Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

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Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:30 am

Chapter 1: Prologue

Dr. Gero, Lord Zedd, and some of the greatest evil masterminds of all time stood around staring at a pod.

Dr. Gero, “Glorious, glorious, it’s so glorious!!”

Eggman, “Yes now I can kill that damn Sonic!”

Zedd, “And those rangers…”


Eggman got in Bowsers face, “Who the hell do you think you’re yelling at! I am the great Dr. Eggman!”

Bowser got in Eggman’s face, “I’m yelling at you big nose and get the hell out my face!”

Eggman raised his voice, “THEN WHY DON’T YOU MAKE ME!!”

Dr. Gero interrupted, “Gentlemen…gentlemen…do not worry we will kill them all…”

The Xillien leader stepped from the Shadows alongside him was the Black Hole Alien leader.

Xillien leader, “Just to let you all know if any one’s going to die first it’s going to be that damn Godzilla and every one of his allies”

Gero interrupted once again, “Actually none of them are going to be killed yet…”

Everyone in the room except Gero fainted.

Gero, “The E-Fighters are going out first, that’s where I’m sending Mecha-Soniczilla for his first test…“

The Professor stood at a computer typing in codes, “Yes a matter a fact I’m opening up the portal right now…”

Eggman crossed his arms and frowned before yelling, “WELL NEXT GOES SONIC!”

Gero smiled, “Yes…It would only be fair that Sonic goes out next…it would only be fair that one of his first slaughters are the person he was created off…and after Sonic is dead we kill Godzilla and destroy the rest of those weak heroes…”

At that moment the portal opened. Gero smiled as his hair swayed, “Activate Mecha-Soniczilla”

The Professor pressed a button and the pod opened. The creature insides eyes lit up. It emerged from the pod, it armor glistening a Dark Purple. It looked exactly like Mecha-Sonic but with fangs and slaws and a tail that resembled the likes of Godzilla. It roared as it flailed its arms around.



Mecha-Soniczilla roared before turning and walking into the portal, it closed as he disappeared into it.

Gero turned to the Professor, “Progress on the girls…”

The Professor walked over to three human sized pods,”45% Finished sir”

Gero smirked, “Good…good…it’s all going exactly as planned…”
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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Re: Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:33 pm

Chapter 2: The Hell on Earth begins

Somewhere out in the countryside…

A volcano erupted, quickly turning the sky a dark, dark black. The earth shattered as something rose from the volcano. All the activity had awoken it. It roared before unleashing a beam from its mouth. It took out a row of houses in one of the small villages beneath the volcano.

It roared as it stomped down the volcano. The villagers ran up to the beast, they blasted the creature with bow and arrows. They merely bounced off the Kaiju’s skin.

They followed it up by throwing knifes at the Kaiju; they stabbed into the Kaiju’s skin. It laughed as it took a deep breathe then exhaled causing them all to pop out.

Finally they threw flaming sticks at it. It laughed; this was there last resort, how pitiful. They merely bounced off its skin. It stomped on the sticks, putting the flames out quickly.

The citizens panicked! That was they’re last resort! They ran off into every direction as the beast cackled and lava poured out the volcano. It blasted another row of buildings with its beam. Quickly the city was set a flame. It smiled as it prepared to stomp some scattering villagers.

It stopped itself and smiled as it turned to the volcano. If it didn’t kill them, the lava sure as hell would. It roared as it stomped away.

In the EnEE Z Universe
Everything was destroyed and the cul-de-sac had been set a flame…

Mecha-Soniczilla roared as he destroyed the last remaining house then looked around the burning cul-de-sac.

He lifted up his arm and spoke into it, “Mission completed…”

Gero responded, “Good job Mecha-Soniczilla…now return to base…”

Mecha-Soniczilla responded, “Yes sir…”

He looked up to see a figure standing there. He looked exactly like teen Gohan but with brown hair, a dark blue head band, and instead of his gi being purple it was a light blue. His name was Corey.

He stared angrily at Mecha-Soniczilla, “You’re going to pay for this…”

Suddenly a grey aura surround him, his hair became blonde and he grinded his teeth. He was now a super saiyan. Suddenly his arms almost veined up and he continued. Now his hair stood up and became more spiked like. He turned into a super saiyan 2.

The boy stared into Mecha-Soniczilla’s eyes as he began to laugh.

Gero, “Is something wrong?”

Mecha-Soniczilla spoke into his arm again, “Just a moment sir…”

Two figures appeared beside the boy. To his right stood a man, he looked no older than twenty-two. He looked exactly like the legendary warrior Goku except his gi was black and green instead of orange and blue. His name was Drew. At Corey’s left stood another man, he looked only a little bit younger than Drew. He looked exactly like Vegeta except his outfit was red. His name was Zack.

In a flash both Zach and Drew turned SSJ2. The three together made up the cousins trio. Drew and Corey put they’re owns together and a blue energy ball formed. They both began charging Kamehameha’s. Zach put his hands together as a purple energy ball formed. Zach began charging a Galick Gun. Mecha-Soniczilla laughed as he slowly stomped towards the cousin’s trio. Suddenly explosions went off on his back.

He turned around find an angry Ed, Edd, and Eddy blasting him.

Edd put both his hands forward and unleashed a beam onto Mecha-Soniczilla, “This one’s for my little baby sister!!”

All three of them went SSJ2 then continued there assault. Mecha-Soniczilla fell to a knee as his front side was now covered in explosions.

Mecha-Soniczilla, “How can they be so strong?!”

At that moment he heard the cousins yelling as they fired there beams.




The three beams struck Mecha-Soniczilla, causing a mushroom cloud to from.

The cloud faded away to find a nearly dead Mecha-Soniczilla on a knee.

Gero, “Mecha-Soniczilla, Mecha-Soniczilla do you hear me!!”

Mecha-Soniczilla, “…y-y-yes…”


Gero turned to the Professor, “OPEN THE PORTAL NOW...AND STEP ON IT!!”

The portal opened next to Mecha-Soniczilla, he turned at the heroes, smiled then turned his hands into guns. He spotted a few gasoline tanks, he shot at them and they exploded sending all the heroes flying. He turned to the portal and disappeared into it. It shut immediately.

Mecha-Soniczilla limped into the lab and he fell into his pod.

Gero, “He still needs updates…”

Mecha-Soniczilla fell into a deep slumber as they began updating him. All that went through his mind where thoughts of Godzilla, Sonic, and getting his revenge on the E-Fighters…
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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Re: Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:40 pm

Chapter 3: Attack of the Power Professor

The Professor turned to Gero in his Power suit, “I will retrieve the emeralds for Mecha-Soniczilla”

He turned the opposite direction then dashed away.

Not too far away Shadow stood on a hill…

He had a worried look on his face, “Crap…the hell on earth…it had begun…”

The sky darkened as two beasts busted from the ground. They had came from hell itself. The first beast cackled then spat lava all over buildings, causing them to melt. The second beat turned one of its hands into a cross bow and shot arrows through building. The two beasts cackled as they stomped through Tokyo.

Shadow took out his hand gun, “Looks like I’m going to have to do this one myself…”

He dashed away into the direction of the two beasts.

He stopped on a street where found a mod of citizens, they all ran past him. As shadow tried to go past them one man grabbed him, “ARE YOU INSANE!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!”

Shadow pushed the man off him then continued in the two beast’s direction.

Somewhere in the mountainside…
Tommy held the green chaos emerald, “So what is it?”

Suddenly a blast struck the ground in front of him, causing an explosion. All the rangers where sent flying.

Tommy sat up, “What the heck!”

The Power Prof landed in front of him, “Hand it over and I promise I won’t hurt you…”

Tommy, “Its morphing time!”

He and the rest of the rangers all turned into they’re Ranger forms. The green ranger Tommy charges the Power Prof only to be punched away. The blue ranger Billy kicked the Power Prof in the side of the head. The Power Prof turns to him and smiles before kicking away. The red ranger Jason charged the Power Prof and punched him many times only to be punched away. The yellow ranger Trini and the pink ranger Kimberly charged him from behind and punched him rapidly. He punched Trini away then kicked Kimberly away. The black ranger Zack let up and kicked Power Prof only to be slammed to the ground.

The Power Prof cracked his fist, “I guess you want this the hard way…”

At that moment Tommy and Jason both sat up panting. Suddenly Power Prof appeared in front of Tommy, punched him away, and teleported away.

Jason turned to the flying Tommy, “TOMMY!?”

Suddenly the Power Prof appeared in front of Jason and kicked him away. The Power Prof laughed before dashing after the two. Jason and Tommy collided, bringing a yell of pain from them both. Suddenly Power Prof appeared and began punching them both rapidly.

At that moment Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly all took out they’re weapons.

Zack yelled as he charged the Power Prof and hit him many times with his Mothbreaker. The Power Prof was sent flying into a bolder.

Suddenly the rock exploded as a blast shot from it and hit Zack. It exploded on contact, sending him flying. Billy leapt and Power Prof and swung his Triceralance at him. The Power Prof caught it, yanked it from Billy’s hands and slammed him.

Power Prof got in Billy’s face, “Your puny weapons work against me no more!”

He looked up to see Trini and Kimberly charging him. Trini tried to stab him with her Saber Dagger; he dodged then kicked her away. Kimberly leapt up and shot rolling arrows from her Ptera Arrow at the Power Prof. He smiled then dodged every one of the arrows. He leapt up grabbed the Ptera Arrow and kicked Kimberly away. He smiled as Trini tried stabbing him again. He grabbed the dagger and punched her away.

The Power Prof held the weapons above his head, “Puny weapons…”

He threw them up into the sky where he shot a blast at them all, causing all of them to explode.

Billy, “Oh no, he just destroyed the legendary weapons!”

Power Prof smiled as he turned to Zack, “Oh how could I forget…”

He teleported in front of Zack and pulled the Triceralance from his hands. The Power Prof snapped it in half like a twig, he threw it into the air, blasted it, and it exploded.

Power Prof began walking towards the rangers slowly, “Now give me that emerald!”

Zack, “NO NEVER!!”

He charged Power Prof only to be punched back to where he once stood.

Power Prof, “YOU’RE FINISHED!!”

Suddenly Tommy ran up behind the Power Prof and slashed him with his Dragon Dagger many times. Jason jumped in front of Power Prof and began slashing him with his power sword. The Power Prof was sent flying until he came to a skid stop.

Power Prof sat up as all the rangers approached him, “D-D-DAMN YOU!”

He did a solar flare blinding the rangers.

Jason, “What the heck!”

Tommy, “I can’t see!!”

The Power Prof appeared in front of the blinded Tommy and took the emerald.

Tommy blindly stuck his hand out, “NOOOO!!”

Only to be punched away until he came to a skid stop.

Jason heard Tommy yell, “Tommy you ok!”

Jason blindly searched for Tommy, Power Prof cackled before teleporting away.
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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Re: Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:55 am

Chapter 4: The legendary beasts

Shadow stopped and took out a picture.

Shadow, “Shit! They are two of the legendary beasts!”

Shadow put his finger on two of the beast, “Obsidius and Kumasogami”

He put the picture up then shot at Obsidius. The bullets merely bounced off Obsidius’s skin. He stepped on Shadow then turned his attention back to the city. Suddenly he felt explosions going off the back of his head. He turned to see a pissed Shadow firing Chaos Spears at him. Obsidius turned to Shadow and spat lava onto him. Obsidius turned to the city once again; Shadow appeared on top of Obsidius’s head.

He began to glow red, “Chaos…BLAST!!”

Obsidius fell face first into the ground as the blast went off. The red light faded away to find Shadow panting.

Shadow, “*huff* *huff* I did it... *huff* *huff*”

Suddenly Kumasogami appeared behind Shadow. He shaped his right hand into a cross bow and arrow.

Shadow, “Damn it…”

Kumasogami unleashed arrows onto Shadow. Shadow managed to dodge most of them but one pierced into his back. It exploded on contact, sending him through a row of buildings. The hedgehog was on a knee.

He looked at the city and all he saw was a sea of flames, and its new masters Obsidius and Kumasogami.

Shadow, “Dammit…what was I thinking…”

He stood up to see the two beasts stomping towards him, “How the hell could I have done this myself…”

Obsidius and Kumasogami got closer, “WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING!!”


He put his hands out and unleashed a beam at the two beasts. It exploded as it met them. Shadow flew up into the sky.

He smiled, “That should have got them”

The explosions faded away to find that the two beasts where not harmed but mad…

Shadow flew away as Obsidius spat lava at him and Kumasogami fired arrows.

Shadow flew high up above the clouds, “The hell on earth…I must stop it…”

He took out the picture and examined the figures again…to find a shocking sight…

He stopped, “No...no…NO…THIS CANT BE!!”

He looked at the top of the page and red the name: HELL REAPER SHADOW. He looked at the picture below it and it was him! He was in his hell reaper form holding his scythe.

Shadow, “I am the one who leads the hell on earth…”

Shadow turned into his Hell form and begun powering up, “NOOOOOOOO…I AM SWORN TO STOP IT NOT LEAD IT!!”

He turned to see Obsidius and Kumasogami still in Tokyo, he put his hands above his head and a massive amount of energy formed.


He threw the energy bomb onto Tokyo. It exploded, causing a mushroom cloud to form. Shadow growled and begun powering up harder. He turned around and flew away.
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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Re: Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:44 pm

Chapter 5: The fourth legendary beast

At the bottom of the ocean two eyes opened. With a tremendous roar the creature stood up. The fishes shattered. It swung its tail into a mountain, causing it to fall over.

It swam up to the surface. Suddenly the water began to bubble as it busted free. It roared as it flailed its arms around. It walked onto the shore and arrived in the countryside. It roared before an unleashing it’s beam, destroying a village within seconds.

The villagers shot arrows, threw rocks, and threw flaming sticks. They all bounced of the Kaiju’s flesh. It merely stepped on the villagers. It turned to see more villages; it smirked then made its way towards the next.

The next day…
Shadow stood on a mountain, “I can’t…”

An aura surrounded him, “It just can’t be…”

He looked down the mountain to see a man in a silver suit flying towards him, “The hell-“

Suddenly the man punched him in the face, causing him to drop the red emerald and go flying. The man picked up the emerald and smirked. Revealing himself to be the Power Prof. Shadow got up onto a knee and turned into his hell form. Shadow began powering up.

Power Prof, “I don’t have time to deal with you rodent…”

He flew away, Shadow stood up as his teeth began grinding. He flew after the Power Prof and shot at him several times. The Power Prof dodged every one of the blast.

Power Prof stopped and turned around at Shadow, “Rodent…”

He punched Shadow in the face. Causing Shadow to turn back to base, Shadow fell unconscious to the ground.

Shadow stood in darkness; he saw all his friends dying. He says the Power Prof and Eggman gloating as all the legendary beasts shadowed over them.

Shadow turned Hell, “NOOOOOOOO!!!”

He stuck both his hands forward and fired a beam at the two. Power Prof Teleported away, and suddenly Eggman gained muscle and blocked his. Shadow yelled, “DAMN YOU, I WONT LET YOU DESTROY THE EARTH!!”

Power Prof turned next to Eggman and laughed before firing a beam onto Shadow.

He reflected the beam, “NO! NO! NO!”

Suddenly he looked at the shadows of the legendary beasts. Beams rained down from them like hell…all aimed at him…

As the beams struck him Shadow yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

At that moment he awoke from his nightmare. He sat up and began powering up, causing the ground under him to shatter.


He advanced into the second level of Hell, his Hell Specter form, he dashed away.
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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Re: Godzilla: Rage of Mecha-Soniczilla Remake

Postby Godzilla1703 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:30 am

Chapter 5: The Forgotten

Shadow landed in an open field to find the Power Prof picking up the yellow emerald. Shade took out his AK47 and pointed it dead at the Power Prof’s head.

Shade, “I don’t feel like fighting…so just hand the emeralds over”

Power Prof smirked, “Never….”

Power Prof charged the hedgehog.

Shade closed his eyes, “I guess he wants it…”

Shade shot Power Prof in the shoulder, flooring him instantly. Shade closed his eyes while shaking his head from side to side, “Pitiful…just pitiful…”

Shade walked over and grabbed the emerald, which was still in the Power Prof’s hand. Suddenly the wound healed and Power Prof’s grip tightened on the emerald.

Shade, “What the h-“

Suddenly Power Prof pulled the emerald from Shade’s hand and punched him away.

Power Prof began laughing, “AHAHAHAHAAA!! This suit gives me an advanced healing factor.”

Power Prof pointed at the fallen Shade, “Now you will die!!!”

He unleashed finger beams onto the fallen Shade. Covering the hedgehog in explosions, the explosions died to show that Shade was gone. Power Prof looked up to see Shade levitating up in the sky. Shade shot at the Power Prof. Only to have Power Prof dodge all the bullets. Power Prof pulled his left fist back as in energy built up around it, he dashed towards Shade.


Power Prof punched Shade, engulfing Shade in a massive ball of energy. The earth roared as the ground underneath them cracked, there was a white light. It faded back in to find a bloody Shade lying in a crater. Power Prof smiled before flying away, he was obviously the victor.

Meanwhile Shade’s fingers twitched…

On the shores of Tokyo…

The coastlines of Tokyo had become a burial ground. Scattered across the shore are chucks of metal from Tanks and jets, all burning, inside the flames lye thousands of army men, dead or dying. Two fiery eyes watch the piles of rubble as they burn into nothingness. The Kaiju roars out in victory, he then turns and heads back out to sea.

Godzilla: The King of the Monsters had returned…and he knew something was wrong…

Gero’s Lab…

Mecha-Soniczilla’s eye lit up red as his pod opened. With a thunderous roar he emerged.

Mecha-Soniczilla, “Kill Godzilla…”

He raised his palm up to the ceiling; he fired a rocket at the roof, blowing a hole in it. He dashed through the hole, and took off, in search of Godzilla.

In the EnEE Z Universe

Corey was walking across the countryside, having just finished some sparring with Drew, now heading back to the cul-de-sac to see how the efforts of rebuilding it had come along when he came across a portal. He immediately went to the cul-de-sac and gathered all the E-Fighters.

Corey dashed over to the portal, “This must have where the monster came in!”

Double D rubbed his chin before snapping his fingers, “They must have forgotten to close it! But who would be dumb enough to forget they have a portal into another dimension opened?”

Corey smirked before turning back at Double D, “There’s only one way to find out…”

Suddenly Corey dashed into the portal followed by Drew, Eddy, and Ed. Double D frowned, “I’m worried about this…”

Double D dashed in after them. When all the heroes arrived on the other side they arrived in a lab. Several figures stood around the lab, in front of them stood Dr. Gero!

He smiled, “Oh how nice of you to join us…”

Corey pointed at Gero, “GERO! I thought we finished you a long time ago!”

Gero, “As well as I…but being an android I somehow survived…regenerating back from nothing more than a head…”

Meanwhile Bowser was punching in codes at the computer, he grinned before turning at an opening portal. Suddenly two men in red and green plumber suits fell from it, along with them a green dinosaur, and last but not least a beautiful princess in a pink dress. Flying out above them was Kammy Koopa, “Did as you asked King Bowser.”

Bowser grin got bigger before nodding, “You did well Kammy…”

The man in the red plumber suit sat up, “BOWSER!”

Bowser chuckled, “Mario…”

The man in the green plumber suit sat up as well, along with the dinosaur, and princess.

Bowser, “Luigi…Yoshi…Peach…”

Corey interrupted, “Skip the introductions…let’s do this…”

Suddenly three Koopa, and five Goomba’s landed behind Bowser, Bowser pointed at Mario, “Today is the day you fall plumber…”

Everyone dashes at one another….
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Chris55 wrote:
Varan Bon Ziller wrote:^

Wont see that shit in Godzilla.

We did. A whole movie was based around it. It was called "GINO".

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