Godzilla 1994 graphic novel

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Re: Godzilla 1994 graphic novel

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KKG'94 wrote:Coming next Thursday...WE'RE GONNA FINISH IT ALL UP WITH ALL OFTHE FINAL 14 GODZILLA '94 GN PAGES! Don't miss it & tell your friends:)

http://americankaiju.kaijuphile.com/ame ... odzilla94/
Will do! Haven't read the comic yet, I've been waiting for it to go up in full before diving in. Keep us posted :D
Mecha M wrote:[after seeing Shin Godzilla's design] Looks like partially cooked carne asada
/crawls back under rock

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Re: Godzilla 1994 graphic novel

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You can read the entire GODZILLA '94 gn online here: http://americankaiju.kaijuphile.com/ame ... odzilla94/

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