Fantasy Matches Rules

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Fantasy Matches Rules

Postby Arbok » Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:06 pm

Please familiarize yourself with these rules prior to posting:

  1. No stale matches (one-sided fights) are allowed. Characters that are invincible and matchups pitting an obviously weak character against an overly powerful one are considered stale matches. On the other hand, if a character of overwhelming strength has its power diminished (e.g. Armor Mothra's Transcending Fate is disabled), then the match is all right.

  2. When beginning a new match, please provide stats for all the combatants even if they're well-known, in English and it must be readable so that people can understand it. If stats cannot be located, at least make an attempt to describe their powers/weapons in a way that conveys their respective strengths.

      Note: Typed stats should follow the same basic format as the site's Monster Bios. All information stated in the bios should be written in your post, as well. If, for example, you don't know a combatant's height or mass, try to use your best judgment.

  3. Threads which simply present a matchup with nothing else, for example...

      Title: Minilla vs. Kamacuras
      Post: You decide!

    ... will not be tolerated. Please take a side and offer well-thought-out reasons to support your perspective. If you're unsure of the outcome, at least touch upon the factors that led you to take this stance.

  4. "With a twist" matches (i.e. contests that lack a fighting element) are forbidden. This includes eating contests, beauty contests, etc.

  5. Role-playing matches are not permitted. Those looking for something of this nature should direct themselves to the Shadow Arena, Mirror Arena, or the Games Forum.

  6. Flaming and direct insults will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated. If you can't engage in a debate without attacking another user, don't participate.

  7. Typing "_______ wins for the reasons stated above" is not allowed. Please type a well-thought-out, in-your-own-words explanation as to why you think the party in question is the clear victor. Otherwise, please don't participate. Unwanted posts, like the above example, will be deleted on sight.

  8. No fan-made characters will be allowed to participate in a match.

  9. If users post in a soon-to-be-locked Fantasy Match after someone has raised the alarm, all subsequent posts are subject to deletion.

  10. Absolutely no "arm-chair modding" is allowed (i.e. policing your fellow users).

  11. Only one match is permitted per thread. The exceptions to this are mod-sanctioned tournaments.

  12. Do not change the rules in the middle of a match as it nullifies all previous debating. If there is a legitimate problem with a match, please contact a mod or admin.

  13. All monsters, unless stated otherwise, are scaled to within approximately the same size and mass range. For example, GFW Gigan would be minimized or Mechagodzilla '74 maximized in a battle between the two. In the event of a Toho vs. Daiei match (e.g. Godzilla vs. Gamera), Gamera's mass would be increased to the Toho range.

  14. No video game characters are allowed.

  15. All battles must adhere to the following guidelines in regard to the number of combatants (mods and admins are at liberty to allow exceptions on a per request basis):

    • Free-For-All Matches: The maximum number of combatants allowed is 5.
    • Team Matches: 1v2, 1v3, 2v2, 2v3, 2v4, 3v3, 3v4, 3v5, and 4v4.

  16. If you are using a character that may not be well known in the FMs, then please provide a video of said fighter in action in your opening post. If person requests a video/pic, you must provide it. Do not tell them to go look it up themselves.

  17. Please do not use characters that are over reliant on or frequently use Toon Physics/Toon Force. So in other words, no characters like Bugs Bunny, Cartman from South Park, Homer from the Simpsons, etc.
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