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Postby Gojira21 » Tue May 29, 2012 4:18 pm


Prologue Part 1

Expert from a journal recovered at Rochester, VA. It was apparently from a scientist named James Barker.

March, 10 2011

Death. It is the one cold, unforgiving, singular event that plagues any living thing. It is a powerful entity that can not be controlled, or even understood. Death is the unknown of life and yet it is not a mystery. It can affect animals to humans, Death is not biased. It chooses without remorse. The causes that can contribute to death are not a hidden culprit in the night, or some secret that Governments hide in their vaults. Being shot, stabbed, burned are only a micro-fracture of ways that a living presence can ultimately be extinguished of life. But yet, Death is a mystery as to why it could happen. Is everything that was ever created was designed with built in destiny to eventually die? If that is the case, then how come the previous mentioned causes are considered non-natural forms of death? These would seem to contradict those sentiments, if they are to be believed. While the likes of cancer, diseases, and plagues are the natural way death occurs. But if you look around, just about anything you can see could be considered a “death waiting to happen”. If everything is a way to death, then it leads too one understand why is there life anyway? Is death a way of God controlling our fates? In a world full of religious advocacy maybe this is true. Maybe the way we living beings die is a calculated factor programmed into every one of us that, given the right factors, can be switched on like a switch. Death is the one thing that is consistent and it intrigues people to this day. Some want to be able to control this phenomenon event. But it is not something that could ever be controlled as no one will be able to understand it. But why can’t that idiot Noland understand this? He greedily continues chipping away at this virus we discovered, experimenting on countless subjects. Reviving some of them just past the point of death, some of the things he had done are disturbing…and no mortal man should have to ever experience it. Ever heard of some things should be left alone? Well this is the one instance where I believe it should. Death is not an object for ones entertainment, and I will not stand by while the insidious “doctor” drags this us down with him!...
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

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Re: Mortius

Postby Gojira21 » Tue May 29, 2012 8:11 pm

Prologue Part 2

Rochester, VA Outskirts of Hollows Point.

Fall had clearly taken a significant hold of the surrounding forest that was known as Hollows Point. The trees were withered and tattered from the early begging’s of cold as it crept in, taking a hold of them. They were hunched over like an evil monstrous hand, reaching out to any passerby, which gave the subliminal message of ‘doom’. If someone had decided to stroll down this ominous looking woods, one would have felt like snow white, wandering around in the fictionist Dark Forest. Although, not many people dare consider venturing into Hollows Point because there were many rumors that surround this mysterious place. Mainly these rumors have swirled around one central incident that only happened just a few years earlier. An old, retired Vietnam veteran had lived in the woods, becoming a hermit. He took to the solitude and serenity instead of the bustle of everyday flow that was in the city. Stemming from Post Traumatic Stress, the old man could not stand to be around the rest of humanity. But one day, supposedly the man had snapped and went on a rampage. Killing four local citizens and then took his own life shortly after. The ones who did know him, believed it was the PTS had finally taken its tool on him. Making him made him delusional. But others believe it had something to do with the old, closed down military base that was only a few miles away from the city. The reason behind it was never fully proven and thus, his legend of craziness has been past down over the years as lunacy. It has become a folk lore surrounding this place that if you wander into the woods you will meet him, his dead body roaming around looking for Vietcong’s (North Vietness during the war incase none of you all knew that).

Disturbing the solemn trees was a violent wind; it vibrated through the barren branches knocking down any remaining leaves. A helicopter descends out of the air like a calling card from heaven. The massive hulk of a machine hovers just over the tree line, its turbine blades churning the air above. It was an unmarked Sikorsky uh60 Blackhawk which was an unusual sight to see on the outskirts of a peaceful town. From the side of the Blackhawk the doors slide open and a pair of lines drop outward towards the narrow road below. Not long after, two men slide down the lines followed by two more. All together four men were dropped off as the Blackhawk quickly retreats back into the sky. The men were of some military profession as they wore full fitted battle vests and their equipment was all in black. They were armed with modified Mp5’s. Although they appeared of military order the atmosphere about them felt mysterious. One of the men, probably the commander of the group, signals the men to check their weapons.

“Status report on weapons” replied the commander coolly.

As he received confirmation from his men, he smiles.

“Ok, target area is two clicks north of our current location” says the commander firmly, “Now move out”

The men do not say a word and proceed down the unknown path. After what seemed about an hour the four men come to a halt as their target lies just before them. Just a few feet in front of them were a van, crashed into a tree. The front end of the cab was smashed into the thick bark as the front windows were shattered. As the men drew closer they noticed blood on the door and driver window as the door was left open. The men surround the van and investigate. Upon looking inside the noticed a briefcase lying open on the passenger seat floor. It was empty of its contents.

The commander of the group stands off to the side and speaks into a mic.
“Sir we have discovered the target. The package was not to be seen, we presume may be on foot. There was evidence of possible contamination.”

The commander was answered by a swift, quick response.

“Locate and exterminate contact, retrieval of package must be found commander!” replied a familiar voice.

The commander doesn’t hesitate and answers with a strong ‘yes’ and turns back to the men.

“Ok men, we move out. We might have possible airborne pathogens. Put on the masks and let’s move.” Upon hearing the news, the men put on sophisticated gasmask and continue into the woods following a trail of blood.

Eventually the men follow the trail of blood to a wide clearing. On the commanders GPS unit, which was on his arm, they were located just in the middle of Hollows Point. To the main entrance of the clearing there was a truck that was in a camouflaged coloring. Not to far from the truck were too abandoned rifles. The trail of blood continued right near the truck and the rifles. As the men investigate further there were another pair of footprints and they appeared to have been in a struggle with the ones that caused the blood trail. The second pair then retreated back into the woods as one of the prints looked as if someone may have been helped to walk. Just as the men were finishing up, a person comes shuffling from behind the truck. It was dragging across the cold hard ground as its leg was broken. The bone was protruding through the skin. It managed to catch one of the men off guard as it reached out and grabbed his ankle. Its salivating mouth bites through the pants as the man screams and fiercely kicks the thing away. The commander quickly responds by firing a bullet into the things head, effectively ending its miserable existence. He then points his gun at his wounded commrade.

The man notices this and backs up with a limp, hands raised a look of panic was seen through the mask.

“Sir, please no-!” he pleaded just as the Commander fired two rounds through his mask. With no remorse, the Commander then calls back to Operations.

“Sir, we have located and exterminated the contact. But there was no sign of package” he says with little more of worry in his voice, “Plus there may be evidence of an attack with further contamination through oral contact.”

For a moment there was no response, but finally Operations answers:

“Understood. Secure the area and cleanse of evidence. Then report back to rendezvous.”

The Commander does not need to be told twice of what was ordered and quickly answers yes as the mic. Died. The Commander looks around the barren clearing as a breeze swoops down, creating an eerie sound, God help this place.
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"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

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Re: Mortius

Postby Gojira21 » Thu May 31, 2012 1:40 pm

Chapter 1


As the sun begins to disappear over the horizon, it’s fading light washes over the helicopter and its shadow looms over the approaching base. It was like the final accord to a long, disturbing day for the occupants of the helicopter as they were not over. Just below them awaited even more obstacles. Ones they did not particularly want to face, but it will happen nonetheless. Kiko gloomily looked out the window and knew that the tribulations of this day wouldn’t have ended so easy. If he was a drunken man, this would have defiantly sobered the hell out of him. Hell I rather be drunk right now he thought to himself, never taking his eyes off the assembled men at the pad. There was six men all together, 5 armed military police and one Officer. None of them seemed pleased with this but they were only following orders, supposedly. Whoever gave this arrest order was seriously an idiot, they were not traitors. That man was dead and gone hopefully rotting in hell bitterly thought Kiko as a satisfying image of him dead crosses his mind. Then he forcefully shakes his head, shocked at his ruthlessness. The whole ordeal of Rochester must have changed him. It changed all of them in one way or another. His body ached and all he wanted to do was rest as the chopper began its descent towards the men. There was no turning back from this.

Cesar looks at Jaxon through his shades, not sure what to say. He felt like he grown closer to everyone, although he spent most of the time roaming the halls with only a fraction of this team. He was exhausted and did not want to deal with anymore poop but apparently that was wishful thinking. Apparently this whole ordeal may run deeper than Rochester and he was afraid of that. His superiors, before he left on his mission, told him that there was maybe more secrets to this than met the eye and they have only started to stumble on them. So is the life of a spy he guessed. He inwardly sighs.

“What is going to happen to us down there?” asked Cesar, looking directly at Jaxon.

Jaxon doesn’t turn his attention from the window and makes no immediate attempt to answer. Not that Cesar can blame him, this man just lost about everyone on his team. Kiko was the only one left. Slowly, Jaxon turns and faces Cesar and his eyes focus on him.

“I don’t know, Cesar. But things are going to be lot more complicated” replied Jaxon slowly as if choosing his words.

Cesar only nods his head and drifts back into the thought just as the chopper begins its descent.

As the chopper comes to its landing, Kiko slowly opens the door and takes the first steps out. A fierce wind snaps at his face as he steps on to his second air pad today. Once he was out everyone quickly files out behind him. As they come out, the armed MP’s quickly surround them aiming weapons, they eventually had them in cuffs. Kanna was the only one who struggled, apparently starting to become conscious. Her eyes glowed red as she smacks a MP back at least ten feet, breaking a few ribs. She was about to strike again when the Officer shouts at out loud.

“Get her under control! I don’t want any problems!” he ordered at two MPs. The two quickly advance on Kanna and pull out some sophisticated looking poles and slammed them into Kanna’s side as an electrical shock surges through her. It momentarily causes her to stop moving as they were able to put on a strange set of cuffs. They locked in placed and sent an unknown charge through her wrists, just low enough to subdue her. Her eyes glowed fiercely again as she tries to lash out again but is restrained from the cuffs and her expression becomes one of pure evil. These men were clearly not the bases average MP’s, they were prepared. It only brought more mysterious to the ever growing list of things.

“What is the meaning of this?” ordered Jaxon at the officer, struggling with his cuffs as one MP pushes him forward.

The officer snickers at him and replies with disdain, “You and your group are suspected of Treason, Captain.”

“That’s bullshit! We didn’t do a damn thing!” yelled Jaxon.

“Yea, well the Upper brass doesn’t think so. And neither do I” he said as he leans right into Jaxon face. Jaxon spits at the man and wanted nothing to do but smack this man around. Then Jaxon was pushed forward, almost tripping as the MP’s led them into the base.

Once they were dragged inside, they were greeted by three more men. Each one was vastly different than other. The main man stood in front of the other two and with a serious look on his face. He was a rather short man with a thinning head of hair but perhaps the strangest thing was his uniform. He wore a stunning 3 piece suit with the logo “NEWGEN Co.” stitched just above the left breast pocket. The other two men behind him were of bigger build and wore black body armor with also the words SECURITY DETAIL on them. What the hell is this? Thought Kiko, staring at NewGen decals. He whispers over to Jaxon.

“You noticed the name on their uniforms?”

Jaxon nods his head, in deep thought “Yes I did. This makes no damn sense.”

Cesar whistles, “Who ever the hell he is, the man has style” admiring the suit despite feeling the knot of tension developing in his stomach.

On that note, the suited man walks up them. Or more of seemed to waltz up to them with an air of authority about him as he had his chest pushed outward. His serious expression never changes, like it was surgically plastered to him. His eyes scan over the group with a hint of deviousness.

“Take these two to the brig. They are of no importance.” The man ordered pointing at Zach and Alex as two MP’s drag them away. He then turns too Kanna and Wens as look of interest shoots across his brow, if only briefly.

“Those two are of highest value. Take them to back to Experimental department, my Peers would be delighted to have them back!” he replies as two more MP’s, along with one of the men in black, as they are dragged down a branching hall but before that happened Kanna yells to the suited man in a calm but threatning tone.

"I will kill all of you..." and she disappears around the corner.

Ignoring her words, he turns back to the remaining three with a look of annoyance on his face.

“Now you three are wanted by the highest of brass. Take them to who ever it is that wants them” he ordered in an unenthused voice as he drifts away, following the departing figures of Kanna and Wens. The remaining MP and the man in black push them forward.

As Cesar, Kiko and Jaxon were being led down the hall in front of them, Cesar speaks up.

“How the hell did you all not know about this?”

Kiko glances at Cesar, “We did not know NewGen was here. There is poop on this base that they do not tell us.”

“Well apparently NewGen has your upper brass in the back pocket!” retorts Cesar fiercely.

“Well it explains a lot of things. Especially WHY we were deployed in the first.” Replied Jaxon finally.

“A cover-up?” asked Cesar

Jaxon shrugs, “Maybe, but they only told me to enter the city and find survivors. But they never told me what to expect, they seemed hesitant on the mission briefing.”

“Think Theo had something to with this?” said Kiko in a whisper.

“But then why are we being accused of Treason?” answered Cesar.

“To cover their tracks…” replied Jaxon just as the man in black shoves his elbow into his gut telling them to be quite. Jaxon clenches at the impact and gives the look of death to the man in black.
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

-Ishiro Honda

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Re: Mortius

Postby Gojira21 » Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:51 pm

Chapter 2


The three prisoners were dragged into a big, rounded, expansive room. Surrounding the entire front facing walls were numerous rows of monitors. They were all displaying various events with one, big monitor showing a 2 dimensional viewing of the Globe with different markings pinpointing various locations. The dots displayed on the map were listed off on the side. Another monitor shows their longitude and latitude coordinates being filtered across. On the outlining monitors, the pinpointed located were on display as live satellite images were viewed. Each one was a different view then the last. In the middle of the room was a platform that stood elevated 5 feet from the main floor. There were two catwalk platforms that extended out left and right that connected to another more expansive catwalk. This one circled around the whole room with branching halls leading into other mysterious parts of the base. Around the elevated platform were a wide number of computers and other sophisticated looking equipment. There were tons of personnel dressed in various military clothing manning the computers. On the platform, a strongly built man had his back turned to the three. As the doors behind them close the figure dose an about face and stares directly at them; his expression was blank. The man was dressed in military dressings as the entire left breast patch of the suit was adorned with numerous medals and awards. This man was General McClain. With his hands clasped behind his back, he slowly marches to the end of the platform and looks down at the men.

“You guards are dismissed” finally spoke the General in a quite but commanding voice. As the guards depart back through the doors, McClain looks back at the three; his eyes blaring daggers at them.

“Gentlemen, it is suffice to say that you made it out of that mess of Rochester” sighed the General staring each man in the eyes, “But regardless of the matter Captain Jaxon you disobeyed a direct command. Your original orders were to achieve a sample of that virus and you ignored it and proceed on the false cover of searching for survivors. You were to report back your findings and send in result via electronics communications.”

Captain Jaxon finally looks at the General as Kiko became confused. Wondering what the hell was going on.

“General, that was not the way to proceed. I disobeyed because are first priority is too find survivors! Who gives a poop about the virus?” said the Jaxon.

A vein pulses on McClain’s forehead; he clearly did not like this outburst “Captain that was a doomed prospect from the beginning. There were never any survivors in the city it was condemned from the start.”

“Bastard” said Jaxon, “do you care for people’s lives? Or is the prospect of a future military weapon interest you more?”

The General stares at Jaxon, trying not to let this insubordinate get the best of him and regains his composure, “The sacrifice of few is a minor necessity for the purpose of this country’s future.” That phrase almost sounded forced, even planned. Jaxon felt disgusted and shakes his head.

“Then why the hell are we under suspicion of treason General?” demanded Jaxon again.

The General almost laughs and paces around the platform; he was enjoying this toying with them.

“Because Captain your men were deemed in expendable. We never fully expected for you to make it out of there alive. We figured in that not everyone would abide by your original directive. But you going against that skreeonked everything up Captain. Your men discovered more than you were supposed to see.”

Then realization dawns on Jaxon at the same time it does Kiko as he quietly curses under his breath.

“We were never to be brought up on treason charges were we General?” spoke Jaxon.

The General smiles and slightly glances at Jaxon as he stops his pacing, “You catch on quick Captain.”

“So what the hell you plan on doing with us now?”

“Well…you all still died with the city Captain” answered the General with a sinister tone. “The rest of you and your team are here by deemed terminated. I bet NewGen will be able to take care of you.”

Then the guards come storming back in to the room as the General orders to take the three of them away. Not a moment longer Jaxon, Kiko and Cesar were taken away. The General sighs as they disappear. He had high hopes for the group but yet it appeared that hope has been a false pretense. Oh well thought the General as he strides over to a small console on the plat form and presses a button that relayed into an intercom. Its destination was unknown, presumably somewhere in the base.

“It is done.” Slowly spoke the General.

For a moment nothing responds, just a small static sound could be heard. Then finally a voice answers.

“Good, General. That will be all.” It was Dr. Noland Ronal.

As the Kiko and the others were being dragged down the hall to the unknown, he looks at Jaxon. For a moment he felt betrayal from the Captain. He purposely left out a valuable piece of information that could have saved lives. But then he was glad he didn’t and the better judgment prevailed. Then Jaxon nods at him and an understanding comes between the two. Next Jaxon breaks his restraint from the guard and slams him against the wall just as Cesar and Kiko follow suit. In a matter of moments, the two guards were out cold on the ground. Jaxon picks up their rifle and hands Kiko the other one as Cesar takes the pistol. It wasn’t his fellow Bonnie and Clyde but it will do. An odd smile spreads across his face as just to have the feel of a gun in his hand felt good. Kiko only shakes his head.

“What do we do now?” asked Kiko just as an alarm signals through the hall.

Jaxon spares a glance up the alarm “Well this is not going to be easy, but we need to find the others. Me and Cesar will go and retrieve Kanna and Wens, you fine those other two.”

Kiko nods his head and starts to advance down the hall when Jaxon stops him again.

“Be careful, I don’t want anymore people dying.”

With that Kiko smiles and then continues onward. Jaxon looks at Cesar “Ready?”

Cesar smiles “Do we have a choice?”

Jaxon grunts and shakes his head “Guess not.” Then they both push forward.

Kiko turns the corner that he remembered seeing Zach and Alex taken down. He moves with determination as he keeps his rifle raised; not taking any chances of a surprise. The strange thing though was he had not encountered any resistance. It was odd for a base of this importance to not have more guards roaming the place. He wasn’t complaining though, it made the job easier. Less risks would be taken. Just as he thought it was a smooth process he notices a guard standing at the entrance to the brig. He was already aiming his rifle down the hall, waiting for anyone that is unauthorized to make an entrance. Thankfully for Kiko, his back was facing the other direction. Must be a rookie thought Kiko as he was not doing a very well job of covering all entry ways. Slowly Kiko sneaks in behind him and closes the gap. With a quick motion of his hand, the guard was knocked out cold on the ground. Kiko grabs the keys and moves into the brig. Right in the middle of the room was both Zach and Alex, who jumped up upon seeing Kiko.

“Thank god” voiced Zach, “Thought the cavalry would never come” he finishes with a smile as Kiko unlocks the cell.

“Yea, yea a thanks would have worked” said Kiko and then tosses the keys to him, “Quickly get your chains off, we don’t have long. I’m sure reinforcements will be here shortly.”

Zach understood and hurriedly gets the cuffs off. He then proceeds to help Alex.

Kanna wakes up again for what felt lie the hundredth time in a complete blank. Her head was spinning and she felt unclear. Her focus was a blur as small fragments of memory slowly swirl around in her conscious; her mind grasped at them as she tries to piece it all back together. She still weak but her energy was slowly coming back as she tries to move. But she couldn't as something was holding her down. Kanna tries to move her head to look around and sees thick straps aligned down her arms and legs. The cuffs that were placed on her from before were still present as they were now infused with whatever she was strapped too. A vibrant, green liquid color was pulsating through the cuff and into her wrists. She could feel the liquid traveling through her body. It was just enough to subdue her powers as she became enraged and thrashed around in a futile attempt. While she was in her thralls, someone approaches her. The image of the person was blurry at first as the lighting of the room did not help her sight. But slowly the figure materializes as she notices it was a man. It was the same one from before with the suit. He moves directly in front of her with a smug smile on his face. The suit man gets up so close to her that she could literally smell him; can feel his heart pumping through his body as she clenched her fists. She wanted so desperately to get free and rip this man apart.

“Well hello there Kanna, nice of you to finally join us.” He said with a hint of sarcasm.

At the sound of us she notices another figure just off to the side. It was Wens who was also trapped in the same device she was, his beaming one eye face looking directly at her.

“You two, but you more importantly, are of valuable interests to NewGen” the man says more directed at Kanna than Wens. He begins to pace the room. The man was enjoying this.

“You present great potential to the company, my dear Kanna. Ever since Dr Ronal discovered you and the greatness you possessed, the abilities you presented were endless! We are lucky to have you alive” said the man as his smile grows in volume and faces Kanna again “We will greatly enjoy having you back in clutches”

The man never even notices Jaxon slip into the room behind him or that Wens was also able to manipulate himself out of his bindings. Both Jaxon and Wens look at each other just before Wens comes from behind the man. He becomes alerted and quickly turns around. The plastered smile is immediately gone as he faces down the barrel of Jaxon’s rifle.

“Ello mate!” says Wens in a mock British accent just as he punches the man right in the face, knocking him out in.

Once the man was out, Wens and Jaxon race towards Kanna.

“How the hell we get these things off?” asked Jaxon referring to the strange cuffs, Wens just shrugs.

“Beats me Cap, mine were lot more…simpler” mused Wens as he feels over the clasps and then breaks them off with a surprising amount of strength. The rest of it Kanna took care of herself as she felt her entire energy supply surge through her body and rips of the straps. A hue of bright energy encases her body and she stares down both of them.

“Come on sis, stop playing all big and bad and let’s get out of here” mocks Wens staring at Kanna with amusement. Kanna shakes her head and points at the man on the ground as he slowly starts to come awake.

“Leave him alone, Kanna” sharply answered Jaxon, “We don’t have time to play around!”

Kanna ignores him and raises the man using her powers. He becomes fully awake with a moan and notices he was off the ground. He panics.

“What is going on?! Put me down!” the man pleaded. Jaxon just stares and realizes he dose not want to mess with someone who has a greater power than him. He just turns away and walks out the room. Once he was out, all he hears is a scream and he shakes his head. Not a moment later Wens followed out along with Kanna, a satisfied look on her face. They were about to continue when a group of armed men gather in front of them with their weapons raised.

“Freeze!” yelled one of them.

Kanna smiles and moves in front of Jaxon and Wens. With a flick of her wrist, all five of the guards are thrown backwards. None of them got up. Kanna slowly strolls ahead of them, acting like she didn’t even notice what she just did.

Few moments later, Jaxon, Wens and Kanna finally discover the others as they came scrambling around a corner. There was the sound of gun fire behind them; a look of concern was on their faces.

“Need to go now!” yells Kiko. Jaxon nods his head in understanding and fires down the other end of the hall.

“Alright go on, you now where the exit is!” yells Jaxon pointing behind him. The others start to move past him as the gun fire continues around them. At the same time, more guards enter into the hall.

“What are you doing captain?” demanded Kiko.

Jaxon fires again before answering, “Covering your asses, now damnit don’t argue and get them out of here!” and he pushes Kiko away. Kiko wanted to refuse but knows that Jaxon won’t listen. With regret he turns and follows the rest through the back end of the hall. Jaxon turns back getting low and continue firing just as a bullet smacks into his shoulder. He felt the pain but pushes through and continues the assault. Three more bullets collide into his chest as he felt the wind leave him and collapses to the floor. Jaxon coughs up blood as two of the guards rush towards him with their weapons pointed at him. Just behind them, General McClain forms out of the group and stops beside Jaxon. He looks down at him with a look of disgust.

“Go on” said Jaxon coughing up blood, “Kill me!”

“Already done” coolly says the General as he pulls out a gun and shoots the Captain execution style. Then he stands there and takes a deep breath. A more menacing smile crosses him as he felt great. Slowly he walks away not caring what else happens.

Kiko and the rest of them were able too hijack a military vehicle as they speed away; leaving the base as it grows into a spec painted across the void of land. Kiko could not help but feel guilty for leaving behind Jaxon, but he knows the Captain well. He a stupid but brave person he thought as he tried not to dwell on what happened to him. Instead he tries to focus on what lies ahead.

“So what do we do next?” asked Alex.

Kiko stares at the road in front of him, not sure how to answer “I don’t know. But one thing is for sure we are going to wanted men. If NewGen has the government in their back pockets, we will be America’s number one wanted fugitives.”

“So we have no where to go?” said Cesar.

Wens looks around at the group and speaks “well I know somewhere we can go...the family mansion.”

Kanna also looks at him, surprised as she does not remember anything about a ‘mansion’. Kiko only nods his head and they drift away into the unknown.
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

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Re: Mortius

Postby Gojira21 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:38 pm

Chp 3

6 months later

Desert of southern Nevada

A howling wind picks up across the barren land. It sweeps down like the breath of a monster and spreads through the nearby mountain formations. It created a symphony of marvelous but eerie sounds as the wind vibrates between the narrower portions of the topography. The land was like a strange, unknown place full of mysterious wonders with its massive mountain edifices that have been crafted by erosion of the decades. Not much life is present except for the occasional lizard scrambling across roughen, cracked terrain. In the day, temperatures can reach excessive levels over a scorching 100 degrees. But then the strangest thing is it can plummet to the low 40s and 30s once the sun makes its dramatic disappearance over the mountains. These conditions make it just about unbearable for any human being to live, therefore making it a place that can easily hide a secret or a mystery. That is why no one would have noticed the blinding light that seemed to even outmatch the brightness of the moon. From some unknown source in the sky, a circling pulsating beam of light comes veering down into a section of dirt. Not a single noise is heard as it collides into the dry ground beneath forming a crater. It was roughly 7 to 8 feet wide as the light expands to encompass the newly created diameter. As the light grows, a ring of lighting seems to crackle around the line of energy as something is traversing in the middle of it. Finally the light dwindles and forms a dome shape over the crater as the color changes from the bright white to a more dull orange hue. Across the dome, a power surges through the middle like a whirl wind as the figure begins to materialize into a shape. It was vaguely human like but the light obscured important details. Then with a loud pop the dome of light and energy explodes back into the air; disappearing suddenly like nothing had even happened. Left in its wake was the crater as it was sizzling from within with smoke streaming upward. All that was left was a figure in the middle of the crater as the smoke billows around it. Slowly the figure rises with a demeanor of pride. Once it was fully upright the figure was roughly 6 feet tall and 3 inches. It was a male. The look about him appeared calm and seemed natural with short brown hair and striking blue eyes that seemed to radiate out ward. He had a slender, but well toned build (similar to a swimmer or runner). There was nothing alien like about this person as so many residents of nearby towns would hope to see. The only strangest thing about him would have been how he arrived and, well, the clothes he wore. The word clothes were perhaps a mild form of clothing as he wore what looked liked a suit of some kind. The suit was adhering to his slim build showing his muscular frame. The suit itself was black with thick padding (or armor) around the shoulders and chest but not to much as to make him appear immobile. The padding or armor connected around the waist to a belt that holstered many different pockets and notches. There was a small like control brace on his left arm that extended up to the elbow. In some places the suit appeared charred or dented. The reasons why were unknown. His name was Tyler Tamaki.

A coyote howls in the distance as Tyler scans over the environment. It was strange looking to him but yet familiar. He had once been to this place before…but only in a different dimension into the future. The land was considerably different as it was not burned or scorched in the terms of a massive explosion. Plus there appeared to be more life around as he could feel it. Just to be sure that he had made it too the right time frame he glances at his wrist computer. Tyler reaches out and presses a series of commands as a minuscule projection displays from his arm. It shows the earth in a 3d view and marks his location with the time stamp of EARTH: Nevada January 10, 2012 above the hologram. Strange he thought to himself as he was surprised at how much of a difference there was from this time to that of what he is use too. Plus he remembers the name from history as Nevada literally does not exist anymore in his dimension. It was purged from the United States Coalition during the War. Seeing the vast difference filled him with a renowned hope just by seeing signs of life! Apparently the damning plan of Dr. Noland Ronal has not been completed yet thought the traveler which is great for him as he still has time. Time was such a valuable to have from the dimension he comes from. A weary smile crosses his young but deceiving futures as he slowly walks out of the crater. Underneath him the crunches from his gaunt as the apparent energy from before caused a crystallization of the dirt giving it a glassy complexion. As he ventures forward he walks past a sign and stops to study it. The sigh said WARNING: NO UNATHOURIZED PERSONNEL ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT. Then there was a smaller sign by it that read DON’T LET THE MILITARY FULL YA! AREA 51 IS REAL! It was apparently posted by some local citizen who was obsessed with the Area 51 theories. Tyler stares at it with a blank expression confused by this. Just as he was about to turn away something comes to a speeding haut directly behind him. Tyler then turns around to discover a Military camouflaged truck has stopped just 10 feet from him and a bright light shines at him. The light has no affect on him as he just stands there staring. The side of the of the truck read Military Police and two men scramble out of the truck armed with M4’s. Both MP’s approach Tyler with their weapons raised and begins yelling at him.

“Sir you have entered a non civilian area! Please proceed of the premises!” ordered the first MP.

Tyler just stares not caring what he was saying. He had better things to deal with.

“I said again! Please proceed of the surrounding premises!”

“I must speak to a Kiko Terpoyski. It is of major imp-“begun Tyler but he was unable to finish as the second MP interrupts.

“Hands over your head where we can see them!” ordered the second MP as he advances toward Tyler ready to strike him down.

Tyler finally becomes angered and warns the MP, “I would not come any closer if you know what is good for you…”

But the second MP ignores him and reaches out for Tyler. Tyler simply dodges his attempt and slams his arm into the MP who is sent flying backwards toward the truck. The first MP panics and begins firing at Tyler as the bullets just bounce of his suit. Tyler just simply punches the MP in the neck as he falls to the ground unconscious. Then Tyler approaches the truck and enters inside. He immediately connects his wrist computer with the built in computer of the truck and begins a search for his target. After a few seconds nothing turns up expect a record of Kiko showing he has been missing for the last 6 months and is wanted for treason and terrorism. The last known sighting of Kiko was the military base outside of Rochester, VA. Tyler lets out a frustrated sigh and realizes this is going to be harder than he had hoped.
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

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