Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, my rewritten edition

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Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, my rewritten edition

Postby Godzillian » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:42 am

Hey guys first time posting here. I'll keep it brief, here is my idea for a rewritten Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla. Please feel free to leave some feedback and tell me what you guys think.

Plot: We open on a conference discussing the construction of Moguera. G-force is insisting it needs to be finished but some of the UN nations are finding it a potentially waste of money since Mechagodzilla and Garuda were both destroyed by Godzilla. The meeting ends with the Moguera project being halted and a 80% completed Mogera being left in the G-force hangers. We then move to Birth Island in the Pacific. G-force has set up a small outpost in order to study and keep an eye on Godzilla and Little Godzilla, the team being led by Miki and the rest of the cast from the original film. Yukei is in charge of secruity but finds little to do since Godzilla mostly keeps to the ocean, only coming out to check on and feed Little Godzilla. One night Miki notices many shooting stars in the sky and sense that "something is coming". Godzilla rises from the ocean and is noticably agitated by something, when wondering what it could be the Cosmos appear to Miki and state that he must sense it too. After some small talk and gathering the rest of the crew, they tell them that a space monster is coming to Earth! Mothra destroyed the asteriod but encountered it when returning, luckily she managed to reach Earth first. Miki pledges to help the Cosmos anyway she can with the others quickly wanting to contact HQ, however Yukei is indifferent about the situation, feeling Godzilla is still the bigger threat. The next morning a video conference is held, G-force is split about what to do. Some of the higher ups want to try and rally with Mothra and perhaps have Moguera work with her, others are unsure if they can trust the kaiju. In the middle of the call its suddenely dropped, HQ reports that the link up VIA satelite has gone down. Cutting to space we see a mass of crystals plowing through the satelite and land on the moon. The Cosmos inform Miki that the monster has arrived. Getting images VIA a Nasa telescope, the UN launches Moguera to the moon despite the protests of several G-force directors. Moguera arrives and finds crstyals everywhere and a dome like structor. Moguera destroys it but is attacked by an enraged Spacegodzilla. Moguera, being only 80% complete, doesn't have the same armor coating MG had thus making it an easy target for the beam attack of SG. After Moguera is destroyed SG absorbs energy from its core and restored to full power. It then makes a B-line for Earth, the target being Birth Island. G-force informs the outpost to evacuate but Miki is concerned about leaving LG alone. SG lands with Godzilla coming ashore on q. The battle plays out basically the same as in the film with Godzilla being defeated and LG being tarped in a crystal prison. Godzilla tries to free him but retreats to the see. SG heads to Fukuoka and beings molding the area to its liking but leaving the tower intact. Now in G-force HQ the Cosmos and G-force agree to unite against SG. Mothra is summoned and Goro insists on leading the charge against SG. G-force reveals a secret weapon, a new strain of anti-nuclear bacteria. They want Yukei to lead the charge using a similar plan to what happened in GVB. Mothra arrives and will distract SG while Yukei and his team launch the bacteria into SG. The final battle commences with Mothra slowly being overpowered by SG. She is defeated but before a killing blow is done Godzilla arrives. Godzilla battles SG again but is knocked out. Yukeis team manages to fire a few rounds off but only one manages to inject SG with the bacteria. Yukei then gets the idea to climb the tower and launch one into SG eye. Mothra returns to battle and Godzilla soon rises and the two begin working together. As Yukei reaches the top he launches a missile into SG left eye succesfully. Due to the battle SG is running a high body temp making the bacteria take almost immediate effect. Mothra in one last ditch attack shatters one of SG shoulder crystals before being knocked out via throw through the tower, Yukei just managing to get out in time. Godzilla musters the last of his energy and fires a spiral beam into the shattered shoulder blowing SG up from the torso up. Godzilla turns to Mothra after, everyone unsure what wil happen. Godzilla simply looks at her then leaves. Mothra awakens and returns to her island. The Cosmos thank Miki and G-force for their help before leaving with Mothra. The end credits show the characters relaxing, Godzilla reuniting with LG, and Mothra landing on Infant Island for a long rest.

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Re: Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, my rewritten edition

Postby Zarm » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:10 pm

I like it!
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Re: Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, my rewritten edition

Postby Andrew the Gojifan » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:30 am

Nice fanfic! Can we expect a longer fanfic based on this?
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