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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:04 pm

Match 15: Alien vs Lyra and Octavia

Octavia and the rest of her music group were currently performing in the Canterlot Operea House, Octavia leading with her talented violin playing. Sitting amongst the rest of the ponies, Lyra was not enjoying the music unlike everypony else. Not because she didn't like the music, she loved it just like anypony else would, but because she was currently in thought. She wasn't in a good mood because she wanted to see what life was like being a biped. She wanted hands. To be able to walk on just two legs. So be able to wiggle her fingers and hold stuff without magic. She was jealous of Spike having all those things, and sorta worshipped him for it. Bon Bon had tried comforting her friend, but so far to no sucess.

However, tonight, none of that would matter.

As Octavia and her music group were reaching their end, a black shape burst through the window, tackling a pony and ripping it apart in an instant. Almost immediatly, everypony was screaming and panicking, running for the exits as the creature picked them off. Lyra was able to keep calm enough to get a good look at this creature. And it terrified her more.

The creature was black and humanoid in appearance. Lyra would've been jealous had she not take note of the rest of the beast's features. It had no eyes whatsoever, and it's head was phallic in shape. It's vertebrate was visible sticking out of it's body. It's tail was long, ending in a sharp blade. As the creature hissed, a second pair of jaws emerged from it's mouth.

The Xenomorph hissed before it lunged at the next pony in sights: Bon Bon. The mare screamed in terror as the alien came upon her, only to be bucked off by Lyra.

"Get your claws off My friend, you freak of nature!!"

The Xenomorph hissed before slashed it's claws across Lyra's face. The unicorn screamed in pain and stumbled back before the alien tackled her down. Lyra teleported out of the alien's grasp, appearing behind it and lashing out with a blast of magic, sending it crashing onto the table.

The Xenomorph got up and lashed out with it's tail, only for Lyra to catch it with her magic, swinging the alien around and slamming it into the wall. The alien got up before it grabbed Lyra's horn, swinging her around and slamming her into the floor. The alien then swiped at the mare's stomach, leaving several cuts that bled profusely. Lyra moaned in pain as the alien stabbed her in the shoulder with it's inner jaws, blood spraying out.

The alien prepared to impale her with it's tail, only to be struck by a brown hoof. Lyra looked up to see Octavia standing above her, hooves at the ready.


"Did you think I was only talented in the violin? I'm also talented at martial arts."

The Xenomorph got up before it charged at Octavia, only to be punched three times in the chest. Octavia flipped behind the alien, slamming her elbow upon the alien's head, knocking it face-first into the floor. The alien swatted her off, sending her tumbling across the floor. The alien charged, but Octavia flipped onto her back, slamming both hind hooves into the alien's chest and tossing it off her. The alien scratched her in the face, bringing out a grunt of pain. The alien the grabbed her and threw her into a table.

Octavia got up before she wrapped an arm around the alien's neck, spinning around and throwing it across the foor. The alien got up before it spat a glob of acid, striking her in the shoulder and bringing out a scream as the acid burned away at her flesh. The alien clawed away at her face, leaving gashes over her eyes and muzzle. The alien then stabbed her in the side with it's tail, bringing out a scream of agony before the alien flung her onto a table.

Lyra managed to get up, grabbing the Xenomorph with her magic and slamming it into the wall repeatedly, each slam leaving a batch of sizzling acid. Lyra kept slamming until there was a gaping hole in the wall. Lyra then flung the alien to the wall opposite of the room. The alien tried to get up, only to be kicked in the head by Octavia, knocking it down. Lyra then shotthe alien several times with magic, blowing holes that sprayed acid, though the mares were safetly away from the corrosive liquid.

Lyra and Octavia then had an idea. Octavia picked up her violin, pulling back the bow like an arrow on a bow, before she fired, Lyra speeding up the bow's speed with her magic, before the bow imbedded itself into the Xenomorph's chest, the other half sticking out the back and dissolving from the acid. The Xenomorph struggled, refusing to die, until Lyra shot another orb of magic into the wound, causing the bow to explode, tearing the Xenomorph's body in two. The Xenomorph gave one last snarl before it slowly died.

Lyra and Octavia would later be treated for their wounds and praised as heroines of Equestria.

Winner: Lyra and Octavia
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:48 pm

Match 16: MOGUERA vs Mechagodzilla vs Mechani-Kong vs Godzilla and King Kong

Godzilla moved his way into the Owaku Valley, a hand on the scar that remained of the snakelike creature that had torn it's way out of him. Godzilla had no idead where the creature came from, but he knew it had something to do with the black, eyeless creature who put that eyeless spider on his face.

Godzilla suddenly sensed a new presence. Looking up, the kaiju saw nothing more than the 8th Wonder of the World himself, King Kong, hanging from a mountain. The giant gorilla roared, beating his chest as he looked down at Godzilla. Godzilla snarled as he charged up an Atomic Ray, ready to fire, only for a series of explosives going off near him. Turning, Godzilla saw Mechagodzilla standing several meters away, while Mechani-Kong climbed up the mountain Kong was on, and MOGUERA flew towards Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. Kong and Godzilla both looked at each other and realized the only way they were gonna win this was if they worked together. Now, ready for battle, the two Kings dared their opponents to attack with a mighty combined roar.

MOGUERA fired a pair of Spiral Grenade Missiles, striking Godzilla in the chest and sending him sliding back. Mechagodzilla fired it's eye beams, piercing MOGUERA's chest and knocking it out of the sky, it's armor blackened. Godzilla fired an Atomic Ray, plowing into Mechagodzilla's chest and sending it flying back.

Mechani-Kong and King Kong traded punches, each one mirroring the other's moves. Kong ducked under another blow from his robot double before he uppercut the robotic primate in the chin, knocking it onto it's back and permitting Kong to punch away at it's chest and face, refusing to stop. Finally, Mechani-Kong flashed it's eye lights, blinding Kong and forcing him off.

Godzilla swatted Mechagodzilla to the ground, only to be stabbed in the shoulder by MOGUERA, his flesh being torn. Godzilla stabbed his claws into MOGUERA's chest before he pulled down, tearing off a slab of metal. Mechagodzilla bombarded the two with missiles, until MOGUERA fired it's cone beams, striking Mechagodzilla's shoulders and halting it's attack.

King Kong grabbed Mechani-Kong's incoming fist before he swung him to the ground. Mechani-Kong tossed a grenade, the bomb exploding against Kong's face and forcing him to back off, allowing Mechani-Kong to round-house punch Kong in the head, flooring him. Kong grabbed Mechani-Kong's leg with his foot before he pulled the machine to the ground. Kong then grabbed Mechani-Kong's leg and swung it away.

Godzilla threw MOGUERA aside as he charged at Mechagodzilla, who blasted away at him with eye beams and missiles, but this didn't slow Godzilla's progress as he rammed the war machine hard, knocking it to the ground as MOGUERA fired optic blasts, striking Godzilla in the back of his head. Godzilla turned and fired his Atomic Ray, striking the robot's face and blowing a chunk out of it's head.

King Kong leapt out of the way of a grenade, before Mechani-kOng wrapped his arms around Kong, crushing him in a bear hug. Kong raised his fists up before he brought them down on the robot's head, crushing in it's right eye and making it let go. Kong then sandwiched Mechani-Kong's head between his fists. Mechani-Kong threw a sucker punch, nailing Kong between the eyes and making him back off. However, as Mechani-Kong approached, Kong kicked a boulder at the machine, striking it in the forehead and distracting it long enough for Kong to tackle it down.

Godzilla grabbed Mechagodzilla's arm, swinging it around and slamming it into MOGUERA, knocking both robots down. MOGUERA fired it's chest cannon, striking Godzilla's face, though this did little to stop him. Godzilla stomped down on Mechagodzilla's head, crushing it like a tin can as the space robot fired more missiles, yet this proved to be in vain as Godzilla grabbed it's right arm, ripping it off as he smacked MOGUERA in the head with it, sending it tumbling away as Godzilla beat away at Mechagodzilla with it's own arm, smashing in the armor and crushing the circutry inside. Godzilla then stabbed the arm through the robot, destroying Mechagodzilla with it's own arm.

King Kong grabbed Mechani-Kong's legs, swinging it around and around before flinging it off the mountain, Mechani-Kong smashing down the mountain, it's arms and legs breaking off. Mechani-Kong smashed into the ground, shattering to pieces as Godzilla picked up MOGUERA, who fired several last shots with it's cone beams and optic blasts, but this proved futile. Godzilla flung MOGUERA into the air, blasting it with his Atomic Ray and sending it flying away, the armor melting before it burned away, the inner working being fried. MOGUERA slammed into the Earth, nothing more than a pile of burnt wreackage.

Godzilla looked at King Kong, who landed on the ground next to what used to be Mechani-Kong. The two kaiju stared at one another, without a single sound being made nor a muscle in movement. Finally, the two Kings walked in opposite directions from one another.

They would meet again, and when they did, they would be allies once more.

Winner: King Kong and Godzilla
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:02 pm

Match 17: Iris, Giant Widow Spider, and Hybrid Spiders vs Godzilla vs Kiryu, Mothra, and Mothra Larvae

Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray, striking Kiryu in the chest and sending it flying into a building. Mothra rammed Godzilla from behind, sending him crashing into a building. Godzilla tailwhipped Mothra aside as he rose, only to be sprayed with silk by the Mothra Larvae. Godzilla merely kicked one aside before picking up the other, tossing it into a building.

Kiryu rose from the rubble before firing it's double Maser beam, striking Godzilla in the head and gaining his attention. Kiryu rushed forward and punched away at Godzilla's chest, each blow forcing Godzilla back a step. That wasn't a suprise, for Godzilla could only be rivaled by another Godzilla. The Kaiju King sweeped Kiryu's legs from under it with his tail, knocking the mech flat on it's face. Godzilla then kicked Kiryu in the head, sending it tumbling across the ground.

Mothra grabbed Godzilla's head and flew forward, throwing Godzilla into a building. As soon as the building collapsed upon him, Godzilla's Atomic Ray struck Mothra in the chest, sending her flying away. One of the Mothra Larvae bit Godzilla's tail, only to be kicked in the face. Godzilla then whipped the larva into the air with his tail, sending it slamming into Kiryu's head, knocking both down.

Mothra charged, but Godzilla grabbed her left wing, swinging her into a building. Kiryu fired a salvo of rockets, each missile striking Godzilla's back and blowing off pieces of scales. Godzilla glared at Kiryu, picking up Mothra and throwing her into Kiryu, knocking both down. One of the Larvae tried halting Godzilla's approach with silk, only to have it's head crushed by Godzilla's foot. Kiryu raised it's head, firing it's Maser beam, striking Godzilla's chest, yet the electrical beam could not halt the titan. Godzilla grabbed Mothra once more by her wing before he repeatedly beat away at Kiryu with the butterfly, each slam bringing out a weak chirp of pain and a dent of metal.

Finally, Godzilla tossed away Mothra's lifeless body, before wrapping his claws around Kiryu's neck, lifting him up and squeezing tightly, crunching in the metal. Before he could decapitate Kiryu, however, the Giant Widow Spider leapt on top of Godzilla, sinking her fangs into Godzilla's shoulder. Godzilla merely elbowed her off, his radioactive system making the venom useless on him.

The Widow Spider sprayed web upon Godzilla, trying to slow him down. Godzilla spat at the Widow, unimpressed. This arachnid reminded him of Kumonga, who was an actual challenge unlike this spider. Godzilla kicked the Widow Spider in the face, flipping her onto her back. Godzilla grabbed the leg, swinging her around and slamming her into a building. With one simple jerk, Godzilla plucked off the leg he was holding, throwing the limb aside as the Widow flipped back upright.

The Widow sprayed more webbing, covering Godzilla's face, distracting him enough for her to lunge forward, stabbing Godzilla's chest with her fangs, trying in vain to subdue the tyrant. Godzilla punched off the spider, who landed back on her feet before she tried ramming him, yet this proved to be in vain as the reptile didn't even flinch.

The remaining Mothra Larva awakened, only to be swarmed by the Hybrid Spiders. The worm shrieked in pain as they stabbed it and injected their venom into it. Unlike Godzilla, the Larva was very vulnerable to the venom. Already the Larva was being paralyzed. Desperate, the Larva rolled over the spiders, killing most of them, and causing the rest to back off. However, the spiders' attention was drawn towards Godzilla, who tailwhipped the Widow into a building. Wanting to assist their queen, the Hybrid Spiders ran off, leaving the Larva behind, no longer interested.

But another being was.

As the Larva tried to move, a tentacle stabbed it in the abdomen, bringing out a scream as it's life-force was drained, the body shrivelling up as the cries ceased. Soon, the body crumbled away to dust as the owner of the tentacle turned her attention towards Godzilla...

Godzilla stomped down on the Widow's thorax, wanting to squash her, only to have the Hybrid Spider crawl over his foot, trying to get through the scales, only for their fangs to break. Godzilla merely shook them off before atomizing them with a quick burst of Atomic Fire, before adding pressure and crushing the Widow Spider.

Before he could celebrate his victory, Kiryu rose, jetting forward and stabbing it's wristblade into Godzilla's shoulder, sending millions of volts of electricity. Wanting to end this disgrace, Godzilla grabbed the blade, and ignoring the volts, tore the weapon clean off. Kiryu fired his Maser beam point-blank into Godzilla's face, yet Godzilla kicked it up into the air, sending it flying higher up with his Atomic Ray.

Kiryu was suddenly sliced into three by golden beams. Godzilla watched on as Iris slowly descended to the ground. Iris stared at Godzilla, hungering for the power he possesed, as well as something more...

Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray, striking Iris in the chest and sending her flying into a building. Iris instantly flew out, slicing Godzilla's right shoulder with her wristblade as she sped by. Godzilla spun around, grabbing one of her tentacles, and slammed her into the ground again and again. Iris raised a tentacle and fired a Sonic beam, slicing Godzilla's neck and making him let go. Iris wrapped a pair of tentacles around Godzilla's legs before pulling, making Godzilla fall onto his back. Godzilla whipped his tail into Iris' back, sending her stumbling forward and allowing Godzilla to grab her by the neck.

The two stared each other in the eye. Godzilla saw a hunger of energy in Iris' eyes, as well as another hunger he couldn't quite figure out, while Iris saw something more than a nuclear battery. She saw a living amalgation of the past, the representative of all things prehistoric. And someone who never had someone to call his own.

Godzilla threw Iris into a building, bringing rubble down upon her. Iris flew out, stabbing Godzilla's chest with her blades. Iris moaned as his energy flowed through her, practically bringing her to an orgasm. Godzilla grinned at the site before he tackled Iris to the ground, pinning her down. Iris didn't bother to struggle as Godzilla stared at her, with a growing glow of lust in his eyes.

Perhaps Iris was one monster that Godzilla didn't need to kill...

Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:56 pm

Match 18: Gmod Heavy and Medic vs Zombies vs Sharktopus

A Heavy Weapons Guy sat in the middle of an abandoned warehouse, a Medic sitting in front of him. The two were just staring at each other, almost as if they were either in a trance or they were having a staring contest, neither of which was true.

Suddenly, there was the sound of boards being ripped off of the warehouse, yet Heavy and Medic didn't react. They didn't react even as a Zombie tore it's way through, followed by several more. The Zombies slowly walked towards the Gmod people, letting out their distinctive moan. The Madic then looked up at one of the Zombies, who was standing right in front of him, moaning.


The Zombie then grabbed Medic and bit down on his skull, crushing it as it began feeding, yet the Medic showed no reaction.

The Heavy, however, screamed in terror before running off, crashing through the wall and smacking face-first into an abandoned building side.

Several Zombies moved towards Heavy, grabbing him as they tried biting him, only for Heavy to suddenly pick up a Zombie and throw it away. One of the Zombies bit him on the arm, but the virus wouldn't affect him. Heavy smacked away the Zombie before he grabbed another Zombie, crushing it's skull and throwing it aside. Another Zombie clawed him in the back, but Heavy didn't react at all. Heavy suddenly had a minigun in his hands before he shredded apart the Zombies with bullets.

Suddenly, a loud, gluttoral roar made Heavy literally stop in his tracks. Charging forward were a small group of Super Zombies, a Tank at the front. Heavy screamed like a little girl before he dashed away, not even touching the ground. Heavy ran inside the building, breathing heavily, despite the possibility he wouldn't even need air. Heavy then spotted a wooden box nearby, before suddenly sitting on the roof and yelling out "Take that!!" and throwing the box down at the Zombies, striking one in the head and squishing it as the Tank tore up a slab of concrete, flinging it at Heavy and nailing him in the skull.

Heavy was sent flying off the building, showing no reaction whatsoever. Heavy fell head-first into the ground, spazzing his body around and standing normally, for now, atleast. A Hunter, leapt at him, only to be held back by Heavy's hand, struggling the reach him. Heavy then punted the Hunter, sending it flying away into the sky. Several more Zombies charged, but were struck down by syringes.

Medic charged forward, spraying syringes everywhere, even striking Heavy, though the needles bounced off of him and he didn't even flinch.



"This way."

Heavy picked up Medic and flung him to the other side of the building. Heavy was suddenly there, catching Medic as the home-run theme played after he caught him. Heavy then looked at Medic.

"Get on PPPPoint, stupid!!!"

Heavy then smacked Medic aside as the Tank came charging.



"Hit charge!!!"


Heavy was then RED Ubercharged, as he cracked his neck around.

"Hit me. I DARE you."

The Tank punched away at Heavy, yet the blows were useless before Heavy sucker punched the Tank in the groin, sending it flying away. Heavy then flew up DragonBall Z style, punching away at the Tank lightning fast, before flipping backwards and kicking the Tank hard, sending it flying all the way into space, landing on the Moon, with Luna squeeing.

Heavy's Ubercharge wore off as he jumped in victory.

Then the screen said,

"Wait, we're forgetting someone."

Then, Sharktopus charged into the scene, grabbing Heavy and Medic with his tentacles and smashing them into everything, the two screaming despite not feeling any pain. Sharktopus then flung them both into the ocean, where they bobbed at the surface.

Sharktopus lunged at them, only for Heavy to jumped up, punching him Superman-style and knocking him away. Sharktopus slapped him away as Medic started sawing off tentacles with his Bonesaw. Sharktopus wrapped a tentacle around Medic, and squeezed tightly, each time causing Medic's head to enlarge.


Heavy, enraged, let out Final Wars Godzilla's roar before firing an Atomic Ray, striking Sharktopus and frying off his tentacles. Medic's head shrank down to normal as he floated on the water. Sharktopus tried to swim away, but Heavy grabbed him and flung him into the air, firing a Spiral Beam and striking him dead-on, sending the fish flying into the air, going all the way into space before exploding, the explosion being seen on Earth.

The Tank, Luna, and Tin Soldier all watched on.

"Beep Boop, son. Beep boop."

Heavy and Medic smiled at each other, before they jumped into the air in victory, this time for real.

Winner: Heavy and Medic
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:13 pm

Match 19: Tyrant vs Juggernaut

Tyrant bellowed as he tore down a building with his mace, destroying the city of Seattle. The chimera was planning on bringing the city to the ground, trying to draw the attention of the so-called 'Seeman' for he had heard of how the Gmod freak had 'killed' Godzilla, and so wanted to take the throne as King of the Monsters.

However, fate had other plans.

As he tore through another building, Tyrant was suddenly struck by a series of missiles, sending him stumbling forward. The kaiju angrily turned to see who had struck him.

The beast standing before him resembled Heavy Weapons Guy, except he was a machine. He had steel skin, which shone in the sunlight, and a head more shaped like Super Mechagodzilla. His fists were large, and tipped with barbed spikes. He had a long, crocodile-like tail, which was coated in extra thick armor. His feet were more like tyrannosaur's, except they had spikes going up the shins.

Enter Juggernaut.

Juggernaut punched his fists together as he roared out.

"I am made of STEEL!!!"

Tyrant merely roared in annoyance, banging his weapons together. The two leviathans charged.

Tyrant swung his spiked mace, striking Juggernaut in the face, yet the machine showed no reaction as he punched Tyrant in the chest, throwing him back. Tyrant shot a series of energy missiles from his ears, the energies exploding against Juggernaut, but he walked out with not even any burn marks. Juggernaut jumped forward with suprising speed, grabbing Tyrant's head and throwing him beside the Seattle Tower. Tyrant roared, enraged, before he turned and unleashed a stream of flames from his maw, striking Juggernaut in the chest. Juggernaut kept walking, despite the fact that the flames were slowly blackening and warping the metal.

Juggernaut shot a pair of cables from his wrists, the hooks embedding themselves into Tyrant's thighs. Tyrant merely growled, but that soon turned into a scream as countless volts of electricity surged from Juggernaut's cables into Tyrant's body. After struggling for a moment, Tyrant managed to swing his blade around, cutting the cables and halting the electricity. Tyrant charged forward, as did Juggernaut. The two titans traded blows with one another, Tyrant slashing with his blade and pounding with his spiked mace, while Juggernaut lashed out with round-house punches, striking away at Tyrant's head and chest. Tyrant managed to smash his mace into Juggernaut's face, distracting him enough for the chimera to breath a stream of fire, scorching Juggernaut's face. Yet the damage done was nothing compared to the punishment needed to take out Juggernaut.

Juggernaut spear-tackled Tyrant, sending them both flying through several rows of buildings, before flinging Tyrant through several more. Tyrant tried to stand, only for Juggernaut to raise missile launchers from his shoulders and thighs, firing off a salvo of missiles, the rockets blowing away at Tyrant, each explosion taking out a chunk of flesh. Tyrant fell to one knee after the assault had ended. Juggernaut then jumped forward, tackling Tyrant to the ground, and punching away at his face, each blow crunching in Tyrant's snout and sending out a spray of blood. Tyrant shot his energy missiles into Juggernaut's face, but the machine shrugged it off as he kept beating away.

Having enough of this, Tyrant shot a spike from his mace, the tip stabbing just deep enough into the thick armor for Tyrant to be able to pull Juggernaut off. Once on his feet, Tyrant began swinging Juggernaut around, smashing him through rows of buildings and dragging him through the ground, before he yanked Juggernaut towards him, slamming him face-first into the ground with his blade. Juggernaut grabbed Tyrant's legs, pulling them out from under him and causing him to fall onto his back. Juggernaut stood up, before he began spinning Tyrant around, faster and faster until he flung him, sending Tyrant flying 50 meters away.

Tyrant tumbled across the ground, rolling to his feet. Furious beyond belief, he charged at Juggernaut, swinging away with his blade and mace, but Juggernaut blocked all the attacks. Juggernaut then caught Tyrant's blade, then backhanded Tyrant, his spikes scraping off Tyrant's right cheek. Juggernaut then fired off his spikes, striking Tyrant in the chest and sending him plowing through rows of building before the spikes exploded, sending him flying 70 meters into the air before coming back down with a THUD.

Tyrant rose just in time to witness Juggernaut charging towards him. Tyrant shot a stream of flames, blackening Juggernaut's chest metal, but the machine ignored it as he slammed both fists into Tyrant's chest, caving in the armor and sending him flying 30 meters away. Tyrant rose, coughing up blood as he glared at Juggernaut, who was already upon him. Juggernaut swung a backhand at him, but the chimera caught it before he smashed Juggernaut's face into the ground again and again. Juggernaut then fired another series of missiles, striking away at Tyrant's face and knocking him back, allowing the titanic war machine to get up and slam his tail full-force into Tyrant's face, sending him flying away.

Tyrant tried once more to rise, but Juggernaut placed a heavy foot on Tyrant's chest. Deciding this battle was over, Juggernaut's fists bursts aflame before he punched away at Tyrant's face, burning the flesh and crunching in the bone. Tyrant struggled, blasting away at Juggernaut with energy blasts and flames, but nothing worked. Juggernaut raised a fist, before he punched right into Tyrant's body, plucking out his spine. Unable to move, Tyrant could only keep blasting away to no avail, trying to whittle down Juggernaut.

Juggernaut's mouth started glowing red, as his eyes and teeth glowed, before he fired a powerful ruby beam from his gaping maw, striking Tyrant square in the chest and atomizing the chimera, resulting in a huge mushroom explosion that destroyed the remainder of Seattle.

Juggernaut slowly walked out of the blaze, unscathed. The machine continued on his journey, seemingly to destroy all life on Earth.

Winner: Juggernaut
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:18 am

Match 20: Zilla vs Destroyah

Destroyah snarled as he stood above Godzilla, ready to decapitate him. Godzilla struggled, but it was to no avail as Destroyah swung his Horn Katana...

Only to be rammed off Godzilla.

Zilla roared as he charged forward, ramming Destroyah again. Destroyah roared in fury before he fired his Micro-Oxygen beam, striking Zilla in the neck and pushing him back two feet, before Zilla jumped forward, drop-kicking Destroyah to the ground. Zilla jumped on top of Destroyah, clawing away at his face. Destroyah knocked Zilla off with a swiped of his claws and tried to rise, but Zilla unleashed his Atomic Fire, striking Destroyah's face and sending him sliding back as the green flames burnt the armor and roasted the microbes.

Destroyah charged forward, lashing out with his Horn Katana and slashing Zilla's chest, pushing him back three meters. Zilla raked his claws across Destroyah's chest, making him stumble back and unable to stop Zilla as he clawed away at Destroyah's face again and again. Destroyah's tail lashed forward and grabbed Zilla's head, swinging him around and slamming him into a building. Zilla rose again, firing his Atomic Fire, striking Destroyah in the chest and making him fall face-first into a building.

Zilla leapt on top of Destroyah, biting down on his head while he clawed away at Destroyah's back, leaving deep grooves that oozed green blood. Destroyah grabbed Zilla's neck with his tail before he threw him off. However, as Destroyah rose again, Zilla bashed into him with his skull, throwing down Destroyah before Zilla grabbed Destroyah's tail, swinging him around and throwing him into a row of buildings.

Destroyah tried to get up, but Zilla grabbed Destroyah's head, smashing his fist into Destroyah's face again and again, crunching in the armor and sending out sprays of blood. Destroyah fired his Micro-Oxygen beam point-blank, making Zilla let go and allowing Destroyah to slice him in the face with his Horn Katana.

Zilla backed off, but only for a brief moment before he shot an Atomic Fireball, blasting a hole through Destroyah's chest. Destroyah roared in outrage as he fired his Micro-Oxygen beam, striking Zilla's face and making him stumble back. Zilla then rushed forward, grabbing Destroyah's head and smashing his skull into Destroyah's face, crunching it inward and making him stumble back.

Zilla then fired another Fireball, blowing apart Destroyah's upper body. The remains of Destroyah broke down into Aggregates, but Zilla unleashed his Atomic Fire, incinerating all the Destroyah's and killing them all.

Zilla raised his head before he roared in victory, Godzilla watching on as Zilla slowly walked back into the ocean.

Winner: Zilla
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:18 pm

Match 21: Heavy Weapons Ape vs Gabara, Monster X, Super Mechagodzilla, FW and Heisei Godzillas, Destroyah, and Spacegodzilla

Gabara cackled as he shoved down a building, reducing it to rubble. He had come to Osaka to prove himself worthy of a giant monster, and wouldn't leave until this city was brought to the ground.

However, as he was destroying buildings, something tapped him on the shoulder. Confused, Gabara turned...

Only to get a fist to the face.

Gabara was sent flying into a building, seeing stars as he looked up to see who had struck him.

The beast standing before him was a massive gorilla, standing straight upright. The ape had dark green skin and darker green fur, and a scar going down his right eye. He held a cigar in his mouth and wore the clothing of the RED Heavy Weapons Guy. Strapped to his back were a pair of miniguns, both loaded with 200 bullets.

Meet the Heavy Weapons Ape.

Heavy grinned before he grabbed Gabara by his throat, lifting him up as he looked at him.

"You are so small, it's funny to me."

Heavy then squeezed tightly, crushing Gabara's throat. Gabara panicked, grabbing Heavy's arm and sending volts of electricity within him, but Heavy merely absorbed the volts, feeding himself more power. Then with one simple jerk of his wrist, Heavy snapped Gabara's neck, the head hanging by the skin.

Monster X landed behind Heavy, firing his Gravity Bolts and striking Heavy in the back, but the gorilla just absorbed the beams. Spinning around, Heavy pulled out on of his miniguns and fired a countless stream of bullets, tearing through Monster X's body and ripping the skeletal warrior to shreds, all with just 20 bullets.

Super Mechagodzilla landed 20 meters from Heavy, unleashing Garuda beams, Megabusters, and eye beams, striking Heavy hard, yet the gorilla merely charged forward, electrifing his fist and punching Mechagodzilla hard in the chest, caving it inward and sending it flying through 13 rows of buildings. Mechagodzilla couldn't get up as Heavy grabbed it's let, swinging the mech around before throwing it into the bay. Heavy then shot an electric orb, striking Mechagodzilla in the head and paralyzing it as Heavy shot an electric beam at the water, frying Mechagodzilla's circuts and causing parts of it's body to explode.

Heisei and FW Godzilla arrived, both unleashing their Atomic Rays at once at Heavy, striking him in the face and making him fall to one knee. Heavy then sent electricity from his hands, through the ground, and zapping the Godzillas and making them stop. Heavy then charged forward, grabbing their heads and smashing them together, crunching in Heisei's skull while FW Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray point-blank, scorching Heavy's face and distracting the ape long enough for Godzilla to ram him, making him take a step back. However, when Godzilla tried hitting him again, Heavy caught the fist, crunching the bones in a second, bringing out a howl of pain. Desperate, Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray again, plowing into Heavy's chest. The gorilla rewarded him by sending millions of volts of electricity through Godzilla's body, the reptile struggling hard as his body was roasted alive, the flesh burning into ash, while his bones melted to mush.

"You are dead. Not big suprise."

Spacegodzilla and Destroyah landed side-by-side in front of Heavy, pelting him with Corona beams and Micro-Oxygen beams. Heavy stumbled backwards under the hailstorm, but then clapped his hands, sending a wave of electricity plowing into the two, sending them flying through countless rows of buildings. Heavy jumped forward, plucking off Spacegodzilla's head as Destroyah charged forward, slicing his Horn Katana across Heavy's chest, making him jump back a few feet.

"Never, NEVER, make me angry."

Heavy grabbed Destroyah's horn, punching him in the face repeatedly. The first punch crunched in Destroyah's face. The second punch caved in Destroyah's skull. The fourth punch, charged by lightning, caused the head to explode. Heavy then grabbed the body and ripped it in half, frying both to ashes with electricity.

"I am most dangerous man in history of WORLD!!!"

Heavy then ran off with his Saqndvich.

"Sandvich and me gonna beat your ass..."

Winner: Heavy Weapons Ape
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Re: My Matches

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Match 22: Spike vs Raptors, Nanotyrannus, and Eleking

Spike walked through the dark woods of the Everfree Forest. The dragon had gotten lost several days ago while taking a mere walk, and was now trying to find his way back, but so far, to no success.

The reptile was increasingly more scared, and his hunger grew as well. Spike before felt the need to eat not gems, but flesh. To crunch bones in his jaws. To suck the marrow straight out of the skeleton. To drink salty blood as if it were the sweetest water...

He wasn't the only one here.

As Spike was trying to overcome these increasingly lustful thoughts, something rammed him from behind, sending him tumbling across the ground before he rolled to a stop. Spike grasped the back of his head, feeling blood begin to trickle. The purple dragon looked up...

Only to scream in terror as a pack of Raptors stood before him.

The dinosaurs snarled before leaping forward, ready to tear flesh from bone. Spike screamed out, rolling out of the way as he tried to get up and run. One of the Raptors caught his leg in it's jaws, flipping him over onto his back. Spike tried to get up, but a Raptor slammed it's skull into his chest, knocking the wind out from him. Another Raptor then slashed it's claws across Spike's face, sending out rivers of blood. Soon the Raptors were beating and tearing away at Spike, each blow tumbling him across the ground. Spike struggled to defend himself, but a Raptor, the leader, bit down on his hand, lifting him up and shaking him around.

Spike was loosing dangerous amounts of blood, and he was loosing focus. Things became blurry, and he felt himself drifting in and out of consiousness. He started to black out, feeling the cold embrace of Death envelope him...

Then he snapped.

Faster than one could tell, Spike dragged his claws across the Packe Leader's snout, bringing out a howl of pain and making the Raptor let go. Spike rose to his feet, huffing and puffing with rage as his body began changing. His spines elongated, growing to become ivory white. His purple scales became as black as night. His tail elongated and the speartip was replaced with a row of spines running down the limb. Spike's eyes changed from bright emeralds to soulless ghosts.

Whipping around, Spike bellowed out a challenge. A challenge of blood.

The Raptors accepted.

Several charged at him, only to be bowled over by Spike's claws, their throats spraying blood. Two leapt onto Spike, tearing into his scales with their claws. Spike impaled one Raptor on his claws, while gripping another by it's head and crushing it's skull, splattering brain matter all over him. Spike flung both bodies aside as Raptors came charging at him from all sides. They all beat away at Spike, tearing off flesh with their claws, and crunching at his skull with their teeth.

Spike spun around, sending out his claws and tail. Several Raptors were decapitated, while others were disembowled or had their hands cut off. All the Raptors dropped to the ground, blood spraying as they lay dead and dieing around the black dragon.

The Leader watched on with unparalleled fear. This reptile was far to strong for them to handle. But it seems faith was upon them...

Powerful jaws clamped around Spike, crushing his body inward as teeth stabbed into his flesh, poking holes into his bones. Spike stabbed his tail into the neck of the Nanotyrannus that had him, making the tyrannosaur let go. Spike whipped around, slamming into the Nanotyrannus as they both tumbled down a hillside, tearing into each other nonstop, turning red with blood as they fell into a lake...

Spike punched the Nanotyrannus to the bottom. The tyrannosaur jumped back at him, biting down onto Spike's ankle and twisting it. Spike clawed out the Nanotyrannus' right eye, making it let go to scream before Spike shoved his hand into the dinosaur's mouth. Jaws crunched down on his arm, snapping the bones, but Spike tore out the creature's tongue, blood dying the water red, the Nanotyrannus choking on it's own blood.

Then a tail wrapped around Spike.

Thousands of volts of electricity electrocuted Spike, scorching his flesh and melting the bones. Eleking screeched in glee before he smashed Spike through the underwater rock, crunching in the dragon's snout and slicing off skin. Spike anchored himself into the ground, and ignoring the lightning ripping him from the inside, gripped Eleking's tail, swinging him around and throwing him out of the water. Eleking stood up before he unleashed and stream of lightning, zapping the water and sending it's deadly element throughout Spike's body.

Yet the dragon fought on.

Jumping out of the water, Spike rammed Eleking hard, slicing open his side with his head spikes and spilling out golden blood. Eleking gripped Spike's neck, zapping him once more while discharging energy dics into Spike's face, slicing through the flesh and bone. Spike unleashed a column of green flame, engulfing the underwater kaiju's face and making him scream out before Spike kicked him in the chest, crunching in several ribs and making him back off.

Spike rushed forward, punching and clawing away at Eleking, slicing through flesh with ease. Eleking kicked Spike hard, sending him tumbling across the ground. Eleking bodyslammed Spike into the ground, pinning him before he unleashed a hailstorm of electric-charged fists into Spike's face, caving the dragon's skull inward each time. Spike chomped down on Eleking's right hand, shearing off the mitten and spraying golden blood everywhere. Eleking feel off Spike, screaming away as bloood coated Spike's face.

Spike raised a foot before bringing it down onto Eleking's neck, crushing the neck bones and tearing through the flesh. Spike dragged back his foot, slicing off Eleking's head, golden blood staining his scales.

Spike reared his head back, bellowing a gluttal, inhumane roar, before he dragged Eleking's carcass back to the rest of the bloodbath.

His search for home would wait.

Now, he would feast.

Winner: Spike.
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Re: My Matches

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Match 23: Kiryu2012 vs Godzilla

Godzilla roared as he knocked down a nearby building, reducing it to rubble. He unleashed his Atomic Ray, vaporising a row of buildings. The Kaiju King had already brought most of Vancouver to the ground, and the military forces proved useless on him. He was now attacking the docks, destroying ships and and people alike.

But there was something else here.

Godzilla suddenly felt something slimey wrap around his leg before he was flung away. Godzilla tumbled across the ground before stood, furious, and faced the source of the attack.

It was a massive cephalopd, a giant squid to be exact, with a bright reddish-purple hue. His twelve tentacles, all tipped with curving serrated hooks, were waving threatingly in the air. His bullet-shaped body ended in an arrow tip that was serrated to the touch. His eyes were snake-like, and bright emerald green.

Enter Kiryu2012.

The squid was created by a long lost civilazation, made and used as a protector, fighting against all sorts of evil. Now, after millenia of being in hibernation after the destruction of his civilization, he had reemerged, believing himself to be some sort of God, and arriving here to show Godzilla who was the real King.

Godzilla bellowed before he fired his Atomic Ray, striking Kiryu2012 right between the eyes. To his shock, however, the squid absorbed the energy before raising a tentacle and firing the beam back at Godzilla, striking him square in the eyes and sending him tumbling across the ground. Godzilla stood up before he charged forward, ready to engage Kiryu2012 in melee.

Kiryu2012, however, lashed out with a tentacle, striking Godzilla across the face and shredding his flesh with his hooks. Godzilla stumbled back, howling in pain, before he swung his tail around. Kiryu2012 wrapped a tentacle around Godzilla's tail and swung him around, faster and faster, before he tossed Godzilla into the bay.

Godzilla rose, enraged, before he charged forward, punching Kiryu2012 in his left eye. Strangely though, Kiryu2012 showed no reaction as he nailed Godzilla with a punch to the stomach, knocking the wind out from him. Godzilla wheezed, but was then uppercut by Kiryu2012, who then backhanded Godzilla, roundhouse punched him, and grabbed him by his neck with a tentacle, lifting him up and chokeslamming the reptile into the ground.

Godzilla released a Nuclear Pulse, only for Kiryu2012 to absorb the energy and unleash the attack back on Godzilla. Godzilla moaned in pain as he was sent flying away, tumbling across the ground before rolling to a stop.

Godzilla painfully rose to his feet, but Kiryu2012 stabbed a pair of tentacles through Godzilla's shoulders, bringing out a scream as Kiryu2012 lifted him up and threw him away. Godzilla slammed into the Earth, groaning in pain as he rose. Godzilla grabbed one of Kiryu2012's tentacles before he lifted him up into the air, slamming him back onto the ground. Godzilla repeated this attack as much as possible, trying to beat Kiryu2012 to death, but the cephalopod made no reaction whatsoever.

Soon, Godzilla screamed in pain as his hands were freezing from Kiryu2012's icy temperature. Desperate, Godzilla bit down on the tentacle and, ignoring the freezing pain, tore the limb clean off.

Only for the arm to grow back.

Kiryu2012 then wrapped that same tentacle around Godzilla's throat and squuezed. Godzilla struggled, but his skin was soon freezing into ice as his neck bones were crunched.

With a good tug, Godzilla's head came flying off.

Kiryu2012 merely glanced at the head before tossing it away. Soon all shall fear the new King and will scream out the name:

Kiryu 2012.

Winner: Kiryu2012
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:48 am

Match 24: Dic Soupcan vs Dr. Octoganopus

Dic Soupcan stumbled around, drunk as always while he moved around in Lumberyard. Falling over more than once, Dic Soupcan slid across the ground.


"Doctor Octoganopus!!!"

Dic Soupcan looked up to see said Marvel-based character fire his Lazah. Acting fast, Dic Soupcan rolled out of the way.

Dic Soupcan threw a bottle, decking Dr. Octoganopus in the face and sending him flying backwards. Dic Soupcan pulled out his Pain Train and started whacking Dr. Octo in the face, until Dr. Octo grabbed Dic Soupcan's arms with two of his metal tentacles and threw him away. Dic Soupcan shot back up, just as Dr. Octo lunged at him. Acting fast, Dic Soupcan burped out a grenade, striking Dr. Octo in the chest before exploding, sending him tumbling across the ground.

"If you were hunting trouble lad, ya found it!"

Dic Soupcan charged, but Dr. Octo swatted him hard with his tentacle, knocking Dic Soupcan to the ground. Dr. Octo then wrapped a tentacle around Dic Soupcan, before he slammed him headfirst into the ground again and again. Dr. Octo then flung Dic Soupcan away, sending him sliding across the ground, by the cliff edge.

Dic Soupcan stood up, spinning around and throwing his Pain Train at Dr. Octo, the sharp tip stabbing into Dr. Octo's shoulder and bringing out a cry of pain. Dic Soupcan then pulled out a soupcan.


Dic Soupcan charged forward to gore Dr. Octo, but the scientist punched him hard in the face with a tentacle, causing Dic Soupcan to tumble across the ground. Dr. Octo the tried punching him again, but this time Dic Soupcan caught the tentacle, swinging Dr. Octo around and throwing him into the wall of a nearby building. Dic Soupcan then jumped on Dr. Octo, before he struck him again and again with his bottle. Soon the bottle broke and shards of glass stabbed into Dr. Octo's face, blood flowing downwards.

Dr. Octo wrapped a tentacle around Dic Soupcan's throat, slamming him into the wall, trying to strangle him. Dic Soupcan struggled hard, kicking Dr. Octo several times to make him let go, but to no avail. As he was loosing air, Dic Soupcan stabbed his bottle into Dr. Octo's neck, the sharp end stabbing into the flesh. With a cry of agony, Dr. Octo threw Dic Soupcan to the ground.

"Doctor Octo-motherf*cking-ganopus!!!"

Dr. Octo fired his Lazah again, but Dic Soupcan unleashed a stream of bile, countering the Lazah. The two beams pushed back and forth, the energy building up before exploding, sending both 'humans' flying away.

Dr. Octo tried getting up, but Dic Soupcan tackled him hard, sending both tumbling dangerously close to the edge. Dr. Octo swatted off Dic Soupcan, before he grabbed his head with a tentacle, and smashed him facefirst into the ground repeatedly. Dic Soupcan slammed his Pain Train upon Dr. Octo's head, the spike stabbing into his head. Dr. Octo screamed and stumbled back, starting to fall off the edge. Dr. Octo caught the nearby log with his tentacles, but Dic Soupcan slammed into him, knocking both off the log and falling downwards. Dr. Octo punched Dic Soupcan hard in the face again and again, but Dic Soupcan grabbed his tentacles before burping out a grenade just as Dr. Octo fired his Lazah.

The resulting mushroom explosion swept across Lumberyard, bringing down the buildings and ripping out chunks of the earth.

In the center of the crater, Doctor Octoganopus's body lay scattered across the ground. Dic Soupcan's head was seperate from his body, which was laying next to it.

Then the body grabbed the head...

The head was reattached...


Dic Soupcan later drank himself full of Scrumpy and Doctor Octoganopus's leg as Dr. Octo's head was in a soupcan.

"I'm Dic Soupcan!! And I see everything!!!"

Winner: Dic Soupcan
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:29 pm

Match 25: Zilla vs Weaselcake

Zilla snarled as he ripped Godzilla Junior's head from his body, blood spraying outwards as Anguirus lay dead nearby, his instestines spilled outwards. Godzilla lay behind Zilla, his limbs torn off and his head lolling back, his neck bones twisted around in different places. Zilla now approached Minya, still alive but with his legs removed. Zilla raised a claw to finish him, but then...


Zilla turned to see a BLU Sniper floating above the ground, his hands held up by his head and his legs twisted upwards.

"I'm Weaselcake."

Zilla snarled as he charged at Weaselcake, but the Freak swerved to his right, and Zilla sped by. Immediatlly the iguana turned and rushed again, but this time Weaselcake glowed blue before he caught Zilla in his telekinesis, throwing him away.

Zilla rose to his feet, jumping forward and kicking Weaselcake in the chest, knocking him onto the ground. Zilla pounced on Weaslcake, swiping at his face and chest with his claws, leaving gashes that trickled blood. Weaselcake sent Zilla flying off with a puff of his chest, sending the lizard tumbling across the ground. Weaselcake levitated upwards, glowing blue before he spat a spike at Zilla, stabbing into his thigh and sending out a spray of blood. Zilla roared in anger, plucking out the spike and crushing it in his jaws before he charged forward, whipping his tail around, striking Weaselcake across the face and sending him sliding across the ground.

Weaselcake growled, glowing blue before he picked up a nearby tree, slamming it into Zilla's head, knocking him down. Weaselcake used the tree as a bludgeon, repeatedly beating away at Zilla's head. Angered, Zilla unleashed his Atomic Fire, burning the tree to ashes. Zilla then rushed forward and slammed his skull into Weaselcake's chest, knocking him to the ground. Zilla bit down on Weaselcake's shoulder, bringing out a cry of pain, before Zilla tossed him away. Weaselcake slammed into a boulder, groaning in pain.

Weaselcake then shot his tongue forward, stabbing into Zilla's shoulder before sending volts of electricity into Zilla's body. The iguana fell to his knees as the volts burned his flesh, sending smoke upwards. Furious, Zilla unleashed a stream of Atomic Fire from his maw, burning the tongue and bringing out a scream of pain from Weaselcake.

Weaselcake quickly retracted his tongue, before he glowed blue and fired a spike at Zilla, stabbing into his shoulder. Undettered, Zilla jumped forward, but Weaselcake teleported away. Weaselcake teleported behind Zilla, picking him up with his telekinesis before he smashed him around the area, slamming him through trees, smacking him against boulders, and dragging him across the ground. Weaselcake then flung Zilla up into the air, shooting him several times with spikes, before Zilla hit the ground hard.

"How many times have you died? I'm actually getting impressed."

Zilla shot to his feet, roaring loudly in fury, before he charged forward, ramming Weaselcake hard and knocking him down. Zilla raked his claws across Weaselcake's face again and again, before biting down on his throat, shaking him around like a ragdoll and flinging him across the ground. Weaselcake levitated to his feet, just in time to see Zilla charging at him. Weaselcake threw him back with his telekinesis, but Zilla still rushed forward, roasting Weaselcake with his Atomic Fire, bringing out a cry of agony from Weaselcake.

Zilla then whipped Weaselcake across the face with his tail, sending him flipping through the air and landing hard on his back. Zilla ran up to Weaselcake and kicked him hard in the ribs, sending him tumbling once more. Zilla ran forward again, but Weaselcake teleported out of the way, before reappearing behind Zilla, shooting a spike into the back of his neck, before glowing blue, picking up Zilla with his telekinesis, and beating him across the ground again and again.

Weaselcake then smashed Zilla head-first into the ground. Zilla pulled his head from the ground, whipping around to face him, but Weaselcake glowed green before he unleashed a stream of acid from his mouth, covering Zilla head to toe. Zilla fell to the ground, his flesh burning and melting. Weaselcake then glowed blue, ripping a chunk off a mountain before smashing it down upon Zilla, embedding him into the ground.

"Nobody's gonna miss you, ya mutant!"

Weaselcake then teleported in front of Minya, gently lifting him up with his telekinesis. Minya struggled weakly, the blood loss still having it's toll on him.

"No worries."

Weaselcake then turned his head to a nearby river, a random explosion going off in the distance by this.


Heavydile burst from the river, looking up at his ally.

"Need some help here."


Weaselcake placed Minya upon Heavydile's back, before Heavydile swam off, carrying Minya to safety.

Weaselcake then turned back to the boulder that Zilla lay trapped beneath.

"There was you, very full of yourself. Then briefly suprised. Then dead."

Weaselcake laughed a little before teleporting away.

Underneath the boulder, Zilla burrowed under the soil and through the ground.

This vengeful beast wasn't done yet...

Winner: Weaselcake
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:37 pm

Match 26: Gwangi vs Zilla

Gwangi slithered across the ground, going straight through a building without stopping as he moved across a desert.

Then suddenly Godzilla's head flew past him.

Gwangi looked up to see Zilla standing before him, holding King Kong's head in his hand while Destroyah's corpse lay mutilated behind him.

Zilla threw Kong's head at Gwangi, but the dinosaur rolled out of the way. Gwangi swatted Zilla across the face with a tennis racket, but Zilla slashed his claws across Gwangi's chest, blood trickling out. Gwangi kneed Zilla in the face, throwing his head back and allowing Gwangi to round-house punch Zilla in the throat, sending him crashing onto the sand.

Zilla sweeped out Gwangi's legs from under him with his tail. Gwangi paused, looked down at his legs no longer beneath him, and fell to the ground. Zilla kicked Gwangi hard in the head, but Gwangi punched Zilla hard with a steel boxing glove. Zilla flew back, sliding across the desert sand, but then burrowed underground, tunneling through the sand, coming beneath Gwangi who was really just standing there, and jumped out, biting Gwangi right on the groin.

Gwangi shed a single manly tear before his painis falcon-punched Zilla in the back of his throat, sending him flying backwards, tumbling across the sand. Zilla rose again, undettered, before unleashing his Atomic Fire upon Gwangi. Yet the crazed sonofabitch was unfazed as he tossed a grenade at Zilla, exploding against his blue scales and knocking him onto the sand. Gwangi slid up to him, before he grabbed Zilla's head and shoved his face into the hot sand, trying to suffocate him.

Zilla stabbed at Gwangi with his dorsal spines, doing absolutley nothing as Gwangi flung him away. Zilla tumbled across the ground, before charging forward and ramming Gwangi hard, knocking him to the ground.

Zilla then unleashed his Atomic Fire upon Gwangi, toasting his head before Zilla tore away at him with teeth and claws, shredding purple scales and splattering crimson blood across his blue body.

"Why you little-"

Gwangi booted Zilla hard in the chest, sending him flying off. Gwangi grabbed Zilla by his tail, swinging him around and throwing him across the desert sand. Zilla rolled to his feet, before he jumped forward and kicked Gwangi hard in the head, knocking him to the sand as Zilla kicked and clawed away at him. Gwangi round-house kicked Zilla in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Zilla kicked Gwangi hard in the face, throwing his head back, and having his neck bit into by Zilla, who promptly tossed him away. Gwangi slithered back up to his feet as he glared at Zilla.

"Ya bleedin' idiot!!!"

"Ya filthy spook!"

Gwangi then pulled out a shotgun, shooting Zilla in the head and chest again and again, until Zilla jumped forward, slamming a frying pan upon Gwangi's head, stunning him like a boss. Zilla then did a sweeping kick, causing Gwangi to fall onto his back. Zilla then grabbed Gwangi's tail, swinging him around and throwing him off a cliff.

Gwangi smacked into the ground, spazzing around back onto his feet as Zilla lunged at him, only to be falcon-punched into the wall. Meanwhile, Godzilla sat near them, wide-eyed and holding a sandvich in his left hand.

Godzilla then brought the sandvich to his ear.

"What was that? NOM."

As Godzilla then had a staring contest with the wall, Gwangi and Zilla punched and kicked away at each other, both reptiles landing unfair blows on each other. Gwangi caught Zilla's foot and threw him over his head. Zilla pounced on Gwangi, pulling out a butterfly knife.

"Rainbows make me murder!"

Gwangi merely tossed Zilla over his shoulder, though the iguana landed right on his feet. Gwangi then took out a Sniper rifle and shot at Zilla. Zilla dodged the bullet, and Godzilla's happy face sent the bullet flying back at Gwangi, who blocked it with a frying pan.

Zilla rushed at Gwangi, but then dinosaur pulled out a machete, and Zilla ran straight into it, impaling himself.

"Nice shot."

Zilla then feel dead onto the sand, blood flowing from the open wound in his chest. Gwangi then laughed in victory as he spazzed his arms around.

However, Zilla reappeared next to Godzilla, who had the Sandvich in his mouth, a Dead Ringer in his hand. Zilla then looked at Godzilla.

"I never really was a Zilla."

In a puff of smoke, Zilla revealed himself to be Discord.


Discord pulled out a gun and fired a harpoon at Gwangi, striking him in the back.

"That wasn't so bad."

Gwangi twisted his head around and looked down at the harpoon, only to discover it was a bomb. Gwangi screamed and flailed his body around before he exploded, sending Lyras falling everywhere. Godzilla held out a paw as Lyra's fell everywhere.

Discord laughed in victory as he went derp-eyed, but was soon interrupted the hard way.


Gwangi, without his head, slammed his taloned foot deep into Discord's groin.

"My painis!"

Discord then screamed in a high-pitched voice, falling to the ground and clutching his bleeding groin. Gwangi flipped him off before his head regrew.

Gwangi then pointed up at the sky.

"Couldn't you see the bloody bombs?"

Then a countless barrage of grenades bombarded Discord, a massive explosion filling the screen.

Then the screen cleared with smoke where Discord was.


Gwangi spazzed around in victory before he teleported away, leaving Godzilla to be in love with his Sandvich.

Winner: Gwangi
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon May 07, 2012 6:08 pm

Match 27: Saxton Hale vs Jaws

"We're gonna need a bigger ambulance!"

Saxton Hale stood upon a large fishing boat, Amity Island visible on the horizon. There was a reason for the Australian to be here. He had heard of a deadly predator that hunted here, and he was determined to prove that beast who was boss.

"They saw this this shark's the most dangerous of all it's kind, but it's nothing against me, Saxton Hale! Wait!"

Saxton lifted his head into the air, sniffing like a dog would. No other human being could detect other things that easily, but Saxton caught the scent he was looking for.

"Sandpaper-like skin, doll black eyes, sharp serrated teeth, HIP-I mean SHARK!!!"

Saxton whipped around just in time to see the familiar grey fin slice through the water, straight towards the boat. Saxton readyed himself, expecting the shark to come at him, but the fin instead sank until it disappeared beneath the boat. Saxton looked over the water, not pleased.

"Come out you coward!"

For what seemed like hours there was silence.

Then it happened.

Jaws, the feared Great White Shark, came bursting out from the water behind Saxton, slamming down upon the boat with enough force to split through the wood, sending a gush of water into the breach. As the boat started sinking, Saxton clenched his fists tight, glaring furiously at Jaws.

"You just destroyed my boat, a crime you'll pay for with your life!"

Saxton Hale then did what others what consider suicide: he jumped off the boat, right into the water, Jaws' domain.

Jaws whipped around, biting down on Saxton's back, his teeth cutting into the thick muscle.

"Was that pain, or just a hippie on my back?"

Saxton ripped himself free from Jaws, before he spun around, punching Jaws square in the snout. As the shark recoiled in suprise, Saxton stuck his fingers into Jaws' gills, before flinging him out of the water. As Jaws flipped through the air, Saxton jumped up abover Jaws, before smashing his fist into the shark's stomach, sending him slamming into the water, blood starting to ooze from Jaws' gills.

"You're going extinct!"

Saxton landed in the water, sucking in a deep breath and prepared to take a dive that bypass even the record breaking divers, only for Jaws to spring out of the water, biting down on Saxton's chest, dragging him underwater.

Jaws shook his head wildly, trying to get through the toughened muscle and rip Saxton apart, but the 6th richest man on Earth grabbed the shark's jaws, prying them open before pushing himself back, kicking the water to backpedal. Even in the water, he could still battle Jaws.

"I'll endanger you like I've endangered hundreds of other animals!"

Saxton then swam forward, grabbing Jaws by his snout before punching Jaws in the forehead, throwing Jaws backwards through the water. Saxton swam after the shark, swinging another fist at him, only for Jaws to whip his tail around, smacking Saxton scross the face with strength that rivaled Saxton's punches. Saxton tumbled through the water, placing a hand on his shredded left cheek and feeling blood oozing out. Finally Saxton's lungs began needing oxygen, so he forced himself up to the surface and taking in another breath.

Saxton then stuck his head under the surface, seeing that Jaws wasn't around.

"What's the matter, shark? Don't you want to live forever?"

Jaws then came up from behind Saxton, clamping his vice-like mouth around Saxton, dragging him under as Saxton took another deep breath. Once under the surface, Jaws began flailing Saxton through the water, his teeth acting like a saw and slicing through the meat. Saxton, ignoring what normally would've been unbearable agony, smashed his fist right through Jaws' upper teeth, before swinging his other fist upwards, caving in a portion on the skin on Jaws' snout, causing the shark to back up as he shook his head in pain.

"Take that, ya sneaky bastard!"

Saxton looked down at himself. Blood was flowing from numerous gashes across his chest and back. Some of Jaws' teeth were still imbadded in the flesh.

"Oh, I'm gonna beat the living hell outta him! He picked a fight with the wrong man! That shark may be tough, but he can't take my fists!"

Saxton then looked up to see Jaws heading straight towards him, mouth open wide, tail lashing the water, the shark moving in like a guided torpedo.

Saxton clenched his fists tight. If this shark wanted a fight, he would get the battle of his life.


Saxton Hale swam forward, kicking his legs out like a dolphin, with his fists out in front of him. Jaws and Saxton collided, with Saxton's fist striking into Jaws' snout, crunching it inward, damaging an important part of the shark's body. Saxton then began beating away at Jaws' face, each blow leaving a batch of bruises and torn flesh. Jaws struggled wildly, Saxton's blows disorienting the fish. Finally Jaws managed to back up before he swam off.

"Stop right there!"

Saxton swam faster than he ever had before, reaching Jaws in a few minutes. Jaws quickly spun around, biting down on Saxton's arm, swimming forward and managing to ignore Saxton's punches to his head. Sticking his head above the water, Jaws flung Saxton away, sending the Australian landing hard on his back on a boulder sticking up from the water surface. Jaws then came out of the water, biting down on Saxton's legs. Saxton angrily beat away at Jaws' head, but the determined shark shook his head wildly, until...


Saxton Hale's legs came off in Jaws' mouth.


The pain Saxton felt at that moment was the kind of pain he had almost never felt before. Hardly ever had any opponent, let alone an animal, push him to the limits. But Saxton was filled with a primal rage. How dare this shark try to make a meal out of him!

"Time to swat that mosquito!!!"

Saxton, pushing his arms off the ground, landed behind Jaws, wrapping his hands around the shark's tail, before lifting him up and slamming him down upon the rock. Again and again he slammed him down, with Jaws being greatly starved for oxygen, until Saxton flung him into the water, jumping in after him as he filled his lungs and dived, the pain quickly vanishing.

"Pfft! Screw pain!"

Saxton, ready to finish this, grabbed Jaws by his mouth and started prying the jaws open, ready to rip them open, but Jaws swam forward, regardless of Saxton gripping his face, and slammed him onto the shore. Saxton's hands slipped off Jaws, before the shark bit down on Saxton's right arm, yanking his head back and ripping the limb off.

"Feels like a razor! I'll still beat you to death with my last limb!"

Saxton punched Jaws hard in the snout, sending him sliding back into the water, with Saxton following.


That was all he knew as he swam off from the human. How? How could this human, this land dweller, be able to push him to the brink of death in HIS domain? This was no normal human he was facing, but then again, he was no normal shark.

Jaws turned to face Saxton swimming down towards him, both knowing this was someone's final battle.

"It's just you, me, and my single, damn, bare, HAND!!!"

Saxton Hale let himself sink down, picking up speed as he aimed his remaining fist. Jaws flicked his tail and charged.

Saxton Hale and Jaws collided...

But Jaws was quicker.

Saxton Hale's fist caved in Jaws' forehead, but Jaws snapped his mouth shut upon Saxton's lower body, ripping and tearing away at the flesh. Blood filled the waters, driving Jaws into a feeding frenzy. Then with one last bite, Jaws' teeth stabbed through Saxton's chest and punctured his heart.


Saxton Hale died quickly.

Jaws let himself sink into the deeper waters, before he turned and swam off into open waters. He had faced his greatest opponent yet.

Now he shall feast.

Winner: Jaws
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Thu May 31, 2012 8:09 pm

Match 28: Xenomorph Queen vs Godzilla, Fire Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Kumonga, Ebirah, Varan, Baragon, and Manda

Godzilla stood in front of his kaiju army, snarling as the Xenomorph Queen slowly approached them. The Queen hissed, a bubbling noise rising from her throat as globs of saliva dribbled down between her teeth. The time has come for the final battle, and to stop the Xenomorphs from infecting the planet.

The war was on.

Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray, striking the Queen in the chest and sending her flying across the ground. Rodan landed on top of the Queen, pecking at her face and chest until she swiped him in the face, bringing him crashing down on his back with fresh cuts across his forehead. Anguirus thundered forward, biting down on the Queen's leg, only to scream in pain and back off as his mouth was burning from the acid blood. The Queen then stabbed her tail into his side, lifting him up before she tossed him away.

Baragon trucked towards the Queen, jumping up at her, only for the Queen to slash his stomach, the dinosaur tumbling across the ground before Varan lunged forward. Varan clawed away at the Xenomorph's chest until the Queen smacked him down with her arm. Varan grabbed the Queen's arm, yanking on it and bringing her to the ground. Varan stomped on the Queen's head, but the Queen stabbed her tail into Varan's foot. As Varan screamed in pain, the Queen headbutted him in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards.

Godzilla punched the Queen in the face, but the Queen clawed him several times in the face and chest. The Queen took another swipe at Godzilla, but the therapod grabbed the arm and swung the Queen around, throwing her into a boulder. Godzilla approached her, but the Queen stabbed him in the stomach with her tail. As Godzilla coughed up blood, the Queen threw him aside. Rodan spewed several Uranium beams at the Queen, sending her stumbling backwards. As Rodan flew over her, the Queen slashed him in the stomach, before the following sonic winds bowled her over. Anguirus bodyslammed the Queen, crushing her into the ground, but the Queen kicked him hard in the stomach, throwing him off and causing him to land on his back. The Queen stood up, walked over to Anguirus, and stabbed her tail into his chest. Anguirus puked out blood before Baragon rammed the Queen hard, knocking her to the ground.

Kumonga spat a stinger at the Queen, stabbing her leg, only for the poison to prove useless thanks to her acid blood, which melted the stinger. Kumonga backed off, spraying web upon the Queen, but it proved useless as the Queen stabbed her tail through Kumonga's head, killing the spider in an instant.Manda coiled around the Queen and squeezed tightly, trying to crush the Xenomorph, but it proved useless as the Queen simply stabbed her inner jaws through Manda's skull, killing the dragon. Baragon breathed a stream of fire at the Queen, but thanks to her skin being like silicon, the flames were pretty much useless. The Queen then kicked him in the face, flipping him onto his back before the Queen grabbed his tail, tossing the dinosaur away.

Godzilla rammed the Queen hard, causing her to stumble back. Godzilla slammed his tail onto the Queen's head, knocking her to the ground. Godzilla kicked the Queen in the face, sending her tumbling across the ground. The queen rose, before she headbutted Godzilla in the chest. As Godzilla took a step back, the Queen clawed open his forehead. The Queen then picked up Godzilla, before her smaller arms clawed away at his face, leaving gashes in their path. The Queen then lifted up Godzilla and tossed him away. Mothra rammed into the Queen, bowling her over as Mothra pelted the Queen with attenna beams. Yet the Queen still rose, before she fired a glob of acid at Mothra, melting a hole through her right wing. Mothra crashed to the ground, chirping in pain.

Godzilla grabbed the Queen's tail before he swung her around and slammed her into the ground, only to lift her back up and slam her back down. Godzilla repeated this again and again until the Queen kicked him in the face, making him let go as the Queen rose, then ram him to the ground, where the Queen clawed away at his face, tearing off the flesh. Godzilla kicked her hard in the chest, knocking her off. Varan pounced on the Queen, biting and punching away at her, until the acid blood made him back off, howling in pain as the Queen rose. Varan rammed the Queen hard, yet the Queen refused to relent as she smacked Varan to the ground, then stomped down on his stomach, causing him to cough up blood.

Mothra grabbed the Queen by her head, carrying her away and dropping her onto a pile of boulders. Mothra kept blasting away at the Queen with her attenna beams, until the Queen threw a boulder at Mothra, smacking the butterfly in the skull and knocking her to the ground. Baragon bit the Queen's tail and held on, even as the acid blood burned at his mouth. The Queen slammed Baragon into the ground again and again, until Baragon managed to dig his claws into the ground, firmly rooting himself before he unleashed his heat ray point-blank, burning the tail and cauterizing the wound, preventing the acid from flowing. The Queen turned and kicked Baragon in the face, sending him tumbling away.

Ebirah grabbed the Queen by her neck, throwing her across the ground and beating away at her with his pinchers. The Queen clawed off his right eye, making him back off with a screech. The Queen then stabbed her tail into Ebirah's shoulder, lifting him up and throwing him facefirst into the ground. The Queen then spat acid over him, melting away his flesh.

Mothra tried to rise, but the Queen stabbed her tail through the goddess, tossing her aside as Godzilla and Baragon stood side-by-side. The dinosaurs charged up as much energy as possible as the Queen charged, leaping up at them...

And being blasted by an Atomic Ray and flamethrower point-blank.

The Queen was sent flying through a pile of boulders, bouncing across the ground before she rolled to a stop, a smoking hole in his chest. Godzilla and Baragon approached her...

And were bowled over by the Xenomorph's claws.

Godzilla looked up to see Baragon being kicked aside as the Queen stood over Godzilla. Godzilla braced himself as the Queen took aim with her tail.

There was a splitting sound...

And Godzilla saw the Xenomorph's head tumble away.

Godzilla turned to see Varan howling out in pain, his tail burning from having sliced the Xenomorph's head off. Godzilla rose to his feet, as did Baragon, while Varan doused the acid in a river. The reptiles sighed before walking off. They had suffered great injuries, but they won.

Meanwhile on Planet X...

Showa King Ghidorah landed down.

Showa KG: I'm back!

Heisei KG: No!

Showa KG: ಠ_ಠ Here lies Showa King Ghidorah. He was such a bad Ghidorah with no functining liver, depth perception, he lived in a van, and died an idiot.

Heisei KG: Okay. Now each and everyone of the Xillians will be tele-dead!

And so, all the Xillians teleported away to the afterlife.

Spacegodzilla: Oy, what just happened?

Winner: Godzilla, Varan, and Baragon
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:04 pm

Match 29: Rainbow Dash vs Gomora

Rainbow dash flew over the burning remains of Ponyville. She had hours ago discovered the town being destroyed by some monster, and she was sent to stop it, while the Princesses dealt with a strange Australian man. She flew towards the center of Ponyville, where she saw it: a massive brownish-red dinosaur with golden eyes, a whip-like tail, a horn on its nose, and a pair of curved horns sticking from its head.


Rainbow Dash clenched her teeth in fury. The Element of Loyalty would stop this beast no matter what.

She went on the attack.

Dash flew down, striking Gomora hard in the back of the head, throwing the beast forward and causing him to tumble. Gomora roared in annoyance at this mammal, before he lunged up at her. The Pegasus easily flew out of the way, but Gomora’s tail whipped her in the side, knocking her down with a cry of pain. Gomora charged forward, grabbing Dash and throwing her across the ground. The pony tumbled across the soil, before she galloped forward, while Gomora lunged, swinging his fist.

Dash ducked down as the fist flew over her, then grabbed Gomora’s arm, swinging him over her head and tossing him into the town’s water fountain. Gomora jumped out, charging forward and ramming Dash, knocking her down. Gomora stomped down on Dash’s neck, the mammal choking and struggling. Finally she managed to bring her hooves up, kicking Gomora in the face and making him stumble backwards. Rainbow Dash then got up, before she uppercut Gomora in the chin. Howling in outrage, Gomora punched Dash in the face, sending her flying back and slamming into a building. Dash flew up into the air, kicking a cloud and sending a bolt of lightning down at Gomora, zapping the dinosaur and making him collapse onto the ground with a pained cry, his flesh smoking.

Dash shot another bolt at Gomora, but this time Gomora stood up, his horns glowing before he fired a beam of crimson energy. The two beams collided, but Gomora’s was far stronger, easily tearing through the lightning bolt and striking Dash in the chest, sending her flying away with a scream of pain. Gomora let out a pleased roar as he ran up to the downed Pegasus, kicking her hard in the ribs and sending her slamming hard into a tree, a loud CRACK being heard as two of Dash’s ribs snapped like kindling, before she collapsed to the ground, coughing up blood. Dash rose to her hooves, panting hard as Gomora slowly approached her.

Dash then flew forward, slamming her front hooves into Gomora’s stomach with all her strength, making him cough up blood as he staggered and fell over. Dash beat away at Gomora’s face with her hooves, knocking out a few teeth, until Gomora grabbed Dash’s neck, squeezing tightly as he socked her in the face like a crazed gorilla, before he slammed her face into the ground, dragging her facefirst across the dirt and throwing her away. Dash managed to catch herself in midair, before she flew around Gomora, faster and faster until she created a twister, sucking up Gomora and throwing the helpless dinosaur around. Finally Gomora was flung away, slamming down painfully hard onto a row of boulders.

Gomora bellowed in rage as he stood, Rainbow Dash flying down at him. Acting fast, Gomora fired off his crimson beam, striking her dead in the face and sending her flying away, Gomora keeping the beam on her until she slammed into the ground, digging a small trench before she laid still. Gomora ran up to her, kicking her hard in the ribs again, and punching her across the face. Gomora then turned and began bringing his tail upon Dash, whipping her flesh and leaving angry red burns, some of which were bleeding.

Finally Dash managed to roll out of the way. Gomora howled in frustration, turning to face Dash, only to receive a flying kick to the face. Gomora stumbled back, and Dash kept laying out powerful blows to his face again and again, each blow leaving a crater of bruised flesh and broken teeth filling his mouth, blood splattering onto the soil. Finally Gomora grabbed Dash, slamming her down repeatedly onto the ground. Gomora then bit down on Dash’s shoulder, bringing out a scream of agony as she struggled in his grasp. Dash then punched Gomora hard in the eyes, making him howl and let go of Dash as he stumbled back, clutching his face. Gomora howled out in absolute rage. How dare this mere mammal treat him this way and refuse to go down! She would pay with her life!

Gomora charged forward, as did Rainbow Dash. The two collided, kicking up a cloud of dust as they fought with one another. Fists pounded flesh. Hooves struck nerves. Claws tore through skin. Kicks cracked bone and cartilage. Teeth shredded meat. Finally, Dash managed to bring both her hooves up in a double uppercut, the blow slamming into Gomora’s chin and sending him flying away, tumbling across the ground before he rolled to a stop. Gomora pushed himself up, shaking his head clear before he turned and charged again. Dash jumped to Gomora’s left, stomping down hard on his tail and stopping him.
Dash beat away at the back of Gomora’s head, bringing out howls of pain and frustration as he flailed around helplessly, trying to throw her off, but to no success. Gomora then fell backwards, crushing Dash beneath him. Gomora stood up, before he picked up Dash, throwing her up into the air and whipping her away with his tail. Dash tumbled down a hill, rolling to a stop as she moaned in pain. Her entire body ached all over. She felt several of her bones cracked and twisted. It was a miracle her wings could still work. She pushed herself up, her body screaming at her to rest, while Gomora slowly walked down towards her, ready to finish this.

Then, a surge of adrenaline kickstarted her, rejuvenating the mare. As Gomora raised a foot to crush her, Dash flew out of the way, kicking Gomora hard in the head and bringing him down. Dash then flew high into the air, going up until she was a speck to Gomora. A speck he would easily crush. Then Dash turned and flew down towards him, picking up speed by the second, going faster and faster until she broke the sound barrier, unleashing the one true attack:

The Sonic Rainboom.

The rainbow light, guided by the mare, slammed into Gomora, shattering his ribcage and sending him flying away, tumbling away as his left leg snapped like a twig. Gomora cried out in agony as he tried to rise. How? How could he be loosing to this creature? She was just a pony, while he was a dinosaur. This wasn’t right.

Infuriated, Gomora unleashed his crimson beam, only for Rainbow Dash to easily outmaneuver it. Dash then landed on top of Gomora’s head, beating away at his skull with her hooves. Gomora bellowed in rage as he shook his head around, trying to throw her off, but Dash held on.

Clenching his fist tight, Gomora beat away at Dash’s skull, causing a small fracture and making her bleed out her nose and eyes. Quickly she jumped as Gomora tried hitting her again, and he struck himself square between the eyes. Stunned by his own blow, Gomora fell over. Acting fast, Dash spun around and bucked with all her might, breaking off Gomora’s left horn. Howling in agony, Gomora leapt to his feet, trying to fire his crimson beam. But without one of his horns, he couldn’t build up the energy. With a bellow of unparalled rage, he lost all reasoning and lowered his head, charging at Dash. The two once more traded blows, both letting out cries of pain but kept fighting. Gomora slowly pushed Dash back until her back was facing the wall. Acting quickly as Gomora took another swipe at her, Dash rolled out of the way and galloped up to Gomora’s broken horn.

Aiming good, Dash threw the horn like a javelin. The horn entered Gomora’s neck, bringing out a spurt of blood, yet he refused to die as he trucked forward, ramming Dash hard and throwing her up into the air. As Dash slammed back down into the earth, Gomora turned to gore her, but Dash bucked the horn in his neck hard, sinking it so deep the tip tore out the other side of his neck. Gomora staggered and fell down beside Dash. Gomora let out a low gurgle before he lay still.

Rainbow Dash slowly rose to her hooves. All though her body ached like no other, she smiled. She had completed her mission and saved Ponyville.


Acting fast, Rainbow Dash took off into the air.

The Princesses needed her.

Winner: Rainbow Dash
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:24 pm

Match 30: Mixed Monster vs Spacegodzilla and Destroyah

Mixed Monster roared as he landed down in Osaka, buildings crumbling from the winds caused by his flight. He had come here for a reason.

And the reason was here.

Spacegodzilla landed down ahead of Mixed Monster, roaring as Destroyah in his flight mode circled the chimera. Mixed Monster snarled, before he roared out for a battle.

And a battle he would get.

Spacegodzilla fired a barrage of Corona beams, striking all across the Mixed Monster's body, yet he charged through the smoke unfazed. Mixed Monster fired a green Atomic Ray at Spacegodzilla, but the crystal dinosaur brought up a shield, blocking the beam. However, the beam was too strong to hold off, and soon the Atomic Ray plowed it's way through the shield and into Spacegodzilla's chest, bringing out a howl of pain as he was sent tumbling over.

Destroyah flew down towards Mixed Monster, firing bursts of his Micro Oxygen beam. Mixed Monster stood unfazed, before he took to the air, slamming into Destroyah and stabbing his claws into Destroyah's body. Destroyah struggled in his grip, and Mixed Monster flung him down into a building. Mixed Monster flew down and stomped down onto Destroyah, crushing him underneath his spider legs.

Spacegodzilla fired several crystal missiles at Mixed Monster, striking him on his spiked back, but he was unharmed as he turned towards Spacegodzilla, rage burning in his eyes. Mixed Monster flew towards Spacegodzilla, who fired a flurry of Corona beams at Mixed Monster. The chimera brought his arms up, and the Corona beams exploded harmlessly against him. Mixed Monster then swung his arms down, slicing an X into Spacegodzilla's chest and sending him stumbling backwards.

Spacegodzilla swung his tail around, aiming to stab his crystal tip into Mixed Monster's chest, only for the chimera to bite down on the limb, swinging Spacegodzilla around and throwing him into a row of buildings. Spacegodzilla attempted to rise, but Mixed Monster sliced him across the face with his left claw, bringing the intergalactic Godzilla to the ground.

Destroyah emerged from the ground in his final form, before he fired a Micro Oxygen beam at Mixed Monster, striking his neck. Mixed Monster bellowed in rage, flying towards Destroyah, who made no attempt to dodge, but swung his fist at the chimera, decking him across the face and throwing him into a building. Mixed Monster stabbed his right blade into Destroyah's stomach, bringing out a spurt of blood, and Destroyah retaliated by kicking Mixed Monster in the face, sending him tumbling.

Mixed Monster rose, before he fired an Atomic Ray, blowing off Destroyah's left wing. Destroyah howled in rage before he charged, as did Mixed Monster. The chimera slammed his claws down on Destroyah's shoulders, but the crustaceon grabbed Mixed Monster's arms, shoving him backwards before he fired a Micro Oxygen beam, blasting him in the shoulder. Destroyah fired again, but this time, Mixed Monster was prepared. As the beam flew towards him, Mixed Monster's right eye absorbed the beam, before firing the beam out of his left eye, causing the beam to strike Spacegodzilla in the leg and making him roar out in pain.

Destroyah's horn glowed, before he swung his Horn Katana downwards, slicing the blade of energy across Mixed Monster's chest. The chimera stepped back, looking down at the cauterized gash in his chest, before he howled in pure fury. Mixed Monster fired an Atomic Ray, striking Destroyah in the face and sending him slamming into a building. Mixed Monster stabbed his claws into Destroyah's chest, throwing him up into the air, before he flew up after him, slicing away at him from all sides, cutting off his tail, his other wing, his left leg, and his right arm, before he slammed his tail down on him, sending him slamming into the streets. Destroyah fell apart into Aggregates, but the Mixed Monster fired webbing upon them, sticking them together before he fired his Atomic Ray on them, frying them to ashes.

Spacegodzilla flew above Mixed Monster, raining Corona beams down upon him. Mixed Monster bellowed in rage before he flew up towards Spacegodzilla, latching onto his back before he fired his Atomic Ray point-blank, blasting a hole into Spacegodzilla's back and causing him to plummet downwards. Spacegodzilla slammed into the Earth, and Mixed Monster landed beside him, kicking him hard in the ribs and throwing him away. Mixed Monster approached Spacegodzilla, who rose and fired emerald bolts at Mixed Monster, picking him up in his Gravity Tornado, before he flung him through a row of buildings. Spacegodzilla then caused several crystal to fly up into the air before they came down upon Mixed Monster, exploding against him.

Mixed Monster stood up, before he flew right at Spacegodzilla. The chimera sped past the reptile, slicing his thigh with his blade. Mixed Monster turned and sliced away at Spacegodzilla from all sides, soon slicing off his shoulder crystals and cutting into the bones. Spacegodzilla collapsed to the ground, unable to rise as Mixed Monster landed in front of him. Spacegodzilla fired several more Corona beams, but it was useless as Mixed Monster, with a swift swipe of his claws, chopped off Spacegodzilla's head.

Mixed Monster roared out in victory, before the chimera flew off for more destruction.

Winner: Mixed Monster
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:50 pm

Match 31: Saxton Hale vs Destroyah

With a scream, the Heavy Weapons Guy collapsed, his chest caved inward. Saxton Hale had once more killed all of the RED team, the team believing they could stop him with a rush of Scouts and Heavies in Well. Of course, they were wrong.

However, RED had another trick up their sleeve.

An Engineer and Soldier watched the battle unfold from a far off building, clearly not pleased that their main rush failed. The Soldier faced the Engineer.

"Is it time?"


Engineer pulled out a remote and pressed the large red button in the center. In a waterway, a clear container opens up, revealing several small creatures...

Saxton Hale jumped into one of the buildings, where he found the remaining Heavy by the control point that stood over a trainway. Saxton Hale jumped at the heavy, landing down before the terrified Russian.

"Are you really the strongest man on your team?"

The heavy was too terrified to answer as he backed away, before turning to run. Saxton ran after him, soon reaching the human as he prepared to deliever the blow that could instantly kill a human...

Only for a loud howl to distract him.

As Saxton turned to face the source, the Heavy smirked at the release of the secret weapon before running off to the nearest Engineer nest.

Saxton Hale watched on as Destroyah landed down before him. The being made up of a colony of microscopic organisms let out a demonic shriek, letting Saxton know that this was going to be the fight of his life. Saxton clenched his fists tight as he stared down Destroyah.

"It's just you, me, and my bare hands!"

*cue epic battle theme*

Saxton Hale and Destroyah charged at each other, the two ending up meeting on the control point. The titans locked hands with each other and pushed against one other, each trying to bring down the other. Saxton Hale strained hard to push back his opponent, but Destroyah didn't seem to be trying. The living Oxygen Destroyer flung Saxton off the floor, the Australian falling down upon the railroad tracks. Destroyah landed down before Saxton, seemingly laughing at his opponent. Angered, Saxton grabbed Destroyah by his head and slammed him facefirst into the ground. Again and again he slammed him down, until he jumped up and slammed his elbow down upon Destroyah.

Saxton sat atop Destroyah and began beating away at his face. Destroyah struggled underneath Saxton's blows, until he caught Saxton's fist and tossed him off. Saxton jumped back to his feet, before he charged at Destroyah. The crustacean, however, slammed his fist upon Saxton's head, causing him to fall facefirst into the ground. Destroyah kicked Saxton in the face, flipping him onto his back. Destroyah's tail shot up, before it repeatedly stabbed at Saxton. The human kept swatting the tail away, until the pincers stabbed into Saxton's flesh, lifting the Australian up and tossing him away. Saxton tumbled across the ground, but managed to regain his footing. Saxton's rage boiled as he glared at Destroyah. Time to release that rage.


A blast of supersonic energy erupted from Saxton Hale, nailing Destroyah in the back and sending him flying forward, slamming facefirst into the ground and sliding forward for a brief moment, a spiderweb of cracks spreading from the impact area. Saxton pounced on Destroyah and beat at his head, leaving cracks in his wake. Furious, Destroyah grabbed Saxton's head and flung him off, allowing the colony to rise. Destroyah then took to the air, flying around Saxton and hitting him with hurricane winds thanks to his great speed. Saxton jumped up and nailed Destroyah in the head with a powerful fist, sending Destroyah slamming into the ground.

Destroyah rose back to his feet, rage boiling throughout the crustacean's making up the killer. Why wouldn't this human just die already? Destroyah's frill flashed purple before a Micro-Oxygen beam launched from his maw, striking Saxton in his right shoulder. Saxton clenched his teeth as a hated feeling kicked in.


This pain was great and burning as the Micro-Oxygen beam dissolved at the flesh. Saxton bellowed with rage and charged, Destroyah doing the same. The two collided, Destroyah stabbing his claws into Saxton's chest. Destroyah seemed to grin as blood started to ooze from the wound, only for Saxton to grab Destroyah's arm, pull the claws out, and swing Destroyah to the ground. Destroyah got back up, only to receive a fist to the face, throwing his head to the left, before another blow connected with his chest, sending him back several steps. Saxton then lunged forward and tackled Destroyah to the ground.

As Saxton prepared to cave in Destroyah's head with a powerful enough punch, Destroyah kicked Saxton hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out from the Australian man as he staggered back. Destroyah rose, his horn glowing orange, before he swung his Horn Katana downwards, slicing Saxton from his left shoulder to his right thigh. Saxton jumped back, screaming in pain as the blade left a cauterized gash. Destroyah let out a demonic laugh at Saxton's pain, approaching the human to finish this. Saxton stared at the gash before he glared at Destroyah.

"You picked a fight with the wrong man!"

Saxton Hale charged, but Destroyah took to the air, avoiding the charge, before he turned and fired his Micro-Oxygen beam at Saxton, striking him in the back and making him shout in pain as his flesh dissolved. Saxton leapt at Destroyah, but the crustacean manuevered out of the way, before firing another Micro-Oxygen beam, though Saxton managed to jump out of the way.

By this point, Saxton had ran from the building out to the tracks, where he stood upon another control point and waited for Destroyah.

Destroyah flew at Saxton, but the Australian jumped over the beast, and as the killer sped by, Saxton landed on his back. Destroyah struggled to throw off Saxton, but the man punched his fists into Destroyah's flesh and began tearing off chunks of armor. Destroyah howled not in pain, but in absolute rage. The Precambrian terror swung his tail up, stabbing into Saxton's right eye and bringing out a cry of agony and rage. Saxton grabbed the tail and snapped it in half, green blood bursting out, before Destroyah grabbed Saxton and flung him into one of the train carts.

Destroyah was seething with rage by this point. Not only had Saxton Hale refused to die, but he harmed him. The living Oxygen Destroyer. Destroyah then noticed the nearby waterway. Perhaps he couldn't kill Saxton on land, but in the water...

Saxton Hale, ignoring the loss of his right eye, lunged at Destroyah, who slammed into him, the two flying through the air, viciously beating and tearing at each other with everything they had. Finally the fighting pair fell into the waterway, sinking to the bottom.

Saxton let loose with another sonic blast, slamming Destroyah into the ground. Saxton swung his fist at the still crustacean, only for Destroyah's entire body to be engulfed in a white fog just as Saxton's fist collided. Saxton looked around, wondering what had happened. For a moment, there was nothing. Had he won? Well if he did, then that freak deserved-

Then came the pain.

It was a pain like no other he ever felt. He could feel every fiber, every molecule, every atom of his body dissolving. The reason was simple: Destroyah did not die, but rather had broken down to his microscopic army and was now swarming Saxton.

Soon, a skeleton was all that remained.

Destroyah burst from the water, landing down on the pavement fully healed. Then, Destroyah let out a haunting cackle. He hadn't had this much fun since he fought Godzilla. His rage forgotten and satisfied, Destroyah took to the air and flew off, back to the waterway where he was released.

Winner: Destroyah
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:06 pm

Match 32: Gwangi vs Megasaurus

Gwangi slithered in front of an atomic bomb meant to blow up Manhatten to stop Cloverfield.

"It is bomb!"

Gwangi NOMed the bomb, causing his body to explode, before his head shrank away. Gwangi regrew in RED's respawn room of 2Fort, looking around as Megasaurus stepped in. Gwangi slithered up to Megasaurus.

"I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you."

Gwangi grinned a creepy grin, but Megasaurus was not impressed.

"NO! I'm Dic Soupcan!"

Gwangi frowned before he punched Megasaurus out of RED base and onto the bridge connecting the two sides. Megasaurus stood up, unimpressed. Gwangi hopped down before Megasaurus.

"Let us fight man vs tiny baby man."

Gwangi and Megasaurus roared at each other before ramming each other so hard that they exploded into skeletons.

Just kidding.

Megasaurus fired a Gravity Beam from his mouth, nailing Gwangi in the chest, only for the Allosaurus Rex to backhand Megasaurus onto his back. Megasaurus sneezed flames from his nostrils, toasting Gwangi's head. Gwangi tickled Megasaurus with the fury of a thousand feathers, making Megasaurus giggle uncontrollably. Megasaurus then slammed BLU Spy upon Gwangi, shoving his face into the bridge. Gwangi grabbed Megasaurus' tail and slammed his face through the bridge. The two therapods headbutted each other until Gwangi grabbed Megasaurus by his head and threw him into the waterway.

Gwangi dived after Megasaurus in a frog suit, only for Megasaurus to bite him while he was wearing a shark suit. Gwangi hopped on Megasaurus' head, and Megasaurus tailwhipped Gwangi into the wall. Gwangi leapfrogged over Megasaurus, then swung him around by his tail and tossed him into the floor. Megasaurus bit Gwangi on the leg and beat him senseless into everything, before Gwangi slurped up Megasaurus with his tongue and spat him into the sewers, Gwangi following.

Megasaurus and Gwangi grabbed each other by the head, trying to dunk one another, until Gwangi tossed Megasaurus onto a crate. At that moment Sewer Medic popped out of the water.

"Get away from my sewer!"

Megasaurus just took him and beat up Gwangi with him, until Gwangi slapped the German doctor away. Gwangi Goomba-stomped Megasaurus, making him flatter than a tofu pancake. Megasaurus punched Gwangi in the groin, making him squeak in annoyance. Gwangi punted Megasaurus into a wall, before he swung Megasaurus by his tail, throwing him up through the ceiling and into BLU's Intelligence room.

Gwangi charged at Megasaurus, and Megasaurus leapt up into the air, coming down hard on Gwangi's skull, kicking him into the wall. Gwangi slapped Megasaurus into the desk. Megasaurus took BLU's Intelligence and beat up Gwangi with it, until Gwangi ate the suitcase and roundhouse punched Megasaurus into a wall. Gwangi slithered up to him, picking him up by his head.

"Your country did not prepare you for the level of violence I endorss!"

Gwangi punched Megasaurus into the wall, but Megasaurus shot him in the face with AK-47s, making him fall right on his ass. Megasaurus then spun around in the air, his legs spinning like propellers and kicking Gwangi in the face. Finally Gwangi took a bite out of Megasaurus' foot, only for Megasaurus to unleashed a Spiral Gravity Beam upon Gwangi's skull, sending the Tyrallosaurus flying out of 2Fort and all the way to Kenya.

Gwangi stood up just as Megasaurus charged at him wearing a rhino suit. Gwangi jumped over Megasaurus while he was wearing a lion suit, before he pounced on Megasaurus' back, biting and clawing away at him. Megasaurus flipped onto his back, crushing Gwangi underneath him, before he rolled onto his feet and gored Gwangi with the rhino's horn. Gwangi kicked Megasaurus in the face, then bit his rhino horn and tossed him into a boulder. Megasaurus rammed Gwangi through several trees, and Gwangi spin dashed Megasaurus into a watering hole.

Gwangi swam after Megasaurus, wearing a crocodile suit, but Megasaurus bit him and shook him like a ragdoll while he was wearing a hippo suit. Gwangi tailwhipped Megasaurus in the head, making him let go and allowing Gwangi to bite him on the nose, pulling him underwater and doing a death roll. megasaurus countered by spinning into a tornado sucking up Gwangi and everything surrounding them, before the tornado shot them into an airplane.

Gwangi and Megasaurus punched and kicked at each other Street Fighter style, until Gwangi caught Megasaurus' foot and slammed him into a window, making it crack. Megasaurus fired lightning from his claws, making Gwangi spazz around and allowing Megasaurus to ram him out a window. Gwangi tore off one of the plane's engines and used it like a flamethrower, roasting Megasaurus' face. Megasaurus grabbed the engine and shoved Gwangi into it, before Megasaurus rode the engine to the moon.

Gwangi and Megasaurus dueled with one another in slow motion, before Gwangi roundhouse kicked Megasaurus into a boulder. Megasaurus tossed the boulder at Gwangi, but the purple dinosaur smacked it back. The two kept playing volleyball with the boulder until Gwangi punched it into Saturn, then tackled Megasaurus, the two orbiting the moon while they bit and clawed at each other. Megasaurus managed to kick Gwangi into open space, before he spammed him with Gravity Beams. Megasaurus swung Gwangi around by his tail, smashed him into nearby planets, and roundhouse kicked Gwangi into Jupiter. Megasaurus was about to continue the assault, but Gwangi tossed a tray of brownies towards the sun.


Megasaurus raced after the tray, devouring evry brownie as he was flying towards the sun. Gwangi flew at Megasaurus to punch him, but Megasaurus suddenly disappeared. Gwangi looked around, before he was assaulted by a series of blows from all around him. Megasaurus revealed himself, having cloaked into the ground. Gwangi pointed an accusing talon at Megasaurus.

"Megasaurus is spy!!!"

"Nope.avi I'm Piegineer."

Gwangi flew at Megasaurus, his fist glowing orange.


Gwangi was cut off as Megasaurus ducked underneath him, caught his arm, and threw him into the sun. Gwangi spazzed for a moment before going limp.

"Uh, oh. I think I am dead. Not big surprise."

Megasaurus jumped up and down in victory before he flew away to who knows where.

Winner: Megasaurus.
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:51 pm

Match 33: Mixed Monster vs Gwangi

Gwangi flew from the sun to Earth, landing in New York City, where evryone was running and screaming thanks to Mixed Monster already being there. The chimeric creature roared at Gwangi, warning him to back off or things will get ugly.


Gwangi slammed into Mixed Monster through several buildings. Mixed Monster kicked Gwangi into a building, before he blasted him in the face with a green Atomic Ray. Gwangi tossed a Dispenser at Mixed Monster, knocking him onto his back. Gwangi ran at Mixed Monster, but the chimera jumped up and bodyslammed Gwangi into the ground. Gwangi licked Mixed Monster's neck, and the disturbed kaiju swatted Gwangi into a building.

Gwangi stood back up before his right hand turned into a buzzsaw and he sliced at Mixed Monster, cutting a gash in his chest that sealed up. Mixed Monster brought his claws down upon Gwangi's skull, smashing him facefirst into the ground. Mixed Monster kicked Gwangi into a building, bringing rubble down upon him. Gwangi syood back up before he fired an Atomic Ray at Mixed Monster, sending him flying into the bay. Gwangi picked up Mixed Monster and tossed him to Asia.

Mixed Monster stood up, confused, and Gwangi pounced on him, wearing a tiger suit. Gwangi clawed at Mixed Monster, but the chimera blasted him in the face with an Atomic Ray, knocking him off. Mixed Monster stood up, before he tied up Gwangi with web shots. Gwangi suddenly disappeared, then reappeared behind Mixed Monster, punching him into a boulder. Mixed Monster bellowed with rage as he fired away with Atomic Rays and webbing. Gwangi was struck all over and knocked around like a ragdoll.

Gwangi tossed a shoe at Mixed Monster, smacking him to the ground. Gwangi kicked Mixed Monster through a row of trees, then stomped on his head. Mixed Monster bellowed with rage as he tied up Gwangi with web, then tossed him into the bay. Gwangi flew out and rammed Mixed Monster into Alaska. Gwangi swatted Mixed Monster while wearing a grizzly bear suit, sending Mixed Monster into a mountain. Mixed Monster rammed into Gwangi, beating and slashing away at him with all his fury, before he kicked Gwangi into a row of trees, then blasted him point-blank in the face with an Atomic Ray.

Gwangi just stood up, before he threw dynamite at mixed Monster, the explodion sending him flying into the sky, before Gwangi grabbed him by his tail and slammed him into the ground again and again before tossing him into a mountain, causing it to crumble down on him. Gwangi grinned in victory at this.

Suddenly, Mixed Monster burst from the rubble, except now he was Mixed Monster Z. MMZ roared before he pelted Gwangi with red lightning, sending the allosaur flying through several mountains. MMZ beat away at Gwangi's face, slashed open his stomach, and kicked him into a row of trees. gwangi tossed a shovel and a pick ax at MMZ, but the chimera just blew away Gwangi with hurricane winds and blasted away at him with Atomic Rays and red lightning. MMZ flew up into the air before coming down hard upon Gwangi, burying him into the bedrock. MMZ then fired many atomic Rays and red lightning point-blank into Gwangi's face, bringing out a massive explosion. MMX roared in victory as he flew away.

He was wrong.

There was a sudden flash of red in the crater, before Gwangi burst from the ground Ubercharged. The Tyrallosaurus roared to the skies before punching Mixed Monster Z to the ground. MMZ rose, but Gwangi picked him up by his head and punched him multiple times in the faces. Gwangi uppercut MMZ into the air before he rammed into several rows of boulders. Gwangi kicked MMZ into a row of trees, then beat him around by his heads. Gwangi tossed MMZ into the air, before he punched away at him from all sides, before kicking him into the ground.

Gwangi tried to punch him again, but MMZ caught the fist before he blasted him point-blank in the face with Atomic Rays and red lightning, making him back off. MMZ rammed into Gwangi, beating away at him with evrything he had, but Gwangi punched him in the chest, sending him flying into a mountain. MMZ rose, flying at Gwangi and blasting away at him with everything he had, but Gwangi flew up and Falcon Punched MMZ all the way to the moon. Mixed Monster Z just growled and flew off the moon, deciding that it wasn't worth it anymore.

Gwangi danced in victory, before he randomly fell down, asleep.

Winner: Gwangi.
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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:32 pm

Match 34: Apocalypse vs Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, Rodan, Anguirus, and Mothra Leo

Godzilla and his gang stood side by side, Apocalypse standing before them.

"You don't know what you animals are dealing with. I am Apocalypse, and you are nothing."

Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray while the others charged at Apocalypse. The Marvel character punched Anguirus into Rodan, and Leo pelted him with forehead beams. Apocalypse jumped up and punched Leo into the ground, only to be rammed by Anguirus in his Thunderball. Rodan skydived Apocalypse, but the mutant grabbed him by his head and slammed him into Leo. Jet Jaguar slammed into Apocalypse, punching and kicking away at him. Apocalypse punched back, knocking Jet Jaguar onto his back. Anguirus lunged forward and bit down on Apocalypse's arm. Angrily Apocalypse picked up Anguirus and slammed him down upon Leo. Rodan blasted him in the face with a Uranium ray, making him back off, but Apocalypse kicked him away.

Godzilla rammed Apocalypse, punching away at him until he tailwhipped him into a boulder. Apocalypse grabbed Godzilla's foot, pulling him onto his back before he punched away at his face. Godzilla released a Nuclear Pulse, blowing off Apocalypse. Godzilla fired his Atomic Ray into Apocalypse' face, drilling him into the ground. Apocalypse sprang back up, before he grabbed Godzilla's face and tossing him through a boulder. Leo slammed into Apocalypse from behind, sending him flying into a boulder. Leo blasted away at him with wing lightning, until Apocalypse tossed a boulder at Leo, knocking him out of the air. Apocalypse kicked Leo into a tree, and Anguirus and Rodan charged at him. Anguirus headbutted Apocalypse in the chest, and Rodan clotheslined him with his wing, knocking Apocalypse onto his back.

Jat Jaguar punched and chopped away at Apocalypse's face, and the mutant punched off Jet Jaguar. Apocalypse grabbed him by his leg, slamming him into anguirus, and kicked Rodan out of the air. Godzilla blasted Apocalypse in the face with an Atomic Ray, knocking him backwards. Apocalypse charged at Godzilla, punching away at him and grabbing him by his head. Apocalypse chokeslammed Godzilla into the ground, dragging him around and tossing him into a boulder. Leo flew at Apocalypse and blasted him in the face with numerous forehead beams, knocking him onto his back. Apocalypse kicked Leo in the face, knocking him away while Anguirus slammed his carapace upon Apocalypse, pushing him into the ground. Apocalypse tossed Anguirus into Rodan as the pterosaur flew at him.

Jet Jaguar grabbed Apocalypse by his leg, slamming him headfirst into the ground again and again before tossing him into the air, where Leo Godzilla and Rodan all blasted away at him with all their beams, knocking him away. Godzilla kicked Apocalypse towards Anguirus, who tailwhipped him multiple times in the face, then kicked him towards Jet Jaguar, who stomped down on Apocalypse's face, punched him in the eyes, and tossed him into a boulder.

Apocalypse stood up, clanching his fists in rage as he grew in size.

"You have no idea who you're dealing with! I am Apocalypse! Destroyer of life! You are nothing!"

Apocalypse kicked the gand into a series of boulders, then stomped down on them. Jet Jaguar grew in size as he grabbed Apocalypse's foot, tossing him into a mountain. Jet Jaguar punched away at Apocalypse's face, then slammed him multiple times into the ground, before he tossed Apocalypse into the mountain, causing it to crumble down on him.

Leo flew up into the air, circling Apocalypse as he formed a ring. Godzilla charged up his energy, his dorsal spines glowing red. Leo unleashed a massive pillar of holy energy, while Godzilla unleashed his Hyper Spiral Beam, the two beams engulfing Apocalypse.


Apocalypse was reduced to ash from the blast.

The kaiju gang roared out in victory, before they headed back home for some deserved rest.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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Re: My Matches

Postby Kiryu2012 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:35 pm

Match 35: Heavydile vs Sewer Medic

As the RED Sniper sat upon the small boat drifting in the waterway of 2Fort, the Sniper threw out his fishing rod, the lure floating around in the murky water.

He would be getting more than just fish, though.

Sniper looked out into the water, eager to get his prize. Soon, he saw a faint shadow in the water, but he assumed it to be the fish he would catch. Suddenly the fishing pole was yanked out of his hands, and pulled into the water. Sniper looked over the boat, wondering if the fish was bigger than he thought.

Then it struck.

A powerful blow rammed the bottom of the boat, flipping it over. Sniper fell out of the boat, rolling through the water as he attempted to swim to the surface. Pain suddenly assaulted his leg as something bit down on it, breaking through the bone and dragging him down. Something wrapped around his shoulder and yanked hard, pulling the bone out of the joint. The last thing Sniper saw was the maw of a monster before powerful jaws crushed his throat, snapping his neck.

Within the sewers beneath BLU base, a large shape emerged from the waters. It’s broad back broke the surface, it’s strong forearms supporting it’s weight. It’s bright orange eyes looked around in the dark sewers. Pulling it’s full weight through the water, the beast emerged onto the bit of land with numerous computers. It’s vaguely human-like body was covered in dark green scales. A long tail dragged behind it as it’s long jaws slowly opened, releasing a low hiss. Heavydile lay there, cooling down from being out in the warmth.

It’s peace was to end shortly, though.

Heavydile sensed movement in the waters. The crocodile-like beast turned it’s full weight towards the water, flicking its tail threateningly.

Then it emerged.

A smaller creature burst from the water. Its lizard-like body was covered in pale white scales. Its monitor-like muzzle bared serrated teeth that curved backwards. Its long whip-like tail, ending in a weed-like fin, whipped in anger as Sewer Medic emerged fully from the water.

“Get away from my sewer!”

Heavydile let out a low growl, a rumbling noise rising from the back of its throat.

“NO! I am going to eat you!”

Heavydile, in a second, lunged at Sewer Medic, tackling him into the water. Sewer Medic swam off from Heavydile, climbing up a wall and looking back as Heavydile looked above the water. With a hiss, Sewer Medic jumped to a nearby crate floating in the water, before springing off the crate and flying at Heavydile, swiping at the beast with its claws. The claws sliced across Heavydile’s forehead, blood trickling down the broad face, but the crocodile-like beast didn’t notice as he swung at Sewer Medic with a large paw, smacking away Sewer Medic. The lizard-like creature swam off from Heavydile, before leaping up onto the ceiling, crawling a good distance away as Heavydile swam after the smaller creature, tracking his scent in the sewers.

Sewer Medic hissed, before he spotted a crowbar laying on a platform of land. Sucking it towards him, Sewer Medic gripped the crowbar before facing Heavydile just as the beast emerged from the water. With a screech, Sewer Medic brought the crowbar down upon Heavydile’s skull, only for the crowbar to break in two. The larger foe snapped at Sewer Medic with his jaws, but Sewer Medic opened his mouth and released a quick hypersonic scream, nailing Heavydile in the face and knocking him into the water, blood trickling out of the tiny holes that were his ears.

Heavydile stood up, bellowing with rage, before he lunged at Sewer Medic. The smaller reptile-like creature leapt out of the way, only to be whipped across the face by his foe’s tail. Sewer Medic was knocked into the water, quickly leaping onto the wall and scurring away. Heavydile swam after him, rage burning in his veins.

Sewer Medic jumped onto the platform with the computers, just as Heavydile jumped after him. Sewer Medic ducked down, and as Heavydile flew over him, spun around and let out a hyper sonic scream, striking Heavydile head on and slamming him into the wall. Sewer Medic kept up the scream for a while longer before stopping to rest, and Heavydile collapsed to the ground. Sewer Medic sighed, victory certainly his.

Heavydile jumped down in front of Sewer Medic.

The smaller creature didn’t have time to react before heavydile bowled him over with a swipe of his paw, then wrapped his forearms around Sewer Medic. The lizard-like creature struggled desperately, only for Heavydile to slam him into the ground. Again and again Heavydile slammed him down, before tossing him back into the water. Heavydile then bit down on Sewer Medic’s left hind leg, bringing out a loud crack as the conical teeth punctured the bone. With a scream, Sewer Medic whipped Heavydile in the face multiple times with his tail, making him back off and allowing Sewer Medic to swim away.

Sewer Medic clung to a wall, heaving with pain as blood trickled down his leg. Rage began to burn within him, before the rage erupted in flames as Heavydile swam after him, tracking the smell of blood. Furious, Sewer Medic lunged at Heavydile, ramming him hard enough to knock him backwards into the water. Sewer Medic bit onto Heavydile’s right front leg, stabbing his teeth into the arm again and again. Heavydile grabbed Sewer Medic by the back of his neck and tossed him off, but Sewer Medic rammed him again. The two made the water boil as they dueled, biting and clawing at each other, neither getting an advantage over the other.

Heavydile managed to swat Sewer Medic down, before he whipped him in the face with his tail, knocking him away. Sewer Medic rose, but Heavydile bit down onto his torso, swimming forward as Sewer Medic bit and clawed at his face to no avail. Heavydile emerged from the sewers out into the waterway. Sewer Medic hissed and squirmed as his skin stung from the heat of the sunlight. Heavydile tossed Sewer Medic, and the lizard-like creature swam down into the water, seeking relief from the water. Sewer Medic was at a disadvantage here; he was not as good a swimmer as Heavydile. Sewer Medic swam up as Heavydile lunged at him, before latching onto Heavydile’s back, biting and clawing at his back, but his armor blocked off the attacks and received merely scratches. Heavydile bit onto Sewer Medic’s arm and tossed him off, and Sewer Medic swam back up to the surface.

Gasping for air as his head broke the surface, Sewer Medic swam to shallow water, his skin stinging as the sun’s ray struck him. Sewer Medic spotted a can of Crit-a-Cola on the shoreline, sucking it into his mouth as he drank the liquids down. Heavydile burst from the water, lunging after him, and the rejuvenated Sewer Medic spun around, tackling him from the air and slamming back into the water. Teeth tore flesh. Claws shredded skin. Tails pounded bones. The two reptile-like creatures dueled fiercely in the waters, neither wishing to surrender. They were determined to fight to the death.

Heavydile swatted Sewer Medic deeper into the water. Sewer Medic swam to the side as Heavydile lunged at him, before biting onto the beast’s left forearm and savaging it. Bellowing angrily, Heavydile bit at Sewer Medic, but the lizard-like creature swam back, before he clawed at Heavydile’s face, blood trickling out of the cuts. Heavydile smashed a paw upon Sewer Medic, pinning him to the ground. Sewer Medic bit down onto Heavydile’s neck, his serrated teeth slicing into the flesh. As blood began to fill the water, Heavydile did a death roll, shaking off Sewer Medic before biting down on the creature’s tail. Sewer Medic struggled, and Heavydile performed another death roll, tearing the tail off. Blood gushed out of the wound as Sewer Medic swam back to shore, blood flowing from the stump. The tail would regrow, that is if he were to survive.

As Heavydile lunged at Sewer Medic, ready to end this battle, Sewer Medic spun around to face him, rage overwhelming all thoughts as he released his anger.


A wall of hypersonic sound slammed into Heavydile like a freight train, knocking him back into the water, the scream pushing him back and back until Heavydile slammed into the wall, victim to the assault of high volume. Finally Sewer Medic stopped, exhausted from having used up so much energy. Sewer Medic swam after the still Heavydile, ready to finish this.

A tail slammed into Sewer Medic’s visage.

Sewer Medic was knocked back through the water, blood trickling out of the gash on his forehead. Heavydile swam after him, his vision red with rage. Heavydile rammed Sewer Medic head on, knocking him through the bridge above him. Heavydile bit into Sewer Medic’s torso, tearing off a chunk of flesh and gulping it down. Desperate, Sewer Medic sucked several pieces of wood at Heavydile, smacking him in the skull several times and making him let go, and Sewer Medic clawed away at Heavydile’s chest with his claws, blood trickling out of the many cuts as Sewer Medic unleashed his full fury into his claws as he hacked and slashed at Heavydile’s face and chest. Heavydile punched Sewer Medic in the chest, knocking him backwards across the bridge. Heavydile charged at Sewer Medic, trying to bodyslam him, but Sewer Medic rolled out of the way, before he clawed at Heavydile, slicing his claws through Heavydile’s forehead.

Heavydile rammed sewer Medic into the side of the wall, before he began beating away at Sewer Medic with powerful fists. Sewer Medic struggled underneath his bulk, but was helpless as Heavydile picked him up with his forearms and slammed him into the bridge, before biting down onto his neck. Sewer Medic struggled and panicked, clawing and kicking at his larger foe. Heavydile felt his blood trickling out of the cuts, but he kept focus. It was time to end this. Heavydile applied more pressure and soon…


Sewer Medic fell limp in Heavydile’s grip, and the crocodile-like creature released him, letting Sewer Medic’s body collapse to the the ground. Heavydile stood up on his hind legs, bellowing in victory over his latest kill, before he began feasting, having earned a meal that would last him for days.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

There's a 'God' in Godzilla for a reason...



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