Loki(MCU) Vs Count Dooku(Canon)

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Loki(MCU) Vs Count Dooku(Canon)

Postby Gojira1604 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:54 am


Arena: Stark Tower

Rules: Dooku has a sword made of the same metal capable of stabbing Thor instead of a lightsaber, the sword however does have a hilt like his saber. Loki has Force Sheilds which is basically are what Jedi use to prevent Sith from instantly force choking them by concentrating creating a force shield around their bodies(Sith can break through Force shields if a jedi looses concentration but Loki's will be impenetrable to Dooku. Force Sheilds mind you cant stop force pushes, lightning or physical objects). This will be a physical match with weapons and mystical abilities, as said Dooku will have a sword and Loki has his staff from the Avengers as well as his armored clothing. Dooku is not aware of the staff's or Loki's powers beforehand. This fight is physical Loki cannot say turn Dooku's sword into a gummy worm before the fight begins with his magic. Dooku is at his state/power in Thec Clone Wars and Loki is at his ability in The Avengers

Verdict: Dooku has a Force user has more experience as a swordsmen and as one of the most powerful force users of his time being under the direct teaching of Yoda and Palpatine is an extremely precise fighter. He'll be utilizing moves too quick and ultimately deadly for the frost giant prince. The staff can shoot some devastating blasts but its nothing Dooku can not easily dodge. Loki has a chance at victory with his superior strength(but Dooku would not resort I think to a brawl and wouldn't let himself be found in the asguardians hands) and illusions, but most times the sith lord Tyranus wins I think due to his experience with the Force and the blade.

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Re: Loki(MCU) Vs Count Dooku(Canon)

Postby Zarm » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:57 am

I presume Loki will just use his regular strategy- die, and then show up in the next Fantasy Match featuring him to reveal that his death was an illusion. :)
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Re: Loki(MCU) Vs Count Dooku(Canon)

Postby SoggyNoodles2016 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:11 am

Gojira1604 wrote: This fight is physical Loki cannot say turn Dooku's sword into a gummy worm

Where's the fun in that? :eh:

I'm going with Loki. He's way smarter and stronger then Dooku No idea how magic compares to The Force but if you ask me, I think it's stronger because it seems to be direct reality manipulation versus The Force's manipulation of cosmic lifeforms.
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