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Postby GojirO » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:47 am

So, while watching my copy of Godzilla 1985, I was never truly satisfied with the follow-up. Not that I don't like it, I feel that there should've been another 80's Godzilla movie. Well this story, while it does take the title of the Lost Project and features a Professor Radner, it is in no way connected to the Lost Project.

This one serves as an alternate sequel to both Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985 with a bit more emphasis on 85.

A year after the attack by Godzilla, Tokyo is flourishing once more but when the corpse of a strange, unidentified quadrupedal monster washes onto shore near Haneda Airport, Prof. Hayashida's fears are rekindled when the creature is discovered to be radioactive. He consults with Prof. Radner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Japan on what the creature is. In South Africa, another creature, similar to the washed ashore creature, attacks and appears to be heading toward Mount Mihara. Just as the creature lets out a mighty roar, an eruption occurs and rising from the burning river is the king of monsters himself, ready to make battle with the similar quadruped. What transpires? That is for you to learn.

"CAST" (to get a feel like this is an "actual movie")
Prime Minister Mitamura - Keiju Kobayashi
Professor Hayashida - Yosuke Natsuki
Professor Charles Radner - Robert Scott Field
Emiko Yamane - Momoko Kochi
Shinkichi Yamane - Toyoaki Suzuki
Steve Martin - Raymond Burr
Richard James "R.J." Martin - Andrew McCarthy
Kyle Martin - Justin Gocke
Godzilla - Kenpachiro Satsuma
Anguirus - Ryo Hariya
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