Godzilla: Cold War

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Godzilla: Cold War

Postby GojirO » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:34 pm

Godzilla: Cold War
A New Fan Fiction by GojirO
Designs by 2009MECHAGODZILLA

Prologue One
Before the Storm
August 20th, 1962
In the South Pacific, A nuclear submarine, SEAHAWK, is dispatched deep below the depths. SEAHAWK, captained by Julian Roame, is going to be one of many patrolling the area for Soviet subs.
Julian and his crew members set sail, not ready for what lies ahead but living in the now.
Deep below, something stirs, something quite big and quite terrible. It senses a disturbance, one that doesn't frighten it but does give it the drive to look up and see the shape of SEAHAWK.
"Captain! We're having a Geiger response!" A crew member speaks out, alerting Roame. He approaches and looks to the climbing Geiger counter, confused slightly, frightened greatly, and putting on a straight face.
"Captain, sonar's out of order!" Another crew member speaks out. Roame goes to move toward there when a quake occurs, knocking anyone not seated over. Sirens go off, indicating a major problem as as fear spreads like a plague over the crew and its captain.
At the pen, people are monitoring all the subs in the area when SEAHAWK vanishes from monitors. an uproar occurs and people try to make heads or tails of the situation...

Prologue Two
The Storm Begins
August 21st, 1962
Washington D.C.
"Mr. President!" several reporters speak out as John Fitzgerald Kennedy looks out to the crowd of reporters. He points to one specific reporter. All but the one sits.
"Kyle Finch, New York Times. Tell me, Mr. President, do you believe that the Soviet Union is involved with the disappearance of SEAHAWK?"
"While we aren't sure of how SEAHAWK disappeared," Kennedy began "we firmly believe that the cause of the disappearance is possibly due to Soviet Activity." The commotion restarts as another is chosen. That reporter stands.
"Michael Withers, Dallas Post. Mr. President, if you haven't confirmed what or who caused SEAHAWK's disappearance, what impact do you think this will have with the Soviets?"
"The Soviets haven't spoken out about whether or not they were involved or even if they were anywhere near the area." Once more, a commotion stirs as another is, once more, chosen. Again, like the previous, he stands.
"George Lawrence, United World News. What measures will you be taking if the Soviets are involved?"
"I cannot, at this time, answer that question until we know for sure that the Soviet Union was, in fact, involved in the disappearance."

August 22nd, 1962
Washington D.C.
"The American's firmly believe that the vanishing of their nuclear submarine SEAHAWK was caused by Russia is nothing more than propaganda to gain momentum. How do we know that this wasn't caused by Americans? We don't but I can confirm that there were no Soviet submarines in the are--" the television is shut off as Jackie Kennedy looks to her husband with fright in her eyes.
"No more! I'm sick of this." Kennedy spoke angrily. He moves towards his desk and looks to Colonel Goodhoe. "Colonel? What is our position?"
"Off the Pacific Coast, ready to send out the bombers." Kennedy shakes his head, perhaps going to war will help in their favor, even so since the Bay of Pigs invasion was a failure.
"Mr. President!" one of Kennedy's advisers rushed in. "The Soviets are gaining momentum, countries are joining with the Warsaw Pact."

November 22nd, 1963
Dallas, Texas
Jackie Kennedy paced about in a waiting room, hoping for anything good. The clock is reading 1:00 as a doctor emerges.
"How is my husband?" Jackie asked with a low voice, not wanting for anyone to hear such worry in her voice.
"He's alright. Bullet passed through his shoulder and the other one grazed his ear." He looks to her and smiles, producing two bullets. He will more than likely be deaf in one ear but he is doing great."
Jack Kennedy looks out when he hears, with his good ear, his wife entering. She smiles and rushes to him, glad to see that he is alright.
"...For those of you tuning in," the reporter began, "Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot President John F. Kennedy at Dealey Plaza, was captured at the Texas Theater after the murder of a police officer. Oswald, who attempted to kill Kennedy, is set to stand trial soon..."

Added in 5 hours 41 minutes 21 seconds:
Chapter One
May 24th, 1984
Lagos Island
Volcano, a still-standing destroyer. The believed resting place of gods and the like begins to rumble and erupt.
June 1st, 1984
A fishing ship drifts toward Lagos Island in the South Pacific, not too far from where SEAHAWK vanished almost 22 years ago. The storm brews stronger as the little ship is knocked about, crew jostled around within.
The crew is trying to get things under control as they drift more and more toward Lagos. One crew member sends a distress call to whomever may be listening when the volcano explodes.
Another crew member looks out and, in the violent storm, sees only horrors unfolding before his eyes. All he sees is pure darkness and something big and terrible rising from the volcano, enhanced by the lightening as a horrible, growling shrieking sound erupts. The crew watch as a massive beast moves past, leaving the ship for just a moment before swimming off below the depths...
June 2nd, 1984
The remains of the ship wash ashore on Odo Island, not far from Lagos and nearby Indonesia, as one survivor, a man, passed out from shock as his hair is almost completely whitened.
"Apa itu?" A native man spoke.
"Rakit," the other, a native girl, began "Ada seseorang di atasnya!" She runs toward the raft that washed along the shore.
"Tasukete" ("help me") the man said weakly. Reaching forward.

"It's radiation sickness. I haven't seen this level of illness since, well, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan." the old doctor Yu said. "He will survive but too much has been damaged. He's regained consciousness."
"What can he tell us?" the man on the other end of the line said.
"Nothing. Complete memory loss. Whether it's temporary we do not know. We are willing to have him transported to Japan as soon as possible for care."
"Do so." the man said. The line was hung up as Yu pondered for a moment...
June 8th, 1984
Near the Philippines
The Russian nuclear submarine, Большой белый, silently sits near Mindanao, Philippines, ready to strike against any enemies of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has since grown powerful after SEAHAWK's disappearance, many countries including one small one, moved toward the Warsaw Pact in the 1960's.
"Ser! Sushchestvuyet bol'shoy ob"yekt izluchayushchiy aktivnyy gidrolokator!" ("Sir! There is a large object emitting active sonar!") A crew member spoke aloud, alerting Captain Boris Starikov to the issue. "Eto , kak predstavlyayetsya, otvet Geygera , kak khorosho!" ("It appears to have a Geiger response as well!") Captain Starikov moves toward radar, watching the counter go wild and the object move closer
"chto na zemle proiskhodit?" ("What on earth?") The captain mutters. "Mozhet byt' drugoy podvodnoy lodkoy , vozmozhno, SSHA ." ("Could be another Submarine, U.S. possibly.") He reaches for the radio. "Ogon' Torpedo Odin!" ("Fire Torpedo One!")
"Obzhig Torpedo One!" ("Firing Torpedo One!") the speaker spoke with heart. An explosion shakes it lightly.
"Ogon' Torpedo Dva!" ("Fire Torpedo Two!")
"Obzhig Torpedo dva!" ("Firing Torpedo Two!") Another explosion shakes the sub. "Torpeda One : Pryamoye popadaniye. Torpeda Two : Pryamoye popadaniye. Net otvetnogo ognya." ("Torpedo One: Direct Hit. Torpedo Two: Direct Hit. No Return Fire.")
"Eto vse yeshche idet, ser!" ("It's still coming, Sir!") The crew member shouted. "Eto pribyvayet pravo dlya nas!" ("It's Coming right for us!")
"Podgotov'tes' sami!" ("Brace yourselves!") The captain shouted. Immediately, the boat was rocked as water sprayed within the confined space, the boat has been breached.
Outside, a blue light shines softly below the depths, making out some kind of shape but its not quite seen...
Arlington County, Virginia
A phone call alerts his old bloodhound and his wife. Goodhoe awakens and quickly answers the phone with a swiftness not even he believed existed, to allow his wife sleep.
"Hello?" The gruff voice of Goodhoe said quietly.
"Goodhoe. It's Gordon, there has been a situation in the Philippines..."
"Just what the hell is going on here?" Goodhoe, hastily dressed, said to Colonel Fredricks.
"A Soviet Submarine went down somewhere off of the coast of the Philippines." The Colonel began "The government is tight-lipped on the situation but we believe it's connected to the disappearance of a fishing ship near Lagos."
"Jesus H. Christ." Goodhoe softly said. A soldier, a man named "D. Gordon", approached.
"General, we have confirmation from SATCOM that the Ruskies are on total alert over the issue in the Philippines." Goodhoe gave Gordon a look that screamed "Go away" and he did. He knew a storm was brewing, what was the cause of that storm was unsure.
Chicago, Illinois
Editor-in-Chief George Lawrence sends his secretary out to find their top reporter, Steve Martin. Martin, not at his desk, looks on the Chicago skyline while smoking a cigarette.
"Steve," Carole began "George wants you." Steve sighed and flicked the cigarette on the rocky ground.
"Well," Steve began, "What did you need me for?" George sighs and looks to a photo of JFK in his Second Term.
"You are the best at what you do, Martin," He looks over to him and began. "We have a story from our Japanese affiliated office. I want to send you out there to report on it. Not that I don't believe that the Japanese can report." Steve Martin began to frown at this news.
"With all due respect, sir, you know that I cannot be out of state, let alone the country, at this time" George sighed at this.
"It's a great story. Pursue it. I will take care of expenses but you need to leave soon. Maybe it's nothing but if it is something, I want you on it."

"How could you just do this? I mean really, Steve. How could you?" Jennifer Dixon-Martin, now nearly nine months with something the size of a watermelon, stood before her husband as he packed for his trip to Japan.
"I offered to take you bu--"
"Oh, I'm sure you tried very hard!" She said condescendingly, giving her husband a stern, crude look that screamed hate.
"I did, but with your condition, I felt that it was necessary for you to stay here." He said, throwing a pair of underwear into his bag.
"And what if this little soccer player," She said, pointing a finger or two at her distended abdomen "should decide to come. What do I do without you here?!" She said, grabbing a pair of socks from the open drawer and chucking them at him, hitting him in the side. She storms away from her husband not sure what emotions to feel.
"Dammit! Jenny!" Steve shouted and went after his wife. "Jenny!"
"WHAT!?" She screamed hysterically.
"If the baby decides to come while I am away, I will be on the first flight out of Japan and I will be here, by your side." He said, approaching cautiously toward the hostile pregnant woman. He reached a hand out toward her and began to sing a song. She couldn't help but smile through her anger and forgave her husband.
Near the Philippines
A Russian submarine, тигр, responds to the distress signal of Большой белый as something large swims below them utilizing a scanner, it manages to see clearly what the swimmer is...and it frightens the captain of this ship...
Rest in Peace Victoria

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