Every Major Incarnation of Mechagodzilla (Battle Royale)

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Re: Every Major Incarnation of Mechagodzilla (Battle Royale)

Postby Gojirawars 03 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:42 am

TheRealSpinoRex wrote:
Gojirawars 03 wrote:
TheRealSpinoRex wrote:Anime Mechagodzilla. His city can kill the other Mechs, and they will be absorbed by the City, and make the city more powerful.

Mechagodzilla cannot access the form of Mechagodzilla City, only his base original form. Please read the original post completely.

Then wouldn't that mean that Super Mechagodzilla can't access the Garuda? Also, if you watch the Wikizilla kaiju profile, Anime Mechagoji has a lot of weapons in his arsenal.

No, Heisei Mechagodzilla is still fully allowed to access the Garuda. Anime Mechagodzilla, however, must remain in his base form to keep the fight fair. Please make sure to read the rules established by the original post.
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