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Postby LSD Jellyfish » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:42 pm

Mr. X wrote:You know, I kind of enjoyed this. While I do wish I was arguing with someone who wasn't a wall, you know, it felt good to talk about the highlights of ROE, why this is such a good series. Its far from perfect, and it has a number of flaws, but its still been a great ride. Its awesome to see these three G-fans' dreams come true; the fun they were having creating this series really shows on the pages. Its been fun to talk about why we like it so much. :)

Rulers of Earth has been a really good series. A real treat for the G-fans, and I'm eagerly waiting for the finale. I can only hope this team can get another opportunity to work on Godzilla again, preferably in a series that they aren't facing the threat of cancellation at every turn. ;)

I second this. Antovald talking poop about the lack of characterization of the monsters made me reread large sections of the books and notice a lot of characterization and details I didn't notice before.
Then, everything changed when the Giant Condor became the Giant Eagle.

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