kenichi and Lex stayed close together for the most part. The latter aimed his flashlight at the ground, and swept across his direct line of view. At first, Kenichi found absolutely nothing that could've been salvaged... But something finally caught his eye. The scientist walked over and knelt down next to it. He reached a hand out to touch the strange object, whilst keeping his flashlight aimed directly at it. It was jutting from the ground, with three distinguishable "appendages", spreading at the end of it. Kenichi furrowed his brow in confusion as he ran a finger further down the strange stalk.

When he finally reached the base of the object, Kenichi panned his head a few inches to the left of it, and his eyes immediately widened in horror. He ripped his finger away as revelation finally set in. Kenichi was face-to-face with a human face embedded deeply in the ground. The horrified man could only make out the simplest of details. The person's mouth was permanently agape, their eyes and sockets for that matter, had been completely burned off, as well as their nose. It would've been a full on skull, if it hadn't been for the few pieces of singed and blistered skin hanging from the forehead, and the right cheek. The "appendage", was an arm reaching out towards the sky, and it had been completely stripped of all flesh and muscle. There was only three, stubby little fingers at the end of it, and they were slightly splayed.

Kenichi quickly got to his feet and stumbled away from the horrific sight. He stopped a few yards away, and bent over to clench his knees, before throwing up at his feet. No one could say that they've seen the after effects of Godzilla's terrible power on humans, firsthand... But Kenichi now could, and it was the most haunting and terrifying thing that he had ever seen.

Alexis ran over to Kenichi and began patting his back, and shaking him.

"Kenichi?! Kenichi, what's wrong? Are you alright?!" Lex demanded. She didn't get a response; Kenichi was still reeling from the grotesque sight.

"Yamane, Tammiah! What's going on over there?!" Evans suddenly called out and began walking over.

Alexis glanced at the man. "Something's wrong with Kenichi." She responded.

Thomas looked down at Kenichi and grunted. "Well he better shape up fast, and get back to work. He's nothing but dead weight like this." Evans grumbled dryly.

Alexis leered up at Evans. "You son-of-a-female dog. We shouldn't even BE here, let alone risking our lives looking for whatever bullshit that you think still exists here!" She spat.

Thomas sneered at the angry girl and got right in here face. "Listen here you damn punk, I'M the one in charge here, and we're all going to stay until I say so. Either you lose your bitchy attitude, or else I'll ki-"

Thomas was suddenly cut short as Kenichi socked the man square in the nose.

"OOF!" Evans grunted in pain and fell to the ground. Groaning in both agony and confusion, Evans rose to one knee and pinched his nose. The old man sweared loudly and glared at Kenichi, now standing over him.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Yamane?! You broke my goddamn nose! You'll be hearing from Britannia about this poop!" Evans barked lividly.

"Tell him." Kenichi muttered. "You tell Britannia exactly what happened... But don't you ever speak to my friend like that again. I don't give a damn if you're in charge; you're nothing but a lapdog in the grand hierarchy anyway."

Evans growled, but ultimately didn't say anything. He stumped to his feet and stomped away to lick his wounds. Kenichi looked over at Lex and rested a hand on her shoulder.

"You alright?" He gently asked.

Lex nodded and smiled sweetly. "We're not staying another minute here, Ken." She affirmed.

Kenichi chuckled slightly and nodded in agreement. "Let the rest of them stay here if they want; I'm calling us another ride out of here." Kenichi stated firmly. And so, the two scientists walked away from the skeleton of Osaka, and didn't look back.


Somewhere in the middle of the pacific, Godzilla floated peacefully his back, on the surface of the water. He simply allowed for the waves to carry his massive bulk, while he took himself a catnap. The sun was hanging high overhead, and the sky was magnificently blue. Strangely enough, Godzilla looked quite elegant and regal now. Sprites of blue energy permanently and visibly danced and swirled across Godzilla's entire body. The monster king's incredible power was now forever on display.

The respective roars from both Golza and Jirass awoke the beast from his slumber. Godzilla also sensed that the Mothra larvae was nearby. With a growl, Godzilla flipped over onto his belly, and dove beneath the waves. Using his incredible sixth sense, Godzilla sped off towards Los Angeles; he needed to teach both Golza and Jirass a brutal lesson.


Hidachi and Joseph finally caught up with Fukazawa and Gordon.

"There you are." Vaughn stated. "What's the situation?"

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:36 am
by Godzilla The King
"Look for yerself." Gordon muttered pointing to the bodies.

Gordon was honestly not expecting this to happen as soon as he decided to come back. He felt out of the loop and maybe he needed some time to catch up.

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:30 pm
by Kaijunator
Fire Golza jerked his head back as Jirass's fists hit it. The prehistoric leviathan snarled in rage and reared back, taking his right arm with him. He began to charge his Maximum Ultrasonic Ray. Once it finished charging, his right arm shot out and the beam fired. He had this fight. Jirass couldn't possibly survive this, he wasn't strong enough to endure a bone-shattering punch plus the Ultrasonic Ray. Unless he had underestimated his foe or he had a trick up his sleeve...

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:47 pm
by Dr. Carter
Walterrus and Battra had rested while waiting for the new Ghidorah to arise. Battra on the ground with his wings spread out and looking around warily. He knew the humans weren't too keen on him or Walterrus, and was surprised that they hadn't attempted to attack either of them yet. At any rate, he was getting a bit angry with Walterrus, as he didn't believe the dragon would keep to his word on only attacking if the new Ghidorah turned out to be a threat to the planet. There was a fight developing elsewhere, and he could sense the planet's dread at the original Ghidorah seeming to be active, though stationary. But there wasn't much he could do, and reverting to Larval form would leave him a bit drained. He simply seethed at the moment, but waited. Attacking Walterrus would be counter productive at the moment.

The dragon meanwhile was resting on all fours with his tail curled around, the tip gently tapping the ground. Well, gentle for a kaiju, as there was an audible thud from it. Walterrus was also getting restless, and could sense the fight himself, and Godzilla heading right for it. With three potential threats, he wasn't sure what to do. Stay and take care of this Ghidorah if it was hostile? Go and find the original Ghidorah before he made his move? Or go and stop a fight that would surely eradicate another city and leave it full of radiation? Three choices, three undesirable consequences. If he went to stop the fight between Jirass and Golza that Godzilla was about to intervene with, he'd be leaving Battra alone to deal with a Ghidorah who might be evil, and allow it to team up with the original. If he went to deal with the original Ghidorah, if he could find him that was, he'd be letting that city be destroyed as well as abandoning Battra, not to mention he'd be facing certain impossible odds. He looked to the skeleton of the deceased walterran, it had faced Ghidorah, and paid the ultimate price. He stood little better of a chance. Of course, staying here and dealing with this Ghidorah went without saying. Just what was the lesser of three evils he wondered?..


Byakan was meanwhile swimming towards Japan when her sensitive ears picked up on the noise from LA. She knew that couldn't be good, and decided to swim in that direction, as she believed Walterrus could handle whatever he was dealing with at the moment. She had no idea that Golza, a monster over half her own size, Jirass, Godzilla and a Mothra Larvae were going to be there. Still, she had to investigate and see just what was going on herself. She knew Walterrus would do his best to find her if she needed his help, so reuniting wasn't as critical. She had no idea that it would potentially be more critical than she would guess.


Gorund and his men felt this was crazy, trying to get into position to fire a mind control device into the base of the skull of a kaiju over one hundred and fifty meters in height? But saying no to Mugal was also assured death, a quicker assured death. So here they were, trying their darnedest to get into a good position. They wished they could use a Simean skiff, but that would draw too much attention. And a helicopter was pure suicide, so finding a good spot was critical. Fortunately, the city was a hilly one, so finding a mountain to get to the top of was no real issue. The problem was finding one close enough to ensure successful implantation of the device, but not so close that they'd be killed by the current fight. Of course, they had enough shots to implant four kaiju. So they had roughly two shots per beast, but they were focusing primarily on the larger one, Golza. Gorund was one of the three who had the best aim, and was strong enough to hold the launcher. He got on his knee, and waited for his spotter to tell him when to fire. If this worked, they would have a strong ally for MechaGodzilla. If this failed, well, failure was not an option we'll just say.

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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:55 pm
by Kaijunator

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:05 am
by toho_guy01
Jirass howled with pain as the Ultrasonic Ray blew a chunk of flesh off tne creature, stumbling him off of his feet. Jirass put his hand to the wound and felt blood crawling out from the hole. Jirass had one last thing up his dleeves, though, as he opened his maw and several sparks exiting the mouth signalled the coming of a beam of his own..

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:09 am
by Godzilla165
Like always whenever Godzilla arrived anywhere, it wasn't subtle. The South Bay of Los Angeles erupted in a massive geyser of water. This time, Godzilla had used his tail as a giant spring, and as such, breached from the water like a great white shark, and onto shore. The ground violently shook and splintered in every direction, as the monster king landed perfectly on his feet. Godzilla stood tall and began searching for the two foolish beasts, that had trespassed on his territory. Godzilla spotted both Jirass and Golza a few hundred yards away, and narrowed his eyes.

The mighty titan wasn't exactly mad, yet. Godzilla was however, annoyed that he had to come and deal with these two. No matter, he now had plenty of power to do so. Blue energy crackled constantly over Godzilla's black body, and made the beast appear magnificent in a bizarre way.

Godzilla balled up both of his fists tightly, and marched towards Jirass and Golza's position.

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:49 am
by Missingno.
With each passing minute, members of G-Force were trickling into the main lobby as news and confused reports of what had just happened rapidly spread through the base. The special military police units had arrived to secure the scene, and the group of men who had directly engaged these creatures stood around in the back scene as reporters began to seep into the area as well "I can't believe we were duped by who knows how many of those things..." Fukazawa said.

"This is not the first time this has happened." Vaughn responded. "Back in 1974 and 1975, a very similar sequence of events took place. That Mechagodzilla that appeared in Aomori should have put us on alert here. But nobody batted an eye." he continued.

"They've been subdued twice before; we can pull it off again for a third time." Hidachi affirmed. "I'll contact Interpol as soon as I can."

"Actually, before we all separate, I just remembered, we came here for a purpose." Gondo interrupted. "My friend here had something important that he would like those in the commanding positions to see." Kashiwagi had been caught off guard by this, and he faltered for a second.

"Ah, yes. I-If you could come this way, please." he stuttered.

"Getting the others in your ranks would be nice, too." Gondo added as the group started to head toward the conference room.

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:31 am
by Dr. Carter
Gorund and his men looked, and saw that Godzilla had now appeared. "poop, this is the last thing we need." Gorund said, and then made an emergency contact to Mugal. "Commander, Godzilla just appeared, orders?"

"Take the shot when you can, and get out of there." Mugal barked through the communication. "Still, this could work out as Godzilla and Golza will likely fight. Golza will be killed while Godzilla is seriously injured, leaving MechaGodzilla to march unopposed... But regardless, carry out the operation!"

"Yes sir." Gorund said, cutting the communication and turned to one of his men. "Tell me when the shot is open." He then re-shouldered his launcher.

"Take the shot now!" The lieutenant said to Gorund, who fired the shot at the base of Golza's skull from behind, hoping against hope that the giant monster wouldn't turn too suddenly so as to prevent the shell from embedding itself into Golza's skin, bury in, and then allow the Simeans to control the monster. But that all depended highly on Golza not turning.


Walt and his remaining crew were in the G Force infirmary, and were being told a little of what happened, though not completely. Given that they were civilians and that G Force was military, that wasn't a surprise. "So you'll do what you can to rescue Vern and Miyagi?" Walt asked an officer who nodded in confirmation.

"We will rescue them, and end the threat with these Black Hole Aliens." The officer said, "I don't know why they would go through such trouble to kidnap those two men though... What could they possibly hold?.."

"Well, they were working on a new armor system of some kind..." Jack said, "Something that would succeed the diamond armor used on the mechs..." The officer's eyes widened in realization.

"If you excuse me, I have to report this new fact to my superiors." He said and gave a quick kow tow before exiting the infirmary.

"Oiy... sweet christmas..." Walt said, "What a crazy week this has been... How much crazier do you think it'll get?"

"I don't know, it's screwed up man..." Jack said, "This is all skreeonking messed up..." Jack then turned to a nurse, "Hey, how's Alisha doing, she took a pretty hard hit you guys said?"

"Yes, she's still unconscious though..." The nurse said, "Doc's have no idea when she'll recover."

"Ah, thanks." Jack said, "Could you tell us as soon as she's awake?"

"Yes, but you won't be going anywhere until the docs clear you for getting up and around." The nurse said, "You two get some rest."

"Will do." Jack said, and the nurse moved on to other duties. "She's still alive, so we can take small miracles, right?"

"Yeah, and especially for Jen hitting the alarm." Walt said, "That marine woman is a tough one, glad to hear she was the first to recover after I woke up. But we'll definitely need Alisha whenever she wakes up..."

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:17 pm
by Giratina93

Lilith raised her body up. This wasn't how it was going to end. Not like this. Not with Geaves hanging on by a thread...

Not when the real cause of his state was still out there, wrecking havoc on the world at its leisure... Not while Godzilla still breathed.

No, this wasn't her fault, not completely. While she might have driven Geaves to take over, she hadn't been the one who wrecked the Grandeus and filled it with radiation. She hadn't been the one who Geaves was after, she hadn't been the one who had landed him in this hospital bed.

She balled her fist. Godzilla... Now it was personal. He and every other monster on this planet was going to die, and Godzilla especially was going to suffer for not only humiliating her, but nearly killing Geaves. She'd show him... She'd show all of them that the only way of maintaining peace, of surviving as a race, was in a world where every single kaiju was crushed underneath her heel.

And she knew just how to make that happen... The time was drawing near, indeed...

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:58 pm
by Kaijunator
Fire Golza stared at Jirass's jaws. He saw electricity inside it. Could Jirass be charging up some type of energy attack? If so, then he could just absorb it. However, he had one question: how powerful was it? Was it too powerful for him to absorb? Now he had two options: he could either attempt to absorb the attack and risk getting injured or killed, or attempt to dodge it and avoid the risk of injury or death. The prehistoric beast decided he would attempt to dodge the attack once it was fired. If he was too slow, he would have to hope that it wasn't too strong for him to absorb.

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:56 am
by toho_guy01
Finally, a stream of electricity came out of Jirass's mouth, blue with flickers of white throughout the beam, aimed directly at Golza's chests.