The expedition [A one shot set in the monsterverse]

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The expedition [A one shot set in the monsterverse]

Postby Redem » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:29 am

October 12 1979

I have finally something worth writing down. Monarch contacted me with a proposition to do a small survey in the south Atlantic ocean, close to Antarctica. Satellite monitoring recently indicated there was a lot of recent underwater volcanic activity in the area. It not only created a few new islands, but has shown them the location of one thought lost since the age of sail.

They cannot ignore it (missing islands, volcano and ancient history. It's all the usual signs, that it something they need to at least examine) and that's why they need me. They knew I am the one civilian who isn't an action seeking mercenary still willing to go on an expedition. The others are still too scared to go out of their office building and laboratories.

The director asked me if I was ready for the trip in his usual paternalistic fashion. As if I had failed them previously. The only thing I have going right now is this trip. I am as committed as I can be.


October 20 1979

To describe the ship as a rust bucket is quite generous. I am quite glad that I had my tetanus shot before coming here.

To keep things under wrap and cheap, Monarch has bribed the captain of an Angolan fishing vessel to go at the coordinates. The only one who can speak English other than me is the captain. The crew seems to be leery of my presence, but I suspect it is because they have no idea, why I am here and that make them suspicious. Luckily, I have my cabin here, which allow me to make my research in peace. They'll probably even forget that I am here after a while.

Anyway, I don't want to be friend with them.. Once we reach the island, I'll probably just take a few pictures, nothing will happen and I'll be back on land before too long. The boss will finally trust me again and I might even get a promotion. I have no reason to get attach to anyone if all I can expect is separation.

Looking through my books, my research seem to indicate this is the island Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier mentionned during his 1738's journey. He called it Cape of Circumcision (seriously what was he thinking when he came up with this name?). What we currently call Bouvet island is another island, misidentified as what Jean-Baptiste saw. He himself never got on the island as his crew was too sick from scurvy to go any further. Hopefully our diet is slightly better and we can reach our destination. Perhaps even set foot here. I would love to take, I do hope to find artefact.

Needless to say a lot of ships have disappeared around these parts over the years, luckily even this hunk of metal is a rocket ship compare to all theses wood vessels that tried so hard to find a way to get to China only to sink because of an iceberg.

Otherwise, there isn't much about the location other than a few supposition by the cultural division, who looked into resemblance between some of the native American people living at the tip of Chiles and south African mythology. Positing that perhaps they were some contact between the two at times when the earth was colder through islands that are now sunken through the seas. They also noted a few mythological ressemblance, but nothing that isn't widespread throughout almost every culture on earth.

They are tales of great civilisation in those parts are numerous here, I can't help but feel a bit more hopeful from it


October 23

Despite being on the ship for several days, The crew clearly is not ignoring me, whenever I am in the mess hall to eat, I feel their constant stare on me. I feel more than unwelcome and that I am intruder and that they are becoming hostile to me and my mission. They must have figure out by now the reason why they haven't picked up any fish yet, but still got paid is because of me. They are only here to ensure the ship is running, but I know they will try to convince the captain to head back to port at some point.

Part of me understand their plight, I am sending them in unknown territory.

We are lying to them, but I know they are safe. This is just reconnaissance mission.

Just a few more days and I'll see the island. It will all be behind us.


October 26

The first mate and the captain got in an argument this morning. My Portuguese is good enough to have understood the gist of it. The first mate said that morale has been dwindling. The man keep going about something keep popping in and out of the radar (I tried to see if I could find any recording of that was about, but had no success) .The crew really want to go back home. The captain told him not to worry and that whatever it was on the radar was probably was far away anyway.

The dark weather around these place, probably don't help with the morale as well as the fact we are cut off from any mean of communication. We lost the sun-soak coast of Africa for a location whose sky seem to be constantly soaked with one great dark cloud. Even the sunniest days feel like they could become filled with rain at any given moment. We are in the south, yet it is so cold.


October 28

Sleep proves itself to be more and more difficult, the ship has shaken through the night many times. The cabin now feel like an isolation cell. I found myself looking at the walls, look at the rust covering the cream color of the wall seeing shapes on them. Most of them look like great serpents

Sleep deprivation does heighten paranoia. and I think all what all those stories of sea serpents in those area is what affecting my mind.

One should be the land of the protector of Mu, Manda.

Even if I am not one of those that believe in the supernatural, I know that the definition of normal is not what most people. We are in a world of legends given flesh.

This is the deal we do at Monarch, we are given secret knowledge that set us apart from the rest of the herd. We are blessed wth knowledge, but cursed that we will never relate with anyone not in on it.

I could never tell Riley what I knew, couldn't tell he the children.

October 30

The ship quaked seven times during the night. the captain is now the one who want to go away, but I promised my organisation would compensate him for this trouble, doubling the promised money.

It is a complete lie, but I feel I will only find a modicum of peace when we reach the island and we are so close.



The ship is gone. I am the only survivor, it was the middle of the night. Unlike the rest I wasn't sleeping, so I could reach the lifeboat much faster than the rest.

As I drifted away from the ship, I saw it. This mass so much larger than the ship that only needed a small part of its body out of the water to coil itself entirely around it. Crushing the ship into pieces and severing the metal like it was flesh. Sending every sailor into an icy grave. It didn't even bother to eat them, as it didn't it need it for sustenance.


There is a thick fog around those part but I know the island is here and I am getting closer and closer.

I keep drifting on water that are always about to be frozen. Winds lacerate my skins and they are no sun. I know a cruel monster haunt those seas , but the island is on the horizon I know this despite the thick fog. Mmy employer may send another expedition to try to find me if I give no sign of life after a while, it is the only place where I can find protection.


I see small hills made of scales emerge in and out out of the water from time to time. I see myself jumping on them, but I know this is the protector of Mu trying to trick me. Mu must be so close. Perhaps this is a test, maybe they are few natives left or even more likely the lost civilisation still lives intact out of time and they will great me as one of them when I reach the island.


Maybe the blank page of my diary will sustains the sensation of hunger for a while

I must reach the island.


Riley why did you have to take the children with you?


I reached the island in my small canoe. I have laid on the coast for quite some time, having only muster the strength to get out of it.

The place is barren, my bed is small black rocks and the temperature is frozen....why do I even bother to write this down? This journal will never leave this island.


Manda's head is out of the water, it is just looking at me. Just starring. I am probably too weak to be considered a prey by it.

They are no Mu, there was never a great civilisation, no riches or even people who ever lived here. Through the ages, they all must just though that sea dragon had to be there protecting something man created, but it has been here before any small primate able to uses a tool existence.

In this place of absolute despair, I have finally reached the enlighten I sought. I feel peace I have not feel since the funerals. I also feel no horror regarding my fate as I know that death is release at this point. The only question left is it will Manda drag me in the sea or let me rot on this frozen wasteland in those last few moments.

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