Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Kingdom Mikado
Kingdom Mikado
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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Arbok »

  1. Offensive/Disruptive Content
    1. The following offensive content is forbidden:
      • Vulgar language.
      • Insults against religions, races, or ethnicities.
      • Misogynistic sentiment.
      • Anti-LGBT sentiment.
      • Anti-neurodiversity sentiment.
      • Rape culture.
      • Bullying or threats.
      • Inciting intra- or inter-forum warfare.
      • Hardcore pornography.
      • Snuff/disturbing material.
      • Stealthily baiting users into doing any or all of the above.
  2. Spamming
    1. The following types of posting are forbidden:
      • Advertising (unless restricted to signatures or the appropriate topic).
      • Intentionally posting the same thing over and over and over again.
      • Intentionally posting blank messages without any discernible content.
      • As glitches can occur, considerations can be made for accidental failure to abide by the above terms.
    2. Simple affirmative posts (such as "yes" and "no" answers) are allowed provided they flow with the discussion.
  3. The Discussion of Illegal Items...
    1. Is permitted, provided the sources aren't revealed outside of PMs.
    2. Posts asking others to break this rule are not permitted.
  4. Off-Topic Posting
    1. The evolution of a discussion from its original intent is permitted; however:
      • Blatant non-sequitur posting is forbidden, unless...
      • There is a connection (however tenuous) to the conversation at hand.
    2. Topics posted in an incorrect forum are liable to relocation at the staff's leisure.
  5. Impersonation
    1. Impersonating other users is forbidden.
    2. If you feel you have been framed for some wrongdoing, please contact
  6. Multiple Accounts
    1. Multiple accounts are generally not permitted, unless:
      • The original account is inaccessible, and...
      • All other attempts to contact the staff have failed.
    2. If you believe you were unfairly banned, please contact to discuss your case.
  7. Conspiracy
    1. The following forms of conspiracy are forbidden:
      • Conspiracy by one or multiple users to stealthily harass another into getting warned.
      • Conspiracy by one or multiple users to lure another into a ban.
      • Such conspiracies that include one or multiple users of the forum staff are absolutely forbidden; please contact to discuss such incidents.
  8. Avatar Guidelines...
    1. Are as follows:
      • Maximum Width: 100px
      • Maximum Height: 125px
      • Maximum File Size: 1mb
    2. Need an avy? We have hundreds in the gallery!
  9. General Image Guidelines
    1. A minimum post count of 50 is required to attach an image.
    2. See Article 1 for a rundown of what types of content are (and are not) permitted.
    3. Please use the pic tag instead of the img tag to resize images of a width greater than 800px as a means of preventing page-stretching:
      • Code: Select all

        [pic=http://image_url]WIDTHx [/pic]
        [pic=http://image_url] xHEIGHT[/pic]

        Code: Select all

        [pic=]400x [/pic]
        [pic=] x55[/pic]
  10. Staff Accountability
    1. No member of the current staff (save the owner) has endured since the beginning. As such, no moderator, administrator, group moderator, forum leader, site staffer, or former member of the aforementioned groups is exempt from scrutiny if the following situations were to occur:
      • Blatant favoritism, such as warnings targeted toward specific members regarding activity for which other accounts are overlooked.
      • Bans which are issued before the proper warning counts, which are as follows:
        • 3 warnings = 1 week ban
        • 5 warnings = 1 month ban
        • 7 warnings = Permanent ban
      • The only exception should be when a user is actively posting extreme volumes of offensive content (see: Article 1) without showing any signs of stopping.
      • Conspiracies between forum members and staff (or amidst staff) to excessively punish specific users into a ban are absolutely forbidden.
    2. Failure by members or ex-members of leadership to avoid such activity may result in termination.
    3. Please contact a member of the team you trust or in a worst case scenario,, to discuss such incidents.
Expect this list to be updated if any new issues should arise. Thank you.
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Kingdom Mikado
Kingdom Mikado
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Policy on Leaks

Post by Arbok »

Greetings everyone,

As true in any fandom, leaks happen ahead of a film or merchandise's release. Look no further than The Force Awakens and the early leak of Luke Skywalker before the movie's release, which Disney promptly acted on to get it removed from any site it touched.

With two upcoming Godzilla films, one hitting later this year and one in 2018, leaks are happening again. By policy, we don't permit leaks of things related to Toho's properties on the boards. While it's true there is a legal component, the larger reason is that we respect the companies involved and, if we have a working relationship or not, prefer to act on their behalf.

So please consider this fair warning that any posting of a leak, in particular images of leaked content, will be removed from the forums and warnings may be issued for it. Fan art is allowed but must not contain any elements/the original leaked image.

Thanks for your understanding.
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If it bites... don't mess with it!