New subject for Toho Busters

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New subject for Toho Busters

Postby mikelcho » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:02 pm

I've got a misconception for the Blog article "Toho Busters": that Toho was going to have Baragon, not Anguirus, be the burrowing kaiju that the disguised Mechagodzilla was going to fight in the beginning of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. The only reason that this wasn't done was because the Baragon suit was extremely damaged after so much use in so many Ultraman episodes, so they substituted Anguirus for Baragon, mainly because they had a good suit for him.

Now, my question is: can the person who wrote the article please put this story in it? I tried to make a comment on this in the article, but it wouldn't let me on to make it. I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest account, I have a G-mail address, but I don't know what my password is (and when I tried to get on Google Plus, it shifted me to Google Chrome (which didn't help me one little bit) and no one has made any comments on that article, so I still can't get on it.

Please put this story in. I don't know how it's been missed for so long. Thank you.

UPDATE: I just found out that Anthony Romero wrote this article. Anthony, if you could do this, that would be great!

UPDATE 2: The scrapped movie article that had this information is Giant Monsters Converge in Okinawa! Showdown in Zanpamisaki.
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Re: New subject for Toho Busters

Postby Arbok » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:52 pm

Generally try to have that article be about published facts or when someone involved was asked about it...

...that said, I do recall someone asking Nakano at G-FEST XI (2004) about this and he was generally perplexed and denied Baragon was in contention. I suppose that combined with a link to the Lost Project might be worth including.
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