Jaws Fortress 2

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Jaws Fortress 2

Postby Kiryu2012 » Wed May 30, 2012 3:01 pm

It swam through the murky water, all alone.

It had no rememberence of it's family, for it lived alone. It knew nothing of it's parents, or it's siblings. All it knew was that it had a destination in mind.

It carried the memories of it's ancestors, going up all the way to 1975, when the first of it's kind to reach the island hunted and was killed. It had come here, therefore, to do what it's predecessors had always done: to go to the island it's ancestors lived. There it would dwell. There it would hunt.

In the middle of the night, Amity Island would look peaceful. The beach and water would be indistinguishable had it not be for the sand, which shone as bright as the moon. It would be eerily calm, in perfect silence.

However, silence did not live here.

Gunfire. Explosions. Cries of people dying. War howls of the warriors. Both RED and BLU had brought their seemingly neverending battle to Amity Island, where no one was safe. Not even the island's government could stop them, as the teams picked off one another.

Running over a sand dune, the BLU Pyro ran as fast as possible, the RED Heavy Weapons Guy right after him. Both had exhausted their ammo, which was the only reason why Heavy didn't merely shred Pyro apart with his minigun.

"Don't run! It's just ham!"

Heavy taunted Pyro as he slowly caught up to him. Pyro let out a muffled insult at him as he jumped over another dune. Pyro rolled into some brush, quickly reaching the shoreline and entering the water, a manuever both teams used on one another. Pyro quickly dove underwater, thankful he had his air tank, and swam out a good distance. Heavy ran up the shoreline, looking around for Pyro, but finding nothing. Confused, Heavy shrugged and ran off back to the battlefield.

It sensed a change in the water pressure. It felt several sharp vibrations going through the water. It turned towards the shore, memories of it's ancestors reminding it how they would drag the mammals to their deaths. It flicked it's tail and charged.

Pyro poked his head above the water, seeing that Heavy was gone. Pyro let out a sigh of relief, but that sigh caught in his throat as he was dragged under. Pyro felt a stabbing pain in his right leg, as he looked down to see what had him. But in the murky water, all he could see was a gray shape. Pyro quickly took his ax and brought it down onto the shape's head, blood (whether Pyro's or the shape's) soon filling the water.

It felt something stab into it's head again and again, but it ignored it. Like all of it's kin it was used to pain, even the most severe. One could disembowel it and throw it overboard and it would just eat it's own intestines spilling into the water. It reached higher and bit down on what it felt to be the skull. It knew immediatly that the thing was dead, so it relaxed and carried the body away from shore. The mammal was covered in a strange, inedible material, but underneath the flesh spurted blood. It shook the body around, shredding off chunks of flesh and gulping them down as it swam back into open waters.

The next morning...


"Dag-nabit damnit!"

RED Scout fell from his bed in shock, falling facefirst onto the floor. He pushed himself up, placing a hand on his forehead.

"Great. Just what I needed."

Scout moved quickly towards the souce of the explosion, soon coming across Engineer, who didn't look happy, and several pieces of metal laying around a scorch mark in the floor.

"Yo, Engi. What happened here?"

Engineer turned his head towards Scout.

"Dang BLU team destroyed our respawn machine."

"Wait, what?! You mean the thing that keeps us alive?!"

"Yeah, apparently the BLU Spy sapped it when no one was around. I should've expected that, though. After when we did the same to their's, I should've been prepared for their payback."

"So...if one of us dies...we stay dead?"

"Sadly, yes, but thankfully only until I repair the respawn machine. That, however, is gonna take a long time."

"Ah, crap."

"It ain't a total loss, though. I've heard the the BLU Pyro went missing just last night, so they're one class down."

At that moment, Soldier came into the room. At first Scout thought he would ask the same thing Scout did, but from his expression, it appeared he already knew, but obviously didn't seem to care.

"Hey you maggots. BLU's planning another attack on us tonight, so get your gear ready."

Scout rolled his eyes, back to his usual self.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, helmet head."

That night...

BLU and RED were once more at battle, this time out at sea. On several boats, which were covered in holes and burns, the teams clashed. But this time, however, it was no longer about just plowing through the enemies, but using strategy. They knew that if they died, they wouldn't be coming back for awhile.

Of course some classes didn't care.

"Run cowards!!!"

The BLU Heavy unleashed his minigun upon the enemy boats, the bullets lodging themselves into the wood and metal. Most of the RED team cowered withing the boats, safely away from the Russian man. Soldier was the only RED outside, returning fire with his rockets.

"This American boot'll kick your ass back to Russia!"

"HA! Go ahead and try, baby!"

It swam towards the sound, though it did not register sound as sound, but as loud vibrations travelling across it's body. It normally would've avoided such noises, but here it knew only to kill, and to hunt it's prey. It neared the closest object on the surface of the water, a strange rounded thing that was clearly not alive.

But what was on it was.

It turned upward, toward the object, and struck.

The first thing Heavy felt was a massive blow to the underside of the boat, before he was sent flying through the air, coming down hard on the water. He pulled his head out of the water, swimming towards the boat. The only warning he got was pressure forming beneath him, before he was dragged under. All he could feel was pain shooting through his lower body as whatever had him tore through his legs.

Heavy was then flung out of the water, both teams watching in shock and horror as crimson blood gushed from the stumps where his legs were.

"Help me-oh, no."

A massive grey shape lunged from the water, shearing off Heavy's head with a single bite. Even the Soldiers stared in terror at the new arrival. A conical shape, grey and white skin, doll black eyes, and serrated teeth.

Great White shark.

Instantly the remaining boats fled in terror, towards the shore. The shark fell back into the water, chasing after them. In it's frenzy, it wanted more.

Reaching the RED Pyro's boat, the shark rammed it hard, managing to leave a gaping hole in the hull, water flowing in as Pyro's boat began sinking. As the shark lifted it's head above the water, it recognized the Pyro as being exactly like the one it had killed before, though this one was red. Pyro fell back, sliding towards the shark as it tried biting down on him. Reacting fast, Pyro pulled out his flare gun and fired. What he failed to realize, however, was that the gasoline covering the shark's head trailed down towards the engine, still running. The result?

The boat exploded.

Pyro was flung into the water, his fire-retardent suit saving him from the flames, but not what came next. Pyro was sheared in half as the shark sped by. A nasty red burn partly covered the right side of it's face, but it ignored it. All this blood, the challenge, the pain, it filled it with a sort of battle high.

By this point, the boats had reached the shore, and the teams watched the flames reach the sky. The BLU Demoman, however, was laughing at the shark's failure to catch them.

"That bloody shark thinks he can get us here? HA! That'll be the day!"

Demoman then took a long drink from his beer bottle...

And the shark lunged from the water, snatched Demoman, and slid back into the water.

Both teams simply stared at the blood turning the water a ruby red.

Heavy finally managed to make himself speak:

"We're going to need much bigger guns."
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide

Holy poop man.


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Re: Jaws Fortress 2

Postby Kiryu2012 » Wed May 30, 2012 8:49 pm

The next day...

With the knowledge that a shark was out in the waters, picking off anyone, be it RED or BLU, and was clearly not going to leave. Knowing they had a common enemy, RED and BLU came together in a meeting, to work together.

But of course, arguements flew like the wind. Especially between the Engineers.

"None of us would have to worry about sharks if your backstabbing Spy didn't sap our respawn machine!"

RED Engineer spat those words out a BLU Engineer, who was equally angry.

"Your Spy did the exact same thing to us, you no good varmint."

Before they could trade blows, the RED Heavy stepped between them, his minigun revving.

"Enough! You little Engineer babies should focus anger on shark, and Sasha has plenty of anger to give."

RED Soldier stepped beside him.

"The Heavy is right. This arguing won't win this war."

BLU Engineer put a hand to his chin, thinking hard as ideas formed in his head. Finally he smiled.

"I've got it!"

RED Soldier faced him.

"Well, what is it?"

"Ya'll see."

BLU Engineer turned and headed back to his base, ready to bring his idea to work.

Later that day...

Both teams were on the beach. While they still held their suspicions against one another, they at least could relax for the moment. Some, like the RED and BLU Snipers, were also keeping an eye out for the shark. BLU Scout swam through the waves on the shoreline, kicking his legs out like he was running. Even in the water, he was still the fastest. His head then broke the surface as he looked to the beach.

"Hey, look at me, ma!"

Scout's mother, though, wasn't paying attention, thanks to the RED Spy snuggling up beside her.

"Why that-I don't care what the others say. I'm gonna show that Spy why no one messes with my mom!"

Scout started to swim forward...

And was dragged underwater.

Scout let out a muffled scream of agony as he felt stabbing things tear through his soft flesh. Knowing quickly that it could only be one thing, Scout managed to pull out his baseball bat and bring it down on the thing dragging him. However, no matter how hard he struck, nothing worked. The last thing Scout saw was his own blood.

BLU Spy and BLU Sniper both watched the event unfold before them. BLU Sniper looked to Spy, as if expecting him to do something about it. Spy merely shrugged.

"I would've saved him, but he would've gotten blood on my suit."

Later on...

Both teams had been called by BLU Engineer to discuss his new idea.

"Ladies and Spies, I present to you my idea."

"You suck. Your toys are always so breakable."

"Just stop insulting my contraptions and listen."

BLU Engineer pulled out a remote before he pressed down onto the button. Almost instantly, the floor behind him opened up, and a large machine rose from the floor. The machine had the body shape of an orca, complete with a tail. Where there would be a head was instead a rounded glass dome. It had a pair of human-like arms, with the right arm having a minigun on the wrist. The entire machine was colored blue, showing that it was built by BLU team.

"This baby'll help us. I'll use it to hunt down that shark, and end our little problem."

The RED Heavy spoke up.

"HA! Little Engineer trying to fight shark with toys?" This brought laughter from the RED team, and glares from the BLU team. BLU Engineer just growled.

"You don't see what this suit's equipped with. It has sonar vision, a sentry gun and missiles, and a dispenser to repair itself."

RED Spy spoke up next. "Your plan will backfire like they always do. All of your toys are useless."

BLU Engineer clenched his hands in fury.

"They only 'backfire' cus of you! And this plan WILL work, and it will be a success!"


Then both teams cracked up.

BLU Engineer was shocked for a moment, before he stomped the floor in fury.

"Stop laughing!"

But both teams continued to laugh, a few even falling over as they giggled uncontrollably. BLU Engineer clenched his jaw in rage. He turned and climbed up onto the robot, the dome opening up and allowing the Texan to climb in. The dome closed up as the robot sank beneath the water under the building, swimming off in search of the shark.

RED Demoman managed to regain his breath as he stood up, forming a plan of his own.

"I've got a better idea!"

Both teams calmed down enough to listen to the Scottish man.

"We lure the shark in to us, then the Soldiers will blow 'em up to little pieces!"


But this time, both teams cheered.

"I'm bloody brilliant!"

At that night...

BLU Engineer cruised through the water in his robo suit, his sonar finding no sign of the shark.

"I know that varmint's around here somewhere. I'll find him soon."

Meanwhile up on the docks, RED Demoman and BLU Soldier were carrying a rather large bucket of ham, bacon, and chunks of beef. Soldier looked towards Demoman.

"This plan better work for our sake. Who knows what RED Heavy will do to us if he finds out we took some of his meat."

"Don't fret nun about that. We'll get that bloody shark, maybe even give Heavy it's meat."

The two carefully placed the bucket of meat into an inner tube attached to a rope they brought. The inner tube floated outwards and stayed around the dock. Soldier turned to Demoman.

"Now what?"

"No we wait."

Demoman pulled out his beer bottle and took a long swig. At that very moment, the tube was suddenly pulled down like it had been inhaled by something. Soldier pointed towards the water.

"He's taken the bait!"

"So soon as well. He's been waiting for us."

Soldier picked up his rocket launcher and aimed it at the water, ready for the right moment to strike. What they didn't anticipate, however, was the fact that the rope tied to the dock they were standing on gave too much pressure to the aged wood and tore it all off, causing Soldier to fall into the water.

Demoman stared in shock.

"Oy, what just happened?"

Soldier managed to start swimming towards the dock, only to look back and see the piece of wood suddenly coming towards him.

"Soldier! Take me word for it, don't look back!"

Soldier swam as hard as he could, all his years of military training being put to affect. Soldier managed to reach the edge of the dock and reached out his hand. Demoman reached at him.

"Take mah hand Soldier!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying!"

Finally, Soldier managed to grab Demoman's hand, and the Scottish man pulled Soldier back onto the docks. The wood slowly sank down and vanished. Demoman and Soldier panted hard, exhausted from the terror.

"Me own plan failed. That shark's still out there. I should've used the grenade launcher when I had the chance."

"No Demoman. It's my fault. I should've just fired without hesitation. Then again, I would've been more of a Sniper than a Soldier."

Both Demoman and Soldier cracked up at this...

And Soldier was snatched from the air by the jumping shark.

Demoman stared in horror as blood soon filled the water. Soon a fin cut through the surface, trailing away as Demoman stood up, rage burning within him.

"That shark just messed with the wrong demolition man!"
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide

Holy poop man.


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Re: Jaws Fortress 2

Postby Kiryu2012 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:09 am

The next morning...

After what had happened last night, RED and BLU decided to give up on strategies. No longer were they holding back. They were going to kill this shark no matter what. At the moment, the RED Sniper was sitting in one of the RED base's rooms, RED Engineer listening.

"So the RED Demoman and BLU Soldier were standing there, catching their breath, when the shark came out and snatched Soldier right off the dock."

"Damn. Demoman must be upset."

"Worst part is that Demo's trying to come up with an excuse for why Heavy's meat went missing."

Engineer had a look of plain confusion at that moment.

"Wait, he was more afraid about that than what happened to his friend, right in front of him?"

Sniper just shrugged.

"What can I say? He was drunk as always."

"Should've known. So had BLU Engineer find that shark yet?"

"Nah. He's still lookin' for it."

Engineer then huffed.

"This is stupid. I can build something better than his to kill that shark."

Sniper then had a thought.

"Well why don't ya? Better chance of gettin' rid of that shark."

Engineer smiled at this plan.

"Ya know what? I think I will."

Engineer stood up, heading for the exit, before he looked back at Sniper.

"See ya."

"Later, mate."

That afternoon...

RED Sniper slowly walked down the docks. He had heard that RED Demoman had a new idea, and so he had come here, thinking that Demoman was using poisoned bait. What he saw, however, was a large fishing boat, Demoman standing on the deck cleaning the sides. On the left side of the boat, Sniper saw the words 'Bloody Orca' written into the wood.

Sniper then looked up at Demoman.

"Hey Demo, what's with the boat?"

Demoman turned and smiled at Sniper.

"I got me a new plan!"

Sniper frowned in anger and crossed his arms.

"Really? I wonder which of us is going to die this time?"

Demoman huffed as he stood up.

"That last plan didn't work cause I was drunk and I didn't pay attention."

"If you haven't noticed, you're always drunk. And you never pay attention."

"Whatever. Say, you're just the guy I need anyways. We'll need to get that shark when it's not looking. Care to come aboard?"

Sniper thought for a moment. While he thought it was a bad idea, he knew that it would be worse with BLU Sniper, who usually decided to get up close and in the danger zone instead of staying back and out of risk, unlike the RED Sniper. Finally he decided that there wouldn't be much chance for Demoman without Sniper anyway. So he came to a conclusion.

"Eh, why not. It might still be better than BLU Engineer's stupid robot plan."

At that moment, BLU Medic came running up to the two.

"Vait! You're going to need a doctor, Demoman!"

Demoman tilted his head in confusion.

"Why would you, out of everyone we know, come after a shark with us? You're not even that good of a doc as RED Medic."

BLU Medic sighed, before a look of determination formed on his face.

"Because, I vant revenge on zat shark for killing my Heavy."

Demoman then had a look of sympathy for BLU Medic. Both teams knew very well how special the connection between the Heavy and Medic was, regardless of which team they're on.

"I know how ya feel, laddie. Mah friend the BLU Soldier got eaten by that shark. I want me revenge, so I got this boat to hunt it down."

With that, Sniper and Medic got aboard, before the boat sailed off to hunt down the common enemy.


The BLU Engineer's robot had swam into a large cave, with stalagmites covering the ground. At the top of the cave there was an opening that led outside of the water. The robot's sonar had led it here, where it was detecting a large moving object nearby.

Engineer looked at his sonar before he looked around.

"Where are ya, varmint. Show yourself."

He slowly moved the robot through the clear, black water. He felt isolated. Contained from any kind of help, knowing there was something watching him, waiting for the moment to strike.

Engineer looked cautiously around, seeing nothing but black. He couldn't help but shiver in fear when he saw that the sonar was finding the object moving closer, despite him seeing nothing. Engineer slowly turned the robot, fearful to move quickly. Engineer then saw a flash of silver.


Engineer moved the robot to the right, and it opened up it's right shoulder, firing a missile at the silver...

And a school of mackeral scattered.


Engineer looked down at his sonar, only to see that there was another large object...

And it was heading straight towards him.

Engineer turned just in time to receive a blow to the chest, sending the robot backwards through the water. The blow, thankfully, left no damage to the machine as Engineer spotted what he was looking for all this time.

"There you are."

It was confused. It had followed a large shape into here, believing it to be an orca from it's shape and movement. It had followed it in here, ready for a surprise attack.

What it saw was something unlike anything it saw before. It was a dark blue, with a strange see-through bubble for a head, and inside the bubble was a mammal. It knew that the mammal was what it was after, but it had no idea about this strange large thing. Still, it knew no fear. It would fight this thing, and get the mammal inside it.

Engineer watched as the shark charged at him head-on, opening it's mouth. The robot pulled back it's left arm, clenching it's fist, before it threw the fist forward and punched the shark in the head. Engineer aimed for the burn on it's face to deal extra damage.

It was knocked backwards through the water. Pain shot from it's burn mark where the thing struck it, but it was used to pain, and so shook it off. It circled the large thing, which always turned with it, before it charged at the thing again.

Engineer saw the shark coming at him again, smirking as he pushed a button. The robot lifted up it's right arm, aiming it's minigun at the shark.

It saw the thing lift up it's arm at it, but it made no attempt to dodge.

Big mistake.

A stream of tiny black things fired from the thing's hand, and almost immediatly it backed up, pain vibrating from several holes in it's snout. It was confused. How had those black things hurt it so easily? Then memories of it's ancestors returned. It remembered more clearly how the mammals, humans, would fire stick-like things, guns, at it's ancestors, sharks, and the black things, bullets, would injure them badly.

It saw more of the bullets coming towards it and swam out of the way. It swam around the thing, a robot of some kinds, ready to attack again. It charged at the robot's raised arm, biting down onto the limb. It felt several of it's teeth break off, and the taste of the metal was unpleasing, yet it shook it's head wildly, trying to tear the arm off.

"Oh, no you don't."

Engineer drove the robot upwards. The machine burst through the hole, coming out onto land. Laying on the ground like a seal, the robot reached with it's left hand, pulling off the shark and gripping it by it's neck. The shark struggled frantically, seeking oxygen, but finding none.

Engineer laughed as he lifted up the shark.

"You aint so tough now, are ya?"

It was desperate. The robot had driven it out of it's domain, away from the water, it's oxygen. It struggled wildly, lashing out with it's tail. It managed to strike the arm holding it several times, slowly loosening it's grip.


Engineer simply made the robot tighten it's grip on the shark, beginning to crush it's neck.

It was loosing focus now, it's brain starting to shut down. It was essentially being strangled to death by this robot. It brought up it's tail, striking the arm crushing it. Again and again it struck, this time moving faster than before and aiming for the hand. Soon, a gash was forming, and with one final strike of it's tail, it was free. It flopped down on the rock, pushing it'self by arching it's back and pushing the ground with it's tail. It quickly managed to slip back into the water, where it quickly took in oxygen through it's gills, regaining strength.

"Damnit, damnit, damnit!"

Engineer willed his robot to push itself back into the water, chasing after the shark. It quickly spotted the shark, who seemed surprised by it's presence. Engineer smirked and opened up the robot's shoulders, firing off heat-seeking missiles.

It remembered when one of it's ancestors fought a robot that shot those strange round objects, missiles, and would dodge them with ease. So it manuevered through the water, evading the missiles, only for them to follow it. It swam through the stalagmites, managing to cause several to strike the outcroppings, but the rest still followed. It swam upwards, forming a simple, yet effective, plan. It swam up in front of the robot, the missiles following suit, before it moved to the side, the missiles unable to follow.

Engineer cried out in shock as the missiles exploded against the robot, ripping open a hole in the metal. He knew right then and there, that he had lost the battle.

It saw weakness in it's foe now. It had gained the upper hand.

It swam forward and shoved itself into the robot, tearing into the circutry and wires. There was a foul taste of oils and fluids, but it forced itself to keep going, tearing deeper into the robot.

Engineer tried to make the robot grab the shark, only to discover with horror that the shark had disabled the arm controls. Engineer watched in horror as the shark moved back before it swam forward, ramming the dome. All Engineer could do was scream.

It rammed the glass dome, feeling it give in under it's blow. It watched as the glass shattered, the human floating up from the water. The human was trying to swim upwards, but it snatched him up, biting down hard enough to kill him instantly.

It swam through a tunnel, having earned a hard-fought meal.
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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide

Holy poop man.


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Re: Jaws Fortress 2

Postby Kiryu2012 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:53 pm

The RED Demoman, Sniper, and BLU Medic were at the moment out at sea, Demoman's Bloody Orca moving through the waves. They had searched for hours, trying to find any sign of they shark, but the trio had found nothing. Demoman was currently up in the crow's nest, looking out for any hints of the shark's presence despite his obvious disadvantage. Medic was piloting the boat, thinking nothing but all the horrible things he would do to that shark. Sniper was on the deck, throwing bloody pieces of fish and beef to lure the shark in.

Sniper then looked up at Demoman before he frowned in annoyance.

"Hey Demo! Why can't I be the one looking out for that shark while you chum this stuff? Snipers have better vision than cyclops like you!"

Demoman looked down at Sniper, clearly annoyed.

"This here is mah plan, Sniper, and so mah rules. Plus I can't drive and I don't know what chum is anyways, so keep going."

Sniper had just turned back to keep chumming, before he whirled around towards Demoman.

"Waitaminute. How could you possibly not know what chum is if you brought it with us?!"

"Huh? Just get back to chumming."

Sniper faceplamed before he turned back to the chum bucket, tossing more blood and pieces into the seawater. Demoman then climbed down the mast, before he went inside the boat for more liquor. Sniper couldn't take the obvious problems anymore and looked back towards where Demoman entered.

"Hey Demo! Why don't I show you what chum looks like so you can throw out this sh-"

Sniper was cut off as a large shape burst from the blood-filled water, it's maw wide open as pieces of meat went down it's throat. Sniper stared in shock as the head sank back underwater, before he slowly backed away into the boat, where Demoman stood just by the doorway, picking up a beer bottle. The Scottish then noticed Sniper and the fear on his face. Sniper didn't even turn to face Demoman as he spoke.



"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Demoman, fear taking over, stepped out onto the deck, Sniper slowly following him. Indeed, a broad dorsal fin stuck out from the water, as true as Godzilla was to Japan. The fin was slowly circling the boat, several yards away but not moving towards them. Then the fin seemed to swim away from the boat, slowly shrinking away. For a moment, Demoman and Sniper felt relief sweep through them. Perhaps the shark was intimadated by the boat's size and decided to leave.

How wrong they were.

The fin then turned and moved straight towards them, like a submarine-launched missile. The shark wasn't leaving; it was just gaining distance for a strong enough ram.

Demoman looked up towards the cockpit, where Medic was piloting, with a look of not fear, but rage at this shark.

"Medic! Shut off that engine!"

Reluctantly, Medic turned off the engine, and the Bloody Orca slowed to a stop. Demoman pulled out his grenade launcher, aiming the weapon towards the incoming fin. Sniper then reached towards him.

"Wait! Let me do it! You won't be able to aim right."

""No way boyo! That shark ate me best friend, and I ain't stopping at nothing!"

Demoman unleashed several grenades at the shark. Most of them, however, missed the beast, though several exploded against the fish, leaving painful burns that caused the shark to hesitate. Sniper groaned at Demoman's failure, before he snatched the grenade launcher from him.

"Oh for the love of Jarate! Let me do it!"

Sniper took aim just like he would with a sniper rifle, and fired, several grenades coming down upon the shark, exploding against the sandpaper-like skin and forcing the leviathan to dive down, it's wounds unable to bleed from being burnt black. Sniper then gave the grenade launcher back to Demoman as he pulled out his sniper rifle, coming to the side and aiming it just as the head of the beast emerged to take a bite out of the boat. Sniper then fired, the bullet lodging itself into the shark's snout. Sniper fired again and again, blood trickling from the holes inflicted by the bullets. The head soon sank as Sniper fired again, the bullet tearing through the water, but striking nothing.

It was enraged. the humans had lured it into a trap, then inflicted injuries upon it. It would show these humans what it takes to kill it. It swam underneath the boat, before turning upwards and swimming right at it, ramming the hull hard, causing the boat to jump from the water.

The trio fell were knocked off their feet as a blow from below rocked the boat. Sniper managed to get up before he ran up to the cockpit. Demoman looked up at him.

"What're you doing?"

"We may not be able to beat this thing, but I know someone who can."

Sniper picked up a walkie-talkie, turning it on and lifting it to his mouth.


RED Engineer looked up from his creation upon hearing Sniper's voice. The Texan picked up the walkie-talkie and brought it to his ear.


"That shark's here, Engi. He's gonna bring our boat down soon. Is your robot ready?"

"Yeah, I just finished making it."

"Well get over here and help us."

"Alrighty then."

Engineer put the walkie-talkie down as he looked at his robot. Unlike BLU Engineer's robot, this machine was barrel-shaped, with short legs that had rockets on the bottom. It had four arms, the first longer pair ending in miniguns, while the smaller pair had gunslinger-styled hands with drills on the palms. There was no head, but rather a large red eye covered in a steel-reinforced glass dome. Engineer climbed up into the robot, activating it's built in teleporter and homing in on the Bloody Orca.

Demoman and Medic were keeping the shark away from the boat, Medic firing off syringes in his anger and managing to strike the shark multiple times, a toxin from the syringes numbing the shark's muscles. The shark turned and swam right at them, ready to take them down...

Then Engineer's robot appeared.

It swam back, shocked. It didn't expect this machine to appear literally out of nowhere. It was reminded of the orca-like robot it had defeated before, but this one was quite abit different than the last. It didn't matter though. It would kill this thing, and prove it's dominance.

The machine and the shark circled each other. Both were ready for the battle of their lives. Neither would back down, and neither would give in.

The fight was on.

The shark turned and charged head-on, ramming the machine hard in the chest. However, the thick metal that covered the robot was made specifically to handle brute force, so there wasn't even a dent on it.

It was already annoyed. The machine didn't show any damage unlike the one it killed before. It was more determined to bring this robot down by the minute, rage fueling it's veins. It saw the machine raise it larger arms, realizing that it had guns for hands; the same guns used by the previous robot. It quickly swam out of the way, but with the robot's better reach, it still managed to strike it in the tail. Pain shot up it's body, but it kept going as it lunged at the robot, trying to bite it. However, the robot's own rounded shape was an advantage, for it's snout kept it from being able to bite the machine, even when rolling to it's side. It then spotted the legs, swimming down and biting on the right leg. Almost immediatly it realized that it was vulnerable here.

Too bad it wouldn't be able to take advangtage.

Engineer's robot fired off a salvo of heat-seeking missiles right at the shark. The shark swam out of the way, the missiles trailing it. The massive fish then swam behind the robot, swerving to the side as the missiles exploded against the robot's back. However, a built in dispenser healed up the damage, making it look like it hadn't been injured. Through the smoke came another onslaught of missiles, taking the shark by surprise and striking it in the face, sending it flipping through the water.

It's anger grew stronger by the second. It swam downwards, biting onto the robot's right leg and tearing away at it with all it's strenght, managing to tear the foot off. However, the machine fired it's smaller hand at it, grabbing by it's tail before the drilled dug into the flesh. This encouraged it to tear at the left leg, ripping off chunks of metal.

Then came the pain.

It was like no other pain it felt. It could feel it's flesh burning as electricity traveled from the hand into it's body. It struggled wildly, it's skin ripping open as lightning scorched it's flesh. Finally it managed to pull free, swimming downwards into a crevice.

Engineer saw the shark try to escape, activating it's rockets and flying down towards it while the dispenser healed up the damage. Soon Engineer will have that shark where he wanted it.

It swam downwards, trying to find a place to escape through. It could feel itself growing weak from it's horrific wounds. It could feel life beginning to slip away from it as it started to sink...

Engineer came upon the shark. It looked like it was already dying, no doubt from it's wounds. Compassionatly, Engineer decided he should put the shark out of it's misery. He took aim with his missiles and fired...

It remembered everything now. It remembered how it would hunt down humans, how it fought elephant seals as a past time, how it was killed twice by the same human, how it was blown up several times, how it was captured but escaped. It was no normal shark. He was Jaws, the ultimate predator! And he would not let this machine kill him now!

Jaws swam up as the rockets streaked towards him. The missiles instead struck the rock wall, sending an avalanche of boulders falling upon it. Engineer cried out in terror as each rock caved in the armor, broke off an arm, or scraped open a gash in the body. Quickly Engineer spun around towards Jaws, opening up the dome on it's chest. It's eye glowed red before a crimson plasma beam shot out, colliding with Jaws head-on, sending him slamming into the wall.

However, in his enraged state, he felt nothing.

Jaws charged through the smoke, unmindfull of the smoking hole in his chest, and slammed into the robot, shoving his head into an opening, biting down onto as many wiring as possible before he spun, ripping out circutry and wires. Engineer cried out in shock as the dispenser struggled to repair the great damage.

"This is not good at all! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Engineer desperatly tried making the robot teleport away, but nothing happened.

"That shark must've taken out the controls. I gotta get outta here."

Engineer climbed into the emergency escape pod, shooting himself out of the robot, who was sinking downwards as Jaws looked up. If Jaws had the facial muscles to do so, he would've grinned. That human wasn't going nowhere.

Engineer's pod broke through the surface, opening up as Engineer jumped out, swimming as fast as possible. Already the Bloody Orca was reaching him, Sniper reaching out towards him.

"Engineer! Take my hand!"

Engineer reached upwards, but he screamed out in terror and agony as he was yanked back into the water. Sniper stared in horror as Jaws flailed Engineer through the water, severing his legs and biting down on him again. Jaws jumped out of the water, torturing Engineer and Sniper with their last glimpse of one another before Jaws bit down on Engineer, crushing his bones and organs into a pulp. Jaws seemed to grin an insane grin as he sank away, blood filling the waters.

The crew of the Bloody Orca stared in shock at what had just happened. Finally Medic stepped up to them.

"Now vhat do ve do?"

Demoman stood up, rage burning in his eyes.

"We get this sonovabitch with everyone we've got left."

The Bloody Orca then turned and headed back to the island, to let RED and BLU know of what happened.

And to prepare them for the final battle.
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Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide

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Re: Jaws Fortress 2

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:14 am

The remainders of RED and BLU were currently on their way to the bay, towards their possible last battle, knowing that lives would be lost, but they were determined to finally end this.

The Bloody Orca sat in the bay, the shark's fin circling the boat. Demoman stared back at the shark, rage burning in his eye. There was no time to wait for the others. He would do this himself. Demoman picked up his sticky launcher and aimed it at the water...

Just in time for Jaws to attack.

The shark rammed the side of the Bloody Orca hard, causing the boat to tip dangerously to the right, causing Demoman, Sniper, and Medic to slide towards the water. The trio saved themselves by grabbing the mast, holfing tightly as the boat righted itself. The shark circled around the boat, before charging straight at the vessel once more. This time Demoman was ready as he fired several sticky bombs at the beast, the explosives attaching to the fish's right side before going off, tearing a hole in the flesh. With a silent cry of agony, Jaws sank, blood turning churning in the waves.

For a moment, there was silence. Demoman stood up, a grin on his face as he shouted in victory.

"And that's what ye get for touchin' that!!"

Jaws was furious. These humans had harmed him so much it was not there blood that filled the waters, but his own. Far too much of his blood has been spilled, and he was ready to make them pay.

Jaws swam at the boat, remembering how his ancestors did something that would make them iconic.

The trio watched in shock as the shark jumped out of the water and directly onto the boat itself. All three humans were knocked straight up into the air before landing down hard. Demoman and Sniper managed to grab onto the sides, saving themselves.

Medic wasn't so lucky.

Only managing to let out a "Help!", the German doctor slid down the boat, right towards Jaws' gaping maw. Seeing those bloodied teeth, the destruction around him, the deaths that occured, including the one most dear to him, caused something within Medic to snap. The doctor's eyes narrowed in fury as he pulled out his bone saw.

"Sie bezahlen."

Medic stood up and lunged straight at Jaws with a death cry, his bone saw swinging wildly. Sniper saw the shark seemingly back off in shock, clearly not expecting his prey to retaliate like this. Medic swung his saw in a wide arc, aiming right for the shark.

With a sickening tearing of flesh, Jaws' right eye was ripped out of the socket.

The shark seized up, throwing his head back, and Sniper could've sworn he heard the beast scream in pure agony, before the shark rammed his snout into Medic, knocking onto his back. Jaws bit down on Medic's left leg, crunching the bone within. But by this point, in his crazed state, Medic felt no pain.

"Wenn ich sterbe, wirst du gehen mit mir."

Medic stabbed his bone saw into the shark's snout, only to tear it out and stab it in again. Medic kept hacking away at the shark, and it almost seemed like the shark itself was the victim.


Jaws, with a bellow of rage that Sniper heard in his soul, clamped down on Medic with enough force to shatter the German doctor's ribcage. Medic's expression was still furious, as if he refuse to die, until he slowly went limp, his body laying cold and dead. The shark slowly sank back beneath the waves, the blood causing the diamond blue water to turn a ruby red.

Beneath the surface leading to the world above, Jaws devoured Medic's body, rage burning away at him as he ate every part of the doctor. Then, something bizzare happened. Medic's healing pack had been punctured by the shark's teeth, causing the healing properties to escape and engulf the first living being.


The shark's wounds healed up quickly. All the burns, holes, and gashes he suffered disappeared. even his eye grew back, but now it was blind and the scar across still remained.

Jaws seemed to grin in insanity and glee. Oh, yes. He was back with a vengeance.

Demoman and Sniper simply stared at the blood-red water where Medic died, before Sniper took his hat and placed it on his chest.

"I'm sorry, mate."

Suddenly, the shark burst from the water, slamming down upon the boat once more. Sniper reacted in time and grabbed the side of the Bloody Orca once more.

This time, though, it was Demoman who was the unlucky one.

The Scottish man fell backwards, sliding towards the shark's open mouth.

"I'm slipping! Help!"

Sniper reached out, managing to grab Demoman's hand. However, Sniper had lost most of his strength from the events that have occured, and thus couldn't hold on much longer. Knowing his end was near, Demoman looked up to Sniper.

"Sniper, promise me this: whatever happens to me, don't let that shark get me scrumpy."

Sniper's grip on Demoman was lost, and the scottish fell down towards the shark, pulling out his grenade launcher and aiming it at Jaws.

"I may die here, but you will suffer for this!"

Demoman fired off a grenade down Jaws' through, blasting a hole in the beast's throat. The shark paused, and for a moment Sniper thought the shark finally died.

Like a guillotine, Jaws sheared Demoman in half.

The Scottish demolitian man died quickly and painlessly to end his suffering, as his pieces fell below the waves and the shark slid back into the water.

Sniper stared at the scene before him unmoving, even as the others arrived. Sniper kept his eyes on the scene until he noticed the boats containing the RED team. Climbing onto the nearest boat, Sniper saw a helicopter overhead, the RED Scout piloting the aircraft. As Sniper watched, he saw a bomb cart attatched to the bottom. RED Heavy noticed this as well and watched the helicopter circle overhead.

"What is cart doing on helicopter?"

RED Medic came up to him from the side.

"Zat is for ven ze shark somehow gets vid of us before we kill it. Ze bomb shall kill the beast if ve don't succeed."

Heavy thought for a moment, before he grinned.

"I like this idea."

At that moment, Jaws came charging at the nearest boat before jumping out of the water, bodyslamming the boat and causing it to sink. The RED Spy droved up behind Jaws in his boat, before he lashed out with his butterfly knife and stabbed Jaws just below his dorsal fin. The shark just swatted Spy away with his tail before turning and pouncing onto the boat, breaking it in half. Spy jumped away from Jaws, shooting him several times with his revolver before cloaking himself. However, Jaws didn't need sight to find his prey. Sharks could detect even the tiniest of movement and home in on the source. Spy was no different. Jaws swam up below Spy, shearing him in half with a single bite.

BLU Sniper circled the beast, aiming with his sniper rifle and firing, striking the shark in the head. Sniper shot him several more times until Jaws sank, swimming beneath the boat and ramming it hard enough to knock Sniper into the water. As the shark barreled towards him, BLU Sniper tossed a jar of his piss right down the fish's throat.

Jaws paused momentarily, a foul taste filling his mouth. It almost made him want to regurgitate, but the smell of blood drove him on, and he bit down on BLU Sniper, disembowling him as the warm blood washed away the horrible taste of Jarate.

RED Heavy and Medic jumped into the water, catching the attention of Jaws as the duo and the fish charged at one another. Heavy never took his eyes off the incoming beast as he spoke to the doctor.



"Hit charge!"


Medic flipped the switch, and both he and Heavy were engulfed in a red glow, the sound of electricity crackling vibrating through the water as the Ubercharge strengthened them.

Jaws paused for a moment, surprised by the sudden change in his prey, before he came to a conclusion: Their power must've gotten stronger. Well then, he was ready for what they got.

Jaws charged at Heavy, biting down upon his head, only to have several of his teeth break off. Heavy retaliated by punching Jaws in the snout, caving it inward and leaving a batch of bruised flesh. Heavy grabbed Jaws by his head and skullbashed the shark hard in the nose, bringing out a loud crack as the cartilage underneath crunched inwards. Jaws grabbed Heavy's right arm in his mouth and tossed him down. Medic fired away at Jaws with his syringe gun, the needles imbedding themselves into the shark's flesh. Jaws swatted Medic away with his tail, and Heavy came charging up at him from below. Heavy punched Jaws so hard in the stomach that the shark puked, pieces of his victims spilling into the water.

Jaws turned to face Heavy, ramming him hard and sending him tumbling through the water. Medic stabbed his bone saw through the shark's dorsal fin, and with memories of BLU Medic taking his eye out, Jaws spun around and bit down on Medic, forgetting about the Ubercharge and breaking off more of his teeth. Heavy grabbed Jaws' tail and tossed him away, the shark flipping through the water. Jaws charged at Heavy again, grabbing the Russian's leg in his mouth and swinging him around. Medic charged at him, but Jaws tossed Heavy into Medic, causing the two to tumble away. Jaws charged at the humans and attacked with numerous fly-bys and tail swipes, knocking the two around in the water.

Finally Heavy grabbed Jaws' tail, swinging him around and around, all the while Medic held out his bone saw, causing the shark's snout to be continously sliced by the saw. Heavy then tossed away Jaws, the shark tumbling through the water before righting himself. Jaws almost seemed to bellow in rage. Why wouldn't these humans die already?! Jaws charged right at Heavy and Medic, his mouth open wide.

A mistake.

Heavy pulled out Sasha, the minigun firing off round after round of bullets. Jaws couldn't defend himself as the bullets ripped into his flesh, leaving many holes that gushed blood. Heavy rammed Jaws with his shoulder, flipping the shark over, before Heavy beat away at the shark with his fists, each blow leaving a crater of bruised flesh. Heavy smashed both fists into Jaws' stomach, making him puke out blood as he started to sink. It was by that point that the Ubercharge wore off, but Heavy and Medic didn't care. They were ready to fight to the death.

Medic fired off numerous syringes at Jaws, the needles sinking into the bullet wounds. Thrashing his tail furiously, Jaws charged at the two, only to be clotheslined by Heavy, knocking the shark backwards. Jaws bit Heavy on the arm, this time his teeth sinking into the flesh, tossing him aside as he charged at Medic. The German doctor stabbed his bone saw into Jaws' gills, but the shark ignored it as he bit down on Medic, the doctor screaming as Jaws tore him apart, blood and pieces of Medic sinking through the water.

Needless to say, Heavy was pissed.

"I'm going to eat your f*cking limbs!!!"

Heavy unleashed the full fury of Sasha upon Jaws, the bullets tearing into the shark's body and making the shark's skin red with blood. Jaws turned and charged at Heavy, ramming him hard enough to crack a rib, but the Russian punched Jaws hard in the snout and made him back off as Heavy lunged at him.


Heavy beat away at Jaws' head, leaving many bruises across the shark's flesh. Jaws bit down on Heavy's hand, shearing it off as he bit into Heavy's stomach, spilling out the intestines. Heavy socked Jaws in the eyes numerous times, but Jaws menaged to chew his way through Heavy, tearing the Russian in half.

RED Sniper climbed aboard the helicopter, Scout controlling the aircraft and flying it over the carnage. Sniper looked towards Scout.

"So what do we do now?"

"We're gonna bring that shark out so we can blow his ass up, that's what!"

"I think I know how."

Sniper pcked up his rifle and aimed it towards the water, but for now he wouldn't be able to hit the shark.

Jaws charged at the boats containing BLU Spy and RED Soldier, the only two left in the battlefield. Jaws bodyslammed both boats under his great weight, but the two humans jumped out of the way of the beast and were ready to retaliate. Soldier jumped on top of Jaws, wielding his shovel.

"If God had wanted you to live he would not have created me!"

Soldier beat away at Jaws with his shovrl, sometime stabbing Jaws with the shovel's blade. Jaws managed to grab the shovel in his mouth, tossing it away before he rolled, throwing off Soldier before he swatted him away. Spy shot at Jaws with his revolver, but the beast was unfased as he charged right at Spy, biting down hard on the French man.

"I have been shown who is the boss!"

Jaws tore Spy in half before Soldier took aim with his rocket launcher and fired, blasting a hole in Jaws' side. Jaws tensed up in agony, but retaliated by charging at the American warrior, who managed to jump to the side, shooting at Jaws with his shotgun as the shark sped by. The helicopter sped by, Sniper looking down at Soldier.

"Soldier! Keep him steady so we can drop the bomb! We can kill him!"

Soldier made a salute with his right hand. He would so anything to stop the enemy, even if it meant throwing his life away.


Soldier fired away at Jaws with his shotgun, but the fish rammed him hard, knocking him underwater before the shark swatted him away with his tail.


Soldier fired away at Jaws with his rocket launcher, blowing holes into the shark's flesh. Jaws took a moment to think. All this time, they had been planning for this. They thought ahead of him, and now held the advantage. As he thought, he realized just how powerful these people were. They were throwing their lives to the line just to stop him. Him. A shark who was-

Jaws saw why they were hurting him.

Never had any of Jaws' ancestors felt this emotion. People always assumed that sharks felt nothing, but they did. Jaws felt something he never felt before:


He had killed them first. That's why they were trying to kill him. To avenge their comrades' deaths. If he were able to, Jaws would've sighed. This was all his fault. He deserved whatever fate was to come. He would have to give up and take what they had. Which is why what he did next he regretted.

Jaws charged at Soldier, who kept firing at him. Jaws took every hit that came. He deserved the pain. Jaws bit down on Soldier's torso, the human yelling outwards.

"Sniper! Drop it now!"

Jaws quickly bit down hard enough to crush Soldier's bones, giving him a quick and painless death. Jaws would've shed a tear if he could. He spotted the helicopter hovering overhead. He felt that whatever was to happen to him were to come from the helicopter. And so Jaws jumped out of the water, stright for the helicopter.

Sniper prepared to press the button that would finish this, when he saw Jaws' face. In the brief moment, Sniper saw...sadness in Jaws' eyes. Had he regretted what he had done? Sniper realized that this shark was willing to kill himself to redeem what he's done. With a deep breath, Sniper closed his eyes and pressed the button.

Jaws felt nothing as the bomb impacted him. In the moment before the bomb detonated, Jaws felt himself smiling. He had redeemed himself by losing his life and ending this carnage.

Sniper watched on as Jaws' remains fell back into the ocean. He sat back, letting out his breath.

"I see you're not happy with what you've done?"

RED Spy appeared next to Sniper, who looked at him in surprise.

"How'd you-"

"I used the Dead Ringer and snuck onto the helicopter when the shark wasn't looking. I understand what you're feeling. That shark had done horrible things, and by being so wounded in this battle, he knew the pain he was causing to us. That is why he threw himself at the bomb. Just so he could redeem himelf."

"I just hope he's in a better place now."

"I'm sure he is."

The helicopter flew away from Amity Island, and headed back towards their own home. The teams' bosses would surely have new respawn machines built for them.

In the meantime, they could rest.
My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...

gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide

Holy poop man.


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