Kaiju Deathmatch

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Kaiju Deathmatch

Postby GodzillaLord » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:12 am

Note: Welcome to my new K.W.C style match system, again. In all honesty this one is here to stay and will be my predominat source of gicing you these battles, i would request that the other fanfictions i wrote (except for this one) be deleted by a mod if you are viewing this, as i would like to star over. I've become quite invested in the realms of cosmic horror and i intend to upload my projects on that genre when they are done: they are called "The Seas of Death" and "The Covenant from the Aeons", i also have a more supernatural horror project that takes place in the same universe but a diffrent world (you'll understand when you read it), i call it "The Voidyard".

Match 1. Spacegodzilla vs. Iris

The scent of Tokyo bay was a refreshing one at best, the crisp salty waters wriggled and churned about daily, within these waves swam fish and their predators, who’s unintelligence made them ideal targets for bay dweller’s nutrition, fishermen made this their livelihood, and they were happy with it despite the fact that their region was where monsters of great power usually emerged to plague Japan. However two monstrous entities of immense power would once again shift the calm of the local region in swift succession.

Within moments the ground began to churn and burst, as jagged crystalline pillars ruptured the dirt and cobblestone grounds, tearing through docks and breaching the ghastly gigantic waves. Grotesque fat seals whimpered and swam about, attempting to escape; Men and women ran about, gathering their children and seeking the shelters, for they knew what was coming. A gigantic crystal monolith emerged from the seas carrying a fleshy golden corpse that had been brutally impaled, the three headed winged serpent was a shadow of what it once was. Citizens watched in horror as the dead King of Terror lay impaled at the height of the sharp mountain of crystal. What was powerful enough to destroy King Ghidorah, one of Godzilla’s greatest foes of all time? the answer lay in whatever made the ghastly shriek that could’ve echoed for miles.

At a first glimpse what most would’ve seen was the dreaded King of the Monsters, a force of nature to restore balance and order, to show man that nature was something they had overcome. Though this thing was not Godzilla, but rather his “little brother”, while Godzilla destroyed man due to his untamed raw power and was little more than a force of nature to punish man, this was simply his nature and while feared for it, he wasn’t inherently evil by any means. However Spacegodzilla, born from the heart of a black hole was a being of pure evil; he destroyed because he wanted to, it gave him a sadistic glee, for power and conquest were the entire beast craved.

Spacegodzilla resembled his brother’s general appearance, but was even more powerful than his older sibling and the energy radiating off his form implied this constantly. The differences soon sunk in as one realized his spines where more jagged and crystalline ending in a spiked barb at the end of his tail, he wore a gold crystal “crown”, his skin was black and his underbelly a crimson red, his powerful jaws where equipped with insect-like mandibles jutting out of the ends of his lips, and finally gigantic crystal spires rose from his shoulders. Spacegodzilla cackled with fiendish glee as he released his hellish crimson Corona Beams upon the city, decimating entire city blocks and creating massive fiery explosions.

Spacegodzilla’s cackling ended when a lance of sonic energy stabbed through his abdomen, excreting a foul and alien yellow blood. Spacegodzilla shrieked in pain, however his pain quickly became anger as he turned to meet his assailant. The apex of Gyaos evolution stared back, a being as evil as Spacegodzilla himself has come to challenge the slayer of the King of Terror. Iris stood at a ninety nine meters tall, utterly dwarfed by Spacegodzilla who stood at one hundred and twenty meters, twenty meters higher than his older brother.

The Gyaos lord held a spear-like head atop its mighty shoulders, metallic in structure, yellow eyes peered through the eye sockets with untold demonic malice. Crimson “wings” jutted from its back, similar to Lucifer’s own dark wings. It wore silver crustaceous armor around it’s midsection, it possessed a series of tendrils, each about two miles in sheer length. Iris roared at the mighty cosmic saurian, the demon had come to claim the title of King of Terror from the one who now held it close by.

Spacegodzilla cackled its challenger and within moments released a Corona Beam from its gaping maw. The crimson energies twirled with a mind of their own, spearing Iris’s midsection and tearing through before surging through the neck of the demon. Sickly green blood spilled drizzled out of the holes in the beast’s body. Iris swung one of its speared limbs forward, cutting through Spacegodzilla’s dense fleshy hide with untold sharpness. Spacegodzilla shrieked in terror, the crystal king grasped the limb before it could retreat, his arms where short but immensely strong. Iris panicked, finding itself unable to directly overpower Spacegodzilla in terms of sheer brute strength, but perhaps precision could exploit Spacegodzilla’s lumbering size.

One of Iris’s four tendrils shot forth, impaling Spacegodzilla’s hip and spraying forth his alien fluids. The other limps reared up and released yellow Sonic Cutters upon Spacegodzilla, tearing even his durable hide to shreds as the washed over his frame. Iris’s eyes widened when he realized that the previous wounds he had inflicted, where gone……a mere testament to Spacegodzilla’s regeneration.

Spacegodzilla still shrieked through the injuries and released his Corona beams, washing Iris in explosions and cutting through his armored hide. Iris shrieks in return, Spacegodzilla tightened his grip around one of the tendrils and released immense surges of energy from his fingertips, flaying the flesh on the limb. Iris then levitates backwards using the length of the limb Spacegodzilla is holding to his advantage, while he may not be able to free his limb he could use its size to gain a distance.

Green energy chains pulse from Spacegodzilla’s shoulder crystals, catching the airborne monster dead in it’s tracks, overpowering the flailing demon with ease and then smashing him into the ground, Spacegodzilla then proceeds to use the Gravity Tornado to drag Iris through the concrete streets and buildings, dragging the entire hundred thousand ton monster through a small mountain, leaving massive trenches in his wake and creating powerful tremors akin to that of an earthquake.

Spacegodzilla then bombarded the downed Gyaos lord with powerful Corona Beams, mangling Iris’s grotesque flesh and exposing brutal muscle tissue which was in turn flayed and charred, the scent of burning flesh was quite overpowering to the scents of the mortals below them. Iris’ returned with his own beam weapons, mangling Spacegodzilla but refusing to do permanent damage to the space monster. Iris used the limb in Spacegodzilla’s grasp to pull the space monster down to ground headfirst, digging up mountains of soil.

Spacegodzilla found himself dragged by the tendrils wrapped around his wrist. Iris shot his three other limbs forward, aiming to scramble Spacegodzilla’s brains, however the space titan redirected them with a Corona beam, forcing them to alert their direction towards his belly, impaling several vital organs, including Spacegodzilla’s heart. Spacegodzilla cackled with malice as his own blood covered his stomach and Iris’s tendrils wiggled about his innards, Spacegodzilla shot a corona beams forth, seeping into Iris’s wounds and electrocuting him.

The corona beams tore new openings in Iris, while charring his flesh so that his body could not bleed out what needed to be released out his body before further damage from internal bleeding and blood -clotting was caused. Spacegodzilla wanted to see Iris scream, and he got more then he wished for, Iris’s shrieks could be heard for miles upon miles. Spacegodzilla used his brutal strength to grip the limbs imbedded in his boy, upon rearing up he tore them out with his bare hands, allowing his wounds to heal.

Spacegodzilla began pulling the smaller monster towards him, Iris could only let off his ominous cries as Spacegodzilla closed the ghastly being in towards his own body. Once Iris was within range Spacegodzilla lifted up his powerful leg and pressed his enormous eighty thousand ton mass on Iris’s broken and shredded chest.

Tendons where shredded and bones grotesquely broken, sickly green fluids oozed from the demons chest cavity and his ribs swam in the thick fluid. Flesh hung in the center and organs could be seen, hanging by their fleshy membranes. Iris was no longer moving, he stopped after the first sickening crack, the force of the blow breaking his neck.

Spacegodzilla cackled with unfathomed pride at his kill, the crystal king’s rampage was far from over however and the death god had a good deal more to accomplish. If looks could kill, the sight of Spacegodzilla’s malicious smile would have been felt after death itself.

Winner: Spacegodzilla

Added in 3 hours 43 minutes 1 second:
Match 2. Baragon (Showa) vs. Red King

Red King stormed about his dreaded Lawless Monster Zone, intent on asserting his dominion over the time lost island. The saurian king let off high pitched wails, slamming his meaty palms together in rapid succession. The bumpy and ridged beats bared the foul teeth from its short muzzle, letting out ferocious barks and challenges.

A rustle in the trees allowed the forty five meter giant to turn around and spot his target. Baragon plowed his way through the trees; the flappy eared saurian was well armored and had a face similar to a Boston bulldog-terrier mixed purebred.
Baragon waddled on all fours before looking up at his taller assailant, Baragon reared to his hind legs, being slightly shorter than Red King but not quite as thick, Baragon let off a powerful gurgle before deciding to take a different route, however Red King side stepped him, Baragon turned his head in confusion, only for Red Kin’s meaty fist to smash his skull.

Baragon rolled to the ground, clutching his head in pain. Baragon rose to his feet and shook off the dirt covering his scales. Baragon let out a low growl before leaping extraordinary heights and pouncing on Red King, toppling the larger monster. Baragon was quickly shoved off by the lumpy monster’s sheer brute strength; Red King gripped Baragon by the wrinkles of his neck, earning a gurgle. Baragon was swung into the summit of a nearby mountain, crashing through several hundred tons of rock, the shock causing massive boulder to be released from their position and crush him into the ground face first.

Baragon burst his way out of the rocks and made a mad dash forth, attempting to clothesline his foe, however Red King swatter him away with the swing of his muscular hand. Baragon was sent hurtling, the beats began rolling as soon as he hit the ground for a few second before regaining his footing. Red King leapt forward, yet Baragon leapt out of his reach and forward again, mouth agape. Baragon’s powerful jaws clamped around Red King’s right arm, sinking in and quickly drawing blood, Red King punched at Baragon’s face but the beast refused to relent despite its quickly broken nose and busted lip. Red King kicked Baragon in his fat stomach, earning a yelp which forced him to let go, the smaller Kaiju falling to the ground while clutching his belly.

Red King kicked the downed Baragon hard in the face, spilling blood and putting one his sharp teeth through his lip. Baragon’s maw hung agape and within seconds a searing beam of hit raced forth, severely burning Red King’s mutilated limb. The heat melted his flesh and bubbled his muscles, Red King roared in agony before jumping back, clutching his mangled limb. Red King roared in fury before giving a powerful charge, Baragon leapt overhead, clotheslining the bumpy dinosaur. However Red King upon hitting the ground, grasped Baragon’s tail before he could touch the the ground and pulled the smaller saurian into a brutal punch to the face. Red King stood up and picked up Baragon, before bringing the smaller dinosaur down onto his knee, Baragon crumbled to the ground in pain.

Red King attempted to punch the down beast but was met by a heat ray to the face, Baragon clutched his face in agony. Baragon stood up and whimpered, attempting to limp away. Red King regained his composure and charge forth, only to be hit in the knee by a heat ray, knocking back his momentum and forcing him into the ground face first as though he tripped. Baragon then leapt forth just as Red King lifted his face up. Red King was smothered in bites, punches, clawing, kicks, stabs, etc.

Red King threw the smaller monster off him; this fight was far from over. Red King did feel his injuries mounting however, as his hide was bruised and bloodied, his arm and knee mangled. Red King roared in agony before leaping forward, kicking Baragon like a soccer ball. Baragon rolled backwards before rising to his feet, Red King close the distance and began grappling with Baragon, quickly overpowering the small beast with his immense physical strength.

Baragon thrusted his head forward, stabbing his horn into Red King’s gut, before firing a heat ray into the beast’s foot. Baragon then spun around and swung his tail into Red King’s face, knocking the king of this foreign land akin to Baragon’s home off his very footing.
Red King grumbled and moaned on the ground as Baragon closed the distance, before letting out a blood curdling shriek and biting into Red King’s skull, breaking the bone instantly and tearing off a large section of the head, before chewing it and swallowing, Baragon was in for one hell of a feast.

Winner: Baragon (Showa)

Match 3. Zilla vs. Gyaos

In the city of Hong Kong, there was currently no happiness to be had. A lone Gyaos had found its way into the heart of the city and was firing deadly sonic cutters from its maw, slicing through anything the straight line of energy touched. The powerful bat like terror rose to the skies, cackling like a madman in its quest for flesh to consume. The ever hungry terror of the night gave off a vengeful cry, calling perhaps for its natural born enemy.


Something responded however, but it was not Gamera. A creature that represented the King of Monsters in name only, it was far smaller and much less powerful than its namesake, who was a beam of power equal to Gamera’s, if it had been Godzilla the bird would have been more cautious, but this thing was nothing significant.

Zilla was much thinner and lankier than his namesake, yet his roar of a challenge was equally clear. Within seconds the Gyaos took to the air, dive-bombing face first into Zilla’s skull. The monstrous lizard crumbled to the ground as the Gyaos’s impact sent it there; the devil bird landed on top of Zilla’s skull and began raking him with its claws. Zilla bit the bird’s talons and yanked the fiend to the ground, in an instant Zilla was on its feet and rammed it’s skull into the Gyaos’s chest, knocking it backwards, though it did not fall, a blow from Zilla’s tail did that.

The Gyaos was sent hurtling across the cityscape, crashing into the ground and levelling a small city block, turning it into a crater. Zilla leapt forward, but his jump was halted by a sonic cutter to the tail, dismembering the end of the limbs, leaving a bloody stump. Zilla crashed through an office building, wailing in agony. It cocked its head to see the talons of the Gyaos heading for its skull. The talons tore through the upper portion, flaying the skin and earning a wail. The Gyaos fired another Sonic Cutter, piercing Zilla’s back and just missing its spine, forcing the animal to the ground.

Zilla fell to the ground, choking up the beast’s own blood. The Gyaos swooped down and tackled the smaller beast, hammering its head with its talons, drawing instant blood and bruising its face. The reptile spat up a glob of its own blood and bit into the Gyaos’s wing, pulling off death rolls like a crocodile, until the leathery wing membrane was peeled off the wing. The Gyaos screamed in agony Zilla tackled the beast into an office building and over multiple city blocks.

The Gyaos kicked the mutant off it and sliced off a large portion of its nostril with a sonic cutter, earning a shriek of agony. The Gyaos head-butted Zilla into the streets, before savagely raking up its skull with its claws, targeting the nostrils, the Gyaos cut deeper into the wound inflicted until it came to Zilla’s left eye. The Gyaos then lunged down and plucked it out, swallowing it whole and earning a awful shriek from Zilla as it slurped down the optic nerve.

The Gyaos then made a secondary peck, breaching the skull, and within seconds……Zilla was dead. The Gyaos slumped to its knees, the injury to its wing was quite brutal, however the Gyaos knew a feast would help, and with that the Gyaos began biting into the exposed meaty flesh.

Winner: Gyaos

Added in 1 hour 55 minutes 36 seconds:
Match 4. Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Monster X vs. Gigan (Millennium)

The flames of what once remained of North America could be seen all the way from Japan; Godzilla’s fury has known no bounds. Like a primal god of death, everything he touch seemed to be destroyed, his rage had intensified to the point where it no longer seems controllable. Godzilla was one of the most powerful monsters on Earth, perhaps even one of the most powerful in the universe; Godzilla was quite literally a god, and that was no hyperbole.

The United States was once the most powerful nation on Earth, but now it was little more than ash alongside the rest of Northern and Southern America. An entire continent destroyed in a matter of hours, nukes had been dropped on Godzilla’s location to halt his advance towards Europe, however it had been for not as even while at the epicenter of their heat and kinetic energy, Godzilla only grew stronger off their radioactive particles, and his regenerative abilities healed any damage dealt. Everything feared his display of absolute power, even otherworldly beings. The Nebula M Space Hunters and the Xillens had their sights set on Earth; it wouldn’t be very helpful if Godzilla could thwart them again somehow, or destroyed any habitable area.

United Kingdom, Great Brittan, England, London

Godzilla lumbered onto the land before him, he had taken an unsuspected route and had travelled right into the center of the evacuation. Godzilla fired a burst of his Atomic Breath, burning swats through building and annihilating city blocks. Due to all the people pressed into one area, Godzilla had killed thousands if not millions in a single shot. Godzilla continued blasting the city into rubble, city block at a time with his atomic breath. Godzilla maneuvered forward, smashing him mass through any buildings that still stood, including the remains of Big Ben. Godzilla’s footsteps created tremors akin to an earthquake; the city was flooded by all the water he displaced. Hundreds of millions of lives where rapidly going to be lost if something wasn’t done, despite the military’s best efforts nothing they did could even slow him down.

Godzilla wadded through the fires that where once London, the most renowned city in all of Britian. Godzilla’s atomic beams tore through anything that got between it and thousands of human lives, he was doing it almost intentionally, almost as a reminder to these insects of his clear supremacy. Godzilla was however not an evil being, he was simply too large and too powerful, he was designed for the purpose of being a living embodiment of man’s sins, the child of the atom bomb.

The massive saurian let out a thunderous roar, one that even the gods of old would’ve feared, for it instilled the setting that was akin to the rhythm of unearthly music that was both foreboding and to some plane of existence, natural. Terror, power, and influence where all things Godzilla held no matter where he treaded, their where only a handful of monsters that could best him in a straight up fight: King Ghidorah, Spacegodzilla, and Destoroyah where the only exceptions to this rule, and even then they feared him for his might and power.

Godzilla’s stride was however hurt by gravity beams tearing into his hide. Godzilla looked up from the burning ruins beneath him and stared at the beast standing only a few meters ahead of him. Godzilla looked at his former foe with hatred; Monster X stared at Godzilla with equal animosity. Neither moved for a bit until Godzilla let out a low below and began to advance forward slowly, however Monster X was quicker and with undefeated lower body strength, flung himself from the ground, drop kicking Godzilla face first into building.

Godzilla recoiled and delivered an aggressive back handed strike with his talons, Godzilla’s physical strength was just as potent as his all-around raw power. Monster X was sent a good fifty meters backwards, falling to his backside. Godzilla fired an Atomic Beam, yet Monster X was quick to frontal flip out of it’s reach and close the gap, hammering away at Godzilla’s midsection with his fists, rolling with Godzilla’s stronger but more clumsy blows. Monster X gripped Godzilla’s waist and attempted to hoist him upwards, yet Godzilla firmly planted himself and gripped Monster X’s two shoulder mounted heads, gouging out their eyes with his talons, earning a shriek of pain.

Monster X fought against Godzilla’s raw brute strength but found himself being pushed both backwards and downwards by the King of the Monsters mounting strength. Monster X used his legs to strike at Godzilla’s knees and given his size of one hundred and twenty meters, twenty meters higher than Godzilla, he used his arms reach and greater dexterity to grip Godzilla’s neck and spine, applying tremendous pressure, but Godzilla lurked beneath the darkest depths and any pressure applied to him could be tolerated.

Godzilla kept pushing Monster X back, even when the skeletal Ghidorah dug his taloned toes into the ground beneath him and began decking Godzilla across the face. Monster X’s tail wrapped around Godzilla’s legs, tripping up his footing and while Godzilla didn’t fall, he stumbled, that is all Monster X needed as he climbed onto Godzilla’s back. Godzilla flailed as Monster X dug his talons into Godzilla’s least thick layer of skin and began kicking his pack, as well as pressing his mass that was equal to Godzilla’s own onto the monster king’s backside.

Monster X began releasing gravity bolts into Godzilla’s pack, earning roars of pain as the beam’s pierced his flesh. Godzilla’s small arms provided him no way the remove Monster X hand to hand, so he opted for backing up into a building. Over six hundred thousand tons crashed on top of the two monsters, separating them and allowing Godzilla to grab Monster X’s ankle and both of them collided into the ground through the cloud of dust. Monster X struggled under the pressure applied to his ankle bone, and used his three leg to kick Godzilla in the nose multiple times, forcing him to release his grip.

Monster X rolled to his feet, while Godzilla by contrast struggled to lumber to his feet. Monster X snarled before lunging, while returning fire with gravity bolts, each one cutting off portions of Godzilla’s skin and spraying his blood across multiple building. Monster X closed the gap and kicked Godzilla in the chest, avoided one of his strikes and rammed in to his face shoulder first. Monster X then uppercut his saurian foe, forcing Godzilla to stagger, Godzilla snarled and caught Monster X’s incoming fist. Monster X used his free limbs to try and release himself yet Godzilla’s grip remained firm and it kept tightening, Monster X’s sickly black blood trail out between his fingers. Godzilla’s maw glowed an ivory blue, before releasing his Atomic Beam straight into Monster X’s skeletal chest.

Monster X crumbled to the ground, a burning hole in his chest cavity, he was burnt down to the rips, and his entire chest cavity was ablaze, Monster X fell into a moat in order to extinguish the flames, he was successful but fainted under the pain caused by the dilemma. Before Godzilla could press the edge, something sharp rammed into his neck, spraying blood and veins outward, blood continued to gush out of the wound and soon Godzilla knew who his foe was, it was one of his more deadly opponents.

Gigan landed several dozen meters away from Godzilla, his buzzsaw was covered in blood. Gigan rushed forth with blazing speed, barley touching the ground, and with a precision strike, he smashed his Hammer Claws into the neck of Godzilla, forcing the King of Monsters backwards, Gigan used his bladed foot and picked Godzilla hard in the gut before spinning around and knocking Godzilla off his feet with his barbed tail.

Godzilla growled as his wounds healed, Gigan stood a head taller than Godzilla, yet he wasn’t as heavy or physically imposing, instead he would really on tools and speed to bring the saurian down. Godzilla and Gigan had some kind of mutual respect, they respected each other’s fighting prowess and power but neither could ever consider the either an equal of any sorts, and today one of them was going to die. Both released their signature cries and charged forth.

Gigan fired forth his Cluster Beam; it exploded across Godzilla’s chest and severely burned the monster’s flesh. Godzilla fired forth an Atomic Beam, hitting Gigan in the chest and forcing the taller monster face first into a building and onto his side. Gigan felt Godzilla grip his shoulder, hoist him up and begin decking him multiple times in the face, Gigan tried to compete but he had no chance of overpowering Godzilla physically and instead he resorted to using his weighty hammer claws to attacks Godzilla’s shoulder and neck. Gigan fired a cluster beam into Godzilla’s open maw, the ensuing explosions blew off a large portion of the flesh on Godzilla’s neck, leaving behind charred bone, veins, and flayed muscle tissue.
Godzilla roared in agony and rage and bit into the cyborg’s neck, pulling out wiring and alien fluids that emitted a foul unearthly stench. Godzilla dug his talons into Gigan’s stomach, using his far greater strength to lift Gigan off his footing and push him backwards, breaking Gigan’s back mounted spines. Gigan was desperate as Godzilla closed the gap and he fired a bladed disk from his midsection towards Godzilla, the two disks tore open his throat and came back to Gigan through his thighs.

Godzilla collapsed to his knees, panting. Gigan let out an unearthly shriek and released hooks from his hammer claws; the hooks stabbed Godzilla through the lungs and pulled the beast closer and closer to his reeved up stomach-mounted buzzsaw. Godzilla halted his advance by gripping the hooks while asphyxiating, his strength was still tremendous and he easily pulled Gigan to the barren ground.

Godzilla’s lungs healed and he stood up, pulling Gigan’s hooks out of him and rushing to meet the Kaiju killer. Godzilla shoulder-rammed into Gigan’s neck, breaking some of the delicate wiring and forcing the cyclopean warrior to one knee, in which Godzilla knocked him off with a savage tail swing. Gigan was sent flying for hundreds of meters, and when he did land, it was on a large hill, and he went right through the other end. Gigan stood up, circuitry exposed and flesh torn, the cyborg howled with agony after its brief bout with Godzilla’s tail. Godzilla hit the weakened Gigan with a powerful Atomic Beam, smashing Gigan through several city blocks and it kept going until he reached the heart of the city.
Gigan rose to his feet slowly, he was having far too much trouble staying alive. Godzilla was now only several dozen meters away and was slowly advancing on the downed Cyborg. Gigan roared in response, avoiding his destruction at the hands of an Atomic Beam by taking to the air. Gigan then rained cluster beam after cluster beam upon the saurian, earning shrieks of surprise as explosions coated his frame. Gigan frontal flipped through the sky and brought his foot down on Godzilla’s skull, knocking the king backwards.

Gigan cackled from the skies, until he was taken out of them by several gravity beams to his exposed circuitry, forcing him to plummet several hundred meters downwards. Gigan hit the ground with enough force to level a city block. Flames where now all that was left of the once proud city, and many new additions where forged from the region where the blazing Gigan had made landfall, the fires rose especially high there.

Godzilla turned to the “recovered” Monster X and began approaching the dazed monster. Godzilla was with arms reach soon enough and Monster X found himself being lifted off his feet by the throat, eventually Godzilla tightened his immense grip, crushing the windpipe of Monster X with on arm and practically deflating his neck. Black blood gushed between Godzilla’s fingers, and after a while Godzilla released the limp corpse, allowing it to slump into the ground. Godzilla fell backwards and slumped against a building, the fight had taken its toll on him, yet he was the sole victor of the match.

When he awoke, Europe would meet the same fate as North and South America. Until then though, he would rest.

Winner: Godzilla (Heisei)

Added in 4 hours 16 minutes 21 seconds:
Match 5. Bagan vs Wargilgar and Spyler vs. Goliath

Monster island was in a state of chaos. The forests where consumed in an avalanche of searing hot flames that burned their way through the isle's once lush forestry. Goliath emerged from the brush, the alien watched his newfound home burn around him and suffice to say he was pissed off, the monstrous gorilla of a reptile let off an ominous bellow, challenging whatever had damaged his territory. Goliath was than met by the hideous forms of Wargilgar ans Spyler. The two Terro-Beasts must've been sent by their Garoga masters to attack the root of Zone Fighter's natural earth allies, however Goliath was not such an ally but merely another denizen of the dreaded island, one who wished to defend his newfound home, however he was perhaps equally as evil as these two and even more malicious, as these two where only programmed as such, Goliath was by nature an evil being.

Goliath charged forth, however the two larger and heavier monsters thrusted themselves forward, clothes-lining him in the face. Goliath fell backwards, yet he managed to roll to his feet and grasped both the larger monsters necks, sending a series of electric volts through his fingertips and ass an effect, causing both monsters to crumble to their knees allowing Goliath to smash their skulls together and push them both backwards. Spyler stood up and back handed Goliath with his clawed hands, he then proceeded to to uppercut Goliath. Goliath staggered aback before meeting Spyler head on, the two monsters grappled with eachother and while Goliath was physically stronger, Spyler was heavier and had more reach and quickly overpowered the smaller monster, knocking him off his feet with a kick to the gut.

Goliath rolled across the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. Wargilgar bathed the downed beast in a vicious onslaught of flames, earning multiple shrieks of agony. Spyler closed the distance and picked Goliath up with one arm and with a show of strength, swung the smaller monster several dozen meters, Goliath rolled to a stop and lumbered to his feet; Goliath roared in rage and released a beam of pulsating electric energy, striking Wargilgar in the chest, instantly flooring the Terro-Beast.

Spyler leapt forward, tackling Goliath and saving his ally from being electrocuted just in the nick of time, Goliath pushed Splyer off of him and began punching him in the face with his meaty hands, before finishing him off with a point blank electric surge that sent the Terro-Beast flying backwards.

Both Terro-Beasts lay there, writhing in pain as Goliath closed the gap, clutching their respective impacted areas, clutching the flayed and mangled flesh. Wargilgar saw Goliath coming and released a sheet of flames, cutting Goliath down and severely burning his already charred flesh, Goliath hit the ground screaming in agony as his muscles bubbled and popped, blood gushing from the wounds as his flesh burnt and peeled. Wargilgar close the gap and rammed his greater mass into Goliath, directing it through his shoulders and knocking the the emerald alien on his backside. Wargilgar began stomping on Goliath, he was soon joined by Spyler and soon enough Goliath was coughing up blood under their powerful strikes.

Goliath retaliated with punches and kicks, but they did little to stop the two Terro-Beasts even when he began using electrical attacks the two bared through it and continued smashing him to the ground with their grotesque limbs. However their fight was interrupted by a thunderous roar and earthquake-like footsteps.

The three turned around to see something far outside of what they could conceivably defeat, power beyond comprehension stood before them, a beast that could annihilate all life in the universe and was literally feared by literal gods amongst monster kind. It had taken Godzilla at the apex of his power and tremendous aid from most of the monster kingdom to take him down, and even than he was being challenged by the most powerful monstrosities existence had ever formulated. Bagan was a an unholy being of darkness, one that existence seemed to fear and avoid, for his malice and evil where just so great.

Goliath rushed him first, punching away at his gut and then his face with a savage right hook, and than finally a left hook. Bagan remained unphased, and with the bat of his arm Goliath was sent hurtling back into Wargilgar, knocking the grotesque creature backwards. Spyler backpedaled and helped his compatriots to their feet, they all knew that none of them could do it alone, yet together they had a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. Spyler released an aura of blinding light from the knobs on his chest, causing Bagan to recoil in surprise. Wargilgar and Goliath fired their respective ranged weapons and consumed the kaiju death god in electrical fires.

The three ceased firing for a second and watched as the smoke cleared, and once it was lifted all they saw was Bagan standing their unfazed by their assault and with speed defying his size, Bagan rushed forward and backhanded Spyler's. Spyler didn't even have time to shriek, within seconds Spylers head had been there and now it wasn't. Wargilgar watched as his partner's head fell of it's shoulders and rolled to a halt at his feet, it's grotesque veins having been forcefully torn from the impact, sickly alien fluids puddled from the head and oozed from the the stump and within a moment, Spyler's body collapsed.

Goliath watched Bagan chuckle with malice, and rushed forward pushing all his momentum and mass into one strike while Bagan was distracted. Despite Goliath's best efforts it was like a canary flying forward to stop a train, and even under such a powerful blow, Bagan did not move. Bagan sighed and clasped his meaty hand around the much smaller beast's windpipe, hoisting Goliath up and tightening his grip. To say that Goliath's skull burst like a melon would be an understatement, Bagan shook the blood and brain matter from his hand.

Bagan then turned to Wargilgar and snarled at him. Wargilgar breathed forth a sheet of flames, which washed harmlessly over Bagan's indigo hide. Bagan snickered and plunged his arm forth, his talons easily shredding through the durable beast's hide and ripping his heart out the other end of his back, only before crushing the alien version of an Earth organ by clenching his fists. Bagan didn't bother to roar in victory as there was no point, he had greater plans for what was about come, his revenge was at hand. Bagan had been strong, but now he was more than double his original power, and with that kind of power he was unstoppable by the standards of any being in such a vast and unforgiving universe.

Winner: Bagan

Added in 7 minutes 20 seconds:
Match 6: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Jet Jaguar & Kiryu vs. Zilla, Titanosaurus & Gorosaurus

The city of New Delhi was under siege. Three Kaiju of destructive potential had arrived at the cities’ perimeter. The Indian government begged Japan to send Mecha units in to dispatch the Kaiju, after many debates, India won out and Kiryu and the sentient mech known as Jet Jaguar was sent into help with the impending threats. Gorosaurus, Titanosaurus and the Godzilla wannabe Zilla had arrived at the cities edge, the Kaiju prepared to unleash their rage when a metallic screech caught them off guard.

The three turned around to see Kiryu; the mech slammed its fists together and walked forward. Jet Jaguar soared over the Kaiju, The Kaiju roared in response and charged forward, attempting to ram Kiryu. Kiryu opened fire with its wrist-mounted maser canons, the lasers dug into the trio’s flesh, scorching it and pushing it away and forcing it to dangle. The Three Kaiju wailed in pain as Kiryu descended upon them.

Kiryu punched Gorosaurus across the face, throwing the dinosaur’s bulbous head to the side. Kiryu then lunged downward, hitting Gorosaurus in the leg, making the Allosaurus fall over with a wail as his ankle was slightly fractured. Kiryu morphed his right hand into a drill and deployed his electric dagger from his left wrist. Titanosaurus charged forth, battering Kiryu with a series of punches, each one knocked Kiryu back a few meters. Kiryu leapt up and kicked Titanosaurus across the face, flooring the ancient saurian.

Jet Jaguar rushed Zilla, flooring the reptile with a spin-kick. Jet Jaguar pounced upon Zilla, punching away at the reptiles face. Zilla breathed atomic fire into the robots. Jet Jaguar stepped back a few feet, before being run down by the mutant iguana. Jet Jaguar rolled to his feet and punched Zilla across the face; the force from the blow through Zilla’s head back, Jet Jaguar roundhouse kicked Zilla in the gut, sending him flying into the treeline, crushing any and all trees he landed on. Gorosaurus rushed Jet Jaguar, knocking him down and forcing Jet Jaguar to backflip in the opposite direction. Jet Jaguar delivered a spin-kick to Gorosaurus face, pushing the saurian down.

Kiryu slammed his drill into the side of Titanosaurus’s face, digging into his cheek and spraying ungodly amounts of blood. Titanosaurus kicked Kiryu, the force of the blow sent Kiryu sailing, however mid-air, Kiryu activated it’s thrusters and flipped around. Kiryu landed, shooting up hundreds of meters of dirt. Kiryu fired its mouth-mounted masers, The beams ripped into Titanosaurus’s shoulder and began electrocuting him. Titanosaurus shrieked as his flesh bubbled and popped, spraying out and revealing pulsating veins in some areas. Kiryu lowered its assault and began to close the gap. Zilla pounced on Kiryu, the force was not enough to floor him, yet more than enough to push him back. Kiryu grabbed Zilla’s ankle and used him as a bat to hit Titanosaurus in the face.

Gorosaurus balanced on his tail and delivered a Kangaroo kick, knocking Jet Jaguar flat on his back. Gorosaurus stomped on Jet Jaguar’s chest, digging deep into Jet Jaguar’s wiring as he sunk the robot under the dirt. Zilla was sent hurtling as he slammed into Gorosaurus, forcing both reptiles to topple. Kiryu launched a barrage of powerful missles, the missles dug into the kaiju’s flesh and detonated, severely injuring them. Jet Jaguar was in no condition to fight and Zilla and Gorosaurus would be back up soon, making it three against one, even for Kiryu, that was unfair

Titanosaurus faced Kiryu, the two were about to throw down when an earth shattering roar caught them offgaurd. The two turned around to see a massive reptilian beast, the creature was around Kiryu’s height . Godzilla, the King of the monsters had arrived seeking a fight. Godzilla predicted that these two would do. Godzilla fired an atomic beam in the direction of Titanosaurus, the atomic ray plowed Titanosaurus downward and exploded, Titanosaurus rolled around in pain, as his muscles bubbled, his wound poured blood, his top eye lids had been disintegrated yet worst of all, Titanosaurus’s left arm was broken.

Gorosaurus charged Godzilla, yet the king of monsters howled in rage, smashing his knuckle into Gorosaurus’s neck, forcing the monster to puke up blood. Godzilla sliced open Gorosaurus’s throat with his claws, Gorosaurus struggled, attempting to swallow his own blood. Godzilla removed his claws allowing Gorosaurus to plummet…dead.

Zilla fired his own atomic beams at Godzilla, yet Godzilla batted the smaller beast aside. Godzilla howled in rage as gave a charge towards Kiryu, Kiryu rushed Godzilla, the two former Godzillasaurus slammed into each other, trying to overcome the other’s strength or regeneration. Godzilla and Kiryu shoved against each other, yet neither could break the other, Godzilla slashed open Kiryu’s waist, creating an eruption of sparks and allowing Godzilla to overpower Kiryu, grab him by the wrists and chuck him through several buildings.

Kiryu was quick to his feet, the mecha used it thrusters to push back against Godzilla this time, easily giving him the edge and allowing him to send Godzilla flying back with a powerful uppercut. Godzilla lumbered to his feet and fired off several volleys of atomic breath, each one tore into Kiryu’s armor and exploded, furthering the damage caused. Titanosaurus shoulder rammed Godzilla, Godzilla held his footing and back handed Titanosaurus, knocking the creature down, and Godzilla grabbed Titanosaurus by the tail and threw him several hundred meters away.

Zilla breathed atomic fires on Godzilla, yet the true king easily took the attack and shot and opened fire with his own attack, yet Zilla avoided the attack. Kiryu, Zilla and Titanosaurus circled around Godzilla, each one prepared for combat to erupt. Godzilla back fisted Titanosaurus, breaking him lower jaw, He then bit into Kiryu’s armored shoulder and flipped him. Godzilla then spun around and fired a thermonuclear attack, easily slamming Zilla into the Taj mahal hall; the explosion erupted forth, consuming the reptile.

Kiryu and Titanosaurus backed up, thinking up a way to engage the king of the monsters. Godzilla closed the gap, fury filled his eyes. Godzilla released a nuclear pulse, the pulse ripped forward, slashing through Kiryu’s armor, exploding outward. Kiryu hit the ground, badly damaged by the onslaught. Godzilla grabbed Titanosaurus by the throat and pulled back, snapping his neck. Godzilla was about to roar in victory, when he was knocked off his feet by a series of masers. Kiryu stood on the battle field that lasted shortly as the mech’s eyes dimmed and he fell over.

Godzilla shook his head a few hours later, he lumbered to his feet and scanned his opponents, the mighty saurian then made his way towards the city.

Added in 1 hour 4 minutes 33 seconds:
Match 7. Godzilla (legendary) vs. Super Mechagodzilla vs. M.O.G.U.E.R.A

The shores of Costa Rico were a dangerous place as of now, about seventeen hours earlier Godzilla had been spotted five miles off the cost and was predicted to attack within the next few days. The GDF deployed two mechs to take care of the problem, Super Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA stood at the water’s edge, weapons primed as the three units prepared for an all-out assault.

Super Mechagodzilla had been a trained Kaiju assassin, its powerful weapons were known for downing Kaiju quick and efficiently. Mechagodzilla’s speed however was not so effective; he was a slow moving mechs, his melee fighting was also not too considerable, which would be difficult against a renowned melee opponent. The pilots monitored the seas yet they were about to be overrun. An energy signature was detected in the main deck, the crew turned around, yet within seconds of realization, they’re bodies were struck by an emerald energy stream, the energy morphed around their bodies and faded, along with the humans. The mysterious beings stuck to the shadows as they took control of their new mech, when the comlink came on.

“Report in Mechagodzilla” Said a voice on the other side of the link

The new owners of the mecha panicked. Yuki held the other com, unsure of why Mechagodzilla had not responded, he could hear mutters and grunts. Yuki began to lose his patience, why had they not reported in. The saboteurs armed the Weapons systems and turned Mechagodzilla in the direction of the other mech, it was a cumbersome movement yet it go there. MOGUERA’s pilots became increasingly concerned and even more so when a Mega Buster beams hit MOUGERA’s main deck dead on MOGUERA shook slightly, its armor was scorched, Yuki knew they had to engage in combat.

“Arm all weaponry, looks like we’re going to have to gun down some rouge pilots” said Yuki, Yuki was fairly sure it wasn’t rouges, yet it was a preferable option to what was more likely to be happening.

MOGUERA’s optics burned to life as the beams hit Super Mechagodzilla, sizzling halfway through the first layer of Super Mechagodzilla’s armor. MOGUERA forced Super Mechagodzilla with the Spiral Grenade, the spiral version of the mighty plasma grenade burned through Mechagodzilla’s armor, leaving visible dents as appeared. Moguera’s arms opened up and shot a barrage of missles at Mechagodzilla, forcing the rouge mecha backwards.

Super Mechagodzilla had very little chance to at besting the more powerful Mecha. Mechagodzilla only had armor over MOGUERA, yet the constant onslaught was wearing the fin. Godzilla rose from the sea well the two were occupied. Thousands of litres of water poured down his scaley mass, the prehistoric relic was easily the heaviest present and was only slightly shorter than the Mechas. Godzilla let off an earth shattering shriek, the ground shook and the mighty voice reigned supreme above all noises for a solid fifteen miles.

Godzilla’s lips parted ways as he released a sheath of atomic fire forth, the beam washed over the mechas, burning into their armor and melting through the dense materials. Godzilla having caught the mechs attention; Godzilla rammed into MOGUERA, acting like a bulldozer as he drove the Mechagodzilla successor through the massive treeline and smashed it into a waterfall, causing the mech to crumple downwards, it’s form fell into the water, sending the water upwards.

Yuki and the other pilots struggled as water had breached the right leg unit, Many teams had been dispatched to seal off the leg unit, however this limited their movement.

“Damage report!” shouted Yuki

“The mid-section has a massive dent inward, this will make advancement to the flooded leg unit a difficult task” responded a panicked pilot

“Send a team to clear through any interference and then send a few more engineers” said Yuki calmly

The soldier frantically saluted and ran off to inform others. Yuki sighed, they were in no condition to fight and Godzilla considered them an imbalance.

Godzilla scanned MOGUERA’s form, he was unsure of what the thing was. Godzilla’s primitive mind had never seen anything like it, its form entranced him; he was utterly fascinated. Godzilla was hesitant to attack; it looked so elegant, yet so frail. Godzilla was caught offgaurd by a sudden megabuster to the face. Godzilla spun around in surprise. Mechagodzilla fired every attack it had, the attacks burned into Godzilla, irritating the beast yet they failed to harm it, as Godzilla had survived worse.

Godzilla closed the gap, wadding through the assault. Godzilla let out a challenging roar, echoing across the landscape, tearing up several tree like a whirlwind. Godzilla bit into Super Mechagodzilla’s shoulder, piercing the diamond coating as though it was melted plastic. Godzilla used his bulk to shove Mechagodzilla backwards, Mechagodzilla had no choice but to let it happen as the titanic saurian rammed Mechagodzilla into a rocky mountain.

Godzilla slammed Mechagodzilla into the jagged mountain, impaling his backside and slowly puncturing his armored hide. Godzilla flipped Mechagodzilla over; the mech unit couldn’t even stand as Godzilla began stomping on his mid-section, nearly breaking all the layers of armor. MOGUERA’s systems booted up again as the breakages were sealed. Moguera was immobile waist down though, forcing the top section to begin transformation.

“Begin Star Falcon transformation sequence as of now” commanded Yuki

With those words, Moguera’s head tucked in, the rest rolled backwards; The Star falcon became airborne and flew forward. The Star Falcon was on the Kaiju in an instant, shooting off its arsenal and tearing into Godzilla’s scales. Godzilla couldn’t hit is successfully. Godzilla chased after the star falcon, leaving Mechagodzilla battered and beaten on the inside out.

The Invaders rushed to their activities, bringing up maps of the design and relaying it to a signal elsewhere. The invaders came out of the shadowed areas, revealing themselves as the black hole aliens as though they had been hiding themselves to some audience. The hairy men from another world resembled Gorillas, except these Gorillas lacked the same bulk or strength as Gorillas and were able to support themselves on two legs.

Energy surrounds the group, dissipating the group and the masses disappear as quickly as it took them to arrive. Godzilla shrugged off the Star Falcon’s assaults however Godzilla would not give the MOGUERA jet an edge. Godzilla’s spines lit up from the bottom to the top. Godzilla shot forward a searing hot bolt of thermonuclear plasma, engulfing the MOGUERA jet in an explosion, killing the crew.

Godzilla roared in triumph, the might and fury of this roar was one filled with an unstoppable nature, it brought about terror and pride.

Winner: Godzilla (Legendary)

Added in 22 hours 44 minutes 11 seconds:
Match 8. Majin vs. Kumasogami vs. Rodan (Heisei) vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei)

Continued from match 1

The New King of Terror had once again returned. After sensing his far greater and far more powerful relative’s death at the claws of Spacegodzilla, he quickly claimed the title and made sure to scourge several planets on his way to claim the title from the dreaded Spacegodzilla, though he knew he had to play It safe so he once again mock allowed himself to be controlled by the Xillens, though he was entirely in charge of his fate, however this would give him some allies as his ancestor Grand King Ghidorah had been a powerhouse that even Bagan had respected and the great cosmic anomalies and entities of unfathomable dimensions of power revered him as second only to Bagan in terms of raw power.

Spacegodzilla had regularly dueled Grand King Ghidorah and he had lost every time he tried, though Grand King Ghidorah did revere him as a threat due to his intelligence and overtime Spacegodzilla’s raw power was enough to give him a lengthy fight and even critically Injure Grand King Ghidorah, however after their recent bout the King of Terror didn’t recover as quickly as Spacegodzilla did and was not at full strength by their next duel and for the first time in history, the King of Terror was dead. His remains impaled savagely on a crystal spire and his severed heads impaled separately.

King Ghidorah reached the center of Osaka, his feet digging into the concrete roads below as he landed, greatest gaping fissures under his enormous size. The powerful monstrosity whirled it’s three heads about, each one bathing the city blocks in a massive infernos stemming from his insidious gravity bolts. He would make his way towards the demon that killed his ancestor. Citizens screamed and scrambled about, fleeing into the alleys for a route hopefully outside of the monster’s view, however it mattered not as gravity bolts pulverized every city block they hit.

In one such alleyway an old man sat, he was a short old man, no more than five feet tall. He had a fragile build and was mostly bald, but he had a long grey beard and darkened eyes. The man watched the death and destruction unfolding; he had enough and stood up. The old man looked to his grandson behind him, the small child sat there curled into a ball and whimpered while holding close a massive grayish brown mutt, the dog kept a stern and firm posture refusing to leave its master.

“We just have to have to reach an evacuation center, than we can get on a plane to go see your mother and father in Canada, it is safer there” said the Old man, trying to reassure his grandchild.

The man turned back to see the child stand up weakly. “However we must act fast, do as I told you to do in times of crisis, pray to him”
The boy nodded once weakly and sat his dog down, the animal was still anxious and eager to defend its masters no matter the size of its opponent, futile effort or not. The three began to recite their prayers, and within moments a statue from across the valley of Majin began to creak as a flurry snow swirled around the structure, within moments the statue moved and with it, Majin was once again alive to restore balance and order to Japan, to defend it’s people no matter the Intensity of the threat at hand.

Japan, Osaka

King Ghidorah continued his rampage amongst the once humble city, turning it into a blazing inferno, something the cosmic fiend loved the sight of, it made sure to make its enjoyment obvious with its thunderous demonic cackles. It’s demonic chants where interrupted by a momentous shriek, one that churned the skies as a massive beast blazed through them, it’s crimson armor making it clear who this beast was, for it was Rodan the aerial Kaiju predator.

Rodan released a powerful stream of her Uranium beam upon King Ghidorah’s golden hide, while it inflicted minimal damage it was enough to earn a shriek from the hydra-like monster. Rodan’s wings then released a massive sonic room by clapping her wings together, her sonic assault hitting Ghidorah like a train and forcing the space demon to fall backwards through a large skyscraper. Rodan landed atop a massive building and roared in defiance of Ghidorah, the massive beast emerged tom the rubble and narrowed his eyes.

Ghidorah released a series of fiendishly awful gravity bolts; the beams hit Rodan square in the chest, the other two crumbling the building that retained her footing, toppling Rodan into rubble and through another building, causing the massive structure to collapse upon her hide. Ghidorah continued to bathe the pterosaur in gravity bolts, shredding and mangling her flesh. Rodan’s endurance kept her alive and while she returned fire with uranium beams it did little against King Ghidorah. As he advanced on her, his teeth bared Ghidorah swooped down, however as a testament to Rodan’s speed, she easily spread her wings and took flight.

Rodan maneuvered out of Ghidorah’s reach and rushed forward, twirling and lamming her skull in Ghidorah’s chest, forcing the cosmic monstrosity back a few meters. Rodan then flew upwards and kicked the monster’s central head, before raking the other two heads with her claws. She flew back only to find that no damage had been done to the space monster.

Rodan began maneuvering through a storm of gravity beams, attempting to breach Ghidorah’s offense, but finding no such opening. King Ghidorah snarled, he had gone toe to toe with Godzilla and nearly won until he used the nuclear pulse, while not more powerful than Godzilla like the his ancestor, Spacegodzilla, and Destroyah, he was regardless more powerful than this insignificant whelp and most who dared challenge him from anywhere in the cosmos.

Rodan was eventually hit on the head by one of the feral energy projectiles, forcing her to plummet downwards towards the ground, nearly unconscious from the energy of the blow itself and the blood she had lost just trying to fight him in the first place. Rodan smashed through a row of office buildings before crumbling to the ground, thousands of tons of rubble falling on top of her dormant form. Rodan lay their barley conscious, it hurt to even make an attempt at even casual movement, however the pterosaur refused to surrender to the golden dragon.

Her will was all that allowed her to stand back up under shredded wing membranes and chipped armor plating of all kinds, soon enough she was back on her feet and ready to face her assailant. Ghidorah growled lowly, before firing forth a barrage of gravity beams, Rodan avoiding them by taking to the air. The Pterosaur flew well above the clouds before dive bombing, firing off a series of uranium beams while twirling around gravity beams.

The Alleyway

The Old Man and the boy finished their prayers to the one they expected to save them from the golden dragon’s wraith. The old man turned the corner to see Rodan flying over the rows of buildings, gravity beams shredding the rooftops and exposing on a nearby building, the old man shielded the boy and dog as the dust from the pulverized concrete washed over them, the boy crying as it came. The dust cleared over the three, all where bruised and badly cut upon being forced to the alley ground.

Just then an orange light illuminated the region, blinding both King Ghidorah and Rodan, when the light cleared the stone demon god Majin stood there wielding his katana. He stood a good deal shorter than the previous two monsters; however he was still quite imposing. Majin released a series of fireballs at his opponents, the weapons burning his opponents mercilessly, and earning shrieks of pain from both of them. Majin raised his hand, and from below King Ghidorah’s feet the Earth fell down several hundred meters and collapsed on him, as massive tidal waves breached the city and fell into the crater, attempting to drown Ghidorah.

Though the Space Monster had no need for the ability to breathe and with the flap of his wings, he breached the greater through enormous physical strength and flew forward, slamming the stone sentinel through a skyscraper of immense proportions. Majin wrestled with Ghidorah’s necks but found the beast unmovable by his awesome strength, Majin then resorted to teleportation, and in a burst of orange light he was behind the cosmic dragon. Majin grabbed the Ghidorah by both his tails and with an enormous burst of strength, lifted the massive alien hydra and swung him through the a large building.

Majin collapsed after a single uranium beam to the face, the explosive force toppling him into a small apartment complex. King Ghidorah reeled up and pelted Rodan out of the sky with a series of gravity beams, sending the pterosaur plummeting several thousand feet into the streets belong. The ensuing shockwaves created a small tremor that shook the ground underneath the trio, the dog barking as he tossed into a trash can. The three caught up once it was over and surveyed their surroundings.

“We have to go” shouted the old man as he led the two through the alleyways.

Majin hit Ghidorah with his katana, the weapon refusing to do significant damage. Majin backed up stiffly and then released flames from his hands, striking Ghidorah in the chest and forcing the cosmic beast to backpedal, digging his clawed feet into the very concrete in order to maintain some semblance of balance. Ghidorah fired forth a stream of gravity bolts, which the demon god deflected with his massive katana, though a stray bolt got through and puncture his waist.

Majin fell backwards, before being knocked off his feet by Rodan’s sonic boom. King Ghidorah just barley remained on his footing and turned his assault to the aerodynamic reptile, however she avoided all of his powerful bolts of energy, as they tore through the buildings the she had been in front of. Rodan burst forth and hit Ghidorah across the face, staggering the extraterrestrial horror.

King Ghidorah released a barrage of gravity bolts that began tearing apart buildings, mountains, forests, and all around leveling anything in sight in order to hit the speeding blur. Majin got back up and let off an ominous bellow before rushing forward low to the ground, uprooting Ghidorah and pushing the space dragon back several dozen meters, only to be thrown backwards with a powerful kick to the waste. Rodan attempted to rush the two dueling monsters, while Majin made a rush at King Ghidorah, who in turn rushed towards to oncoming collision.

The ensuing shockwave uprooted buildings and shattered windows, sending debris and shrapnel flying in every direction possible, buildings literally crumbled to nothing but broken glass and dust. Only King Ghidorah still stood after the collision, Majin lay crumbled to pieces and Rodan was unconscious and badly beaten up. Even then, King Ghidorah staggered backwards covered in cuts and bruises of all kinds, and then he heard it.
A ghastly rupture in the ground appeared, flames seething from the open ground. These flames where hot enough to become intolerable for even King Ghidorah to be in front of them, he wouldn’t dare even remotely touch them at all. King Ghidorah saw the flames dissipate in an instant, revealing their demonic master. Kumasogami roared with an unfathomed vengeance, he was here for much the same reason as King Ghidorah, he wanted the title of King of Terror for himself and then he could hide in the pits of Hell where he could maintain it for the rest of eternity.

King Ghidorah cackled at the demon in front of him. The fires from the pits below seethed forward and ensnared a series of tall buildings, utterly incinerating them within moments the flames reached the alleys and burning those hiding amongst them, some reached the forests and ignited them instantly, within moments the fires had consumed most of Osaka. Thousands of people were burned alive within a matter of minutes upon the demon’s arrival, for the supernatural flames were able to burn through anything and ignite whatever they pleased.

Kumasogami roared through the sea of flames he had come to enjoy watching, and with his presence all hope in Osaka was lost. Kumasogami glared at any who survived, watching as they ran about, a mistake. Gravity bolts seared his upper body and knocked the volcanic demon flat on his back after all three of the selected beams slammed him into the ground below. Kumasogami shaped his right arm into a flaming sword and with an ominous roar, the beast rose to his feet and lunged forward.

King Ghidorah attempted to roll with the molten blade; the new King of Terror feared nothing. However the blade was not a fist, and to Ghidorah’s surprise it actually cut through his durable hide. King Ghidorah responded by biting down on Kumasogami’s left arm, and with unparalleled strength lifted the monster off his footing and began smashing the demon into the ground with powerful attacks.

Kumasogami however proved his own physical strength when fought back, evenly. King Ghidorah was astounded by the demon’s brute strength and he within moments the ground began to creak underneath the two’s struggle. Kumasogami used his feet to great effect, kicking the three headed beast as well as pushing it against his ribs, however he was slowly losing the edge as Ghidorah’s bite was impossible to remove through brute strength alone and the space dragon’s greater size and brute strength didn’t help matters either.

Kumasogami drove his blade into the Ghidorah’s cut, breaking the skin but not cutting anything vital, though it’s all he needed. King Ghidorah released the demonic being with a shriek of pain; King Ghidorah fired a series of gravity bolts into the demonic titan, forcing him backwards and eventually sending the demon through an office building. Kumasogami slammed his fist into the ground before transforming his arms into a bow and ad arrow, he strafed through the oncoming gravity beams once he regained his footing and fired a volcanic arrow forth, the projectile exploding against the towering monstrosity.

King Ghidorah staggered backwards into a massive skyscraper, within seconds fifty thousand tons smashed into his backside, flooring the massive titan. Kumasogami charged forth and tackled King Ghidorah through an office building as he tried to stay on his feet. The two monsters rolled through a series of skyscrapers, digging up a series of rubble,King Ghidorah bit into the neck of Kumasogami and rammed him through a series of burning structures, however King Ghidorah quickly regretted puncturing the neck further than he had the arm and fairly soon he was forced to let go in pain, the molten blood burning his maw. Kumasogami grabbed the two necks separate from the central one, the heat from his hand charring King Ghidorah’s neck black. He then released one head and used his free arm to punch King Ghidorah in the gut.

First the punch to the stomach, then one to all three of the heads, then a savage backhand to the same head, he then delivered a swift kick the Ghidorah’s kneecap, forcing the beast to crumble forward, smashing through a massive building. He released his grip, the powerful dragon’s neck was blackened and flayed under the enormous amounts of heat concentrated at the fingertips of the foul demon warrior. Kumasogami threw the far larger beast a staggering one hundred and eighty meters, sending him crashing through a row of large buildings.

Kumasogami screamed in agony as King Ghidorah punctured his midsection with a gravity beam, knocking the three backwards and pretty soon entire columns of electricity tore through Kumasogami and razed his powerful frame, forcing the titan to the ground below. King Ghidorah flew skyward at immense speeds, eventually dropping feet first, slamming his footing into the rising Kumasogami and leaving an immense crater in the ground below him. King Ghidorah repeated this pattern seven different times, effectively cracking Kumasogami’s molten flesh.

However Kumasogami isn’t so easily broken, even when one could hardly call the assault easy on any other monster, Kumasogami isn’t any other monster. Kumasogami rose much to King Ghidorah’s surprise and within moments he caught the oncoming King Ghidorah’s legs and with immense strength, lifted the seventy five thousand ton monster over his thirty five thousand ton frame and tossed it a good eighty eight meters through the Osaka dojo. King Ghidorah pulled himself from the rubble only to have hell unleashed on him, a series of arrows exploded across the mighty form of King Ghidorah.

Kumasogami rushed forth with his blade, intent of butchering King Ghidorah. Kumasogami walked towards the powerful assailant, the King of Terror would die tonight and Kumasogami would see it through. With a single swipe, Kumasogami severed bone and flesh of Ghidorah’s right neck, another hack and with a crack, the neck was easily severed from its shoulders. King Ghidorah shrieked in absolute agony and within moments the beast released a series of gravity bolts, tearing through Kumasogami’s midsection and the ensuing explosion tore apart Kumasogami’s upper body easily.

Kumasogami roared in agony and with all the strength he could muster the demon pushed his blade downward, spearing the cosmic dragon through and through. King Ghidorah watched his opponents waste crumble and with the last ounce of his strength he bit down on Kumasogami’s head, tolerating the molten blood and using his immense endurance to survive the normally fatal strike, within moments he crushed Kusomagami’s skull and after coughing up his crimson blood, the creature went limp within a matter of seconds after crushing the demon’s skull, and soon enough two of the greatest terrors of all time where dead in the streets of Osaka.

The outskirts of Osaka

The old man stared at his burning home with sadness. Majin had not saved Osaka, though he had ensured that thousands did escape, though it was not enough. Kumasogami’s fire was slowly beginning to dissipate. Majin had not died either, the old man had seen Majin fall and return physically. Sure enough he watched as the demon god reformed from his broken remains. Majin stared at the flames and within seconds, they where gone and soon enough Majin came upon the charred corpse of Rodan. Majin knew the monster was not evil, it had not been what he had been called here to fight against, and within moments Majin's eyes flashed. Majin slowly grew stiffer and soon enough his spirit could be seen leaving his physical body and headed elsewhere to seek another statue form, his task was done.

Rodan's corpse had healed and after a few moments the Pterosaur gasped, how was she alive? She looked down shocked at her recovery, she looked around through the burning ruins of the city and let off a shriek of victory, there was no sign of any of her assailants aside from the charred remains of King Ghidorah, who was covered in crumbled magma-like rock. Rodan however knew that their was a greater evil at hand, one she could not defeat alone and with a shriek, she lifted off the ground, she made a beeline for none other than Monster Island.

Winner: Rodan (Heisei) and Majin

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Match 9. Gigan (Millenium) vs. Titanosaurus

Two beasts stood in the massive field. One an invader, the other a native. The smaller one, standing at least sixty meters in height was a strange beast. The creature had a long, serpentine neck, a massive fin ran down it's neck all the way to the end of it's tail which made a fan-like club. It's skin was bumby and uneven like a poorly paved road. it's skin was a dark brownish red, well it's fin was a dirty orange. It's legs were broad and muscular, well it's arms were skinny yet flexible. The other was one hundred and twenty meters tall, it'd head was a bright indigo with red linings, a red visor instead of any eyes, horns ran up the back of it's head. It' arms were literally blades, elongated to cut through anything. It's torso was crimsons, so much so that it looked as though it was made of gold. It's limbs were the same color as it's head well it's massive tail was red as well. Silver mandibles were at the end of it's silver beak. His feet were also blades, smaller then his hand ones though, as well as a saw blade that ran down it's chest.

Titanosaurus roared at Gigan, the invader to his home would pay! Titanosaurus dug it's talons into Gigan's side, sparks flung off the hide as Gigan let off a metallic shriek. Gigan kicked Titanosaurus in the knee, his toe breaking the skin and spewing blood. Titanosaurus howled it's displeasure and then punched Gigan hard in the face, though failing to knock over the cyborg it did daze him. Titanosaurus kicked Gigan in the chest, sending the alien flying into the ground below, dirt shot up on impact and a clang was heard. Gigan lumbered to his feet only to be tackled down by the ancient relic. Titanosaurus punched away at Gigan, yet Gigan jabbed his blade through Titanosaurus's shoulder, earning a horrible wail.

Gigan and Titanosaurus tumbled down the hill, kicking up dirt as Gigan gained the upperhand when he dug his blade deeper. Titanosaurus wailed on Gigan's face with it's fists, trying to make the cyborg free it, soon the two rolled to a stop, launching Gigan and a chunk of Titanosaurus's shoulder. Titanosaurus let out an awful wail, making Gigan grin as his metallic tongue licked his blade clean. Gigan lumbered toward the saurian, yet Titanosaurus began waving it's tail frantically, rolling on the ground at first. Soon a hurricane wind slammed Gigan down, severing some unimportant wiring withing. Gigan roared in agony as the wind dragged him across the ground, digging massive trenches as it did so.

Gigan hooked his arm blades into the ground hoping to slow his problem. Gigan stayed there till the winds gave in. Gigan was about to stand up when he recived a kick to the face, one that sent him hurtling into a nearby mountain, Gigan's torso was dented on the left, earning a metallic shriek. Gigan hit the ground, yet he managed to stand. Titanosaurus rushed Gigan, yet the assassin was prepared. Gigan sliced into Titanosaurus's left arm, splitting blood and earning shrieks. Gigan reeved up his saw and began goring Titanosaurus up close, well hammering him down with his metallic arms. Titanosaurus wailed in pain as he began gurgling on blood.

Titanosaurus reacted quickly, the saurian stabbed his claws into Gigan's arms, Titanosaurus used his abominable strength to throw Gigan back, making a sickening crunch as skin was torn from the blade. Titanosaurus began lumbering away, blood was pouring from his front, every area had been cut down. Titanosaurus could feel blood in his throat. Gigan flew at Titanosaurus lightning fast, striking the horror down, Titanosaurus was sent tumbling across the battlefield, leaving trails of blood. Titanosaurus knowing he was losing blood, would have to win this fight now! Titanosaurus tackled Gigan, ripping through his Armour and into his vital circuitry. Gigan knocked Titanosaurus off with a solid elbow to the chest.

Titanosaurus couged up massive quanties of blood before spinning around and landing a blow to Gigan's visor, cracking it slightly. Titanosaurus continued punching the visor untill it shattered, the red glass broke down revealing a set of eyes. Red eagle-like eyes stared back at Titanosaurus, hate within them. Gigan slashed Titanosaurus through the neck, missing his jugular yet spilling massive amounts of blood. Gigan went for a second jab, this one dug into Titanosaur's chest, not deep enough to reach his heart.

Titanosaurus pulled against the blade, loosening it enough to push it out. Titanosaurus heaved the blade to the side, gashing his chest and breaking a rib. Titanosaurus rorared in agony as Gigan took Titanosaurus to the ground with a a powerful hammer swipe. Gigan watched as Titanosaurus struggled to stand up yet he began losing blood, Titanosaurus struggled for a few minutes before giving in and died as all the blood left his body. Gigan dipped his blade in the blood and raised it to his beak, tasting it. Gigan smirked and went on his merry way. Gigan was heading south to face Godzilla with his fellow aliens.

Winner: Gigan (Millenium)

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Match 10. Gorosaurus, Manda & Varan vs. Monster X

Monster X ripped off Zetton's head. The sickening crack echoed for miles, signalling Monster X's victory in the rematch. King Joe lay battered and beaten on the ground, his central panel was opened and his wiring was torn to shreds. Monster X roared, his ominous voice echoed across the landscape, signalling terror among his underlings. Monster X heard a series of defiant roars, the kaiju spun around only to be knocked over by a smaller beast. Varan landed behind the fallen xillen , roaring a challenge. Monster X stood up, he let out a growl towards the smaller monster. Manda curled around a building, catching the alien's attention. Gorosaurus roared a challenge, the three monsters circled around Monster X.

Varan made a mad dash, he slashed Monster X across the waist, Monster X snorted and punched Varan in the skull, knocking the flying reptile down. Gorosaurus rushed Monster X, plowing the massive alien through a row of building before both collapsed. Gorosaurus bit into Monster X's shoulder and tossed him over his head. Varan leapt up, slicing through the xillen knight's armor and spilling black blood. The blood let off a putrid scent, on that turned off the other beasts. Monster X delivered a kick to Varan's chest, knocking the biped down. Manda bit onto Monster X's ankle and pulled him to one knee, allowing Gorosaurus to rear up on his tail and kick Monster X, flooring the monster and sending a rib flying outward, piercing the skin and stabbing Varan's wrist. Monster X rolled around in agony as his cosmic blood tainted the soil.

Gorosaurus kicked Monster X in the gut well Manda coiled around him and bit down on his neck yet to no avail thanks to his Armour. Varan landed on Monster X's back and began slashing away, his jagged claws tore through the black skin like paper, Varan snorted at the putrid smell of the blood as it coated his fingers, bits of Monster X's flesh dangling from his hand. Monster X tripped up Gorosaurus, grabbed Manda by the tail and swung her downward, breaking her right back leg and earning a roar of agony. Varan leapt off Monster X's back, as the titanic beast made an attempt to rise. Monster X opened fire with a series of gravity bolts, searing Gorosaurus's flesh, plowing into his chest and forcing the skin away, leaving it dangling. Gorosaurus fell backwards, crashing into a building and allowing another to crash on top of him.

Monster X grabbed Manda by the neck and tossed her aside. Gorosaurus kicked Monster X in the gut, leveling him. Varan delivered a kick to the now rising Monster X's face, forcing the kaiju back a few meters. Manda wrapped around his leg, forcing him to fall. Varan and Gorosaurus gave charge, knocking Monster X of Balance, Manda pulled away, her grasp still on Monster X's ankle, forcing Monster X to the ground ans the two terrestrial kaiju tackled the invader down. Monster X tossed the two smaller Kaiju away, yet Gorosaurs managed to overpower Monster X, forcing the beast down and bring his foot upon Monster X. Monster X kicked Gorosaurus hard in the chest, knocking the allosaurus off and allowing Monster X to plow his fist into Gorosaurus's face. Varan leapt onto Monster X's back, yet the alien grabbed Varan's tail and swung him downward. Manda rushed to her brother's aid, yet Monster X kicked her across the face, knocking her out cold.

Gorosaurus bit on Monster X's arm and pulled back, shearing the limb off. Gorosaurus fought against the awful stentch, he continued to bit into Monster X's waist, pulling downward, leaving teeth marks in his wake and with a bout of strength...Gorosaurus bit through Monster X's waist, cleaving him in half and ending the alien's life. Gorosaurus turned to his allies, Manda and Varan rose up and nodded to their ally, the Three roared in victory.

Winner: Gorosaurus, Manda and Varan

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Note: Wrote this one a while ago so don't expect it to be as good as my new ones.

Match 11. Gorosaurus & Manda vs. Goliath & Gabara

Gorosaurus, was once a god, he owned Skull island for ten thousand Years and King Kong came about sixty years ago, King Kong stripped him of his mantel, King Kong made him a joke, he tried to fight the mighty Godzilla himself but even that ended in failure, his problem that he would possibly never get through his head is that he picked the wrong fights plain and simple. Gorosaurus let out a painful moan, curtsy of his recent beating from Kong himself, Gorosaurus heard another painful moan he ran through the trees, maybe their would be a good fight to blow off some steam. he soon came across a serpentine creature curled up, Manda watched the sea having been almost pummeled to death by King Kong recently then she looked over her shoulder to see a large saurian, she soon recognized this as Gorosaurus, secondary leader of Skull Island. She realized he was here to give similar abuse to what she already had.

Just as she was about to tackle Him, she felt something grab her tail was flung through the air and slammed into the mountainside, Gorosaurus turned and roared at Gabara and Goliath, These two were normally rivals but had come to gain their own territory on Skull island, Gabara not being able to swim was dragged along by Goliath. Gorosaurus bit on to Gabara's throat, attempting to rip it out, Gabara soon realized he was swallowing his own blood. As blood oozed out of his neck, Gabara couldn't even scream, Goliath surged electricity through his fist and slammed them Into Gorosaurus, causing the brute to stagger back.

Goliath fired powerful Energy bolts from his nasal horn striking Gorosaurus multiple times as well as ripping open his flesh, his flesh on his chest started to peel and dangled. Manda recovered long enough to leap from the mountainside and Land on Goliath's Back, She began constricting her body around him, and soon tightened her grip. Goliath started chocking up blood, he assumed a vital organ had been punctured by the pure pressure, he surged his massive form with electricity knocking Manda clean off of him.

Gabara ran at Gorosaurus pounding his face in, Gorosaurus's blood sprayed across the rainforest staining the trees blood red. Gabara threw a punch to Gorosaurus's chest knocking him off his feet. Gorosaurus caught Gabara by surprise by rearing up on his tail and sending a kangaroo-kick to his chest, dending Gabara flying aback, Gabara oozed blood from his chest as one of his ribs poked out of his chest. Manda used her size to physically overwhelm Goliath with blows from her tail to his leg, causing him to be knocked off his feet, Manda began biting his leg and with a small feat of strength, lifted him through the air tossing Goliath into a mountain. Gabara grabbed Gorosaurus's dangling flesh and ripped it out, Gorosaurus screeched in pain as his blood oozed from his wounds, Gabara sent a kick to Gorosaurus's face only for Gorosaurus to catch it in his Jaws. Gorosaurus roared in pain and sent around a hundred thousand volts of electricity to his leg but despite the pain of his lips burning and bubbling he could not let go the electricity was pulling him into Gabara's leg.

Manda was sent hurtling into the ground, Goliath rained his powerful fists into Manda causing her blood to fly through the air, Goliath's nasal horn began to glow with brilliant energies and discharged those energies into Manda's chest, for a moment Manda felt nothing, the energies were beautiful to her simple mind was captivated by the show of light and with a............


She screamed in utter agony having realized here rips were protruding from her skin and that skin was dangling down her under belly, before she could recover Gorosaurus was launched into her. Gorosaurus helped his teammate up and eyed her for a moment but soon set to the task at hand, he tackled Goliath, Before Goliath could regain his footing he was kangaroo-kicked in the leg, he could feel his leg breaking as slowly he began struggling to his feet each attempt felt like hell, Before he could get up he came to a realization.

Maybe it was his time to die? he wouldn't ponder this for long and Gorosaurus chomped on his head, brain Juices, blood and guts fell from Gorosaurus's jaws. Gabara sent electricity through Manda's slender form, she screamed in agony but before she could claw at him, he sent a powerful uppercut to her neck sending her skidding across the gound, before he could finish her Gorosaurus charged Gabara and began biting his arm. Gabara grabbed Gorosaurus and hoisted him up, He then tossed Gorosaurus into a mountainside, Before the Allosaurus could Recover Gabara Tackled him and began to attempt to Electrocute him, But Before he could have that Honour Manda Bit down on his arm.

She dragged him away from the recovering Gorosaurus, Grabara grabbed at her head sending thousands of electric volts through her causing her to lose her grip, He sent a roundhouse kick to her chest splintering her open wounds and exposing he muscle tissue, She slithered underneath him and bit his leg tripping him. She began to bite down on his skull. Gabara struggled but could not get a hold of her fast moving form and with immense strength she ripped Gabara's Head out of it's Body only attached by his spinal cord.

Gorosaurus roared at Manda telling her to back off she went back into the ocean, Gorosaurus watched the horizon it was one of the few moments Gorosaurus ever knew peace, Gorosaurus walked of satisfied with the fight, he ten wondered if he could find a territory of his own.

Winner: Gorosaurus & Manda

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Match 12: Megalon & Gigan (Millenium) vs. Biollonte

The Clouds darkened, New York was all but a ghost town, shadow’s streaked across the city streets, this shadows revealed themselves to be mere survivors scavenging for food well avoiding anything of Nebulan origin. Megalon arose from his slumber, his brown and gold armor shook as he struggled to stand up from the Pod he had been resting in, Megalon twirled his drills, and unlike his little brother he was eager for a fight. Gigan let out a shriek that was reminiscent to a sigh, tired of his brother’s complaints, Gigan shook himself free of his shackles and pushed the cone shaped pod off him, Megalon merely ripped it in half. Gigan felt for his brother’s rage, for Megalon had lost many fights despite his power, Gigan knew that his brother could be the strongest Alien Kaiju ever yet he had one flaw, Intelligence….

Megalon was unintelligent and arrogant (not to mention easily angered), but
despite him being designed to be the strongest of the strong he was just too comparable to the mind of a newborn, he always needed his brother to guide him on missions or he would be consumed by rage and become way too predictable to put up a fight. Gigan was the brains & Megalon was the brawn, that’s how it always worked but not how Gigan wanted it to work, he wished his brother could be as cunning as himself; he would give his own life to insure his brother could fend for himself. Megalon stumbled about; waiting for his younger brother to guide him, Gigan strode towards him, leading the way across the city. Gigan’s anger became sufficient; he was becoming more lost in his thoughts but was awoken from them when he heard his brother’s screeches.

Gigan spun around and instantly became shocked by what he saw; a large creature that towered over even Godzilla himself stood above them, It was around sixty meter from the distance he was at. Megalon was caught in its tendrils and being pulled into its maw, Gigan rushed forward and slashed this new creatures stomach, before driving his foot into its lower jaw, Megalon stood up and jumped on the plant creature. Using his abominable strength, Megalon jammed his drills into Biollonte and began pushing the mighty behemoth back into a mountain; Megalon slammed his drills into her neck. Biollonte smashed her massive skull against Megalon’s own; Next thing Megalon knew he was about a mile away.

Gigan lunged forward and slashed Biollonte’s power core, Biollonte shrieked in pain; Gigan and Biollonte exchanged blows, neither were greatly fazed by each other’s assaults until Biollonte did something strange…..Orange energy swirled from Biollonte’s core in jagged formations, the almost lightning like lines rolled up Biollonte’s muscular frame and formed around her maw, before Gigan could react, acidic chemicals lunged forward and struck Gigan across the Chest. Gigan shrieked as the acid melted into his circuitry and spilled into his blood; Gigan flew upward and turned around; before Biollonte could attack; Gigan landed on a nearby mountainside to recover.

Biollonte prepared her acidic substances but before she could corrode the mountain a Drill was run through her chest. Biollonte moaned in pain before falling back a bit, Megalon began to spin his blade, Acidic blood and plant like skin sprayed in all directions, each drop melted through the concrete roads below. Biollonte, more frustrated then in pain, wrapped her tendrils around Megalon’s neck, at first it was almost nothing to Megalon, but then his armor started to pop, yellow blood oozed from his neck, before Biollonte could pop Megalon’s head, Gigan came from behind, having registered enough raw power to stab Biollonte. Biollonte released her grip and attempted to turn around but found herself unable to do so, Gigan’s blades began to slip, Gigan tried desperately to launch them deeper but found that he could not contain his grip and soon he was forced to pull his bladed appendages out.

Gigan roared in agony, his blades were now stubs and acid had poured into his arm sockets, before Gigan knew it the acid was pouring into his chest, the smart discs were corroded before they were even used. Gigan lifted him self off the ground but this made the acid spill into his neck and within seconds….something that Megalon would remember for the rest of his days happened. Gigan’s head fell of it’s socket and fell into a large skyscraper, the body fell to the side of Biollonte, Megalon watched it all, terror, fear & sadness overtook him, he would create a new slot in hell for Biollonte. Biollonte roared in victory but her roar was cut she when she realized she was burning, Megalon bombarded her with Napalm clusters, each one incinerated more of Biollonte’s body, Megalon ran forward, engulfing his drills in flames.

Megalon assaulted Biollonte with his flaming drill until the embers on them faded, Megalon’s eyes widened when he realized Biollonte was regenerating, Megalon became furious at this and began ripping into Biollonte with his now flameless drills. Biollonte attempted to bite the beetle-god only to receive an uppercut to her jugular, Megalon leaped up and with his immense leaping capabilities he brought his foot down into Biollonte’s face. Biollonte reeled back, Biollonte then extended her tendrils, lashing forward they all stabbed Megalon’s thick armor, they began pumping Megalon with acid, Megalon fell to his knee. Megalon became weaker and weaker, even his strength was a fraction of her own, Megalon felt like he was about to die, maybe it was for the best his brother and him would be reunited in the cold realm of oblivion.


Megalon rose to his feet slowly and roared in defiance at Biollonte, Biollonte looked up but not at him, for behind Megalon hovered a crimson, transparent Gigan, Gigan’s new ghastly form roared at Biollonte obviously angered by her treatment of his brother. Megalon turned, delighted to see his brother among the living, he raised his drill and touched Gigan only for his hand to pass through, Megalon’s delight faded when he realized his brother was gone. Gigan would have none of it though, Gigan would give his brother one last thing…..Power, Gigan’s form was sucked into Megalon’s form similar to a vacuum, Reddish energy swirled around Megalon and exploded.

Biollonte reeled back; she watched the thick layer of smoke before her she assumed Megalon had died, before she could leave two circular disc flew at her and slashed Biollonte apart, Biollonte looked at the new Megalon that emerged from the fog. A red eye reminiscent to Gigan’s own replace Megalon’s own, Megalon now had Gigan’s spines running down his back, Megalon had a drill on one hand and a blade on the other, the last thing Biollonte would see before entering Oblivion was a napalm bomb aimed for her head.

Gigalon roared in victory having conquered his foe, Megalon’s new form wandered off ready to continue the invasion, even with his sacrifice Gigan had given Megalon what he set out to so.

Winner: Megalon

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Match 13. Destroyah vs. Varan

Note: Another oldie

Earth's Defenses had been overrun by the current opposing forces. The Kilaks & The Xillens had formed and alliance with the Nebulans and Seatopians to unleash hell upon the world. Aliens Monsters were sent in attack formations yet many of Earth' s Monsters were retaliating with Godzilla, Angurius & Rodan attacking Gigan, Megalon & Dogora, Kiyru & King Kong both pursued King Ghidorah, King Ceaser & Manda were fighting Slattern.

Meanwhile, Spacegodzilla led his own assault. The Mutants rained upon the world. Hedorah in Chicago, Spacegodzilla in New York, Obsidious in Seattle. The World had also started to become covered in Spacegodzilla's infamous crystal towers. Meanwhile Destoroyah arrived on Monster Island to find most of the Residents had abandoned the area.

Except for One?

Varan watched from the Treeline, the massive Trees of the island provided excellent cover, Destoroyah had proved in capable of detecting him. Varan was unsure weather or not to attack the devil beast. Destroyah was no longer interested in finding any monsters and decided to spread it's master's crystal empire. Varan decided to attack, primal instinct having overcome his senses. He was ready to brawl!

With a Mighty jump Varan burst from the Treeline and flew at Destroyah, Destroyah sensed a monster and turned it's head only to be hit with Varan's claw. Destroyah staggered back, more confused then injured, seeing as Varan's claw only succeeded in scraping it's face. Destroyah turned to meet his Opponents. Varan was Around 80 Meters and Destroyah was around 120 Meters, This wouldn't take long. Destroyah lunged forward and right hooked Varan knocking the Saurian beast onto his side. Destoroyah began stomping Varan into the ground, Varan struggled but was hopelessly outmatched in strength, eventually Destoroyah halted it's assault, Varan made his move. Varan flew up and uppercut Destoroyah knocking the demon back. Destoroyah reared up and attempted to skull-bash Varan, but the unbelievable monster was to quick and it avoided the Melee assault.

Varan landed atop a tall mountain and began roaring in defiance at the devil. Destoroyah charged forward and fired a beam of Micro Oxygen, the substance hit Varan dead on, corroding his skin and causing major explosions on impact. Varan fell from the cliff and hit the ground hard, causing an eruption of dirt to surround the area.

Destoroyah walked forward prepared the make the small animal suffer, Varan managed to regain his footing but was still having trouble remaining on his feet. Destoroyah grinned with sadistic glee as it began closing the gap between the Two monsters. Varan staggered about having great difficulty remaining his posture. Varan managed to regain his strength and ran forward, using his last strength to uppercut Destoroyah and then fall to his knees. Destoroyah laughed with sadistic glee, was that really all this pathetic creature had? it took a single hit to knock this beast to the dirt and it is already downed, are you kidding? is that all it could muster?

Varan sunk at Destoroyah's taunts, was this true, was he this weak, Yes he was. upon thinking that Varan gained a surge of adrenaline, Varan stood up and backpedaled towards a crystal Destroyah set up, Varan turned around and with all his might he shattered it. Varan turned to Destoroyah, The monster now had flames across it's back, it's skin was covered in Black stipes but was mostly a scarlet red. Burning Varan roared to Destoroyah demanding a fight. Varan charged forward and punched Destoroyah, Destoroyah reeled back but was for the most part unfazed. Destroyah then utilized the Horn Katana and slashed across the chest of Varan.

Varan staggered back, blood was once again poring from the wound, Varan fell to his left knee only to receive a knee to the face.

Varan's unleashed his fire breath on the Devil, the temperatures harmed Destoroyah and forced the monster back. Destoroyah fired off a beam of energy that hit Varan dead on and knocked him to the ground.

Varan struggled for a moment but eventually stopped moving due to how powerful the blast was. Destoroyah laughed at this beast and it's failure to defeat him and his awesome power. and with that Destoroyah took to the skies and flew off.

Winner: Destoroyah

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Note: Filler, wrote this one some time ago

Match 14. Super Godzilla vs. Bagan

Bagan stood above the a tailless Angurius and a battered Godzilla, Godzilla attempted to rise but was kicked in the stomach, Godzilla stood up and ran at Bagan only to be punched aside, Godzilla was sent flying backwards, Godzilla let forth an atomic beam, Bagan staggered at the beam, Godzilla began spamming his beam rapidly; Bagan shirked as the beams ripped into his skin, Bagan ran across the battleground and kicked Godzilla in the chest causing the behemoth to topple.

Angurius could only roar at Bagan as it happened, Godzilla was pulled from the dirt by Bagan, before Bagan could finish the the King of Monsters, Godzilla looked up a noticed a white aura, the aura soon caught Bagan's attention; the aura formed the shape of everything Bagan had ever killed, each soul was eager to bring Bagan to the after life. Godzilla stared, an emotion swelled across his heart when he saw Heisei Rodan and Mothra.

Godzilla became filled with rage, Godzilla stood up; adrenaline sped up his regeneration and soon he was standing to his original level of power, Godzilla roared at Bagan, he was challenging the mighty Bagan; Bagan felt fear for once in his existence and he greatly disliked it. Godzilla dared the souls to give him the strength to fight Bagan to a standstill. Godzilla roared in rage, defiance, power, respect, remorse, mercy, truth, justice, hatred and love all at once. Godzilla poured all his emotion into that one roar, he was ready to defeat the evils that Bagan committed a reverse them.

Godzilla slammed his fists together and charged at the white souls, Godzilla lept forward and absorbed the energy; white strands of particle energy swirled around the monster king, Godzilla roared at a level the literally caused the ground beneath him to quake and crack. an explosion engulfed Godzilla and Bagan.

When the smoke cleared.

Godzilla had golden shoulder blades, his charcoal skin turned to violet, his underbelly became emerald green, his tail had a large club at the end of it, his chest adorned a powerful blue gem, he adorned a crown like feature atop his head, his body was extremely muscular and his height was greatly increased, energy cackled across his muscular frame and with that he charged forward. Bagan and Super Godzilla ran across barren land, the earth quaked and broke as they closed in on each other and once their fist collided, the earth itself shook, every nation felt it and several Tectonic plates were shattered along with it.

Super Godzilla uppercut Bagan, knocking the beast back, Super Godzilla released a powerful emerald beam of energy one that swirled across the landscape and hit Bagan dead on, sending the Titan crashing. Super Godzilla charged forward and kicked at Bagan, Bagan struck Godzilla cross the face only to receive a tail whip back.

Bagan right hooked Super Godzilla knocking the King down, Bagan then released a Diamond storm that hit Godzilla so hard he was buried under the earth. Godzilla dug out and left hooked Bagan, Bagan swung his head forward and slashed Super Godzilla with his nasal horn, Bagan's horn glowed blue and pretty soon he released a powerful Nasal Beam that knocked Super Godzilla back.

Bagan flung his tail forward and slammed it into Super Godzilla, Super Godzilla punched away at Bagan, barley causing the titan to flinch; Bagan kicked Super Godzilla and knocked him to the dirt, Bagan grabbed the Reborn King by the neck and dug his claws into Godzilla's chest.

Super Godzilla punched Bagan away and fired his Spirit Blast, knocking Bagan backwards; Bagan fired off his Plasma breath, knocking the King Back. the Earth began shattering as the two clashed, Bagan was only slightly stronger when it came to grappling, yet he was still having trouble overpowering the tenacious king.

Super Godzilla tail whipped Bagan, Bagan downcut Super Godzilla plowing him into the ground; Bagan fired off his diamond storm. Godzilla slid across the ground but soon regained his footing. Bagan charged the Super Godzilla only to receive a spirit blast point blank.

Bagan fell to one knee, his skin and muscle were melting as he thought and his regeneration was having trouble repairing the damage.

Super Godzilla charged what remained of his power and released it upon Bagan, Bagan fired of his nasal beam, Bagan was incinerated and soon the blast combined causing the entire planet to explode. Super Godzilla looked at the empty space and decided he knew what to do.


Winner: Super Godzilla

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Match 15. Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs. Gomora vs. Zandolla

United States of America, Washington DC

Zandolla smashed its way through a building headfirst, the power of the blow crumbling the multi thousand ton structure and earning a sadistic roar from the deadly Terro-Beast. Citizens scrambled about, trying in vain to flee to pyramid headed monster, Zandolla let off an unearth shriek and stepped forward in order to crush the fleeing humans. However he was silenced by a louder and much more familiar roar, Zandolla looked up to see a brown tail smash into his skull forcing the heavy titan to stumble aback. Gomora roared in defiance of the vile beast, the sentinel monster was a protector and one of the strongest of Earth’s protectors; however Zandolla had challenged two of its strongest at once and held the upper hand. Gomora peppered the larger beast with powerful punches, attacking his joints and knocking him back with a kick to the stomach. Zandolla backpedaled and wrapped his arms around the brown monster’s horn, lifting the saurian of his footing with enormous strength and with the swing of his arms; Gomora went sailing through the White house.

Gomora erupted from the rubble and with a roar gave charge, ramming his head into Zandolla’s gut, knocking the Terro-Beast backwards and allowing Gomora to knock him through an office building with a vicious swipe from his sturdy tail. However Zandolla remained on his feet, Gomora threw a punch but it was caught in one of Zandolla’s meaty palms, Zandolla twisted backwards, straining the limb and earning a cry of pain. Zandolla’s pipes began to emit large streams of a smoke from his tubs, Gomora screamed once it touched his skin for its touch was molten, his flesh boiled and peeled, allowing Zandolla to use his free arm to bat Gomora’s face and head butt the saurian.

Gomora fell flat on his back, but before Zandolla could reach the saurian, Gomora began digging and disappeared beneath the Earth before Zandolla could even lay a hand on him. Zandolla assumed his foe was retreating, that is until the very Earth collapsed underneath him, forcing him to fall in a gaping hole, covered in dirt. Gomora erupted from the ground above the hole and roared at his downed foe. Zandolla shrieked at the sight and raised his arms, releasing the same steam, though Gomora had learned his reason. Gomora leapt out of the way and landed on top of Zandolla, crushing the pyramid headed monster into the ground below and then leapt off his foe.

Gomora landed and soon his horn began to flash purple, and soon enough he released as stream of erratic pinkish energies, smashing into Zandolla as he rose to his feet. The Terro Beast struggled through his assailant’s strikes and soon enough was hurtled backwards through the Washington memorial, crumbling the structure under his humongous mass. Gomora rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Zandolla’s shoulders, lifting the Terro Beast to his feet and then knocked his wind out with a savage right hook to the belly, before knocking him on his back with a powerful head butt.

Gomora landed atop the Terro-Beast and began beating away at his head, however Zandolla grabbed the Monster Prince’s wrists and with tremendous strength, he overpowered Gomora and threw him into the hole his digging had left. Zandolla grabbed the dazed saurian’s tail and swing him into a row of power lines, the damage taking down rows for atleast a mile, knocking out the city lights, turning the night sky into a ever present shadow. Zandolla rushed forward and kicked Gomora as he struggled to rise, forcing the monstrous protector to his knee and pretty soon the titan was about to stomp on one of Earth’s mightiest; however Gomora was not going to die tonight.

The Earth monster leapt up and smashed his tail into the alien beast’s face, knocking it several meters backwards and allowing Gomora to rise and smash his head into to the pyramid headed adversary. Zandolla than grabbed Gomora by the horns and kneed him in the gut. As the two grappled, neither saw a beast of similar size lurking about. Gomora and Zandolla both turned, recognizing the roar it had emitted. Godzilla roared at them, an older Godzilla who hadn’t been seen in eons.

Gomora knew the beast was similar to the Godzilla he knew yet it was different, not one he had seen in some time. It wasn’t as powerful but was just as difficult a foe all around, the Godzilla he knew had superior durability, firepower, brute strength and regenerative abilities; though this Godzilla has more variety in his abilities, a hotter beam weapon, better melee skills, and faster regeneration, and both were equally experienced in fighting powerful foes. Gomora knew that he has the same chance of besting this opponent as Godzilla, though from what he understood this Godzilla was far more heroic than his brother who was an engine of devastation.

Zandolla knew this beast firsthand; the beast had helped the cosmic hero known as Zone Fighter defeat him on his first arrival, even then he held the upper hand and was confident that he could defeat it without aid.

Gomora rose to his feet and bellowed a challenge at the two and he began to make an immediate rush towards Zandolla, though he was cut off by Godzilla who smashed his fist into the brown saurian’s nose and then finished him off with a skull bash. Gomora tried to punch forward but was surprised to see his blow blocked and within a second’s notice, Godzilla had grabbed his arm and twist it back a bit. Gomora roared in pain at this, allowing Godzilla to punch him in the face until his nose bled and then lifted the monster overhead and threw the monster prince into a row of office buildings.

Godzilla deflected a strike from Zandolla and decked the monster in the belly, earning a cry of pain. Zandolla punched him hard across the face, forcing the beast then backpedal though he was not harmed at all. Zandolla attempted to smash his fists into the new Godzilla, yet his blow was blocked and pretty soon the Terro Beast noticed something off about his old foe. Godzilla was strong enough to actually physically overpower Zandolla outright, pushing him back with the swing of his wrist, and wrapped his hand around the alien’s wrists.

Zandolla fought back but the beast felt like it was made of some sort of metal and soon Zandolla’s struggles in his arms ceased, when a loud crack was heard and the tearing of flesh and tendons excreted a yellow substance from his wrist, earning a shriek of pain. Godzilla pushed the wailing monster to the ground with a light shove and let go of his wrist. Godzilla turned his attention to Gomora who merely watched in horror. While not as strong as the Godzilla he knew, Gomora had no doubt that this beast possessed incredible strength for Zandolla had overpowered even himself, one of Earth’s physically strongest spawn.

Godzilla roared and with opening of his maw, he released forth a stream of yellow atomic breath, something odd to Gomora. The beam struck the saurian in the throat and flayed his flesh, mangling his tendons and excreting a stream of blood. Godzilla ran forward and jumped forward, kicking Gomora in the belly, instantly flooring the slightly smaller beast. Gomora punched away at Godzilla, but his blows did very little to halt the monster’s advance. Godzilla grappled with Gomora and effortlessly overpowered and shoved Gomora to the ground.

Gomora knew this beast was too much for even him, he had to get away and warn his Godzilla. Something told Gomora that this thing was not the older Godzilla; his talons gripped Godzilla’s hide and tore backwards, stripping him of his flesh….easily? And underneath the flesh was not blood or muscle but a solid metal alloy.

This thing grinned when Gomora staggered backwards in terror; Gomora began digging his hands into the dirt, exiting the scene. This was not the older Godzilla? At last not anymore, for he had changed, a good indicator of why he had not been seen in some time, the flesh was real and he could feel that their was life in him, something Gomora was very susceptible to, but at the start of their brief duel he had wondered why the life was faint, suppressed even. He had witnessed it’s incredible power within minutes of meeting it and he was confident, only Godzilla could stop it.

Back on the surface
The Thing turned to Zandolla’s slowly rising form, and with a burst of his atomic breath, knocked Zandolla on his back, lighting his body up like a Christmas tree. “Godzilla” breathed in the scent of his charred tissue and cackled at the thing’s suffering. Zandolla wailed in agony, however Godzilla wouldn’t kill him, instead he extended his claw. Zandolla looked up at his foe with confusion; if he had eyes they would have been widened, after a few moments he grasped it with his good hand and was helped to is feet.

“Godzilla” looked at him, the proposition was wordless. Zandolla craved his freedom from his Garoga masters and with a shriek, he pledged allegiance to whatever masters this thing served. The thing shed its disguise, revealing its eerie emotionless form. Its robotic hide shined like a star at close proximity in the moon light and its yellow eyes where unfeeling and enormously bulbous. Mechagodzilla had returned at he had new life in the form of his dead adversary.

Zandolla recognized the reports on such an entity, a war machine feared throughout the cosmos that his masters feared even with a vast army of Terro Beasts, this thing had challenged the Godzilla who’s skin it had taken and made sure that he usually required help from King Caesar to best, save for a weakened version of the entity who needed help to defeat Godzilla. Only the current Godzilla was a potential threat to his power and with Zandolla and Titanosaurus at his side, his victory was unlikely.

Winner: Zandolla and Mechagodzilla (Showa)
"I learned whence Cthulhu first came, and why half the great temporary stars of history had flared forth."

GodzillaLord wrote:
Birdman wrote:Do you like what you see?.

No. Given that the majority of Godzilla kaiju aren't sentient and are essentially just large animals, that's a little bit messed up. "Shrug", i digress do what you like, but i don't need the information.

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Re: Kaiju Deathmatch

Postby GodzillaFan1990's » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:24 am

Some great matches you got there man. Hopefully they get added to the K.W.C. :D

I especially liked the Titanosaurus vs. Gigan. I like Titano more and was rooting for him but at the same kind actually kind of glad Gigan won (besides Titano has enough wins under his belt). He definitely needs more wins.

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Re: Kaiju Deathmatch

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Match 16: Godzilla (legendary) vs Gomora vs Destoroyah

Written by my twin bro.

Tokyo was in ruins as Destoroyah roared into the air and crushed the head of Super-Mechagodzilla under her foot. The Devil spawned from the Oxygen Destroyer had arrived just a day ago, but she had already reduced Tokyo to a hellish inferno. Destoroyah let out her eerie roar in hopes of finding a challenge...she got an answer. a loud, thunderous and iconic roar echoed through the city as a shape emerged from the smoke. It was a Godzilla but not the same Godzilla Destoroyah had fought with many times before, this one was far older and slightly larger, this was the Godzilla who had fought the M.U.T.O's in San Francisco.

Godzilla roared in challenge at the being who he needed to destroy as her very existence had broken the balance in nature. Godzilla charged the man-made demon. Destoroyah's horn glowed as she slashed open Godzilla's chest with it, creating a deep laceration. Godzilla snarled as he rushed forward and rammed his foe through a building. Godzilla bit into his foe's right shoulder as hard as he could. Fangs crunched through armor plating as Destoroyah could only screech in agony. Destoroyah let out a loud roar as she thrust her claws into the smaller kaiju's gut.

Destoroyah pushed her foe back and then began punching away at his face, only for the alpha predator to respond by firing his atomic ray point blank into her face. he legendary monster watched as Destoroyah backed away and roared as her flesh burnt. The bright blue beam of energy plowed Destoroyah through several buildings before finally she fell to her hands and knees, Godzilla approached Destoroyah and then whipped her across the face with his tail, instantly downing the larger kaiju. Godzilla stomped on the legacy of Dr. Serizawa's neck and then racked his claws across her face several times. Destoroyah screeched as she thrust his horn into Godzilla's gut, causing him to back away in pain.

Destoroyah rose to her feet and stared at Godzilla. The god and the devil roared into the air as the rushed each other and began trading blows, knocking each other back. This continued for several minutes until finally Destoroyah blasted Godzilla in the left shoulder with micro-oxygen which ate away at his skin and muscle tissue aswell as exposing his shoulder blade in the process. Godzilla roared in pain which allowed Destoroyah to rush forward, only for Godzilla to whip her across the face with his tail and headbutt her.

Destoroyah groaned as she fell back in pain which allowed Godzilla to bite into her neck, only for Destoroyah to slash open the ancient kaiju's left side with her claws, forcing him to let go and back away. Destoroyah lunged forward, only for Godzilla to do the same. Both monsters began to push against each other but Godzilla's superior weight on out and he shoved Destoroyah through a building and downed her with a swipe to the face from his tail.

Destoroyah tried to rise up but Godzilla would not allow it!. The Alpha Predator stomped on the being who had fought another Godzilla numerous times before. Godzilla finally let out a roar and began to scorch the downed monster with his atomic ray. The beam of energy burnt through his foes armor and sent her skidding across the ground, leaving a massive trench in her wake.

Godzilla was about to approached his downed foe when he noticed the ground in front of him tarting to crack apart as a large shape burst from the ground. Gomora had arrived here sensing that Destoroyah was here and intended to destroy the abomination.

Gomora turned to face Godzilla but knew this being as not the Godzilla he knew, this one was not an ally of his but rather a member of a rival species from a long passed age. The two ancient enemies roared at each other and rushed forward. Gomora punched Godzilla hard in the gut causing the monster to snarl and bite into Gomora's chest. Godzilla pulled back and tore out a large chunk of flesh causing Gomora to fall back in pain.

Gomora saw the injury on Godzilla's chest and his nasal horn began to glow. Gomora fired the Super Oscillatory Wave from his nasal horn which tore into the gash on Godzilla's chest and sent chunks of flesh flying in all directions. Godzilla snarled as he rushed his foe and racked his claws across his already injured chest causing Gomora to roar in pain.

Godzilla snorted as Gomora punched him hard in the gut and then across the face. Godzilla responded to this by headbutting Gomora and slashing open his right side with his claws. Gomora and Godzilla continued to trad blows as Destoroyah's body broke down in a group of four aggregates which began firing beams of micro oxygen at the two old foes.

The two monsters roared in agony as their flesh began to corrode Gomora turned his head and incinerated two of the Destoroyah aggregates with the Super Oscillatory Wave well the others fled behind a building which Godzilla scorched with his atomic ray, causing him to lose a massive amount of energy. Godzilla collapsed to his hands and knees and began panting heavily.

Gomora quickly downed Godzilla with kick to the head and then approached the blazing inferno were the aggregates once stood only to see a large shape emerge from the fire. Destoroyah lunged at Gomora and slashed open his midsection with her laser horn. Gomora roared in agony as Destoroyah grabbed his left head crest and ripped it clean off. Gomora snarled before he rammed the larger monster through several buildings and then whipped her across the face with his tail. Gomora let out a roar as he stomped on Destoroyah's head several times, caving it in and sending chunks of armor plating flying.

Gomora roared in agony as Destoroyah thrust her claws into his chest and shoved him back as she rose to her feet. Destoroyah grabbed her foe by the neck with the pincer at the end of her tail and took to the air. Godzilla rose to his feet...just in time to see Destoroyah drop Gomora on top of him. Godzilla snarled as both him and Gomora rolled across the ground before finally coming to a stop. Gomora rose to his feet and blasted off Destoroyah's right wing with his Super Oscillatory Wave, causing her to hit the ground hard an allowing Gomora to stomp on her head as hard as he could. Gomora snarled as he prepared another stomp hoping to end this fight once and for all......however Destoroyah had other plans.

Destoroyah rose to her feet and slashed off Gomora's nasal horn with her laser horn before finally she thrust it into his chest. Gomora roared in pain as the glowing horn emerged burnt his insides and forced him to stagger back. Destoroyah uppercut the smaller kaiju and the blasted him point blank in the chest with her Oxygen Destroyer Beam. the attack ate the flesh and muscle tissue ff his chest and reveled his rib cage...which Destoroyah then punched, fracturing two ribs. Gomora punched Destoroyah hard in the face, taking a large portion of her left head crest an causing her to snarl in pain.

Destoroyah and Gomora rushed forward and began trading blows for several minutes until finally both had deep lacerations on their bodies. Gomora panted as he stepped back to regain his composure..however Destoroyah would not allow such a thing. Destoroyah slashed her laser horn through Gomora's chest like it was tissue paper. Gomora punched his foe hard in the gut and tore his claws into her flesh. Gomora pushed Destoroyah through several buildings as his arm tore through her body and emerged from her backside!.

Gomora pulled his arm out and grabbed Destoroyah remaining wing and tore it clean off...only to realize that her wounds were quickly regenerating. Gomora backed away in shock as Destoroyah grew new wings and her other wounds fixed themselves. Destoroyah roared as she impaled Gomora with her laser horn. The laser horn went through Gomora's chest and burst out his back, spilling blood instantly. Gomora roared in pain as Destoroyah fired her Oxygen Destroyer Beam which engulfed both her and Gomora. Gomora agonizing roar was soon droned out by Destoroyah's gleeful screech before stopping completely as purple beam's light faded.

Destoroyah stood in a crater holding the remains of Gomora which was a skeleton held together by some now transparent veins. Destoroyah dropped what remained of the legendary kaiju to the ground and fractured it's skull simply by stepping on it. Destoroyah screeched with glee, completely unaware of the beast who ha just risen to his feet and was now approaching her from behind. Godzilla unleashed his atomic heat ray and burnt through Destoroyah's wings as she spun around to face him. Godzilla began putting all the energy he had left into his atomic ray well Destoroyah fired her Oxygen Destroyer Beam.

Both blasts of energy slammed into each other and tore through the combatants. Destoroyah let out a screech as a shock wave of energy engulfed her and Godzilla. the blue and purple energy tore through anything with in it's reach before finally it erupted into a massive mushroom cloud. There was at first only silence.but then an iconic roar echoed from the darkness as Godzilla emerged from the smoke and looked around at his surroundings, knowing it would take a while for Destoroyah to regenerate if his experiences with Shinomura had taught him anything.

Godzilla let out a victorious roar which went on for miles. despite his victory Godzilla as badly injured with parts of his skeleton and his skull visible. Godzilla snorted as he headed to Tokyo bay and dove into the waters with the intent of finding a place to heal his injuries in peace.

Winner: Godzilla (Legendary)

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Match 17: Red King vs Silvergon vs Earthtron vs Monster X

Written by my twin.

Monster X snarled as he levitated on to the beach of of Monster Island as his masters had sent him to destroy it so the earth monsters would not interfere with their plans. The half Ghidorah let out a low growl which was awnserd by several loud roars. Red King, Earthtron and Silvergon burst from the forest all having heard the call and all of them wanted a challenge.

Red King screeched as he rushed Monster X and punched him hard in the face, knocking the alien back. Monster X snarled as Earthtron fired his Magma Beam point blank into the monster's face, scorching it badly and causing the alien to respond by kicking the underground beast hard in the chest. Earthtron backhanded X across the face. Red King Rammed both Monster X and Earthtron, knocking them to the ground as Silvergon thrust his horns into Red King's right side causing the brute to screech in agony.

Re King spun around and began grappling with Silvergon as Monster X rose to his feet and fired his Gravity Beams at them The yellow beams of energy failed to hurt Silvergon yet tore through Red King's flesh causing him to screech in agony and allowing Silvergon to punch him hard in the face, downing him instantly. Earthtron stood up and rammed Monster X. All four kaiju stepped back and then rushed each other.

the four combatants slammed into each other and then began trading blows however Red King shoved the others back. Red King screeched as he grabbed Monster X by the neck and threw him into Earthtron and Silvergon, downing all three monsters. Monster X rose to his feet and rushed Red King. Red King and Monster X began trading blows however Monster X placed more blows due to his faster speed and finally sent the goliath flying back with a series of Gravity Beams. Monster X snarled as Earthtron rose to his feet an rushed him.

Monster X grabbed Earthtron by the head and threw him into several tee's, his mass crushing them underneath him as Monster X tore through the monster's flesh with his gravity beams. Silvergon got up and rushed Monster X. Monster X roared in pain as Silvergon thrust his horns into the aliens backside and then dragged them down. Monster X spun around and began punching away at Silvergon's face with such seed that he had no time to react. Red King charged forward and headbutt Monster X in the side, sending the alien skidding back and allowing Red King to punch him hard in the gut and then across the face.

Monster X and Red King began trading blows once more as Silvergon and Earthtron did the same however Earthtron found himself greatly outmatched in strength and as such fired his Magma Beam point blank in Silvergon's face but it failed to even make him flinch. Silvergon grabbed Earthtron by the neck and bit into his left wrist.

Earthtron screeched in agony as Silvergon's fangs punctured his flesh and crunched through his bones. A loud crunch echoed through he air and Earthtron roared in agony only for his larger foe to sock him in the face several times before finally throwing him to the ground.

Silvergon slammed his tail into Earthtron's chest as hard as he could well the subterranean monster was trying to stand up, instantly cracking all the ribs on his right side and even fracturing some on the left. Earthtron screeched in pain, only for Silvergon to shut him up by stomping on his injured wrist causing another loud crunch to echo through the air. Silvergon grabbed his foe by the head and then kneed him in the neck, causing Earthtron to roar in agony. Silvergon lifted the monster off it's feet and then bit into Earthtron's right shoulder, crunching through his shoulder blade instantly.

Earthtron roared in agony as Silvergon pulled his head back and tore his shoulder clean off, leaving his arm dangling by a few strips of skin and some veins. Earthtron roared in agony as Silvergon slashed open his gut and shoved his fist into the wound. Silvergon's am tore through the monsters body until finally it severed the beast's left lung. Earthtron groaned as Silvergon pulled out his hand and the dug his claws into the monsters throat before pulling back, tearing out Earthtron's throat.

Earthtron gurgled as he hit the ground and then went limp. Red King kicked Monster X hard in the chest and then punched him hard in the gut. Monster X fired more Gravity Beams which tore through Red King's body and caused him to crumble to his hands and knees. Monster X snarled as he downed Red King with a kick to the skull. Silvergon turned to face Monster X and rushed the alien who simply fired his gravity beams which sparked against Silvergon's armor plating as he kept up his charge and thrust his horns into the monster's chest, drawing blood instantly. Monster X fired more gravity beams and kept it up until it noticed Silvergon was simply shrugging them off.

Silvergon cried out in pain as Monster X slashed open his left eye. Monster X noticed the gaps in between Silvergon's armor and fired at them with his gravity beams, drawing blood instantly. Silvergon screeched in pain as Monster X grabbed both his horns and tore them clean off before finally he dug his claws into the exposed flesh and tore underneath the armor plating, shearing several strips of it off the beast's chest, causing Silvergon to screech in pain. Monster X grabbed one of Silvergon's severed horns and thrust it into some of the exposed flesh on the left side of Silvergon''s neck. Monster X drove the horn through the creatures neck until finally it burst from the right side.

Monster X watched with glee as his foe fell limply to the ground however Red King rose to hid feet and before X could even react he punched him in the back of the head. Monster X howled in pain, but the worse as yet to come. Red King gabbed Monster X's head with both hands and twisted it to the right snapping the alien's neck!. Red King watched as he dropped his now dead foe to the ground. Red King roared in victory before stomping back into the jungle in search of more

The Xillen Leader watched the scene unfold from his ship as his jaw dropped. The man-child crossed his arms and shouted "WHY CAN WE NOT CONQUER THIS SIMPLE PLANET!!!!!!"...

Winner: Red King

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Match 18. Godzilla (Heisei) vs Nemesis

Wriiten by my twin bro.

A large shape burst from the ocean and crawled on to dry land. Godzilla let out a mighty roar as he stomped onto the shoreline. Maser Tanks rolled into view and opened fire on the King of The Monsters but failed to even make him flinch. Godzilla roared in annoyance and obliterated the tanks with his atomic ray. Godzilla crashed through the city and leveled buildings with his atomic ray. Godzilla was about to resume his destruction when suddenly he notice another large creature burst from Tokyo Bay. Nemesis emerged from the waters and rushed through several buildings before finally leaping into the air and landing in a clearing just in font of Godzilla.

Godzilla snarled before letting out his thunderous and iconic roar which was soon met with Nemesis's own roar. Nemesis lunged forward and punched Godzilla hard in the face, forcing him to stagger back and allowing Nemesis to kick him hard in the gut, flooring the king of the monsters. Nemesis looked at the downed monster with hate fo she had arrived he to fight this monster as she could sense the human's hatred towards him and it was her duty to exact vengeance. Godzilla's dorsal fins glowed with blue light as he fired his atomic ray which plowed Nemesis through several buildings and allowed Godzilla to rise to his feet.

Godzilla watched as Nemesis stood up. Both monsters rushed forward and began clawing and biting at each other before finally they got into a grappling match. Godzilla used his superior strength to shove Nemesis back however Nemesis responded by biting into the King o The Monster's left wrist, drawing blood. Godzilla punched Nemesis several times in the head until she let go. Godzilla and Nemesis began trading blows for several minutes, knocking each other back with each blow. this continued for several minutes until finally Godzilla let of a nuclear pulse which sent Nemesis flying though several buildings.

The Goddess of Vengeance rose to her feet and looked at the King of The Monsters. Godzilla blasted open Nemesis's left shoulder with his atomic ray causing he blood to detonate and combine with the power of Godzilla's atomic ray, creating a massive explosion which engulfed both monsters and then tore through a good chunk of the city. hen the smoke cleared there was a massive crater and both kaiju quickly rose from the debris. Godzilla fired his atomic Ray which tore through Nemesis's thick hide and sent chunks of flesh and armor plating flying aswell as causing ore of her blood to detonate and destroy some more buildings. Both kaiju rushed forward and began clawing at each other.

Godzilla punched Nemesis hard in the face only for her to slash open his chest and the punch him hard in the jaw, dislocating his lower jaw. Godzilla snarled as his lower jaw snapped back into place thanks to his regeneration. Godzilla's wounds were starting to heal, much to Nemesis's surprise which allowed Godzilla to head butt her and then punch her in the neck. Godzilla lunged forward and headbutt Nemesis causing her to staggered back however she quickly recovered and punched Godzilla hard in the face, forcing him to stagger back.

Nemesis slashed open Godzilla's chest with her spiked tail and then kneed him in the gut, her knee spikes quickly toe into his hide and drew blood. Godzilla staggered back in pain which allowed Nemesis to gab him by the neck and throw him over her shoulder. Godzilla slammed through several buildings and quickly tried to rise, only for Nemesis to emerge from the smoke and kick him had in the neck, downing him instantly. Nemesis brought both her fists down on Godzilla's head, smashing him face first into the debris.

Godzilla snarled as he whipped Nemesis across the face with his tail, forcing her back and allowing Godzilla to stand up. Godzilla lunged forward and began punching away at her face, neck, chest and gut for several minutes until he armor plating began to crack and splinter. Godzilla snarled as he grabbed Nemesis by the throat and threw her though several buildings and through the ground causing her to smash into an underground subway station. Godzilla approached Nemesis as she rose to her feet.

Both Kaiju got into a shoving match which was soon ended when Godzilla used his superior strength to shove he through several buildings and hen finally downed her with a punch to the face. Nemesis rose up and thrust her claws into Godzilla's chest just as he as about to fire his atomic ray, causing Godzilla to tilt his head upward in pain and for his beam to hit nothing and shoot of into the skyline. Nemesis snared as she grabbed by the waist and threw him through several buildings. Godzilla tried to rise up but Nemesis quickly grabbed him by the head and smashed him face first into the dirt.

Nemesis bit into Godzilla's left shoulder and tore out a large chunk of flesh. Nemesis stomped on the King of The Monsters right hand and broke several of his fingers. Nemesis grabbed Godzilla by the tail and threw him through Tokyo Tower, causing the structure to completely collapse on top of him. Nemesis approached the downed king and stomped on his skull. Nemesis bared her fangs as she kicked Godzilla in the head before roaring in sadistic glee.

Godzilla rose to his feet and shoved Nemesis back before plowing her through several buildings with his atomic ray. Godzilla grabbed Nemesis by the neck and smashed he face first into the ground before stomping on her neck. Nemesis tried to rise to he feet but Godzilla grabbed her by the tail and threw her away. Nemesis smashed face first into a building and continued to roll across the ground, creating a massive trench in her wake. Godzilla approached Nemesis as she rose to he feet and quickly dislocated her lower jaw with a punch before he finally slashed open her chest, causing her explosive blood to detonate and engulf both of them but this failed to stop Godzilla as fired his atomic ray which plowed her through several buildings and detonated her own blood.

Nemesis stood up and looked at the sun, much to Godzilla's confusion. Nemesis, armor plating began to open up and break off as white angelic wings emerged from her back, surprising Godzilla. Nemesis fired her divine judgment which quickly tore though the city of Tokyo aswell as Godzilla's own flesh. A massive explosion erupted from the heart of Tokyo and engulfed a good chunk of it.

Nemesis panted as she stood at the edge of a massive crater which used to be most of Tokyo. Nemesis roared in victory until suddenly a large shape bust from from the debris. Godzilla snarled as his dorsal fins began to glow...red?. Godzilla fired his Spiral Fire Ray which tore through Nemesis's chest and burst from her back, effectively blasting a hole through her body. Nemesis's eyes widened in both shock and or the first time in her life.....fear.

Nemesis oared in pain as Godzilla fired another blast of his spiral Fire Ray which blasted of he right arm. Godzilla snarled as he fired another blast, straight through Nemesis's left ankle, severing her foot. Nemesis lost her balance and fell to the ground which allowed Godzilla to grab her by the hand and drag her into the crater. Godzilla snarled as he grabbed the downed Nemesis by the head and with great strength, crushed the powerful kaiju's head, causing it to explode like a watermelon.

Nemesis's headless corpse fell to the ground as Godzilla roared in victory. The King had proven today that not even a Goddess could best him, for he too was a god.

Winner: Godzilla (Heisei)

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Match 19: Match 7: Frankenstein (Toho) vs Knifehead

Match made by my twin brother.

Knifehead walked out of Tokyo Bay and tore though an Anti-Kaiju wall as The military opened fire with maser tanks on the creature but it did little to damage the kaiju's armor plating as Knifehead crushed the maser tanks and humans underfoot before bending down and devouring a group of human's who tried to run away. Knifehead had been sent by his masters to destroy this city and he would do just that. The blade headed kaiju as about to attack when he head a thunderous scream.

Knifehead spun around and snarled at the being before him. it was a unnaturally tall human who was about sixty four meters in height. Frankenstein screeched as he beat his chest and stared at the being with hate. Frankenstein cared much about the human race and he could tell that this strange kaiju meant to harm the beings he cared for. Frankenstein took a fighting stance as he rushed the much lager kaiju and rammed him, knocking Knifehead back. Knifehead brought his bladed head down and sliced clean though Frankenstein's right shoulder, severing his am in the process.

Knifehead backed away in surprise as Frankenstein screeched in pain yet punched him hard in the face regardless well he....grew a new arm. Frankenstein watched as Knifehead blinked in surprise at what he just saw which allowed Frankenstein to clench his new hand into a fist and punch Knifehead hard in the face only for Knifehead to backhand him across the face and send him flying through two buildings. Frankenstein rose to his feet but Knifehead shoved him back with all four of his arms and then thrust his blade into the legendary monster's left shoulder, only for it to heal.

Knifehead roared in frustration before he thrust all his claws into his foes chest and stomach before pinning him to the ground. Knifehead tried to bite into Frankenstein's skull but the legendary monster grabbed a nearby tree and shoved it down the alien kaiju's throat causing it to gag which allowed Frankenstein to kick his foe hard in the gut, forcing him off and allowing Frankenstein to rise to his feet and and begin punching away at Knifehead's face, chest and gut, causing him to stumble back until the two o them were out of the city and on the shoreline.

Frankenstein grabbed Knifehead by the head and threw the much large kaiju over his shoulder. Knifehead rose to his feet and rushed his foe. Knifehead thrust forward and slashed open Frankenstein's chest, spilling blood across the ground. Frankenstein screeched in pain as Knifehead bit into his let wrist and threw him through several buildings with nothing but his strong neck muscles. Frankenstein rose to his feet only or Knifehead to punch away at his face and chest with all his arms until finally he stopped and downed Frankenstein by whipping him across the face with his tail.

Frankenstein groaned as tried to stand up, only for Knifehead to stomp on his chest and slash it open with his claws. Frankenstein screamed in pain before socking Knifehead in in the face and then kicking him off. Frankenstein rose to his feet and rammed Knifehead well wrapping his arms around the monsters head. Frankenstein shoved his foe back only for Knifehead to lunge forward and ram the giant human through three buildings. Knifehead bit into Frankenstein's chest and tore of a large chunk of flesh and fur cloth.

Knifehead gabbed Frankenstein by the head and kicked him hard in the gut before finally he bit into the giant man's right shoulder and tore it clean off, only for the wounds the regenerate and for Frankenstein to grab Knifehead's blade and tear it clean off, causing Knifehead to screech in agony. Frankenstein thrust the organic blade into Knifehead's gut and plowed it through his body until finally it burst from his back, spilling blue blood everywhere and allowing Frankenstein to punch Knifehead as hard as he could in the face, sending the large kaiju tumbling through the city until finally he rolled into the bay.

Knifehead burst from the waters just in time to see Frankenstein rush him. Frankenstein punched Knifehead hard in the neck, instantly breaking the already dying monster's neck and paralyzing him. Frankenstein watched as Knifehead fell back into the water and sank into the depths. Frankenstein roared in victory as he turned away and headed back to the mountains wee he lived.

Winner: Frankenstein

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Match 20. Raiga vs Gfantis

Posted by my twin brother.

Raiga trudged through the destroyed and flooded city of Tokyo which she had claimed as her territory. As she trudged through the waters well lightning from the storm clouds above struck her frame and cackled across it she noticed a large creature standing on the other side of the city glaring at her. Gfantis roared in fury at Raiga and rushed her, only or Raiga to fire a lightning bolt from her mouth which tore through Gfantis's left side.

Gfantis staggered back in pain as he glared at his foe with hate. He had come here to best Raiga in combat and claim her territory as his own. Raiga roared as she lunged forward and slashed open Gfantis's already injured side causing him to roar in pain as his crest glowed and fired his solar radiation ray which tore through Raiga's hide, sending scales lying everywhere. Gfantis rushed forward and rammed Raiga through several buildings. Raiga punched Gfantis hard in the face, only for him to do the same. Gfantis and Ragia slammed into each other.

Gfantis and Raiga began trading blows for several minutes until finally Raiga uppercut her foe, splitting his lip. Raiga headbutt her foe, sending him crashing through a building. Raiga approached Gfantis only for him to trip her feet from underneath her with his tail, sending Raiga crashing into the ground and allowing Gfantis to stand up. Gfantis snarled as he fired a solar beam from his mouth which stuck the downed Raiga several times until finally she launched a lightning orb from her hand which stuck Gfantis and exploded in a massive blast of electricity.

Raiga stood up as Gfantis fell to is hands and knees which allowed Raiga to grab him by the head and hurl him through several buildings before commanding several bolts of lightning to strike his body. The Giantess roared as Gfantis screeched in pain. Gfantis rose to his feet and stared at the larger monster with hate. Gfantis lunged forward and punched Raiga in between the eyes, causing her to collapse on a building. Gfantis fired several solar beams from his crest which ore through Raiga's hide as he reproached the downed monster.

Gfantis snarled as he grabbed Raiga by the neck and threw her face first into the ground. Raiga quickly rose to her feet and punched Gfantis across the face. Gfantis staggered back as Raiga punched him hard in the chest, fracturing several ribs on the left side. Raiga thrust her claws into Gfantis's gut and tore open his already torn up left side. Raiga lunged forward and bit down on her foes chest before pulling back and tearing of a large chunk of scales, flesh and muscle tissue. Raiga channeled electricity into the orbs on her hands and fired it out in a massive blast of electricity which tore through Gfantis's scales and forced him to kneel over which allowed Raiga to grab him by the horns and throw him into Tokyo Bay.

Raiga dove into the waters and rammed a surprised Gfantis through several abandoned boats and docks. Raiga grabbed Gfantis and dove under the water with him well commanding powerful lighting bolts to tear through his body. Gfantis roared in pain before he fired a solar beam from his mouth which scorched the right side of Raiga's forcing the sea monster to let go and roar in pain which allowed Gfantis to ram her into the ocean floor and bite into her left shoulder. blood stained the water as Raiga screeched in pain well she thrust her claws into Gfantis's gut.

Both Monsters began grappling for several minutes until finally Raiga uppercut the legendary kaiju forcing him to let go of her shoulder which allowed Raiga to lunge forward and bite into his left wrist as hard as she could, instantly severing his hand. No longer able hold his breath and in pain Gfantis kicked Raiga in the ace, forcing her back and allowing Gfantis to swim to shore. Gfantis panted wildly as Raiga rose from the waters and commanded millions of lightning bolts to strike Gfantis well she fired her Electrical Beam from her mouth. Gfantis fired a solar ray from his crest.

The attacks collided and a large explosion of energy tore through Gfantis as all the energy was forced at him from the power of Raiga's attack. A massive ball of electricity surged though the city and leveled several buildings. Raiga snarled as she stared at the charred corpse of Gfantis. Gfantis's skin was now coal black though most of his now gray and dried up bones were visible and electricity still cackled across his limp form. Raiga roared in victory as she kicked Gfantis's charred head, which crumbled to dust from the blow.

Raiga roared once more as lighting rained down on Tokyo, the city was now her undistributed territory.

Winner: Raiga

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Match 21: Wargilgar and Spyler vs Mutavore and Scunner vs Cyber-Zilla and Cryptocledius

Posted by my twin brother.

Three duos of monsters stood in the middle of San Francisco. Cyber-Zilla and a Cryptocledius were here because their masters the Tachyons sent them here however they found Wargilgar and Spyler, servants of the Garoga empire and Mutavore Scunner who were creations of the Precursors. All the monsters had been sent to destroy this city by their respective masters however all the aliens saw each other as threats and had just ordered the kaiju to destroy each other.

Cyber-Zilla let out a loud roar as he rushed forward and slammed Mutavore through several buildings well Spyler rushed the Cryptocledius who responded by slashing open his let side. Wargilgar screeched as he breathed fire which scorched Scunner's flesh and caused the larger kaiju to roar in agony which allowed Wargilgar to punch his foe hard in the face, only for Scunner To thrust his horns into Wargilgar's chest. Spyler grabbed the Cryptocledius right wrist with his crab like claw and then proceeded to squeeze until it's claw began to tear through flesh.

The Cryptocledius screeched as it bit into Spyler's left wrist and began thrashing it's head back and forth as it shoved it's foe into the water, giving the aquatic monster the edge as Spyler was forced to let go from the pain which allowed the Cryptocledius to headbutt it's foe and then tear open i's already injured side with it's claws. Wargilgar screeched in agony as he backed up and looked at his new wounds which allowed Scunner to punch the smaller alien hard in the face, instantly downing him.

Cyber-Zilla blasted Mutavore with his atomic breath causing her to stagger back and allowing Cyber-Zilla to rush her, however Mutavore quickly regained her footing and slashed open Cyber-Zilla's midsection, drawing blood instantly. Cyber-Zilla rushed forward and tore open Mutavore's left side which caused her to screech in pain and slash open her foes cybernetic arm, Cyber-Zilla roared in fury as he bit into the aliens chest and tore out a large chunk o muscle tissue, spilling blue blood everywhere in the process of doing so.

Cyber- Zilla fired several rockets from his dorsal fins which exploded against Mutavore's hide and sent chunks o her flesh flying everywhere. Mutavore roared as Wargilgar stood up and grabbed Scunner by he neck before sinning him around and then throwing him at Mutavore, downing both monsters and allowing Wargilgar to torch both of them with his flames causing both alien monsters to screech in pain well Cyber-Zilla began grappling with Wargilgar until finally the monster headbutt Cyber-Zilla and punched him had in the face.

Mutavore rose to her feet and rammed Wargilgar through several buildings until finally he kicked her hard in the gut and downed her with a punch. Scunner grabbed Cyber-Zilla by the head and threw him to the ground only for Cyber-Zilla to rise to his feet and fire his atomic breath point blank into his foes face, scorching it badly and allowing him to tackle Scunner to the ground and begin punching away at the category 4's face. The Cryptocledius snarled as it bit into Spyler's chest and rammed him though underside f the Golden Gate Bridge, causing the structure to collapse on both of them but they continued their fight regardless.

Spyler tried fighting back but underwater was not his domain and the Cryptocledius was just too fast for him. The Cryptocledius swam by Spyler well slashing open his backside. Spyler sun around as the Cryptocledius rushed him again however this time Spyler clamped his claws around the creatures neck and distracted it with a bright flash of light as he dragged it to the shoreline and threw it into Cyber-Zilla, knocking both of the Tachyon invaders to ground. Spyler screeched as he grabbed Cyber-Zilla by the throat an threw him through several buildings well Scunner rose to his feet and slashed open Spyler's backside with his horns before flooring him with a punch to the back of the head.

Mutavore rose to he feet and rushed Wargilgar as he stomped towards Scunner. Mutavore bit into Wargilgar's left shoulder well raking all of her claws across the monster's backside, spilling blood as Wargilgar screeched in pain but was soon stopped when Mutavore thrust the blades on he extra smaller arms into the Terro-Beast's back. Wargilgar back kicked Mutavore hard in the shin, sending he stumbling back and allowing Wargilgar to turn around and scorch the large kaiju with his flame breath.

Wargilgar watched as his foe staggered back in pain which allowed him to extend the double barrel cannon stored in his mouth and fire a blast which tore though Mutavore's armor plating and flesh. Wargilgar clicked his mandibles together before finally letting of a blast of fire which tore through Mutavore's exposed flesh and bunt her insides. Mutavore screeched in pain as fire burst from her backside, shoulders, chest, mouth and eyes. The Terro-Beast screeched in victory as Mutavore's burnt corpse hit the ground hard and set several buildings on fire.

Scunner tore bit into Spyler's neck and rammed him through several buildings before finally slashing open the monsters injure backside with his claws. The Terro Beast could only screech in pain as Scunner let go of it's neck and bit into it's backside before pulling back and tearing out a large chunk of flesh. Wargilgar saw what was happening to his comrade and rushed to Spyler's aid only for the Cryptocledius to ram into him and then slash open his chest with it's claws forcing Wargilgar to spew his flame breath and scorch the ancient kaiju's flesh as it screeched in pain before finally biting into Wargilgar's knee and tearing of a large chunk f flesh as welll as exoskeleton fragments which it's fangs easily crunched right through.

Scunner roared in agony as Cyber- Zilla rose to his feet and bit down on the breach monster's left wrist as hard as he could, causing a loud crunch to echo through the air as Cyber-Zilla pulled back and tore out a large chunk of the monsters wrist, leaving only half of the bone inside intact. Scunner Roared in pain as Cyber-Zilla blasted of his left horn with it's missiles and then fired his atomic breath point blank into the kaiju's flesh, tearing though it's exoskeleton and burning it's ribs. Scunner fell back in pain as Cyber-Zilla kicked it's exposed ribs and instantly shattered them. Cyber-Zilla pressed the edge and easily tore of Scunner's lower jaw, sending blue blood spraying across buildings.

Cyber-Zilla fired is atomic breath at Scunner's ace and obliterated what as left of his head. Cyber-Zilla spun around just in time to see it's comrade the Cryptocledius screech in pain as Wargilgar slashed open it's chest and then lift it of the ground by the neck and spew flames down it's throat, causing fire to burst from it's throat, backside, stomach and right side. The Fire continued to spread through them monster's body until finally all that remained was a charred skeleton with fragments of burnt flesh still attached to it.

Cyber-Zilla roared as he lunged at Wargilgar who simply backhanded the monster across the face as he dropped the Cryptocledius's corpse to the ground and helped his partner Spyler to his feet....only for Cyber-Zilla to lunge forward and bite onto the upper half of Spyler's head, sheering it of in the process. Spyler's partially headless corpse hit the ground hard much to his partner...no his friend's horror!. Wargilgar clamped his claws and beat them over Cyber-Zilla's head with rage.

Cyber-Zilla snarled as Wargilgar headbutt the cyborg and then slashed open his chest, leaving a gash on the metal and allowing Wargilgar to fire his flames at the cybernetic beast. The flames tore through Cyber 'Zilla's flesh and even began to melt the metal. Wargilgar slashed open the wounded monster's neck and spew flames into the injury, causing the monster to let out one last oar of agony as it's body burst into flames and it's dorsal fins shattered. Wargilgar drove his pincers through Cyber' Zilla's chest and went right though the device keeping him alive. Cyber-Zilla's charred body hit the ground dead but that did not stop Wargilgar as he continued to spew his flames until a good chunk of the city as engulfed in fire and what remained of Cyber-Zilla was seemingly incinerated.

Wargilgar screeched into the air as buildings crumbled o ash from the heat and all the combatants corpses wee engulfed b flames safe or Spyler's who as dagged away by Wargilgar. Wargilgar let out one last screech as he cradle his dead friends corpse, knowing that he had avenged his old friend and that Spyler could finally rest in peace after years of burning worlds to the ground and battling. Wargilgar walked out of the burning city with his friends corpse and waited on the shoreline for his masters to return...

Winner: Wargilgar

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Match 22: Godzilla (Heisei) vs Slattern, Scunner, Raiju, Otachi and Leatherback

Wriiten by my twin

Godzilla swam through the pacific ocean well chewing on the remains of a whale when he suddenly noticed a large glowing abyss at the bottom of the sea. This place was known as the breach and the creators of this breach known as the Precursors were not exactly pleased that Godzilla was here for he had killed numerous numbers of their kaiju in the past just like he did any invader which lead to the Precursors to fear him...however today as not one of those days for the had created a kaiju specifically designed to destroy the King of the Monsters.

Slattern, the Precursors super weapon crawled out of the Breach, followed by Scunner, Raiju, Otachi and Leatherback. All o the breach kaiju oared at the king of the monsters who simply bare his fangs and swam towards them. Godzilla rammed Leatherback and shoved Otachi back as he whipped Scunner across face with his tail an sent him slamming into Raiju. Slattern roared as he lunged forward and bit into Godzilla's chest, causing the king of the monsters to roar in agony before finally he punched Slattern in the jaw and forced him back well Godzilla's injury instantly healed.

Raiju lunged forward however Godzilla grabbed him by the head and smashed him face first into the sea floor as he punched Otachi across the face and then garbed her by the tail. Godzilla spun around and smashed Otachi into Leatherback who was about to lunge forward. Godzilla questioned why these monsters were even trying to fight him despite being surprisingly weak but no matter the challenged him to a fight and he would end this fight. Leatherback lunged forward and rammed Godzilla as Slattern tackle the smaller kaiju to the ground.

Slattern began punching away at Godzilla's face until the king of kaiju slashed open his left side with his claws, staining the water with blue blood as Godzilla bit into Slattern's left shoulder. Godzilla pulled his head back and tore o a large chunk of flesh before firing his atomic ray. the blue blast o energy utterly decimated Slattern's right side and burnt of a good chunk of the category 5's face. Slattern backed away as Godzilla rose to his feet and bared his fangs at the horrified kaiju. Godzilla swam towards Slattern but was rammed by Scunner and Raiju.

Scunner, Raiju, Otachi and Leatherback began slashing open Godzilla's flesh with their claws until finally Godzilla headbutt his Leatherback and backhanded Otachi across the face only for her to grab him by the face with the "hand" at the end of he tail and sink her claws into his skull. Godzilla slashed open Otachi's tail and then grabbed her by the let arm. Godzilla threw Otachi and Leatherback, slamming the to siblings though several undersea rocks. Godzilla grabbed Raiju and lifted the larger monster of the ground and then shoved him into Scunner, knocking both monsters over.

Scunner rose to his feet and rushed Godzilla who simply grabbed his left horn and yanked it clean off before using it to stab Raiju in the gut, drawing blue blood. Raiju backed away and opened the armor plating around his face well extending his neck forward in attempt to intimidate Godzilla, however it failed and the King of The Monsters slashed open his chest with his claws before ramming him through a coral reef. Godzilla gabbed the monsters exposed face and slashed open it's left eye, drawing blood. Godzilla bit down on Raiju's left wrist, shearing his hand clean off. Raiju ell back in pain which allowed Godzilla to obliterate him with his atomic ray, sending chunks of burnt flesh and exoskeleton fragments flying everywhere before finally sinking to the depths.

Scunner swam at Godzilla but the king of the monsters turned around and rammed him well slicing of his upper left arm with his dorsal fins. Godzilla watched as Scunner oared in pain and began punching away at Godzilla with his three remaining arms, only for Godzilla to snarl and then thrust his claws into the larger kaiju's gut spilling blue blood as Godzilla pulled upward, his claws slicing through Scunner's flesh, bone and armor like it was tissue pape. Scunner had no time to screech as Godzilla bit into the upper half of his skull and yanked it off with a tug, killing the kaiju instantly.

Scunner 's corpse drifted away as Leatherback rushed Godzilla, only for the monster king to turn around and punch him had in the face, breaking his lower jaw and allowing Godzilla to incinerate his head with his atomic ray. Otachi spat acid at Godzilla. The acid burnt Godzilla's right shoulder but did little to deter him as he swam upward and sliced open Otachi's chest and stomach with his dorsal fins spilling her organs and the baby kaiju in side which Godzilla grabbed and crushed, ending the young lings life before it could go up and threaten the world like it's mother.

Godzilla turned around to see Slattern rush him and and thrust his sharp tails into Godzilla's chest however Godzilla simply snarled and headbutt his foe who in response raked his claws across Godzilla's flesh. Slattern snarled as he lunged forward and rammed Godzilla through several coral reefs before finally grabbing the King of The Monsters by the face and slamming him face first into the sea floor several times until finally Godzilla let of a nuclear Pulse which tore through Slattern's body and forced him back ell all of Godzilla's injuries healed as he rose up and swam towards Slattern at high speeds.

Godzilla's dorsal fins tore through Slattern's underbelly causing him roar in pain as well as allow Godzilla to grab him by the throat and sim to the surface. Godzilla held Slattern by the neck as he burst from the waves and thrust his claws into the monsters already slice open stomach, severing several vital alien organs in the process as Godzilla finally finished the strongest of the breacher's kaiju by firing his atomic ray don the beast's throat, causing it' body to burst into flames and sink into the ocean depths well it's neck was reduced to ash.

Godzilla roared into the air as he tossed away Slattern's severed head and dove underwater with the intent of seeing what that glowing trench was.

Winner: Godzilla (Heisei)

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Match 23: Zone Fighter vs Gyaos (Heisei) vs Rodan (Heisei/Fire Rodan)

Made by my twin brother.

Citizens fled as two monsters landed in New York just a few meters away from each other. Gyaos screeched at Fire Rodan who responded with a screech of her own. The two kaiju flew forward at high speeds and collided. Rodan slashed at the Gyaos with her talons causing it to screech in pain and fire it's sonic cutter which grazed her let side, drawing blood. Rodan fell back in pain which allowed the Gyaos to kick her across the face, sending her plummeting through the air and crashing into a building head first.

The Gyaos as about to continue it noticed a man standing on a rooftop. before the Gyaos could devour him there was a flash of light which caused the Gyaos to shield it's eyes with it's left wing until the light dimmed down. Gyaos looked up in shock to see the man was gone and a large humanoid figure standing in front of it. Zone Fighter struck a posse and then thrust his arms forward as gauntlets suddenly appeared around his forearms and launched the Meteor Missile Might. Gyaos screeched as the missiles detonated and sent the Gyaos falling flat on it's back.

Zone Fighter watched as the creature quickly rose to it's eat, only for Fire Rodan to blast it away with her Uranium Heat Beam. Fire Rodan screeched as she flew forward and rammed Zone Fighter through several buildings. Zone Fighter grabbed Rodan by the horns as the flew through several buildings and smashed her face first into the concrete.

Zone Fighter put his hands the green gem on his forehead and fired his Meteor Proton Beam from it. Rodan stood up and flew into the air, causing the green beam of energy to obliterate several buildings. Zone Fighter watched in horror as his on attack cost many human lives, Rodan would pay. Zone Fighter spun around just in time to see Rodan fire her Uranium Heat Beam at him. The blast of purple energy struck Zone Fighter head on and plowed him through several buildings. Zone Fighter rolled to his feet just as the Gyaos stood up and fired it's sonic Cutter. The yellow beam of energy slashed open Zone Fighter's chest, drawing blood instantly.

Zone Fighter leapt into the air and drop kicked Gyaos causing it to screech in pain and allowing Zone Fighter to grab it by the neck and throw it into Rodan who was about to dive bomb him. Both winged monsters rolled across the ground before coming to a stop as Zone Fighter fired his Meteor Missile Might at the two downed kaiju causing a massive explosion which burnt off chunks of their flesh, something man-made missiles could never do. The alien hero tackled Rodan to the ground as she rose to her feet and began punching away at her face until several of her teeth cracked. Zone Fighter grabbed Rodan by the head and kneed her in the gut. Zone Fighter slammed Rodan head first into the ground, deciding to do humanity a favor and finish the legendary kaiju off once and for all!.

The Gyaos rose to it's feet and bit into Zone Fighter's left hand, drawing blood instantly and causing the hero to cry out in pain aswell as allowing Rodan to thrust her beak into Zone Fighter's chest, causing blood to spray across the streets. Rodan Fired her uranium beam and sent both Zone Fighter and the Gyaos flying through a building, sending debris flying every were. Zone Fighter rose to his feet and rushed Rodan as she flew at him before he himself took flight. Zone Fighter fired his Meteor Missile Might mid air, striking Rodan head on and sending her crashing through several buildings, leveling each one.

Zone Fighter could feel his energy draining from the damage he had taken which was evident by the fact that his energy capsule was now glowing red which meant he had to finish this fight quick!. Zone Fighter began panting as he took aim at the Gyaos who had just stood up and fired his Meteor Missile Might at it. The explosions tore through the kaiju's hide with ease.

Zone Fighter landed and punched the Gyaos hard in the face only for it to take to the air and ire it's Sonic Cutter at him repeatedly though Zone Fighter dodged most of them with back flips however one hit him in the shin!. Gyaos landed and as Zone Fighter fell to his knees. The Gyaos screeched as it prepared to finish the hero off when suddenly Zone Fighter rose to his feet and fired a cloud of mist from his fingertips at the Gyaos, freezing it in place and allowing him to fire his Arrow Slicers which cut of both of the Gyaos's wings. If He could have Zone Fighter would have smirked. The hero put his hands to the gem on his fore head and once again fired his Meteor Proton Beam. The beam struck the horrified Gyaos and instantly obliterated it in a massive explosion.

Zone Fighter turned to face Rodan only to find that she was not ere she crash landed. The hero looked around but before he could react Rodan dove fro the skyline and fired her Uranium Heat Beam which struck him in the back and burst fro his chest!, effectively burning a hole through the hero. Rodan landed as Zone Fighter collapsed face first into a building. Zone Fighter's eyes and energy capsule went dark, no devoid of life. Rodan walked over and crushed the dead alien's head to pieces under her right foot.

Rodan let out a loud screech as she began to feast on the dead hero's corpse, All hope for New York City had been lost.

Winner: Rodan (Hesei/Fire Rodan)
"I learned whence Cthulhu first came, and why half the great temporary stars of history had flared forth."

GodzillaLord wrote:
Birdman wrote:Do you like what you see?.

No. Given that the majority of Godzilla kaiju aren't sentient and are essentially just large animals, that's a little bit messed up. "Shrug", i digress do what you like, but i don't need the information.

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