New Company For Godzilla Comics

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Re: New Company For Godzilla Comics

Postby Destoroyah of Worlds » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:58 pm

LSD Jellyfish wrote:
Destoroyah of Worlds wrote:
LSD Jellyfish wrote:Any crossovers between Godzilla and Transformers will always be a biggggg no from me dog. Not trying to bash Transformers, I just don’t think the two are remotely compatible being what they represent.

Anyways, I have a strange feeling Godzilla comics, or at the least manga will pop up sometime again in the future. Remember that’s toho wants to expand the IP, and the anime got two nice books.

I would still love to see Star Trek crossover with them. Or have it be part of their Zombies series..

As a big Trekkie and Godzilla fan, I absolutely believe the showa era and TOS would absolutely be compatible. I’m 100% for, and always will maintain, an easy comic about the enterprise meeting the Xilliens would be so damn great.

Have the Enterprise try to make peace and meet the people of Planet X. Cut to them summoning Ghidorah, who fights the Enterprise. Enterprise Crash Lands on Planet X where Kirk and Spock meet the Controller. Kirk and Spock, meet one of the Xillien females who asks for refuge and develops a romance with Kirk (similar to Miss Namikawa and Glenn). It doesn’t work out, and similarly in IOTAM she is killed.

Scotty, somehow, beams Godzilla to Planet X(hey why not!) and the climax is Godzilla and the Enterprise versus Ghidorah, Gigan and some Xillien ships.

And for the love of god, tell me Kirk and Glenn don’t look kinda similar:


I didn't even think about the crew meeting the Xiliens. :o

I just thought it would be cool if they encountered kaiju and had to battle them from ships.
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Re: New Company For Godzilla Comics

Postby darthzilla99 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:59 pm

I think Next generation Trek would fit as well. I would love to see Borg variants of Mecha king Ghidorah, Gigan,
Megalon, Orga, or Kiryu. Also the Klingons joining forces with either the Kilaks or the black hole aliens would be cool. Imagine an army of Bird of Preys with Showa Mechagodzillas.
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