Ultimate Millenium Timeline.

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Ultimate Millenium Timeline.

Postby SoggyNoodles2016 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:37 pm

Introduction: This is the written version of something I thought of a long time ago. It all started when I watched this video.

The slick editing, use of the Attack on Titan theme, and usage of the Millennium movies only made me think: how cool would it be if there was a anime where the Millennium movies existed in one timeline? After a while, I noticed all the fan projects where all the Godzilla movies were compressed into one timeline. I soon decided to try my hand at it with this one millennium timeline idea. However, I soon got....a little obsessed. So, I ended up writing this fairly convoluted fan project. This is supposed to be one consistent timeline that is made up of all the Godzilla/Toho content past the Heisei series. And I mean all of it. The Millennium films, Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, Tristar's film and series, the Monsterverse, Shin, the anime movies, the IDW comics, they're all here. Not to mention my own personal additions, be it other films or my ideas. So here it is.

Part 1: Origins

10-20 BYA: The Universe is Formed.

4.54 BYA: the Planet Earth is formed

3.5 BYA-298 MYA: Life begins to appear through the cosmos. In time, it diversifies into many different forms on various planets. This explosion of life is combated by a most terrifying race of creatures, the Ghidorahs. Led by the powerful individual (Theorized to be the elder of the species) KEIZER GHIDORAH, these cosmic dragons attack many planets and strip them of their life forces. They soon become feared by many through the cosmos. However, something changes. New, stronger, gigantic lifeforms evolve on many planets. They soon turn the tide, killing most Ghidorahs. By 298 MY, only 5 remain. This still does not mean the universe is safe as some of these creature leave their planet and take up the mantles of the past Ghidorahs.

298-252 MYA: On the planet Earth, massive creatures evolve to feed on radiation covering the Earth’s surface. This soon leads to a new food chain of massive super fauna and flora.

252 MYA: Keizer Ghidorah arrives on Earth with his pack of surviving Ghidorahs. They soon begins to destroy the planet and kill most life on the planet. To combat this extinction level threat, two guardian monsters from ancient times arrive to best them. In time, they will be known as MOTHRA and BATTRA. The two valiantly hold off most of the Ghidorahs, even succeeding at killing one. However, the others are just too strong. Suddenly, the super fauna and flora of the planet join the two in fighting off these threats to the planet. This turns the tide of the battle and ends with two Ghidorahs fleeing to parts deep within the Earth with deep wounds, the death of Keizer Ghidorah, and the last Ghidorah fleeing into space. Wounded, Mothra and Battra have won but most if not all life has been nearly wiped out. Earth begins to heal however, and new species emerge. Meanwhile, the lone surviving Ghidorah becomes a feared intergalactic terror named GRAND KING GHIDORAH.

230 MYA: Most of the super fauna and flora of the planet go into hibernation due to the lack of radiation. Only Mothra and Battra remain.

190- 67 MYA: An advanced race known as Nilai Kinai forms on Earth. They begin to influence the planet, creating powerful monsters and building cities with their new technology. The civilization has a complicated relationship with the moth guardians. Some worship Mothra and Battra as guardians and saviors, led by the mysterious Shobijin fairies. Others ignore them, seeing them as no better then the other local fauna. The guardians also debate their actions, as they change the world. Mothra sees as full of potential and is optimistic for the future they will bring. Battra sees them as dangerous and wants to stop them, if necessary. This creates a rift between the two siblings.

66 MYA: A pollution controlling beast called DAGHARA, created by Nilai Kinai, goes rogue and rampages through the world, causing chaos and death. He is beaten by the moths, who are both angered by Nilai Kinai’s deed. Their argument along with the lingering tensions soon becomes a full blown war between the two, which causes an extinction on the planet as well as demolishing Nilai Kinai. The lone survivors, Mothra’s worshippers, beg them to stop. Seeing what their actions have done, both moths end their war and disappear out of shame, having devastated the planet they swore to protect. Each go their separate ways. Battra heads to the Arctic while Mothra finds an island with her worshippers to call home. Both are hesitant to use their full power to fight for Earth now, but will still step forth when the situation calls for it. Their tactics have now changed as well. Mothra fights defensively while trying to find peaceful solutions to prevent more bloodshed while Battra destroy any threat without mercy, both trying to prevent a repeat of these events.

66 MYA-15TH CENTURY: The various super fauna, guardians and Nilai Kinai beasts soon find a place in the world, especially as the human race emerges. Some are considered gods, others are simply beasts. Some are kind to lesser beings, others cruel. Some ignore humans, some go out of their way to kill them, and some try to protect them. They mostly stay out of the way but they both indirectly and directly shape the world around them. Some examples form thought history are recorded below.

218 BC: Hannibal Burca writes of an encounter with a great beast in the Alps. Current analysis suggests this was MEGALON, a beetle like kaiju worshipped by the Mu state of Seatopia. Megalon eventually left but decimated many of his forces.
860 AD: The surviving Ghidorahs who fled into the Earth suddenly reappear causing great chaos in ancient Japan. Mothra arrives to combat them, with the help of two Nilai Kinai beasts, BARAGON and VARAN. The three battle them with the larger one, dubbed DESGHIDORAH being particularly powerful. However, one is not the monster who arrived so long ago. The younger one has reformed after all those years in hibernation (helped by worshiping locals caring for him) and does not want to destroy the world. He soon joins the others and helps them seal his sibling away. He is killed but is revived as a fellow guardian by a Shinto priest. KING GHIDORAH soon joins Baragon and Varan as guardians of Japan as all three sleep until they are needed again. This story soon twists into the legend of Yamato no Orochi.
600 AD: Mu, a submerged civilization that is one of the few to use and understand Nilai Kinai tech,attacks ancient Greece with their ships and their kaiju MANDA. They eventually are driven off, but the events inspire the myths of Atlantis and many sea serpents.
75,000 YA: A massive nigh indestructible kaiju nicknamed THE GRYPHON awakens and causes the Toba Catastrophe, wiping out most of the human population. He is beaten and sent into hibernation, by a mysterious creature who appeared almost as if out of nowhere…..
79 AD: An unknown kaiju causes Mount Vesuvius to erupt, destroying Pompeii.
1337: A group of knights mention a holy spirit helping them during their quest.
UNKNOWN ERA, PERHAPS RYUKU: KING CAESAR, a living shisa golem, arises to become protector of the royal Azumi family of Okinawa. He holds back theats for many years from both armies and kaiju until one particular day. According to ancient texts, a monster suddenly appeared from the sky. GIGAN, as the beast was named, nearly destroyed them until King Caesar battled him to a draw that ended in both disappearing beneath the Earth. King Caesar was not seen again though a prophecy states he will arise to save the world when he is needed.

1864: Victor Frankenstein creates life by reanimating sewn together body parts with lightning. The creature soon turns against his cruel creator for his treatment and the hatred he receives for his existence. Both eventually die in the Arctic.

1944: A Japanese garrison and American troops aboard the USS Lawton clash on Lagos Island. The battle is interrupted when something massive attacks the two, leaving massive devastation. The few survivors are transported out and live the rest of their lives in mostly silence, with the most noteworthy being biologist William (Bill) Randa and businessman Yasuki Shindo. Most info is hidden but what is heard is hinted that something was there and they had disturbed it. Not only that, but there was more than one…..

1945: The heart of Frankenstein's monster is found and sent to a leading German scientists. However, it is confiscated by the Nazis and shipped to their allies in Japan. It is seemingly lost in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

1953: Lagos Island is used in a nuclear weapons test.

I will post more soon.

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Re: Ultimate Millenium Timeline.

Postby SoggyNoodles2016 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:56 pm

Part 2: Age of Monsters

1954: Mysterious ship disasters lead an investigation to Odo Island. There, a massive creature is discovered. The super fauna from Lagos, mutated and empowered into what will soon become one of the most infamous of all kaiju. GODZILLA. Godzilla eventually makes his way to Japan where he devastates the city and kills many. The creature is eventually killed by Doctor Serizawa, a chemist and WW2 veteran with his Oxygen Destroyer invention. The world is left shaken by the terrible reintroduction of kaiju. As a result, President Truman approves the formation of Monarch, an international group of scientists led and funded by the US government, to deal with unexplained phenomena like this. Unbeknownst to the general public, fringe scientists had been trying to start Monarch for years with Godzilla just being the final push they needed.

1955: A group of hikers discover a pair of SNOWMEN, ape-human hybrids who live in the mountain. The encounter results in the deaths of most of the hikers and the snowmen. It is eventually discovered the two were protecting a young specimen. He is taken and raised in captivity until dying in 2005.

1956: Mining operations uncover two ancient super fauna species. The MEGANULON, a race of bloodthirsty dragonflies (nymphs in this case) and RODAN, massive pterosaur like creatures. The Meganulon are devoured by a Rodan, who eventually escapes with his mate to cause worldwide destruction. Eventually, the two are killed when they are trapped in a volcanic eruption, both refusing to leave the other to die.

1958: The mysterious disappearance of a gangster leads to his girlfriend being investigated by both police, gangsters and a Monarch scientist interested in the event. It is soon discovered a hydrogen bomb test mutated a ship’s crew into inhuman mutants, dissolving people to survive. These H-MAN eventually are trapped and killed in a sewer by self defense forces.

1959: The Atomic Heat Ray, a precursor to the Maser is created.

1960: Reports emerge of a feral monster boy running around Japan. Professor Bowen and Sueko Tagami, a couple of scientists who respectively deal with radiation mutation and human behavior, and cellular biologist Kenichiro Kawaji find and study the boy. Having interviewed those who transported Frankenstein's heart and studying the boy, they soon realize a shocking truth. This boy is FRANKENSTEIN, immortal and mutated. The ever growing boy is reigned in by Bowen and Tagami. However, he escapes and rampages after Kawaji cuts off his hand to study and prove he is Frankenstein to skeptical locals. The military begins to search for Frankenstein, turning to searching to kill after the discovery of missing humans and animals who seemed to have been eaten. Kawagi, after having disappeared, returns and reveals the truth. The hand of Frankenstein he took with him was devoured by one of his octopus test subjects. The mutant OODAKO is the true culprit. After the cephalopod tries to kill Bowen and Tagami, Frankenstein appears and battles it. Eventually, the two fall into the sea to their deaths.

1961: An expedition heads for Infant Island, a nuclear testing site for country Rolisica that a shipwrecked crew reports was home to natives that held off radiation sickness. Once there, the Shobijin are discovered. They befriend Professor Chujo but are frightened of most of the men. They are soon kidnapped by expedition head Clark Nelson and are put into a degrading show. Mothra rushes after them, causing a trail of destruction from the Pacific to Japan. Eventually, Nelson is killed in a police shootout and the fairies are reunited with Mothra after her rampage through New Kirk City.

1962: An arctic expedition uncovers massive walrus super fauna MAGUMA. After a brief battle, he is driven off and disappears. Also of note is when famed astronomers noticing a strange object in the sky, a new "star" which they dub” Gorath….

1963: After centuries of silence, Mu returns. They declare all out war on the surface world, with attacks on naval vassals,radio threats and espionage. Unprepared for the war, the world drastically tries to fight back. It is in this chaos Captain Jinguji returns to the world. A WW2 captain who had abandoned society after the war ended, Jinguji had put all his effort into creating a new super weapon to help put Japan back as an imperial power. Now, his Gotengo is Earth’s only hope. Jinguji at first refuses, still hoping to restore Imperial Japan. When his daughter is kidnapped, however, he changes his mind and leads the assault on Mu. It is a tough battle with many losses, but eventually, Earth wins. Mu is left damaged and as an unsteady ally. Manda also disappears after being frozen by the Gotengo's absolute zero cannon. The Gotengo is mostly left in dry dock with some debating upgrades and further use as it is rebuilt.

1964: After the destruction of a space station, mass disappearances of object and people, and stolen diamonds disappearing without a trace, the world fears a new threat has arisen. These fears are confirmed as tentacles descend from the sky itself. DOGORA is an intergalactic alien kaiju, similar to a jellyfish. It came to Earth to feed on carbon and it's alien biology leaves it indestructible. It is eventually killed when it is discovered bee venom breaks it’s structure. In the wake of the 9th kaiju event, the United Nation holds a special meeting which leads to the formation of the Earth Defense Force. The listing is just a fancy term for a general alliance between all nations to share weapons and information to deal with kaiju and to put force an ideal of peace and cooperation in times of crisis. In the wake of the formation, various other anti-kaiju organization form for the various countries involved. America has Monarch, Japan forms the Crisis Control Intelligence with the JSDF, most of Europe collaborates on a special branch of Interpol, and various lower profile agencies for other countries.

1965: After the destruction of a ship, it’s lone survivor rambles that they were attacked by Frankenstein. These rumors are disputed, especially by Bowen and Togami’s protege Akemi Togawa. This changes when a massive creature appears at Haneda airport. The gargantuan creature attacks and eats people before being scared off by sunlight. Theorizing that the creature is wounded by and thus afraid of bright light, lights are used to try and scare him off, causing attacks by the creature go down. Eventually, a military attack is planned against the kaiju. Using the new Type 66 Maser Tanks, the creature is almost killed before a second larger one appears and saves it. It is soon deduced these creatures were spawned by leftover Frankenstein cells, one in the sea and the other on land. More interestingly, Akemi reveals she and her husband Majida raised and studied the larger gargantua, which they named SANDA, before he escaped. Akemi and Majida find Sanda who saves them from a landslide. Sanda finds out his sibling GAIRA has been eating humans and attacks him in anger. The two feuding brothers tear through Tokyo in a heartbreaking battle. The battle ends in a random volcanic eruption where the two disappear, seemingly ending the tale of Frankenstein and his monsters.

1966: After what had seemed like years of relative tranquility, Godzilla returns. A new specimen, theorized to be another specimen from Lagos, he tears through the new nuclear power plants and super weapons. Soon, the only thing standing between him and Tokyo is the Gotengo. The super sub barely holds it own before Godzilla knocks it to the ground. In the chaos, young private Douglas Gordon gets an idea and sets off the Absolute Zero Cannon. It freezes the ground and sea around them, which shatters under Godzilla’s feet, knocking him into the sea. Godzilla emerges from the now glacier cold water. He seems to stare at all of Japan with a sneer. Then for some reason no one can agree on, be it the cold, his own will, boredom, fear or just because can, he bellows before returning to the sea. The shaken world responds by building newer, more advanced weaponry and trying to find alternative energy sources that will not draw the monster king’s ire.

1967: Mason Thrust, a big game hunter and oil tycoon, reveals his latest test of the Polar Boer drill did not go well. He then goes on an expedition and disappears for weeks. The rest of the crew eventually returns but what happened is unknown until many years after. It turns out the original test discovered a hollow cavern in the Earth, a lost world of monsters. Intrigued, Thrust began the expedition to visit the cavern and hunt it’s amazing creatures. The expedition soon discovers many evolved versions of extinct creatures, such as GIANT TRICERATOPS, GIANT PTERANODON, GIANT UINTATHERIUM, and GIANT SEA SERPENTS. However, they soon run afoul of the apex predator of this land, the mighty dinosaur GOROSAURUS. After many close calls, the survivors eventually got the Polar Boer out of his lair and escaped to the surface. Thrust refused to come, determined to hunt what he considered an enemy not so different from himself. Unable to come back, they were forced to leave him. In 1999, Gorosaurus reappears in Australia. Further expeditions never find Thrust or any evidence of what happened.

1968: The Vietnam War is briefly put on hold, in a way, when the bombings awaken a massive burrowing kaiju. Identified as an Angilas archosaur or ANGUIRUS, he begins to rampage through the country before being driven out of Vietnam by a Maser squadron. The war then continues on as normal.

1970: After losing contact with the Helios 7 space probe, a CCI group is sent in secret to it’s crash site on Selgio Island. Once there, they discover the locals acting extremely odd. It soon turns out some type of amoeba like space alien was onboard the ship. Now it is possessing people and declaring itself a god. Even worse, it has mutated and possessed local animals to create kaiju warriors. Theses consist of cuttlefish GEZORA, a pair of GANIMES rock crabs, and the massive mata-mata turtle KAMOEBAS. The alien is eventually killed by exploiting it’s weakness to fire and high sound waves, and the humans escape as the monsters fight to the death as the island is destroyed by volcanic activity.

1971: New Kamoebas are spotted in the South Pacific, revealing the Selgio individual's gigantism was not due to the alien. Due to their relatively placid nature, they are mostly ignored unless they attack an island or ship.

1973: Monarch begins an expedition to an unknown island, spoken of in myths and legends as the mysterious Skull Island. Accompanying the Monarch experts are a Landsat crew, photographer Mason Weaver, SAS tracker James Conrad, and the Sky Devils helicopter crew. They arrive on Skull Island and do a bombing run to test the hollow earth theory pushed by Monarch researchers Bill Randa and Houston Brooks, they deduced by their research and clandestine interviews with the Polar Borer survivors. Their actions anger a massive ape which destroys their helicopters and disappears. Trekking through the island in individual groups, the teams find out the truth of the island. Mainly, this comes from the local Iwi people and stranded WW2 pilot Hank Marlow. The ape is KING KONG, the last of a mighty race of apes who protects the island and its inhabitants from threats such as the voracious subterranean SKULLCRAWLERS, who wiped out the rest of Kong's kind. The two teams walk the island and discover many of its bizarre and otherworldly fauna such as the SKER BUFFALO, MOTHER LONGLEGS, LEAFWINGS, SPORE MANTIS, MIRE SQUID, GIANT SNAKE, ICARUS TIGER, PSYCHOVULTURE, DEATH JACKAL, SWAMP LOCUST, MAGMA TURTLE and SIREN JAW. They eventually meet up and argue about what to do with Kong as Sky Devil captain Colonel Packard wants to kill the beast in retribution for his slaughtered soldiers. The others try to stop this both so they can all escape and due to Kong’s benevolent nature, not to mention the threat of the Skullcrawlers outweighing any hostility from Kong. They fail to come to an agreement, and Packard attacks as Weaver, Conrad, and Marlow beg him to see reason. Packard’s attacks wound Kong and waken a massive Skullcrawler, which Kong eventually kills in a duel. Eventually, with heavy losses, the survivors leave with the tale of Skull Island.

1976: Fred Wilson, an advertiser for the Petrox oil company, hears the story of Kong and sets up an expedition to Skull Island. He hopes to capture Kong and make him an ad symbol. Many consider this idea stupid but Fred is sure it will work. His plans are sabotaged by Weaver, Conrad, Marlow and primatologist Jack Prescott. Their arguments about Kong are interrupted by the ape itself. He attacks them and ends up dragging off part of the ship, unknowingly containing Jack’s girlfriend Dwan. Wilson starts a rescue mission which he hopes will lead to the capture of Kong. The rescue mission ends in a lot of death. Meanwhile, Kong finds Dwan and the two form a bond, especially as he protects her from the menaces of Skull Island. Eventually, the rescue mission finds Kong and knocks him out with chloroform after the ape is wounded battling a pack of Mother Longlegs to protect Dwan. He is taken to New York for Petrox’s massive advertising celebration. (To levy some blame off himself, Wilson gives the Iwi tacky gifts and hires a Maser squadron to deal with the Skullcrawlers). The event goes well until Kong believes Dwan is being hurt. At that point, the ape become angry and King Kong escapes. He causes chaos through the city from both willful destruction and confused terror. Eventually, after a battle with helicopters atop the Empire State Building, Kong is led back on the ship and returns to Skull Island.

1991: Desghidorah reawakens in Hokkaido after a industrialist unwittingly disturbs it’s tomb. Mothra returns to the world to defeat him. She is aided by her successor and reincarnation, a larva. The first battle does not go well, ending with a critically wounded Mothra escaping with her child. The current Mothra dies and her larva cocoons into an imago to become the new Mothra. She soon confronts Desghidorah but still has trouble defeating her. Suddenly, the JSDF appears and helps drive Desghidorah off. Eventually, she seals Desghidorah back into his tomb. Mothra leaves, her faith in the world restored just a bit.

1992: A Nial Kinai temple rises and Daghara return off the coast of Australia. He causes chaos and death with his BAREM, mutant starfish-like creatures that poison anything they come across. Mothra and Battra both arrive to deal with him. This causes a problem as they both nearly destroy each other over their old bad blood. This ends up giving Daghara the distraction he needs to try and kill them both. The two decide the enemy of their enemy is worse and work together to try and defeat him. However, they still aren’t strong enough. Help comes from an unlikely source, as a young girl has befriended the last GHOGO, a Nilai Kinai creature that can access it’s magic. They open the temple to give the two a power boost. They use it to finally kill Daghara, ending the legacy of Nial Kinai for good. However, despite their better standing, the feud still exists…..

1994: Sunken ships from Japan to the Eastern Seaboard bring fears Godzilla has returned. These fears are seemingly confirmed when the culprit, a massive reptilian creature with a spiked back, appears New York and cuts a path of destruction through the metropolis before disappearing. Experts are sent in and the US Army prepares for the first American kaiju attack in 18 years. However, a trap set up instead reveals a very different beast. In reality, the creature causing trouble was a lesser mutated megafauna (A popular theory being the creature is a mimic that acts similar to and looks like Godzilla to deter predators, ala the king snake and the coral snake). ZILLA as the beast is infamously nicknamed escapes the ambush and disappears. Mutated animal expert Niko “Nick” Tatopoulos discovers this is because Zilla is a female, in New York to breed. Nick along with a French Interpol task force (sent to secretly help kill the creature due to it being made/awakened by French nukes), his reporter fiancee Audrey and her cameraman invade Zilla’s nest in Madison Square Garden while the army seemingly kills Zilla. The eggs hatch and the hungry young hunt the humans as prey, mistaking them for food due to the fish smell on them. They eventually escape with heavy losses and call in an airstrike on the dome. Zilla, alive and well, arrives and angrily chases the humans. She is eventually killed after getting tangled in the Brooklyn Bridge and being killed by a Maser squadron.

1995-1998: In the aftermath of the Zilla incident, Nick finds a surviving egg. The creature hatches and imprints on Nick. In secret, Nick raises the creature while forming HEAT, the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team who deal with mutants. The team consists of Nick, paleontologist Elsie Chapman, hacker and intern Randy Hernandez, tech expert Mendel Craven, and French agent Monique Dupre. The now adult Zilla is discovered, but when you're dealing with mutant animals, a 60 meter tall fire breathing iguana isn’t that bad an ally, so the world uneasily lets Zilla live. The team spends the next 3 years dealing with an almost astronomical amount of mutants and other threats. ( GIANT MUTANT SQUID, CRUSTACEOUS REX, NANOTECH CREATURE, EL GUSANO GIGANTE, tech mogul Cameron Winter’s army of CYBER FLIES, LIZARD SLAYERS, and his personal mutant attack dog CHAMELEON, MUTANT RATS, the Leviathan aliens and their mutant dinosaurs CRYPTOCLIDUS and REPTILIANS, CRACKLER, GIANT MUTANT BEES, QUETZALCOATL, ICE BORER, NESSIE, ROBO-YETI, KING COBRA, GIANT MUTANT TERMITES, GIANT BAT, CYBER-GODZILLA(A cyborg of the original Zilla created when the Leviathans invaded with a monster army, which they mistakenly thought was Godzilla), BACILLUS, GIANT MUTANT SPIDERS, THE SUB-ZERO MANTA, TECHNO-SENTIENT, SILVER HYDRA, DNA MIMIC, THE SWAMP BEAST, FIRE MONSTER, NORZZUG, GIANT MUTANT HUMMINGBIRDS, MEDUSA, GIANT GILA MONSTER, MEGAPEDE, TS-EH-GO SCORPIONS, AMILLARIA, SHREWSTER, SKEETRA, kaiju Eco-terrorists S.C.A.L.E, MUTANT JELLYFISH, D.R.A.G.M.A, GIANT TURTLE, THORNY DEVIL, GIANT ARMADILLO, MUTANT LIZARD, MUTANT RAT, THE DEEP-DWELLER, a illegal kaiju fight ring consisting of GIANT CENTIPEDE, GIANT WATER BEETLE, and RHINOSAURUS, The scientific utopia of Latitude Zero and the villainous mad man Doctor Malik and his mutants BAT-MEN and BLACK MOTH, STONE CREATURES, MEGAVOLT MONSTER, SEAWEED MONSTER, ENERGY BEAST, COLOSSUS, CYCLOPS CREATURE, SIRENS, CHIMERA, MINOTAUR, MAGNETIC MONSTER, BREEDER BEAST, THE GREAT WATCHUKA, THE TIME DRAGON, The Gryphon in a time-travel incident, BAGORAH, CYBERSAUR, GEKIDO-JIN, ALL-TERRIANTULA, Dianii aliens, Aliens from Black Hole Number Three, BURTANNUS, THE LORD HOWE MONSTER,THE POWER DRAGON, GIANT SQUID, GIANT FLY, AXOR, a second Oodako, the terrorist organization K.O.B.R.A, CYBORG WHALE, GIANT ANT, GIANT BEES, GIANT BEETLE, GRAVITY GOLIATH, MAGMA LIZARD, GOLDEN GUARDIANS, EARTHEATER, GIANT VENUS FLYTRAP, THE FIREBIRD, GIANT ANTLION, GIANT CRAB, GIANT ELECTRIC EEL, GIANT SEA TURTLE, GIANT STARFISH, GIANT SHARK, GIANT SWORDFISH, Y2K BUG, BALKZARDAN, JYARUMU, BARUGON, SHIIGAN, VAGNOSAURUS and RAZIN) During all this, Zilla soon finds a mate in the mutant komodo dragon KOMODITHRAX, with whom soon start a family with their rather bizarre son GODZUKI. After a final grand hurrah (teaming up with many old foes and his family to kill The Gryphon after he reawakens from his slumber.), Zilla officially “retires” to American kaiju sanctuary Monster Island as HEAT disbands.

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Re: Ultimate Millenium Timeline.

Postby GojiDude » Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:59 pm

To be very honest with you: NOT BAD AT ALL!! Love the way you planted this out. and i am very impressed with you. i really am. i'm not kidding. it's absolutely skreeonking perfect.

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