The Gwangi/Normal Animals Turned Monsters Thread

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The Gwangi/Normal Animals Turned Monsters Thread

Postby three » Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:46 am

Alright, because this brought on 20+ pages of debate before, With much of it dedicated to Gwangi's survivability instead of who might actually have won the match, I figured we could make and discuss something similar here. In addition to Gwangi, we can discuss the feats and abilities of "non kaiju" creatures that actually have existed, but were given unique and special traits or characteristics on film.

EDIT: In retrospect, the thread has been amended. Please note that it is now a more general topic.
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Re: The Gwangi/Normal Animals Turned Monsters Thread

Postby Breakdown » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:43 pm

The Beast (Peter Benchly's The Beast, 1996)

Anyone with basic knowledge on the Giant Squid knows that this film heavily exaggerates many of the features of this animal. I'm going to focus on the stuff the adult does in the film rather than the infant:

- Is able to bite through industrial strength steel cables

- Is able to pull down entire fishing trawlers

- Suction cups contain huge, bony hooks that can easily pierce flesh

- Is able to tear apart a Sperm Whale to the point where the thing looks like it was put in a wood chipper

- Is able to display high levels of intelligence combined with a nasty aggressive streak, something a normal Giant Squid likely doesn't possess

- Is able withstand being bathed in fire until said fire causes a gasoline fueled explosion, killing the creature.
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