House of Horrors: A Ninja Halloween

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House of Horrors: A Ninja Halloween

Postby Godzilla165 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:33 pm

House of Horrors


Part 1

The ninjas rarely get distress calls involving anything. That is why when a call came in involving a homicide, they were a tad suspicious. In any case, not ones to ever turn down someone in need, Dante and Ubel set off to investigate, even after both Evron and Daeva heeded them not to. All four of them knew how... Off this seemed, what with the mysterious caller pleading for them to come immediately to a place they had never even heard of. Plus, it was Friday the 13th; even the ninjas knew the weight of such a day.

Dante and Ubel arrived to the distant location in record time, both wanting to get the mission over with. Upon touching down, they could immediately feel that something wasn't right, as well as see it. For starters, the entire area was eternally dark and depressing, with thick clouds hanging above, just stuck in one place it seemed. Secondly, whatever foliage that may have been alive at one point, was now dead and rotting and stripped away. Finally, and what was undoubtedly the most important piece, was the worn down, abandoned, and ghostly shell of a house that sat front and center in the realm. The house looked as though it hadn't been lived in nor touched for several decades, at the least. The inky black holes where the windows used to be, now looked like eye sockets, bottomless pits that never saw an end. Because of its drab, gray coloration, the building essentially disappeared into the landscape, and billows of heavy fog wafted in every direction, cutting off visibilty even more. There was a muddy trail that snaked directly to the unwelcoming house, or from, depending on one's perspective.

The two ninjas, both geared up in their respective armor and weaponry, gazed up at the enormous home. They weren't exactly scared, but they didn't exactly feel in complete control either. Ubel glanced over at Dante, his eyes carrying subtle angst in them. He knew there was something wrong with this place, something sinister, and he didn't like it. Dante did his best to calm Ubel by resting a hand upon his shoulder, and giving his brother a firm nod of steely determination. They had a job to do, and the faster they got it done, the sooner they could get out of there and never look back. As such, the godly warriors took out their weapons and headed up the pathway and towards the door.

Upon reaching the splintered and mildew covered door, Dante took point and ever so gently pushed on it with his elbow. At the first couple of inches, the door remained eerily silent, but then, as if it had passed some kind of threshold, a dull and lazy, "CREEEAAAK", rang into the blackness. Dante's eyes shut as he cringed deeply; whatever or whoever was inside surely would've just heard that, with how deathly quiet everything was. Dante shot Ubel a quick look that said, "crap", before they inched their way deeper into the house. Even though it was as black as death itself in there, both ninjas could see just fine; their natural, hyper sensitive eyesight greatly coming in handy for situations like this. Upon entering, the first immediate sensation was the overwhelming stench of blood, and aging mold. The wooden floor was ripped up in large areas, and rotting away, making it tricky to walk across. Dust floated all around, whatever furntiture that was left had been torn apart and strewn everywhere, the walls were peeling. The only sources of light were the glowing eyes of both Dante and Ubel, but even those didn't account to much right now, what with them both keeping their eyes dimly lit to not attract any unwanted attention. To make matters even more eerire, it had begun to shower outside, and picked up rather quickly. Lightning cracked and boomed above, briefly illuminating the entire house, before the darkness reclaimed its position.

Dante and Ubel soon came upon the main stairway that led to the upstairs bedrooms, but to the left and right of them were also two separate rooms that they hadn't checked yet. One room looked to have been used for a dining room at one point, while the other was clearly a kitchen, or it used to be, evident from the grimy refrigerator set laying on its side in the far left corner. Dante turned to Ubel, "I'll take the kitchen on the left, you take the dining room." He whispered. "There's a hallway that separates both rooms from each other in the back. When we're done searching, we'll meet up there, okay?"

Ubel nodded, and they both temporarily went their separate ways deeper into the black abyss. Ubel inched his way through the barren dining room area, his head on a constant swivel as he surveyed every corner and seam. It didn't take too long for Ubel to come to the conclusion that, aside from an overturned, dusty marble table, and some broken glass, there was nothing in there.

Dante continued into the claustrophobically small kitchen, trying his best not to bump into the cabinet and rusted metal countertop that stood on either side of him. His attention was drawn to that old refrigerator that was just lying there in the corner, seemingly untouched for decades. It was the perfect place for someone, or something to have possibly hidden something within. "Ubel, you found anything?" Dante inquired telepathically.

Ubel slowly shook his head, "Nothing here, the whole room has been completely ripped up." He responded and rested Soul Ravager upon his shoulder. "Whatever case of homicide we're looking for, I really don't think it's down here." Ubel gave the room a final sweep just to be sure, and suddenly, something in the far right corner caught his eye. With his brow furrowed, Ubel went over to get a closer look. It was a piece of old, stained paper that was folded up; whatever ink that had been used to write the contents on the other side, had bled through to the back. Ubel raised an eyebrow, "I know I checked this entire room." He thought to himself. Regardless, the big ninja leaned his massive hammer against the wall, cautiously reached down, picked the paper up, and unfolded it to read what was on it.

As Dante came within inches of the broken down refrigerator, he put one of the Jewels back into its sheath so he could have a free hand to work with. Cleching the hilt of the other katana tightly, Dante slowly extended his hand towards the rusted door handle. He wrapped his armored fingers around it ever so gently, positioning his body as far away from it as he could. With a forceful tug, Dante yanked open the refrigerator door, and was met with a rush of putrid smelling blood and flesh. Something fell out of the fridge and plopped onto the floor. Dante looked down at it, and instantly indentified it as a severed arm. The most disturbing part, was that said arm looked almost... Human. Such were extremely rare to see this far out in the multiverse, enough to not even be mentionable. Dante turned his gaze from the bloodied arm to rest of the contents inside of the fridge, and he soon closed his eyes and gulped quietly.

"Ubel, I think I found what we were looking for." Dante muttered solemnly, and forced himself to look back inside. Aside from the arm that had fallen out, inside the fridge was an entire body, carved up into pieces, and jammed firmly in there. Bare legs, feet, a bloodied head with no nose and no eyes, genitals, and whole organs... All packed inside this one refrigerator. Dark red blood slowly began to seep out and puddle onto the floor. Dante took two fingers and dabbed up some of the blood, in order to examine it more closely. "The body has been chopped to pieces, and stuffed inside this old refrigerator. This isn't the work of just some rageful beast, or demon, or whatever. This... This was much more calculative. Something sinster is definitely going on here." Dante said with notable disdain. "The kill is pretty fresh, too, probably not even a day old. Whoever did this is probably still in the house, so watch your back at all times, Ubel." Dante continued internally.

Dante soon looked up from the gruesome scene and furrowed his brow; Ubel hadn't responded back. "Ubel? Ubel, did you hear me?" Dante called out again telepathically. Again, there was nothing, only the unsettling, continous rumble of thunder above. Wasting no time, Dante shut the refrigerator door, dashed out of the kitchen, and shot into the dining room next door. He looked all around, spinning in circles, checking and rechecking again just to make sure he wasn't going crazy, and... His fears were confirmed. Ubel wasn't in there, in fact, Dante couldn't even sense nor feel his energy signature anymore. The ninja prime darted out of the dining room and back towards the entrance of the house, now beginning to yell his brother's name aloud. Dante's nervous and desperate screams echoed throughout the house, bouncing off of the walls, and were seemingly ricocheting right back to him. Dante stopped his calling to listen, for anything, even the slightest pin drop would do. He flinched slightly as the door to the house suddenly slammed shut with a commanding, "CA-CUNK". Dante turned on a dime, his Twin Jewels at the ready for anything... But what he found... Was nothing. There was nothing next to the door, nothing inside the living room, the kitchen... Nothing. There was no sign of life anywhere in the entire house, except him. Suddenly, a single, dull bang sounded off right above him, and then what sounded like muted footsteps followed. The sounds of the footsteps continued all the way towards the edge of the stairs... And then stopped. For several long, and excruciating seconds, there was total silence; not even the thunder outside boomed. Then, as quickly as they stopped, the sounds of the footsteps continued once more, this time heading back slowly deeper into the upstairs portion of the house.

Dante turned his gaze towards the broken down staircase leading to the upper level of the house. His grip on his swords tightened, his glowing green eyes narrowed, and his brow hardened. Slowly, Dante inched towards the stairs, while carefully listening out for anymore noises. He reached the bottom of the staircase and hesitated briefly; he just stared off into the choking blackness that was the upper level. Dante took in a deep breath, held it for a few moments, exhaled, and focused up. He would find his brother, if that was the last thing he did. Dante placed one foot on the rickety step... And that is when he heard it.

To be continued...
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Re: House of Horrors: A Ninja Halloween

Postby Godzilla165 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:07 pm

Part 2


Dante turned his gaze towards the broken down staircase leading to the upper level of the house. His grip on his swords tightened, his glowing green eyes narrowed, and his brow hardened. Slowly, Dante inched towards the stairs, while carefully listening out for anymore noises. He reached the bottom of the staircase and hesitated briefly; he just stared off into the choking blackness that was the upper level. Dante took in a deep breath, held it for a few moments, exhaled, and focused up. He would find his brother, if that was the last thing he did. Dante placed one foot on the rickety step... And that is when he heard it... An absolutely chilling, blood curdling, nightmare-inducing scream echoed through the entire house, almost knocking Dante off his feet from the sheer intensity of it. It sounded as if a person was literally being skinned alive, and then dipped in acid. Dante's steely resolve had been shaken, and his entire body shuddered at the thought of having to go up there, but if that's where Ubel was, then he had no choice. He wasn't leaving here without his little brother by his side. As such, Dante slowly continued to inch up the stairs, taking one step at a time. Each step creaked and moaned something horrible, as much as the ninja Prime tried his best to remain silent. Not that such mattered now; whoever or whatever was here, was already well aware of Dante's presence. As he ascended up the deteriorated stairs, the house seemed to grow even darker the further Dante went, which seemed impossible. It was as though the shadows themselves had begun to move, closing in on Dante with silent efficiency, slowly wrapping their inky claws around his entire being.

Finally, Dante reached the upper hallway of the house, of which was so claustrophobic, that it felt like the walls on either side could cave in on Dante at any minute. The walls themselves were cracked and fractured everywhere, with large pockets of black mold clawing its way up and down the sides of them. Each step that Dante took on the old wooden floors, caused them to flex and creak under the pressure. Strangely enough, for as long of a hallway as this was, there didn't seem to be any real doors to any rooms on either sides of the walls. The only door that was immediately clear, was a dingy red one... All the way at the end of the hallway. As Dante moved along, he began to notice something rather strange: every single time that he took a step, the distance between himself and the door seemed to almost increase further and further. It was as if the hallway itself was stretching, or, more disturbingly yet, as if it was nothing more than an illusion of the mind. Still, the ninja Prime persisted, occasionally darting his eyes from side to side, up and down, in order to watch his flanks. It didn't exactly matter, though; there was barely enough room for two people to walk side-by-side without literally touching shoulders. Dante's attention was suddenly turned to something bizarre on both sides of the hallway.

He took a moment to stop and study it in more detail, and discovered it to be a line of text written in big, blood red letters. Dante could swear that they hadn't been there a second ago. In any case, the text contained five, simple, yet crystal clear words: LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Dante narrowed his eyes; there was obviously something else going on here than just a homicide.

"Dante." A familiar voice suddenly called out.

Dante turned towards the source, and his eyes widened in surprise. There, standing in front of the worn red door...Was Ubel. The big ninja was smiling warmly at Dante, his helmet now off, and began walking towards him.

"Ubel!" Dante exclaimed with excitement. "By the Yakuza, I was so worried about yo-" Dante's voice trailed off as he soon started to notice something... Off about his brother. For starters, even though Ubel was standing right in front of him, Dante still couldn't sense his energy at all. Plus, the distance between he and the red door now looked like it had gotten closer than before. Dante then looked into Ubel's eyes. For some reason, they didn't have the usual spark and energy in them, and they weren't glowing. Dante narrowed his eyes a bit, and kept his guard up just in case.

"I'm so glad I found you, bro! I somehow managed to get lost up here, and couldn't reach you. I couldn't even sense you." Ubel remarked, and confused look written on his face.

Dante didn't reply back for a moment, not really knowing what to say. "Ubel's" story was painfully flimsy, and he wasn't buying a word of it.

Ubel's smile slowly faded as his brow furrowed in concern. "Dante? Are-are you okay? You don't seem to be looking too good." He said, and motioned towards the door. "Come on, there's a really nice sofa in here for you to lay down on. Pretty ironic for this house, eh?"

Dante remained silent, merely keeping his eyes firmly on his, "brother". After several, painful moments of absolute silence, Dante finally broke it. "What are our other two siblings' names?" He inquired.

Ubel raised an eyebrow, "What?" He replied.

"You heard me. What are the names of our other two siblings? Tell me, right now." Dante calmly demanded.

Now, it was Ubel's turn to remain akwardly silent. Finally, the big ninja scoffed and said, "Are you serious right now? Daeva and Evron." He jeered. "Man, you really DO need to lie down for a while. Now, come on, I'm starting to get worried about you."

Dante didn't move an inch. Underneath his mask, a subtle smiled formed on his lips. "What's the name of the girl you love?" He asked.

Ubel gave him strange look. "Huh?"

"What's the name of the girl you love?" Dante asked again.

Ubel sighed with growing irritation. "Seriously, Dante, ENOUGH with the dumb questions alright? Now let's go, so you can get some rest." He stated with notable exasperation.

Dante rested his hand on his hip. "Answer my question, and I'll go." He said.

Ubel groaned harshly. "Fine, alright? Since you’re acting like a damned stubbron brat, I'll play your little game." He growled. "Her name is Holly, okay? You satisfied now?"

Dante tighted his grip on both of his swords. "Wrong answer." He stated dryly.

Ubel recoiled. "What?! No it's not, that was right!" He roared.

Dante calmly shook his head. "No, it isn't, and the real Ubel would know that for a fact. The real Ubel would also never swear at me, nor anyone else, and would never get this impatient." He shot back. "I'm giving you one chance to come clean; lie to me, and that's your life. Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?"

The imposter stared blanky at Dante for a moment, their eyes darkening with growing anger. Suddenly, they began snickering, which soon turned into a sickeningly wet chortle. They gazed deeply into Dante's intense, green eyes, and purred, "Oh, you'll see him soon enough."

Suddenly, the shadows all around Dante began to literally reach out and grab ahold of him like dark hands. The ninja Prime was caught off guard and struggled desperately to get free, but it was no use. The shadowy grips were vice-like, and felt as though Dante was trying to move through molasses. Soon, Dante began to feel himself being dragged closer and closer towards the red door. He roared and screamed as he tried with all of his might to break loose. All of his powers had been completely negated, and he was now essentially a large, immovable rock, being carried beyond his will. The towering imposter of Ubel was waiting by the door, turned the handle, and opened it, revealing an endless expanse of blackness. As Dante neared the entrance, the imposter suddenly began to shudder and twist into an entirely different shape. Dante's eyes widened as the true form of the imposter soon came to light. "You?!" Dante gasped.

A voracious grin traced across her lips. "Welcome ninja, to the final night of your life." She mused, and slammed the door shut.

The hard sound echoed throughout the entire house, and the entire realm for that matter. A flash of lightning lit the skies above, followed by a guttural roar of thunder. And then... Silence... Silence of the purest kind, followed.

To be Continued...
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Re: House of Horrors: A Ninja Halloween

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Dante struggled with all of his might to free himself from the chains he was now trapped in, and locked to an old, wooden chair. He grimaced and growled, spat and hissed, just trying to loosen the restraints even a little, but it was no use. Eventually, with a defeated sigh, Dante slumped down in the chair, cursing to himself. His mind was running through every possible outcome that could've happened tonight. The biggest two being: either he and Ubel would make it out of this hell hole alive, or would die a bloody death at the hands of... Her. Just the thought of their captor made Dante's stomach turn, his blood boil. It wasn't all that surprising, necessarily, now that Dante had thought about it more, but it did honestly throw him off guard at first. The ninja Prime also thought about where in this decrepit house Ubel was; he was past the point of worried now. And the possible notion of... Her, having done something to him, made Dante all the more livid.

"Getting a little frustrated, are we?" A soft voice suddenly called out from the shadows, giving Dante pause. He looked in the direction of the voice, and located the source standing crossed armed in the corner of the tiny room. Eventually, she emerged from the shadows, and loomed over the nina Prime, a sadistic smirk running across her lips. "If you hadn't already noticed, your ninja powers don't exactly work in this house. My influence nullifed them the second you and your brother stepped foot inside.

Dante leered at her with intense, glowing eyes. "I promise you, you won't get away with this... Cytherea." He growled through gritted teeth.

Cytherea, now having been revealed, pouted her lips while caressing Dante's cheek, digging her nails deep into his skin. "Ooh, I'm pretty sure I already have, sweetheart." Cytherea casually said. "In fact, I'm almost shocked that I managed to trap not one, but TWO ninjas this easily! You guys really are suckers for innocent lives, aren't you?"

"So, you're telling me that you killed and multilated an innocent being... Just to get to us?!" Dante angrily demanded.

Cytherea considered the question for a moment, though already knowing the answer. "Pretty much, yeah." She grinned. "You wouldn't believe how easy it was luring a lustrous teenager to wherever I desired, just by offering him sex."

Cytherea chuckled to herself, and plopped down onto Dante's lap, hanging an arm around his shoulder. "Though in all honesty, I was just trying to get you here; I wasn't expecting one of your wide-eyed siblings to tag along as well."

The Blood assassin clicked her tongue, "I'm not complaining, though; this just means that I'd have gotten rid of two ninjas in one fell swoop. Heh, I wonder how your other two siblings will react when they find you and your idiot brother's bodies lying in pieces on the ground." Cytherea giggled.

Dante couldn't do anything else but glare daggers at her. If looks could kill, his certainly would at this moment."What have you done with Ubel? I swear, Cytherea, if you hurt one hair on his head..." Dante hissed.

Cytherea looked at him. "You want to see him before you die, do you? Aw, that's sooo sweet. I was just going to spare your brother the horror of him seeing you killed, but I do agree with you, Dante: you should have an audience for your death!" She jeered, patting Dante's cheek, before jumping to her feet. With a snap of her fingers, the middle of the floor seemingly caved in as a conglomeration of shadow arms rose forth, in their possession, one Ubel strapped firmly to a chair. He appeared to have been knocked out cold, evident by his head drooping to his chest, a tail of drool running from his bottom lip.

Dante's eyes widened in horror. "Ubel!!! Ubel, are you alright?! Can you hear me?!!" He desperately called out, but was met with no response. He glared at Cytherea. "What did you do to him!!!"

Running her fingers through Ubel's hair, Cytherea nonchalantly shrugged. "Nothing much, just drugged him to the point where anyone else would overdose a thousand times over. You guys sure as hell can take A LOT of nasty stuff before you finally go under, I'll give you that much."

"You son of... The second I break out of these chains, you're dead, and I won't make it quick." Dante grumbled.

"I don't think you're in any position to make threats, Dante." Cytherea mused. "See, you don't get it: you're not getting out of this in any way, shape, or form. My sister may have an obession over you, but I on the other hand... I despise you and your kin. I would much rather see all of you dead, before seeing one of you married to my sister." The Blood assassin gagged in digust.

That was when revelation struck Dante's mind like the lightning outside. His scowl turned into a subtle smirk, and he raised a curious eyebrow. "Wait a minute, so you didn't tell your sister what you were doing?" He asked.

Cytherea blinked, "...Noooo...Whyyy?"

Dante casually shrugged, "No reason, it's just that I know how obessed Aerowen is with me, and all; I wonder how she would take the news of my death."

Cytherea narrowed her eyes, "What are you trying to get at, exactly?"

Dante was about to answer, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Ubel had begun to stir. The latter shook his head vigorously to clear his vision, and found Dante sitting across from him. Ubel was about to speak, when he noticed his brother's very subtle motion not to, and to wait for his signal. "I'm just saying you know, what's gonna happen when, and you and I both know she will... When Aerowen finds out that it was you who was responsible for killing me? I'm just guessing here, but I reeeally don't think she'll be too happy about it." Dante continued.

The Blood assassin's eyes slowly widened in growing fear; Cytherea hadn't thought about that, and the horrific reprecussions that Aerowen would surely bring on her. The wrath of her older sister was scarier than anything Cytherea could ever dish out. She began shuddering just thinking about it. "No... No, no I-You won't fool me with your tricks, ninja! I won't let you!!" Cytherea screamed.

Dante remained calm, feeling Cytherea's influence becoming weaker and weaker by the second. "No tricks here, Cytherea, I'm just telling it how I see it. The minute Aerowen finds out what you did... You're done." He retorted.

Cytherea clutched both sides of her head, and began stressfully pulling her hair, murmuring the word "no" again and again, and slowly backing up. She whipped her head back and forth, apparently hearing Aerowen's voice in her head, and seeing her all around the room. She began sweating bullets, trembling violently with evergrowing terror. Her influence over the run down house had all but dissipated at this point. Cytherea continued to back up slowly, straight into the direction of an awaiting Ubel. Once she was within reach, Ubel immediately took his chance, and gave her a firm shove to her back with his foot, and in the direction of Dante. The ninja Prime shattered his chains, jumped to his feet, and planted a savage kick square in Cytherea's chest. The blow sent the assassin flying straight through a wall, and several more, before finally coming to a stop, lying in a massive hole in the final wall, and out cold.

Dante then immediately turned his attention to his weakened brother, catching him after Ubel broke free from his own restraints. Dante knelt down beside him, grabbing Ubel's face, and transferring some of his own energy into him. "Ubel, Ubel speak to me, are you okay? Please say something, anything!" Dante pleaded.

Ubel wearily opened his eyes and stared into Dante's. A weak smile crossed his lips. "Wha-what took ya, huh?" He playfully asked. Dante returned the smile, and threw one arm of Ubel's over his shoulder, and hoisted him up. Suddenly, the entire house began to shake and rattle violently, groaning in misery.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Dante said, and shot himself and Ubel towards the nearest wall. They splintered it with ease, and leaped outside of the shuddering house. It was still pouring down rain, and the thick black clouds weren't going away any time soon it seemed. The two ninjas stood in front of the house, watching intently as it slowly crumbled to the ground, cascading decades upon decades worth of dust and debris every which way. Several, grueling seconds later, complete slience had reclaimed the land once more. Only the pitter patter of rain drops made any real noise. Dante stared at the large pile of rubble, and sighed deeply in relief.

"Do you think the psycho is still alive under there?" Ubel asked.

Dante nodded, "She's survived worse, unfortunately; we'll defintely be seeing her again. That is, unless Aerowen has anything to say about it."

“Crazy witch.”

Dante looked over at Ubel, smiled, and squeezed on his shoulder. With his other hand, Dante created a swirling, green portal in front of them. "Let's go home, I'm dying for more of that stuff you brought from Earth. What is it called again? Cundee?"

Ubel snickered, "Candy, bro, and I'm craving some too."

"Well, let's get home before Daeva and Evron eat it all, eh?" Dante mused as they strolled through the portal.

"OH, and you have GOT to try these things called, 'Sour Gummy Worms'. I'm telling you man, those things are soooo good." Ubel raved.

"...But why would I want to eat a bunch of worms?" Dante asked, clearly confused.

"They're not real worms, bro." Ubel chuckled.

And with that, the portal collapsed in on itself, and the ninjas left the mysterious, bizarre, and incredibly eerie realm behind for good. It had been quite a Friday the 13th for Dante and Ubel, but, in the grand scheme of things... It was simply another day for the ninjas. Now, if only Ubel could get his siblings to understand what the point of Halloween was...

Back in the hellish realm, the large pile of rubble began to stir. Suddenly, Cytherea burst out from underneath, sending debris in every single direction. She slumped down to the ground, clutching her still agonizing chest from the kick Dante had given to it, spewing every curse word she could at her lost prey. The Blood assassin looked up, and immediately, her eyes grew to the size of baseballs. Cytherea was met with the instantly famlilar feet and legs of...

"Tsk tsk tsk. Oh, Cytherea, just what the hell did you do this time?" A familiar voice asked.

Cytherea slowly craned her head upward, and instantly began to shiver upon seeing the face of her big sister, Aerowen: the Blood Queen. Aerowen's cold blue eyes dug into Cytherea's very soul, and the look on her face said it all: she wasn't the least bit pleased. Her long, inky black hair shimmered as rain droplets bounced off of it. Cytherea gulped as she tried to come up with anything to explain what she'd been doing, but all she could sputter out was, "Lady Aerowen, I-I uh..."

Aerowen held up a hand. "Don't say a word, I already know what exactly you did." She stated dryly. "What, you didn't really think I wasn't watching you this entire time, did you?"

All the color drained from Cytherea's face, her stress sweat mixing with the rain drops. She collapsed to her knees at Aerowen's feet and began to plead. "P-please my queen... Please, have mercy on me! I swear, I will never try to harm him again! Please, please don't punish me!"

Aerowen remained silent for a moment, merely allowing her glare to strike fear into the heart of her wimpy sister. "You should already know what I'm going to do to you, sis." She muttered, and grabbed Cytherea by her neck.

"No... No please, not that, anything but that!!! Aerowen!!!!" Cytherea screamed and pleaded as Aerowen drug her through portal that she'd created, and back home.

The End... Happy Halloween.
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